I’ve mustered enough courage to post this on here, it’s a video of my Ahsoka fandub ! 

Ah yes quality filming, isn’t it just. (One day I’ll find a way to make my videos look decent. One day.) Also I absolutey did borrow the heartbreaking music in the background from that heartbreaking Snips & Skyguy fanvid.

Headcanon: At some point after becoming a cyborg, Genji saw a post on an Overwatch fan-forum comparing him to a character from an old anime, Gatchaman CROWDS. On impulse, he checked out a couple episodes and became a fan. He even secretly dubbed Tracer, “Hajime-chan,” due to their similar, upbeat, optimistic personalities, He let it slip once, but Lena just laughed it off, not really getting the reference.

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Looking for mutuals!!

Okok so I’ve realized that my feed has been pretty desolate recently so!! If you reblog/post any of the following and are looking for mutuals, reblog/like this post & I’ll check you out!!
• Steven universe
• undertale
• fanart/speed paints
• comic dubs (preferably fanart comics lol) • chill music
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• stuff w an artsy aesthetic (if that makes sense)
• covers!!
• Dan and Phil
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• nature
• fun facts??? Idk
• ocs

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So when are you going to upload on youtube romeo Adrien part 10 ? ☺ I love your work and I'm nervous for the continue

On Youtube? Well… firstly, if you’re keen to see it, please consider my tumblr your first port of call.

Secondly, youtube will get the next part after I post it on tumblr. I recommend checking out @valory-pierce who has been currently dubbing the comic, if you are going to watch on youtube. 

Find her channel here:

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OPM is coming out dubbed on Toonami... was curious on your thoughts (or if you'd planned on checking it out dubbed...?) ALSO! Been browsing your art tag, you are AMAZING X3! I just LUV LUV LUV this blog to derth X3!! I actually seen someone repost that 'young Saitama little Genos'- hnnnnnngh! Adorable XP! Might actually be my fav so far that I've seen of yours! (Which is really hard to choose from trust me! But it was far too cute!) At any rate! This blog brightens my day! I mean that! Honestly!

I really really want to see it dubbed!!! , But I also I really really wish we had Toonami here in my country… we don’t. All that’s left for me is to watch it online but my internet connection is not very good so now … T_T hope you guys enjoy it really! 

I’m so sorry for replying late to you hon, but … Gosh you know…, when someone is so nice and sweet to me and say so many nice things about my art and my little corner of tumblr I just run out of words, literally!!<33 I don’t know what to say! because *thank you* is just not enough asdfgdhgfjs…



Special thanks to @zoruanna for letting me dub there Newest Animation

Check them out on Facebook and DA


Asriel @tehrogue

Frisk @ccandyvoice


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I listened to Nate's Mayday cover... I'm a NateWantsToBattle fan, now!

AHH WELCOME MY FRIEND!! please check his MANY other covers and parody songs!! he is truly wonderful and just a complete treasure.

also, while you’re at it, check out his cover album “Genesis”, it’s covers of anime intros dubbed into english!! he spent a lot of time and effort on it!!

ONE MORE THING, check out his gaming channel!! also check out jonathan (other guy in MDP cover) all great content!!

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i believe kissanime will start uploading the episode so you can always go and watch them anytime you want. Hope ur not too left out!

Already checked the dubbed version from Kissanime and it was surprisingly good! Really enjoyed it, like WOW ୧☉□☉୨(I also died when I noticed again that Saitama has that silly smile on his face when the giant is sobbing about losing his brother. Like, Saitama WHAT THE HELL MAN, that’s not appropriate)

Ahaha, no worries! I’m always late from everything! 

For some reason I usually jump into fandoms much, much later when the hype has died out or there’s very little activity. It’s strange to be once in a fandom which is very active and the series is in its prime! : O It’s very exciting, I like it a lot, but very overwhelming too because stuff is happening all the time. I just have to get used to it!


Hey check out this dub i did with @twoallnighters