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hi everyone! 

as a lot of you know, i have recently started a new job. i will be honest and say that it has taken a lot of adjusting, which has made me leave a lot of networks i was a part of, and it makes me not have as much time to make creations/write headcanons and drabbles. i have decided now that i will be taking an official semi-hiatus until sometime in october. i’m not sure how long it will be yet, but i probably won’t be writing or making any more creations until then. 

this is to give me a peace of mind with my new adjustment, and it also gives me time to finish a lot of my online training for work. i apologize for not being on as much. but i will be coming on periodically to check my messages and reblog content onto my blog. just don’t expect any new content from me until next month.

thank you all for being understanding. i miss you all. 

zelle x

p.s. if you are a part of networks i am in/run, i will still be on discord when i am off work. you can always get in touch with me there if needed. 

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are you ok? you haven't posted in a bit

Hey Anon,

Thanks so much for the message checking up on me! I really appreciate it. 

I am good. I’ve just had a very busy summer and became distracted from Sims. I’ve been meaning to return to my legacy and continue it for a while, but my game has been awkward. I’ve been playing and trying to remove custom content to fix things up as I go along in the last week or so. Over all, I think my game feels smoother… Whether old saves will suffer from me clearing things is another thing I worry about.

I do plan on trying to return with The Fawkes Legacy as long as my game allows for it. Hopefully my saves won’t fail me! 

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⭐ C-137 was meeting up with a drug lord he's been buddy-buddy with, so after the exchange when as well as it could, get got in his vehicle and checked his phone. 16 messages from Morty? He quickly checks his messages and couldn't look away. Two naked Mortys were kissing a Rick, one Morty and the Rick sporting a hickey with 'C-132' written inside it. A few pics were Rick giving C-137 Morty head, pics of the C-132 guys screwing hard, the Mortys taking the Rick at the same time... And more.(Part 2)


Just a reminder that Dan Harmon himself, Co-Creator of Rick and Morty, is, in fact, Autistic and has spoken before about how its influenced his characters, the importance of accurately representing Autism in said characters, and being aware of which of his characters have been “claimed,” so to speak, by the Autistic community and how he consciously makes a concentrated effort to not misrepresent or disappoint us.

Just, you know, for those of you who feel angry or uncomfortable at the thought of your faves (hint: Rick and Morty, but especially Morty) being perceived as Autistic. Just some Food For Thought™. Just—just a Memo Note on your dash. He isn’t Bigfoot, folks, that link is in high quality and Right Up There ↑ . All the proof you need. And I’m just handin’ it out for free. Free of charge, no payment necessary, no shipping and handling fees. Watch it.

  • Wildcat: Say the magic words Mini and I'm yours
  • Mini: Jose Rico Taco Nacho Quesadilla Mendilla Jones
  • Wildcat: I was waiting for 'I love you' but you really do know the way to my heart
I will not
just because
you held me
—  a ten word story by shelby leigh

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Hello! I found your blog today an I'm already in love with your art <3 So... We got Akutagawa, dazai and chuuya with cat ears. Can you please draw atsushi with cat ears? (If you have not already) I will love you forever o(^▽^)o

yes!!! of course!!! it’s not complete without the cat son himself!

We’ll be looking at the most commonly used introduction in all levels of academia: the persuasive (research) essay intro. As I’ve said before, some of this info will be basic, some of it new, and some of it will meet you where you are, but I do think there is something for everyone here.

Part 0: Before You’ve Written Anything

Introductions are hard to write, and that’s why I recommend writing them last, after you’ve finished your essay. You’ll have a better sense of what you’re talking about and what direction the essay is headed. You’ll need this for a strong intro.

Part 0.5: Flashlight or Floodlight?

Your introduction should set parameters for your essay. One metaphor I’ve heard is that an intro is either a flashlight shining down into your essay or a floodlight illuminating the whole neighborhood. Like the title, the intro should not just give the reader an idea of what they’ll be learning but also narrow the scope of the field. Be as specific as possible. If you’re writing about blue whales migration patterns and not whales in general, don’t generalize about whales. Establish the scope of the essay.

Part 1: The Opening

This is one of the most important parts of the intro because it frames how your reader will view your writing. I bet at one point you were told to write a “hook.” You absolutely should. This is how you get your reader’s attention and hopefully never let go. Don’t open with a vague generalization or platitude. This is a great opportunity to really show off your research. You can begin with a case study, an interview, a quote, relevant/interesting data, or an anecdote. Have your writing intersect with reader interest: what will stir them? You can appeal to their pathos, with a sad story related to your topic. Whatever it takes. Write multiple leads into your essay: try it with the anecdote, the quote, the case study, etc. Write these quickly, and see which one works best.

Part 2: Tone

You should also establish your tone in the introductory paragraph. Will you be formal or funny? Conversational or conventionally academic? What do you aim to do with your tone? Win people over? Showcase your incomparable knowledge of the field? Whatever your tone is, it should be consistent throughout the essay.

Part 3: Your Research Points

After hooking the reader and establishing your topic, it’s time to talk about what you’re going to write about, preferably in the order it will appear in your essay. Please make it abundantly clear to your reader that these are the points you will be proving. There’s nothing worse than a seemingly directionless essay.

Part 4: The Thesis

Your thesis statement is an absolute requirement, as it steers the ship of the essay. Every paragraph you write should end by referring back to the main point you are arguing. So, it should be clear up front what you are arguing and why. As for where to put your thesis? That’s a matter of preference but usually before or after your research points. It’s easy to lead one into the other.

Part 5: Wrapping It Up and Moving On

I usually make a few notes on how the essay is structured if it is a longer paper that has two or more parts. But really your introduction should not be more than a page double-spaced. Just make sure you’ve hooked the reader, established the scope of the essay, established your tone, previewed what you’ll be writing about, and stated your thesis. Then you’ll be looking good!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot me an ask or a message!

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“Naughty Boy”

While I’m still totally emotional about the revelation of the twins in the latest chapter, I’m also laughing so hard because something incredible happened today. I usually totally suck at making chapter predictions, but this time I actually managed to predict one of real Ciel’s lines in this chapter, namely this one of all things:

悪い子だね (You’re a naughty boy)

This is my “Let’s predict real Ciel’s lines in the coming chapters BINGO” I posted on twitter back in June after ch129 was released

and in the square marked in red I had indeed written

悪い子だね (You’re a naughty boy) [*Note: It’s exactly the same phrase real Ciel said to our Ciel in this month’s chapter xD]

Like I wrote in this post, to me real Ciel somehow had that super (yandere) oniichan vibe so all I did was actually to put a lot of creepy, stereotypical yandere-ish phrases in that BINGO, and voila, I already got one right haha xD