Riz Ahmed talks about his friendship with Lin-Manuel Miranda on the Tonight Show

Q: “How did you get involved with the Hamilton Mixtape?”

Riz: “I just started stalking [Lin]. I saw Hamilton, and I was like ‘this is so incredible, he’s so talented’, and I just found out his manager’s email and I just sent a long email going like 'you’re so amazing, I love your show, you’re a genius, thank you for creating this’.

I didn’t hear anything for like a month, and I guess Lin’s that guy who just does a deep dive on everything, he just knows so much, he’s got a giant brain. And he just hit me back and was like 'I checked out all of your music, all of your links, all of your stuff. I want you to be in this mixtape’. And…I thought it was a fake email.”

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The Sketches From a Hat panel results are here!

Our panel at bronycon 2017 went pretty darn well! You can check out all the amazing art that went down right here, featuring suggestions drawn by @dawnf1re @latecustomer @whitediamondsltd @viwrastupr @ncmares @imalousart @silfoearts and your boy bobdude. Lots of them got double uploaded because I’m on mobile and it said they failed but apparently did not in fact fail and now I can’t delete things out of it… imgur is so dumb sometimes

Dead dash? Not anymore! Check out all of these amazing blogs! xx

kyky1118  asked:

Hey Sirlorence, is Made in Abyss any good because I remember reading some of the manga and it sorta turned me off. Does the anime does any better?

I’ve been enjoying it so far, I hear the tone shifts as it goes on but I’m more looking forward to it than apprehensive. I haven’t read any of the manga, so I unfortunately don’t have a comparison to make.

I’d imagine if you had problems with the manga they’d be present in the anime too, as I haven’t seen much complaining of changes made. Maybe it’d be worth giving another shot, and for anyone who hasn’t checked it out at all I’d definitely recommend watching the first few episodes.

macarons-gelato-po  asked:

Okay so. Askbox is empty- I'm here to fix that. The axis are spontaneously turned into girls while they slept. While they're checking themselves out (because they all would do that tbh) their S/O walks in, turns beet fuckin' red, and exits the room. (My mind: Their s/o is bi and has a pretty strong preference for girls, but the yanderes kidnapped her...) how do they react? (More asks dealing with the axis as girls if you'll let me)

(I may do nyo asks every once and awhile, but I try to stay away from them. Also I’m a bit confused about the yandere part??)

2p Italy: “Hey, you like girls, right? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!” 

2p Germany: “I have big tits, don’t I? … Fuck.”

2p Japan: “Wait, babe- Come back! I GOT GIGGLY PHYSICS!”

2p Prussia: “O-Oh- hi… u-um… w-wow, this is e-embarrassing…” 

2p Romano: “Sweetie, don’t be so shy~ I know I look better than you but-” (Rude)

2p Spain: *Would honestly act the same and wouldn’t do anything different*

2p Seborga: “LOOK AWAY!!”


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lgbt podcasts that deserve more attention in my gay opinion

please let me know if you want details about the lgbt+ representation in these, and feel free to add on :D

death at a low price- my very very fave as probably most of my followers are aware of at this point. scifi/comedy about a group of dangerous queer ppl and aliens who run an interdimensional convenience store. search herbarium podcasts to find it

spines podcast- horror/mystery about a woman who has scary dangerous powers and only remembers a fucked up ritual and information about her “friends” and who tries to figure out what she is and what happened to her and whats going on with certain sketchy orginizations

inkwyrm- scifi/romcom that is basically gays in space fashion magazine version. also includes a lot of cliche gay relationship drama that i live for

freed- soft apocolypse is the best way i can describe it. its a really sweet podcast about a badass lady who makes broadcasts about her progress fixing a mountain town. later on she makes friends that help her out and theres conspiracys and a lot gets revealed about the world. also my fave

junction series-  drama/romance about 4 high school girls who try and start a podcast to find a girl who went missing but get really off track because they are all really gay for each other and have a lot of relationship drama

adventures of mechabetty- scifi/mecha/action about a scientist who turns herself into a mech w the help of her team in order to fight off an alien invasion. really lighthearted and fun

to whom it may concern- fantasy/supernatural about a mentally ill woman who gets haunted by a dangerous ghost and the group of ghosts that are trying to help protect her. Look on the official blog @to-whom-it-may-concern-podcast for this one

oakpodcast- scifi/interactive podcast about an autistic jewish spy who gets stranded and becomes homeless and is forced to uncover the truth behind the bioweapon that she was exposed to

the girl who set out to seek a living wage- fairy tale about autistic fantasy lesbians destroying capitalism and living happily ever after

the blood crow stories- horror podcast about a college student who goes through old psych records of the passengers ofa ship that sank in the 1940s (i think??) and then realizes there is a monster feeding off everyones pain and fear. heads up that this will emotionally destroy you

-Jay-z’s mom, Gloria Carter’s poem at the end of “Smile”.

I felt this on a spiritual level. This is my life for real. I’m not a lesbian lol but I feel like I don’t know how to be free and be myself. I’m still learning and I’m still growing. I’m still trying to figure out who I am and what makes me happy. I will get there and I will finally feel free.


This was a big week and you all paid tribute to everything with your AMAZING artistic skills!! Such an absolutely beautiful #SuperArtSaturday!!! Goodness, 160 BEAUTIFUL pieces of art here, but there’s SO MUCH out there and I appreciate each and EVERY single one you guys make, I’m amazed!!! Thank you so much!! Be sure to check out all the artists by going to this post on my Instagram! (thomassanders)

anonymous asked:

hey, could you recommedn me some other artists who also draw harry potter art? love your stuff xx

of course! 

- alessiajontrunfio - really cute and soft art style, lots of young marauders and amazing gifs

- batcii - i can’t even express how much i love her fanart, ESPECIALLY harry potter, ESPECIALLY the marauders. gorgeous artwork and great thinkpieces on harry potter, look, i just have a huge crush, dont tell her

- bevsi - such an inspiration source!!! check bev’s harry potter tag, but tbh check everything else also (the mermaids!) because her work is stunning

- boaillustration - amazing illustrations, clothes designs and ginnylunas

- fleamontpotter - hilarious comics, spot on harry potter posts, ron weasley positivity, snape negativity and quality swans content, what more could you ask for honestly

- gin-draws - a+++ content, a+++ person, great art and headcanons on the marauders and i love to gossip with her about the blacks

- jam-art - check the harry potter tag. their jily and deamus melt me.

- maria-tries - her harry potter fanarts are cute as shit, her blog is a place of beautiful marauders, soft artworks and all-general amazingness! it’s also worth noting that she and i are best friends and roommates, nbd, and she’s responsible for p much all of my harry potter headcanons and ideas, and she’s the best person in the world basically go see for yourself

- prongsiedraws - the watercolours which i could just look at all day long. super original and beautiful character designs, great artstyle, 70s fashion, overall greatness

- reinardfox - such an adorable artstyle and lots of soft remus, right up my valley. one of those artists i want to tell to draw more of what they’re already drawing

- rosielleny - lovely work, especially on her harrys and hedwigs!

- shebsart - please check their harry potter tag because that terrible 70s fashion on the marauders is healing

- smelslikeart - another great artstyle with lovely colours, lots of pretty fanarts right this way please

additionally, if you’d to see some more harry potter fanart which i dig, try the tag on my personal blog, right here!

anonymous asked:

hi, could you rec me some good longer klance fics? (i was thinking 20k+) bc im going on a holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow without wifi and i want to download some beforehand and i tried to look for some myself but i keep reading them to see if they're good and then i accidentally keep finishing them oops

OFC M’DUDE !! imma make this list real quick so here u go uwu (bolded are faves)

two am on jupiter by starglowed

you’re not a bad soulmate by princexofxflowers

you had me at merlot by ryomakun

let me melt under the heat of your sun by akaeijis, esbis

no greater gift by usernicole

a memory like a snapshot by memekonvld

the stars are bound to change by angstinspace

thats all i got right now !!! kdffjhgkdfjv but my ao3 is @ boys so u can check out all my bookmarks there!


Utterly BLOWN AWAY by the amount of fanart you guys created this past week!!! It’s taken me most of the day to compile it! Just take this as a REALLY LATE #fanartfriday or a REALLY REALLY EARLY #fanartfriday for next week hahah. Check out all the art and artists on my instagram! (thomassanders)