kicking you out

for the anon who asked for a groupchat celebrity au with twitter. ik this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but i will do a proper celebrity au one day. probably. dedicated to my wife @jiilys bc she deserves all this and more

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: thanks for tuning in last night! check us out next week when we’ll be discussing whether sand dollars should be a viable form of currency

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: james no one cares about ur stupid fuckign radio show

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: ur the co-host

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: i dont see how thats a relevant piece of information

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) tweeted: @jimsradio why do you have pine trees listed as your topic for next week

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: why not

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: theyr an important part of our capitalist, consumer-driven society

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: is this just because you couldn’t come up with a better topic

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: r u insinuating that i had no ideas and decided on pine trees bc there happens to be one outside peters bedroom window

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: yes

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: fair

James Potter to radioheads: how about we have remus as our special guest next week

Sirius Black: i have legitimately never heard of a worse idea

Remus Lupin: good luck driving yourself to the lido next week then dickhead

Sirius Black: i already lost that job

Remus Lupin: why am i not surprised

Sirius Black: jokes on u lupin, ur the one who’s been driving me 40 minutes out of your way every morning for nothing

Remus Lupin: fucker

Remus Lupin to James Potter: we need more advertising

James Potter: ?? we have plenty of advertising

Remus Lupin: we have the same ad for your dad’s hair gel playing every break on a ten minute loop

James Potter: ?? what’s ur point

Peter Pettigrew to james you know i love monty but we need more advertising: guys 2, 141 people listened in last week

Remus Lupin: are you kidding

James Potter: result!!!!

Sirius Black: was that the one where we talked about freaks & geeks conspiracy theories

Remus Lupin: no that was the one where you talked about crunchy chips vs squishies

Remus Lupin: do you even listen to the show

Sirius Black: im the co-host thank you very much

Remus Lupin: could’ve fooled me

Sirius Black has removed Remus Lupin from the chat.

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) tweeted: @petepettigrew i still cant believe u prefer squishies to crunchies

Peter Pettigrew (@petepettigrew) retweeted: what?? theyr more flavoursome

James Potter to Sirius Black: remus has been our special guest for the past five episodes i think we need someone new

Sirius Black: what about pete

James Potter: pete does sound

Sirius Black: then get someone else to do sound

James Potter: u, my friend, are a genius

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: we need someone with tech experience to do our sound booth pls and thank

Peter Pettigrew to fifa plays would make a shitty topic: I thought I was sound technician??

James Potter: u can still be sound technician we’re just having u as our special guest

Sirius Black: im not sure i can handle having a special guest who thinks squishies r better than crunchies

James Potter: ??? u were the one who suggested pete in the first place

Sirius Black: i was?? funny that

Peter Pettigrew: i hate u all

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @jimsradio i have two years worth of tech experience and can do friday evenings if ur still looking for a sound technician

James Potter to shitdick central™: holy shit check out the chick who just applied for techie

Peter Pettigrew: who is she

Remus Lupin: lily evans

Remus Lupin: she had her own radio show a couple of years back with this really awful guy

Remus Lupin: it was really popular

Peter Pettigrew: the radio show or the guy

Remus Lupin: ?? the radio show

Remus Lupin: the guy turned out to be a massive racist

Remus Lupin: in her last interview she called him ‘an abusive fuckface’

Sirius Black: i say we hire her

James Potter: seconded

Remus Lupin to James Potter: is the only reason you want to hire her is because you think she’s hot

James Potter: do you really think i’m that shallow

Remus Lupin: yes

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: @liljane you’re hired. i’ll dm you the details

Sirius Black to i’m not shallow remus i just have an appreciation for the finer things in life: i cant believe that you both literally and figuratively slid into her dm’s

James Potter: im blocking u

James Potter to what the fuck is an aardvark anyway: that went rather well if you ask me

Sirius Black: ?? it was a fucking atrocity

Sirius Black: you were staring at her the whole time

James Potter: no i wasn’t

Remus Lupin: you missed five of your queues

James Potter: ok, so maybe i was a little off

Sirius Black: there were more awkward silences than that one time peter tried to pick up rosmerta at the three broomsticks

Peter Pettigrew: you promised you wouldn’t bring that up again!!

Sirius Black: sry pete, desperate times call for desperate measures

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: make sure to check us out at our new time of 7:00pm fridays!!

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: you do realise no-one actually watches this show

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: he’s right you know

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: i hate both of u

Lily Evans to James Potter: can u stop making jokes about lamps

James Potter: i don’t know what u filamean

Peter Pettigrew to wes anderson is better than quentin taratino and you know it james: ALMOST 10K PEOPLE LISTENED IN LAST NIGHT

James Potter: HOLY SHIT

Lily Evans: james u owe me $50 and your 1st edition copy of the great gatsby

James Potter: i’d rather die

Lily Evans: then die, jim

Remus Lupin: christ

Sirius Black: u called??

Peter Pettigrew: what even is this group chat

James Potter to Lily Evans: was that u tearing up i saw in the sound booth when i was reading out my piece about foreshadowing in the simpsons

Lily Evans: i was tearing up over how bad it was

Lily Evans: there was something in my eye

Lily Evans: i think it was your complete lack of a writing style

James Potter: stop it

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: petition to kick sirius out of the group chat bc he won’t stop talking about scooby doo conspiracy theories at 3am

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: i can scooby do what i want

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: blocked

James Potter to Sirius Black: WHERE ARE YOU WE’RE ON IN 5

James Potter: sirs

James Potter: where r you

Sirius Black: ran in tp regulus at the cineplex

James Potter: where are you now

Sirius Black: field next to cneplex

James Potter: don’t move

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: sorry that there was no show this week folks!! sirius got mauled by a bear and i had to drive up to toronto to help amputate his right arm

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: @jimsradio who’s going to wank you off now

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: @remuslupout bitch im left-handed

Sirius Black to velma, daphne and fred: i’m sure evans would do it for you james

Lily Evans: you want to lose the other arm black

Peter Pettigrew to cry me a river lupin: maybe we should make our group chats accessible to the public to get more hits

James Potter: i would but no one wants to see screenshots of sirius in a bra

Sirius Black: by no-one do you mean everyone

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: thank you guys so much for 20k hits the other night!! more content coming

Sirius Black to bitches bitchin: GRAHAM NORTON TONIGHT BITCHES

Lily Evans: are you sober

Sirius Black: am i ever sober

Lily Evans: good point

James Potter to sirius stop changing the group chat name while graham is in the middle of asking you questions: i think that went well

Lily Evans: james im leaving you for graham norton

Sirius Black: not if i leave him first

Severus Snape (@halfbloodprince) tweeted: @jimsradio feel like keeping your hands off my co-host you wanker??

James Potter to i haven’t been able to listen to eyes on fire by blue foundation since they played it over bella and ryan’s scene in eyewitness: how are we gonna handle this

James Potter: my vote is firmly rooted in manslaughter

Lily Evans: leave it to me

Lily Evans: but keep manslaughter as a backup

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @halfbloodprince i wonder what it’d be like to not be so ridiculously self-involved as to impose yourself where you’re strictly not wanted?

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @halfbloodprince stay out of my life or you’ll be receiving numerous calls from my lawyer

Lily Evans to manslaughter: yes or no: its sorted

Sirius Black: you don’t even have a lawyer

Lily Evans: he doesn’t know that

James Potter to Lily Evans: whats a rlly interesting and extensive subject we could cover this week

Lily Evans: milk

James Potter: excellent

Lily Evans to tangled is so much better than frozen: im at the studio and i have liquor

Sirius Black: be there in 5

Peter Pettigrew: can u pick me up

Sirius Black: McNo™

Remus Lupin: i regret the day i gave u that keyboard shortcut

Sirius Black: i dont

James Potter to Lily Evans: r u ok

Lily Evans: fine just sistet stuff

James Potter: u sound trashed

Lily Evans: thsts bc i Am

James Potter: where r u

Lily Evans: blcony

Lily Evans: jim

Lily Evans: can u tak e me hpme

Lily Evans: jaems

Lily Evans: i love you

Lily Evans to James Potter: what did i say last night

James Potter: nothing its fine

James Potter: don’t worry about it

Lily Evans: i am worried about it

James Potter: don’t be

James Potter: see you at work

Remus Lupin to James Potter: whats goin on between u two

James Potter: ???

Remus Lupin: you know what i mean

Remus Lupin: you keep looking at her and looking away

Remus Lupin: she keeps forgetting to give you your queues

James Potter: probably distracted by that hickey on your neck

Remus Lupin: i TOLD you i FELL OVER

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: thank you guys so much for 100k! i’ve made @jimsradio promise to change his username if we make it to 1mil in the next two months

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: he should change it to @wanker

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: i checked its already taken by @halfbloodprince

Sirius Black to james potter and co: can you and evans stop eye-fucking during the sets

James Potter changed the chat name to i dont know what you’re talking about.

Sirius Black changed the chat name to yes u do.

James Potter changed the chat name to do not.

Sirius Black changed the chat name to do too.

James Potter changed the chat name to do not.

Remus Lupin: you guys know she’s getting all of these right

James Potter: shit

Lily Evans to James Potter: u have something u want to tell me

James Potter: i’d rather do it in person,,,,,if thats ok

Lily Evans: only if we announce our engagement during a set

James Potter: deal

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: we hit 1mil! also @liljane and i are fucking

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: about time

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: you don’t say

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: i do say

Peter Pettigrew (@petepettigrew) retweeted: im blocking both of u

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: r u gonna hold up your end of the bargain @jimsradio

James Potter changed his username to @lilandjimsradio.

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: nice

Sexually based insults are some of the oldest in history – even Shakespeare wasn’t above a joke about someone’s loose ham socket. Despite the fact that 99.9 percent of humankind enjoys humping and we all got here as a result of it, historically we’ve acted like it’s a shameful thing and we should all feel bad that we’ve done it. Why? Because people are stupid, probably. 

The issue with attacking someone else’s sexuality in any way is it’s just so much bullshit in a basket. Calling me a virgin is on par with calling me a haberdasher. You don’t know if I am, and who gives a shit anyway? Sexual hangups of such a juvenile fashion started dying off decades ago. When someone points them out now, it says a hell of a lot more about that person and their own sexual dysfunction than it says about anyone else.

Insulting someone’s enjoyment of or lack of engagement in an activity that you aren’t remotely involved in is more shallow than a layer of dog piss in a kiddie pool. If this isn’t clear, imagine replacing sex as the subject matter with lawn mowing. Look at this guy, he’s never mowed a lawn before! And check out this chick, she mowed five lawns in one day!

As for cuck, well, if you like your wife fucking other dudes, then you’re probably fine with that. It’s a whole genre of porn, you know. Just not sure what it means in the realm of politics. May as well call someone a kazoo technician. 

5 Supposed Devastating Insults (That Are Anything But)

Bikinis and Sunshine

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Pairing: Dean x plus sized!Reader
Word count: 877
Warnings: Swearing, insecurity, fat shaming

Part 4 of Fat and Beautiful

The morning after your date, you woke up in Dean’s arms for the first time in two weeks. That day, you were moved back into the room that you had shared with him. While he understood that things weren’t perfect, just having you back in his arms at night meant the world to him.

You continued to work with Sam, enjoying the feeling it gave you. Dean agreed that you should keep it up as long as it made you happy. When out on a case, you did simple things around the motel room.

A month after your date, a case took you mere minutes from the beach. Dean’s face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. You, on the other hand, felt like you’d throw up. It wasn’t like your insecurities would go away overnight, things took time. And it wasn’t like wearing a bathing suit was something that you did often. In fact, you never really needed to.

Your second morning there, Dean surprised you. “Looks like this morning is going to be spent on the beach, baby.” He beamed.

“Dean…” You sighed. “If you want to go check out the hot chicks, go right ahead.”

He pouted. “I bought you a bathing suit.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “Was hoping to work on the case, show off my girlfriend.” Dean held up a small bag and you raised an eyebrow at him. “Please?”

You grabbed the bag from him. “Sam learned those puppy eyes from you, Dean Winchester.” You teased, making him grin. “Dork.” You smiled, kissing him softly. “I’ll be out shortly…” With a small sigh, you went into the bathroom to change. Talk about moving out of your comfort zone.

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There’s something special about celebrating the 4th of July with your bros… Hanging out at the beach, grilling… Checking out all the hot chicks as they go by in their American flag bikinis… Drinking beer, setting off fireworks… 

It almost feels like it’s a holiday made just for bros… Bros like you who are proud as fuck to be American…

Happy 4th of July, bros.

Hope you have a fun one.

The Inquisitive Snake - Part 2 - Jughead x Reader

Part 1


@idle-lanes @sgarrett49 @murderyoursoul @moonlight53

itsgirl17321 said: Part 2 to inquisitive snake?!?! Loved the first part!

Alright so I’ve made the reader demisexual - It’s where I wanted to go with the character. Anyway, thanks for reading. 

Music while writing: Maroon 5 “Harder to Breathe”, Arctic Monkeys “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High”

“What are we doing?”, I asked while we just sat there behind the back of the school. It had been a few days since I had skipped class.

“Look, I told you if you wanted to come it was fine but quit asking so many questions. You’ll figure it out anyway…and we’re waiting”. Ricky seemed annoyed.

“Waiting for what?”. I leaned more against the tree while Ricky took a puff of his cigarette.

He nudged with his head, “her”.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any txf fic recs for someone brand new who hasn't read any at all? Any classics™ I can't miss?

Man, I am absolutely terrible at fic recs. I freeze up and forget stuff. I have a fanfic tag that you’re welcome to check out if you want – I mostly reblog stuff that I encounter in my Tumblr travels, much of it newly posted by the wonderful authors who are part of the current XF fan community, but classics as well when I run across them. 

One I always recommend that I would say not to miss is Machines of Freedom by amalnahurriyeh. (If there’s a better way to read that now that LiveJournal has had something bad happen to it as I recall, someone let me know.) It deals with colonization stuff, but it is full of wonderful Mulder/Scully goodness as they deal with the idea of Will (this takes place sometime not long after IWTB) and the other daughter that they have and each other as adults with thoughts and emotions as well as the approaching 2012 deadline and what that means and what they feel they need to do about it, and I wish that it had been Season 10. It takes so, so many of the checks written by the writers over the years and manages to cash them in a way that works as a human story, works as a big plot/alien thing, is generously full of storylines and things to do for supplementary characters preexisting and original without losing the focus on M&S, has stakes both for the world and for our characters, surprises, moves, is full of action (and I don’t even like action), and has emotional catharsis that is earned and works with the story and not as a supplement to it if that makes sense. Just a freaking well-written, extremely SATISFYING, good story. I have read it multiple times and I RARELY read anything multiple times. 

Since I’ve been thinking about it and we’re coming up on Season 11, I’ll also point you to Visitor and Resident, a lovely and insightfully written pair of stories by @leiascully (written at the time that we received spoilers about Mulder and Scully’s breakup) that explore, in a more intimate and interpersonal way than Season 10 was set up to do, the “estrangement” and how Mulder and Scully deal with it and where they go from there. 

For other fic recs, check out @txf-fic-chicks for lots of great suggestions with explanations and context. And @lilydalexf posts recs as well and often reminds me of great stories from years ago that I’d forgotten all about. 

Of course, Gossamer is the mother of all XF fic archives and has approximately one bazillion stories organized in lots of helpful ways, though it doesn’t update any longer and doesn’t provide recommendations. But if you start at A and go to Z, it might take you a few years but you’ll have it pretty well covered. :)

anonymous asked:

Could I request one where the reader is pansexual and how the boys would react to it? :)


- poor kid he’s confused on what it means at first

- ‘so you like anything?’ 

- ‘no jason, anyone.’

- ‘like a drug deal-’ 

- ‘nO JASON’

- he tries his best to be supportive but he’s jUST SO CONFUSED

- ‘so like boys and girls?’

- ‘and anything in between’ 

- ‘oh, alright..’ *confused face*

- once he does find out what it means, he’s super happy for you

- lots of hugs

- lots of support

- honestly he’s just wants to protect you


- it takes a while for you to tell him

- what if he leaves you, i mean, he’s so perfect he’d be able to do it

- but surPRISE

- his fatal flaw is loyalty, what did you think

- he finds out on accident when you make a dumb gay joke

- ‘wait, what’

- ‘uhh… i’m pan’

- it takes a while for him to get what you mean but when he does


- hugs galore

- maybe a couple of pecks who knows

- total support, super cute, much love

- you two bond over how cute girls in the camp are

- and the guys

- percy’s obviously bi guys.


- oh gods, get ready for this

- ‘leo i’m pan’

- ‘can i cook on you then? cause you’re smokin hot’

- from this day onwards, Y/N L/N has been declared death, caused by too many terrible puns

- ‘how are you today? I hope my girl’s feeling pantastic!’

- ‘leo pls why are you like this’

- ‘you know you love me’

- ‘.. i should have been lesbian’

- but on a serious note, he loves that you trusted him enough to tell him

- practically smothers you with love and affection

- gets jealous x3 now though, be warned

- ‘is he checking you out? gOD DAMMIT IS SHE CHECKING YOU OUT’

- he’s just afraid he’ll lose you cause damn you’re quite the package, and now girls and non-binaries are allowed to check you out too? no fair

- honestly just pure acceptance and love

- (also the fact that he thinks he’s bi too)


- he’s lgbt dude, obviously he’d accept

- ‘hey uh nico, i just wanted to let you know that i’m pan’

- ‘sweet.’

- end of story

- nothing changes really

- you’d both check out dudes and chicks together once in a while

- total bonding

- (he still gets very jealous though, but he won’t show it)

- ‘nico can we go to pride this year!’

- ‘it’s too bright’

- ‘please?’

- ‘don’t give me tha- ugh fine.’

- total power couple


- total sweetheart about it

- hugs you for a while, like a while.

- ‘frank, i can’t breathe’


- if anyone dares say a word against you, it’s for damn sure that he’d attack them in 0.0420 seconds

- ‘you still like me right?’

- ‘no one can beat you fai’

- if you guys were cute before, turn it up a couple million notches

- poor baby gets jealous now, he doesn’t think he’s up to your level

- ‘if you wanted to leav-’

- lots of interrupting hugs and kisses

- (you’d think he does it on purpose now)

- sometimes he’d turn into a panda, just so you guys can be pan(da’s) together

- honestly just so pure

- ash

So I’m chilling in my room, doing my own thing, when all of a sudden my dad yells my name! I get kinda upset cuz I’m like in the middle of watching a video and don’t really wanna pause it, but I do and come out of my room none the less. I yell down to him asking what’s up, and he informs me a package has arrived for me. Well now I’m like thoroughly confused because why would I be getting a package unless it’s….OH SHIT!!!




IT’S WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH I’M SO HAPPY RN!!!! Look at how cute this little ghosty is!!! I’m beyond ecstatic rn!! He’s so cute and smol and soft and just all around perfect!! I would take photo’s of my face with his face but I look like a potato today so I’ll have to do that another time, but this is legit the best thing that could’ve happened today man!

Thank you so much @happykittyshop I love him with all my heart and soul!! I will love and protect him forever! Again thank you!! <3 <3 <3

I thought they were my friends? Cameron Dallas Imagine (requested)


Request: Can you do an imagine where your with cam at a friends house and the jacks and madison are there and you overhear them talking bad about you so you just ran away and yeah 😂💕

A/n: I don’t think either of the Jack’s or Madison would say something like that, but for the storyline, they’ll be assholes

[Y/n - ‘your name’  Y/n/n - ‘your nickname’]

Y/n’s POV

I snuggled closer to Cam as we both got comfortable on the couch. Cam placed a soft kiss on the top of my head and wrapped his strong arm around me tighter.

“Babe, what’s the time?” Cam whispered breathlessly, like he was going to fall asleep.

I looked over at the clock on the other side of the room.

“Half past 5, why?” Cam shot up, almost pushing me off the couch.

“Half past 5? Crap, I’m meant to go to Taylor’s house party,” Cam got off the couch, making sure he didn’t push me off.

“But you just got home from a meeting. I thought we were meant to hang out today anyways?” It felt like I hadn’t see Cameron in forever, he was always at meetings or getting stuff ready for the new ‘Magcon’.

“I’m sorry Y/n, it’s just I haven’t seen the guys in forever. Hey, why don’t you come with me, you’re friends with the guys, come on, we’ll have fun?”

I wasn’t a party-type person, but seeing the hopeful look on Cam’s face made me think I should just be a little loose, just for tonight.

“Okay, but please don’t leave me. I’m not that close with all your friends,” Cam nodded and pulled me upstairs with him to get changed.

I had changed into a maroon halter top, ripped black skinny jeans, my white high-top converse and a grey cardigan, as it looked like it was going to be a little cold out. Cam wore a white shirt with a black denim-like vest, with black jeans with one knee cut and his black vans.

“Damn, Y/n/n, you look gorgeous, as usual,” I blushed at Cam’s compliment and kissed him, taking him of guard. I wasn’t usually this spontaneous, but the adrenaline of going to a party made me feel happy and lively.

As we were driving, we put down all the windows and played the music loud. We were singing horribly off key and dancing as well as we could being constrained by our seatbelt.

We parked across from the party and noticed there were heaps of people pooling out of the house. Taylor’s house was huge, so seeing so many people outside made me worried about how many there were inside.

Lights were coming out from the open door and windows.

Walking inside was quite difficult, Cam didn’t let go of my hand afraid he’ll lose me in the huge crowd.

Once we got inside we were greeted with the smell of alcohol and sweaty bodies. Just your average teen party.

“I’m gonna get us some drinks!” Cam shouted over the music letting go of my hand. I nodded and watched him disappear in the mass of sweaty, dancing bodies.

I moved over to a quieter place of the house and noticed Dillon and Sammy talking, each holding a red solo cup.

“Hey guys!” I still had to shout over the music.
“Y/n! Hey, what’s up?” I just shrugged and nodded over to the girl that was fiercely checking Sammy out.

“Who’s the chick?” Sammy, slightly dazed, looks to his side and nodded to the girl wearing a light blue crop top and a skirt where if she bent down her whole ass would be out for show. But she did look really pretty.

“I don’t know but I’m going to find out,” Dillon and I laughed as Sammy walked over to the girl and left with her upstairs in five minutes.

“Wanna drink, I’m going to get some,” I shook my head no and watched Dillon walk away leaving me all alone.

I decided I’d try to find Cameron, as I hadn’t seen him the whole time. I was walking around the huge house, bumping into people, trying to move past teenagers making out and trying not to get trampled by the huge mass of people dancing.

“Why did Cam even bring her? She’s no fun. I would’ve brought his ex instead,”
“Yeah, I like his ex way better. She was hot and knew how to have fun,”
“Her clothes are stupid, like, really? That’s what you’re going to wear to a party?”

I heard familiar voices laugh in the room next to me. I looked down at my outfit and pulled down my sleeves self-consciously. My curiosity got the better of me and I peeked my head through the door. There sat both Jack’s and Madison laughing their asses off at the comments they made about me.

I felt a lump in my throat grow. I wouldn’t cry though, I was stronger than that. Instead I walked back to the front door, elbowing people to get out. I ran out of the door and straight to the car. I went to the other side of the car where no one would see me and leaned against it. I rested my head against the black metal and breathed out into the cool air. I opened my eyes and looked straight forward. Tears began to build up, but I wouldn’t let them fall. They didn’t deserve to make me cry. But I couldn’t stop thinking about them and what the said. These were people that I counted as friends, and they just treated me like that. I hated that I cared, I shouldn’t care what people thought of me. But I tried so hard to get them to like me because of Cam. All I could picture were their laughing faces picking at all my insecurities. It made me want to roll into a ball and hide in the corner.

I laid my head against the car and closed my eyes. I imagined Cam’s voice telling me not to let them get to me, to just block them out.

“Y/n? Y/n is that you?” My head whipped in the direction of Cameron’s voice. His figure was slowly walking towards me, I subconsciously wiped under my eyes in case of tears. Cam noticed and began jogging towards me.

“Y/n? Why are you crying? Are you hurt? Did someone hurt you?” Cam’s arms embraced me and pulled me against him. It took a while to hug him back, eventually I wrapped my arms around his waist.

He pulled back, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“Are you okay? Why were you crying?” I half-heartedly laughed shaking my head, smiling.

“Nothing. I’m fine, just something was in my eye. It’s nothing really,” Cam could see right through me and gave me a ‘why are you lying?’ face. I just shook my head and continued smiling. I knew how close the Jack’s were to Cam, I didn’t want to ruin their friendship, and knowing Cam, if I told him what they said, he’d go crazy on them.

“Y/n. Tell me the truth,” he said sternly, tilting my chin up so my eyes met his. My smile faded and I looked at him, scared to tell him the truth. I breathed out slightly and closed my eyes, thinking if I should tell him or not. I exhaled and opened my eyes.

“I’m sorry, but it’s about the Jack’s and Madison,” he nodded his head, and looked at me, nodding at me to continue.

“I was walking around looking for you, instead I found the Jack’s and Madison talking about me. In my curiosity, I listened. Cam they said stuff about how I’m not like your ex or how my clothes are stupid and I don’t know how to have fun. Cam I know I shouldn’t listen to them, but after trying so hard to make a good impression on them, it really took a big hit to my self-esteem,” I looked down at my hards fiddling with the sleeves of my cardigan, feeling stupid letting them get to me.

“Y/n look at me,” Cam gently said taking both my hands into his. I looked up to meet his gorgeous chocolate eyes.

“They don’t know the first thing about you, okay? They don’t know how amazing, talented or gorgeous you are. They don’t know about all the little things you do that make me think about how lucky I am to have you. They don’t know how much I love you,” I looked at Cam shocked. It was the first time he’s said ‘I love you’. I smiled and hugged his neck, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist. His head snuggled into my neck as he whispered ‘I love you’ over and over again. I pulled away to kiss his lips gently.

“I love you too, and I’m sorry for letting them get to me.”

“Don’t think twice about it, baby. C’mon, let’s get out of here,” Cam took my hand and opened the passenger door letting me in. He got into the drivers side and took ahold of my hand as we drove all the way home.

Once we got home we walked upstairs, changed into something comfy and walked down to the living room. Cam made a huge bowl of  popcorn and got Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. We put on ‘Mean girls’ and snuggled closer to each other.

“I’m so in love with you, Y/n. Don’t you ever forget that,” Cam kissed my forehead in-between each word.

I lifted my head up from its comfy position on his shoulder and kissed him. His lips were soft and plump, and tasted slightly of buttered popcorn.

“I’m so in love with you too, Cameron Alexander Dallas, and don’t you ever forget that.”

Diary of a Black Male: Entry #37

Bruh, let me tell you some crazy shit. It’s not crazy crazy but that shit kind of got a nigga in his feelings. I feel some type of way about the situation and I’m kind of on the fence about it. I’m leaning one way because my heart saying one thing, but my mind telling me another and sometimes it feels like they’re going back and forth in how they feel. But anyway, check this out.

This chick who I used to talk too, like not too long ago. Actually, we dated. She was my girlfriend for like a few months and that shit just kind of feel apart when times got rough. She broke up with ya boy and I legit felt like shit. I was drinking and smoking every weekend my dude. I was depressed as fuck. Nigga, it would be 3 in the morning and. Would take walks, then a smoke break, then go to the gym, then take another smoke break, then probably go home, lay on the bathroom floor for an hour, shower then take my ass to sleep. It wouldn’t be until 6 or 7am until I actually closed my eyes.

Ya boy was hurt! Ya boy bought cried about how shitty things had gotten for me. I was dealing with a lot! I had things going on back at home with my peoples. People were dying, I was sick, I lost my job, friends weren’t really my friends– it was just a lot of shit going on. I tried to be optimistic about life but it was hard as fuck. Man, she left a nigga at the worst time of my adult life– thus far anyway, but my nigga… I was hurt.

But anyways, shorty hit my phone last night. She said she wanted to talk. I wasn’t really receptive at first because in my mind I am like there is nothing for the two of us to talk about. She made up her mind, she left me to deal with shit alone. You know, I had to do what I had to do and I had to detach everything. It’s crazy because I thought she was the one. I thought she was it. I thought I found myself a queen. I still respect her or whatever, she still a queen, just not my queen but yea bruh she was “it”. At least that was what I thought.

She hit ya boy up though asking to talk. I tried to get her to say whatever she had to say through the text but she was talking about how she wanted to me to hear what she has to say and talking about how it’s not the same and blah blah blah. So I finally gave in and told her that I would call her. So about 15 minutes later I call her or whatever and she hits me with small talk. Asking me about my day and shit, talking about she miss me and all this other shit and I’m lowkey still in my feelings, even though it’s been months. I’m just like what is it you wanted to say that you couldn’t text me- being a smart ass or whatever. She takes the deep ass breath and was like, I have something to tell you. And I’m like OKAY… She took another deep breathe and was like, I’m engaged.

My nigga I legit threw my fucking phone across the muthafuckin’ room! I’m like you engaged? What? When this happen? Bruh I’m pissed as fuck because even we had been friend for like three years, flirting for damn near 6 months before we started dating and she bout to be engaged to this new nigga. Bruh I’m not even hating on my mans but she really about to marry this nigga, NIGGA WHAT!

So I’m just like oh shit, my bad. A nigga shocked. It’s kinda soon. She starts blabbing about something. I’m not really paying attention because I’m salty as a muthafucka’ then it fucking hits me. Like why the hell did you call me to tell me that. I told her that I would half slept better not knowing it at all. Then she goes on about how much she cares about me and how she wants me to be in her life and this that and the third. The petty me starts talking. I’m like shit you fucked that up when you dumped my ass why you want me now. You gotta have everything you ever wanted if you gonna marry is ass. I start going in on her ass. At this point I’m pissed and I’m like if that’s all you’ve got to tell me then okay, thank you for letting me know, congrats, and I hope he’s everything and more than I could have ever been. Tell me why shorty breaks down in tears! Like, what the hell you crying about.

My nigga, no lie, she says I realized I made a mistake I am so so sorry. She said she wishes to make it up to me. She said she doesn’t want to marry that nigga. She said she didn’t know what to do. She said it was exciting and he’s a good guy and all but she doesn’t feel like he completes her like I did. My nigga she is balling at this point and I can barely understand what’s she saying. The last thing I could make out was her saying that she loves me. Then she tells me that she has a question. I’m like imagine, but you have to start crying. The phone goes silent for a few minutes and I’m like hello are you still there. She was like yea, let me gather myself and I’m like okay. She takes another deep breath, calls out my full name, pauses, and says, “I want you to be my husband, will you marry me.”

I told her I’ll call her back and I hung up the phone. Bruh, what the fuck! My nigga, I don’t even know. I can’t even function forreal, forreal. What the hell do I even do?

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Nervous Breakdown- Dean x Reader

This is part of Ivonne’s song challenge from @imamotherfuckingstar-lord go check her out, this chick is amazing! Congrats on 3.3k!! Ivonne, I want to thank you for being there and talking to me and just being an amazing human being. I would have given up on my writing if it weren’t for you!

This oneshot is a Dean x Reader based on the song Mental Breakdown by the Black Flag.

Warning: Strong language is used

Originally posted by adoringjensen

You had been like this for a while… distant. Quiet. And just not anywhere near the regular you.
Dean knew something was up, but you always managed to play it off as nothing. And that’s what he left it as. Nothing.

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anonymous asked:

"I like the image of Camila entering a club with guys and checking out chicks, it just resonates with me" This is the impression I have of OMG since the first time I listened it! It reminded me of that picture of her with her dancers from the Billboard performance where she seems definitely their hot lesbian friend checking out girls with them...

Leather Jackets and Sassy Children| Old Man Logan

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This is a Male!Reader best friend oneshot and the VERY LAST Logan request. Young!Logan are not being accepted right now and probably won’t be for quite some time. 

Requested by Anon - Male Christian Mutant (with the powers of pyrokinetics that have faded over the years) who goes on the road trip during the Logan film along with Charles and Laura. He doesn’t approve of Logan killing but he understands why. Maybe a scene where the reader is distracted by a woman in a leather jacket and Laura teases him about it secretly, without talking as she doesn’t talk much. 

Tag List: @house-of-penguin @drewkelliii @weasleytheking @agirlinherhead @itsbrittbrattt @xavier-chxrles @rivertales @tigers-have-teeth @liveourlifelikenobodyelse @let-it-go-and-live-again @buckybabble @avengers-bucky-fanfic @castawaybarnes @katiedreamy @cleanslates @lokigoddess 

*This is shorter then the other ones, and as soon as it’s posted I will make sure to update the Masterlist!

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