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Miitopia asks / questions

Send in one of the words / phrases to my ask and i’ll answer

Adventure Start: What class did you pick at the start of the game, and why?

Sealed: What other two classes did you pick when you were forced to change?

Companionship: Who was the first mii you chose to join you on your quest?

Bond: Favorite friendship trait / feature?

Personality: Favorite player mii character personality?

NPCs: Favorite NPC?

Tug In: Favorite food item?

Jobs: Favorite class / job?

Fashionable: Favorite armor ( any class )?

Attack: Favorite weapon ( any class )?

Skill / Magic: Favorite skill or spell?

Book it: Least favorite enemy?

Combat: Favorite enemy?

Boss 1: Favorite mini-boss?

Boss 2: Favorite boss?

Boss 3: Least favorite boss?

Victory: Your characters warcry?

Defeat: Any enemy or boss which got the better of you?

Sweet Tunes: Favorite music track?

Scenery: Favorite area?

Quiz Time: Which quiz was the easiest to you?

Chest Collector: Do you open all chests you come across?

Safety Spot: Least favorite condition / status effect?

No amount of time is a reason to stay with someone who makes you feel bad. Idc if you’ve been with this person 5 months, 6 years or all your life. That is no reason to keep yourself grounded to negativity. Love yourself enough to walk away, block their ass, and move forward with your life bb

cj’s follow spree!

Alright, I’m finally going to start going through the blogs I follow and deleting inactive ones, because I really need some new content on my dash! Please give this a reblog (and maybe write your main fandoms in the tags?) if you post or reblog any of the following:

  • Haikyuu!! - especially anything involving IwaOi, or rarepairs such as BokuAkaKuroTsuki (or any form of this ship), KyouTeru, BoKuroTeru, TeruDai, or anything involving these specific characters!
  • Kuroko no Basket - AoKaga/Aomine or Kagami-centered content specifically, but just general blogs are good too!
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime - Especially if you happen to be into Obi/Zen
  • Naruto Shippuden - it’s (still) my guilty pleasure ALRIGHT
  • Old popular anime that still owns a piece of my soul, you know like Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist and Inuyasha etc. etc. etc.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Multifandom/general anime blogs
  • Overwatch - especially McHanzo, Reaper76 and Gency
  • Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout
  • Misc. video game content
  • Original art
  • Original writing

Please let me know if you…

  • Write!! I love reading fics, headcanons drabbles, and I’m not often fussed about ships.
  • Make graphics/edits!
  • Create art!
  • Pretty much whatever… if you just reblog that’s cool too, I’m just curious and would love you to let me know what your blog mainly is.
KHUX Getting to Know Me Ask Meme!

Haven’t seen one for khux so here we go:

  1. What union did you initially join and why? If you changed unions why the switch?
  2. Are you in a party? What’s the name? Are you a leader, admin, or just a regular member?
  3. What are the current titles you are using? Are they your favorite combination of titles or do you like switching them up?
  4. Do you enjoy talking with your party?
  5. What is your current shared medal? Details? (Ability, skills, chip/dale, etc)
  6. Have you met any friends you talk to frequently from your khux party?
  7. If your account is connected to Facebook, do you like checking out which people you know on Facebook play and seeing their progress compared to yours?
  8. Are you free to play, cheap to play, or can you pay to win?
  9. What is your current avatar level?
  10. How many days have you been playing khux?
  11. Did you play or keep up with khx(chi) on browser before you played it on mobile?
  12. Does your keykid have your name because they are your kh counterpart or are they a kh OC?
  13. Talk a little bit about your kh avatar! What are they like, what do they dislike, etc?
  14. What is your favorite attribute?
  15. Do you prefer upright or reversed medals?
  16. What is your favorite keyblade? Is it also your best keyblade?
  17. Which is your favorite mixed attribute keyblade?
  18. Which is your favorite (PSM) single attribute keyblade?
  19. Out of all the reversed proud mode keyblades which are you looking forward to getting to lv35 first once you get the chance?
  20. What is your least favorite keyblade and why?
  21. Have you finished all the current adamantite ore challenges?
  22. Have you completed all the proud quests under the events section?
  23. What % does the game say you have completed the story?
  24. Which proud mode quest requirements have been the most troublesome for you?
  25. Post a screenshot of your current khux outfit
  26. Post screenshots of the top 3 favorite khux outfits you own (do not need to be sets, can absolutely be a mix and match you put together)
  27. What kind of completely new avatar boards would you like to see in the future? (can be inspired from animated disney cartoons, animated films, or squarenix games)
  28. Is there anyone in the khux who’s outfit we still dont have that you would like?
  29. What are some avatar boards already out in the region you play that you didn’t get but would totally buy if it comes back?
  30. Out of the medals you own which are your favorites and why?
  31. What medals are you looking forward to owning and guilting?
  32. Have you gotten any boosted medals? Which were they?
  33. What’s the best medal youve gotten in a pull that you weren’t expecting?
  34. Which banner medals have you gone in for the full mercy pull? Did having to go for the mercy leave you disappointed?
  35. Did you manage to score any EX medals? If so which ones?
  36. Cat or Dog spirit? What did you name them?
  37. After we get more animal varieties would you change your current spirit buddy into a different anime and if so which one would you like?
  38. What keyblades do you have at lv35 and/or over? If none, which are you planning to and why?
  39. Do you enjoy HSCs and go for the top scores to earn the medals?
  40. What O.13 monthly event has been your favorite and why?
  41. Do you play khux for the story or are you more into the gameplay+events or simply in it for the cute avatar boards?
  42. Team Ephemer or Team Skuld?
  43. Do you follow khux official twitter accounts?
  44. Do you keep up with the jp story or do you prefer to wait and not be spoiled so it’s a surprise?
  45. List your favorite khux resources you use! (YT channels, tumblr blogs, twitter blogs, wiki, etc)
  46. Any khux weird theories you’ve heard, or made yourself, that you really liked? (can have been proven untrue as long as you explain it and why you still like it)
  47. what keyblade leveling up materials are your favorite?
  48. If you could make a keyblade, what would you call it, what would it’s attribute(s) be, and what currently existing materials would it require?
  49. Do you use skip tickets? If so, what quests do you use them for?
  50. What khux world do you enjoy visiting/playing through? Why?
  51. What khux world do you dislike visiting/playing through? Why?
  52. Is there any scenery from khux you think your avatar likes exploring or hanging out in?
  53. Which story bosses have given you a hard time?
  54. Do you like how you rank in coliseum every month?
  55. Whats your best Solo Ranking score?
  56. Whats your best Party Ranking score?
  57. How much lux have you collected in total?
  58. What are some of your favorite khux story scenes? Do you like to replay/rewatch them sometimes with different outfits?
  59. Do you prefer gem boards or gem shop deals?
  60. List some medals you own with your desired traits.
  61. Are there medals you own that you love and use but got terrible traits on? What were the medals and traits?
  62. What’s your best skill perk number currently?
  63. Top 3 abilities for your medals that you can’t live without?
Multifandom Follow

since i became a multifandom blog ive been losing followers. so i decided to do this post to follow more people and maybe get back the followers ive lost

if you reblog/edit any of the stuff ill be putting below, reblog this post and ill check out your blog (you can also check out other people who reblog)

  • marvel & dc (anything really)
  • harry potter
  • supernatural
  • brooklyn nine-nine
  • teen wolf
  • the oa
  • sense8
  • mr robot
  • the bold type
  • shadowhunters
  • andi mack
  • multifandom really

I just went through and unfollowed a bunch of blogs that are inactive/I no longer have interest in, so my dash is pretty empty and I need new blogs to follow!

Please reblog if you post one (or more) of the following:

  • Final Fantasy
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Overwatch
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Persona 5
  • Until Dawn

And you are one (or more) of the following:

  • A writer
  • An artist
  • A graphic maker
  • A cosplayer

I will only check out the blogs of people who have reblogged. Likes are okay to bookmark, but I won’t check blogs of anyone who has only liked this post.

Poetry Blog Train 2017

Every new year calls for a new blog train. Blog trains can really help people find your blog if they’re interested in specific types of blogs by checking out the notes of all the people who liked or reblogged the post.

This blog train is great for you to like and reblog if you do any of the following:

- Consider yourself a poetry or writing blog
- Post a lot of your own poetry
- Reblog a lot of poetry

Pretty straight forward, eh? So let’s support each other and start passing this on!

hello there everyone! I don’t really get to use this often but! I don’t really follow that many people seeing this is still a newish blog? And! I wanted to make a post about possibly checking out blogs and following more people who reblog/post/talk about:

• boku no hero academia

• sailor moon

• kingdom hearts

• cowboy bebop

• stardew valley

• card captor sakura

• mystic messenger

• kuroshitsuji

• marvel

• DC

• little witch academia

• yugioh (specifically duel monsters/gx/5ds)

• yu yu hakusho

• samurai champloo

• undertale

• life is strange

• final fantasy

• the office

• parks and rec

• neo yokio

• anything studio ghibli related

!!!!!!!! These are just some of my current interests as of right now but! Yes! Feel free to like this post, and I’ll check out your blog 💞 I really wanna follow more people who have the same interest as me and possibly make more friends too! also, if you post about any of these, feel free to follow me on twitter too since I talk about those on there too! my handle is @/milkibb (without the slash) 💚 thank ya!


I haven’t posted a video on here in a while! Check out my latest video! I’ll be stalking people who reblog!

bring-us-back-light  asked:

I just want to say that i'd seen these kinds of posts and wanted to check mroe of them out. I wasn't sure what tag to search though, so when I found your blog I was super happy. You are now my favorite blog on this site and I just want to thank you so much for compiling all these posts together in one spot. I just spent the last week reading through your entire blog, it's amazing.

I’m happy to help! I’ve had luck with the tag space australia, occasionally with humans are space orcs, and also humans are weird (though that isn’t limited to sci-fi). I’ve heard that humans fuck yeah or hfy are also tags to check out, but I personally haven’t had the time to dive into those yet. (Humans are space oddities, which I tag all the non-Friday posts, is not very common elsewhere, it was mostly my commentary at the beginning and I stuck with it.)

I’ve also found that sometimes the OP, especially of a popular post, will have a tag for variations of their original post they reblog. Checking out the people who originate or contribute to a post are great ways of finding more (as are looking at the reblogged-with-additions part of the notes on a post, though many posts are ginormous and you won’t see everything.

To be honest, a large portion of my posts have been found with a combination of the above and sheer dumb luck. For example, @arcticfoxbear reblogged a bunch of things from their original post (thank yoouuuu) and also stuff from @authorbettyadams, whose writing I had never come across on Tumblr before and whose writing I also now love deeply.

TL;DR: tags are great and people are great! Happy reading!

Haikyuu!! Follow Spree

Hi all! Now that I’m getting into the swing of things with this blog (thank you already for 250+ followers in just 2 months, aaaa!!) it’s about time I fix the inactivity of my dash~

As this is obviously a Haikyuu blog, I’m looking for blogs to follow that are primarily, if not entirely, dedicated to Haikyuu. Other fandoms on occasion are fine -especially if tagged- but the more Haikyuu, the better! (Story of my life tbh.)

Bonus points if you:
- post content for Bokuto, Akaashi, Kuroo, Kenma and/or Noya
- reblog fanart AND fics (or create your own!)
- collect official or fanmade merch
- enjoy talking/adding commentary in the tags
- have some sort of tagging system
- don’t create unnecessary drama
- like talking to people within the fandom!

I’ll check out everyone who likes/reblogs this post, and if you want to make any sidenotes just add them to the tags when you reblog. I’d really appreciate any helping hand, so regardless of whether you’re a mutual already or not, thank you in advance to everyone who can help pass this along!
Reblog this if your muse is a female badass, that way if anyone wants to find some more badass female Rp characters to play with they can just scan the reblogs and check out the people who have already done so.

For male go here

For transgender go here

For genderfluid go here

For nonbinary go here


NEW VIDEO: “The 7 Second Challenge” ft. Dan Howell

reblog if you want me to check out & follow your Tumblr! <3<3<3

I do not trust people who break up with someone after being in a relationship for a year or over, who then have a new boo thang a week later.

Follow spree!

I need new blogs to follow because my dash is filled with things i dont know/like so pls like/reblog if you post about

  • shadowhunters (especially clizzy but anything is good)
  • the raven cycle
  • once upon a time
  • brooklyn nine nine
  • new girl
  • gilmore girls
  • dodie clark
  • gabrielle aplin
  • sapphic positivity

and I’ll check out your blog and probably follow, (also you should check me out too and all the people who like/reblog) also pls like/reblog if you follow me but i dont follow back because i want more mutuals