To end this all

My interpretations were never canon and I never ‘stole’ anything now stop being a hypocrite ( Since you’re telling someone not to get on your blog even though you did the exact same thing to me that sparked this whole ordeal ) and back the fuck off.

You’ve cause enough damage, bring up MONTHS old shit up 24 hours after I had my break and that is pretty fuckin low. Now, seeing that you couldn’t even reply to that Purple guy post because you KNOW that you’re wrong about that and you KNOW that I have a point because what I said was true, there is no canon Purple guy other than a god damn 10pixel sprite with no actual look, voice, personality or basically anything other than gender and motives.

Likewise for the other characters who only were given names, or just a voice.


I love how the two brothers’ faces tell the whole story, even without words. There’s no room for anything beyond determination in Seto’s face.  For Seto, doubt is the true enemy right now; he’s more afraid of faltering than of Gozaburo.  He’s found a way to keep his promise to Mokuba and get them both to what he thinks will be a place of safety.  His life has taught him that the only person he can rely on is himself and he’s using everything within himself to reach his goal.  As we later find out, he’s not thinking past the moment when he can say, “Checkmate.”  This is the first of his pyrrhic victories.

Now look at Mokuba’s face – he’s showing all the doubt and fear that Seto refuses to let himself feel or acknowledge.  It’s like Mokuba is being afraid for both of them, because Seto is beyond that.  I think this is a big part of their partnership, the unseen way that Mokuba has Seto’s back.  

At the end of this scene in Noa’s Arc, Mokuba almost jumps through a door into an abyss in his desperation to change this moment.  I have to wonder how many times over the years Mokuba replayed this scene in his mind and wished he’d done something… anything… to derail his brother.  It makes it even more of a victory for them both, when Mokuba stands up to Seto at Battle City, getting him to rethink what he needs to do to move forward with his life.

It’s the last frame, from when they first walk into the Kaiba mansion, that really gets to me.  Mokuba is literally shaking and huddled over in fear, but he’s still trusting his brother to take care of him no matter what happens.  And Seto is facing forward, totally intent on the road ahead, refusing to show any fear - but at the same time he’s positioned himself in front of Mokuba, so that if anything attacks, it’ll have to go through him to get to his brother.


someone take these away from me…