Grilled Skirt Steak With Roasted Sweet Pepper Chimichurri

Grilled Skirt Steak With Roasted Sweet Pepper Chimichurri

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The week before my wedding several other bloggers and myself were invited by the Kentucky Beef Council, the Beef Checkoff, and Meijer for the #BlogMeetsBeef event in Columbus, Ohio with several other state Beef Councils. It was a fun two-day event that centered around the beef industry, selecting cuts at the meat counter, and preparing beef. We even had a competitive cook-off, and that cook-off…

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Small Grains Field Day to be held May 19 on Northern Neck

Small Grains Field Day to be held May 19 on Northern Neck

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The Virginia Grain Producers Association, Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Virginia Small Grains Checkoff Board will hold the 2016 Virginia Small Grains Field Day from 7:30 a.m. to noon May 19 at the Eastern Virginia Agricultural Research & Extension Center near Warsaw. The center focuses on breeding, variety testing and cultural practices for corn, small grains and soybeans. The event,…

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Revisiting the Game Plan

After getting feedback from Ed recommending more specificity on the hardware status of the robot and test plan for our proposed checkoffs, our team revised our checkoff proposals to incorporate more details. Better outlined now is the status of mechanical and electrical systems (prototype, final, breadboard, soldered etc) and how to demonstrate checkoff capability.

Is it may 10 yet???

Passed all my skills checkoffs for this semester.

I got an 89 on my pharmacology final & finished the class with an 84. Finally done with that damn class.

I opted for my sanity to skip doing the last few entries for my microbiology lab notebook. I have an 83 in the class without doing it. And if I did it & got full points for it, I would still have a B sooo IDGAF.

My foundations HESI is on Monday & the final on Tuesday. Then sweet sweet freedom. Well, as long as I get a 65 on the HESI and the final then it’s sweet freedom and not sour failure. 😩😩

I have an 82 in my foundations class. At this point I’m just kinda like fuck it, a 77 and an 82 are both a C so why am I fighting so hard to keep the 82 it doesn’t mean shit. And, to get an 86 and bump myself up to a B I would have to get a 95 on the HESI and the final. Hahahahahahhahahahaha HA

So what I’m saying here is, I think I survived my first semester of nursing school. Fat, ugly, and mostly unharmed.

Animal News You Can Use: What a time to be alive!

What a truly amazing time to be alive.

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt declared this week that the #1 tech trend right now is “a revolution coming in using plants to replace meat.” Perhaps it’s not surprising then that Fox News headlined this week, “Is Vegan the Next Fast Food Trend?”

Need more sign of our movement’s march of progress?

More than 200 chimps who’ve endured experimentation in US labs for years are now being retired to an HSUS-funded sanctuary. At the same time, this week saw the final performance of Ringling Bros.’ elephants, marking the historic end of an era…and error.

Of course, social reforms rarely unfold without resistance, as seen by the response this week of the meat and egg industries to repeated exposés of their corrupt checkoff funding programs. Rather than cleaning up their acts, they’re simply now trying to exempt themselves from Freedom of Information Act requests altogether. It’s certainly a case of interesting bedfellows, with the late Justice Scalia, tea party US Senator Mike Lee, Hampton Creek, and HSUS all on the same side of the issue.

Paul Shapiro
Vice President, Farm Animal Protection
The Humane Society of the United States
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P.S. Video of the Week: Like a bull in a dog’s bed.

Cattle group’s suit says beef checkoff violates First Amendment

BILLINGS, Mont. — A cattle organization based here has filed a First Amendment lawsuit against USDA seeking to block beef checkoff fee collections on behalf of the Montana Beef Council, arguing members have been compelled to fund speech contrary to their best interests.Bill Bullard, CEO of the Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America, said the lawsuit, filed May 2 in U.S. District Court in Great Falls, Mont., is a test case, and similar lawsuits will…

Uncle Sam Says: Eat More Meat!

Uncle Sam Demands: Eat More Meat!

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In his 1932 novel Brave New World,Aldous Huxley imagined a future where people exist solely to support the economy and are conditioned from birth to buy things. Government bureaucrats manipulate the sheep-like citizens with drugs and slogans to make them consume as much as possible. In Huxley’s vision, 26th-century consumers learn that “ending is better than mending” and “the more stitches, the…

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