A Working BMO Super Nintendo Emulator

3D print designer Mike Barretta built this amazing BMO emulator using an assortment of 3D printed pieces and Super Nintendo buttons, as well as a mixture of electronic equipment. To see this emulator in action, check out the play test of Donkey Kong Country.

You can learn to build your own BMO Emulator via Matt’s Thingiverse. Instructions, needed parts, 3D print files and everything else you need to know can be found on his page. Finally you can have your very own BMO!


It was a good day to be in #CloneClub.

A HUGE thank you to all the fans who came out to the meetup and the Comic-Con panel today. We had a blast, and hope you did too. We make a family…yes?

We’re sorry we couldn’t celebrate with EVERY orphanblack fan out there, but we promise to tweet and tumblr until our fingers bleed so that you don’t miss out on any of the action. Check out our Comic-Con masterpost HERE to see what’s going on tomorrow… (including a live streaming Nerd HQ panel that you should 900% live stream, in case Jordan sings or Tatiana beatboxes or something equally awesome happens.)

You’re an incredible fandom and the orphanblack cast & creators couldn’t be more appreciative of each and every one of you. Thanks for making the trip to #SDCC so effing Cal’s awesome socks.


Important GIF:

[x] Had the great honor with working with Lindsay to draw her new Twitter header. I don’t feel right uploading the actual picture (and really, I never upload commission pieces anyway) but a screen cap works! It features all her characters :) Check it out in action! 

+ Please help support my art at my patreon
You can get high res files, brushes, (requested) tutorials, my digi sketchbook and more~!


Moments earlier:

What a great reward he chose for himself. (x)