anon: Can you do a talent swap with Mikan/Ishimaru 

Holy crap, this became so mushy and cheesy. But here you are! I can only pray I got Ishimaru IC, I relied on some old threads done with an Ishimaru RP-er for inspiration in writing his personality.

- Hand Holding

She was extraordinarily clumsy. In fact, he didn’t think he’d met anyone before who spent so much time in the infirmary when they weren’t a member of the Health Committee.

Not that he minded her frequent visits.

Actually… he rather liked them. Very much so.

“Hm, here we are!” Applying the bandaid to the cut upon her knee, he pulled back with a wide smile. “Good as new, my friend!”

The girl seated on the edge of one of the cots, gave a small sheepish smile. “T-Thank you, Ishimaru-san… I’m sorry to bother you like this, uyu.”

“Nonsense! You could never be a bother, Tsumiki-kun!” He was quick to protest her statement, never wanting her to believe for a moment that he didn’t enjoy her company. He loved seeing those beautiful smiles on her face and the warmth her expression and laughter would produce when she was happy. He found himself determined to make her feel such joy as often as he could, just as she did on him – even if it she didn’t mean to intentionally.

Yes, Super High School Level Health Committee Member Kiyotaka Ishimaru was undeniably crushing on Mikan Tsumiki.

And he was crushing hard.

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Some good HC I don't know if you like is a sort of AU by thelostmoongazer called Night Terror Sans. She let's anybody add to it so there's lots of stuff for it. I don't know if that's the kind of thing that you like? TBH, it hasn't been updated in awhile.

I never heard about it. I’m still a newbie here, I don’t know about lots of stuff :”D

Night’s Call|closed


Cillian stretched, standing on the porch of his families home. The house was quiet, but the night was alive with the sounds of night creatures and he had one last round to do. Stepping down off the wooden porch he grabbed up his riffle and headed towards the barn first, he knew that Ronan had slipped from the house a few hours ago and was probably sleeping in the barn her hands encased in the precious earth. Peeking inside he stayed silent as his blue eyes scanned over the room until he spotted his sister right where he expected to find her. Smiling softly he headed to his next check point.

The sheep where quiet, nestled down together in the fields…at least they should be, the troubled sound bleep from his left had him turning that way as some of the sheep from on of the back pastures headed his way. It meant there was a disturbance. Closing his eyes for a moment he reached out, touching the elements around him…Ro would know the exact location of something walking in their pastures but she was sleeping and he wouldn’t risk her to unknown danger. So he walked in the direction the sheep where fleeing from. Silently he moved through the pasture, riffle over his shoulder but at ready.


This time SNC decided to follow, and caught up to me when I was checking a spawn point nearby. Which was cool.

But, then we started back toward the house…and Mirrors was waiting just around the corner. That’s how pleased he looked when he spotted SNC.

Some feline drama ensued.

(Mostly of a quiet sort, until SNC ran up behind Mirrors and smacked him a good one. As SNC will do.)


YAS! YAS YAS YAS! They either give me Loki wearing a dress or they give me Lady Loki! I NEED IT! PLEASE, DEVS, WE NEED GENDERFLUID LOKI!

Upcoming: Check Point Experience 2011

I’m off to Check Point’s annual Experience convention in Chicago next week, and the timing couldn’t be any better.  In the wake of so many security related news stories such as the PlayStation Network Breach and the discovery of serious vulnerabilities in the Android mobile operating system, it’ll be great to brush up on the latest trends in IS and mobile device security and management. 

Here’s a small list of the topics that I’ll be covering during the event to give you a taste of what’s to come:

- Best Practices to secure the Mobile Enterprise

- Best Practices for a Secured Network in a Web 2.0 and Social Media World

- Mobile Security 

- Defining your private cloud blueprint

- Unified Security Management 

For those unfamiliar, Check Point is one of the most significant internet security companies in the world with products that range from Enterprise-grade firewalls, endpoint security software, content filtering and much more.  If you’re employed at a Fortune 500 company or larger, there’s a good chance there’s Check Point somewhere in your organization’s infrastructure.   

The content is bound to be a little drier than my usual consumer technology beat, but there’s a lot of exciting things happening with the convergence of consumer mobile technology and the enterprise that should make this interesting and relevant for anyone interested in the mobile tech industry.    


ZOO | 2.05 | Allison + Mitch

When a snake flicks its tongue it’s gathering particles through its Jacobson’s Organ.

Children receive education, opportunity in eastern Kandahar [Image 4 of 4] by DVIDSHUB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
A student studies mathematics at the Maruf District Center School, Afghanistan, May 15. Local village boys attend school four days out of the week to better their education.
Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan Media Operations Center
Photo by Pfc. Kaimana-Ipulani Kalauli-Mendoza
Date Taken:05.16.2011
Location:MARUF, AF
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QALANDIA is more than a checkpoint, more than a symbol of Israeli occupation and Palestinian destitution and attempt to overcome difficulties, it shows how even the most surreal space becomes normalized into daily life, how what started out as an occasional checkpoint became a definitive - although contested - border between Israel and the Palestinians. But in doing so, it also allowed for a range of new economic and social relations to blossom and disappear.

BY Ve La