From the studio that brought you Miraculous Ladybug, prepare for even more adventures!

WOW! Check out this sizzle of all the brand new ZAG brands coming very soon! I’m super excited for them, especially the Zag Heroez like Pixie Girl and GhostForce along with the ZAG Movie, Melody! 

What are you most looking forward to? :) 

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Opposite of fuck customer :D

Today I had a lady and her daughter doing back to school shopping. They went to check out and all that when the mother found out she was a little less than $20 short. Her card was declined and she had no other way to pay for the rest. We started taking off items until she had about $4 left, which she had enough change for. As she goes to leave the guy behind her asks her to wait. He tells me to ring her items up with his. The lady is in tears at this point, and her daughter (who is in 2nd grade and is just a little talkative ball of energy and sunshine.) keeps asking if/why shes crying, to which she can only shake her head too. Finally my manager answers for her and tells the little girl that its tears of joy. When the women gets her final bag (mostly lunch stuff for the girl, and a water bottle) her voice cracks when she thanks him. He just smiled and said there wasn’t enough of that in the world.

It honestly made my whole night, I was so close to tears myself. Now I’m not sure if she was thankful or embarrassed (most likely both) but it was still so sweet and nice.

I love being reminded there are actually good people in this world <3

No one ever saw my bruises because no one ever saw my body.

Yesika Salgado - “Compilation”

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Can you recommend any good blogs?

Sure, here’s some awesomeness:

@wdmsusie / @its-mickydee / @chrissy22787 / @stylesunchained / @permanentcross / @trulymadlysydney / @belovedharrystyles / @harrzan / @narrymccartney / @snowflakeinthesummer / @bestactorharry / @aniallate-1d / @cloudsofharry / @harrysbunshun / @never-stop-learning / @sebstylez / @stylesasfuck / @stylesmeright / @stylessemantics / @team-styles / @tigerthightat / @hitblues / @summer-on-the-field / @have-youquite-finished

I know I’m forgetting some, but feel free to check out my blogroll here. All my mutuals are amazing.


For Redwall August I made The Abbot’s Cake: greensap milk sponge, honeyed cream and ginger poached apples, all wrapped in sweet marchpane!


Please be sure to check out all the other amazing recipes made for Redwall August over at Fiction Food Cafe! August isn’t over yet… why not make a Redwall item too? Just be sure to use hashtag RedwallAugust!

Harmonica Harassment

@garrulousgibberish prompt to go with their artwork! Go check it out~ It’s all good fun ♥ Tag for all the art~

Rating: G

Word count: 2,179

Summary: Stan’s newfound hobby is annoying Ford with his dreaded harmonica.

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Hot Wheels and Nintendo have collided to bring fans a line of Mario-themed Hot Wheels that are now headed to stores, according to tweets made by the official Hot Wheels twitter. There are cars themed after Mario characters, such as Bowser. Mario’s car has a mustache on the bumper and Bowser’s has spikes on its hood. Six of them are being produced. Feel free to check out images of all six cars below, along with the tweets by Hot Wheels that we mentioned.

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image


There Are Mario-Themed Hot Wheels That Are Now Headed To Stores Hot Wheels and Nintendo have collided to bring fans a line of Mario-themed Hot Wheels that are now headed to stores, according to tweets made by the official Hot Wheels twitter.
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So my birthday is tomorrow!

And that means my birthday bonanza is happening!

Don’t forget to stop by and check out all of the new stuff coming out on my blog! I have a couple of stories and doodles! And maybe a few sneak peeks of my longer stories! It’s not much, but I really hope that you guys will like it. (Real life got in the way, so I couldn’t do as many of the prompts as I wanted to.) It’s a present from me to you wonderful people.

Anyways, have a nice day! 💖💖💖
Things My Heart Used to Know - Nightwing11 - Captain America - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Friends! Guess who finally posted one of their stories for the Stucky Big Bang 2016! It’s me!!!!!!!!! Super jazzed about this and the amazing artwork by @lucidnancyboy. Here’s the piece on their tumblr  and a link to their Instagram as well! Be sure to check out all their amazing pieces! :D

Anyway, fic summary: 

In a world where soulmates can communicate telepathically with their partners, Steve Rogers has always had Bucky Barnes with him, a calming voice in a sea of turmoil. And, when Bucky falls off the train during World War II, Steve experiences deafening silence for the first time.

Now, after crashing a plane in the Arctic to save the world and being frozen for 70 years, Steve’s still trying to figure out how to live without Bucky there. His new friends are trying to help him adjust, to move on. And he thought he was doing better, he really did.

So, why is he suddenly hearing Bucky’s voice again?

What Would Happen if...

((Hey guys! @asktahliathings and I decided to do a what if scenario where Glass and Tahlia don’t get off to… the best of starts when they first meet. Basically we decided we wanted to see what it would be like if our muses attacked each other right off the bat :3 If you haven’t read our other thread that’s alright you don’t need to to understand what’s going to happen but I suggest you check it out all the same! Obviously this is going to be a non-canon event but I hope you all still enjoy it :) ))

Glass jerked his head in the direction of the noise, eye lights locking on the person who apparently just fell out of a tree. That alone was startling as he thought he had moved far enough away from Snowdin not to run into anyone and it was night, but after a moment of staring through the gloom, he realized that the shadowy figure was a human.

He was on his feet in an instant, more driven by panicked instinct than a conscious thought as he picked up her body with magic and slammed her into the tree behind her. Glass’ left eye glowed a chilling blue as he summoned long, thin bones and pointed them directly at her.


ROAM (gallery one) | Vans Warped Tour 2016 | Tinker Field at Orlando | 07/02/2016

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