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I’ve made it to Florence! I made the mistake of sitting down after hotel check in & dozing off so now I’m wide awake after 2am.

It’s been a lovely trip so far beyond FlixBus proving to have a personal vendetta against me (I have not had a bus be less than 3 hours late so far).

I only spent a night in La Spezia, just wandered around some jazz & wine bars I like in the area. I was seated across from a sweet elderly couple on the train. The wife didn’t speak English, but she was eagerly making her husband translate everything she recommended I should see in the area. They were also just ridiculously cute & affectionate, it’s abating seeing a couple maintain chemistry after so many years.

Otherwise I’ve been in Lucca, which is just a medieval maze of a city. It’s a great city to get lost in, it still has the original city wall with only one city exit so the driving is hysterically awful there. It’s a beautiful city, but it’s unfortunately an example of a city that Italy is struggling to preserve since most of the historic buildings are unrenovated & falling apart.

There are not many sites to actually visit in the city & you even have to pay to get into most of the cathedrals, which I’ve been living in catholic countries for over a year so I didn’t feel the need to see more gilded hellfire.

I only got into Florence at sunset, it’s just as congested & chaotic as all major Italian cities I have come to know.

So a couple people know that I’ve been having this sharp-yet-crampy pain in my left side for well over 24 hours now, and I came to work tonight with no real hopes or expectations. When I got here to an empty lobby, all arrivals checked in, and a primarily quiet hotel, I was pretty stoked. Right as I finished everything I needed to do for the start of my shift, some dude walks in (behind what I’ll assume was his family), unloads his laptop (and also has a pillow and I swear to god I will kick him out if he tries to sleep in the lobby), and just parks it.

Now I’m stuck behind the front desk feeling miserable, and bitter that he exists.


Trump just vowed to protect the Constitution — but law scholars say he’s already violating it

  • Try to picture, for a second, if Hillary Clinton was set to take the oath of office while continuing to accept speaking fees not just from Wall Street banks, but from foreign heads of state.
  • From several constitutional experts’ standpoint, from the moment that a diplomat’s check to the Trump International Hotel clears, President Trump will have defied the Constitution — in exactly the same way as if Vladimir Putin had paid him to give a speech. Read more
Dear beloved customer 💕


-must 14 -17 yo
-boleh pick up
-1 hour 35 min only

-Unlimited shot *main la sampai kau puas
-boleh pancut dalam
-giving all service *ko nak lubang apa cikgu bagi
-check in hotel * cikgu yg check in
- 1 hour

-Unlimited shot
-pancut dalam
-check in hotel
-boleh request 4 hardcore
- recording boleh
- bagi service sampai kau lunyai

- 3 Hour




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Me: I mean, you can’t really /stop/ being a Jew…

Guy: Oh, so they kill you for apostasy?

Me: Oh, no way! We just don’t, like, stop considering you Jewish. Ever.

Guy: Wait, so you could eat a ton of pork and cut your sidelocks and stuff and they’d still, like, let you be Jewish?

Me: Yeah? Like, Judaism is like the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like but you may never leave.

This was Sgt. Debra Clayton. Gunned down in the prime of life in Orlando Florida.  Black Lives Matter, where are you?  Is the organizing process for a protest already underway? Are there ads on craigslist around the country for people to come to Orlando and join in the protests on the streets?  Will roads and highways be blocked by human chains as you seek justice for the senseless taking of another black life?  CNN, MSNBC will you be doing features on her life and tragic, senseless death in the coming days? Mr. Soros, will any of your foundations be writing checks to cover the hotel stays for protesters brought in from out of town?

Does Sargent Clayton’s life matter?  Or, does it not?

The Library

Summary: Reader is a book loving vampire. She finds Raphael’s hiding spot and she stays there, basically living there.

Characters: Reader, Raphael Santiago

Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV)

Word Count: 585

Disney Movie Writing Challenge, @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen 

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kitsparrow replied to your post “Answers Miscellaneous”

“(if you check in using someone else’s card, the hotel needs prior documentation that you didn’t steal it)” was this instituted before or after home alone 2?

Well, I mean, if you remember, a major subplot of Home Alone 2 was that he was ONLY allowed to check in because he was related to the card holder and he pulled some shit using a recording of his dad’s voice, and Tim Curry still spent the entire film trying to pin down his dad to get his approval on the credit card charges. I’m pretty sure it’s been in place basically since credit cards became a thing. 

But it’s also an obviously stupid rule to try and employ at conference center hotels, where OF COURSE half the people checking in won’t be using their own cards because only one or two people in a department have a corporate card. So a lot of times if you’re politely obstinate enough they’ll just waive it, because they know as well as you do that it’s a dumb rule. 

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could you maybe give some sugar daddy nursey head canons, I just found out about this universe and I'm LOVING ITTT

(this au is tagged under sugar daddy nursey!)

  • derek has a habit of just sending will food
    • like, he spends BIG BUCKS on ubereats
    • will, casually, at midnight on a tuesday: “ugh i just want some french fries”
    • derek, ten minutes later: “your french fries are outside go grab ‘em”
  • derek thinks a lot abt marrying will, but then he has to check himself bc will is twenty years old
  • derek’s friends (mostly his assistant, Martha) like to tease him by making lists of things will can’t legally do
    • “drink alcohol, rent a car, check-in to a hotel room by himself, do literally anything in vegas, etc…”
  • chowder and lardo are the first ones who know abt derek bc they were there when will went home with him that first night
    • the whole ride back to samwell that next day was chowder and lardo grilling him bc “he must’ve been pretty good if you went to lunch with him instead of us, jack, and alexei mashkov!!!!”
  • will tells bitty next bc he and derek get in a blowout fight over derek paying will’s tuition and bitty’s the only person will can think of who would get this situation
    • bitty and will now have bi-weekly “vent abt our stupid rich boyfriends who try to buy our love” coffee dates
  • will tells bitty it’s okay to tell jack, and when jack finds out he very lowkey looks into derek nurse, just to be sure will’s okay
  • ransom and holster are PSYCHED when will tells them abt derek bc “ANOTHER SUGAR BABY IN THE HAUS WE BOUTTA BE ROLLING IN FREE SHIT”
  • shitty lectures will on how his body is not something to be sold and he is not obligated to sleep with anyone
    • will punches him in the face (he pulls the punch a lil, but still) and tells him to shut the fuck up, his relationship is 100% consensual
  • derek has been trying to get will to move in with him since like the first month of their relationship. they both know he’ll move in after he graduates, but derek is impatient and wants to wake up with will every day now, not in two years
    • derek is quietly making shifts around in his company to be sure that there is a very inviting IT spot for will when he graduates - different sector than derek, so derek isn’t technically his boss, he already cleared it with his PR team
  • derek is openly terrified of turning thirty. it’s two years away, and will is already planning how to make it fun instead of terrible for derek
  • sometimes derek will read will writing samples from authors he might offer publishing deals to just to get will’s opinion
    • will so far has given his approval to 3 best-sellers
Imagine not being able to find a motel to stay in, so you and the boys have to sleep in Baby...

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“Dean we have checked every hotel, they are all booked.” You reminded as Dean once again lapped the small Minnesota town to try and find a place where they could get two beds and a couch. 

“This is a small ghost town practically, how can all the rooms be full.” He grunted at you 

“Well seeing how there is only one hotel, and it looks like it is a hotel for druggies and whores, it isn’t all that shocking.” You sassed back as he looked at you through the rearview mirror. 

Your hair was pulled into a ponytail, and your face had a natural glow to it. Even though you weren’t making eye contact with him he could tell that they had their normal sparkle to them, and they were just as hypnotic to him as always. 

 "Maybe we should just pull off to the side of the road, sleep in baby for the night.“ Sam suggested as his head rested against the window. 

"No Sam we are findin…" 

"Listen D, we are all exhausted and it’s late, and I just want to sleep. So can we please just pull over.” Sam groaned at his brother, who knew that his brother was being honest with him. 

So he proceeded to pull out of the town and over to a safe spot where no one was likely to brother the trio in the impala. 

“Thank you, now if you could so kindly move your ass so I can lay down that would be wonderful.” Sam instructed as Dean exited the driver door, and leaned against the car, he then heard the back door open and shut and knew a presence was next to him, “why don’t you take the back, we have all had a rough day and you look like you could use some sleep." 

 "What about you, like you said we all had a rough day.” He asked as you shrugged your shoulders. 

“I am short enough I could probably curl up and sleep in the trunk, as long as you keep it open slightly so I can get some air.” You joked 

“Yea so what, the police can open it easier and accuse us of kidnapping you." 

"If you kidnapped me, why would you leave the trunk open for me?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at the older Winchester.

“Why don’t we just share the back seat, I can sit on the left and you…" 

"Or you can just lay on the seat and I can lay on you?” You suggested thinking he would never agree to that, however you had no idea that at the very suggestion his heart beat sped up and he was fully on board. 

“Ok, just let me get the blankets out of the trunk, I am sure Sammy will want one at some point. 

"Yea yea okay.” You smiled, happy that he agreed to your crazy plan. 

Once he had covered Sam partly with the blanket he laid down on the cool leather seats, and waited for you to climb atop him and settle down. 

 "Maybe I should just take the…“ 

"Nonsense it will be fine.” He insisted as you slowly got in the car, shut the door and laid on top of Dean, his chest providing you with a warm, gun powder and whiskey scented pillow as he pulled the blanket slightly up to cover you and wrapped your torso up in his embrace. You smiled at the advantage of being able to hear his heart rate freaking out, since your’s was probably doing the same, but he would never know. 

“You know Dean, If your heart is going to keep me up all night then maybe I will just curl up with Sam.” You whispered as you felt his grip tighten a bit, as though he feared you would actually leave. 

“Well I am sorry I can’t control how fast it beats when I have a beautiful woman laying on me." 

"Well as long as little Dean doesn’t pitch a tent by my leg I will be ok.” You joked before falling into a deep silence, and soon into a comfortable sleep. 

When Sam woke up his watch said it was about nine o'clock, and the bunker was still a ways away. He slowly sat up and peered in the seat behind his, and smiled to himself. For in the backseat was his brother, his face turned to the side and his mouth slightly opened, snores leaving the cavern known as his mouth. One arm rested against the floor as the other laid across the bump under the blanket. [Y/N]’s face was facing the back of the leather seats, however you had one arm tucked under your head, and gently rested on Dean’s peck muscle, as the other hand was wrapped around his neck. To Sam you both looked too cute to wake up, so he quickly snapped a photograph on your disposable camera in the glove box and prayed you were both in a deep enough sleep to not awake when he started the impala and started towards home. 

 About half way there Dean woke up, the sound of the impala filling his ears, when he tried to get up to investigate though he felt a weight on his chest, and immediately thought of what supernatural creature would have enough power to hold him down and make so that he couldn’t get back up. And then he heard your barely audible moan as you shifted slightly on his chest, suddenly the memories all came back to him, and he slowly started to panic, not because the car was moving but because you were so close. 

 "Well good morning sleepy head.“ Sam chimed from the driver’s seat. 

 "What time is it?" 

"Almost noon. I’d say we have another two- three hours to go." 

 "Oh. Has…" 

"She hasn’t woken up yet, You two must have had fun…" 

"We didn’t do anything, we just fell asleep.” He said, rather defensively. 

“Well did you at least tell her how you feel?” Sam asked, fully aware that his brother was harboring a crush on you, and that you were harboring a crush on Dean. 

“No, like I said we just went to sleep.” His hand rose from the ground and immediately went to your back, gently rubbing it, his nose was filled with the scent of your body wash and conditioner, your body felt cool against his, and then in your sleep you mumbled, “I love you Dean." 

It was as though the world stopped, he heard you loud and clear, his eyes widening at the realization that you loved him, or at least you said you did, and in his panic he was failing to look at your fully awake form looking up at him. You pushed up a bit and kissed his jaw line, drawing the attention back to you. 

"Maybe before you talk about a girl, you should make sure she is asleep.” You smiled as Dean exhaled. And as he did you leaned forward again and kissed him. 

 And finally your life felt right.

Okay y’all so I’m back from Vegas

And back at work at my SD’s firm on this rainy DMV morning. Anywaysssss

As you guys know, I left for Vegas with the vanilla man on Thanksgiving.. When I tell you guys I had the trip of a lifetime! 

First off, I’m going to refer to him as M from now on out so it’s easier.

Wednesday evening, I had M pick me up from work in Rockville so I could stay at his house in Baltimore since it’s closer to the airport. When we first started communicating with each other, he explained to me that he was in the middle of closing on a new house and decorating it (this is his third house in Baltimore). So after he picked me up and we ate, he took me to the new house and when I tell y’all it is BEAUTIFUL. It is just amazing. 

Fast forward to Vegas… So we go to check into a wraparound suite at the Cosmopolitan, which is my favorite hotel on the strip. THE ROOM WAS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. We had a corner suite that had a balcony facing right over the Bellagio fountains and it wrapped around the entire room. Two bathrooms, one huge tub, four closets, a full kitchen and living room… just beautiful. So that night after we check in, we eat and then run some errands because I told him I needed to get bath bombs and a bluetooth speaker. So we walk over to the Forum shoppes in Caesar’s Palace and on the way we pass Chanel and some other stores. We go into Chanel and Fendi on the way to LUSH and Apple just so I can show him the mini Boy bag I want for Christmas. I ended up trying on these Chanel sneakers that I reallllly loved and I had him try on the men’s version and he ended up buying them for both of us! After leaving Chanel, we passed by La Perla and I asked him if it was okay if I went inside. He said sure and I looked around and didn’t see much so we headed on over to Apple and LUSH. I got 5 bath bombs, two massage bars, and some hand stuff just so we could have enough bombs to take a bath every night that we were in Vegas. At Apple, we purchased a speaker. After leaving LUSH, we run into Agent Provocateur because it was right there. So I’m trying on stuff and showing them to him to see which one he likes and he says “Baby, I love all of them. Let’s just get them all” When I tell y’all my heart sank… $1500 on lingerie at Agent after he had just spent $2000 in Chanel. 

So we head back to the room after a few drinks, I was soooo horny(especially since my bf had been out of town for a week prior). We started making out and eventually had sex for the first time and when I tell y’all it was BOMB. Like holy shit it was so good.. I’m getting wet just thinking about it. 

Fast forward to Black Friday… So we go to the designer outlets and see if we can find anything good.. EVERYTHING was good. He purchased me a $2000 Michele watch that I had been eyeing since NY, $500 Dita Sunglasses, $2000 Burberry trench, $1000 in stuff from Agent’s outlet, $300 at Joe’s Jeans, $400 at AG, $1000 at David Yurman, $800 Herve Leger, $750 Christin Louboutin.. 

Y’all it was so magical. I went into Fendi to pick out another one of my birthday/Christmas gifts and it was just so amazing…

And to end the vacation the right way, he purchased me a $1000 spa massage and facial treatment… and then $300 products that they used to go along with it!

After all of that, he sat me down and told me how he really wants to be with me and no one else.. How he really wants me to be his wife one day and how we’re perfect together.. It was just so fucking magical I can’t even believe it..

AND to make this all even better, we’re going to get the car today! 

Long story short, wow.

hiccuphaddockswife  asked:

Could you do an HC with Newt about when his child hides in his case because they knew Newt would be traveling the next day and he doesn't realize it until he is already where he was traveling to.

Making this Newtina because I’m absolute trash for them right now.

Master list

-Newt would be halfway into his trip when he realized his kiddo tagged along.
-He’d be in his hotel room, and enter the case to check on his creatures. But, he’d hear some laughing coming from around the corner near Frank’s habitat.
-He’d walk around and see his son cuddled behind Frank’s wing, the Thunderbird nuzzling him with his beak.
-“Really?” Newt would ask, because this obviously wasn’t the first time this has happened.
-His son would look down, the sudden dread of being in trouble with his father filling him.
-“I know you said not to, but I really want to see Hawaii!”
-Newt would sigh, scratching his head and thinking of how badly Tina was going to yell at him when he got home.
-But, his son was already here. Might as well let the boy stay.
-“When did you sneak in?” He’d ask.
-The boy made a disgusted face. “When you and mum were kissing.”

Sorry I couldn’t think of Much lol 💝

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Celebrate This..Properly - Finn Balor x Reader (Part 2)

AN- Part 2 was requested so, enjoy! Read part 1 here

Summary:- You and Finn go back to the hotel fresh from getting engaged during your match on Raw. Finn decides he wants you to celebrate the engagement properly, so thats exactly what you do. 

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Fluff

Word Count:- 1,209

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