In 1963, workers of the Hilton Hotel (now Plaza Hotel) demonstrated for better wages and working conditions. Hotel and union representatives had negotiated for weeks without coming to an agreement. The topics in discussion were wages, dues checkoff, and overtime provisions. First indication of the labor trouble came months before when the union filed an unfair labor practice charge against the hotel. During the 1960s, El Paso’s economy boomed, also benefiting from low wages. As this image shows, wages were the main reason for the strike. In the photograph, Leticia and Yolanda Abrego assist their mother, Mrs. Maria Garcia Abrego in the Hilton Hotel picket line. The placard reads: “On strike against Hiiton Hotel. We can’t live on $2.50 a day. Hilton is unfair to my Mommy.”



I don’t look athletic. But here we are, end of June, and this year, I have run 150 miles! (You can see my multicolored mile checkoff list) I’m sporting the medals earned for completing 3 half marathons! The sunburn on my arms is from the 8 hours I spent kayaking this weekend. On top of my cardio, I work out 40-60 minutes a day with the squats and sit ups and a dozen other exercizes. I weigh the exact same as I did six months ago. I look the same as I have for years—size 12 with crazy curly hair and a big smile. Athletes do not all look the same.