check your zipper

Jealous Jimin (Oneshot)

Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Genre: Fluff & Smut

Summary: Jimin got jealous because you and Jungkook are talking to each other too much. You end giving him a blowjob at the recording studio and after going back to their practice room you get teased by the members.

A/N: HI! This is my first time writing a oneshot so please bare with me.

You were just chillin’ and jamming with BTS’ music when Jimin texted you to come over to watch their new choreography for their latest comeback, of course, being the supportive girlfriend you are you quickly texted and got ready to head to their building. You are with Jimin for almost a year now, Jungkook introduced you to Jimin when you were travelling Korea. At first, you really don’t have feelings for him because you really had a crush on Kookie. JImin being the prince charming he is, you slowly fell in love with him. After a couple of months, he asked you out and both of you were happy but there are still times that he gets jealous.

When you arrived at the studio you saw them resting for while, and there you noticed your little fluff ball running towards you like a little kid and hugged you for few seconds.

“Jagiya! I missed you!” He said

“Aish, You saw me this morning babe” you reply as you chuckle

“He’s been missing you since he came here, y/n” SeokJin commented as you heard his laugh

“Hajima, you don’t need to be so lovey dovey here guys” Yoongi complained that made everyone laugh

“y/n! Take a seat” Jungkook offered you a seat next to him and you gladly accepted it.


You catched up with Jungkook while everybody is resting after watching their dance practice for their comeback. Jungkook noticed Jimin glaring to both of you and this evil maknae know what’s up. He started to laugh obnoxiously and tickling you. You didn’t notice Jimin’s stare until you faced him sitting in the corner and looking like he’s about to burst out of anger. The other members noticed him and said

“y/n! Looks like you’ve got some problem to fix” Namjoon said while smirking

“Ooooooo! Goodluck y/n” Hobi chuckled

Jimin then motioned you to come to him, as you excused yourself to the boys Jimin held your wrist and dragged you out of the room. He held your wrist not too tight but enough to keep you in place. Both of you are in a recording studio where no one can hear you.

“What’s the matter?” you asked him

“What’s with you and Jungkook? Why are you laughing and talking like that to him?” he asked with anger

“There’s nothing between us! Am I not allowed to talk to my friends?” you answered him annoyed

“He’s flirting with you! I know you liked him before me!” he replied rapidly

“He’s not flirting with me! That’s in the past, Jimin! I liked him before I knew you! You’re the one I love now! Why don’t you ever trust me?!” you shouted.

“I’m sorry, Jagiya. I’m just afraid to lose you over Jungkook. You’re so important to me” He said with a teary eye

You just kissed him to tell him it’s okay and he kissed back. Your forehead still stuck together your eyes glued together

“I love you and I’m sorry jagiya” he said

“It’s okay, I love you too”  you said as you kissed him back

Your kiss lasted and it turned into a makeout session as your hands travelled down his jeans. You unzipped his jeans and pulled it down with his boxers. While you two were making out, you pumped him causing him to groan loudly. You were in a recording studio so they won’t be able here both of you. As you lowered you started to lick his shaft teasing him. He already has pre cum in his tip.

“Ja-jagiya, are you sure you want to do this h-here? ahhh” he moaned

“Well, of course, I have to make my daddy feel good for making him feel jealous” you replied with a seductive tone.

All Jimin could do is moan loudly while looking at you licking his shaft. After a few licks you took his member in your mouth while swirling your tongue on the tip. You were sure he enjoyed as much as you did. He then grabbed your hair and manipulated your pace. You groaned so that it would vibrate on his member causing him to shake. After a few up and downs he finally released in your mouth. He’s seeds filling your mouth as you swallowed all of it. He then picked up his boxers and pants and wore it.

“Thank you, princess” He then leans to you and kissing you as he can taste his own cum in your mouth. He helped you clean and fix yourself before returning in their practice room.


The members were smirking when the two of got back. They knew what happened.

“Looks like someone had a blowjob” Namjoon said with a smirk in his face

The members “ooooo”ed after their leader finished his sentence.

“Yah! Hyung it’s not like that!” Jimin said while his cheeks were blushing

“Yeah it’s not like that guys… we just talked” you said looking a bit embarassed holding jimin’s hands

“Oh, you just talked and Jimin’s zipper got itself unzipped while you were talking. I never thought talking with someone can cause zippers to unzip itself.” Yoongi said in a sarcastic tone while laughing with the other members.

After Yoongi said that, both you automatically looked at Jimin’s zipper and he did forgot to zip it back up. The both of you blushed uncontrollably.

“Hyung, next time check your zipper after having a blowjob!” Jungkook said while winking that made everyone laugh.

“Aish, jinjja, shut up already” Jimin said annoyingly.

“Both of you go home and continue your make up sex, we won’t bother you guys anymore. Haha Practice for today is over.” Hobi said to th both you.

You elbowed Jimin and the both of you went home and continued your business until both of you are tired.


Preference #139 Embarrassment

Requested by anon

Liam- The plan was to meet at his house which is why you were ringing his bell. “One second I’ll be right out,” he smiled walking into another room. After a few minutes he came out and started walking to you in his date attire. He looked gorgeous, everything was fitted but your eyes skidded to his pants and his fly was open. “Liam, you’re wonderful but before we leave check your zipper,” he looked down and quickly zipped it up, cheeks red. “Thanks babe.”

Zayn- For weeks your excuse was to head for the library so you could study with some piece and quiet when really, you only went there to meet with Zayn and headed outside where no one was around to catch you. Your would talk for a bit, tease each other and then obviously make out. It was perfect and no one knew about your sneaking around with the most attractive boy at your school until one day the person who worked for the school newspaper caught you and thought it would be great headline news. You and Zayn were embarrassed like never before but at least you had each other.

Niall- First time Niall met your family was amazing. Niall impressed your mom and grandma and your dad clicked with him at “hello.” “What about a game of basketball?” your dad asked Niall who would never refuse the offer. The plan was to let your dad win by a little so his pride wouldn’t be hurt but Niall ended up having his ego hurt. The ball bounced right on his head leaving him with a very mild concussion. For the rest of the night Niall looked embarrassed but your dad reassured him they would have a rematch and all was well.

Harry- Your best friend was having a baby shower and invited both you and Harry to the party. Harry was one of the few guys there but he didn’t mind, he loved kids and everything related to them. As you talked to your friend and handed her your present Harry came speed walking towards you looking all red and embarrassed, “Y/N, we need to leave,” you were confused, “I thought that Maria was pregnant too but she’s… not.” you clutched your stomach in laughter and handed him some wine, “Babe, you’ll need this.” He sighed and took the glass chugging it in one go.

Louis- “I have such a pounding headache,” Louis grunted walking around the kitchen like a zombie. You didn’t want to pry but there were videos taken of him that were already all over social media. “About that… You were really drunk and well, many people know now.” His sea blue eyes darkened and darted towards the TV, showing clips of him shouting and falling all over the place. He covered his face and mumbled, “My mom will never let this go.”