But really though, if you really think the government shouldn't be in charge of protecting women against violence than you have some privilege to check

So it took me a second because I’m tired and I get so much shit on here I don’t even react to it anymore but now I realize I’m pissed about that last ask. 

I get it. You’re an ~*~anarchist~*~. You think the government is evil and oppressive and MUST BE OVERTURNED. 

Well great, you work on that. 

MEANWHILE. Well you are over doing that. I am going to be using that government to try and get as much shit done to protect my sisters as possible. Cuse I don’t know if you realize it, but the US government is kinda big and it has kinda a lot of money and power. A lot of which could be used for AWESOME things. Like protecting women against domestic violence. 

Which, idk, I kinda HAVE TO DO because 1 in 6 women will be raped in her lifetime and  1 in 5 teenage girls will have an abusive relationship. 

So you know. I don’t really have the privilege to say “fuck the government, man!” when they have the money and power to HELP OUT MY SISTERS. 

So over anarchists. 

Mini mumble.

I hate dwelling on things but it really eats me up and puts a burn on me when people (read: dudes, resoundingly so) are jerks without realizing or caring. I have been thinking about this more than I should have, but it’s bothering me as we approach the release of the next batch of expensive cardboard.

I went to a MTG tournament last weekend. I kicked butt. I counted four woman-presenting folks and one gender inconclusive person apart from myself.

Match 1: dude was swell. Match 2: dude was super cool. Match 3: not so cool contender. The first thing this bloke said to me was “so, did your boyfriend build your deck?” Followed by a litany that I swear was from some sort of script. Including but not limited to: “do I need to explain the rules to you?” “is that your REAL name?” And “did your boyfriend bring you?”

Suffice to say, I obliterated him with my white/blue control deck. But that’s beside the point; I had two great matches with guys before, but my whole takeaway boiled down to this guy trying to undermine me because he coded me as a “girl”.

It’s no wonder I had a hard time getting into the hobby, and I’m pretty sure that it will be the leading force behind my not wanting to do more tournaments.

i’ve been thinking lately about how we compare ourselves to others, namely people we deem less fortunate than ourselves. a common thing is to say, ‘i saw this person at their dead-end job and realized how lucky i am to actually be where i am.’

um, no, you don’t get to feel all warm and fuzzy about the fact that you have a better job or are seemingly more educated than someone else. there are so many factors beyond anyone’s control that go into quote-on-quote “success.” the state of the economy, your parents’ education and financial status, where you grew up, your health, even your gender and race.

so before you judge, i don’t know, the 20something working at smart and final, consider the fact that you don’t know their story. and instead of feeling a rather entitled and condescending sense of “gratitude” (for, let’s face it, something you didn’t entirely deserve), how about you smile and wish them a happy day and go on your merry way? because compassion doesn’t mean a hyper-awareness of your lucky superiority over others. compassion is a drive that motivates you to help others. there is no such thing as passive compassion, and it isn’t compassion if you’re doing it from a pedestal.

we all do the best we can. your best isn’t better or worse than anyone else’s. if you’re happy or even content, good for you - that is in itself a win, and you don’t have to compare your circumstances to those of anyone around you.


This is a video where a group of Catholics “come out” about their “oppressed” views against homophobia.
Normally I wouldn’t care about this, laugh it off as ignorance and move on with my day. But its approach of presenting these people as a persecuted minority, as victims of oppression, is downright offensive and disrespectful. Mocking the struggle that members of the LGBT community face when opening up about their identities to the people in their lives is a level of ignorance that goes far beyond a lack of acceptance. It presents these people as though they are the ones suffering, as though they are the ones who’s human rights we should protect. This isn’t, “I don’t accept your lifestyle, but still love you as a human being.” This is blatantly condescending and dismissive of the persecution that so many LGBT identified people face in their lives.
I’m not attacking Catholicism here. I’ve had my fair share of struggles with religion, and know that there are extremists to every situation. This is a wake-up call to the poor image and example that individuals are setting for the youth of today, both LGBT identified and straight cis-gendered alike.

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we r girls not guys. check ur privilege you ableist

it seems I forgot to check my (fe)male privilege, I’ll be more careful to put trigger warning tags on my posts next time

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noep just me bein da cool shit

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dem flies get frostbite when they try to get next to you