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cj’s follow spree!

Alright, I’m finally going to start going through the blogs I follow and deleting inactive ones, because I really need some new content on my dash! Please give this a reblog (and maybe write your main fandoms in the tags?) if you post or reblog any of the following:

  • Haikyuu!! - especially anything involving IwaOi, or rarepairs such as BokuAkaKuroTsuki (or any form of this ship), KyouTeru, BoKuroTeru, TeruDai, or anything involving these specific characters!
  • Kuroko no Basket - AoKaga/Aomine or Kagami-centered content specifically, but just general blogs are good too!
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime - Especially if you happen to be into Obi/Zen
  • Naruto Shippuden - it’s (still) my guilty pleasure ALRIGHT
  • Old popular anime that still owns a piece of my soul, you know like Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist and Inuyasha etc. etc. etc.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Multifandom/general anime blogs
  • Overwatch - especially McHanzo, Reaper76 and Gency
  • Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout
  • Misc. video game content
  • Original art
  • Original writing

Please let me know if you…

  • Write!! I love reading fics, headcanons drabbles, and I’m not often fussed about ships.
  • Make graphics/edits!
  • Create art!
  • Pretty much whatever… if you just reblog that’s cool too, I’m just curious and would love you to let me know what your blog mainly is.
Poetry Blog Train 2017

Every new year calls for a new blog train. Blog trains can really help people find your blog if they’re interested in specific types of blogs by checking out the notes of all the people who liked or reblogged the post.

This blog train is great for you to like and reblog if you do any of the following:

- Consider yourself a poetry or writing blog
- Post a lot of your own poetry
- Reblog a lot of poetry

Pretty straight forward, eh? So let’s support each other and start passing this on!

bring-us-back-light  asked:

I just want to say that i'd seen these kinds of posts and wanted to check mroe of them out. I wasn't sure what tag to search though, so when I found your blog I was super happy. You are now my favorite blog on this site and I just want to thank you so much for compiling all these posts together in one spot. I just spent the last week reading through your entire blog, it's amazing.

I’m happy to help! I’ve had luck with the tag space australia, occasionally with humans are space orcs, and also humans are weird (though that isn’t limited to sci-fi). I’ve heard that humans fuck yeah or hfy are also tags to check out, but I personally haven’t had the time to dive into those yet. (Humans are space oddities, which I tag all the non-Friday posts, is not very common elsewhere, it was mostly my commentary at the beginning and I stuck with it.)

I’ve also found that sometimes the OP, especially of a popular post, will have a tag for variations of their original post they reblog. Checking out the people who originate or contribute to a post are great ways of finding more (as are looking at the reblogged-with-additions part of the notes on a post, though many posts are ginormous and you won’t see everything.

To be honest, a large portion of my posts have been found with a combination of the above and sheer dumb luck. For example, @arcticfoxbear reblogged a bunch of things from their original post (thank yoouuuu) and also stuff from @authorbettyadams, whose writing I had never come across on Tumblr before and whose writing I also now love deeply.

TL;DR: tags are great and people are great! Happy reading!


I haven’t posted a video on here in a while! Check out my latest video! I’ll be stalking people who reblog!


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Haikyuu!! Follow Spree

Hi all! Now that I’m getting into the swing of things with this blog (thank you already for 250+ followers in just 2 months, aaaa!!) it’s about time I fix the inactivity of my dash~

As this is obviously a Haikyuu blog, I’m looking for blogs to follow that are primarily, if not entirely, dedicated to Haikyuu. Other fandoms on occasion are fine -especially if tagged- but the more Haikyuu, the better! (Story of my life tbh.)

Bonus points if you:
- post content for Bokuto, Akaashi, Kuroo, Kenma and/or Noya
- reblog fanart AND fics (or create your own!)
- collect official or fanmade merch
- enjoy talking/adding commentary in the tags
- have some sort of tagging system
- don’t create unnecessary drama
- like talking to people within the fandom!

I’ll check out everyone who likes/reblogs this post, and if you want to make any sidenotes just add them to the tags when you reblog. I’d really appreciate any helping hand, so regardless of whether you’re a mutual already or not, thank you in advance to everyone who can help pass this along!
Reblog this if your muse is a female badass, that way if anyone wants to find some more badass female Rp characters to play with they can just scan the reblogs and check out the people who have already done so.

For male go here

For transgender go here

For genderfluid go here

For nonbinary go here

i just hit my next hundred (thank u !!) & it’s bloody cold outside (thanks england….not) so i thought i’d do some name aesthetic edits, so:

  • pls be following me & reblog this post !
  • check out lgbtpottersource (i’ll give priority to people who reblog the post!)
  • send me ur name & fav color & something u love (flowers. the moon. something i can work into an aesthetic ya feel) (& pls include a book rec if u reblogged the post so i know to do urs first) and i’ll make you a lil name edit !
  • have a wonderful day ilu
  • <3

HELLO , SEPPIEBUG BACK with another blog , and this time , it’s a TWIN POKEMON ( CUBONE ) OC blog !! could you please give this a like and / or reblog if you’d be okay with interacting with a PRIVATE ( MUTUALS ONLY ) , SELECTIVE , INDIE CUBONE OC SIDEBLOG ?? i’d really appreciate it , so i could check out all the people who do like or reblog !! THANKS , a lot , guys !! ( I’D LIKE POKEMON BLOGS TO REBLOG / LIKE PREFERABLY - but i  do allow non pokemon blogs to follow me and maybe interact !! )

        P . S . I FOLLOW BACK FROM @nctsepticeyed

      _______( SEPPIEBUG )


NEW VIDEO: “The 7 Second Challenge” ft. Dan Howell

reblog if you want me to check out & follow your Tumblr! <3<3<3

Follow spree!

I need new blogs to follow because my dash is filled with things i dont know/like so pls like/reblog if you post about

  • shadowhunters (especially clizzy but anything is good)
  • the raven cycle
  • once upon a time
  • brooklyn nine nine
  • new girl
  • gilmore girls
  • dodie clark
  • gabrielle aplin
  • sapphic positivity

and I’ll check out your blog and probably follow, (also you should check me out too and all the people who like/reblog) also pls like/reblog if you follow me but i dont follow back because i want more mutuals

Reblog this if your muse is a male badass, that way if anyone wants to find some more badass male Rp characters to play with they can just scan the reblogs and check out the people who have already done so.

For female go here

For transgender go here

For genderfluid go here

For nonbinary go here

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm new to the Supernatural fandom (binge watched all the episodes in <2 weeks so I'm a bit dizzy now). I've just escaped from the Sherlock fandom and want to lick my wounds in peace and Dean and Cas seem to be my new obsession. Just wanted to ask you for blog recs- I love reading long, interesting meta and LOVE fanfic writer blogs (especially coda fics) and in general Season 12 positive folks. Help a girl out please? (P.S: I ADORE your blog!)

ACK! Hello! And thanks! Welcome to the fandom. :)

If you’ve looked through my blog some, you’ve probably seen the people I interact with most already, but to be specific, here’s some meta writers who are generally s12 positive (this is just going through recent posts, if I’ve left anyone out I APOLOGIZE WITH A THOUSAND APOLOGIES, but also, going through these folks’ blogs will lead you to even MORE blogs where folks are making the good meta…):

@ibelieveinthelittletreetopper (be sure to check out the s12 spoiler sheet!)
@justanotheridijiton (mel’s magical power is finding ANYTHING, and she accepts payment in the form of dog gifs :P)

As for fic, there’s loads of great writers to follow (including a lot of the meta people listed above who also write fic):

@destieldrabblesdaily (posts both original ficlets and reblogs loads of others)
@ozonecologne (EPISODE. CODAS. GALORE! check their fic tag)

(this is so difficult, because my AO3 history has close to 4000 fics– with probably 99% of them being destiel… so pointing out individual writers is a sisyphian task… there’s SO MANY great writers in this fandom…)

For general ongoing fic recs (especially for longer fics), definitely check out @destielfanfic. Their blog is incredibly well organized and they have a VAST collection of reviewed fics for you to search through. Read their FAQ about their tagging system, and then go nuts. :P

I absolutely know I have left people off this list that should be on this list…

Oh, and they’re not technically episode coda fics, but @consulting-cannibal frequently produces episode coda comics and has other prophetic visions in comic form, which are definitely worth running your eyeballs over because sometimes we just need to laugh through the pain. :D

I feel guilty and terrible even producing a list like this, because it’s so incomplete… but this is a good jumping off point. Seriously, check out all these people, see who they’re reblogging and talking to as well, and you’ll find even more great blogs to follow. :)


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anonymous asked:

Hey do you happen to know who is going to post spoilers for the musical? Like can you ask through this lol I really dont wanna be spoiled and it would be appreciated :)

I’m sorry it’s taken me a couple days to answer you - If you check out the reblogs on this post, you’ll find the people who aren’t planning to post screener spoilers (many, myself included, will still be posting all official spoilery things like promo and articles pertaining to the episode - basically all the same stuff we’d be posting for any new, upcoming episode about to air). From the looks of things, a good portion of the fandom actively doesn’t want to be spoiled for this one, so hopefully we all can go into 6.20 with as little knowledge as possible (aside from what’s officially given to us, of course).