checkered clothes

Imagine Woozi accidentally wearing one of Suga’s clothes after they spend the night together.


Sitting down on a checkered cloth, you looked at your hand, entwined with Belle’s, and smiled. You were going on a picnic with the girl of your dreams. The weather was wonderful and you basked in the warmth of the sun. 

“Y/N,” Belle called, bringing you back from your thoughts. 


"This date is perfect,” she said turning to face you. “And I couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular day. Or girlfriend,” she added with a playful smile. 

You turned away, blushing. This caused Belle to laugh, and she leaned forward, pressing a kiss against your cheek. 

With a smirk and roll of your eyes, you leaned over and rested your head on her shoulder. Completely content.

recordsofme  asked:

one word prompt for skimmons Housekeys

five keys that daisy gives jemma and one key that jemma gives daisy

Jemma follows Daisy down the street and into the hardware store without really paying much attention.

She’s making notes and jotting down a list of the things they need to do for their first project in biology, so she doesn’t really put two and two together until a key hanging from a plastic tie drops on top of her tablet.

Jemma makes a noise because the metal could’ve scratched it and lets the key fall into the palm of her hand.

She looks up at Daisy brows furrowing, but before she can ask, Daisy turns around and starts walking out of store.

Jemma hurries after her, and ends up catching her outside in the corner standing in line for the ice cream vendor.

“Hey!” Jemma says as she passes two people in line after Daisy who grumble at her. She ignores them and steps up beside Daisy.

Daisy gives her a look out of the corner of her eye.

Jemma tucks the tablet underneath her arm, and motions her other hand with the key in it.

“What’s this for?”

Daisy turns to her then, and raises an eyebrow. “You’re always talking about how I keep losing my locker key…”

“Because you do,” Jemma interrupts her.

Daisy rolls her eyes. “Yeah, okay. That’s why I’m giving you a copy.”

Jemma gives her a confused look, “That doesn’t make any sense.”

Daisy rolls her eyes, again.

“You never lose your keys.”

“But we’re not talking about me,” Jemma says feeling a little wrong footed.

Daisy sighs exasperated and orders both of them ice cream since she’s up next.

She pays and takes the ice cream from the vendor before handing Jemma her strawberry cone and taking a bite out of her marshmallow, chocolate and peanut and covered in sprinkles chocolate monstrosity.

“You’ll have my key,” Daisy says in between licks of ice cream as they walk back towards Jemma’s home. “That way if I ever lose it…”

“When,” Jemma interjects under her breath.

Daisy shoots her a look from the corner of her eye, and rolls her eyes once again.

“Fine, so when I lose it, you’ll have the spare.”

“That actually makes sense,” Jemma says haltingly. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because you’re not nearly as smart as you think you are?” Daisy asks.

Jemma stops walking giving her an incredulous look.

Daisy bursts out laughing. “The look on your face!” She continues walking, eating her ice cream and chuckling.

Jemma squeezes the key in her hand tightly feeling the teeth biting against the skin of her palm and follows after Daisy because it’s what she always does.

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lord-of-all-trash  asked:

What do you think the romanced companions would do for M!Sole's first date with them? Loving your stuff by the way!

Thank you so so much! Also sorry it’s so late! 

Danse: Does a nice picnic by the beach, lighted by lantern and the soft moonlight. Stars illuminating in both of the men’s eyes. Danse packs a lunch catered to both of them; brahmin sandwiches, mirelurk cakes, veggie sticks, and purified water. Sole surprises Danse with a box or two of Fancy Lad Snack Cakes and Danse surprises Sole with some Dandy Boy Apples. The gentle crash of the waves is what they hear while they eat. Both he and Danse end the night with them cuddling, Sole sitting in Danse’s lap and Danse wrapping his arms around Sole’s chest, feeling each breath he was breathing. They love watching the moon and they place soft kisses on top of each other before they drift off to sleep.

Deacon: Cleans up an old abandoned diner. Gets Tinker Tom to reprogram some Mr. Handy’s so they can serve both him and Sole. Sole appears in his nice suit, surprised by the fact that not only Deacon dressed up for the occasion, but Deacon isn’t wearing his signature shades, showing off his deep blue eyes. They both sat down in the booth, starting off from across each other, but by the end of the meal, Sole ends up in the same side as Deacon. He lays his head on Deacon, letting the howls of Roy Brown lull him into a comfortable state. Deacon smiles and kisses the top of Sole’s head, reminding him that he was still there.

Preston: Surprises Sole by setting up a simple candlelit dinner. He learns how to make Pizza with a little help from Codsworth. He sets the table following the instructions from an old pre war book where the couple has a romantic dinner; set with a red and white table checkered cloth, the middle has a wine bottle that was repurposed as a candle holder, and the pizza is laid out for both of the men to enjoy. Each of them feeding each other, letting the cheese get tangled between their slices. as Codsworth plays music out of an old holotape Preston found.
When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.

X6-88: He decorates the local bar they have at Sanctuary, with flowers that Sole said he really likes. X6 tries to have everything perfect for him. (He’s a ex-courser, he needs it to be perfect.) He studies everything that Sole likes and he tries to get more information about those things that he likes; what he loves to eat, his favorite drink, his favorite snack. X6 just wants Sole to be happy. Of course, following Murphy’s law, everything doesn’t go as smooth and X6 is a little disappointed. Sole is still fine with everything and even gives X6 and kiss at the end of the night.

Hancock: He sets up a huge dinner date around Good Neighbor. Hancock is pulling up all the stops for the man he loves. First off they start in Hotel Rexford, where they have a nice dinner set up in the little restaurant area. Brahmin steaks and potatoes. Then they head to the Third Rail, where they drink until they start feeling the buzz, both of them holding each other’s hands and laying kisses on each other. Then it’s off to the Memory Den, where they both experience a good memory that they had with each other. The last spot is Hancock’s house, where they end the night with a bang.

Maccready: Sets up a little “Impromptu” shooting lesson. He wants to teach Sole how to effectively snipe from long range. He also has a little basket full of snacks and some quick foods to eat during a break. He teaches Sole about long range shooting. He even helps Sole straighten his posture by wrapping his arms around Sole while he shoots. “Just keep your eyes focused, you can do this.” MacCready whispers into his ear. They take a break when the wind starts to pick up and shooting long range gets a little difficult. Sole sets up the blanket and MacCready lays out the sandwiches, candy, snacks and the waters/beers. Sole ends up jumping on top of MacCready and the rest of the lesson is spent with them kissing each other and rolling around. 

Nick: Plans out a scavenger hunt for Sole. He sets up notes at the Power Noodle, on Takahashi, in Dugout Inn, Vadim is to give out the note, and in the Colonial Taphouse. A man dressed like Nick will give out the note to Sole. He starts it off by leaving a note for him in the Agency, the note says for Sole to dress up in this suit and meet Nick at Power Noodles. He follows him around. Nick wants to see Sole’s reaction to everything. When Sole enters the Taphouse, Nick heads back to the Agency, where Ellie has the rooftop set up for their little picnic. Nick sees Sole walking back with some Noodles and some wine. Nick laughs, and he turns on the radio to the Diamond City. He lights a cigarette and stares off into the setting sun, as he hears the hatch open.  “Nicely done, detective. You found me.” Nick says, and Sole runs into Nick’s arms. They have a lovely dinner and Sole falls asleep in Nick’s arms, his face in Nick’s chest. Nick kisses the top of his head.

Gage: Plans out a romantic day, like a pre war couple would. They would eat breakfast. Gage packs a simple lunch: Deathclaw steak sandwiches and some Nuka Cola. They head off to Nuka World. First to Galatic Zone, where they ride the Nuka Galaxy, and they explore the Among the Stars exhibit, each getting lost by the millions of stars and with each other. Then off to the Kiddie Kingdom, where they ride the ferris wheel. Sole held onto Gage. He was alway Ferris Wheels “Don’t worry, I got you darling. I won’t let go.” Gage whispers into his ears. Then it’s off to Safari Adventure, where they have lunch at Cappy’s Treehouse, admiring the view. Then it’s off to the Nukacade, where Gage wins Sole a little sloth plushie, it all ends with a dinner at the Fizztop Grille, where Sole and Gage have a nice dinner and they cuddle in bed.

A Little Bit of Magic and Miles To Go

Title: A Little Bit of Magic and Miles To Go

Pairing: Reader!human!Impala x Dean

Theme song: Wonderland by Taylor Swift, Home by Phillip Phillips, These Streets by Bastille

Request: Hiya! Can you please do a Dean X Reader where the reader is the Impala.

I love your writing! Can you write a one shot for Dean to Wonderland by Taylor Swift? She says green eyes and chesire cat smile and I just think of him lol thanks!

**Some light smut**

Your name: submit What is this?



The sun was beating down on you in the early afternoon heat when you opened your eyes for the first time.

You stretched your arms out in front of you, stopping with your fingers splayed out, and you stared at them. Your breath caught in your throat. You’d never had arms or hands to look at or stretch before. You’d never had eyes with which to stare. You’d never had breath that could catch in your throat. You stood quickly from the curb where you sat and stumbled back a few paces, feeling your too long legs nearly give from underneath you.

“Whoa. Hey, you ok?” you heard from behind you. A man with his family—a wife and two young girls—had stopped walking on the sidewalk, and he eyed you with concern.

“I’m fine,” you choked out. It seemed like the right thing to say, even if you weren’t fine at all. A learned trait or instinct, you supposed. You had a voice, though, and it worked well enough, and that was a start. The man nodded, his hand on the small of his wife’s back, and ushered his family along away from you after another long glance.

You cast your eyes around, trying to make sense of what had happened, where you were. You made a full circle and noted the boats in the harbor to your right, floating gently, tethered as they were. Folks continued to walk past you on the wooden walkway and nearby was a bench. You moved to it, trusting your legs for just a few steps before sinking down and putting your head in your hands and taking several deep breaths.

“Ok,” you said to yourself, trying to get used to the sound of your own voice. “Ok. I’ve dealt with weird things before. This is just one of them. Not a big deal…Except for everything about it.”

You drew another breath in slow and let it out. It seemed to help. Forcing yourself to sit upright, you set your chin high and waited for your heart to stop hammering in your chest, resolving to gather your bearings on the situation at hand.

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