But really though, if you really think the government shouldn't be in charge of protecting women against violence than you have some privilege to check

So it took me a second because I’m tired and I get so much shit on here I don’t even react to it anymore but now I realize I’m pissed about that last ask. 

I get it. You’re an ~*~anarchist~*~. You think the government is evil and oppressive and MUST BE OVERTURNED. 

Well great, you work on that. 

MEANWHILE. Well you are over doing that. I am going to be using that government to try and get as much shit done to protect my sisters as possible. Cuse I don’t know if you realize it, but the US government is kinda big and it has kinda a lot of money and power. A lot of which could be used for AWESOME things. Like protecting women against domestic violence. 

Which, idk, I kinda HAVE TO DO because 1 in 6 women will be raped in her lifetime and  1 in 5 teenage girls will have an abusive relationship. 

So you know. I don’t really have the privilege to say “fuck the government, man!” when they have the money and power to HELP OUT MY SISTERS. 

So over anarchists. 

Mini mumble.

I hate dwelling on things but it really eats me up and puts a burn on me when people (read: dudes, resoundingly so) are jerks without realizing or caring. I have been thinking about this more than I should have, but it’s bothering me as we approach the release of the next batch of expensive cardboard.

I went to a MTG tournament last weekend. I kicked butt. I counted four woman-presenting folks and one gender inconclusive person apart from myself.

Match 1: dude was swell. Match 2: dude was super cool. Match 3: not so cool contender. The first thing this bloke said to me was “so, did your boyfriend build your deck?” Followed by a litany that I swear was from some sort of script. Including but not limited to: “do I need to explain the rules to you?” “is that your REAL name?” And “did your boyfriend bring you?”

Suffice to say, I obliterated him with my white/blue control deck. But that’s beside the point; I had two great matches with guys before, but my whole takeaway boiled down to this guy trying to undermine me because he coded me as a “girl”.

It’s no wonder I had a hard time getting into the hobby, and I’m pretty sure that it will be the leading force behind my not wanting to do more tournaments.

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we r girls not guys. check ur privilege you ableist

it seems I forgot to check my (fe)male privilege, I’ll be more careful to put trigger warning tags on my posts next time

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noep just me bein da cool shit

cool as ice

dem flies get frostbite when they try to get next to you

So I'm trying this new thing

Where whenever I complain about something first-world problemy, I transform it into me realizing the advantages my privilege give me. That in turn helps me not complain so much.

Like for example, I just said to myself, “Ughhh, I hate it when I have to wait 30 minutes for my Brie to turn room-temperature so I can eat it”.

And I’m really saying, “Ughhh, I hate it when I have the leisure time to do nothing but wait to gorge myself on a piece of expensive french cheese”.

Mixer and Affirmative Action

So today, I went to a mixer with other interns in different organizations in LA. I was partnered with 2 college folks, one from UCLA and one from USC. The student from UCLA asks me if I was for affirmative action. Ofcourse, my answer was a firm, YEAH! Then she replies back, “We’ll I think, it’s bad for us.”  The USC student nodded in agreement. This definitely shocked me because I thought they would be progressive and alot more knowledgeable of different issues in the API community given that they work in a non-profit. Of course I had to educate her about educational disparities in certain API communities. I know she just said, “I understand what you mean” just to stop the conversation and of course I tried to be nice and deviate from that topic. Atelast I was able to provide an insight, hopefully they both reconsider their stance on it. 

On a personal note. The fact that you are able to access higher education and see that  API’s in higher institutions of learning doesn’t mean that affirmative action is no longer valid and that only Latino, Blacks, Native Americans, and other communities are the only ones to reap benefit from it. You should realize that your being here has roots in the implementation of affirmative action. You need to realize that the model minority myth has been institutionalized in society and institutions like higher education. It is our job to look at these institutions in a critical way and intervene in ways we can. We do this for ourselves, our communities,and our family members who wish to pursue higher education.