Turquoise Vista

  • Type: Residential
  • Lot Size: 30 x 20
  • CC-free

2 Bed, 2 Bath. A retro house full of character, with an island-themed master bedroom and a safari-themed kids’ bedroom. Built for The Reynolds. Features paintings by doertespieler (from the gallery).

! Important !: Download will unframe sim-made photos.

Download, or search “Turquoise Vista”, ju1ka (ID) or #Jools in the Online Gallery.

Info: Please check out my ToU page. Feel free to tag me (#jools simming, #jools-simming or #joolssimming) if you use my creations, I’d love to see what you’ve done with them. <3

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We’re exactly 1 year away from Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk! July 21 2017.

An edit donated by lovely Dutch photographer Fokke Baarssen. He’s been sharing his wonderful photos from the set of Dunkirk on his Instagram, and he’s headed to Dorset when the production moves there next week, so more on the way. Give him a follow at, check out his gallery full of Cillian, Nolan, Harry, Fionn, Barry, Jack… and say hi. Oh, and yes, he can confirm just how blue those baby blues are!


Eye of the Tiger Michael Burnett aka Thrasher Magazine’s Burnout is reporting live from the City of Brotherly Love where the Off The Wallers stopped by EXIT boardshop and Paine’s skate park on the Vans Pro Skate tour. After you browse Burnett’s photo gallery check out all of the show stopping demo action from Philly on our YouTube page.


Take That - British Summer Time, London by sxdlxs 


Jason Branscum took some great shots of the current Poetry Foundation Gallery exhibition, Bhaba by Neha Vedpathak.

Check it out 11 AM–4 PM on weekdays and come to the Bhaba Gallery Talk: Neha Vedpathak in conversation with Srikanth Reddy.

A virtual dialogue between the artist and the poets Rabindranath Tagore and Kay Ryan, Bhaba is a multi-disciplinary exhibition that includes a large-scale paper work, an installation of handmade “stones,” and a mixed-media garland. Vedpathak’s “plucking” technique, in which she separates the fibers of handmade Japanese paper using a tiny pin, results in an immense, floating wall of paper that resembles a lace fabric. Her “stone” sculptures, created from Arizona sand and plant sap, blur the lines between the natural and the manmade. 


Never Odd Or Even is now open!!! Stop by to check out the 60+ international illustrators work inspired by paradox, duality, mirrored images, and palindromes! The opening is tonight from 7-10pm. 

Light Grey Shop

Online Gallery

Along with the opening, come check out the Light Grey Pop Up Shop. We have hundreds of discounted prints, artist originals, zines, postcards, and products for our annual summer sale and fundraiser! Proceeds go directly to programming, artist projects, and scholarships. Thank you for your support!!
Previews by Camille Chew and Joe Casanova 

Hi all, it’s @thinktankdecoy here with one of my favorite shots tagged to #ttd_feature.
Photographer: @lorismadu .
Be sure to check out this gallery and share some love! Keep tagging your best shots to #ttd_feature for a weekend feature.
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I recently re-rendered ‘Guardians’, and the lovely people at 3d total have it up in their gallery, check it out here:

I’ve also finished sculpting ‘Those Who Speak’ minis for Shattered Awesome, which were great fun to work on.  It was a real challenge finding the right scale for the chains as they had to be at least 2mm in width.



Show notes:

Check out more Rogues’ Gallery on ComicsAlliance.

Nothing is absolute.

Brett Crawford.

Valencia @ 24th St in San Francisco, Ca

On July 16th Simply Frida opened at Wonderland SF Gallery on Valencia at 24th St in San Francisco with about 90 artists celebrating Frida in each of their unique styles. We have shown art by quite a few of the artists. The show is open for 2 months.
LA based Brett Crawford is on the the participating artist who also painted Frida on the DeAppropriation Wall next to the gallery.
Read about this artist and check out the show details and go see both.…/get-to-know-brett-crawford



Show notes:

Check out more Rogues’ Gallery on ComicsAlliance.


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