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Science Nerd [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: But if it’s an E2! Barry request you’re looking for, how about surprising him at work and him explaining things to you and being his cute little self? I feel like he’d be such a gentleman and call her very sweet little pet names and she’d fix his bow tie then give him a small kiss because the preciousness is real (though if it escalated into smut, I definitely wouldn’t complain 😘)


You just needed to see your boyfriend. So, why not surprise him at work? You walk into the CCPD, smiling at Iris and Eddie before hopping down the steps. It’s no surprise that he’s hiding in his lab again. A small giggle escapes you and you pull your lavender t-shirt over the waistband of your light blue skinny jeans, entering the spacious room.

As expected, Barry is hunched over the clean white microscope, left eye squeezed shut, glasses on top of his head. You take a moment to acknowledge how cute he is. He readjusts his feet, standing up straight to scribble something on paper; glasses falling to the end of his button nose. You clear your throat, walking towards him.

He jumps slightly, hands smoothing down his gray checkered sweater. “Honey! What - oh.” he shutters, feeling your lips on his. Secretly, Barry loves when you catch him off guard. In a daze, he watches you pull away, hazel eyes glazed over. “I missed you too, sweetie.” he grins, pushing his thin glasses up the bridge of his nose.

You giggle, pecking him on lips again as he sits back on the stool. “I wanted to see you.” you explain, fingers tugging at his gold bowtie, setting it in place. He blushes, scratching the back of his neck. “What’s this?” you ponder, moving around his knobby knees to get a better view of the DNA under the microscope.

Barry grins, “We stole that off of one of Killer Frost’s ice beams. I believe it’s some kind of chemical, not necessarily ice. I’m still working on it, though, so I can’t be sure-” He pauses, watching you take a seat on his lap, crinkling his gray dress slacks. You squint at the DNA, looking back at him. “What?” he chuckles, tilting his head.

“You’re really smart and cute.” you muse, smiling back at him. “My science nerd.” you tease, scrunching your nose.

He blushes, burying his face in between your shoulder blades, “Sweetheeeeeeeeearrrrt….stooop…” he groans.

for all the petals

pairing; namjoon x reader

genre; angst 

word count; 4.4k 

a/n; honestly this was one of the quickest story i’ve ever written omg

summary; a story in which you met him in the spring, fell in love with him in the summer, but he left you in autumn and how you missed him in the winter. 

If you were given a question to choose between your favorite season, it would have been spring.

Despite the bad mouths of anti-spring-lovers and the constant spread of allergies due to the spread of pollen, you didn’t think it would be as bad as the other seasons. Summer was too hot and humid for you, autumn was always a time for a lot of leave-raking and mud splashing, and winter gets colder every year.

Maybe you were just a pessimistic about the other three seasons, but they have their perks as well.

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Mindwipe AU

Hi! I really love your art and that mind wipe au sounded too interesting to pass up, so I hope you like it! Sorry for any spelling/grammar hahaha… //sighs


Mabel woke up as she did every Saturday morning, with the sun barely over the horizon. Sitting up and stretching, she brushed her hair, picked out a checkered sweater from her overstuffed suitcase, and made her bed as usual.

 "Good morning!“ she said cheerfully to the empty bed across the room, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. The attic’s silence answered back as she hopped off her bed and padded towards the bathroom, feeling that if she turned around she would hear a drawn-out yawn, see eyes that were bleary and tired from another night of reading.

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Show You Mine, Show Me Yours Pt. 1

A continuation of this prelude!

AU: Iris West is an ace reporter out to reveal Barry Allen’s secret after she discovers he’s the Flash.

Barry is a creature of habit. He has a routine that he rarely deters from unless he’s called upon. Where the Flash is exciting and unpredictable, zipping from one end of the city to another in the blink of an eye, Barry Allen goes to work in the mornings and STAR Labs in the evenings with an occasional visit to Jitters.

Iris plans it perfectly, then. It’s early Thursday morning that she lingers by the condiments table and waits for Barry to walk in. She knows he comes to Jitters at 8:00 AM today, like he has for the last two weeks. He’ll stumble in, wearing that checkered button-up and sweater outfit he likes so much, and mutter about being late.

He’s always late, and Iris can forgive the irony of it because he still manages to hold the door open for others and let little old ladies cut him in line. She finds herself smiling in thought at how one elderly woman even offered a piece of chocolate from her purse for his kindness.

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Really sorry for the terrible ootd (Adam hasn’t cleaned his mirror) but today I’m wearing checkered pants, New York sweater, and navy rain coat all by Brandy Melville + Grey City shoes. Glasses by Eye Buy direct 😊

No Ink?

hi so it’s been forever since i posted a new imagine hahha and i do apologise but well it’s summer and i’ve been out and about ((with a social life, for once)) so i haven’t had much time to write soooo here’s one! its a tattoo artist!luke one, seeing as how everyone is writing them and 2k15luke had got me obsessed and unable to keep my hands from writing about him! i hope you guys enjoy it and it’s probably really shitty hahah i didn’t quite know what to think of it 

word count - 1790

The bell dinged, alerting Calum to the entry of new clients at the front of the shop. He walked out, wiping his hands on his jeans as he put on a welcoming smile in case the newcomer was the nervous type. What he didn’t expect to see, of course, was the sight of two girls, one dark and one light, standing by the front desk, the light one looking nervously around her whilst the dark one stared expectantly at him.

“Y/N! What a surprise,” he greeted the dark one. The only reason he thought of her as “dark”, really, was because she was clothed in all black, with black combat boots tattered enough for some holes to be peeking through, and jet-black hair so dark they looked almost blue in the dim light of the shop. The other girl was all light then, in stark contrast to Y/N standing there, in a white top and skirt, looking a lot like an angel.

Y/N coughed, bringing Calum back to reality and he grinned, unembarrassed to be caught staring. “So, what brings you girls here, to such a dark part of town?”

Y/N rolled her eyes, knowing full well that Calum was pulling their leg, since the shop was in uptown Manhattan, hardly the “dark part of town”. Her friend though, didn’t look quite convinced, and was still casting sceptical looks across the room.

“Y/F/N here needs a tattoo, and I thought you know, since you do tattoos and all that, you could help her out.” Y/N waved a hand dismissively in the direction of her friend - Y/F/N, Calum reminded himself - and he looked at her, eyebrows raised.

Y/N grinned, glancing at Y/F/N and making sure she wasn’t paying attention before leaning over the counter to whisper conspiratorially into Calum’s ear. “She’s not really as timid as she looks, don’t let her good girl act fool you.”

Calum nodded. “Right then, Y/F/N, what kind of tattoo would you like?” He clapped his hands together, before reaching down and pulling out a catalogue from under the counter. “Y/N, are you going to help her choose?”

Y/N shook her head, heading down the narrow hallway towards the back of the shop. “I’m going to pee, have fun!”  

As Y/N wandered down the hallway in search of the bathroom, she contemplated getting a tattoo for herself, and as her mind was sifting through various tattoo designs, she walked into a wall. “Oof,” she managed, before stumbling backwards and towards the floor. Quite out of nowhere, a hand shot out and steadied her, and she looked up in surprise. So she didn’t quite walk into a wall, it would seem.

“Uh, hey, you okay there?” The tall - very very tall - blond boy looked down upon her, his features creased in concern. Y/N nodded, well aware of the blood rushing towards her cheeks, colouring them red.

“Uh, right.” He nodded, looking unconvinced. “What are you doing back here, anyways? Who are you?” He peered at her suspiciously, as if just realising that she was a complete stranger in the back of his shop, - which meant that she was assuming he was Calum’s friend, and fellow shop owner, of course - He raised an ink covered hand and scratched the back of his head awkwardly, still looking at Y/N with a frown on his face.

“I was looking for the bathroom. Until I walked into the wall,” she started. “But then I realised it wasn’t a wall, it was you. You were the wall, not an actual…” She trailed off, looking up at the blond giants face, only to find an amused smile and twinkling blue eyes looking down at her. She nodded in mortification, repeating, “Right, the bathroom.”

He pointed down the hallway. “Second door on your right.”

Y/N nodded again, walking down the hall with her head down, the only thought running through her mind was, how am I ever going to live that down?

“Hey Calum,” Luke called out as he opened the fridge and reached for a beer. “Who was that chick in the hall? Looking for the bathroom?”

Calum walked into the pantry for a glass of water for Y/F/N and leaned against the kitchen top, grinning. “A friend, why?”

Luke shrugged, avoiding the question, choosing to instead open the bottle and taking a big gulp. “So who’s the guest in the front? New, or regular?” They had an unspoken rule, with Calum handling the new clients and Luke the regulars, since Calum was better with people than Luke ever would be.

“New, and a mighty fine one at that. All light and angelic, though her personality says otherwise. Quite a change from her friend, the girl you met back there.” Calum gestured towards the bathroom.

“The punk one?” Calum grinned. “She’s not exactly punk, is she? More funeral-garb than anything else, without all that brightly coloured hair and kohl eyeliner around her eyes, eh?”

Now it was Calum’s turn to shrug. “Don’t be so quick to judge, my friend. You’d be surprised at her punk-ness.”

Luke shook his head and raised his beer. “Man, you’re nuts. Go back out there with your angel girl.”

“So, that’s your tattoo all done and nice, how’d you figure?” Calum smiled at Y/F/N, making Y/N snort at their obvious chemistry.

Y/F/N giggled, her hand ghosting over her hip where her top rode up slightly, leaving her new tattoo visible. “It’s cute.”

“It’s cute,” Calum repeated in disbelief. “I’m a badass tattoo artist and I ink you with your first ever tattoo and you think it’s cute?” He shook his head. “Man, you chicks are weird.”

Y/F/N shrugged, “It’s cute. How much is it?”

Calum shrugged, “Only if you tell me what it’s for.”


“The tattoo, why’d you get it? Painful promise, meaningful art, the result of an impulsive decision… Declaration of love?” He raised an eyebrow, waiting expectantly.

Y/F/N made a noise in the back of her throat, clearly having no intention of answering the question.

Y/N sighed dramatically. “She’s embarrassed by the question. Thinks the reason for her getting a tattoo is embarrassing. However, a dare’s a dare. And Y/F/N’s no chicken.” She shot a wicked grin in the direction of her friend.

Just then, Luke walked in. “What’s a dare?”

All three of them jumped, heads swivelling to look at the towering giant.

“Her tattoo is the result of a dare,” Calum explained.

Luke nodded as though it was the most logical reason for getting a tattoo in the world. He looked at Y/N. “No ink for you?”

Y/N shook her head in horror. “No thanks.”

Luke laughed. “What, too cool for a tattoo?”

“No, it’s just that I don’t believe in having to have tattoos and piercings and brightly-coloured hair and kohl eyeliner to be punk, y’know? I could be wearing a checkered skirt and a sweater and still be punk,” she shrugged.

“Besides’ a tattoo is too much of a commitment for Y/N to make anyway, she’d have trouble breaking up with it.” Y/F/N interrupted with a peal of laughter.

The two boys looked confused as Y/N proceeded to whack her friend lightly in mock annoyance. “I do not have trouble committing to getting a tattoo!”

“Right,” Y/F/N nodded knowingly.

“What do you girls mean she’d have trouble committing to a tattoo?” Calum finally voiced up.

“Oh you know, Y/N here has serious commitment issues. She can’t commit to anything, at all. It’s why she’s a compulsive shopper and has about a hundred shoes of the exact same designs, but in different shades of colours.” Y/F/N laughed again, this time right in Y/N’s blushing face.

“Well then, she’d make excellent friends with Luke, wouldn’t she?” Calum broke in. He draped an arm over Luke’s broad shoulders. “Our Luke here too has commitment issues. You’ve never had a proper girlfriend, have you?” He directed the question at Luke, who shook the enquiry off, shaking his head and changing the subject, albeit not very subtly.

“So, are we closing up? I need to grab dinner, I’m starving.”

“Actually, we were going to get dinner together. All four of us.” Calum interjected, Y/F/N shaking her head vigorously at Y/N to say no, obviously to get some “alone time” with Calum, seeing as how it had been barely an hour and they were both already smitten with each other.

Luke was in the process of agreeing, before Y/N made her decision - what was probably her worst decision ever, when she thought back to it - and grabbed Luke’s arm, pulling him out of the shop. “We’re having dinner together,” she called back to the pair of them, who had already linked hands and were walking down the opposite side of the street after Calum had locked the shop up.

“Hey! What was that for?” Luke pulled his arm away, rubbing at the spot where Y/N’s fingers had circled them.

“Are you really that dense? They obviously wanted some alone time, and you were going to join them and third-wheel?” Y/N shook her head, unsurprised.

Luke shrugged, seemingly uninterested in the fact that he had almost ruined what was becoming a first date. “Well then, can we go grab dinner now? I’m really starving, I haven’t ate since breakfast.”

Y/N laughed. “What? No, I’m not having dinner with you. I have a pizza date waiting for me at home, and I don’t believe in eating with strangers. Especially not ink-filled strangers whom I’ve barely met for ten minutes.”

“I’m not a stranger! I’m Luke! And besides’ you’d eat with Calum,” he protested.

Y/N nodded. “True, but then I’ve known Calum since we were kids and he tried to stick his pencil into my lunch.” 

“Well, can’t you at least pretend I’m Calum? I don’t have my car, Calum took it.” He pouted adorably but Y/N merely laughed, getting into her car. “Sorry Lukey, but some other time. Go get yourself dinner before you starve and die.”

She started the engine, winding down her window and putting a hand out to wave at him before pulling out of the car park, leaving a bewildered and confused Luke staring after her.

anonymous asked:

For college!5sos blurb night, can you please do a project partner one with either Luke or Ash who happens to be a nerd but owns it like a boss in bed? :DD thank!! x


Wide-rimmed glasses, checkered sweaters and organised timetables; Luke Hemmings is everything you expected. Sure, you’d heard rumours from a few of your friends but aside from that you really had no idea what you were getting into when you signed up for his tutoring.

You were failing a tricky part of your course and he volunteered to help you catch up. You were a little surprised, having never spoken to him before, but gladly accepted and agreed to meet him at his apartment.

So here you are, fist raised and about to knock on the door.

But before you can swing forward and knock you hear the sound of turning locks and before you know it you’re staring straight at him, his wide, crystal-blue eyes looking at you with a shy smile.

“I heard you coming down the corridor,” He smiles sheepishly and steps aside, holding out his hand and gesturing inside. You smile, your books clutched between your hands, and walk into his apartment.

It’s a nice place: everything very clean and concise. You slip off your shoes and hang up your jacket on a peg before turning to see Luke staring at you, a slightly lopsided grin on his face.

“What? Is there something on my face?” You mumble, using your free hand to reach up and softly pat your cheeks. Luke shakes his head quickly, pushing his right hand to fiddle with the frame of his glasses as a fiery blush spreads across his pale face.

“I just think you’re really pretty, that’s all,” He explains, barely above a whisper. You find your eyes widening at his words.

Sure, you may have a little crush on the boy you’ve been unwillingly drawn to ever since class restarted, but you weren’t expecting him to say something so surprising about you.

“Thanks, Luke,” You give him a smile and rock back on your heels. His eyes light up as he remembers the reason for your visit.

“Oh, right, studying. I was thinking we could go into my room and try it in there,” His captivating orbs seem to skim over your body, taking note of every curve and crevice. You shuffle around, finding yourself feeling a little flustered.

“That sounds good, lead the way.”

Luke plods into a room a few feet away and you take a deep breathe. The fitted shirt pressed against his taught back seems to ripple as he makes his way towards his room.

You step in behind him, kicking the door shut and throwing your books onto his bed. Luke’s already sitting on the duvet, his hand patting a spot beside him and gesturing for you to join him.

His eyes seem to follow you as you sit down, sinking into the soft sheets as you peer up to see him looking down at you.

An energy seems to rip through the room as Luke’s eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips, his tongue flicking out to slide across the bottom one and moisten it.

Unable to resist temptation any longer, you reach forward and use one hand to cup his cheek, the silky smooth skin feeling luscious under your toughened palms. Luke tenses, his eyes widening.

You nudge your face a little closer, the overwhelming desire to kiss him growing too much to prevent.

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