checking on you

check please as stupid shit i have done while drunk
  • bitty: wanted this guy to stop hitting on me and my friends so i just looked into his eyes and said "you're a four"
  • jack: posed seductively on a bench between statues of literary figures sancho panza and don quixote
  • lardo: force-fed this guy that was trying to hook up with my friend a bunch of jalapeño quesadillas to prove that he was weak
  • shitty: had a long conversation about jane eyre with my professor's husband while blacked out
  • ransom: a guy at a bar asked how i was doing and i said "i'm spiraling thanks"
  • holster: told my friend, who i was visiting, that he could totally leave me at a strange bar in a strange town while he took a cute guy home and i'd just wait till they were done having sex before ubering to his apartment
  • nursey: ordered a pizza and fell asleep before it got there on two separate occasions
  • chowder: picked up a bunch of trash from people's yards on the way to a friend's house then immediately dumped it all on my friend's porch
  • dex: a british guy was roasting me about trump like a week after the election and i screamed HOWS FUCKING BREXIT GOING
  • tater: was so friendly to the insomnia cookies delivery guy that he texted me like a week later just to chat
  • georgia: stole a stuffed pig the size of a semi truck tire from a fraternity house with brothers stationed at every door
  • kent: every single thing i have ever done to get guys to stop dancing on me at clubs, including throwing elbows, hand-waving a man away, and turning around and screaming "you're not invited"

EXO’s Multitalented Member | Chanyeol

STAN TALENT. STAN EXO. (pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 3) (pt 4) (pt 5) (pt 6) (pt 7) (pt 8) (pt 9) (pt 10 - other talents) (pt 11 - talent?) (pt 12)



1. 頌讚詩 — 林奕匡
2. Chick Chick — Wang Rollin
3. 在光化門 — Kyuhyun
4. Suddenly — Roy Kim
5. Give Me — Nine Muses
6. So Cool — Sistar

Chenle’s taste in music is ever changing. He fluctuates between Chinese and Korean music, Fast paced to songs with slower tempos, and even unconventional songs. His taste, like his personality, is ever changing and experimental .

“Lance, I’ll like anything you give me.”

Secret santa gift for @onesmolhurt, a person who has some wicked voltron art. Please do yourself a favour and check ‘em out!!

Also thanks to @voltron-ss for setting this up.

Keith: (staring down a flower arrangement)

Shiro: Oh, hey Keith. Uhhhh. What are those?

Keith: Flowers.

Shiro: No shit, Sherlock. I meant, why are they here?

Keith: They’re for me. Supposedly. But I haven’t checked the card yet.

Shiro: Why not?

Keith: What if it’s laced with anthrax?

Shiro: It’s not- (sighs) They’re not anthrax flowers. Why do you always have to jump to anthrax?

Keith: (turns to him with panicked eyes)

Keith: What if it’s a love confession?

Shiro: Oh my god.

Some more doodles of the adults as awkward teens/ young adults.