Currently looking at blogs to queue from as my dash hasn’t been the best lately! Like this post if you want me to check yours out :)

Also. I hit 2k today. I can’t believe there are 2,000 of you (!!!!) who like my blog enough to follow me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I know it may be a small number to some but I never imagined so many people would love this season as much as me. You’re all wonderful!

Bucky as a Teammate
  • He’s protective. So protective
  • He wants to make sure you don’t push yourself too much
  • He spars with you all the time because he wants to make sure you can handle yourself out in the field
  • He teaches you to favour your left side over your right to throw off enemies
  • He hates your first solo mission
  • The second you return to the compound he’s fussing over you
  • He checks for cuts, bruises, any sort of injury
  • “Stop being such a worry wart!” “I will when you stop being so reckless!”
  • He knows you can take care of yourself, but it doesn’t stop him worrying
  • Even though he’s trained you well, he’s always on your left when you’re paired together so he can protect you if there’s a surprise attack
  • He doesn’t understand why you get so annoyed at him sometimes
  • “Fuck’s sake, Bucky! I had him!” “No, you didn’t.” “Yes I did!”
  • He only eases up when he watches you single-handedly take down five HYDRA agents before securing the area and getting the intel you were sent for
  • When your probation is up and you’re officially recruited to join the team, he’s proud of you
Vacation. 👙🍹⛵️☀️

Ok, I thought I could run this blog as usual even when I’m on vacation, but this poor internet connection here where I’m staying is just not helping. So, for the next 7 days, I don’t think I’ll be publishing any submissions (you’re still free to send them, I’ll check it out once I’m home), and maybe queue will get empty once in a while.

Btw, I’m here. 😊


Who’s ready for SDCC????? Did you see that the cast is already on their way?

I’m seeing so much excitement on my dash and it’s awesome! This is the kind of stuff that we live for in fandom! Let’s all flail together!

So, a few things that might be helpful for people that are new this year or people that just forgot

  • @i-know-how-you-kiss​ reminded us that there is a post limit on Tumblr of 250 posts a day!!!! So to avoid going over that check to keep from reaching the limit just as you want to reblog that one amazing picture that you absolutely have to have on your blog. (Remember. you can always queue posts to spread out posts to another day!) *UPDATE* - QUEUED POSTS WILL COUNT TOWARDS YOUR POST LIMIT! If you want to save something and you are approaching the limit then use the “Like” feature and then go back the next day and reblog!
  • The main OUAT panel has never been live streamed  If that changes this year I’m sure it will be posted but expect that it won’t be. Don’t worry, someone has posted a video of it every year since 2012 so you’ll get to see it eventually.
  • There will be plenty of people live-tweeting during the panel! Here’s a short list of accounts that I know will be attending and will give you unbiased reporting:

Once Upon a Fan  |  Ashley B @ SDCC  |   Zach V  |  Jo Garfein

  • Fans are asked not to record the special previews that OUAT has prepared for Comic Con so you probably won’t see those on any recordings. But again, don’t worry because they are usually released pretty quickly by ABC!
  • Jen’s Nerd HQ will be live streamed and you can find it here

I’m probably posting way too much information that no one really needs and/or cares about but I’m just so excited and this is the kind of stuff I wish I had the first time I experienced SDCC on Tumblr so I hope people find it helpful!

If anyone else knows of other people live tweeting the panel then let me know and I will add them to the list!

I’m going to be doing a tutorial stream for a friend later today at around 4pm PST if anyone wants to hop in and check it out n_n 

I’ll be on Picarto this time (link will be provided), but if it goes well I will do another one on Twitch at another time so more people can make it. 

🎉🎈 Fleuriah’s Birthday Awards 🎈🎉

Hey love bugs!! I decided to host my very own Birthday Awards in honour of me reaching 20 years old on Sept 30 (I feel old already saying 20 like wth lol)!! Anyways, if you’re interested in joining (which I hope y’all are *wink*), check out the info below:


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  • Banner: @fleuriah
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  • Want to get noticed more? 
    • Reblog this post often
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    • Reblog posts and posts that I’m hosting
  • Any Questions? Message me

Thats All Folks! Happy Reblogging, and Good Luck!

Love, Bianca


So I’ve finally gotten around to making a favourites page.  I really hope this doesn’t flop because I am so excited about this xxx


◊ MUST be following me (will check).

◊ MUST REBLOG to be considered. Likes are counted as bookmarking.

◊ Do NOT have to be grunge/alternative.  All blog styles welcome.  I might make categories depending on numbers xx


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◊ Exposure to over 34k+ dashboards

◊ A new friend and advice x

◊ Help with voting in polls and other things like that xx


◊ Follow my instagram (Following and liking a few posts will seriously boost your chances.  Just message me your username so I can check)

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◊ No set number of places yet, but there will be a minimum of 20.

◊ When I’m about to choose favourites I’ll make a post letting you all know xx

◊ Banner made by me 

◊ Happy (re)blogging x

An Original Quick Watercolor Work. #408

Requested by ohhaykate; quote from Grey’s Anatomy.

Hi all! First of all, I want to thank everyone for the near -80K views on my page!! <3 It’s been a beautiful journey with all of you; and truth be told, working on these isn’t easy at all. But at the end of the day, it definitely feels worth it. (: Now I also just want to let you know that I am currently working triple time as I try to stock up my queues with new art for the remainder of the year 2016! Beginning September, I will be away for university and I might no longer be able to take requests. So if you have one, kindly give this a thumbs up and send it to my inbox now! (: x

Check out THE ARTIC SOUL for more original artworks.


Someone might have already dealt with this issue but here’s a fourth year university student’s perspective on one of the most (in my opinion) stressful days of summer break: Course Registration. I’ve managed to prepare and organize myself much better with every passing year so I thought I’d share!! Here’s a quick tips post to help and yes, it comes with printables!! 

Please note: steps one and two must be done ahead of the registration day! A suggested lead time should be one week at the least!

Step One: Get Your Dates and Times Straightened Out

  • Check when your course registration dates are - they’re different for everyone and are usually corresponding to the number of credits you have earned to date. You can check how many credits you have through your school portal; if you’re a freshman, you won’t have any!
  • Be sure to know what time registration starts. In my experience, I’ve logged on about an hour before it starts at 6am and waited in the queue line to log in and choose my courses. It’s beneficial because you get the first pick of all the best times (as in, you can totally avoid those stupid 8am classes). Plus, you get into all the courses you need without having to worry about space!
  • Also check when late registration begins. Sometimes you can’t get into a course because of restrictions, so it’s good to have that on you so you can register as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Additionally, check when the last day to withdraw/drop a course without academic penalty is - you never know, you might have to rearrange/change courses after you’ve started the school year, so it would be smart to have the date in mind in the case that happens!

Step Two: Course Planning

  • Refer to your undergraduate calendar for your major requirements - it lists what courses are required of you in order to earn your degree and how many electives (if any) you can take (and any further restrictions pertaining to your major). Be sure to read through it carefully!
  • Through your school portal, you should have course listings that you can look at to start planning how you want your schedule to look. Find the courses you need and look at the times and days.
  • I usually make an excel file that has the days and times for both terms one and two to make sure there are no courses that overlap each other in days/times. Try to work with what’s available and what you need to take to make your schedule. I’ve made the above shown printable planners and checklists to assist you with this process!
  • To be on the safe side, find out the contact information of your major department head/adviser for any urgent questions that might come up during the registration process (I’ve had to contact my adviser in between and it was very stressful trying to find their info and emailing them while losing space in the courses I needed).

Step Three: Registration Day

  • Here’s the big day! Make sure to wake up on time (maybe a half hour to an hour early) and try to log into your school portal where you register for courses. I usually end up waiting in a queue for at least a half hour beforehand (because my uni is notorious for having crappy systems that crash when there’s too much traffic lol). But I get some of the first picks and pretty much get my schedule exactly how I want it by waking up early so I think it’s totally worth it!
  • Ensure that there are no conflicts with the courses you are registering in (as in, no overlapping times and such). If you have issues, be sure to use that contact information you gathered!
  • Make sure all necessary forms are printed/submitted so that your registration process is valid.
  • If in the case you cannot register for a course because of course restrictions, be sure to note the date specified for the particular course when it becomes open to other majors (sometimes this date varies by course, not by what the school’s standard late registration date is, so it’s good to double check).

Suggestions/Information About the Printables

  • There are four PDF files in the download link - as shown above, there’s one version with the floral design and one that is plain for each of the two printables. This is just in case you want to save ink! If you like the floral pattern I highly suggest colouring it in that would be so fun! 
  • The first one, called Course Planning, is in a similar format to what I make in excel every year to plan out my schedule. I suggest choosing a colour for each specific course you have and colouring in the boxes of times that apply to it and write in the course code within the boxes. Term 1 simply refers to your first semester and Term 2 refers to your second semester. (Not sure what it’s like for others but my uni goes by terms so). 
  • The second one, called Registration Checklist, is supposed to be a guide that helps you stay organized with all the information you need so you’re not scrambling looking for it at the last minute. 
  • (download link) 

I should mention that this is my first set of printables so leniency and feedback would be greatly appreciated! I hope this post helps and best of luck in your studies everyone!!  

anonymous asked:

Can you check out people's blogs and reblog a few things from them if they like this?

sure :-) like this and ill check ur blog out and queue from u! and mayb follow!

tadhdf when you’re really into a TV show and it’s fun, but suddenly your brain randomly decides that the show is Scary like homework is scary and you procrastinate on watching new episodes

but a bunch of blogs that post gifs from the show are already on your Mindless Refresh Circuit, so the next time you absent-mindedly pull out your phone to kill time in a queue, you navigate directly to spoilers without realizing what you’re doing

anonymous asked:

What kinda fics do you usually write? Like I get that you write grumps fics but what else? :)

Well, as far as fandoms go: 

I just wrote my first Su/perm/eg/a fic: here (and I do want to write more of them) 

I also lately have written a Stardew Valley fic: Here (also want to do more) 

Besides that, not much else. I am increasingly growing in interest in the green jack and that mark fellow but haven’t really written them yet. I also ship Ryan and Matt with Mark but haven’t do that either. 

I used to write in bandom prior to joining the shipgrumps/polygrumps fandom and so if you go on my AO3 you’ll find those fics! 

I used to write for Panic at the disco 

Little bit for Fall Out Boy 

A couple smaller bands 

I have some Kpop fics lmao that I wrote about Shinee 

I was jumping around fandoms after leaving bandom and couldn’t find a place to settle so I ended up doing a few different fandoms: morel oral, community, and teen wolf, as well as the walking dead and it’s always sunny in Philadelphia being among them! 

I’m pretty happy in the Grump fandom though so that’s where a lot of my work will be centered besides the other people I mentioned being into or wanting to try.