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I Was Back At Arkham Asylum (part 5) - Jokers Daughter & Jerome

Joker x daughter!reader

Jerome x reader

Warnings: none

a/n: hey guys sorry part 5 took so long, was on VK then left VK then had a week with just my mom, as long then my birthday. the next part might take as long considering i have alot of requests to finish on my other blog and i want to write some teen wolf stuff in honor of it haveing its last 10 episodes soon. promise ill still work on this though. just so you guys know this is kinda like Jerome never got his face cut off. ( 2536 )

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After me and Uncle Frost planned how we were gonna break out Jerome from Arkham. We packed what we need and got in the car’s. As we got  in the Van I got changed into Arkham guard uniform.

“We’re here” Uncle Frost said, “you ready?” he asked.

“Yup, i’ll goin get him kill anyone who questions what we are doing an get back here to the van through the air shoot.” I said doing some physical last touch up to my costume.

“Good girl, and here put this in your ear you’ll be able to talk to me and hear me through it so I can know where you are and help you if needed.” he said handing me a earpiece.

“Got it, see ya soon” I said then winked at him.

As i got out of the van I walked up to the back door of Arkham (since we were able to get through the gate and park on the side of the building convincing the guards we were security checkers or whatever). As I started going up the stairs couple guards passed me and all they did was nod and I nodded  back.

I as I finally reached the cell level I saw some guards coming down the hall, one’s that normally escort me to my father. So I decided to take the clipboard with cell number and names to who’s in them to see where Jerome was and to hide my face behind. As they passed I took it down. It said Jerome was in cell block B4, my father is in cell B20 which me and Jerome have to pass on our way down.

I started going down the B row. AsI got to B4  I used my dagger in my boot and picked the lock and pushed the door over through the side bars. He must have been asleep considering he rolled over looking at the door.

“What didn’t think I’d come this soon for ya?” I asked him, tilting my head.

“I thought it would take longer for you and some Frost guy to plan my escape … Are you wearing a wig?” he asked

“Yup! If they knows its me then  i can’t visit my dad. Plus it also helps we are doing this while they have a reboot of the system and cameras so hurry” I answered him, ushering him to come follow me.

He got up and followed me down the hall. As we are going down the hall I see B 19. So I slow down.

“Wait.” I said, walking over to the door of my father’s cell B 20.

“Daddy?” I asked, looking through the bars best I could due to height.

“Princess, I i knew you would come fast” he said smiling

“I got Red out dad, can I-” I started but he cut me off.

“No princess we have to wait a bit longer to break me out.  You both need to go, now! …  and Psych” he said and Jerome came up to the door of his cell “ look out for her or I’ll kill you slowly.” he finished. And Jerome nodded.

I know my dad wanted more than one person looking out for me. I know he knows I Can take care of myself but he likes when there are extra backup there to look out for me. But why Jerome?

Me and Jerome started walking faster down the hallway.As we got to the air ducked wegot in and slid down.

As we made it down and around back to the van Uncle Frost opened the door and I grabbed Jerome’s hand and pulled him into the van. Uncle Frost started the van and headed to the existing gate. I grabbed a blanket near by and put it over my and Jerome’s heads. Once we are in the clear i take it off.

“Who is he?” Jerome asked pointing to Uncle Frost.

“Uncle Frost, let’s go home” I said to Uncle Frost he nodded. “He is my uncle …  kinda. He’s my father’s right-hand man.” I told Jerome he nodded looking at me with a little confusion.

“What? Why ya lookin at me like that? I asked him.

“Home. I’m going to your home?” he asked confused.

“Yeah where else?  … Look daddy thinks that you and me can be friends and be close. So you will be staying with us, plus it’s not like you have a place to stay.” I told him.

“We’re here” Uncle Frost said, pulling into the garage.

I grabbed Jerome’s hand and laced our fingers together and we exited the car. Jerome looked around, all I could do was smile while shaking my head, so did Uncle Frost. I lead Jerome up the building to the penthouse. Once we got there I opened the door with both Uncle and Jerome following me. Uncle Frost went to put things away, as I showed Jerome around. Once we got to the livingroom I forgot it was still trashed.

“What happened here?” he asked looking at the broken things all around the room.

“Well it’s a long story” I told him. He then looked at me to continue.

“Me and Uncle Frost were just entering Arkham when I walked up to the desk asking to see my father. They told me that he beat up his doctor and a couple of guards so they put him in solitary. I numbly walked out back to the car. He didn’t stay out of trouble like i told him, and now I can’t see him. Anger started to rise in me. Once in the car I told Uncle Frost what happened and then we started on our way back home.Once we got home and inside I looked around and all I could see was thing’s that belonged to my mom and my dad. I don’t know what I was feeling exactly. Anger, Loneliness, Pissed, Sad, Lost, Unloved. First Basty takes my mom, and I don’t know where. Them takes my Dad to at least i know where, but I can’t get him out; at least not yet. I can’t take it anymore. That’s when I saw pictures of them, me with them, I started throwing things, breaking things trashing the place. My thoughts started becoming overwhelming and I just broke down. Crying, sobbing. Uncle Frost came over trying to comfort me. And I ended up just going to bed after that” I finished looking around around making hand gestures. He was looking at me with what I would call a cross between admiring and dare i say genuine smile. “What?”

“Nothing just you felt unloved, lost and pissedand all you did was trash a room. Then to get back at your dad you raced his precious car like crazy around Gotham.I call that restraint” he said looking at me. “My mother never cared about me, no one did. So I would have ever been in that situation, and if i ever was i probably would have killed a lot of people.” he finished.

“Well I am crazy but I just wanted to do something that would make him mad, but scared because I was putting my safety in danger and that would have hurt him more than letting into my crazy self and doing worse.” I finished, smirking.

As i went up to show him more of the penthouse. I noticed he gaze drifting  to me more then what I was showing him.

“You know if ya keep lookin at me instead of where things are, if you come to me in the middle of the night asking where the bathroom is I’m not gonna tell ya” As I spoke I looked at him walking up some stairs to where room’s for sleeping are, backwards.

He smirked “oh Doll I’m listening, just admiring you at the sametime”

“So you’re multi-tasking, hmm nice” I hummed.

As we got close to the guest room (we never use) Uncle Frost came out of it.

“Fresh sheet’s are on the bed” he said.

“Great! Thank you Uncle Frost” I said smiling at him

“Jerome this is my Uncle Frost. No, he isn’t my dad’s brother. He is however my  dad’s best friend and like a brother to him, whether he admits it or not” I say smiling at the both of them.

“You hurt her I’ll kill you” Frost said shaking Jerome’s hand, and squeezing it hard.

“Easy there buddy, I don’t plan on hurting her evere …  well unless she wants me to” he said the last part and started laughing.

That’s when Uncle Frost punched him in the face. Then Uncle Frost said “next time it will be her father beating you not me, wise up boy.” then he walked away down the hall after i nodded i’m ok at him.

“Your an idiot Red, come on” i said opening the door to his room, he got up and followed me into his room. Jerome looked around noticing the t.v., Big scratch that HUGE bed, the colors were purple, gold, and blue.

“It’s huge, this is my room?” he questioned looking around.

“Yes Red, your room we never really use it, we don’t really have many guests” i said to him.

He looked like he never had a room before and he was excited but trying to hide it.

“Where’s your room” he asked curiously.

“Up a little more” I said while walking over to the door and turned my head “ya coming” then continued down the hall. He followed me down the long hallway then up a little spiral staircase was a door I opened it and that was my room. Most things were blue and green, of course gold. There is some purple, red, and orange.

“This is mine. You probably need a ICE pack, hang on.” I said heading to the mini fridge.

“You have a big bathroom to yourself, fridgemini … nice. Also a huge room.” he said observing.

“Yeah I have snack drawers to. Daddy likes to make sure if he’s doing buisness downstairs i have everything i want or need to be able to stay up here. Till he’s done that is, so i don’t come down and get hurt. Although it can backfire on him, bonus for me.” I said.

“What do ya mean Doll?” he asked.

“ well if i’m mad at him and don’t want to leave my room i got everything i need to survive” i said walking back over to him putting the ICE pack on the side of his head which was bruising and would most likely be purple tomorrow, go Uncle Frost.

“You should go take a shower and change clothes, there are clothes in your room” I told him. He nodded and got up and went to take a shower leaving my room.

After I heard the bathroom door downstairs shut, I got up and went to my movie cupboard and got out a couple movies setting them by the t.v.

Suddenly i heard a knock on my door “Come in!” i shouted. Uncle Frost came in.

“Hey just wanted to check on you.” he asked walking in a little bit.

“I’m fine Uncle Frost, a little bummed that we couldn’t get dad out but i’m fine better that i was before … well ya know” i told him.

“We’ll get him out soon. I’m gonna call it a night so see you in the morning. I f Valeska tries anything stab him” he finished and i nodded agreeing.

He smiled leaving the room.

Shortly after Jerome stood in my doorway leaning on the door frame.

“So, the shower was fantastic.” I looked at him smiling to what he said.

“Nothing but the best dad says” i told him.

“Can I talk to you” he asked after a somewhat long period of silence.

“I guess” i said putting the movie in and walking over to him, which wasn’t to far from my bed, where he is standing I mean.

“Your dad had you break me out because he thought we would make good friends, occasional friend in crime if you will … but do you think it had to do with something else? Like maybe us being more?” he asked

“May-maybe, I mean he told me so I would have someone to cause chaos with and to have another person look out for me. But wh-why you, you don’t care about anything or anyone right s-so how does that help me stay out of a pyscho ward and keep his mind at ease?” I stuttered as he closed the space between us.

“I do care about one thing and one thing only Doll” he said.

I gave him a confused look.

Then he kissed me. I felt sparks. He started walking is backwards, but not before cupping my face with one hand and holding my waist with the other. As we fallback across my bed.

I giggled, he loved over me brushing some of my hair from my face.

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“I care about you …  you’re the only thing in the world that i care about. Nothing else. I want to be your lover, mate, boyfriend, partners in crime. Will you be my girlfriend Doll?” he asked looking at me lovingly.

“Of course Red, ya know that is one of the top 5 sweetest things ever said to me.” I told him smiling.

He smiled a genuine smile not even creepy. And we started kissing again.

“Wait, wait, wait” i said pulling away for a moment.

He gave me a questioning look.

“Just FYI Red, i feel the same way about you. Granted I do love my Dad , mom and Uncle to though; oh and second can we cuddle and watch a movies now?” I told and asked him smiling really big, currently happy from the vents that have unfolded.

He smiled and nodded. “Only because you’re the one asking … what movie?”

“Fast Five” I said to him smiling he smiled back even bigger.

As we got comfortable on my bed I pushed play on the disc menu button. Jerome pulled me into his arms and making it so I was laying against his chest. He kept his arms in a strong hold around me as we watched the movie.

Soon during the middle of the movie, where they start getting the team/family together my eye’s started to drift. Sadly at one of my fav parts. Who am i kidding every second in my fav part.

Which Jerome must have noticed “It’s ok Doll. sleep you’ve had a long day, I’ll be here when you wake up.” he said then kissed my head.

“Ya gonna sleep too?” i asked him through a yawn.

“Yes Doll. but you sleep first, i’m gonna finish the movie it’s quite interesting” he said, running one hand through my hair the other still wrapped tightly around me. But i loved it.

“You do know Red that there are 8 of then and this is only the fifth” i told him.

“Well then Doll we are just gonna have to watch them all the next couple of days… now sleep you deserve it” he said.

He’s right , and I did.

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Silver Fox- John Winchester


Can I request a John Winchester (JDM) x Reader one shot/imagine. Either one. Where the reader is attracted to John but isn’t sure how to make a move with him but one night when they’re playing pool, he makes a move? Maybe some smut? lol

I left out the smut! I’m sorry. If you’d like a part two with smut i’d be more than happy to write it

The diner was practically empty, cheap, but it sure did make a fantastic meal of burgers and fries. John sat across from you as you both ate your meals, not too much being said.

It was a comfortable silence though, as you and your hunting partner often spent time together that way. Dean would be asleep, and you and John would play checkers or whatever card game you could think of, all without saying a word. Words just weren’t needed between the two of you.

You always had an attraction for the oldest Winchester. Turning back to John, you saw him trying to peel his coat off. Normally, you wouldn’t mind the free strip show, you had a big crush on John, one you’d harboured since laying eyes on him at eighteen. You were slightly older than his eldest son.

He had found you in a house, your parents killed by werewolves. He wanted to leave you there but his conscience made him change his mind and take you on with him. Training you as a hunter and now you where one of the best he’d ever seen.

One would naturally assume you’d crush on Sam or Dean, not that they weren’t without their appeal, and not for Dean’s lack of trying, but John was…John was well, John.

He was wearing a white vest today seeing as the high sun could be a killer when hunting. Your eyes lingered on him slightly, the defined muscles of his chest and upper arms.

You finished dinner and went to the restroom, John waiting for you outside next to the Impala. He’d purchased a few things from the diner and had them in hand, just ready to present them to you.

Out of all the holidays, Valentine’s Day was probably the least celebrated over the years. It just wasn’t necessary. John had never really found much of a reason to do anything for it. He’d always bought a thing of chocolates or candy hearts for you, Dean, and Sam to share when they were on sale, but nothing else took place. There were more important things than Valentine’s Day, in his opinion.

You looked in the brown paper bag. “Candy?” You look up at him, “Is this your way of asking me to be your valentine John?” you smirk.

He chuckled and shook his head “No you just looked like you needed cheering up that’s all.” He opened the car door for you and then started to drive. The night was still young so you were probably heading to a bar, Ellen’s hopefully.  

You walked in and was greeted by Jo at the bar. You sat on a stool and looked around. It was empty except for a few regulars.

You got a beer for you and a whiskey for John. It had been a tough week for him. You both found out that Sam had left college and him and Dean where hunting again. He desperately wanted to see his boys but things kept getting in the way.

“Still loving the silver fox then Y/n?” Joe teased as John spoke to Ellen about hooking them up a room.

“Shut up” your cheeks flushed red and you look a large swig of your beer.

She chuckled and lent back, “alright, I won’t say a word but you’ve got to make your move.”

John came back over and sat beside you, “Ellen hooked us up with a room, She’s only got a double left so I’ll sleep in the car if you’re uncomfortable with us sharing.” He said politely.

“No I don’t mind” you smile and try to ignore Ellen winking at you. The two of you were silent again. “The pool table is free, want to play a game?”

“Sure.” He stood and took some large strides to the table. He set up the game and you started to play. Bending over the table to get the white ball, pointing your ass at him.

When you were two balls away from winning you felt a hand gently land on your hip and trail up. “Are you trying to cheat John?” you mutter trying to hide your blush.

Without warning, he pulled you closer, ignoring his wounds to seek a kiss from your lips. You yelped in surprise, but moaned when his lips met yours, kissing you deeply, his tongue finding willing entrance to your mouth. It lasted for long seconds, until you moaned his name into his mouth, and he seemed to realise what he was doing.

“Shit, Y/N…I’m sorry…” He pulled away, and you took a second to gather your bearings. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Why not?” you smirked and turned back to the game.

“Because you’re about twenty years younger than me.” He laughed dryly. “I wouldn’t think for even an instant you were interested in an old man like me.”

You didn’t reply.

He sat there, watching you playing the game, all smoulder and silver fox and you suppressed a shudder at the kiss you’d shared with him. “I don’t think you’re an old man, John.” He raised an eyebrow. “I wasn’t exactly complaining.”


You might be a pulp/retro aficionado if:
  • You ever tried to play chess with yourself, inspired by Philip Marlowe (you actually can’t).
  • Your dog is named Woola.
  • You wonder who on social media has the “Innsmouth Look.” I’m guessing Sean Davis and Trey Gowdy.
  • You actually tried to solve a personal issue using Null-A logic.
  • Your ideal imaginary girlfriends are Thuvia, Pat Savage, Princess Margaret the Black Flame, and Telzey Amberdon.

  • You keep a short wave radio by your bed to protect you from Vitons.
  • You once tried to visit the Cahuenga Building on Hollywood Boulevard and were secretly crushed to find it was a bank instead of a PI office.
  • You once visited the 85th Floor of the Empire State Building and were secretly crushed it was just an observation deck, no stuffed pterodactyl in sight.
  • You’re terrified of even mentioning the Shaver Mystery online because it might attract Shaver Mystery cranks to you.
  • You’d give most any worldly possession to ride the “flea run.”
  • You once forced your little brother to play Jetan (Martian Chess) with you, with post-its over checkers.
  • You curse whatever moron prevented Will O’Brien from following “King Kong” up with “The War Eagles.”

  • You’re still pissed about L. Sprague de Camp’s edits to Conan the Barbarian.
  • The following comparison makes sense to you: Nate Silver is Hari Seldon, and Donald Trump is the Mule.
  • You constantly mention that Superman is based off Philip Wylie’s “Gladiator” to the point it’s gotten goddamn annoying.
  • You’ve called an evil ex-girlfriend a “total Shambleau.”
  • You have used the stroke-victim 30s slang from the Lensman novels in your everyday life. “On the beam and on the green, clear ether for your flit!”
  • You organize your personal cliques based on the number system in “Last and First Men.”
  • You’re optimistic about up and coming new, young writers like, uh, Roger Zelazny.
Missy's/Azula-Griffon's life is in danger

These are the logs from our friend Checkers while I was away:

[9:17:33 PM] Checkers: Jestre something bad has happened
[9:23:59 PM] Checkers: Something really REALLY bad
[9:24:19 PM] Checkers: Missy, Mel whatever you call her
[9:24:27 PM] Checkers: She had a terrible fight with her mom
[9:24:41 PM] Checkers: She threatened to throw her in a mental home
[9:25:02 PM] Checkers: So she ran away
[9:25:05 PM] Checkers: And just
[9:25:15 PM] Checkers: She was gone for three hours
[9:25:23 PM] Checkers: And then her mom found her again
[9:25:39 PM] Checkers: She was covered in cuts had swollen eyes and threatened suicide to her
[9:25:48 PM] Checkers: And her mom didn’t give a damn
[9:26:03 PM] Checkers: And she ran away again
[9:26:23 PM] Checkers: And now she says that her mom called cops in her
[9:26:35 PM] Checkers: Last thing I got she said she heard sirens
[9:26:50 PM] Checkers: All of these were from text messages
[9:27:08 PM] Checkers: She told me to tell tumblr if she got taken or something bad happened
[9:27:19 PM] Checkers: But I’m not big or anything, I can’t get the word out
[9:27:25 PM] Checkers: So I went to you
[9:27:31 PM] Checkers: And now I don’t know what to do
[9:27:47 PM] Checkers: She just sent me a few more messages saying that her mom found her
[9:27:52 PM] Checkers: And she’s smirking and smiling
[9:28:01 PM] Checkers: I’m rally scared for her jestre
[9:28:09 PM] Checkers: She’s saying things like her life is gone
[9:28:41 PM] Checkers: I don’t know what to do
[9:28:50 PM] Checkers: I don’t know what her moms going to do
[9:29:32 PM] Checkers: I don’t know if she really would throw her in a mental asylum
[9:30:07 PM] Checkers: I’m so sorry to bring this to you but I didn’t know who would be able to get this out if she really never comes back
[9:30:15 PM] Checkers: And you’re sensible and smart and
[9:30:24 PM] Checkers: I have no clue what I’m doing
[9:30:30 PM] Checkers: I’ve never dealt with this
[9:30:43 PM] Checkers: Her messages stopped coming in after she said she was found
[9:31:53 PM] Checkers: I’m so sorry that every time I come to you it’s never anything good but
[9:32:05 PM] Checkers: This is just really serious
[9:32:24 PM] Checkers: I’m sorry if you just come back to this
[9:32:31 PM] Checkers: God god god god god god god
[9:33:21 PM] Checkers: I don’t know what her mom’s going to do
[9:33:40 PM] Checkers: She already threatened to drag her by the hair to the car and throw her in a mental home
[9:33:59 PM] Checkers: Those are the exact words she used when Mel messaged me
[9:34:12 PM] Checkers: Now that she’s been found for the second time
[9:34:24 PM] Checkers: And her mom was smiling and grinning
[9:34:38 PM] Checkers: Okay
[9:34:40 PM] Checkers: Okay
[9:35:23 PM] Checkers: I get a message
[9:35:28 PM] Checkers: Her mom laughed and mocked her
[9:36:41 PM] Checkers: I’m waiting on anything else
[9:37:04 PM] Checkers: Another thing
[9:37:17 PM] Checkers: I asked her where her father was and he’s four hours away in houston
[9:38:20 PM] Checkers: Again I’m sorry I just bring these things to you
[9:38:33 PM] Checkers: I’m still waiting for another message
[9:40:33 PM] Checkers: I think physically she’s fine
[9:40:46 PM] Checkers: But her moms still saying bad things about her
[9:41:03 PM] Checkers: She told me she’s “trapped”
[9:44:08 PM] Checkers: I told her to stay calm
[9:44:31 PM] Checkers: I still can’t believe this is happening
[9:44:43 PM] Checkers: Ohhh my god
[9:45:13 PM] Checkers: I’m trying to think of ways to help her but nothing seems even POSSIBLE

We need a way to help her!

flame-cat  asked:

holy sh it.... ur sO Good at shaind...... teach me ur ways oh wise sage

soft screaming,, thank 

{i slapped 2gether a thing just 4 u}

my secret to shading;; is that different hues from ur base colour + layer modes are your friends

^^ these are the colours that i used to draw this bab.. youll notice that some of the shade/highlight colours are pretty different (eg. green is shaded with blue and purple is highlighted with bright pink),, 

i ususally go this way around the colour wheel to pick shading/highlight colours

but different things will work for different colours and lighting effects!

once ya got ya colours ya gotta SHADE

(i use sai but the same settings are also in photoshop)

so ya got these layer modes with clipping group on~

shade with your shading colour (duh) on the multiply layer; i use the marker tool (it’ll be way darker if you use the pen or brush tool, you can use a lighter colour or turn the layer opacity down if you wanna use one of those); if its a large area or needs to look soft ill use the hard water tool first before the marker;; they came with the version of sai i have but it came with some extras so im not sure if theyre defaults + i may have accidentally changed the settings at some point so here they are:

now on the colour picker/tool panel youre gonna wanna pick that little checkered box; this turns whatever tool youre using into an eraser with the same settings

turn that on and off and darken/lighten areas to smooth the shading layer out,,

now grab ur highlight colour and do the same on the screen layer!

if you want it to look brighter/more neon you can also use shade and luminosity layer settings

(i didn’t change the colours/draw more at all, just changed the layer settings!) this can also be useful to make stuff look shiny or wet

or you can use all 4.

this is just one colour… have fun with all those layers :’)