Uncle Sam Says: Eat More Meat!

Uncle Sam Demands: Eat More Meat!

In his 1932 novel Brave New World,Aldous Huxley imagined a future where people exist solely to support the economy and are conditioned from birth to buy things. Government bureaucrats manipulate the sheep-like citizens with drugs and slogans to make them consume as much as possible. In Huxley’s vision, 26th-century consumers learn that “ending is better than mending” and “the more stitches, the…

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So I have decided that to get my self pumped up/ ready for my skills check offs in lab I am going to make a playlist to get my mind right. So every time before I have a check off I am going to make an EPIC PLAYLIST! Because check offs are the most nerve wrecking thing in the world! So this week is the first check off so I will be making my first playlist!! Yea buddy I think this is gonna help me out so much!! HOPEFULLY or its remediation for me!! 

so there’s a new statistic class in school, so sometimes kids come in and pass out surveys to do. today we got one that said “rate from 1-8 your favorite music genres” and on the top it said “male _____” “female _____” and me and bloby fucking crossed that shit out and i wrote “no, don’t do this, just let us fill out the genders spot, dont do a checkoff thing -castel” and then wrote “demiboy” next to it. it was very fucking sjw of me and i honestly dont give a shit. it was both funny and i’ll legitimately fight anybody who says that its ridiculous 

It’s been a great road at Quincy University. So many memories and friends I have made during my time as an undergraduate in receiving my Bachelors of Science in Psychology. I am blessed to have family and friend support throughout this entire time and this is only the checkoff list of what I want to do with my life. Also thankful for having the opportunity to play football as well as run track at the collegiate level. As this journey ends more have been opened and for that I am truly thankful.

New Study Suggests Changes for Heavier Semis on Nation’s Roads

New Study Suggests Changes for Heavier Semis on Nation’s Roads

A new study from the Soy Transportation Coalition (STC), “Heavier Semis: A Good Idea?” –analyzes the likely results of expanding semi weight limits over the federal highway system and makes specific recommendations.

Funded by the soybean checkoff, it is an update of an earlier 2009 report that analyzes the impact of increasing semi weight limits on federal roads and bridges from an 80,000 lbs.,…

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Organic checkoff draws supporters, detractors

The Organic Trade Association has petitioned USDA for a checkoff program for organic after more than 5,000 organic farms and businesses weighed in on the proposal and supported it 2 to 1.

Organic food industry to ask USDA for checkoff referendum

The organic farming industry says it cannot meet the demand for its products so it will ask USDA to implement an industry-wide vote on a checkoff … more