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For references, would it be considered plagirising if you used a photo, lowered the opacity and used the picture to block out masses and correct the general shape? Because for this piece, I drew a character playing the cello, and that's the method I used. I feel like it's just tracing though and it makes me feel like a fake artist???

Being in college right now, we’re constantly hammered over the head about plagiarism, plagiarism, plagiarism. And with good reason! Plagiarism is the deceitful practice of trading off someone’s work as your own and thus reaping the benefits from it.

I searched Google about the legalities behind tracing, the first result showed me this article by Kiffanie Stahle and it boils down to about three points according to Kiff:

To decide a course of action, we’d talk through three things:

  • Is the source imagery protectable under the Copyright Act?
  • Did you copy the source imagery?
  • Did your copying rise to the level of an infringement?

(Stahle, Kiffanie. “Is it legal to trace source imagery?” the artist’s J.D.,

The article helps give further detail in breaking down these points to help you better understand, so if anyone else is in a similar position to you OR does trace and would like to know more about that, check out the rest of the article. It’s not too dense if you were expecting it to be some thick, legal jargon.

Coming back now to your specific situation though, here’s my personal hot take: it’s not plagiarizing. You said you already drew out the piece, and now you’re just having some trouble with the anatomy. So long as you’re not planning to redo the entire thing as one big tracing, I believe it would be safe to say you are allowed to correct your anatomy if you have a reference photo that can help.

Though before doing that!! I don’t know if this is the method you were planning to use, but I have a suggestion on how you can maybe go about this so that it A) is less direct tracing onto the picture and B) helps you to practice anatomy. I know it’s a bit tedious to do it this way, but I believe it will actually look more natural when implemented into your piece.

Have you seen this post before? Because it is an incredible practice that can help many folks who are just learning anatomy!

(Sarah. “Rise - Pose Reference for Artists” SenshiStock,

It is a very valid means of practicing and improving your anatomy. By trying to work backwards and break down the anatomy into more defined shapes that you can build from (I suggest using way more construction than I had so you can develop an even better understanding of the form) then you are gaining better knowledge of how to draw better!

In addition to this ask, there was another anonymous message received that I felt was similar to this one/was relevant to this ask too…

I think the answer to this lies within the three questions posed: “Is the source imagery protectable under the Copyright Act?Did you copy the source imagery?Did your copying rise to the level of an infringement?

While I suggest to you to maybe perform the same method I demonstrated above (as yes, it can apply to gesture posing too!) I believe that you may want to just be careful of where the source comes from (to see what the copyright is on the images you are using), how much inspiration or tracing you plan to take away from the reference, and if you plan on merchandising the final product.

I hope this was helpful, thank you for asking!

-Mod Em

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“im worried that the anti message is going to spread around” its not a message to b spread dipshit it’s called “morals”. not sure if uve ever heard of em? they come with most default human bodies, it’s really cool! choke bitch.

The interesting thing about morals is that they don’t come standard with a human body. Morals are different all around the world and even vary from person to person. Let’s look at an example that isn’t involved in discourse: cannibalism.

Our modern society has a strong taboo against cannibalism and most people would object to it on moral grounds alone. It’s wrong to consume another person’s body, even if that person has already died from natural causes. One of our moral values is that corpses should be treated with respect. But that’s not the same everywhere. The Korowai in New Guinea practice cannibalism, specifically on people they refer to as kahkhua, a kind of witch who disguise themselves as regular people in the tribe and curse their victims with a mysterious death. These kahkhua are executed and their flesh is eaten by their killers. This is considered the morally right thing to do, the only way to protect your family and loved ones from supernatural death. To the Korowai, it would be immoral to allow a kahkhua to live, since their presence endangers every innocent person in the tribe. Read the article I linked, it’s very interesting to see these people talk about murder and cannibalism like an everyday part of life.

So the question now becomes this: Are the Korowai immoral? Can our system of morality really be considered ‘better’ than theirs? And that’s the problem that anthropology has been struggling with for the last two centuries. Morality doesn’t have an absolute scale. The Korowai are monstrous to modern US morality, but we can’t say they’re objectively monstrous because our morality isn’t any more objective than theirs. And before you say “Of course they’re bad, people are dying!” I want you to think about where that impulse comes from. It’s not from some organic source that you’re born with, it’s from society.

So in short, morality is different for everyone and can’t be used as a measuring stick for fiction. For example, you seem to think that telling me to ‘choke’ is the moral thing to do. Maybe you have more in common with the Korowai than you think.

Breath of the Wild Mod: You Play As Zelda

Originally posted by elfzelda

Heather Alexandra over on Kotaku has a great article (here) that covers a bit of the development of a mod that places Zelda in the role of saving Hyrule. There are now more than 20 people working on the Zelda Conversion Project, attempting to bring this mod to reality. Check out the article with some great videos, links to the modder’s youtube channel and some great concept art too. 

Tfw your selfie makes the news. 😳 But really, there’s so much more discussion to be had about how trans women are forced into specific aesthetics due to outside pressure than what I can fit in one caption. Trans women can look like anything and we can present however we want, yet people still seem to think we’re confined to hyperfemininity. Check out this article where I have a more in-depth discussion about the pressures trans women face due to the policing of our bodies. (link)
The unwinding of net neutrality will begin on April 23rd
Net neutrality rules start to come off the books in the US, which is bad news for the internet.
By Jacob Kastrenakes

I’ve been seeing a lot about this (and it’s fucking sucks, no doubt, and we should still fight it), but I have seen some misinformation on the meaning of the date that net neutrality ends and just what to expect. Check out this article to get a more focused viewpoint on the matter.

Trying to break cancellation issue down...

I’ve been off Tumblr most of today fighting the good fight over on Twitter, so this was probably posted elsewhere, but I’m seeing a lot of people confused about who is responsible for what.

I encourage them to check out this article at USA Today, which breaks it down better than anywhere else I’ve seen so far. Particularly:

Freeform had been in negotiations with Constantin Films, a co-producer of the show, to produce fewer episodes to make room for the channel’s other projects. But that plan jeopardized an existing deal with Netflix, which owns streaming rights for the series outside the U.S. and pays a large portion of the show’s production costs.

So. To paraphrase, as best I understand it (and I could be wrong on some of this, it’s just hard to pick through all the articles and commentary and get a thorough idea of what is happening):

Constantin Film has the adaptation rights. (not Freeform) They are the ones who produce the show. They own the rights to make ANY show based off the TMI and TID books.

Freeform has the DISTRIBUTION rights in the US for live airing. That deal is between Constantin and Freeform.

Multiple other places, like Itunes, Hulu, Amazon, etc have streaming rights in the US. What part of deciding who gets US streaming rights rests with Freeform and what part rests with Constantin, I’m not sure, but since Hulu shows the eps with a Freeform watermark, I’m going to speculate that Freeform decides who gets streaming rights in the US, at least in part.

Netflix has the INTERNATIONAL distribution deal with Constantin (idk if Amazon and Itunes carry it internationally, but I know Hulu doesn’t.)

So basically, Freeform ponies up some of the money for production, and Netflix ponies up some of the money for production, and both of them give that money to Constantin, who sees that the show gets produced.

Freeform wants to focus more on its original content, like Siren and The Bold Type and Grown-ish and the Pretty Little Liars reboot and Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger. Disney (who owns Freeform) probably also wants this for Freeform, because when and if Disney goes live with their own streaming service, that’s the shows they’re going to be streaming.

But it’s got Shadowhunters, this show that it doesn’t actually OWN, eating up a big chunk of prime time real estate for half the year. And sure, they could shunt SH to a less desirable time slot, but they’re paying a pretty penny for it, and the live ratings don’t really justify that pretty penny and would only get WORSE if they played musical time slots with the show.

So, Freeform wants to pay Constantin Film less for fewer episodes for season 4. 

But Netflix ALSO has a deal with Constantin for distribution of this show, and Netflix doesn’t want fewer episodes per season, because Netflix is doing quite well on this show, internationally. However, Netflix is in a dick-measuring contest with Disney because Disney wants to compete with Netflix in the streaming market and Netflix is all “NO WE’VE GOT THE BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL STREAMING DICK STEP OFF” and so Netflix decided it would rather not pay Constantin for the show at all rather than have a reduced run that will profit Freeform/Disney in a move that would ultimately be detrimental to Netflix by benefitting their competition.

So, early reports that this is entirely Netflix’s fault are actually slightly misleading. A large part of the blame rests with Disney/Freeform because they want a bigger slice of Netflix’s pie. But Netflix does shoulder SOME of the blame because apparently they would rather set fire to all their toy blocks than share them.

I don’t see a way out of this situation relying on Freeform and Netflix, unless Constantin is willing to sell the adaptation rights to one or the other, which doesn’t seem to be the case?

Our best hope seems to be for Hulu (partly owned by Disney) or some other network or streaming service to kick in the funding Netflix yanked. Which would probably still result in a shorter season 4, but at least there would BE a season 4 and the show wouldn’t be left trying to wrap up an entire book worth of material in a single 2-hour episode.
Bill Skarsgård is back as Pennywise in the 'It' sequel and wasting no time pranking his co-stars

During a chat about his upcoming role in Hulu’s “Castle Rock” series, he tells USA TODAY that, while sitting next to Chastain at a recent table read, “there was a moment in the script where Pennywise has a line and I took a little beat before I said the line and projected my voice really loudly as Pennywise. And I got her pretty good.

“The whole room jumped,” he adds with a laugh – his own, not one of his creepy Pennywise chuckles. “I let them know what’s coming.”

check out the rest of the article at the link
San Francisco 49ers assistant Katie Sowers is first out LGBT coach in NFL
‘One of the most important things is to be true to who you are,’ she says.
By Jim Buzinski

“It wasn’t that long ago that I wasn’t comfortable being out at work and it also wasn’t that long ago when I wasn’t sure we’d ever see women on an NFL coaching staff. The fact that Katie can live her dream on an NFL sideline and be who she is, 100%, is so incredible.“

Check out the article above for more background on Katie Sowers’ incredibly inspirational story, as well as an interview where she touches on her thoughts on visibility for both LGBTQ and women in men’s professional sports, her role on the coaching team, the respect of the players, her past experiences playing football, her aspirations for the future, among other topics.

“The more we can create an environment that welcomes all types of people” she says, “no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, the more we can help ease the pain and burden that many carry every day.“



On my first visit to this former neuro-psychiatric clinic, only one pavilion was accessible. This is the neo-traditional main building and the neo-Gothic chapel. Both were recently vacated. The main building, built of red brick, originally comprised the administration and the convent of the sisters and included several wings. The chapel of the institution is located in the axis of the main entrance. Both the monastery and the chapel were almost completely emptied, probably in light of the upcoming renovation of the whole. In the chapel you can still find the original confessional and behind the chapel the autopsy table is left in the mortuary. That’s pretty much it as far as furniture is concerned… Nevertheless, it was all in all a nice visit, which yielded some nice pictures, despite the emptiness. 

CLICK HERE to check out the article of my visit to the Sainte Cecile pavilion of this institution, which I visited about a year ago… 

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Do you think the tv show Hannibal is problematic? My friend loves it but I've not heard good reviews and I'm nervous to watch it

Personally I’ve never seen it, it’s not my style. But I did check out a few articles and blogs. One blog has a decent about the issues of racism within Hannibal. They mention that some whitewashing occurred (which kept a character safe) and that characters who were originally white were portrayed by actors of color, they were killed or faced a lot of trauma

Oh and this lovely comment from one of the actors… 

Some antisemitism within the show on top of that.

And this, I don’t know if it’s the shows fault or the fandoms, but there is a lot of abuse apology too, which I’m also very upset with the fandom’s shipping of these two. These are not a “gay OTP” and its really gross to do that.

Honestly I don’t know much more aside from that. Really not my scene sorry, but if anyone else wants to add on, please do!

Mod Bethany

How to use the Pareto Principle to Increase Productivity (Part 1)

One of the things I wish I had learned when I was younger is that not everything you do counts an equal amount or will get you equally far. If you are given a homework assignment worth maybe .2% of your total grade, or a midterm for a  different class worth 30% of your grade which one is worth spending more time on? The answer is obviously the Midterm. But what if the answer wasn’t so obvious? What if all I told you was you had two tasks you had to accomplish tonight for homework? What would your strategy be? Choose the shortest first? The longest first? The one you are best at? Or is hardest?

Now let’s look at college. You have 10 different readings due next week, do you read them all? Skim some? Completely disregard others? Forget that you had to read one?

When it comes to completing school work, and really to completing any tasks in life, you should always be asking yourself “what is going to get me furthest, benefit me the most, or offer the greatest advantage?” Spend your time doing those things and forget the rest. A very wise man, Vilifred Pareto once said that 20% of the work produces 80% of the bounty/harvest/etc. In other words, 20% of the tasks you do will produce 80% of the benefit. This is often referred to as the “Pareto Principle” or the “80/20 rule”. Since learning this rule, I’ve tried all kinds of variations of it. There’s some truth to it, but also some impracticality.

If you had 10 readings for school, only reading 2 of them is impractical. Your professor probably won’t expect you to do all the reading (especially if all 10 were for the same class), but certainly expects you to read more than 2. A smarter strategy I like to do is to review them all, but only read about 20% especially for journal articles and textbook chapters. Below are my top 3 tips and tricks I use to utilize the Pareto Principle to its fullest advantage in school.

Pareto Principle Tip 1: Reading Journal Articles

A very smart grad school professor of mine once pointed out that unless you’re writing a thesis/need to be an expert on some reading, you probably don’t need to read the article in its entirety. Instead, just read the introduction and the conclusion.

Pareto Principle Tip 2: Reading Textbooks

The same idea applies to chapters in textbooks! Don’t waste time reading the whole thing, when the most important stuff is in the introduction, conclusion, and maybe the first paragraph of each section. Check out my article on the Hudgin’s reading method to learn how to read your textbooks faster!!

Pareto Principle Tip 3: Prioritization during the school week

Will getting a 100 on a homework assignment or taking time to study for the SAT get you further? What about doing a textbook reading, or studying for a major test? You need to stop treating every task like its worth the same amount and begin prioritizing assignments and tasks worth more of your grade, or that will count more in the future.

The Pareto Principle can easily be used in conjunction with Eat that Frog, by choosing to do the top 20% of your tasks first thing in the morning. Click here for my blog post describing “Eat that Frog.” The Pareto Principle can also be used in a variety of other areas of your life including but not limited to extracurriculars, relationships and more! Next week we will be discussing how to use the Pareto Principle to find your “golden egg” task.

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Someone gets a picture of Spidey swinging into Peter Parker's apartment, and the next day's headline says that he is Spiderman...'s secret boyfriend. Wade can't stop laughing.

at this point in their relationship, wade already knows that peter parker and spiderman are the same person

he calls peter that morning, absolutely laughing his ass off, telling peter to check out this article about spiderman’s secret boyfriend

peter thinks it’s going to be another bullshit tabloid, but no, it’s in the new york goddamn times, and it’s a picture of peter, in full costume, crawling back into his apartment window, he was about to have a full on panic attack, until he read “secret love affair with daily bugle photographer, peter parker”, which is when he realized that he knew the person that had written this article, he’d gone to high school with them, and they had seen him tripping over his own two feet, stumbling his way through presentations, and just laying down on the floor in gym class when he decided to give up

peter feels a bit hurt that it’s soooo inconceivable that he could be spiderman that they thought he had to be a secret boyfriend, but there is the latent vindication of being right all these years, he almost wants to call ava and tell her that acting like a fucking failure of human life in high school absolutely did save his ass, and it was a good plan, but knowing her she’d just laugh at him because now he has to clear this up somehow or he’s going to have to deal with twice the bullshit as peter parker

so he walks into work and asks who wants to interview him about his secret super powered boyfriend, and gets published as saying that’s actually wade wilson in a spiderman suit, look at the butts, they match
‘RWBY’ Volume 5 Creative Team on What to Expect, And on Haters Who Think It’s Not Actual Anime
“RWBY” Volume 5, the next season of Rooster Teeth’s popular anime-style series, is gearing up for its big debut next week — although the final episodes aren’t done yet…
By Todd Spangler


Summary for V5 news:

  • V5 budget it 3x more than the previous volumes
  • V5 about “picking yourself up and getting better”
  • V4 was a creative risk due to team split and showing each of them
  • Writing began May, production began summer, still not finished writing last few eps, season final production will start in late October and go on to 2018
  • Possibly 12 seasons in total for RWBY (that’s current plan)
  • V5 referred to as “Monty-ness aka something you didn’t expect”

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Hi! I saw that you did an insecure HC with Jumin! Could you also do one for Zen or maybe everyone?

Zen comforting an insecure MC


  • Looking in the mirror became harder than it should, and ignoring the tabloids and the cruelty of the paparazzi became impossible as the severity of your insecurity grew.
  • It’s hard not to be insecure when you know your boyfriend who is the equivalent to a sex god, considering his godly looks, and is always surrounded by women with perfect bodies, perfect faces, perfect hair and perfect poise.
  • Constant times before, you’ve seen women, some he works with and some who just approach him, flirt and flaunt themselves at Zen.
  • Zen, a gentleman at that, always turns them away and rejects their advances, turning to you to wrap his arm around you, kiss you, then declare if his contract doesn’t negate it that he loves you.
  • And it became something of a regular basis where a journalist would write a nasty article belittling or critiquing you, or a fan would taunt you, or a fan would write something on their own forums about how they thought Zen could do better.
  • The scary part was you were starting to believe it – maybe he did deserve something, or someone better.
  • You can’t help yourself now when you finally do look in the mirror and compare yourself to what you think is the perfect woman for him.
  • Someone thinner,
  • Someone prettier,
  • Someone talented,
  • Someone more confident.
  • As of now, you were certain Zen had no idea of just how insecure and self conscious you were feeling,
  • Considering you’d laugh at the negative or harsh remarks to hide how hurt you really were.
  • Zen admires you for being so nonchalant, so what would he think when you knew how you really felt?
  • But trying to hide how you really felt was becoming too straining and you were closer to a breakdown than you liked to admit.
  • It seemed you reached the breaking point when you were sitting at his rehearsals, quietly watching from the sidelines as Zen shined on stage and it did not help that he shined with a very flawless looking actress when your phone buzzed in your pocket.
  • Slowly you pulled out your phone and felt a weird ache in your stomach seeing it was a text from a close friend of yours outside of the RFA telling you to check out an article. Gulping, you clicked the link provided and felt your insides churn and your heart drop when you saw the headline for the opinion piece of a wash-up magazine.
  • Cruel, mean, untrue, unflattering, and over all invasive.
  • The article critiqued your physique, your personality, your inability to be Zen’s manager, but most importantly to you, your inability to be his girlfriend.
  • “It makes us wonder if this is all just a ploy or a set up by Zen’s manager. Would someone with the ravishing looks of Zen really subjected themselves to someone so plain and simple?”
  • “The two don’t even act like a couple. Zen rarely posts pictures of the two on his social media, and they are rarely seen outside of the studio together. But fans say they cannot blame Zen for wanting to stay away from the girl if she brings down his credibility.”
  • “Some speculate the two have a contract that forbids them from showing PDA, while others speculate he can’t bare to be seen with the girl.”
  • Every word in the opinion piece struck a chord within you. You felt the hot tears begin to brim in your eyes, but looking around seeing all the other actors, directors and set management, you knew you just had to get out of there so you could compose yourself.
  • You were so focused on getting out of the open, you didn’t see the worried look Zen gave you from on stage as you quickly collected your things and made way to his dressing room.
  • You closed the door, your head against the frame for a minute before pushing yourself off the wall and heading to the makeup table. You sat in the chair and immediately popped your head in your hands, taking a deep breath before you let the hot, salty tears spill.
  • You try to keep your cries silent so no one passing by could hear you – especially Zen. You didn’t want him to hear you.
  • At that moment you felt weak, and definitely not fit to be his girlfriend, so if anything, you were trying your best not to be loud so no one could hear and inform Zen you were in his dressing room sobbing your heart out.
  • No one needed to inform him in the end. When he saw you leave for the dressing room, the sad and burned-out look on your face, he was dropping everything to follow you and find out what was wrong.
  • His heart shattered when he saw you at the table, your head hidden between your arms and your body shaking as you cried.
  • “Jagiya?” You practically jumped out of the chair. You tried to play it off and act as if you weren’t just breaking down in his dressing room. You try to play it off that you weren’t hurting, but your boyfriend knew you better than that. He stops your rambling by walking to you, placing his warm hands on your cheeks, squishing them a little. He gives you a soft smile as he watches your face contort and you were suddenly crying again. He pulls you too him, resting your head in the crook of his neck and wrapping his arms around you. “MC, what’s wrong? What happened? Please, baby, talk to me. And let me help you.”
  • It’s hard for you to form the words, but somehow, through the mental and physical turmoil, you find a way to express to him how and what you are feeling.
  • “I can’t pretend anymore, Zen.”
  • “Pretand what?”
  • That it doesn’t hurt. That when I see the hurtful things they say about me I don’t want to just breakdown. That when I see just how perfect, how much more those other girls are compared to me, that I don’t want to cry a-and-”
  • He stops you, gently pulling you off of him so he can sit you back down in the chair by the table, and he can kneel in front of you. He takes a deep breath, resting his hands on your knees, his thumbs rubbing circles along your kneecap. He looks up at you, and you can see in his eyes just how much it hurt him to hear you say all that. And he hasn’t heard it all.
  • You’ve yet to touch proper base on your insecurity. You’ve yet to tell him of your hatred towards a mirror.
  • You’ve yet to tell him how you’ve thought about leaving him because you think he’d therefore be able to find better.
  • He doesn’t want to hear anymore– what you said is enough to crush him and enough to break him apart.
  • The one he is in love with is on the verge, no, is breaking down in front of him because they have no confidence, no love for themselves, and no will to even try and ignore the mean things said to you anymore.
  • “Do you realize how much it hurts me to hear you say all that?” Zen starts, having to bite his lip to stop himself from snapping. Not because of you, but because of everything that has made you feel this way, made you feel so insecure.
  • “I don’t know.”
  • “Well it breaks me. It destroys me, MC, destroys me,” he says. He stands up abruptly, grabbing your hand and pulling you out of the dressing room. You stutter a few, “What are you doing?”’s as he pulls you through the studio, backstage, and then on stage.
  • Everyone who was on the stage, either working on the set or practicing stops as Zen walks straight to the center of the stage, stopping himself and you by grabbing your shoulders. Before you can ask him again what he’s doing, he’s grabbing your face and slamming his lips against yours in a rough and passionate kiss, yet at the same time it’s adoring. He pulls back, the both of you breathless and everyone around you guys red in the face, shocked.
  • “I am in so in love with you, MC.”
  • Your eyes widen at a confession he said before, but never in a crowd of people. Yes, there was the reveal of your relationship at the RFA party, but nothing like this. Nothing so sincere, so desperate or so meaningful. “Don’t say anything,” he says as he watches your lips quiver as you try to find the right words.
  • “Just listen to me. Listen to me tell you everything I love about you:
  • “I am in love with every small and large aspect about you from the colour of your hair to that one, weird pointy toe-nail you have. I am in love with the way your face crinkles when you smile at me, at anyone, and the dimples that surround that smile. I’m in love with your laugh, and though no matter how high pitch it is, it’s like… music to my ears!
  • “I am in love with the way you wake me up in the morning, playing with my hair and kissing my face. I am in love with you the way you love to cuddle by laying on my chest and listening to my heart throwback Tuesday to that other headcanon. I am in love with the way you make me lunches; the bread always has to be in perfect squares, always has to have the same amount of lettuce, and always has to have an even amount of condiments.
  • “I am in love with the way you treat others with the utmost kindness, even when they are not kind to you, and certainly do not deserve your kindness. I am in love with the way you snore, because though it sometimes startles me in the night, it reminds me you are with me and I am not going to lose you.
  • “I am in love with the fact you were willing to help a bunch of random strangers plan a party, even if it meant staying in an apartment that you were not familiar with, and you were willing to help those random strangers with all the personal issues in their lives.
  • “Dammit, I want to marry you, MC. I want to have children with you. I want to grow old with you. I want to be buried beneath the same grave as you. I want you.
  • “I understand insecurity, I really do, baby. I know everything I have said will not completely take away your insecurities, but god, I hope it helped you to see what I see, and to just love a little more what I love. And that’s you.”
  • He seals everything with a final kiss, a much softer one than the one he gave you before his speech. The difference with this kiss is it’s smooth, longer, lingering, and tears from both you and Zen are dripping down and slipping between the cracks of your lips.
  • The latest article in the headlines: Actor Hyun Ryu, aka “ZEN”, confesses and confirms his love for the young RFA beauty.
  • Zen was right, it didn’t completely cure your insecurities, and it wouldn’t, since something like insecurity is not something you can lose in a day. 
  • But everyday, Zen worked to show you just how much he appreciated you, admired you for everything including your insecurities, and how much he is in love with everything about you.
  • Mean articles never came to a complete stop, but they became less frequent, and with that, you started to feel more confident again. Especially with Zen now freely flaunting and showing you off to everyone.
  • The world needed to know how much he loved you, and the world needed to see you as he saw you. He wanted the world to be just as in love with you as he is in love with you.
  • Of course, you’d only be his.
  • You don’t need the world when you have him. But you need the reassurance that the world should be battling over you.


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seventeen as buzzfeed titles
  • seungcheol: i tried wearing tight clothing for a week to see what will happen
  • jeonghan: this is what 100 layers of foundation, eyelashes, lipstick, hair spray, spray tan, and nail polish looks like ALL AT ONCE
  • joshua: the hardest anime quiz you'll ever take
  • junhui: 15 pictures that will make you say "this is me flirting"
  • hoshi: how much of a chicken expert are you?
  • wonwoo: 11 incredible facts that will change the way you sleep
  • jihoon: 12 extremely disappointing facts about popular music
  • seokmin: is this a sunrise or melted cheese?
  • mingyu: can we guess what type of chicken this hot chef should feed you?
  • minghao: 10 things honey boo boo has in common with donald trump
  • seungkwan: we'll read your mind and tell you which Kardashian-Jenner sister you're thinking of
  • vernon: i tried being "swaggy" for a month and this is what happened.
  • dino: 18 snapchats your dog would send you (#3 shocked me!)