“First time Blake told Weiss she loved her, Weiss literally tried to tip her”

I’ve been meaning to do some monochrome and then @anawitchs and I got to talking about Weiss being emotionally stunted and unable to express love without throwing money at people for affection. And here we have it.

Send help I was not supposed to get this invested in another ship but their dynamic is everythingggg ugh

Hey hey you you

I don’t like your queerbait

No way no way

Had enough of forced straights

After Hours - Checkmate

Hello again! Okay so this one is not so much for me as it is for my friend @plastic-pipes, she’s had a rough few days and I wanted to do something for her. So I went outside of my comfort zone a bit and wrote a new ship for the very first time. Also this is unedited, mostly just written and then posted - so apologies for any mistakes. 

I may not be a Monochrome shipper myself, but I totally get why people are and why their dynamic is so popular. This is a very quick dive into that so don’t expect too much, but this is for a friend of mine so I hope she likes it :)

The reaction surprised her.

Weiss had long thought about what it would be like to reunite with her team. She’d spent nights lying awake thinking about them – worrying about them. Those concerns were only escalated by the fact that Weiss had no idea if any of them were okay.

Seeing Ruby first was such a relief because Ruby was so important to her. Her partner, like family, Ruby Rose was the first real friend Weiss had ever had. She owed Ruby for not giving up on her and for helping her step out of the bitterness and into a world where she was accepted, despite her faults.

Yang was another story entirely. Seeing Yang again was like remembering how to smile. Yang was able to make the world feel safer and brighter. Her hair was bright like the sun but the only thing that shined more was her personality. Weiss wanted to cling to Yang, to be around her through all of this because she felt safe.

Both of the sisters gave her that.

The one that surprised her, was when she finally saw Blake again.

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