checkered blanket

venus placements: where u go wrong in your love life (poem)

aries: you are bloodlust and explosive stardust, your need for raw emotion and high energy is more important to you than your need for genuine security and cozy duvet blanketed love that tucks you in every night.. you’re looking for fire when you only need heat

taurus: you are grandeur bogoise decadence in the form of a lavish meal at a five star restaurant, where you wear your finest jewels and gown, sit pretty and appear only mildly amused as your truest inner princess rightfully deserves to be pampered, it is typically you doing the pampering, quit kneeling to the feet of your lover and make them bow to you for a change

gemini: you are a hot miami summer’s night car chase, in the fastest sleekest brightest Lamborghini.. your lover is able to outsmart you only by a fifth of a millisecond, as they use the back alleyway to beat you at your own route, pulling up in tesla model you’ve yet to see – you are so enthralled by the chase you are blind to what is under the hood

cancer: you are disneyland fireworks, chocolate malt milkshakes in glass mason jars and pretty umbrella fixtures that peak out in an aesthetic that gives you hope for your future, you crave a love that nurtures and humbles you, you need so badly to feel wanted and find a love as authentic as the fairy tale you reread every night before bed, but you’ve never heard of grimm’s fairy tales and that’s a trouble in itself 

leo: you want “you are the only person in this world i could ever imagine a life with, i want nothing but you, i need nothing but you” but you are willing to accept complete unadulterated adoration from anyone willing to drown you in it, even if your intuition usually screams that this line has been said before, it’s okay as long as you feel appreciated, but maybe you see appreciation in the form of danger and gifts, and there’s no love in that. 

virgo: you are so in love with the idea of what you want and who you are that you don’t see what is actually happening in front of you, you play jester to your peers and yourself - more focused on the intellectual integrity of a person versus the morality and there is fault to that

libra: you give and you give and you give until there is nothing left for them to take from you and that is usually when you convince yourself that it is only fair you pour yourself into a cracked jar until all of your substance has leaked onto the counter, because there was something you saw in that person nobody else did, and you were promised they weren’t going to let you pour out but

scorpio: you are at war with your need to love so fiercely it could destroy you, and your need to guard yourself from the pain that your past lovers subjected you to and you carry all of them around like ghosts that won’t let you fully sleep at night, but this new person is better and more promising but every time they go to kiss you, you flinch because the only physical contact you’ve told yourself is possible is a fist 

sagittarius: you are a train ride that lulls you into melancholy as the whirring and smoke engine relax you, taking you into unchartered territory, different shades of trees show through your window and you’re so fixed on the getting there, you never actually stop to exit the train, eventually try to get off and explore your new destination, versus anticipating your next.

capricorn: you need routine kisses on the cheek after breakfast, and mandatory phone call check ins in the afternoon, you need monetary insurance in the form of a ring that sits nice and pretty on your finger reminding you of how this is what you need and what you want – but you’re so skeptical if any of these things becomes irregular or unreliable you lose sight of what you love about a person if they can’t nullify the ocean of your insecurities, you must learn to trust in order to love.. you cannot let people into your bed, and mistake that for your heart.

aquarius: you need substance and raw agave sweet purity of a person’s soul, you are searching for an innocence you no longer can see in yourself, but you’re jaded and you wish on stars for people that will never love you instead of people that actually could

pisces: you need soft kisses and plush pillows and for someone to take you into the forest and host a picnic for two, where you can discuss your eclectic taste in indie records nobody else has discovered but the two of you, and you are so levelheaded and calm that you forget your anger is unforgiving and if they wrong you just once you cut their head off and leave them their on the checkered blanket in the woven straw basket, maybe try to be more patient

on earth day, she takes you on her favorite hike. you lie on a checkered picnic blanket, enjoying your homemade lunch, and watch scattered clouds race by. you reach over to kiss her cheek and she blushes. there is absolutely nowhere you’d rather be. you walk back in the gathering dusk, distant city lights just starting to glow.

Father’s Day

A Father’s Day picnic.

That’s what your baby girl wanted to do for Niall. Last month at her preschool her teacher had organized a family picnic one weekend, and it’s all that she could talk about for a full week—it was a nice break from all the Doc McStuffins and Sofia The First talk, but you were going to have to organize a picnic real soon before she started a revolt.

That morning you and Niall were woken up bright and early by your little one. She was a complete daddy’s girl, and Father’s Day was quite possibly the closest thing to Christmas without it actually being Christmas—the first few years she didn’t quite understand it, but now that she was four (therefore all grown up) she knew what it meant and was determined to do it perfectly.

Your eyes fluttered open that morning to the squeals and kisses being exchanged between Niall and your daughter, and your heart could have burst with love right there and then. Half an hour later the three of you were in the kitchen making breakfast together—you tried to insist on Niall staying in bed as long as he wanted, but he refused.

“Wanna spend some time with my girls,” he had said, pressing a kiss to your daughter’s head. “Why would I wanna be stuck in bed all morning and miss out on all the loving?”

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megelizabethvh  asked:

Oh my goodness, I saw this and thought of you! (Modern AU where Richie confesses his feelings for Eddie through text and when Eddie doesn’t text back he’s hurt and is about to call Eddie and yell at him when Richie realizes he never sent the text in the first place) would you be interested?

~Richie was curled up on his bed, posture poor and hunched per usual as he stared down at his checkered squares blanket. About three squares away from him on the blanket sat his phone. It was unlocked at his brightness was unnecessarily turned up all the way. He pushed his glasses up his nose and sighed, reaching for it again. He tapped the side as he stared down at it but made no move to type. The gray bubble from the last time he’d texted Eddie read, ‘Bite the big one, Tozier’. Richie chuckled, hearing it read in Eddie’s voice in his head as he remembered that conversation they’d been having. He shook his head. That wasn’t the point. 

He’d been fighting with himself for over an hour just to get enough courage to press send on his typed out message. But every time he hovered his thumb over the blue send icon, he would cower out. He bit his lip and it all played out all the same, he hovered over it but quickly sighed and laid his phone down again. “Shit.” He mumbled. Richie Tozier was no chicken. Finally, he closed his eyes, because the gesture was brave enough to allow the one chicken move, and pressed send, immediately closing the app afterwards. He let out all his breath and realized that he’d have to wait now. So in order to keep himself from just pain staring at the phone, he turned on the television. 

After what felt like the 80th laugh track from some Full House re-run, Richie mumbled to himself “I’m funnier than him.” He rolled his eyes and turned off the tv. He frowned and rolled off his stomach and looked to his phone again. No notifications. Richie wanted to fling the stupid thing out the window. The blank screen mocking him. ‘How could Eddie just ignore him?’ Sure he was no poet like Ben but he thought his text read just fine. 

‘Hey, Eds I just wanted to let you know I lost that comic book you lent me and also I’m in love with you.’

As long as he was confessing things, he thought it was as good a time as any to tell Eddie he’d lost that book. But he still had no answer and it was making him want to tear his hair out.

 The anxiety was causing his hands to fidget as he looked at the clock, it’d been twenty minutes and still….nothing. In frustration, Richie jetted his hand out, unlocked his phone and flicked through his contacts, tapping with built up anger on ‘Eds :)’ . 

He listened to the soft ringing as he bit into his lip. “Hello-?” 

“Eddie Kasprak! I confess my love to you and you ignore me? I’ve been waiting for you to say something and you’re end is just dead-?” 

“Richie, what are you talking about?” Eddie interrupted him and Richie had to catch his breath. 

“Didn’t you get my text?” Richie asked, still breathing heavily and Eddie was silent for a few seconds. 

“No. What text?” 

Richie’s stomach dropped and he rolled right off his bed in anger. At the thump, Eddie was reeling. “Rich? Richie…hello?” 

Richie sat up and shook his head and put the phone back to his ear. “It didn’t send….I knew I shouldn’t have closed my eyes, I’m such a chicken.”

“So….you confessed your love to me?”  Eddie repeated Richie’s earlier rushed statement softly and Richie gulped. He licked his lips and started fidgeting again. 

“Yeah…but I could take it back, if you want.” Richie tripped over his words and mumbled in a way comparable to a child. Eddie chuckled softly. 

“Take it back? What are you nine? You don’t need to take it back, Rich.” 

“I don’t?” Richie repeated with a smile growing over his entire face. 

“I feel the same way.” Eddies voice went small and insecure, Richie was triumphant. He pumped his fist into the air and held back and excited yelp as he jumped on his bed like he wasn’t seventeen years old but actually nine. Suddenly, he remembered something.. 

“Hey Eds, by the way I lost that comic book you lent me.”

“Oh my god Tozier, I hate you.”

“That’d only be true if you weren’t so in love with me.” Richie teased in a sing-songy voice and Eddie scoffed. 

“I’m hanging up, you ass.”

“But I’ll see you tonight, right?” 

“Yes. Goodbye.” and with that, Eddie hung up with a huge grin on his face. 

Am I Trash? Yeah, Probably

So…yeah… thanks to the lovely @markired and revisiting Teabag Edition | Bro Average I have slammed myself into the trash bin. Have an imagine on the one and only Chase. ~~~

Originally posted by markired

I woke up to a pair of bright blue eyes staring lovingly at me. “G'morning, baby,” Chase whispered.

I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face. “Exactly how long have you been staring at me for?” I asked playfully.

He raised his head up slightly to look at the glowing iHome behind me. “Um, about an hour and fifteen minutes…”

We both burst into giggles. The mid-morning light coming from the window only made him look even more happy. As I calmed, I felt the gentle touch of his hand on my cheek. “God,” he started.

I blushed and wondered if there was drool or something on my face. “What?”

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What Are Friends For? {Remus Lupin x Reader} *REQUESTED*

For you, anon! 3 requests down. 1 more to go!


Sunday afternoons with (Y/n) were mostly spent outdoors, trying to explore the secluded places around the school. (Y/n) did not mind this since she loved being away from all the drama in school and it was the only time she really gets to spend with her boyfriend, Remus Lupin, alone.  

She sat on the checkered blanket he had set up for their picnic by the lake while Remus lied down with his head on her lap.

“How are you today, love?” He smiled, looking up at his girl.

“Splendid, darling. What about you?”

“Good!” He chuckled, opening his mouth as she popped a tiny chocolate in his mouth. His lips closed around the tip of her finger, making her giggle.

“No biting!” She laughed, drawing back her hand and wiping it on her dress. Remus sat up and took a tiny chocolate as well, holding it between his fingers.

“Alright, now it’s your turn.” He smirked and as his hand came close to her lips, he suddenly popped it in his mouth at the last second. She frowned at him while he began to laugh.

“That’s not fair!” She whined.

“Again, again. But this time, close your eyes and open your mouth when I tell you to.”

(Y/n) raised her brow at him suspiciously. “You’re not gonna put a pebble in my mouth now, are you?”

“Of course not. Now close your eyes.”

She did as she was told and waited for his instruction. She wanted to keep one eye open to see what he was trying to do when she felt him kiss her lips lightly.

She opened her eyes and saw the smirk on his face.

“So where’s the chocolate?”

“Come on, you didn’t find that at least a bit sweet?”

“Well, I wasn’t able to taste anything. Maybe you should try again.”

“Now, you’re just playing with me.”

(Y/n) laughed at Remus who pretended to look angry, his arms crossed and his lips in a cute pout. She wrapped her arms around him and lied down on the blanket with him, watching the clouds move slowly. Remus pulled her closer to him, nuzzling his nose in her hair.

“You know, when I was a kid, I thought the cotton candy was stolen from the clouds.” She said, making him lift his head and look at her amusingly.

“Mm, you know what I think?”


“I think your parents stole the stars and placed them in your eyes.”  Remus smiled, twirling her hair around his finger. She snorted at his pick up line and rolled her eyes.

“Haha. Try again.”

“Hm, I think your parents stole the–”

“Seriously? What is it with my parents stealing things?” She grinned at him.

“Because you stole my heart, (Y/n).” Remus said with a straight face. (Y/n) watched him and tried to bite her lip to force herself from smiling but she could not take it. She chuckled and felt her cheeks blush at his words.

“That was very smooth, Lupin.”

He smiled and kissed her lips once more which she returned passionately. She gave him one last tiny peck before checking the time.

“Do you think we should go back?”

“Yeah, the boys might get suspicious already. I told them I was in the library and James might find out I’m not there.”

(Y/n) nodded understandably, beginning to pack away their things and the checkered blanket. Remus helped her out and the two walked together hand in hand before stopping at the front of one of the school’s entrance.

“Next week again?” He asked to which (Y/n) smiled and nodded again.

“Sunday. See you around, love.” She placed a kiss on his cheek and waved goodbye.

He blushed at the gesture and went back to the Gryffindor common room where his friends sat by the fire. James was the first to notice the smile on Remus’s face which he tried to hide.

“You look a little happy there, Moony. Did you find little red riding hood on her way to her granny’s house?”

“No, just the same red haired girl who won’t go out with you.” Remus countered, sitting on one of the empty chairs.

“Oooh, burn, Prongs!”

“Shut up, Padfoot.”

“I just went to the library to read,” Remus said, smiling once more as he pictured the smile on (Y/n)’s face and her beautiful (h/c) hair.

“Moony, you’re doing it again,” Peter said, watching his friend with amusement.

“Doing what?”

“You’re a bad liar, Moony. No, you’re a horrible liar.” Sirius teased.

“You’re fancying someone!” James smirked. “Come on, lovewolf. Who is it?”

“No one!”

“Oh, I think I know who it is! It’s (Y/n), isn’t it?” Peter said, bouncing on his chair excitedly.

“Wow, Peter. Thanks for ratting me out.” Remus rolled his eyes.

“So it is true!” James said. “You fancy her!”


“Have you snogged her yet?” Sirius asked. The question caught Remus off guard and without hesitation, he answered a loud “Yes” before realizing he had slipped his own secret. The boys snorted and laughed while Remus hid his blushing face with a pillow.

“Lovewolf, lovewolf!” James chanted, “Think we should name you that, instead!”

“Fuck off, Prongs.”

“Mind your language, swearwolf.”

“Maybe we should also call (Y/n) something. Like Mrs. Moony! Or Mrs. Lovewolf!”

“Can we stop with the lovewolf, please?” Remus complained from behind the pillow.

“Can’t quite hear you, Moony. What did you say?”

“I said, can we stop with the–”

“Oh, Remus! Where are thou Remus?” James said in a high pitched voice, ignoring his friend’s muttering. “Oh, yes! Remus! Right there!”

James started to moan loud, enough to be heard from outside. Sirius joined him and the two began to create random noises while Peter laughed at the two.  

“You two disgust me.” Remus removed his pillow and waited for the two to calm down from their antics. After sharing a last laugh, they stopped and sat on the chair where Remus was.

“So, I take it, you really love her?” James asked.

“Of course I do. I’m just worried how she’ll feel about our relationship now publicized.”

“Nobody knows excepts us, you know.” Sirius said.

“Well, you were moaning my name earlier so I’m pretty sure the whole castle knows by now.”

“Even so, you think we won’t hex them if they say something?”

“Padfoot’s right. I think we should celebrate this and maybe next time, I can also join you with my future–”

“And nonexistent.”

“–wife!” James finished and glared at Sirius.

“We got your back, Moony!” Peter smiled, patting his friend’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it.”

Remus shook his head with a smile and ran his fingers through his hair. Despite how idiotic and troublesome his friends could be, they were like his family and now that they know about his relationship with (Y/n), he couldn’t help but feel happy and satisfied with the people he cared most about.


Strings Attached

Summary:  Marinette could see the red strings of fate holding people together, but no one was allowed to know that.  That fact didn’t stop her from using her knowledge to nudge soulmates together.  Of course, this led to her getting a reputation as the class matchmaker, which isn’t an issue until her soulmate, Adrien Agreste, asks her to set him up with another girl.  

Red Strings of Fate/Soulmate AU!

AO3 | 1 | 2 | 3

Chapter 2: Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

“Pound it,” the two masked heroes of Paris said after the latest Akuma had been purified. The fight wasn’t difficult. Neither of them had to use their abilities, though they both wished hawkmoth would’ve kept his Akumatizing for before midnight. The Akuma, “Road Rage,” was more of a nuisance than a threat. All he did was making annoying honking noises. Hawkmoth seemed to be running out of ideas.

Since neither had used their abilities, Ladybug and Chat Noir were in no rush to part after the attack, despite the fact that it was late night. Marinette always liked these moments the best, but she would never admit that to Chat.

“Purrfect as always, My Lady,” he smiled.

Ladybug ruffled hair, deciding to ignore the cringe worthy pun, “You didn’t do so bad yourself, Kitty. Besides, I think that was our easiest fight yet.”

“Well, we do seem to fight well together,” he leaned into her hand, “but that’s just because we’re made fur each other.”

She scoffed, but continued scratching behind his ear, “I don’t know about that…” but she truly didn’t. She could never really know who his soulmate was while he’s transformed.

“But, don’t you believe in soulmates, My Lady?” He pulled away, so he could look into her eyes.

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RFA: First Date Headcanons

more rfa shenanigans 


  • “Hey, MC,” he called you up a day after the party. “We haven’t really gone on our first proper date, have we? What do you say, wanna go have lunch at the park?”
  • “Sure, Yoosung. I’d love to!”
  • “How about I get you at 11:00am?”
  • “Sounds good! See you then babe!” *click*
  • His face is all red
  • Turns out Zen was in the room and he wrote on a bunch of flashcards on what to say. Yoosung skipped the “intro cards,” much to Zen’s dismay
  • You set out your favorite casual outfit, and Yoosung decided to just wear his usual attire.
  • Luckily, Rika’s apartment (well, yours now)was a 15 minute walk from the park.
  • He greeted you, sparkly as ever. He offered his free arm and you took it
  • You chose a spot on a little hill, right beneath a big tree
  • You helped him lay out the checkered blanket and you both enjoyed some sandwiches and soda.
  • You guys talked about anything and everything, staying for a good 5 hours.
  • His hand was inching closer to yours
  • ….and then Saeyoung jumped down from the tree
  • “OMG! My little baby Yoosung all grown up!” he wipes a tear from his eye and snaps pictures of you guys.
  • Text message to: 707
    • Hey, Seven, can you send me those photos?
    • Haha what? I thought you were too embarrassed
    • I wasn’t just send them to me!
    • Fiiinnne. You drive a hard burger *exasperated emoji*
    • If u know that reference, i<3
  • Yoosung recives exactly 707 photos, most of them blurry


  • He takes you to one of his opening night performances
  • You were slightly disappointed because other girls would be fawning over him more than usual, but you tried to have a good time.
  • Zen had picked you up with red roses and brought you to the best seat in the house.
  • Well, not best view, but the best view of him
  • He’d casually wink at you each time he went to go back stage
  • “How was it babe? I was great wasn’t I?”
  • “Yeah, Zen! Fantastic!”
  • “Awe, what’s wrong?”
  • “Oh, nothing nothing! You were handsome as usual! And that passion! I wish I was her,” you sighed.
  • “Oh you do, do you?” His fingers ghosted on the small of your back. “Are you sure? She doesn’t get to have me like you do.”
  • *blushing intensifies*
  • “Show me more then,” you stammered
  • “Babe! It’s only our first date. I have more class than that! But the beast…it’s being unleashed!” he dramatically sighed.
  • When he brought you home, he gave you a kiss on the hand and begged to stay the night for cuddles


  • You treat her for a nice date at a cafe.
  • It’s a little ways away, so she’s surprised at how you found it
  • You told her you had gotten lost and wound up there asking for directions
  • Squabbles on who actually pays for the food
  • You listen to every complaint she has about jumin and all the little things
  • It was very lowkey, you both didn’t like over-the-top things
  • It actually becomes a regular for you two, and the baristas always know your orders
  • They’re always happy to give advice for her own cafe
  • All the people around you gushing about being “gal-pals”
  • “I’m gay, goddammit.”


  • Fancy fancy fancy fancy
  • Brings elizabeth the 3rd too
  • Brings you to the 2nd most fancy restaurant
  • “Oh, I wish they had some carne asada actually.”
  • He leans over to his bodyguard: “get some stat! My woman needs that! Whatever it is…”
  • “Sorry, did you just say you don’t know what those are? Waitress, cancel those orders! We must treat the poor uncultured baby!”
  • You drag him out of the resturant and bring him to your favorite taco stand
  • “Yes, I’m ready to order…I’d like two of these and some chips and guac and some sodas, please!”
  • He’s already pulling out $100’s
  • “Love, they don’t accept those bills. They’re too large.”
  • “What do you mean? This is all I’ve got.”
  • “It’s okay. I’ll treat us.”
  • “Uh, no, the gentleman has to pay for the lady’s food.”
  • “It’s already done.”
  • He really enjoys this commoner’s food
  • Next, you’ll have to get him to try instant coffee
  • elizabeth does not like the mexican food


  • You guys decide to rob a bank
  • Thats it
  • Its 2:00am and ya’ll are decked out in black from head to toe
  • It’s pretty fun
  • Until you hear the sirens


  • He can’t see well but he still takes you to his favourite art museum.
  • Many of his photographs are on display in the photography section
  • Surprise surprise, a couple of them are of you


  • “Get home by 10:00pm, kiddies! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Saeyoung sends you off with a wave
  • Very awkward
  • He takes you to the theatre
  • He takes you to a scary movie
  • He tries to do that yawn-arm-side-hug-thing
  • Tbh saeyoung told him to do it
  • He didn’t know why
  • You noticed and were laughing so hard you had to actually get up and leave
  • “Saeran, what are you doing? That’s so not like you!”
  • He sulks. “My idiot brother told me to do it…”
  • “That’s not you though.”
  • “Don’t worry, we’ll take it slow, okay?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “You’re so cute.”


oneeyedalicegame  asked:

s/o makes a flower crown for prince sidon, i wonder how he reacts to it? :o really love your blog!

(This was just too cute I couldn’t pass up the chance to make a little ficlet~ Let’s see if this format is better~ Enjoy!~)

A Crown for the King

Words: 1538

On days like this Sidon felt that he had been blessed by the Goddess to have someone as precious as you in his life.

Earlier that morning, he had awoken as normal with you laying down beside him nuzzling against his chest while he had his arm draped over you, holding you as close to him as possible. He loved waking up to the sight of you, especially when he knew that he would not be able to see you properly for quite a while as he attended to his duties to the Kingdom.

Today would be a particularly busy day, he had to attend a meeting with his father and the elders, endure his princely training with Muzu, organize and sign political paper work from other Kingdoms, and read all the letters sent by Zora citizens addressing some of the problems in the Domain all before lunch.

However, it was on busy days like this that he wished more than anything he could just stay in bed holding you and admiring how beautiful you looked while you slept; he could stare at you for hours and never grow tired. Unfortunately, as much as he wanted to stay, Sidon had duties to attend to and no matter how exhausting they were physically and mentally as future king it was a small price to pay for the security of the kingdom’s future.

Sidon just wished that they wouldn’t take him away from you for so long.
With a soft sigh Sidon begrudgingly removed himself from you and – careful not to wake you up – got out of bed so that he could get ready. His movements were as slow as he could without being late for breakfast; he would have a special meal sent up to you something he often did on full days like this an apology for his absence, although he would much rather just stay with you and not leave at all.

When he had finished donning his royal attire he turned again to the bed and quietly approached it smiling fondly as he bent over the bed to plant a tender kiss to your forehead. For a moment, he just stood there hovering over you simply watching how you shuffled around under the covers nuzzling into the pillow. You were just so beautiful. The Zora sighed softly and then kissed your forehead one more time before finally dragging himself away from the bedside so he could begin his day.

After breakfast, he hurried off to the meeting which went as well as he had expected it to go: long and boring. It felt like centuries had gone by before the elders were finally satisfied – or as satisfied as they were going to be – with Sidon and his father. They took their leave and Sidon let out a tired sigh as he finally allowed his body to relax again, rolling his shoulders to loosen them up again.

“My son,” Sidon stiffened again turning to his father sat upon his throne looking as regal as ever, the younger Zora often wondered how he managed to look so dignified even when it was just the two of them. Well, the two of them and Muzu.

“Yes father? Is this about my schedule? I was just about to head out with Muzu to continue my training as was planned and once I finished up with my studies I would be devoting my attention to the letters sent to us from-!“ Sidon was cut off when he saw his father raise a hand politely silencing him without saying a word.

For a moment, the Zora thought that he had said something wrong and ran over his schedule in his head making sure that he hadn’t forgotten something but he shook his head. He had not forgotten anything so why was his father now staring at him so intently? When his father let out a laugh, Sidon only became more confused about what was going on.

“They were right,” King Dorephan chuckled before leaning over to his son, “Sidon, my dear boy, I want you to go out and relax for the rest of the day.”

The Prince’s eyes widened in surprise. At first, he thought that he had misheard his father but when the large man kept that fond smile plastered on his face Sidon knew that he had heard him correctly. “But Father what about the rest of my duties?”

King Dorephan simply holds his hand up silencing his son, “You have been doing very well managing your duties my son, but I think that you have been working a little too hard. Do not worry about Muzu, we already discussed it yesterday and he has agreed that this break is well-deserved.” Sidon looked over to his father’s right-hand man smiling when he gave a begrudged nod. “Your lover is already waiting for you outside.”

With a quick bow of gratitude to his father and Muzu the Zora Prince hurried out of the room trying to not look as eager as he felt, though he was sure that he was not doing a very good job. The palace guards cast worried looks at him as he darted past them to get to the center of the town where he expected to see you standing there waiting for him. He gazes around seeing the usual small crowd of Zoras chatting and laughing as they talk amongst each other, the young children running around giggling with enthusiasm as they give chase to their friends in a playful game of tag, and standing at the center of it all is the statue of his dear sister.

However, you are nowhere to be found.

He is puzzled as he steps out into the center of town taking notice how everyone glances over at him and then smile; they know why he is there. Sidon approaches to women and has barely opened his mouth before they both point in the same direction, “Your love is waiting for you at the bank of Mikau lake.” The eldest says with a fond smile. Prince Sidon smiles sheepishly and happily thanks the two women before taking off running again, with his destination clear in his mind.

When the Prince finally approached Mikau lake his face lights up spotting you, sitting on top of one of the rocks protruding from the crystal-clear waters, your back is turned to him but he does not need to see your face to know that you are his sweet treasure. Just as he is about to run up to you he notices that on the bank a little way away from your current seat is a red and white checkered blanket laid out on the grass weighed down by a vast array of his favorite fish as well as some dishes for you.

Sidon walks toward the little picnic in mild surprise, everything is set out so neatly that this was most certainly planned, at first, he thought that this was his father’s idea but now he was not so sure. The prince turned his attention away from the picnic and instead walked up to you on feeling the shallow water’s cool touch against the soles of his feet as neared your perch until he could finally wrap his arms around your waist pulling you back a little. He smiled when you let out a soft gasp followed by his name when you turned to look at him.

“Hello love, it seems that you have been busy handling your own duties,” He says and the bashful smile that creeps up on your lips is all the answer he needs. Sidon feels himself laugh softly and lean in to peck your cheek sweetly, even on top of this stone you are still a shorter than him. “I will admit that I am pleasantly surprised that you would go through all of this but you did not need to do so much for me my pearl.”

He watches you smile and then fiddle with something in your hands that he had noticed before. “I know.” You say simply before repositioning yourself so that you are now facing him letting him see the bright smile on your face as your arms reach up and then motion for him to lean down a little. He does so without question but smiles inquisitively when he feels you place something on top of his head that rests comfortably on top of his head in a wide half-circle of something soft resting on his crest. Sidon stands up straight again and reaches a hand up to touch the item that has been placed on him.

It is soft and feels faintly like velvet, no these are flowers! You have given him a crown of flowers that are connected in an intricate chain of the lovely wild flowers that grew around the Zora Domain. “I just figured that even the king-to-be deserved a little break,” you giggled when Sidon just stared at you in awe, “It suits you.”

He couldn’t stop himself as he lifted you up from the stone and then spun around laughing excitedly as he did so. Yes, on days like this, he was truly blessed to have someone as amazing as you.

Parachute (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Hard fought battles are sometimes done thorough the name of love. Reader has Roman, Roman has the Reader. And if life were honest, that’s not to bad.

**A/N:**Requested by @lclb13. Song used in this is “Parachute” by Cheryl Cole (totally her awesome choice, not mine. I’m just the writer). I was supposed to finish this last week but college has been overwhelming me (screams in agony). This is written as an alternate timeline of No Mercy.

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“…Don’t believe the things you tell yourself so late night and

You are your own worst enemy, you’ll never win the fight

Just hold onto me

I’ll hold onto you

It’s you and me up against the world, it’s you and me…”

          “Miss (Y/N). A princess and a quiet storm. You’re one of the top superstars in the Raw Women’s Division going up for your first championship opportunity this Sunday against Alexa Bliss in a Falls Count Anywhere match. What is your opinion of Roman Reigns outside of the ring? You seem to spend a lot of time with him.”

           I knew someone was going to manage to slip something in. Today was going too well to be true.

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Psych ship aesthetics

Gules is holding hands and shared giggles, thigh kisses and broken-in dance shoes. it’s bright yellow flowers and carefully organized stacks of comics. it’s a feeling of peaceful bliss. it’s a contented sigh and piggy-back rides and braided hair and a cool breeze and the night skyline. it’s the smell of chocolate chip cookies and the feeling of waking up and knowing you have the whole day free to do whatever you want.

Lassiet is the brisk smell of fall, the cool feel of smooth metal. it’s the comfort of never having to look over your shoulder. it’s resting your head on someones shoulder while you hug them. it’s wordless understanding and finally sitting down at the end of a long day. it’s the soft scent of peaches and the familiar feel of something you’ve run your hands over a million times. it’s sneaking off when no one’s paying attention and too-sweet coffee and well-worn leather. 

Shus is the crinkle of snack bags and bodies draped over each other in every imaginable fashion. it’s the sparkle of the sun on the ocean and when your face hurts from smiling so much. it’s arguing like an old married couple and watching the same movies over and over again and being kissed when you least expect it. it’s the refreshing taste of cold lemonade on a hot day. it’s the sound of waves crashing on the beach and laying on the roof to look at the stars. 

Shules is sun-kissed skin and sand between your toes. it’s the wind in your hair when you drive with all the windows open. it’s candy hearts and turning the music all the way up and neon signs blinking in store windows. it’s the colors of the sky at sunset, fingers tangled in hair, and palm trees swaying in the breeze. it’s feeling like you’ll never stop laughing and a red checkered picnic blanket. it’s freckles and forehead kisses and cartwheels and finding shapes in the clouds.

Gussie is dimly lit museums and the smell of musty books and adorably furrowed brows. it’s the weight of laying under 6 blankets and the steady, reliable sound of a heartbeat. it’s cracked moleskin, long walks around the neighborhood, and the comfortable silence of intimacy. it’s getting lost in someone’s eyes and inside jokes and conversations that last until 3am. it’s the sharp sound of tap shoes and strong arms wrapped around you.

Shassie is wide smiles hidden behind grumbled complaints and the tangy smell of pineapple. it’s having a full conversation by just exchanging a look and being shoved against a wall to be kissed. it’s insults that become terms of endearment, a reassuring touch, and a rush of adrenaline. it’s being tangled up in your sheets and the coarse feeling of stubble. it’s never having to explain yourself. it’s a hot bath, the smell of good cologne, a sense of triumph, and cheeky grins.

the ot4 is all this and more. it’s when your stomach hurts from laughing, it’s dancing around your house for no reason at all, it’s that feeling when a moment is so perfect you wish you could freeze it in time forever. it’s falling asleep on the couch and waking up with a blanket draped over you. it’s the feeling of victory when you stay up long enough to see the sunrise, jumping in the pool for the first time, and scent of your favorite person’s shirt. it’s the comforting feeling of home.

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yellow!!! always yellow

i’ve gotten like 3 requests for yellow so here you go!

“if you were a color,” you told shawn seriously, “you’d be yellow.”

“really,” he replied dubiously, taking a swig of wine straight from the bottle he’d brought.

you reached inside the picnic basket for one of the turkey sandwiches you’d hastily assembled that morning. “yes, really. i put a lot of scientific research and thought into this. don’t you agree?”

“i don’t know, i’m feeling more of, like, a dark green or something sexy, like, red,” he told you. he shifted closer and sprawled out across the checkered blanket, which he was too tall for, so his hair mingled with the park grass at the edge of the blanket. you grinned down at him before biting into your sandwich and he squinted up at you through his sunglasses, obviously fighting the bright sunlight.

“nah, i think you’re yellow. you’re almost always happy, but even when you’re not, yellow doesn’t necessarily mean happy,” you pointed out.


“no, it can be, like, calm, like a butter or honey yellow. or it can be thoughtful. or adventurous or zany, like mustard yellow.”

“damn, you really have put way too much thought into this,” shawn chuckled. “can i have a bite of the sandwich?”

you passed it to him without comment and lay down beside him, turning onto your side to face him. he grinned at you, and even though his eyes were obscured by his sunglasses, you still felt the genuine joy in his gaze.

“what are you smiling for?” you asked, reaching forward to trace the curve of his bottom lip with your thumb. his lip was soft against your hand, and it made you smile in turn.

“because,” he said, like it was obvious. “i’m here with you, eating good food at a picnic and talking about things that i’ve never stopped to think about before. plus, that cloud over there - the one by the tree? - it looks like an alien and i think that’s hilarious.”

you squinted up at the sky, but failed to see what he was talking about. you couldn’t stop your smile regardless, though, especially not after he said something like that. “see?” you said. “i told you. you’re totally yellow.”

Peter Maximoff

(Here’s a little Peter Maximoff imagine. I was inspired to write this when I was listening to “That’s the Way” by Led Zeppelin. I think I’m going to start writing a few fics like this when I’m having a hard time writing them out in full like my previous ones. I think this will work better for me at the moment since school has been pretty hectic. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little fic about my favorite silver haired Twinkie eating boy. I was definitely going to have some forest critters come and run off with his beloved snack but, I didn’t. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and feedback would be greatly appreciated!)

Take a Break

-Peter knew you were stressed.

-There was only two weeks left until the end of the school year.

-Unfortunately, you had failed a mock exam for one of your classes.

-The points for this final exam would be a huge percentage of what your final grade in the class would be.

-If you passed, your grade would go up.

-And if you didn’t, your grade would be knocked down a letter.

-It was upsetting because you had passed every assignment with flying colors.

-And now, you had failed the practice exam.

- You were working yourself hard because you were determined to pass it.

-Peter hated seeing you like this.

-Always stressing over school work and exams when you didn’t need to.

-You always got straight A’s in all your classes.

-You are one the smartest people he knows.

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prompt idea: trimberly going on a picnic together where Trini used to meditate! :-)

“Where are you taking me?”

“Don’t peek yet, we’re almost there.”

“I’m blindfolded. I’m pretty sure I can’t see a thing.”

Stumbling along uneven footing, Trini hears the chirping of birds off in the distance and feels the shifting ground crumbling beneath her feet and she knows they’re in the quarry. Kimberly had the bright idea of surprising her for their first year anniversary, which resulted in Trini blindfolded for that extra ‘wow’ factor.

Kimberly’s unbridled excitement and giddiness makes Trini’s heart do flips, and despite the cheesiness of it all, she’s always secretly wanted this lovey dovey shit but just never imagined it would ever come true; until now.

They stop after several more minutes and a couple more stumbles. Kimberly’s firm grip on her hips leaves and is replaced with rustling.

“Can I take this damn thing off?”

“No!” Kimberly shouts in a panic. “Just - just give me two more seconds.”

Trini chuckles sarcastically before muttering into the wind. “You know, when I first pictured us using blindfolds, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

She can practically feel Kimberly’s embarrassment radiating off her body, but then firm hands grip her shoulders and then rotates her to the right.

“Okay, now you can open your eyes.”

Ripping off the offending itchy cloth, Trini blinks momentarily from the sunlight before her eyes widen in awe.

They’re on top one of the highest cliffs in the quarry, one of the many places that Trini would visit in her own solitude to clear her mind, far away from the tumultuous clamor of the city. When being in the house became too much or when the disappointment in her parents’ voices weighed heavily in her heart, this became her home away from home.

A square red and white checkered blanket like something straight out of a romance movie lay safely from the edge with a woven basket and a bottle of wine sticking out of the lid. Trini doesn’t question how Kimberly got her hands on it, but she knows she has family problems of her own and doubts that her parents would even miss it.

Trini’s absolutely speechless.

She’s never had anyone do this for her. Nobody ever made her feel so special, let alone give her the time of day, but here Kimberly has done it all and gone above and beyond.

Kimberly fidgets in place, her eyes trained nervously on the shorter girl.

“I hope you like turkey sandwiches. I wanted to keep it kind of simple so… yeah.”

Trini’s eyes sweep over the spread, over the love that’s gone into the whole preparation, over the entire location. She feels the welcoming breeze on her skin and sees the overlooking town and it builds and builds until her heart burgeons with such powerful emotion that she can barely contain it from exploding out like the fourth of July.


There’s a crackling in her chest and the fireworks light up the sky in her heart and she realizes it’s far too late to hold it back.

Her vision starts to blur and it’s taking all her strongest willpower for it not to flow out like a river, but Kimberly sees the mist in her eyes and her expression turns to one of utter disbelief.

“Oh my god, are you crying?”

Trini punches her girlfriend in the shoulder before pulling her into a tight hug. Kimberly’s arms wrap around her smaller frame and she feels warm and safe and everything that a home should feel like.

“Thank you.”

Kimberly ruffles her hair and smiles. “Happy anniversary.”

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Prompt: Hugo and Damien showing their other side to eachother and being dorky

“And you have every action figurine produced?”

“Not every one.” Hugo chuckled anxiously, casting his gaze away from Damien and towards a large mausoleum with an intricately sculpted angel on top. 

Their little late-night cemetery picnic had taken a turn Hugo wasn’t sure he’d been ready for. Delighted that his own interests were being shared, Damien had asked Hugo about his. And what had started as Hugo giving a general overview had somehow evolved into an explanation on his hobby of collecting wrestling memorabilia.

“I…hope I’m not boring you.” he admitted nervously.

Wide-eyed, Damien blinked. “Whatever would make you say that?” he asked, confused.

They both stared at each other in unbroken silence, until it finally clicked for Damien, and he exhaled a tiny “ah,” as a frown settled firmly on his face. He hardly needed another reason to be unhappy with how Hugo’s ex-husband had treated him, and yet here it was.

Damien put a hand on Hugo’s shoulder. “Shall I let you in on a secret?” he asked, kind smile quickly returning to his face. “In my parlor is an entire collection of Bruce Springsteen CDs.”

Hugo’s jaw dropped. “You’re kidding.”

“Not in the slightest. If you will permit me, I would be happy to show you sometime.” Damien sipped lightly from his glass of wine. “You should also be aware that I would love more than anything to be taken to the nearest Ikea and allowed to peruse its shelves for as long as possible. I’m quite enamored of storage solutions.”

“How about next Saturday, then?”

Damien’s smile broadened to a grin. “It would be my pleasure.” He leaned in to peck Hugo on the cheek. “Now tell me, Hugo Vega, what else are you enamored of?”

Hugo took Damien’s hand in his own, running his thumb lightly over the knuckles. “You.” he murmured.

And they lay there beneath the stars, nestled against each other on the dark checkered blanket. Talking into the long hours of the morning, they bared their true selves without fear.

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wit day four: compliment

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There’s something missing, Hajime realizes. In his relationship with Tooru.

On the surface, they’re a picturesque relationship. Childhood friends with a playful dynamic and obvious chemistry, an apparent fondness for one another that ran deep. It’s not perfect, of course, since perfection in a relationship isn’t something one should strive for. And it’s such a small thing that Hajime notices they’re lacking, but the more time that passes, the more distraught he grows.

They’re sitting on a grassy field one Saturday afternoon. Issei and Takahiro squirt water guns at one another a ways off while Hajime and Tooru sit on a checkered blanket, stretched out under the sun, munching on watermelon slices and cherries. Tooru seems content, but Hajime is far from it himself. He takes a halting breath and glances over.

“Why do you never compliment me?” he asks. Tooru looks over, frowning.

“I– what?” His confusion is evident. “Of course I compliment you.”

Hajime purses his lips. “You do… on the court,” he says slowly, glancing away from him. “‘Nice spike’ and all that. But it’s always… I’m always the one called out for being rude, when you’re still calling me a brute and all that.”

Tooru pauses, remembering what Hajime had been mulling over for weeks– since the start of their relationship, the occurance of ‘Shittykawa’s and ‘Crappykawa’s has gone down exponentially. Hajime’s the kinder one, calling his boyfriend darling and baby, but the nicknames are one-way. Tooru’s continued to call him mean, crude, thoughtless.

“I–” For once, Tooru’s speechless. “… I compliment you.”

“No, you don’t.” Hajime’s brow furrows. “Which– you know. Whatever. But still, I…”

He stops. Tooru sits up. “Tell me.”

Hajime stays silent for a moment. “Are you with me out of obligation?”

Tooru sputters, as if it were the most ridiculous accusation in the world, but it just makes Hajime grimace. “Wha– of course not, silly Iwa-chan!”

A half-hearted glare. Tooru blinks. “I’m… not,” he repeats, voice softer. “What makes you think that?”

Hajime shrugs. “You only appreciate me on the court,” he says nonchalantly, though it sounds bitter and self-pitying even to himself. “You… act like I’m not pleasant to be around.”

Silence stretches on between them. “Stupid, I know,” mutters Hajime, already feeling guilt and regret start to pile up in his throat. “Forget I said anything.”

“I had no idea you…” Tooru swallows audibly and Hajime looks over– he’s got his legs drawn up and his eyes are a little glossy. “I’m sorry, Hajime.”

Now confused, Hajime blinks. “I, uh… What?”

Tooru sniffs. “You know I love you, right?”

“No.” Iwaizumi talks without speaking. Takahiro shrieks from somewhere behind them. “I… don’t really know that.”

And god, the look he gets. Tooru’s face twists and it gives away his shock, his wild disbelief. He reaches out and cups Hajime’s cheeks, eyes serious and searching, jaw tight. “I love you.”

Hajime looks away. “… thanks.”

Tooru forces their eyes to meet again. “I don’t compliment you off-court because–” His throat pulses around a swallow. “You never believe me.”

Oh. “What?”

“I tell you you’re handsome and you tell me I’m more so.” Tooru takes a deep breath. “I tell you you’re smart and you tell me you’re not as smart as me. I tell you you’re strong and you tell me that Ushiwaka is stronger, that you w… weren’t strong enough. Haven’t been in the past, and won’t be in the future.”

Hajime had remembered saying those things, but he hadn’t meant them, not like that. Right? “No, that’s just…”

“Every time I’ve tried to tell you, you haven’t just said… ‘Thank you’.” Tooru drops his hands and shakes his head. “You never believe me, you only ever believe me when we’re on the court because you’re with–”

“The team,” Hajime guesses, but Tooru shakes his head.

“With me,” he says, and even Hajime can sense the self-loathing in his voice. “You think you’re strong… only then.”

Hajime blinks quickly. That can’t be true. “No, I… I feel strong when Yahaba sets to me.”

But I feel strongest when I’m with you.

I feel strong because of you.

Hajime covers his mouth with a hand. “… oh.”

“Yeah.” Tooru bites his lip. “I keep trying to tell you, but…”



“You need to realize how wonderful you are just by yourself,” says Tooru after a long stretch of silence. He looks over and Hajime looks back, doubtful, eyes wide. Tooru shifts closer.

“How strong,” he continues, resting a hand on Hajime’s arm and kissing his shoulder, “and handsome, my dependable pillar.”

Hajime goes to say something but Tooru shushes him. “You might not be a genius like me,” he says with a slightly mischievous smile, “but you’re way smarter than so many people I know. You always know how to catch me right before I fall over the edge, right before I go too far.” He leans in and kisses Hajime’s cheek. “You’re amazing.”

Hajime’s face is burning, but Tooru isn’t done quite yet. He swings a leg over Hajime’s and sits back onto his knees, continuing to kiss his nose, forehead, cheeks. “You’re my sturdy ace and my irreplaceable best friend.” Their foreheads knock together. “And I love you so much.”

“I–” Hajime’s words cut off and he blinks quickly, opting to just wrap his arms around Tooru and hug him tightly. Tooru’s fingers slide through his hair and Hajime gives a shaky sigh, putting all his willpower into not crying. “I didn’t know that I was…”

“I did,” says Tooru simply, voice quiet and soft near his ear. “And it’s okay, Hajime, because now you do. And now you can believe me when I say that you’re incredible.”

Hajime gulps and pulls away a little, staring up at Tooru, who’s looking at him with fierce pride. “I don’t deserve you,” he says weakly, already feeling like his chest was a little lighter. Tooru just smiles.

“Yeah,” he says, “you do.”


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Sick day

Pairing: Lin x Reader FLUFF 
Warnings: A cold? Shower (not sexual), unedited and I am sick so probably some errors sorry

Word count: 1787

A/N: Surprise! Ya girl is super sick so here is a self indulgent sickness themed fanfic. Reader is sick and Lin wants to take care of them but stubborn reader doesn’t want him to. But, being a precious cinnamon roll, Lin takes care of reader anyways. I know there are like 1000 sickness themed Lin fics but here’s another one because we all want Lin to take care of us when we’re sick, right?

Please message me with requests!

“[Y/N],” you hear Lin’s voice in your ear, slowly opening your eyes to reveal him crouched down next to you, “are you okay?” he asks, his voice full of worry.
You stretch your legs out, feeling the side of the couch, looking down, you notice the red-checkered blanket Lin had draped over your body, “Yeah,” you say through a raspy voice, “I’m fine.” You move to get up, but he places a hand on your shoulder, keeping your head on the pillow.

“[Y/N], you feel warm. Hot, actually. You’re always hot, but you’re absolutely burning up.” He says, pressing a hand to your forehead. “Yep. You have a fever.” He said conclusively, placing another blanket over your body.

“Lin,” you whined, freeing your arms from the blanket. “I’m fine. I just took a nap. It doesn’t mean I’-“ you let out a series of rough coughs, “I’m fine.”

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Our Place // Joe Sugg Imagine

a/n: can we please talk about how cute this gif is oh my gosh

Prompt: “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” from this wonderful prompt list

Joe Sugg x reader

Your heart was beating a million miles a minute as Joe drove the truck her rented up the mountain side. 

When Joe told you he had a special night planned, you were beyond excited. He was creative, no doubt about it, and whenever he told you he had something special planned, it was always amazing. 

As you drive up the mountain together, you chatted absentmindedly and sung along to your favorite songs on the radio. 

Before you knew it, the pick-up truck was being parked on one of the ledges coming off from the mountain. 

“Oh my god,” you said as you stepped out of the car, gaping at the sky above you. From the height you were at, you could see as far as you could imagine. 

“Thought you’d like it, love,” Joe said, coming up behind you to wrap his arms around your waist and lean his head into the crook of your neck. 

You two stayed like that for a while, just staring at the sky together until Joe decided it was time for another surprise. 

He went to the backseat of the truck and pulled out a basket full of food and a cliche red and white checkered picnic blanket. Hopping onto the back of the truck, he laid the blanket down and started to unpack the basket. 

“You are amazing,” you told him, a grin ever present on your face. Your smile widened as you saw him pull out a bottle of champagne, and quickly joined him to eat the picnic he had planned. 

The timing was perfect. As soon as you and Joe had finished eating, and let your stomaches settle, the sun was just starting to set. 

“It’s beautiful,” you said in awe as the two of you sat together, a blanket wrapped around you, cuddling next to each other. 

Joe looked at you, staring at the sky with utter joy on your face and said, “yeah, it is beautiful.“ 

You turned to face him and you shared a smile together, and next thing you knew, you were kissing. It was soft and warm and just completely Joe, that in that moment, you had never felt more safe. 

"You know,” Joe mumbled, pulling away from your lips to speak. 

You slowly opened your eyes, keeping your arms wrapped around his neck and his hands placed at your waist. 

“Someday, not today but someday, this is going to be the place,“ he told you. 

Confusion washed over you as you asked, "Place for what?" 

He smiled knowingly and looked down before meeting your eyes again. 

"This is the place I’m going to ask you to marry me,” he said, as if it was obvious. 

You and Joe had talked about marriage a few times, and you definitely knew it was in the cards for the two of you, but neither of you had ever out right said anything about it. 

Some people would’ve been scared of such a statement from their significant other, but with Joe you couldn’t have thought of anything better. 

You smiled back at him, happiness evident on your face.

“And this is the place I’m going to say yes to marrying you,” you told him.