checkered tights

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I've already seen comments on Twitter about how harry gets too much attention and it's not fair to the others and it's just too funny. Like harry had massive pressure to succeed from all the expectations from the media and fans and the others are totally capable of doing fine. And 1d fans are totally harsh and nasty towards harry, he's won over the general public and that makes a huge difference and also says a lot about his potential as an artist

“he’s won over the general public” - he absolutely has. And the best part about that is, the bitter parts of the 1D fandom can kiss his skin-tight, checkered-pants-wearing ass when it comes to that mess.

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(Bit NSFW)I'm just gonna leave this for both Lapis, and Peridot, a box filled with [x2 pairs of handcuffs, x2 gags, x2 checkered suits with tight bow ties fitted for their wearer, and x2 ties/blindfolds] Your choice on what to do with these things my gal pals... ( Í¡° ͜ʖ Í¡°)

Peridot: I… Don’t know what any of this is.

Lapis: Oh my god. Well I’d never gag or choke her, that’s for damn sure. I wouldn’t blindfold her either. But watching her squirm would be delightful.