checkered blanket

Sick day

Pairing: Lin x Reader FLUFF 
Warnings: A cold? Shower (not sexual), unedited and I am sick so probably some errors sorry

Word count: 1787

A/N: Surprise! Ya girl is super sick so here is a self indulgent sickness themed fanfic. Reader is sick and Lin wants to take care of them but stubborn reader doesn’t want him to. But, being a precious cinnamon roll, Lin takes care of reader anyways. I know there are like 1000 sickness themed Lin fics but here’s another one because we all want Lin to take care of us when we’re sick, right?

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“[Y/N],” you hear Lin’s voice in your ear, slowly opening your eyes to reveal him crouched down next to you, “are you okay?” he asks, his voice full of worry.
You stretch your legs out, feeling the side of the couch, looking down, you notice the red-checkered blanket Lin had draped over your body, “Yeah,” you say through a raspy voice, “I’m fine.” You move to get up, but he places a hand on your shoulder, keeping your head on the pillow.

“[Y/N], you feel warm. Hot, actually. You’re always hot, but you’re absolutely burning up.” He says, pressing a hand to your forehead. “Yep. You have a fever.” He said conclusively, placing another blanket over your body.

“Lin,” you whined, freeing your arms from the blanket. “I’m fine. I just took a nap. It doesn’t mean I’-“ you let out a series of rough coughs, “I’m fine.”

“No,” he says, placing a kiss on your forehead before leaving your side. “You’re sick. Let me take care of you.” He yells from the kitchen, opening cabinets.
Before you can respond, you sneeze, followed by several coughs, “Fine.” Your head settles back onto the pillow, your hand reaching to the ground, trying to find the television remote.

“Here,” Lin said, walking back to you, reaching to grab the remote, handing it to you, “I got it.” He sets a glass of water on the coffee table. “Can you sit up?” He asks, taking your hands, supporting you as you lifted your back to sit up. “There you go,” he said, wrapping another blanket around your shoulders, handing you the glass of water.

“Lin this is too much,” you took a sip of the water, which instantly provided relief to your aching throat, “It’s probably just a cold.” You let out another cough, your shaking arm lifting up to shield your face.

“Baby,” he said, crouching down next to you, his hand resting on your arm, “you’re shaking, coughing profusely, and you definitely have a fever. You need this, okay? I’m gonna take care of you.”

You turned to him, his dark eyes locking with yours, “Okay,” you said, slumping into the couch, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He gave your arm a light squeeze before returning to the kitchen.

Continuing to take small gulps of water, you began to flip through channels, eventually opting for Netflix, turning on Parks and Recreation. Lin would occasionally shuffle past you, refilling water, giving you medicine, a box of tissues, soup, and setting up a humidifier. After bringing you everything, he lifted  your legs, settling into the open space on the couch, before draping your legs over his lap, extending his own legs onto the extended portion of the sectional.

“Feeling better?” He looked at you hopefully.

“Much better,” you took a sip of the hot soup, “thank you Lin. You didn’t have to do anything. I would have been fine.”

He stifled a laugh, knowing that you were much sicker than you let on. “Anything for you.” He lifts the blankets off your feet, his hands finding the soles, gently massaging them, “we can take a shower when your done,” he nodded to your soup, “or whenever you’re ready. I’ll wash up your hair, we’ll get you in new clothes. Then you need to sleep.”

“It’s only two!” you insisted, using the spoon to point to the wall mounted clock.

“Yes,” he stated, his tone softening, “and you’re sick. And I’m tired too, work has been busy, we both need rest.”

You nodded, feeling very content as Lin continued to rub your feet, occasionally laughing at the television. You slowly spooned the soup into your mouth, savoring each time it washed down your sore throat.

“You’re cough is going away,” Lin said through a smile, knowing it was due to his diligent care.

“It has,” you mused, “it’s because I have a great boyfriend who takes too good of care of me no matter what. Do you know him?” You teased.

He laughed, his hands moving to massage your calves, a particularly sore spot at the moment as every muscle in your body seemed to ache.

“He’s perfect,” you continued, “he takes such good care of me, no matter what.” You could feel yourself losing control of your words, probably due to the high fever or whatever medicine he had given you. “He works too hard though,” you had a final spoonful of soup before placing the empty bowl on the floor, “but he’s a genius. He doesn’t believe me, but he is.” Your trailed off, your eyes fluttering half-shut.

Lin laughed a little bit, turning toward you, his eyes full of adoration. “C’mon sleepyhead,” he joked, gently lifting your legs off of him, standing up, and lowering them back into to the couch. “Shower first, then you can sleep, okay?”

You nodded weakly, your eyes opening back up, looking at him.

He reached down to you, one arm wrapping around your shoulders, the other around your waist, helping you up. Your body seemed to melt into his, his arms holding you close as your pressed your face into his shoulder, smiling. He guided you a few steps towards the bathroom before picking you up bridal-stye, your arms lazily wrapping around his neck as he carried you to the bathroom, a single blanket still wrapped around your shoulders.

He set you down softly, removing the blanket from your shoulders, then walking over to the shower, starting the water. You began to remove your t-shirt before Lin rushed over to you, gently taking the hem of your shirt, lifting it off of your body. “Let me do it, okay?” You nodded, happily letting him do the work as he untied the draw string of your sweatpants, pushing them down your legs along with your underwear. He wrapped his fingers under the base of your bralette, carefully lifting it off of you. He gathered your clothes to put them into the laundry basket before taking off his own clothes.

Leading you to the shower, he helped you step in, the hot water easing your muscles as he stepped in behind you. He took a moment to pause, letting the water was over the two of you has he held you close to him, his arms secured around your waist and your head resting on his chest as the water dampened your hair.

Soon, he reached for a bottle of shampoo, squeezing out a bit into his hand, he motioned for you to turn around. He rubbed his fingers against your scalp, allowing the shampoo to wash away the fever-induced sweat that had accumulated against your skin. He placed his hands on your shoulder, turning you around, allowing the water to wash away the shampoo, continuing to massage your scalp. He repeated the process with conditioner, smoothing your hair as he gently worked the conditioner into your hair.

You turned to face him, drawing him into an embrace, too tired to thank him with your words. After a moment, he pushed you away, reaching for a bottle of body wash, pumping out enough on his hand before slowly smoothing it over your skin. His hands wandered your body, his touch combined with the warm water relaxed your muscles more. You smiled at Lin, words unable to express how thankful you were.

“There,” Lin said, watching the water wash away the last bit of soap, “all clean.” He kissed your forehead, “ready to get out?”
You took a breath in, feeling the steam of the hot water clear your sinuses, “yeah,” you say, stepping one foot out of the shower.
Lin followed you out, holding your hips as you stepped onto the tile floor, keeping you supported.

Taking a towel from the rack, Lin wrapped it around you, trapping in the heat from the shower on your skin. You began to move it up to your hair, before feeling Lin’s hand rest on yours. “Nope,” his lips curling into a smile. “I’m taking care of you today. I’ll do it.” He moved the towel to your hair, gently working it on your scalp, drying your hair.

“There,” he said, beginning to pat the towel around your body, dying you off completely. He snagged another towel, quickly drying himself off before wrapping the towel around his waist, “I’ll be right back,” he said, walking to your bedroom.

You nodded and smiled as he left, too tired to respond verbally. Soon enough, he returned fully clothed in n flannel pants and a t-shirt, another stack of clothes in his hand.

“Here,” he said, taking the towel off of your shoulders, motioning for you to raise your arms, to which you obliged as he pulled a shirt over you, smoothing it out over your stomach.

“This is your shirt,” you say, looking down.

“I know,” he says knowingly as he kneels down, pulling a pair of cotton panties on you, followed by a pair of sweatpants. “Those are my pants too. I like when you wear my clothes.” He smiled, kissing you on the forehead.

“I like wearing your clothes.” You replied, half-dazed as you rested your head beneath his chin.

“I know, baby.” He said, pulling your hair into a small pony tail.

You pulled away, looking up at him, “I love you so much, thank you.”

“I love you too.” He grabbed a jar of moisturizer from the counter, taking a small amount from it, gently massaging it into your face. “Time to sleep. You need it.”

“No I don’t,” you said has he led you out of the bathroom, his hand resting on the small of your back.

“Yes, you do,” he said, leading you onto the bed, you laid down.

He walked to the other side of the bed, crawling beneath the covers with you, his chest firmly pressed against your back, his arm wrapping around you, drawing you in close to his body.

The two of you laid like this for a while, his hot breath dancing on your neck as he whispered something in your ear, or, occasionally, a few notes of a song would escape his lips. You smiled when he did this, you loved when he sang to you, and, being a song writer, he loved singing to you. Minuets passed as he continued to sing in you ear, gently lulling you to sleep as you occasionally let out light coughs.

“I love you, Lin.”

“I love you too, [Y/N]” He said, as your eyes fluttered, closed sending you to sleep with his arms safely wrapped around you.

He always knew exactly how to take care of you.

imagine: all of my mutuals and i have a picnic together and we talk about random stuff and eat grapes and sit on a really big checkered blanket and tell stories and drink lemonade and there are balloons and butterflies everywhere and life is good.


For anon…enjoy!

You smiled brightly as you lead Kurt across the large lawn. His smile was shy as he gripped your hand. You glanced over your shoulder just as you passed under one of the lights. Slowly your pace, you wrapped your arms around one of Kurt’s.

Eventually, the two of you stopped where a checkered blanket sat. Kurt gestured for you to sit and you beamed. Pulling him with you, the two of you sat down. At least, he thought the two of you were going to sit down. Instead, you rolled onto your back and gazed at the stars. You giggled as Kurt let out a small huff.

You curled into his side, still able to see the ebony sky. You felt the tension in Kurt melt away as he placed one of his hands on your back. You sighed in content as you listened to his heart beat. The two of you were more than happy to let the silence encompass you.

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Jeremavin // Wind // 10 Sentences

“So, when I was planning for our first date to be a picnic on a hill, I really didn’t factor the weather into it.”

Michael shrugs. “Who gives a shit about a bit of wind?”

Jeremy glances down at the red and white checkered blanket guiltily and kicks himself for trying to be cliche. Gavin and Michael laugh at the same time though and he slowly looks back up at the two of them. They’re both smiling kindly, and Gavin reaches out to grab his hand. “We think it’s sweet, Li’l J.” 

Jeremy stares between the two of them for a moment, wondering why in the world they both chose him. Michael’s curls hidden under a beanie with the edges poking out and whipping around to frame his face, Gavin’s hair held down with his sunglasses and the tips flitting up like a little crown on his head.

Honestly, wind suits the two of them anyway.

I used random generators to select a ship and a word prompt so I could do some more minifics for a warm up (4/?)

Lost Stars - Part 7

It was a quick walk to your local park. The chilly autumn breeze left your hair slightly tangled, hands a little cold and spine a little numb but that didn’t matter. You were glad to have left the house and be able to do something. Walking along the park path, you took in your surroundings. The leaves on the trees had gone a beautiful amber colour, and a few were even bright red. Many leaves were on the ground, browning and crunching beneath you. When you looked up, you saw a familiar figure sitting on a checkered blanket which was covered in food. You smiled. Typical Tae.

“[First]!” He called, causing you to speed up, “you came!”
“Of course I did, you didn’t really give me a choice.” You chuckled.
“You look pretty.” He smiled up at you.
“Thank you, you don’t look too bad yourself.”
“Sit.” He commanded and you followed his orders, “today’s theme is classic picnic. We have ham sandwiches-”
“Tae that’s a subway sandwich with ham and salad.”
“Shush. and we have sausage rolls, a selection of Pringles, chocolate, fruits which include strawberries, kiwi and apples, and we also have lemonade as a beverage.”
“Wow. It all looks amazing. Why did you even do this.”
“I was bored and I read a post on the perfect picnic.” He shrugged.

With that conversation end, you dug in, starting with the subway, which was exactly how you liked it. Then you began on everything else. You had a grape throwing-and-catch-in-your-mouth competition with Tae and fought over the last strawberry (which he eventually graciously let you have). Once the food was finished, Tae packed everything away before producing a bag of bread bits from his coat.

“What’s that? Dessert?” You asked sarcastically.
“Well, we’ve eaten so it’s only fair we feed the ducks.” He smiled at you.
“Oh, of course.”

And so, he helped you up, picking up his picnic basket and you walked arm-in-arm to the duck pond. It was a little more chilly here, causing you to shrink into tae’s body heat. There was a small bench just on the edge of the pond where you both sat and fed the ducks together for some time. When it began to get dark and the streetlights clicked on, Tae suggested that it was time for you to go home. So you began to walk together to the exit of the park.

“So really, Tae. What was the reason for today?” You asked, linking your arm with his.
“Do you really want to know?”
“You needed a break and so did I. I thought this would be a good idea.”
“It really was. Thank you so much, Tae. Really.”
“It was my pleasure. But can I ask something?” He asked, coming to a halt.
“Of course.” You turned to face him.
“How is everything? Truly? I know you bottle it all up for the sake of us, but you really don’t seem to be doing too good lately.”
“I don’t know, Tae.” You frown, “everything’s just moving too fast. I mean, Jungkook’s father is insisting on family photographs before the wedding and I’m supposed to be going dress shopping in a few weeks. Everything’s just going too quickly.” You sigh. You can feel the tears prickling in your eyes.
“It’s okay to cry, [First]… its only me.”
“I… I…” you squeezed your eyes shut, letting the tears go as you sobbed.

Tae quickly brought you into him, dropping the picnic basket and wrapping one arm around your waist, using his other to hold your head gently against his chest. He lightly kissed the top of your head. Rubbing your back, he bent his head, letting it rest on the top of your own. Minutes felt like hours as you stood there, in the middle of the park, sobbing your eyes out into Tae’s chest. Once you’d calmed down, you pulled away. He let the hand behind your head move to your cheek.

“I’m sorry…” you whispered.
“Don’t be.”

He leaned forwards, lips coming closer and closer to yours. He closed his eyes, allowing your scent to fill his nostrils. He’d waited for this moment for so long. To hold you in his arms, to kiss your lips and he was only fragments of a second away.

A small sniffle on your behalf dragged him back into reality. He couldn’t kiss you while you were like this. It wasn’t fair. So instead of your lips, he placed a small kiss on the tip of your nose, before slowly, reluctantly pulling away. Then, he leaned down, picking up the basket again.

“Come on.” He said softly, “I’ll walk you home.”

Instead of linking arms, this time, he intertwined his fingers with yours. And he slowly walked you home in the darkening night.


The days that followed were tortuous. School seemed to go on forever and you couldn’t get your mind off of the almost kiss with Tae. A part of you couldn’t believe it had almost happened and another part was wishing it had happened. It was true, that many years ago, you did have a crush on Tae. It wasn’t big so it did fade away. But why had he gone to kiss you? Was it the mood of the moment? It did feel so right to kiss him then, though.

No matter what you were thinking, you avoided him. In fact, you avoided everyone. Your life was travelling at lightening speed.

Once you’d gone home after the park, your mother had informed that the wedding was only 4 months away, now and it was vital you got your and her dresses asap. So the schedule had been moved. The upcoming Friday night was for the photo to be taken, the Saturday morning was for the men to go suit shopping and the Saturday afternoon was for dress shopping. It was turning into a nightmare. The only highlight was the fact that you’d get to see your two aunts, and few cousins who were also bridesmaids.

Lunch at school had been spent on the roof, away from everyone. Lessons had dragged on and you’d moved into every corner seat in every possible lesson. Even science.

On the Wednesday, Jimin returned to school, looking like a badly made shepherds pie. His face was little red with bruises and cuts. The left side of his jaw was sticking out, all swollen. He truly looked a mess, and even worse when he found you sitting alone in the back of the classroom. However, your absence gave Jungkook and Tae time to become closer friends than before.


You hadn’t seen him since the night with the lies about the photo shoot. Turned out he was angry you’d left him to deal with both angry parents alone and he wasn’t too fazed at you ignoring/avoiding his existence.



Your digital clock read 15:49. You had to be ready in 11 minutes and you hadn’t even gotten your clothes on yet. Currently, you were applying mascara to your almost perfected eye makeup. So far, you looked stunning. Your hair was gently curled into gorgeous, flowing locks. Your makes up was all natural, except for the silver eyeliner you decided to put on to help your eyes pop. Once you’d applied a lipstick that matched as closely to your own lip colour as possible, you stood up and walked over to your closet where your dress was hanging.

Kijung had picked it out, and you couldn’t deny that it was absolutely stunning. The whole dress was made of a soft, slightly stretchy black material that covered your body perfectly. The bodice was tight, hugging your dives perfectly. The neckline was a straight line, going out to off very thick off the shoulder straps. Once the dress met just above your belly button, it loosened up dramatically, the material swaying over itself in beautiful layers. Around the waist where the dress changed from tight to flowing, there was a large piece of material wrapped around that formed a bow in the back. You couldn’t deny how well it suited you.

Slipping on a pair of black heels, you decided to put on the small chain lying on your bedside table that had a small paw print pendant hanging from it. Tae had brought you that necklace years ago, as a way to ensure a piece of him was always with you. He’d bought it just after your family was going catastrophically downhill.

Even if you had ignored him since the almost kiss, you needed a piece of him with you. He was your comfort and that’s all that you wanted right now.

Once it was securely around your neck, you slowly made your way down the stairs where everyone else were stood waiting. Kijung didn’t look any different. He was in a sharp, expensive suit, looking very well groomed as usual. Your mother was in a flowing white dress that resembled that of a goddesses robes. She looked lovely.

Your breath hitched as your eyes met his.

His usual messy hair was styled and gelled neatly into place. The suit he wore hugged his body in all the right places, teasing anyone who dared to look. The bow tie clung to his neck, allowing the veins to gently rise up and make his neck look even more delicious.

“You look so beautiful, [First]!” Your mother gushed, unable to control the excitement.
“Thank you, mom. So do you. And thank you, Kijung. The dress is simply stunning.” You smiled politely at him.
“Ah, well, the clothes only look beautiful if the person wearing them looks beautiful.” He smiled back at you as you flushed red.

You turned your attention to Jungkook for a second, who was looking at ypu, still. His eyes were unreadable, lips drawn into a fine line. He gulped and watched as you turned your attention back to your mother.

“Are we finally ready to go?” Your mother asked.
“Seems like it. [First], do you mind going with Jungkook in his car?” Kijung asked.
“I didn’t even know Jungkook had a car…” you replied quietly.
“Ah, his licence for this country came yesterday and the car arrived this morning while you were at school.” He filled you in.
“Ah I see.”
“I’m going to see Jimin before we get there, so we should probably head off now.” Jungkook suddenly piped up, walking past you to the front door.
“I’ll go with him.” You announced, trailing after him.

In all honesty, you expected Jungkook’s car to be very cheap. Something old like a Volkswagen Golf or something similar. But you were shocked when your eyes came upon a matte black BMW. This kid had way too much money. Getting in, you buckled yourself up and stared at the house opposite as Jungkook got in and the engine roared to life.

“You…um… you look beautiful, [First].” Jungkook muttered quietly.
“You don’t look half bad yourself. I must say, you clean up nicely.” You replied.
“Where have you been?” His question was blunt, it took you back.
“You’ve been avoiding everyone. Today is the first time that you’ve spoken to me since, what, Tuesday?”
“Look, I just needed some time alone. I’m really starting to get overwhelmed with everything now.”
“And I’m not? I’m fairly sure I have bigger problems on my plate than you do.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means, you’re stupid fucking girly problems are nothing compared to mine.”
“What’s with the sudden change? You’re becoming such an asshat.”
“I am not. You’re just becoming childish and immature.”
“Well excuse me for being an only child and having to watch my parents fight and divorce because my own fucking mom couldn’t keep her fucking legs shut.”

It went quiet after that. Luckily it was only a minute or two before he pulled up at Jimin’s house. Not wasting any time, you gracefully (yet angrily) got out of the car and moved towards the front door. You knocked four times quickly.

Jihyun opened the door, eyes popping out of his skull when he saw your attire. He quickly let you in and Jungkook followed a few seconds later. You stood still in the middle of the hall, letting Jungkook go past you before you followed him down into the basement.

Just as you’d predicted, Jimin and Tae were battling it out on some war game. When Jungkook made his presence known, they paused the game and stood up.

“What are you two getting married or something?” Jimin joked.
“Family photoshoot.” Jungkook explained, “do you have it?”
“Of course I have it. You really think I wouldn’t get it for you? It was practically thrown into my hand when I told them who it was for.” Jimin winked.
“[First], how about we go upstairs, give them some privacy?” Tae asked nervously.

You nodded softly, biting your lip as you made your way back up the stairs and into the hall. Tae followed and your heard the door shut. He walked around you, stopping when he was in front of you. He smiled. You could see something in his eyes but you couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Whatever emotion he was feeling, it wasn’t a good one.

“Hey.” He said softly.
“Look, can we forget… about that… it was just in the moment, you know? And I don’t want to ruin our friendship,” he looked into your eyes, “I love you too much to lose you over something this stupid.” He whispered.
“It’s okay, Tae. We can forget it. I’m sorry for being a bitch and avoiding you.”
“It’s alright.”

He brought you into a quick hug, squeezing you against him before pulling away. It was bittersweet. The last time you’d done this, your friendship was almost ruined.

Too wrapped up in emotion, you didn’t hear the door to the basement open. Jungkook’s eyes landed on the scene before him and he stood shocked.

“Come on, [First], we need to go.” Jungkook’s voice cause you to pull away and turn to scowl at him.
“I’ll get an uber.”
“You can’t.”
“And why is that?”
“Because they’ll know something is up. And if you want your mom to know you basically called her a whore…”
“Fine. But don’t even think about me while we’re in the car. Pretend I don’t exist.”

Both of you stalked out, too busy bickering to say goodbye.

“What’s up with them?” Tae asked Jimin who had now emerged from the basement.
“I don’t know, I think he was upset with her for ignoring him.”
“Can’t you see it, Tae. He’s got the biggest crush ever on her.”

Tae’s jaw locked down. There was no way he was going to let this dude suddenly appear and take his girl away from him. Clenching his fists, he made his way back down into the basement to grab his coat before leaving.

“This could be bad,” Jihyun said, “we already know how possessive Tae is but Jungkook, we don’t and this could get really messy.”
“It will get messy, but we have to be there for [First], more you than I, okay?” Jimin looked over to his younger brother.
“Of course.”

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55 + Calum maybe I feel like it would be adorable :))))

(#55: “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”)

Gentle, smooth waves tenderly kissed the soft shoreline as you stared out at the sea, the faintest hue of pink still striped across the sky just above the horizon as if it forgot that it too had to flee the horizon with the sun. It wasn’t necessarily a cold night but the breeze tousling your hair was a little chilly considering you were sitting still on a cliche white and red checkered blanket; the brunette parallel to you busy pulling an abundance of food out of a weaved wooden basket.

“I can’t say I expected this when you asked me on a date, Cal,” you teased, the smile already present on your lips spreading even wider as the boy’s cheeks flushed red.

“Well, if you want, we can pack up and go and see a movie or something,” Calum babbled, already moving to stuff the food back inside, “I just thought, you know, it might be fun to not do something cliche but–”

“Hey,” you gently comforted, lightly placing your hand on Calum’s tensed arm and not failing to recognize the way his muscles immediately loosened at your touch. “I was just teasing. This is awesome.”

The brunette smiled, beginning to continue his work again and you figured because his shoulders were now relaxed and his movements were quite fluid now, it was okay to start teasing him again. After all, he was your best friend. “But seriously,” you started. “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars?” Butterflies nipped at your stomach’s walls listening to the high pitched giggle that flowed from Calum’s mouth. “Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?

“Shut up, Y/N,” said, rolling his eyes fondly. “You know you love it.”

“Eh, it’s whatever.”

“Just eat the damn food,” Calum playfully demanded, settling down across from you and unwrapping a handmade sandwich.

“Did you make all of this?” you questioned the brunette, making sure to take note of every food present before deciding what to eat.

“Mhm,” Calum hummed, his mouth full. After swallowing, he added, “Had to be special, you know?”

“Sure,” you agreed, smiling down at the sub you began to unwrap.

“Seriously,” Calum claimed. “It’s not everyday you finally take your best friend out on a first date.”

You shrugged, heat rising uncomfortably to your cheeks. “I know, it’s just weird.” Upon not hearing a reply, you curiously shifted your gaze from where it’d wandered to the ocean again and widened your eyes at Calum’s crestfallen expression. “No no no, not like that!” you quickled rushed to say. “I just mean, you know it’s weird, but– but it’s a good weird, you know?”

The brunette cocked his head to the side.

“It’s like…” you sighed, cursing yourself for always having a hard time with articulating your thoughts. “It’s like, you know, before… everyone would always tease us like ‘you guys should just get married already’ and…” You shrugged, “I guess not that a first date is anything equivalent to getting married but like, everyone saw it before us, you know?”

Calum smiled down at his sandwich. “No,” he corrected, “Everyone but you saw it.”

Your eyebrows crinkled in surprise. “Wait, what?”

The brunette’s chest vibrated with brilliant laughter. “I’ve always known, you know? I’ve always known it was gonna be you.”

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Fountain of Love

Chris Evans x reader
Imagine: going on a date with Chris (you two have been dating for a while) and after a midnight picnic he takes you to a giant water fountain. He jumps in and asks you to join so you two swim and play and all the sudden, he proposes.
A/n: omfg
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rated: everyone
Warning: IT’S SO FLUFFEH! swearing
It was 11:35 when you two arrived at the giant water fountain overlooking the deserted park. Chris, your loving boyfriend of three years, had decided to take you out on a midnight picnic. You had agreed, even though it sounded crazy. So here you guys were, walking to the beautiful fountain while holding hands. Chris had the basket and classic, red and white checkered blanket in his hand while you had your purse with your handgun. Safety first, right? You two arrived and Chris handed you the blanket. Laying it down, he grabbed the basket and opened it, grabbing the aged, white wine and two glasses. You giggled when he gave you the wine, asking with a French accent.
“Wine, madamoiselle?”
You giggled and replied

“Yeah. Merci.” Chris grinned and you took your glass. He raised his and gave a toast. “To the most beautiful and amazing woman I ever laid my eyes on.” “To the most amazing, sexy, and hilarious man I ever had the opportunity to date.” Chris gave a goofy grin and your glasses clanked. He put the glass to his lips as did you and asked quietly, giving you a sandwich. “Having fun so far?” You nodded and took a bite. Chewing and then swallowing, you mused. “I have a feeling this date hasn’t even started yet.” Chris shook his head. “Nope.” He stood up, took off his jacket and shoes, and gave you a grin. “Chris, what are you doing?” Chris got a look of seriousness and yelled, stomping his foot. “I put my foot down!” He then slapped the fountains concrete rim. “And my hand!” Chris walked around to the other side, and you laughed. He then appeared, running and added. “Actually, I put my whole entire body down!” He jumped into the fountain, landing on his side and you gasped, bursting into laughter. “Chris! Oh my god!” He flipped the water out of his eyes and asked, swimming to you and holding his hand out. “Swim with me.” You looked at his hand, at his face, then his hand again. Sighing, you took your shoes, jewelry, and his hoodie off. You grasped his hand and assumed. “I think this is illegal.” “It’s not illegal until we get caught.” You giggled at Chris and eased yourself into the warm water. You dunked yourself and came back up, wiping the water from your eyes. Chris splashed you and you squealed. “Chris! You little fucker!” He laughed and you splashed him. Chris’s eyes twinkled with delight and he grabbed you by your waist, lifting you up then dropping you into the water. You stayed under water and Chris swam under, looking at you with a smile. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he brought you two up. As soon as you broke the surface, you two kissed. It was so delightful and Chris whispered. “Now are you having fun?” “I’m always having fun when I’m around you.” He chuckled and stated against your lips. “I have a question for you.” You looked into his blue eyes and asked. “I might have an answer for you.” He smiled and pulled a velvet box from his jacket and asked, holding you close and opening the box to see a beautiful ring embedded with diamonds and (birthstone). “I know it’s only been three years…but I’m really confident about this…. (y/n)….will you marry me?” You gasped and felt tears come to your eyes. Holding a hand over your mouth, you nodded and he laughed in happiness. Slipping the ring on, you whispered. “It fits perfectly.” He spun you the best he could in the water, hugging you close and tightly. You kissed his lips softly and swam to the rim of the fountain. You grabbed a rose from the vase and gave the red symbol of love to Chris. “As long as you marry me, I’ll marry you.” -END- AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
A New Star (riarkle)

Riley and Farkle were in Farkle’s bedroom. It was their one-year anniversary and they were celebrating. Farkle had surprised Riley by setting up a picnic in his room complete with a red and white checkered blanket, a basket filled with various goodies, some flowers in a vase, and sparkling apple juice in fancy cups.

“Farkle!” Riley gasped when she saw what he had set up. “This is amazing!”

Farkle smiled at his girlfriend’s reaction. He knew how much she loved picnics, but seeing as it was winter, they couldn’t exactly walk to Central Park and set up there. “I was hoping you would like it,” Farkle told her smirking.

“I don’t just like it, I love it!” Riley exclaimed turning to Farkle and getting on her tip toes in order to give him a quick kiss. “When did you get so tall?” she asked him jokingly.

“Right after you blessed me by becoming my girlfriend,” he said grinning. Riley just slapped him in response.

“When did you get so cheesy?” she asked again, but before he answered, she covered his mouth. “Not gonna risk another cutesy answer, just don’t say anything,” she told him before removing her hand. He didn’t say anything, but he did bend down and kiss her again once her hand was gone.

“Are we gonna eat or is this just decoration because I am STARVING!” Riley said.

“Let’s eat, then! Can’t let you starve!” Farkle said.

They walked over to the blanket and Riley immediately dug into the basket. She searched through fancy cheeses, fancy meats, and some grapes until she finally found what she was looking for

“Haha!” she exclaimed. “How dare you think you could hide these from me!” she accused her boyfriend.

“I wasn’t trying to hide anything from you, I just thought we could wait until the end,” he explained.

“Oh no! These must go first! They are the best part,” Riley said sticking a chocolate covered strawberry into her mouth happily.

“Woah! Slow down, save some for me,” Farkle laughed grabbing a strawberry.

They ate for a while, the strawberries going quick. They ate and talked and laughed until they were absolutely stuffed and tired. Farkle cleared off the blanket and grabbed two pillows and an extra blanket for them. They laid back, covering themselves with the blanket and staring up at the stars in Farkle’s planetarium. He was pointing out and naming different stars, because Riley loved to know the stars. She always tried to guess a few of them, but barely got any of them right.

“What’s that star?” Riley asked Farkle. “The one nearest Pluto?”

“It’s named Riley,” he said smiling.

“What?” Riley asked propping herself up on her elbow and looking at Farkle.

“Well, that was actually the second part to your surprise, your main present,” he said reaching into the picnic basket. “Here.” He handed her a certificate showing that Farkle bought the star and had officially named it Riley.

“OH MY GOD.” Was Riley’s only response. Farkle was proud at how he had stunned her and was extremely happy with how much she liked her present.

“So you like it?” he asked smirking.

Instead of a reply she leaned over him and gave him a nice long kiss.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” he said.

“Shut up,” she said smiling and leaned down to kiss him again.  

Hope you guys liked it! This was requested a while ago and i finally got around to it so I hope I haven’t made you wait this long for a horrible fic! Also i just wanted to say thank you because you guys are all so awesome and i love you all! Have a good day!

No Matter What

Preserum! Steve Rogers x Reader
Request: Could you do one where the reader is friends with Steve before the super soldier serum, and they go out even when the reader is a little bit taller than him but it doesn’t matter to them? — Re: OMFG this is cute omg. — Genre: Romance, Fluff Rated: Everyone Warnings: none. — Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines — Steve was a handsome person in your eyes. You didn’t care if he was small in muscle mass, had health issues, and was a quiet person. You loved him dearly, as a friend and a lover. You never told him how you felt though, worried he would reject you. Currently you were sitting beside him, watching the clouds roll by on a hillside, sitting on a red and white checkered blanket. You asked silently. “Hey Steve?” “Yeah?” “Have you ever loved someone?” Steve looked over at you and you blushed, watching the clouds. “I guess so. Why?” You shrugged and he asked. “Have you?” “Yes. And I still do.” Steve rolled onto his stomach and asked. “Who?” You looked at him and blushed more. Steve looked at your cheeks and you confessed. “You.” Steve was taken back and he asked. “Me? But…I’m-” You sat up and replied, putting his face in between your hands and shaking it a few times. “-the most perfect man I have ever laid my eyes on. I don’t love you because you can draw. ..well I do but, I love you because you are you. You stand up for what’s right. You make me feel really happy and I lobe you. Crappy lungs and all.” You giggled and kissed his nose. Steve blushed and asked, smiling. “Really?” “Really. Will you…uh…go out with me?” You blushed, looking down. Steve tilted your head up with his index finger and answered. “I would be honored to.” You smiled and squealed, clapping and hugged him. Steve chuckled and embraced you back, kissing your cheek thoughtfully. -END-

People talk about love like it’s roses on a bright sunny day,
like sitting atop a red checkered blanket beneath a big green tree with lots of foliage,
like laying an ear to her chest and hearing her heart beat faster because of your touch.

But I think I’ve been in love, at least once, and let me tell you now
it is not sunshine and soft edges and summertime picnics.
It’s not always hand-holding and giggling and walking together barefoot someplace nice.

Sometimes it’s throwing things across an empty room
and the room is empty because he’s packed up his things and left.
Sometimes it’s dreaming about her cheating and waking up angry because you know that dreams always, always mean something.
Sometimes it’s seeing him with an old friend of his but she’s beautiful and you’re jealous. More than jealous.
You hate her. You hope that he stops seeing her. He can’t be near her. Does he like her? Does he need her? You need him.
Sometimes it’s calling at 4 AM because you both went to bed angry, and you’re scared that angry means done. You call and you hear his voice and you think that everything might be fine again but then you fight until 6.

Love is not easy,
it’s harsh and it’s dark sometimes and it leaves you bleeding and scarred and aching.
But if you’re lucky,
the one that you love is bleeding too,
for you.
you both believe that it’s worth it.

—  Love


The sunlight illuminates and warms his skin causing freckles to stand out
more so along his features. It was another of Clark’s outings, a picnic out
on the grasses of the castle to enjoy the rare day in which the sun was 
shining brightly. Blue eyes stare out at the castle that is far away yet still
looks massive and fortress like. His gaze shifts to the brunette who’s 
sprawled out on a checkered blanket, wooden picnic basket resting beside
her. His eyes narrow slightly from the harsh rays of the sun as his lips curl
up into a smile. She’s been playing music as she sunbathes, allowing pale
legs to redden slightly from the sun. “Careful now, at this rate you’ll look like
a lobster.” He teases as his gaze flickers back to the stone castle. It’s been
silent between them, only the occasional inquiry as to what song she was 
playing when he fancied it. She’s not herself, not the chatter box he had 
originally met. “You’re quite today. Cat got your tongue, Clark?”