Uncle Sam Says: Eat More Meat!

Uncle Sam Demands: Eat More Meat!

In his 1932 novel Brave New World,Aldous Huxley imagined a future where people exist solely to support the economy and are conditioned from birth to buy things. Government bureaucrats manipulate the sheep-like citizens with drugs and slogans to make them consume as much as possible. In Huxley’s vision, 26th-century consumers learn that “ending is better than mending” and “the more stitches, the…

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So I have decided that to get my self pumped up/ ready for my skills check offs in lab I am going to make a playlist to get my mind right. So every time before I have a check off I am going to make an EPIC PLAYLIST! Because check offs are the most nerve wrecking thing in the world! So this week is the first check off so I will be making my first playlist!! Yea buddy I think this is gonna help me out so much!! HOPEFULLY or its remediation for me!! 


June 16, 2015
So, I was at this show. And this made me so unbelievably happy.

Lifetime Bucket List item #27 COMPLETE!!

-Also Last Summer As A Michigander item #5

One last hoorah😁

Well, if I can make it through my final exam and checkoffs tomorrow, I’ll be able to say that I made it through Fundamentals of Nursing in one piece! It has been one hell of a time and I have learned so much, but the best is yet to come- I’m just getting started as a student nurse; I’m living my dream and couldn’t be happier. Prayers/happy vibes/well wishes are MUCH appreciated!

Sorghum Recipe Showdown

  This year marks the first ever Sorghum Recipe Showdown hosted by the Sorghum Checkoff. We are asking people across the country to create and submit their best sorghum recipes for a chance to win cool prizes, including $500. The contest seeks recipes that appeal to the home cook while demonstrating the benefits and versatility of cooking with sorghum. Recipe Requirements Recipes must be original…

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June 6th, 2015

Used my enhanced license to go to (London, Ontario) Canada.
So thankful that my good friend, Sarah, is always up for an adventure. We drove 600 miles to spend 6 hours in Canada, just so I could cross this off my list! It was truly a fun adventure. We walked about 10 miles! Stumbled on the Fringe, and I had shawarma for the first time!

Latest blog post...

Today I began work on my ‘places page’. This page will serve as a checkoff list for all of the trails and hiking spots I wish to visit before my time in Colorado is up. I have added quite a few to the novice section and just a couple to the intermediate section. At this point in my life I am much more familiar with the easy trails, and I plan to educate myself on the harder ones as I go. I have already hiked Garden of the Gods, Roxborough, and Castle Wood Canyon, but they are all so beautiful I wish to touch them again not only to document my experience there, but to challenge myself more in spots than I ever did before.

As of today I have completed one week of my cycling and cardio class! Woohoo! My legs are sore as hell and I plan to take today off of working out, but tomorrow I will get back on the bike at the gym at my apartment building’s gym. Hopefully I will be eating clean this weekend (with the exception of the Jurassic World premiere tonight) and not undo all of the progress I have made this week!

I will keep you all updated with the changed I make to the places page. Hopefully the novice and some of the intermediate page will be done by the end of next week.

Journey on,