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anonymous asked:

YES BLUR SMELLS THE WEED AND IS LIKE 'Reg, told you to don't touch my stuff' after what he runs to his room to check out if Reg smoked all his weed or if he left some but the room Is empty so he goes to Willow's room and Is like 'Oh hell fuckin nah' and he sees Willow and Lane in bed sleeping Rest of story's yours bitches

I will most likely not be here this weekend and next week due to finals! 10th-15th

I have so much to do today and all week it’s stressing me out immensely omg. but I’m gonna make a little list of the things I need to get done so I whenever I get distracted and log on I’ll see all my responsibilities glaring at me in the face LMAO. but srsly. if ya’ll see me online tell me to get the frick off and do my homework ok !!! xoxo

monday: writing intensive presentation on my final paper ( 10 min )
tuesday: human a&p lab practical. islam final
wednesday: women’s history exam 3 + final
thursday: human a&p lecture final


I have no original ideas anymore so I’m finishing up old sketches from when I cared about things + I wanted to practise drawing shiny anime hair. This pic & others are available on my redbubble.


1971 Ford LTD Convertible by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site. Rohner’s Auto Parts 3rd Annual Collector Car Gathering and Customer Appreciation Day Willmar, Minnesota July 2016 My Dad used to bring along as he would get parts for the family car. As a little car freak, I loved running around checking out all of the different cars. I bought my first car before I had my license and I had to make many trips to Rohner’s to get that car road ready before I passed my road test at 16, I have been going there ever since and bringing friends along and getting them hooked as well. It was a great day and I heard many great experiences people had finding parts to fix their cars. I feel all of us should throw them an appreciation party.

@swiftiesecretsantablog Hey! ( I was gonna send you a question but this was too long 😂)  I I can’t believe it’s been more than a year of your gift giving, and thank you for the follow! 

Anyway I know you’ve been receiving hate comments and messages, so I thought i’d send you a virtual message and pay you a visit here :) Can I first just say how kind, caring, awesome, and dedicated you are as a swiftie and as a person as well? Today I sort of felt antisocial 😂 and I stalked your page a bit….you are legit an angel. Month after month, I had saw those happy smiles on your instagram (i’m speakncw) but I never really went on your tumblr and checked out all the things you did on here. Don’t let haters stop you from what you’re doing okay? You’re so much more than them…   someone I look up to, like Taylor! 

I just thought I should tell you that. Lol idk. I feel like you’ve influenced me, in a good way. After following your accounts, I guess i’ve been more positive a grateful? More happier in general, i guess,  seeing so many nice people getting their dream come true.  Swiftmas, or no Swiftmas, us swifties will always be here for you 😊

Love you! 


PS please please please do a reveal!!! That would so make my day, and I bet Tay would be so proud as well! 

Bigger and better

Been working on adding a lot to the blog.

So head over to my blog and check out all the new content to the sidebar

Though keep in mind I am still working on parts of it.

Click on The Mass Effect Art hub for a quick trip over to the center for all Mass Effect fanart within the community. It’s new, and a little small and still needs a lot, but with your help and as it gains traction, it’ll turn into the place to go to for any and all Mass Effect fan art, and commissions. At least on Tumblr

Next up we have the A03 and FF.Net links for you go read more on the Garrusvakarian2153 Adventure …geeze talking in thirdperson is weird Or better yet, click on The Story So Far… to head over to the in-blog hub for all the stories written by yours truly detailing all the adventures we’ve been through since the end of the reaper war.

And soon to be added will be another catalog of all my favorite writers and stories I’ve come across in the 4 plus years of managing this blog in my side time which is mainly waiting for certain computer algorithms to compile

It’s been a fantastic time getting to know so many of you and i look forward to whats next and for the next Adventure in the Andromeda Galaxy.

As well if you haven’t heard about it check out The Art Of Mass Effect Initiative for a little project I’ve been putting together which goes into a little more detail about The art hub.

Here’s hoping 2089 // 2015 wasn’t too apocalyptic for you Let’s face it there were some dome choices made, but at least there were no reapers

And given the reveal of a certain femme fatale I’m sure next year damn well won’t lack for being one hell of an adventure. The action and shooting and drama… I know where you took that.

As always, I’ll always, be here if you need me.


stillblossoming  asked:

I don't know if you remember me but last year around New Year's Eve I messaged you out of the blue and you gave me the sweetest advice. You definitely showed kindness and the spirit of Christ. I just want to say thank you and tell everyone it does it get better. I felt so alone this time last year but this year I am very much in love with a man who loves Christ and dances with me in our socks and sings off key in the car. Life is good. God is good. Hold out lovelies, it can always turn around.

Check it out y’all. It gets better :) <3


I just got the latest albums by Ars Veneficium (The Reign of the Infernal King), Astral Winter (Forest of Silence), From The Vastland (Chamrosh), Khaospath (… For The Devil Speaks The Truth) and Oath (Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta) in stock. They are available here, since I am currently having some issues with my website. 

Check them out, it’s all very solid black metal that some of you will definitely enjoy!