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My dash is once again deader than I wish it to be since a lot of my old favourites and friends seem to have left Tumblr and moved to Instagram ):
So like this post if you post some or most of the following and I’ll check out your blog. I’m generally looking for things to reblog so my blog gives a good idea of what I’m looking for, which includes:

  • Gothic things (music, fashion, humour, and so on; old or contemporary, sweet or edgy, nu gothy and glitchy or traditional and elegant, it’s all good)
  • Alternative fashion in general
  • Darkwave/New wave/Post punk/Gothic rock/Synth rock (audio, pictures of bands/music videos…)
  • Horror (films, TV shows, literature…)
  • Gothic and Neo-Gothic architecture, goth homes
  • “Dark” aesthetic in general (dark forests, cemeteries, spiderwebs, skeletons, ravens…)
  • Nature and witchy things
  • Haute couture fashion with a darker aesthetic (Alice Auaa, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc.)
  • Fashion history & costumes, especially Victorian mourning (e.g. period costumes and burlesque, but please minimal cosplay)

Minimal porn and true gore please, personal posts are welcome! 🦇


MERRY CHRISTMAS FERRAH over at @forsaken-spirits

Maybe you’ve blocked it out by now, but waaaaaay earlier in the year you signed up for a Voltron secret Santa, and ho ho ho I be your Santa haha. 

I was so thankful when I read your likes/dislikes because I felt we were very much on the same page. You mentioned that you liked Klance, flower shop aus, and beach days (I’m so sorry, I wanted to sneak in a Shallura sub-plot, but I just ran out of time ugh), so I hope this ticks all your boxes haha. 

I hope you have a great christmas and here’s looking forward to a better 2017.

anonymous asked:

do you have anywhere specific you look online for fashion inspiration? every time I just browse pinterest or instagram like every single ~fall outfit idea~ is skinny jeans + earth toned boots + cardigan + scarf and I'm SO BORED.

YES I KNOW THAT LOOK, the white girl in fall look; it’s not a bad look, but it’s a very predictable look, and I totally understand wanting to move away from that. I too moved away from a look that wasn’t bad, yet was also literally and figuratively stifling. so, how do you find inspiration? 

what I do is follow individual style bloggers + and street style blogs/accounts. 99% of this takes place on instagram, so get ready to download the app. if you’re going to use pinterest, make sure to search “street style”, not “style”. street style is what you call photos that are taken at various fashion weeks, of models and influencers and designers and average people who wanted to dress up and see the shows. it’s a great way to eyeball trends and to find things you can mix and match for yourself. often you’ll see a person whose look you really like, and it only takes a reverse image search to find them on instagram. nine out of ten times they’ll have a style blog of their own. if that sounds like a lot of work, it is. so here are a few of my favorites to get you started:

street style on tumblr: my only stop is 15x20. it showcases a huge variety of trendy, inventive looks, all put together by people who want to be eyecatching. one of my absolute go-tos. I get the germ of most of my outfit ideas here.

style on instagram: @lookbook is a solid account. mostly it’s images tagged #lookbook by bloggers or would-be influencers, and they’re all real people, so a lot of times you can follow them back to their style pages. one issue is that they usually don’t give details of where to buy the items of clothing they wear. also skews a little younger. 

fashion bloggers I follow on instagram:

@daniellevanier: really inventive, takes risks, is a pioneer of “it doesn’t have to be fitted” imo, and has introduced me to one of my favorite brands ever, ASOS White. sporty, femme, she can do it all. love her. 

@lolitamas: bang on with trends, she always seems to know what’s coming in the new season. she does a bunch of lifestyle blogging too, but her fashion posts are what I’m there for. she’s very sweet, very feminine, and a lot of her looks nail high-fashion casual, which I appreciate the hell out of. 

@masha: does the coolest things with layers and sneakers, and she really brings a lot of texture to every outfit. she looks great all the time, which is probably a curse when you’re that pretty, but she pays it forward by religiously cross-linking her outfit posts so you can track down where she got what.

@mamacaxx: just the most bright and exciting wardrobe; she knows how to make one garment do a million different things. pretty sure she and I bought our lavender frilly shirt dresses on the same day. 

@hhasselhoff: I am smitten by her beauty all the time, and I’m so all over the silk boudoir look she always seems to have going. someday I’m going to find out how she, someone with similar proportions to me, is able to hide her bra straps in all those satin dresses. 

@nicolettemason: femme, queer, and constantly doing awesome things with patterns. this was an immediate must-follow from me, and she’s just come out with a really trendy plus-size clothing line called premme, if any of you ladies out there are interested.

@asos_debbie: SHE KNOWS COLOR THEORY, and knocks it out of the park every time. she’s a buyer and stylist for asos, so she also has the inside scoop on new items that are dropping. also, incredible shoes, always. 

@aspensdottir: I just started following her, and it was the best decision I’ve made all week (and not just because she immediately liked every picture of my cats that I’ve ever posted). she’s incredibly inventive, and recycles various items of clothing in the most refreshing way. I’ve actually tossed a few things in some shopping carts because of her, and even though she’s half my size, the outfits she puts together are super adaptable to anyone. a++

the more you poke around instagram, the more you’ll find new bloggers that appeal to you specifically! it took me about a year to round up the 250 fashion accounts I follow, but it was worth it. now whenever I lack inspiration, I grab my phone and start seeing what clicks for me. good luck! 

Door Knobs

(A/N): Here it is after so long I finally put something new out. I hope you guys like it! Also this was a bunch of requests put together so I won’t actually put them all up here.

warnings: none that I am aware of, pregnancy, brief mention of possible miscarriage, knowing me probably language at some point but I don’t think I actually put any in there.

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“(Y/N)! This is the fourth door handle this week. Eventually Tony is going to question why we keep buying so many new ones!” Nat whisper yells at you from the floor as she replaces yet another door handle for you. “Or at least learn how to replace them yourselves!”

“Please Tony is so oblivious he didn’t even notice that I moved in for two weeks. And eventually I will tell Steve and he will probably fix them for me. I’m too lazy to actually learn how to do this. Besides in a few months Tony will probably have a robot who can do this for me.” You reply from your perch on the side of the bathtub”

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following spree*:・゚✧

I haven’t done one of these in a long time and whenever I do them they always go so good so I’m doing another one!!! I am also going to be having a follow forever in about a week or two so i need to follow some more blogs. :) Like/reblog if your blog contains any of the following so I can check your blog out:) I’m also looking for mutuals! So feel free to mssg me~





block b


monsta x 

nct (any sub-unit)




boys republic


topp dogg

Jay Park (or anything AOMG related)



red velvet 



fashion/kfashion mood boards

 If you make your own content! I’d love to check it out :) 

 Thank you! ♡

vanillalattaes-deactivated20170  asked:

hi ur blog is cute ^_^ I just started using my tumblr again lmao so I was just wondering what are some good blogs to follow? also would you mind checking mine out too, oki thas it hope u have a good day x

um first of all, thank you so much ???? omg this makes me rlly happy lmao ;; esp because i just remade and yeah ;_; 
i could really just.. tell you everyone i follow tbh rip, but i will try to keep it low and just tell you some.. which is gonna be hard but like, yknow lmaooo. i will just.. do different sections so yeah :3

gifs/gfx: @hoseokxx @1lsan @1chae @jeonbegins @bwiboo @jeonggukes @mewchim @rapnamu @taejinmin @eatkookiie @eriinatsu @ksjknj @pjmjjk @pjmksj @taesflower @bangtanroyalty @jnghobi @hobipd @sugaswagdaddy and @fhawn who does art but like rlly great art im in love :((

writers: @gukvory @taexquila @tahyungs (who also makes edits lmao) @jungblue @chimout @jungkxook

cute blogs to follow just because: @2awake @ijins @sheloveskook @jinsasleep @mincute @jinnies @2seoke @apricotmin @taepott (she does things too but too many ok) @kimtae95s @officerkook @bfmoni @taegay @otpvmin @foryoubybts @protectaetae @rudetae @namjun @velvethoseok (um the mb queen /bows) @lovehobs @cryjeon @bts420 @pjungkook @jiminsangel @hobitaki @lie

and yesssss, honestly i love all of them and more tbh :(( but before this is turning into a literal follow forever, imma just stop here LMAO i hope i could help you!! :)

baldsoo  asked:

Hello, i used to be @5sosfanyounot and i recently (literally an hour ago) switched over to a kpop blog lol... i was wondering seeing as you are the only kpop blog i follow could reccomend your fav blogs? It's okay if you don't want too. Ty in advance xx

ahh hi, i remember you & it’s nice 2 see you finally joined us lol… of course i can do that for you, it’s going to be mostly exo tho :))))

@hoseom (my bestfriend whom i love the most)

@baekhyunsbabe@perfsoo, @kingbbh, @suhosoo, @bbhsthighs, @bbhsavocado, @sweet-soo, @kimjunnoodle, @daemondcrystal, @littlesunshinedae, @taonsil, @1oshs, @kimjongdaenet, @minseoksteponme, @kaistoe, @subaek, @squishy-do, @sooranghaes, @cherishyixing, @hyungwons-babe, @hyunqvwon, @achenlove, @suhocheeks, @poodleyeol, @for-the-love-of-lay, @bunmyun, @chanyeolcide, @kittyhunnie, @okaybaekhyun, @94-hun, @yhangzixing, @ohhhappydae, @xiulayallday, @wu-yi-man, @littlechefsoo, @frea1luv, @chenosaur21, @kingusoo, @mindkink, @kim-jonginism, @taehyungismahusband, @bias-yixing, @squeaky-jiminie, @theteacoast, @88gf, @pinkyeol, @baekshitbyun, @sehunsraani, @winnaeri, @sunshiningdae, @stunningsoo, @nerdtasticawkwardpenguin, @hansold, @byunchen <3333 (this group are my beautiful mutuals whom i love xoxo)

@lawlliets, @isexoreal, @intokai, @untouchabyeolman, @sehunardo-dicaprio, @bbhlikesboys, @callmeminseok, @shitexosay, @jonginkims, @ohhsenshine, @littlebyuns, @sehuntiful, @babyminseok, @milktaost, @iluvpcy, @sebaeksgirl, @whydidntexocometodallas, @ooohwillis, @305heaux, @byunlucid, @gaywillis, @4121994, @kjonginswife, @chnyeollie, @glorious-soobooty, @kaiternity, @starlightkai, @angel-in-slow-motion, @suavesehun, @92-pcy, @solobaek, @deararchimedes <3333 (these blogs are just as beautiful and are a group of my fav not mutual blogs xoxo) 

this took me so long, i’m sorry lol…