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Concept: Jove doesn't die. Apollo becomes a lawyer anyway and meets Klavier as a rival prosecutor. Jove and Klavier become friends after bonding over guitars and swapping embarrassing stories about Apollo. Jove tries to be hip and Apollo is mortified but it's not like he's any better.

oh my god jove trying to be really cool and hip with the kids’ lingo and not realising that actually apollo. isn’t hip with it either and has literally no idea what he’s talking about

jove: what’s crackalakin apollo!!! check out how swag i am. klavier hooked me up. he’s my homie.

apollo: i have no idea what any of those words mean, separately or together

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GD: We write our own music and I’m proud of it.

GD’s Crayon: 

       Head shoulders knees and toes

       Swag check swag check

       Head shoulders knees and toes

       Swag check swag check

I love you Jiyong :DDDD

Fighting with BIGBANG pt.1

the zutter edition

author notes: contains swearing, and swag, check, swag.


*you and Jiyong have a very passionate relationship and somehow you have ended up in an argument again… this time it’s about Jiyong working late without telling you for the hundredth time*

[GD] yah! I can’t help having to work late! It’s part of the fucking job description… do we have to do this right now? I’ve just walked through the door…

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Introducing him to your parents for the first time

pogi’s faves edition


*freaking out on the inside*

[DS] *please don’t hate me*…hello  *smile*


[SY] wow… it’s so nice to meet your WHOLE family at once… oh this is your grandmother’s cousin’s son? hello…

[Rap Monster]

*wowing everyone with his English*

[RM] hi i’m Namjoon <3 <3 *whole life story*


*not really sure what’s going on but…*


*just being fucking adorable*

[PO] hello everyone <3 i love your daughter…


*charisma charisma charisma… swag, check. swag.*

[GD] i’m G-Dragon but you can call me Jiyong <3 *cute swag*



[JS] hey…

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The boys going shopping with their babies or baby

Shu: *sigh* How did I get twins? (*giggles*) You two don’t understand anything huh? (*giggles*) You both just giggle. Now your mom sent me here to buy you both cute little girl stuff. Let’s see you need clothes, do you both like this? (*nods and giggles*) So you both like it? That’s good. How about this? (*smiles*) Yeah this will be cute for you both. You need new baby beds also. Will pink and blue work? (*gurgles*) I think you both like anything I pick out. (*points*) What are you two pointing at? This? I’m a guy how would I look carrying around a pink bag? (*whines*) Fine I’ll get it. (*claps*)

Reiji: Your mother have sent us off to buy you new things are you excited? (*claps*) Is there anything you like in particular? (*gurgles*) I suppose anything will do. This looks baby professional does this look good? (*happy screams*) I take that as a yes. What else? Hmm this is out of what I usually wear but this looks nice. (*smiles*) You agree? That’s good. We need to also get you a new baby bed. You like monkeys don’t you? (*yells*) Will this work? (*smiles*) So all we need now is a baby bag. What about dinosaurs this time? (*nod*) Okay, because I really like this.

Ayato: Okay little dude! We are going to buy the most swagged out things ever! How about this? (*claps*) The baby ladies are going to be all over you! Alright what else? Dude! Check this out! Chillin like a villain! (*giggles*) I know right maybe I can find one in my size! Maybe we’ll get this for private times. Let’s see if there’s a baby bed to hold all your swag. Maybe I can get this for ya! Or give it to Subaru! (*yells*) Now we need a swag bag. Check this! (*smiles*)  Your swag is gonna be 100!

Kanato: What do you want to buy today? Right you can’t talk. Look! A teddy onesie do you like it? (*giggles*) So do I. What if your mommy think that teddy can walk around when you start walking? That would look adorable for you. Ah look how cute this is do you like is? (*smiles*) Yes this is very cute. We also need a baby bed. Look at the butterflies on this one. Do you like this because I do. (*claps*) Good. Now lets get a baby bag. Look at this one it has a flowers. (*yells*) So you’re happy yelling for flowers? Well let’s get that also.

Laito: Come on lovebug are you ready to get you things? You need something cute. Do you like this? I like the little sweater for you. (*giggles*) Hmm..what about this? (*claps*) Do you see the pretty flowers? (*nods*) Okay lovebug let’s go get your new baby bed! Look at this one! It has the pretty ballerinas! Are you a little ballerina? (*smiles*) I know you are! How about a baby bag now? This is too cute! Are you a couture baby? Yes you are! (*happy yells*)

Subaru: I guess we are suppose to do this shopping thing huh? (*bites his key*) No, please don’t do that you’ll hurt your gums! We’re here for clothes let’s find some. Look at the pretty polka dots do you like them? (*smiles*) So do I let’s get this. What else? (*points*) Are you pointing to this? (*yells*) This is cute let’s grab this. Now we have to go find a baby bed for you. Do you want this one? You do like to dress up. (*claps*) Okay we will get this. Now and last a baby bag. Do you like this one? Its blue and pink. (*gurgles*) I take that as a yes.

Ruki: Come on calf let daddy pick out cute things for you. Look over here do you like this? (*claps*) So do I lets’s get this one. Hmm suppose you like this? Good because so do I. It’s perfect for the summer time. Now calf we can find you a baby bed. This one is a full set. Do you like it? (*yells*) You like the colors mostly. Now let’s look for a decent baby bag. We can put your name here do you want this one. (*gurgle*) You like it that’s good.

Kou: My little boy kitty and I are going to get cute baby clother~! (*giggles*) You like my singing? That’s nice. Let’s get you the bestes clothes! Do you like this? That would look so nice on you! (*claps*) Do you like this to? (*smiles*) I do to! Let’s look at the baby beds. This is nice don’t you agree? (*gurgles*) Last thing we need is a baby bag then were done. Look at this one with Pooh bear! It’s so cute! (*nods*) Good you agree!

Yuma: Come on you two piglets! We need to find girls and boys clothes! Something that’s good enough! (*giggles*) Oi! You two like this? (*gurgles*) I take that as a yes. Okay what about this? (*smiles*) You needed farming clothes. We need a baby bed also for you both. Look at this one let’s get it! Last thing is a baby bag. Here two separate ones lets get it okay? (*nods*)

Azusa: Okay princess…pick out anything…you want… (*pokes his nose*) haha…. Say do you…like this It comes….with two… (*smiles*) Okay how about…this also..? (*giggles*) That’s good. You also need…a swim suit..the mermaids…wanted to Is this cute..? (*claps*) I agree..I really like..the colors.. You also…. need a baby… bed. Do you…like this one..? (*yells*) That’s nice. Lastly, a baby…bag. We can..put your Do you want..this? (*flails around*) Okay..princess we now..

Carla: You both we are going to try and hurry to go in ad out of here. (*smiles*) Let’s begin with clothing, do you two like this? (*nods*) Simple and easy good. How about this one? You both can get one. (*giggles*) You both need a winter coat as well. Is this one good enough? (*yells*) That’s good but you both calm down a little. We also need to get two baby beds. (*bites and pulls his hair*) You both cut it out. (*still pulls and bites*) *sighs* For baby beds do you prefer this? (*claps*) That’s good because it would look good in the house. Now a baby bag. This is pretty good. (*smiles*) You agree thankfully.

Shin: Okay pup we gotta buy thing you need. Clothes, so do ya like this? (*smiles*) Good thing you don’t care because i’m tired. Okay do ya like this to? (*claps*) Okay ya do like it then. Hurry now let’s look for a baby bed i’m hungry. Hmm…something elegant and nice.. Look at this! I would sleep in here if i could! (*gurgles*) I know i know i’m to big to sleep in there with you. Let’s find a baby bag. It’s no wolf but it’ll do. Do you like this? (*yells*) I guess we can get it.