cranky pants at coles
probably going to make lots of these… i tend to accumulate lots of stories from this job but idk it feels kinda weird (disrespectful???) making comics about people i dont know but then again it makes for some interesting material.

So today some old guy completely just insulted me saying I am very annoying and that I don’t shut up among other insults, even though he wasn’t even my customer.

Well you know I’m just happy and content in the knowledge that hey, give it a few years, I’m still going to be young and youthful, annoying and not shutting up, and seeing as he is old, he will be dead.


What's Happening Right Now?

Procrastination is happening right now. I have an assignment due in 24 hrs and here I am navigating tumblr.

Good. One. Marley. 

I will serve the peasants of the supermarkets today, as per. Just to mix things up a little, however, I am going to tear a page out of Thor’s book.

When I am due for my lunch break I will declare 

“This mortal form is weak! I require sustenance!”

And when I have finished my coffee I will throw my mug on the ground and yell


It’s going to be a long shift. 

Right, yes, back to my assignment…