checking fridge

We see the ‘13th’ post-it note on Mycroft’s fridge. Mycroft checks his watch.

“Thirteenth stroke of the clock or “thirteen strikes of the clock” is a phrase, saying, and proverb to indicate that the previous events or “strokes to the clock” must be called into question. (x)”

So, we must call into question all the previous events in The Six Thatchers!

Also of interest: “Tick tock” Mycroft tell us in TAB…but is his ‘watch broken?’ Is he not aware of future events?

“Accordingly, with very rare exceptions, when a clock rings thirteen times it is indicating an impossible time and that the clock is not functioning correctly. A children’s riddle asks “What time is it when the clock strikes thirteen?” The answer is “Time to get a new clock!” (x)”

An ‘impossible time’? What will happen that is impossible?

Really? With my daughter? (Peter Parker x Reader) (Father!Tony)

As silently as you could, you walked around the Stark Tower in the middle of the night. You had woken up and hadn’t managed to fall back to sleep, so you decided to eat something and maybe watch some TV. You had your earphones on and were dancing around in silence, trying to wake up no one. When you reached the kitchen you turned on the lights and checked the fridge to see if there was something you could eat. Even with your music at full volume, you could still hear the noise coming from behind you. You quickly turned to see who was there, and saw Peter, starting to bend down to pick up everything he had dropped. He had come over for the weekly movie night the Avengers had and that you were always a part of, and this time it had ended way too late so Peter decided to stay over. You bent down to help him, still in silence, and when you two were standing up again, you removed your earphones from your ears and smiled at him.
‘What are you doing up so late?’ you asked, handing him a fork you had just picked up.
‘I-uh… I-you know… I kinda… you know’ he was looking somewhere behind you, and turning back and not seeing anything, you realized he was that flustered because of what you were wearing. Or better-what you were not wearing. You were only wearing one of your father’s oversized t-shirts and no pants, but due to your height, the t-shirt wasn’t that long -it reached until the middle of your thigh, so probably when you were bent down looking at the fridge your panties were showing, and Peter had seen you right in that moment. You weren’t planning on seeing anyone -it was 3am!
‘I… Well, I was kind of hungry… I’m just-I’m just gonna pick a yoghurt or something and go back to my room… So… yeah’ you muttered, feeling your cheeks burn. You had had a crush at Peter since your father had recruited him, and now he couldn’t even look at you out of embarrassment.
Taking the first thing you saw -a banana, you turned planning on going to your bedroom.
‘[Y/N]!’ Peter’s voice called. He was finally looking at you, his cheeks as red as yours. You looked at him, holding his gaze, a confused look in your eyes. ‘Would you… you know, want to watch a movie or something? I can’t sleep and, well, yeah…’ he asked, rubbing the back of his neck.
‘Uh, yeah, I’d love that’ you said. You hadn’t realized how close you two were until then. You were looking straight at his lips, and before you even knew what was going on, his lips were against yours. You were both shy at first, but then Peter took control and what started as a sloppy kiss was quickly turned into a heated make-out session. Just as his hands reached your butt and grabbed it, you heard steps approaching you. You didn’t have time to pull apart before your father’s voice rang through your ears.
‘Come on, really? With my daughter? [Y/N], away from Spiderling, please! I haven’t raised you like this! In my kitchen? At 3am? What is this, a porn movie? Oh my God, and you are wearing no pants! [Y/N], to your room, now! And Spiderling, to yours! Oh my God, and you better not go to hers when I am sleeping! [Y/N], I expected better from you! My own child, oh my God…’ he said. You knew he was joking -you hoped he was, but your cheeks were burning red, and you almost run to your room. Twenty minutes after, you heard a knock on the door. Opening it, you saw Peter, standing there with a small smile on his face.
‘Can I come in?’ he asked. Nodding, you let him in and went to sit on your bed. ‘So, I really like you. I didn’t think you’d like me back -because you like me back, right? Well, you know, maybe you’d like to go out someday or something, but your father can’t know or else he’ll kill me -which is definitely worth it if it means going out with you, you kno-‘ you cut him off by kissing him. He was rambling, and you knew he tended to do that when he was nervous. You were nervous as well, but also excited.
‘I would love that, Peter’ you said, a smile on your lips, as Peter kissed you softly before lying with you on your bed, his arms around your waist. You closed your eyes, trying to fall back to sleep with a though in mind -your father was going to kill you.

What do the signs do when they're at home alone

Aries: watching YouTube videos, ends up in that weird side of it (you know what i’m talking about)

Taurus: checking the empty fridge every 15 minutes, other than that they’re just probably surfing the internet

Gemini: talking either to themselves or to their pet, who knows what they’re discussing about

Cancer: binge watching tv shows and sometimes checking social media

Leo: dancing in front of the mirror in their underwear

Virgo: happy that they finally have some time for themselves and doing whatever they love, such as reading, sleeping or just watching TV

Libra: summoning satan

Scorpio: kissing posters in their bedroom and snacking

Sagittarius: ready to fight the ghost who’s hiding in their closet (it’s really there)

Capricorn: stalking their crush on the internet and spamming their friends with pictures (caption ‘dis u’)

Aquarius: who knows but they end up setting their house on fire

Pisces: using comb as a microphone, they’re pretending that they’re a winner of a singing competition

UUUM i went out to dinner and brought home dessert which WAS this slice of flourless cake that is basically just a big slab of whipped dark chocolate fudge with almonds slivers and its amazing and i was SO ready to eat it but i found a plate in the sink that has like,,leftover chocolate on it and i was like : ) and checked the fridge,, my brother ate like the whole thing and left this tiny little piece as if i wouldn’t notice that the rest is GONE this is the most jarring thing to ever happen to me 

May I have your attention please?

So in ASiB, Mrs Hudson is checking the boys’ fridge, throwing stuff out and discovering the thumbs when a client arrives.

And after he collapses on the floor, she shouts for them like this:

You know what’s in that direction she is shouting in? The staircase to John’s bedroom. She knows they are upstairs together.

Thanks for your attention.

I FUCKING - I actually have to check my fridge. You’ve done it modmakers, you’ve made me- you’ve made me check my fridge. *Walks to check fridge, voice is distant* It’s closed. I checked, it’s closed.
—  Ngl I thought the alarm was in real life too until NL acknowledged it. Gives me so much fucking anxiety
Joe Sugg Imagine - Feelings

Joe had never been good with emotions. And he was the first one to admit it. When someone was crying, even if it was someone he new very well, he wouldn’t know how to react.

That was until the first time he saw you crying. He had come back home from a long meeting, something about merchandising he had mentioned. He was about to turn on the oven to prepare supper when his phone rang. Jim Chapman.

“Hey mate” he opened the fridge to check if he had already eaten what he was looking for. Joe wasn’t exactly a messy eater, but it was true that food-wise, he could try harder.

“Joe” Jim’s voice was altered, making the 25-year-old frown “Have you seen Y/N? She isn’t answering my phone. I know she’s gone out with that guy…I forgot his name”

Mike. Joe couldn’t forget that name even if he tried. And he had tried, hard. Mike was your newest Tinder date. It wasn’t like you had many, but he seemed like quite the normal guy. That was until you hit the club.

“I’ll go get her” Joe said, already halfway out of the door “I know exactly where to look”

“Thank you so much”

Jim had always been one of your best friends, if not the best. You grew up in the same city, and your families knew each other quite well. He’s always been a brother to you, as he had turned into the arms you’d cry into if you were sad, or jump into if you were happy.

Joe jumped into his car and drove to 1 Oak, not even hesitating about his destination. You hadn’t told him where you were going that night, but it wasn’t like you needed to. Your relationship with Joe was as intense as Jim’s, yet not so brotherly. Hell, there wasn’t even a little apiece of brother-like on it. You couldn’t deny you had grown feelings towards him, consolidating them over the years. Joe had had become your arms too, but the butterflies in your stomach constantly told you there was more to it than you thought.

When he got into the club, it didn’t take him long to find you. You were standing up next to a wall, a tall yet not well-built man standing really close to you, his hand on your butt, his alcohol breath nastily hitting your nose. Dinner had been nice and all, with him behaving like he actually cared about your well-being and your dreams and problems in general. He had talked about his desires and ambitions, and you wanted to see potential in a future relationship. However, it all hit rock bottom rather soon, or as soon as you discovered the effect a few drinks had on him. Now you just wanted to go home and cry at how ridiculous your love life was.

You felt a hand tugging at your arm, and your body finally felt relieved as your eyes met Joe’s “Sorry” you told the man “I gotta go” you struggled to get out of his grip, but with Joe holding your other hand, he finally let go.

As soon as you left the building, you threw yourself at Joe’s arms. You just wanted to get into bed and cry yourself to sleep. Was it really so difficult to find someone who wasn’t disgusting? “Jim called me saying you weren’t answering his calls” he told you, and you mentally slapped yourself for making him worried.

“Shit, I’m sorry” you said “My phone died, which makes this whole situation ten times sadder”

“Hey” Joe put a hand under your chin, lifting it so your eyes were locked with his “That guy didn’t deserve you, okay? The way he held you and touched you, I…” you could sense he was getting angry, as his neck muscles tensed. You knew Joe’s body better than himself.

“He didn’t hurt me or anything” you said, and a small laugh escaped your lips “Probably would’ve forced me into bed like every guy I seem to lay my eyes on, but that’s all” you joked, although part of you wasn’t joking at all.

“Y/N, don’t say that” his left arm was now protectively around your waist, while his right one was on your head, stroking your head as you calmed down. Back when you were still a young teenager, Jim had told you there was only one way of knowing if a guy actually cared for you, and that was the way he held you. Your stomach flinched as you remembered that the exact same hugging position Jim had told you about, was the one Joe was doing as he kissed your forehead repeatedly, each kiss getting smaller but sweeter.

You hid your face on Joe’s neck as a tear escaped your eye, not being able to hold it in for longer. You didn’t want to cry in front of Joe, specially because you knew he found it awkward when people cried and he was there to see it. So when you felt one of his fingers reach to your tears to dry them, you only wanted to cry more at the feeling of his delicate touch.

“Don’t cry because of that idiot, princess” he whispered as he hugged you tighter. You were drying your own tears now, getting more and more embarrassed with every second it passed.

“I-It’s not him” you mumbled, tripping over your own words “I j-just…I…”

He shushed you and kissed your forehead again, making you feel at home for the first time in a very long time “Not everyone is like that, alright? You’ll find someone who’s willing to love you as much as you love him” he said, holding your chin “Or even more”

You dried your last tears, surprised but how well Joe was taking your crying session “But what if I don’t?”

“You will, princess” you shivered, the cold air of October finally hitting your bare arms and shoulders.

“Thanks, Joe” you said, kissing his cheek. He didn’t let go of you as you pulled apart.

“Y/N” his voice sounded almost like a whisper “I never want to see you cry over stupid boys ever again”

You nodded, bringing your fingers to your eye make up to make sure you hadn’t done a mess “They’re perfect” you smiled, as he grabbed both of your hands and put them around his neck. It took you off-guard, not sure of what he wanted, or if you were just going crazy.

He leaned in, making your foreheads touch, as his hands roamed back to the small of your waist, enough to turn you on but not to scare you off “Did you know that you’re my favorite princess?” He whispered, and you laughed. He’d always called you that, making people around you feel slightly doubtful about your relationship status. But you were find with it. “Am I?”

Joe closed the gap between you, pressing his soft and moisturized lips against yours in the most sincere kiss you’d ever had. You would be lying if you said you’d never imagined that moment in your head, only to find out that reality was much better than your expectations.

Your hands immediately reached his hair, trying to get closer to him, but it was impossible. You wanted more, you wanted this forever. When he let go, you felt empty.

He looked at you and then at your lips, only to close the gap again, his tongue exploring the inside of your mouth this time. You had never imagined Joe had such a sexy side, making you imagine yourself doing things to him you were too embarrassed of to say out loud. You pulled apart to breathe “Joe, I…” you started to say, but he was kissing you repeatedly, and you couldn’t say you weren’t enjoying every second of that pleasing torture.

“I really need you” he whispered before kissing you again, making your stomach turn. It was only when you realized you were in the middle of the street.

“Lets go home, Joseph” you said, but still he was not letting go of you. Only this time, you weren’t scared.

“I love you, Y/N, okay?” He locked his eyes to yours, biting his lower lip “Don’t you ever forget that”

“I won’t” you smiled “And I love you too, you horny foot” He laughed as he leaned in again. As he bit your lip, you knew you had lost all of your self control.


If this gets good feedback I’ll write part 2 and it’ll be bloody smut because I can. Peace out bros. x


The New Art cookbook, 1934: Model kitchen by Wendi Dunlap

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />This was a cookbook published by GE to promote their kitchen appliances.

A big, expensive double-wide Monitor Top fridge! And check out that linoleum pattern!

Crossroads (Leon Goretzka and Benedikt Howedes Imagine)

Disclaimer: This story is fictional.


  1. A continuation of @prince-dybala’s amazing fic which you can read here.
  2. This is not a slash fic - both players are protagonists in a love triangle.

Crossroads (Leon Goretzka and Benedikt Howedes Imagine)

A couple of nights after the impromptu confession, Leon was still feeling horrible. Nix has tried contacting him, inviting him out, pretending everything was just like before; but things weren’t just like before. He can’t just pretend everything was fine. Everything was not fine.

Nix knew he loved her and she decided to shrug it off.

How was he supposed to smile and act as if that didn’t hurt him. The rejection was expected, but the way she just swept his feelings under the rug cut deep.

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Tickles and Giggles

Request: Can you do a oneshot where reader walks in on Bucky watching a tv show and he is giggling/laughing and she teases him because she finds his laugh funny and he tackles her and they wrestle playfully which ends in a heavy make-out session pwetty pwease?

A/N: tickles instead of wrestling 

After what felt like countless hours of tossing and turning, you rolled yourself out of bed and made your way to the kitchen for your midnight snack; only hoping that it could help you fall asleep. As you came closer to the kitchen you could see the flickering lights of the tv screen from the common room reflect off of the dark tiles and wondered who else would be up so late. Upon entering the kitchen you could hear faint giggles from the common room which caused you to chuckle as you never heard something so cute before. After checking the fridge and realizing there was nothing there to eat, you grabbed a glass of water again and listened to the giggles as they filled the empty space. You prayed to God it was Sam who was watching tv as you placed your glass in the sink. You couldn’t wait to tease him about his girly giggles later in the day. Turning the corner, you gasped in surprise to find Bucky sitting alone on the couch watching some junk tv.

“Y/N!” Bucky said in surprise as he whipped his head around in the direction of the gasp.

“Cute,” you chuckled as you made your way toward Bucky.

“Shut up,” Bucky mumbled as he scooted over, making room for you to sit down.

“It was an adorable sound. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Steve you’re having fun or Tony that you giggled,” you joked, hardly suppressing your own laughter.

“I wasn’t giggling!” Bucky exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air.

“Whatever you say big boy,” you said as you patted his shoulder. Suddenly Bucky turned to face you and started tickling you. You jerked away from him in surprise, but he was fast.

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anonymous asked:

Invite the ghosts for icecream. They cannot kidnap Happy AND have icecream obviously. Gotta have priorities.

* I checked the fridge and we don’t have ice cream, so we wouldn’t have any to invite them with.

* Wait, how can there be no ice c-cream when you went out of your way to get some from that abandoned ice cream stand for Happy?

* HehehehehehHEHEHehehhehe…~

* Oh my gods, Hysteria. We don’t have time for the ice cream.

* The ice cream idea sounded like an okay idea ….

* But… I think that’s not gonna happen

* Well let’s not waste anymore time!

* I have a b-bad feeling about leaving Happy alone out there with whatever’s dragging him. I wouldn’t like that if that were me, s-so let’s not do that to him.