checking into a hotel

This isn’t a mirror.

This isn’t meant to be scary. It’s just a thing that really did just happen to me on this very day, so take it as you will.

So I just checked into a hotel on the strip, just a block north of the bad thing that happened on October 1st. It’s a pretty old hotel, and it took my husband 5 different pairs of hotel card keys to get just one to successfully open the door to our room. He was only staying one night with me, so after we were done for the day, and ready to crash, we opened the door one last time, and he handed me his key, just in case mine would decide not to work, and lock me out during the following days. At this point, I did something with it. I put it away, probably or set it somewhere. Makes sense, right?
We went to bed. Woke up, and and got ready to leave for the day. My husband reminds me about handing me his card, and has me make sure I know where it is.
I don’t. In fact, we couldn’t even remember if he had given it to me. But it wasn’t in any usual spot he would put it. Nor was it in a usual spot where I would put it.
Mind you, it is a small room, no under-bed, and just one little table. We looked everywhere, pretty carefully to in our desperation. After a few minutes, we were so puzzled. The door was locked from the inside with a latch, so it’s not like someone could have taken it…maybe…
Then, all of a sudden, the key was there, boldly out in the open, on top of the one little table.
I had moved stuff off that table to see if it was under stuff previously, and It Was Not There. Not under stuff, not over anything, especially not laying on the surface, out in the open, where it would have been easily seen. Where it now was, all of a sudden.
And my husband especially, is a very good observer, and it is very rare for him to be flabbergasted.
What the heck…
That was this morning. I’ll be alone in that room tonight….


Scenes from Las Vegas mass shooting

A gunman perched on the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas casino unleashed a hail of bullets on an outdoor country music festival below, killing at least 50 people as tens of thousands of concertgoers screamed and ran for their lives, officials said Monday. It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

More than 400 other victims were taken to the hospital, authorities said.

SWAT teams using explosives stormed the gunman’s hotel room and found he had killed himself, authorities said. He had as many as 10 guns with him, including rifles, they said.

There was no immediate word on the motive for the bloodbath.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said authorities believe it was a “lone wolf” attack. And the U.S. Homeland Security Department said there was no “specific credible threat” involving other public venues in the U.S.

Country music star Jason Aldean was performing Sunday night at the end of the three-day Route 91 Harvest Festival in front of a crowd of more than 22,000 when the gunman opened fire from inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino across the street.

The gunman was identified as Stephen Craig Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, Nevada. He had checked into the hotel room on Thursday, authorities said. (AP)

Photo credits: David Becker/Getty Images (4), John Locher/AP (2), Chase Stevens/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP, Paul Buck/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock, Ronda Churchill/AP,

See more photos from Las Vegas and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

Live updates: Las Vegas mass shooting >>>

About the eclipse in Oregon

@ everyone visiting the Oregon coast for the eclipse:

Please keep in mind many of these small towns, although they have been trying to prepare for -years-, cannot accomodate the massive influx of tourists in every way. Emergency response for medical issues will be stretched very thin because of this, energy grids here will be strained in spite of officials playing it off with a greedy smile, and cell towers will be fucked up, as will just about every other resource. Boating areas will be extra dangerous, especially near walls and enclosed areas.

Please be considerate to our home and each other so everyone can enjoy the eclipse safely! There is also a lot of wildlife here that people from the city are not accustomed to – paying attention and being a safe driver are extra critical in our rural coastal areas as these animals can run out from the woods along the road at any time, especially at night.

((Even on normal summer weekends when tourists come in, I watch the local ambulance drive on my 101 bridge 3-4x more often. … this is gonna be intense.))

A Shipping meme for muse told by the mun

🥀- A ship you would never do

💘- What is your muse like in ships

💗- Do you have a gender preference when shipping 

💞- Do you like or hate love triangles

💌- Would your muse write a love letter

💕- How affectionate is your muse

🏩- Would your muse ever check into a love hotel, especially with their Boyfriend/Girlfriend

💋- How good is your muse at kissing

🎁- Is your muse picky about gifts

🍰- What does your muses kisses taste like

Glitch In The Matrix

Hey so I’ve been reading @sixpenceee Glitch In The Matrix stories and the more I thought about it? The more moments I remembered where a strange “glitch” happened. There’s one that stands out to me though:

I was about 11 or 12 and my family was currently on a plane to LA. It was 11:00am. We arrived at the airport and got in a taxi to our hotel. We checked in at 2:30 and were about to go up to our room when we saw that the elevator was out of order. Instead, we had to go up the metal stairwell. We were two flights up when I distinctly remember slipping and hitting the right side of my head on the railing. I looked behind me and saw that I had tripped over a spilled cup of a McDonald’s chocolate shake. Then I blinked, and I was back in the airplane, in my seat. I asked my dad what time it was and he said 11:00am.

At first I didn’t think much of it. I am known for having realistic dreams, so I must have fallen asleep. It still bothered me though how vivid it was. Later we arrived at the airport, got a taxi, arrived at the hotel, etc. We were going to our room when I noticed that the elevator was out of order, just like in my “dream.” We started heading up the stairwell and I decided to check when we reached the second flight. There, at the exact same place, was the spilled chocolate shake from McDonald’s. I strategically avoided it and decided to keep the strange ordeal to myself.

10/10 One of the weirdest things that have happened to me. Don’t think I’ve ever told this story before.

Try to get rid of me in an overseas big city? We'll get rid of you instead.

(long story. tl;dr at the end)


Back in 2011 me and my immediate family traveled to Saudia Arabia for Umrah, or what’s known as the lesser pilgramage. You visit Makkah, make rounds around the Kaabah, pray with all your heart and soul, you get the picture. My dad and I were excited because we were all about going on a spiritual journey and casting away the problems of the world - but as it turns out, some problems just wouldn’t leave us.

As soon as we landed in Jeddah’s airport, our plan was to take a taxi to Makkah and get the Umrah done while we were still gung-ho about God. However, we were instead diverted to our relatives’ house in Jeddah, where we discovered that 4 or 5 of my mothers’ relatives and their families had gathered up and spontaneously crashed in my grandfather’s house for one giant family reunion. Naturally, my dad and I, as well as my maternal grandfather, were really upset over this development as my mom’s side of the family is full of … for the lack of a more polite word, the shady folks. Most of them I was on good terms with, but once I realized that my least favorite Uncle and Aunt had come with the crew, my enthusiasm just deflated like a balloon.

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Stephen Craig Paddock (above right), 64, hunkered down in his hotel room stocked with 17 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition carried into the hotel in suitcases. Police found an additional 19 guns, several thousand rounds of ammo and explosive devices inside one of Paddock’s three homes. 

Paddock used two windows on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort hotel as his turrets. He had set up cameras to monitor first responders and fired through the hotel door at security guards. He had checked into the hotel Thursday and set up two shooting platforms. He surveilled the area he planned to attack for three days before launching his massive firepower on the crowds.

The attack was deemed the worst shooting in modern U.S. history, surpassing the Orlando Pulse nightclub attack, which killed 49 people on June 12, 2016.

The shooter had no criminal background, said Lombardo. He is said to have killed himself as police closed in on him.

Paddock reportedly worked as an auditor and was employed for at least two years in the late 1980s by Lockheed Martin. He was a licensed hunter and private pilot, having obtained his pilot’s license in November 2003, but hadn’t updated his medical certification to fly since 2008.

Neighbors said Paddock was extremely unfriendly and disappeared for long stretches at a time.

The gunman’s brother, Eric Paddock, (above left) told reporters for the Las Vegas Review outside his Central Florida home early Monday “an asteroid just fell on us,” and he said Stephen Paddock has no history of mental illness.

Retired FBI special agent and former national FBI spokesman John Iannarelli, who drove past the scene of the event just moments before the shooting took place, told Fox News the massacre was “obviously well planned.”

Iannarelli added the gunman used “expensive guns and ammunition.”

Imagine going on your honeymoon with Tom. You’re waiting for him to check into the hotel when you take a moment to reflect on how incredibly happy you are. This wonderful man, so thoughtful and loving, is your husband. You get to spend a lifetime with him, making memories, raising a family - and it all starts here.


The unsolved murder of the “Isdal Woman” has haunted Norway for almost 50 years. The story began on the brisk afternoon of the 29th of November, 1970. A man and his two young daughters were hiking along Isdalen Valley in Bergen, Norway. As they climbed across the rocks and underbrush, they spotted the body of a woman lying on the rocks in a pugilistic attitude, meaning she had been set alight. The body was burnt all over the front, including her face and hair. However, she was not burnt on the back. Due to the fire damage, she was unrecognisable.

Several objects were found at the scene: jewellery, a watch, sleeping tablets, bottles that smelt like petrol, a silver spoon, and a broken umbrella. Bizarrely, the jewellery was not on her person but scattered around her body. “It looked like there had been some kind of ceremony,” said forensic investigator, Tormod Bones. An autopsy concluded that the woman died from Fenenal and carbon-monoxide poisoning; she had ingested over 50 pills. Due to the smoke particles in her lungs, she had been alive when she was burning. Adding to the mystery of her identification, all of the production labels had been cut off her clothes and filed off the objects. Furthermore, her face and neck showed signs of bruising and her fingerprints had been sanded away. Somebody certainly didn’t want her being identified.

She was described as being 5 feet 4.5 inches tall with long brownish-black hair and brown eyes. She was estimated to be between 25 and 40 years old. Police shortly discovered two suitcases belonging to the woman at a nearby railway station. Inside the suitcases they discovered money, clothing, rubber boots, several wigs, a comb and hairbrush, silver spoons, glasses and a prescription for eczema cream. If investigators thought this was going to be the smoking gun in identifying the “Isdal Woman” then they would be sorely disappointed. Once again, any identifying features were removed. It was noted that one item of clothing that was found, a dress, was particularly provocative and had an Italian style.

Several witnesses who claim to have met her came forward. They told how she wore wigs and could speak a plethora of different languages. She stayed in several hotels and used fake names. Even more bizarre, if she stayed in a hotel more than one night, she would always request to change room. It was assumed that she must have had numerous fake passports as they were needed to check in to the hotels. As this was during the Cold War, many people theorised that she was a spy. Investigators eventually concluded that she had committed suicide however many experts disagree. From the remote spot to where her body was found and the method of suicide, it seems quite unlikely. Her identity still remains unknown, as does the reason she was murdered or ended her life.

On Keeping a Notebook

“Keepers of private notebooks are a different breed altogether, lonely and resistant rearrangers of things, anxious malcontents, children afflicted apparently at birth with some presentiment of loss…But our notebooks give us away, for however dutifully we record what we see around us, the common denominator of all we see is always, transparently, shamelessly, the implacable ‘I.’  We are not talking here about the kind of notebook that is patently for public consumption, a structural conceit for binding together a series of graceful pensées; we are talking about something private, about bits of the mind’s string too short to use, an indiscriminate and erratic assemblage with meaning only for its maker.”

by Joan Didion
(1966), in Slouching Towards Bethlehem, 1969, London: Andre Deutch.

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H part 7: Video: H is holding back her cum but how long can she withstand it? (Hint: not very long ;)

Met H on Sat, and we went to East coast park! Somehow our dates always end up with us being horny for each other. We checked into a hotel at 12am, Sunday.

Immediately stripped and began making out and foreplaying. She enjoys my tongue action alot so I sucked her nipples and her pussy! She’s so delicious. She then blew my D and we began fucking missionary. We continued for about 10mins and I couldn’t hold it anymore and I cummed! I was supposed to take mini breaks(so I can last longer) because she was so tight, but I shoot onto her stomach prematurely! I was still horny and she has been holding back her cumming so the session was far from over.

I went to the shower to wash away all my semen and went back to bed. We started kissing again and soon I was hard and ready to enter her again. She rode on top of me and slipped my D into her wet pussy. H is the type who can only cum once during a session so she was holding back her cumming the whole time. (refer to video). I took over and increased my speed, with her on top of me, and was banging her until she couldn’t stand it and cummed without telling me! Her juices were all over my D and it turned me on even more. I then flipped her back to missionary position and banged her till I came on her stomach again! We were both panting like we just ran a marathon and god it was a superb session. It was going 2am and we washed up and cuddled to sleep.

Woke up at 5am and I began feeling her raisin nipples. Pop in a mint(mint leaves a tingly sensation for her too) and began sucking her nipple to wake her up and make her wet. I then entered her missionary again and we did for about 15mins before I came on her. I was totally shagged out after the session and all my cravings were satisfied.

Until I was awaken by her stroking my D at 9am. I thought I couldnt do it anymore as Ive given my all during our 2 sessions but I woke up with a hard on as she was stroking me. I began moaning and she took off her panties and my boxer and she climbed on top of me and slowly slid my D into her pussy. I was still only half awake! God it was great and she rode me for 10mins and also fondled with my balls with her right hand. We then changed to doggy and this is our first time doing it in this position. I put a pillow under her body so she’s more comfortable and we fucked doggy style. The view was great! We then did missionary for 10mins and I came on her stomach. It is my 4th time cumming and the amount of cum was only like the shape of two 50cent coins this time. I totally emptied my balls with H during the whole night till morning! Oh my she is so good!

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Seven reasons to visit Austin

Austin might be shifting shape from a laid-back, hippy town to a booming tech hub, but it still retains all of its character. Austin local Caitlin M. Ryan shares the best reasons to visit.

Hot sounds

When you’re officially known as the Live Music Capital of the World®, the bar is set high. You can catch scores of talented bands any day of the week here – even at the airport. Two-step to local, lauded honky tonk bands such as Mike and the Moonpies at The White Horse, or for a litany of indie rock try hip haunts Mohawk and Emo’s

Also, always pop your name into the digital draw to try and win tickets to live tapings of the Austin City Limits TV show; it’s featured the likes of the late, great Johnny Cash and Etta James, plus current big-hitters Radiohead.

A frenzy of festivals

Photo by SteveHopson at English Wikipedia

Beyond the dive bars, black box theatres and music halls is a roster of now-iconic music festivals. Austin City Limits Festival, held in leafy Zilker Park across the first two weekends in October, is always a magnet for international heavyweight talent. In March, the world’s creative elite congregate for SXSW, a heady fusion of talks and performance spanning film, music and digital innovation. If camping’s your thing, make for Old Settler’s or Euphoria where impromptu jam sessions reign supreme.

Great sports

Photo by Seefrank at Wiki Commons

Music might be what it’s famed for, but there’s a thriving sport culture in the heart of Texas too. Petrolheads must visit the state-of-the-art Circuit of The Americas™ track for adrenaline-fuelled competitions such as MotoGP and the United States Grand Prix. For a true Austin experience, join the crowds at a sporting event hosted at the University of Texas. The most buzzy atmosphere is found during the autumn’s football season. As the weather cools down, tailgate parties pop up, and Longhorn fans and students  dressed in the team’s burnt orange kit descend upon the stadium just north of the state capitol building.

Foodie heaven

Tex-Mex is, of course a must, and Matt’s El Rancho is one of the best joints to try it. But Austin’s culinary scene is about so much more than just tamales and tacos. Uchi serves top-notch sushi; ask the chef for their special recommendations. For the best meat this side of the Mississippi, join the snaking lines outside Franklin’s Barbecue. Tasting carts at Emmer & Rye are stacked high with gourmet bites, crafted from the best seasonal and local produce. Cap off the lot with a sweet something at mod bistro Launderette overseen by acclaimed pastry chef Laura Sawicki.

The great outdoors

Photo by Larry D. Moore at Wiki Commons

To cut to the chase, Austinites are fit. There’s nothing they love more than hiking, biking, and rowing their way across the city. Zilker Park is the best patch for throwing down a picnic blanket and tossing a Frisbee with friends. Take a dip in Barton Springs, a refreshing spring-fed pool in the centre of the city, or catch some gnarly waves (albeit artificial ones), out of town at NLand Surf Park. You can choose from bay or reef swells, dependent on your skills.

Or, work off all that Tex-Mex with a jog around peaceful Lady Bird Lake, on summer nights at sunset you’ll find crowds at the Congress Avenue bridge – all gathered to watch the largest urban bat colony in North America take flight. Seeing some 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats spiral into the sky is quite something.

Bed down in style

Music lovers won’t find a cooler spot to snooze than the W Hotel in downtown’s 2ND Street District. It not only adjoins Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater, but also draws a cool crowd to its vinyl-packed records room. If boutique hotels are more your cup of tea, check in to South Congress Hotel, which has a clutch of neighbourhood restaurants next door; sip on rainbow-coloured cold-press juices at Mañana then feast on Japanese grub at Otoko. A hotel to watch out for is the Fairmont Austin, which opens this autumn. At 1.4 million square feet, it will be the largest Fairmont hotel in the world.

Find your style

Photo by skeeze on Pixabay

The crowd here dresses snappily no matter what the season; locals are known for their bold sartorial statements and love of vintage threads. Find old-school stonewash Levi’s, leather vests, quirky boots and prairie dresses at Feather’s Boutique and Prototype Vintage Design. Over on the east side at Charm School Vintage stocks colourful, eclectic garb from the 1890s to 1990s.

Plan your trip to Austin with British Airways

Words by Caitlin M. Ryan

Header Photo by KBaucherel on Pixabay

Behind The Mask

Requested By: @sadjuggie

hey bb i had a sudden idea for an imagine which i thought you should write! so basically the reader is a cosplayer at a convention and tom is undercover in a spider-suit and he sees the reader and complete fangirls over their cosplay (bc it’s kinda spider-man related or marvel?) and asks for a pic and then he takes off his mask and surprises her?

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: You were at your first Cosplay convention with your friends, you’re all dressed up as some characters from Marvel, being the huge fans you all are. However, you weren’t expecting an actual Marvel character to show up, shocking you and your friends.

Warnings: It’s just super fluffy aw haha

Word Count: 1,926

A/N: This request reminds me of when I went to playlist live in 2015 and it was so much fun. If you don’t know what playlist live is, it’s where you either are in D.C. or Orlando and a ton of YouTubers travel and stay at a hotel for three days and you can stay there too and you can buy merch an go to panels, and meet and greets and just walk around and get pictures with YouTubers. It’s honestly such an amazing experience, I loved it. BUT yeah, this request was overall really fun to write, it felt like I was actually there ahahha.

Originally posted by tomhollanderr

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Your alarm was going off on your nightstand, it was currently five thirty a.m. and you were literally throwing yourself out of your warm bed to get up and get your suitcase ready to go.

Today was your first day ever going to a Cosplay convention, you were extremely excited, especially since your friends were joining you, being the Cosplay nerds they were.

You grabbed your cup of coffee and a bagel before leaving your apartment, your suitcase in one hand, your phone and bagel and coffee in the other, yes you were multitasking for life.

Your friends were supposed to pick you up, you all wanted to get to the convention early so you all could unpack and not have to worry about it later on.

You soon heard the honk of a car, signaling they were here, making you rush down and throw your suitcase in the car, as you buckled up in the back seat, finally enjoying your bagel and coffee, before falling sleep against the window.

The convention was about three to four hours away depending on traffic, your friend was a real trooper willing to drive all that way, of course, you all pitched in to pay for gas.

After driving for hours, you finally made it, your eyes widening in pure excitement as you saw people already entering, dressed up as their favorite characters.

This was every thing you could have ever dreamed of.

Once parked in front of the convention, you all grabbed your suitcases, entering the building, checking into the hotel you were staying at.

While you were waiting to get the room keys, you decided to wander around a bit, your eyes becoming even wider if that was even possible.

The place was gorgeous, there were people dressed up as their favorite characters, different stands that had posters and tattoos, even areas where people could put on a panel, overall it was mind blowing.

You were so mesmerized by the main area you didn’t even realize one of your friends dragging you away to the elevator.

“Sorry! I kinda got caught up.” You laughed, a huge smile on your face as the rest of your friends laughed along with you.

“No worries, I was the same way when I first went to one of these.” Your friend Sherrie said, a smile on her face.

“This place does that to you, I think it’s because you feel at home, like you belong with this kind of crowd and it just makes you really happy.” You friend Emily spoke up, leaning against the elevator wall.

You all chatted the entire way up to your dedicated room, before entering and unpacking your belongings, that way you wouldn’t have to do it later.

It was now nine a.m. and you all were starving, so you all decided to go get breakfast.

You all went to the main area where they had food, you all filled up a plate, before sitting at a table, chatting, eating, and observing the area a bit more.

“Do you think anyone else will be dressed up as Marvel characters?” You questioned as you took a bite of your apple.

Your friends all shrugged, looking around before going back to their meals.

“I mean it’s a good possibility, but we all know we’re the real Avengers.” Your friend Carly joked, making you all laugh.

Time soon passed and you all were finally dressed up in your cosplay outfits, your friend Sherrie was dressed up as Captain America, obviously a girly version, but she looked amazing, your friend Emily decided to dress up as Thor, which she also rocked by the way, and then your friend Carly decided to dress up as Iron Man, which you found extremely funny since you all had just seen Cap Civil War.

You on the other hand, you were dressed up as Black Widow, mainly because your friends made you because they thought you’d be best for that costume.

“Avengers assemble!” Carly shouted, as you all ran to the elevator laughing, being the nerds you all were.

Of course you all were taking selfies, no matter where you went, selfies were taken, whether it was in your hotel room, the elevator, but especially the main area.

You all walked into the main stage area, people were everywhere, dancing, laughing, chatting, cosplaying.

You all walked around a bit, chatting with other cosplayers, having a blast, before you all decided you wanted to get tattoos.

And you all did.

After that you decided to go watch a panel or two, loving every moment of it, as did your friends.

Hours passed, and you all were back up and walking around, taking selfies with other cosplayers, complimenting each others outfits, a lot of people thought your group was super funny, which made you all giddy on the inside.

“Hey look, it’s Spider-Man! We should see if he’ll take a group picture for us, you know, since we’re basically the same.” Sherrie joked, making you all roll your eyes and laugh.

“Hey! Hey you! Spider-Man dude!” Sherrie shouted, pointing at the person who was dressed up as well, Spider-Man.

He looked at her confused, but walked over to her anyways.

“Can you do us a favor and take a picture of us?” Sherrie asked, as “Spider-Man” nodded, as you all posed, getting your picture.

It took a few minutes for said “Spider-Man” to realize your costumes, before his heart beat started to increase.

“Whoa, you guys are a version of the Avengers!” Spider-Man spoke excitedly, making you all smile and nod.

“Why do you think we asked you to take our picture?” Sherrie laughed, making Spider-Man rub the back of his neck awkwardly.

“I see your point.” He chuckled, making you all laugh.

“I don’t mean to be a bother, but can I get a picture with you guys? It’s just I haven’t seen anyone dressed up as the Avengers and I-” He stopped rambling as he saw you all smiling at him.

“Of course we will.” Emily smiled, before Carly called someone over to take a picture of all of them.

You all took a few pictures, smiling at how great they all came out.

“Thanks guys, this is so cool.” Spider-Man grinned through the mask, making you all nod and smile in response.

“But you know what’s even cooler?” He questioned, making you all shake your heads, curiosity peaked.

Spider-Man slowly took off his mask revealing the one and only Tom Holland, the actual Spider-Man.

You all gasped, not expecting that at all, making Tom laugh at all of your reactions.

“Surprise!” He cheered, making you all laugh nervously, still unable to process you’ve been with the Tom Holland, the Spider-Man this entire time without even knowing it.

“I can’t believe it’s actually you!” Carly shouted, covering her mouth as she tried to contain herself.

“This is mind blowing, nice job.” Emily laughed, giving him a thumbs up.

“I’m not okay. Nope.” Sherrie shook her head, covering her face as she leaned her head on Emily’s shoulder.

You on the other hand, still couldn’t believe it, Tom Holland was here, pretending to be one of you, a cosplayer, to see what it actually felt like.

“C-Can I get a picture with you?” You stammered out, making him grin and nod in response.

You both got a few pictures together, which turned out really cute, you even sent them to Tom himself.

“I really love your costume by the way, Black Widow.. Nice.” He grinned, winking at you as you blushed, biting your lip nervously.

“Thanks, I like yours too, it suits you.” You teased, making him laugh and wrap his arms around you from behind.

“You’re funny.” He grinned, resting his head on top of yours, your friends watching in awe, but secretly taking pictures at the same time.

“Yesss Y/N! Get some!” Carly shouted, making you glare at her as Tom laughed, making you smile.

“We need to create a ship name, because this,” Sherrie motioned to you and Tom, “Needs to happen, like now.” She laughed, making you both blush this time.

“I don’t have anything against that.” Tom smirked, and you were pretty sure you stopped breathing for a split second.

“What about you darling?” He hummed, making your heart melt just from the way he spoke.

“I don’t know.. You think you can handle all of this?” You teased, a smirk on your face as you felt him laugh.

“Oh, I know I can.” He teased back, your friends watching in amusement.

“But I’m Black Widow.” You spoke teasingly, a proud smile on your face, as your friends started laughing at your statement.

“Maybe, but I’m Spider-Man.