it’s so wild when people say leigh-anne is the weak link…..because when u listen to most of their songs, her voice is carrying the chorus and it’s the one that stands out the most. the girls harmonise with HER voice. she may not have vocals like the other girls but she’s the main vocal and everything literally revolves around her voice

Dear Nintendo Switch, please take my fucking money…

Can we please discuss how it seems like Nintendo is using their advantage: portable gaming; which other companies can’t recreate. And they’re using the Nintendo Switch to merge that audience with the more “serious” gamers for their FUCking CHeCKmatE!1!!! 

Does this mean they’re going to sacrifice their 3DS sales and production for this? ???

I really hope the power of this system lives up to the reality of the competition and puts Nintendo Switch at the top of the goddamn pyramid. 

A good portion of the notes on my posts are rants from men about how wrong I am, about how bad the poor wittle mens have it, all the fault of feminism, with zero substance behind it, and they walk away thinking I’ve been #wrekt. They don’t provide an argument of substance, because there is none. Trust me I’ve read all the facts and figures, and women’s oppression is kind of like global warming in that it’s this very real thing that people still devote their lives to denying. ‘Global warming, huh? Then how come there’s still snow on everest #checkmate’