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Things I Have Learned in ED Recovery (So Far)
  1. Leggings/pj bottoms are your best friend. Seriously. When you first start to eat regularly again and your stomach bloats so much you look/feel like you’re 6 months pregnant, jeans do nothing to help your self esteem. Leggings and pj bottoms are stretchy and comfy and you won’t even notice you’re bloated.
  2. Your loved ones aren’t trying to “ruin your life” by encouraging your recovery. They are trying to save your life.
  3. Be honest in therapy. Always.
  4. If you went out for a meal with friends/family last night, or if you binged, don’t weigh this morning. You shouldn’t be weighing yourself at all, but especially not now. You haven’t gained weight from one meal, but food weighs and that water weight will show up on the scale and will be very triggering. 
  5. Following on from that, stop weighing yourself. As long as you are clinging onto the scale you are clinging onto your eating disorder. If you stop weighing you will not balloon out of proportion, but food will be a lot easier to manage if you aren’t constantly checking what makes your weight fluctuate by 1lb.
  6. Saying no to cheese on your pasta so you can eat 100 calories less will not make you lose weight, just as saying yes to cheese on your pasta will not make you gain weight. Say yes to the cheese. It won’t hurt you.
  7. Following your meal plan when it’s the last thing you want to do is very, very brave. You have to keep shouting back at the voice to silence it. 
  8. One day you’ll be able to leave the house without having to try on every outfit in your wardrobe and taking a hundred pictures of your body and you will realise things are starting to change. 
  9. You do not need to make yourself worse before you “are allowed” get better. It’s okay. You have suffered enough. Let yourself heal.
  10. There is so much more to life than having an eating disorder. 
Normal Horoscope:

Aries: You visibly absorb light from the area around you, consider medication.

Taurus: Consider the silence, allow the world to fill the gaps in your teeth.

Gemini: Be careful with your scissors, you may cut something important and unseen.

Cancer: Cast your plans into the sea, now is not the time for planning.

Leo: Surround yourself with friends, and plate steel. They will both be important.

Virgo: Look for answers aboard the USS Ronald Regan.

Libra: Make some tea and wear a big hoodie, it will be comfortable, and much needed camouflage.

Scorpio: Collect friends and keep them in a room in your house for when you need them.

Sagittarius: Check in on those who need checking on.

Capricorn: Shed your weight, do what truly makes you happy. Keep your skirt on.

Aquarius: Perhaps? Another go at it.

Pisces: Home is far away. Don’t lose your bearings.

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URGENT how do I tell my new doctor I'm trans? (I go on monday)

Lee says:

This question reminded me of this pamphlet I saw once (I used to have a lot of pamphlets). 

Anyway, I think you should tell them before they do the physical examination, so sometime when you’re both in the room sitting down. They’ll want to check your weight and blood pressure, and listen to your heart and lungs, and if they ask to start doing that, you should say you have something to bring up first, then come out. 

If you have a different legal name/birth name than your chosen name, you can introduce yourself with a variation on “By the way, I go by (chosen name), and I’d appreciate if you called me that instead of (legal name) which is my legal name used on official documents. I use (pronouns here), and I’m (trans identity here)”.

When you come out if you’ve already changed your name and stuff, you’ll want to say something like “I’m (x identity) and that means I was born as (X sex) and I have (socially/medically) transitioned by (coming out/hormones/surgery/etc), and I would appreciate if you used (pronouns) to refer to me.” This is not how you’d ever talk to someone you’re just meeting in general, but you want to have a smooth doctor’s visit, so you’re probably going to use some language that they’ll understand to make it easier on them but isn’t what you’d normally choose to say.

You should be prepared to answer awk/invasive questions about your body and medical history. They usually are 70% doing their job, and 30% curious because they likely don’t have much experience with trans people, at least judging from what I’ve personally encountered.

They’ll probably ask the usual doctor questions and some trans ones like..

  • What is your AXAB? 
    • They will use different terms but basically, they want to know what your genitals were like when you were born, and if you’re intersex.
  • Have you started hormone replacement therapy, and if not, do you plan to do so in the future?
  • Have you gotten gender confirmation surgery, and if not, do you plan to do so in the future?
    • GRS is also known as sex reassignment surgery, gender reassignment surgery, genital reconstruction surgery, sex realignment surgery, or “The Trans Surgery, Y’know, The Trans One”
  • Are you looking for any trans-specific resources, like endocrinologists, urologists or surgeons?
  • Do you use protection if you have sex? (They may also ask if you’re in a relationship, or refer you to a clinic if you want to be tested for STDs and they don’t do it there)
  • Do you menstruate regularly/is your period usually on time (if that is something your body does)
  • Have you ever been pregnant?
  • Do you experience depression or other mental illnesses, and have you experienced them in the past?
  • Do you exercise or do physical activity regularly? 
  • Have you experienced heart problems. blood clots, or any swelling, or high or low blood pressure or high blood sugar? (They may also want to test for something like this.)
  • How much do you weigh, and what is your height?
    • If you have any triggers related to your weight and don’t know you weight or don’t want to be informed, just tell them you’d rather face away from the scale and not be told your weight. 
  • Have you had any medical problems or health issues in the past or any currently occurring?
  • Are you up to date on your vaccinations?

These articles are about what to expect when going to a new doctor in general, and aren’t trans specific, but they may still be helpful.

Followers, how have you told your doctor (primary/general care physician) that you’re trans?

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hi!! i'm starting university (in nsw) for the first time tomorrow and i wanted to know any tips for first year students that would help, thank you so much in advance!! 💖

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As this is a belated reply, CONGRATS ON COMPLETING FRESHER WEEK. 

I’ve made a few posts regarding uni in general, along with a few choice tips: 

If I were to distill the key point, I’d say that it’s important to remember that uni is not high school. Accordingly the same study techniques that guaranteed success in high school may not translate to similar success in university. Learn to study smart. 

Specifically this would include (these won’t be popular tips but heck they sure as hell helped me): 

  • Check your assessment timetable and weighting: there’s no point in spending 20+ hours on an assignment worth 10% when you’ve got a 40% paper around the corner. Similarly, not everything is examinable. Cross check you course content with your assessments (and if you really want to, your course outcomes) and see what parts of the course you ought to dedicate your time to, and what you can skim over. 
  • Know what classes are compulsory! Skip the shit you don’t need to physically attend - lecture are recordings are a gift, especially if you can save on long commutes/ need to balance a job with study. 
  • Holy fuck don’t read everything jesus christ: Figure out what is ‘required reading’ and what isnt. Within your ‘required reading’ target your reading - use your lectures as a guide, skim through titles, get a broad overview of the main thrust of the article/chapter before you start. Don’t blindly copy and ‘distill key words’. Uni is a whole different game - you will get multiple chapters per week, depending on your course of study, you may get 100+ pages per unit. You don’t need to read it all to pass - you need to get an overview of the key points and be able to articulate these key points in an exam situation (whether that be to support a thesis in an essay or answer a short answer/ MCQ/ problem question).  
  • Befriend the librarian. Sounds stupid and incredibly nerdy, but they’re there to help and 1000000% will cut down any risk of jumping into a black hole of research nothingness. 

On the flipside, university presents itself with more opportunities than ever before - outside “just studying”. You have so much more flexibility with your time, more social events, more control over what you want to learn. This allows you to pursue your interests at your own pace - both professional and personal alike. Also as a uni student (and depending on whether you’re a citizen/ PR or not) there’s a whole bunch of resources and funding to assist you to achieve your goals - whether it be access to databases, internship programs, government funding loans to go on exchange, mentoring programs, community based initiatives etc. 

It’ll be hectic adjusting your life to your new schedule, but hell, enjoy the crazy ride. Wishing you all the best! 

You’re Enough

category: fluff!

pairing: rocky X reader

note: this is for all us insecure people out there! ;) you are all beautiful no matter what shape or size. you don’t need anybody to tell you you’re beautiful, you should know it yourself <3

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The scale’s numbers kept on increasing the more you stood there. Only a few hours had passed, but you felt the urge to check your weight again. Finally it settled on one number, a number that was too high for your taste. It largely disappointed you, you just wanted to be skinny, to be perfect.


Upon hearing your name, you quickly shoved the weight scale back to the cabinet. You were too late though, for when you looked up you saw your boyfriend Rocky watching you from the doorway.

“(Y/N)…” He walked up to you and embraced you tightly. You started to shed a few tears and hug him back.

“I told you to stop weighing yourself. I know you’re trying to lose weight, but you keep checking everyday. It’s going to make you feel worse.” Rocky was petting your hair soothingly, causing you to cry harder.

“I-I just… I’m too fat.” You harshly insulted yourself and wiped your eyes on his shirt. He let go of you to look into your eyes.

“(Y/N), you’re not fat. In my eyes, you are beautiful. You’re not perfect, but nobody is.”

You sighed and nodded your head. Although you knew that Rocky was your boyfriend, sometimes you felt like you didn’t deserve him. He was the definition of perfection, although he denied it. His dance moves were irresistible, body was attractive, and his face was so handsome. You felt ashamed to hold hands with him or even be near him in public.

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Hey Angel Chapter 68

Your hands were shaking as you sat in the chair of the waiting room at the doctor’s office. You seemed to have had doctor’s appointment of some sort every week, so you shouldn’t be nervous, but this one was different. You were at the doctor for the baby and after this appointment, you were finally going to tell the kids and your families. 

You would be finding out the sex of the babies and announcing to everyone at a little get together at the house. Harry was next to you and grabbed your hand. 

“Everything is going to be okay, baby.” He says rubbing your hand with his thumb. 

“I know, but I just.. this pregnancy has been weird and different from when I was pregnant with Ella, so I just I don’t know…” you mumble. 

He nods kissing your cheek and soon they call your name. You two walk through the door to the back and head to a room. The check your weight, blood pressure, etc, before giving you a gown to change into. 

“I’ll let you get changed and he doctor will be in shortly.” She smiles. 

You nod and change into the gown and harry helps you up onto the bed like thing. 

The doctor comes in shortly after and checks everything before breaking out the ultrasound. 

Harry holds your hand and looks at the screen. You bite your lip as she feels around with the little remote and soon you hear the heartbeat. 

You smile widely and look over at Harry, who was sniffling happily. “That’s our baby.” he whispers. 

“Actually…” she says. “That’s your babies.” 

“Babies?” You both say shocked. 

“Yep. There are two heartbeats.” She smiles. 

“Twins?” Harry gulps.

“Yes, that’s what it means when there are two heartbeats.” She jokes. 

“Oh, wow…” He says. “Wow.” He says. 

“Here is Baby A and Baby B.” She smiles pointing them out. 

You gasp with a huge smile on your face and you feel tears forming in your eyes. 

“Would you like to know the sex?” She asks. 

“Yes, please.” You nod quickly. 

She smiles and touches a few buttons on the machine. “Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy.” 

“Oh my god.” Harry smiles. “This is bloody amazing! Can we get pictures please?” 

“Of course, how many would you like?” she asks. 

“As many as you can give us!” He smiles. 

You laugh as she gets you cleaned up. She hans Harry the prints of the ultrasound and allows you to get dressed. 

On your way out, you set up another appointment and then head to the car. 

“I can’t believe we’re having twins.” Harry says looking down at the pictures. “This is just.. wow.” 

“Good wow or bad wow?” You ask. 

“Amazing wow.” He says looks over at you. “Don’t you think?” 

“Yeah. I just wow… two human beings are growing in there… that’s just strange to think about.” You laugh. 

“You’re amazing. Women are amazing.” He smiles leaning over to kiss you. 

You smile kissing him back. 


A few days later, it was the big get together. You were extremely nervous because you weren’t sure how everyone would take you being pregnant, especially now that you were pregnant with twins. You chose a dress that fit loosely so that it didn’t show your stomach. 

Once everyone arrived, you all sat outside to eat your dinner. You could tell Harry was nervous as well, mostly because he was just too excited. Halfway through the dinner, he couldn’t take it anymore, so he finally cleared his throat and stood up. 

“So, uh, besides wanting to see everyone and catch up on things, we, Y/N and I have something that we would like to announce.” Harry smiles. 

“What daddy?” Jackson asks. 

“Well…” He says looking over at you. 

You smile standing up next to him. “I’m pregnant.” 

“With twins…” Harry finishes. “A boy and a girl.” 

Everyone gasps and the kids look at the two of you completely confused. You laugh and look down at them. “You two are going to be a big brother and sister. I’m having two babies.” You whisper. 

“TWO BABIES!” Jackson gasps. “Where?” 

Harry laughs. “They’re right in here.” He says putting his hand on your belly. 

“How dey in der?” Ella says sticking her face to your belly. 

“We’ll talk about that later.” Harry jokes. 

You giggle and look around and notice that your family and Harry’s family look a little awkward. 

“What’s wrong?” You say. “Aren’t you happy for us?” 

“Honey, are you physically able to be pregnant right now with everything that happened.” Your Mom says. 

“Yes Mom. The doctor’s said that I’m perfectly fine to be pregnant.” You say. 

“But what about all the legal issues that are surrounding you right now. That’s going to put lots of stress on the both of you.” Anne says. “Did you two not think this through before getting pregnant?” 

“Woah, woah, woah, Y/N was actually pregnant prior to the accident. We haven’t even… this wasn’t planned, but it wasn’t like we just got her pregnant.” Harry says. 

“So, you’ve known about this and haven’t ever said anything until now?” She says. “Yu kept this from us?” 

“We didn’t keep anything from you… we just wanted to wait it out until we were both ready to share the news.” Harry says. 

“And if all of you are so concerned about my well being and me being stressed while pregnant, why are you all acting this way?” You say. 

“Honey…” Your Mom says. 

“No, don’t. I don’t get why all of you are acting like this because I’m already pregnant and you’re concerns are appreciated, but it’s almost as if you all want me to get rid of these babies because of what recently happened and I will not do that.” You say leaving the table and heading inside. 

“You know, we were really looking forward to finally sharing this information with you all, and now… you’ve ruined it.” Harry says. “We did nothing wrong, Y/N has done nothing wrong but carrying these babies and as our families you should be ecstatic that our family is growing. Come on babies, let’s go find Mummy.” Harry says picking up Jackson and Ella to carry inside. 

Sick (Kris Letang)

Today was not a good day. And technically…it wasn’t even day yet, it was 10am. That’s basically the middle of the night. You had woken up getting sick, which seemed to be the trend the last week or so. It was also the reason you were currently sitting in the middle of your bed, surrounded by jeans that wouldn’t fit, sobbing.

You heard the front door close, “Y/N! I’m home!” Your husband, Kris yelled. He started down the hallway, “Are you ready to go? We need to leave in about ten to make it to the doctor on time.” He entered into your shared bedroom and stopped short at the sight of you. Which you were sure was quite an entertaining sight. You were sitting in a polka dotted blouse, a pair of black panties, with your hair fixed and tears running down your face…not to mention the multiple pairs of pants strewn around you.

“I’m not ready.” You whimpered.

“Babe…” He cooed. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t button any of my pants!! And with the amount I’ve thrown up you would think that I’d have lost weight not gained it!!!” You started to cry harder. “I’m a disaster!” You wailed!

“Hun! I promise it’s going to be ok. We’ll get you a pair of pants you can fit in and we’ll get you some meds at the doctor.” He kissed you on the top of your head before opening your dresser drawer. “What about these?” He asked holding up a pair of leggings. “They’re stretchy…they should fit.”

“You can’t wear leggings with this shirt!” You protested.

“Then why don’t you change your shirt?” He questioned calmly.

“Because last time I was there the receptionist said it was cute!”

He rolled his eyes. “You don’t have any other cute shirts?”

“Fine!” You grabbed the leggings out of his hands. “Now get out so I can get dressed.”

“You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.” He stated with a smirk.

“Yeah. Well you’re not seeing it now. So, out!” He laughed but conceded and made his way out the door.

“We need to leave in about three minutes. So hurry up!”

“We need to leave in about three minutes,” You mocked. “Whatever.” You quickly pulled up the leggings, relieved that they fit and pulled on a different top. After sliding into a pair of flats you headed down the hallway.

“There,” Kris said coming towards you. “You look beautiful.”

You flushed. “Thanks.”

The two of you loaded into the car and headed toward the doctor. You normally avoided the doctor at every cost, you didn’t appreciate people prodding at you and invading your personal space…even if it was their job. Kris had had enough of your avoidance after the third day straight of you puking throughout the day.

“Are you feeling okay today?” He asked. The two of you were holding hands in the middle as he steered with the other.

“I mean, yeah.” You said. “I got sick a few times. But I drank some water and ate a few crackers and I feel fine now. I think it’s just a stomach bug.”

“I would have believed that if it only lasted a few days. It’s been a week, Y/N.”

“It’s just a long-lasting one.” You protested. “We can still turn around and go back home.”

“I beg to differ.” He stated, pulling into the parking lot of the doctors office. You groaned but got out without general protest once the car was parked. He opened the glass door leading in to the building and you headed up towards the receptionist desk.

“Hi. I have an appointment scheduled for Y/N Letang.”

“Yes. Has any of your information changed since your last visit with us?” The lady asked.

“No ma’am.”

“Alright. If you will just sign right here for me, Dr. Farrow should be out to get you in just a few minutes.”

“Thanks.” You scribbled your name on the sheet and turned to find Kris seated and looking in horror at the various magazines in the women’s section.

“Why do you need so many gossip magazines? Where are the sports?”

You rolled your eyes and rotated the magazine rack so it displayed the men’s magazines. “They’re right there. You just have to be smarter than the display rack.”

He screwed up his face and stuck his tongue out at you. “Rude.” You shrugged.

“Mrs. Letang?” A voice called out. You turned around and saw a nurse dressed in light purple scrubs holding a clipboard you assumed held all of your information. “You can follow me.” Kris got up and followed both you and the nurse down the hallway. “We’re going to stop here and check your weight.”

You turned to look at Kris with an eyebrow raised. He obligingly closed his eyes and placed his hands over his ears. The nurse chuckled and clicked the weights around. Once she was done you gave Kris a light kiss so he would know it’s ok to look again.

“I don’t know why you won’t let me know your exact weight. It’s not like I don’t think you’re perfect.” He said.

“That was so sweet,” You awed before stating bluntly,. “You still don’t get to know.”

The nurse directed you towards a room and after taking your temperature and blood pressure she left the room with the promise that Dr. Farrow would be in shortly.

You shifted uncomfortable on the crinkly paper that covered the bed you were sitting on. “Wanna switch spots?” You teased.

“Hmmm…let me think. No.”

“And you called me rude.” The two of you playfully bantered back and forth until a light tap on the door preceded its opening.

Dr. Farrow introduced herself and shook both of your hands before taking a seat in her spinny chair. You wanted to sit in that chair.

“How are you doing, Y/N?” She asked.

“I’m fine.”

“That’s a lie,” Kris interjected. “She most definitely is not fine. She’s been getting sick for the last week.”

“Y/N?” The doctor asked, raising an eyebrow in your direction.

You glared at Kris. “I guess I’ve been a little nauseous the last few days. But once I get sick I feel fine!”

“Any other symptoms? Fever, headaches, stomach pains?” She questioned.

“No,” You replied honestly. “Other than getting sick, I feel perfect.”

“She couldn’t button her pants this morning.” Kris supplied.

“Kris!!” You yelled. “She doesn’t need to know that! My weight issues are not something she cares about!”

“Actually…”She began as Kris shot you a smug look. “That could be important. If you don’t mind my asking…when was your last menstrual cycle?”

“It was….”You paused for a minute. There was no way that was right. Your cycle had always been very consistent. “…it was over two months ago.”

“Is there any possibility you could be pregnant?” She gently asked.

“I mean, yeah. I guess.” You were shell-shocked. “We kinda just decided that whatever happens will happen. So we haven’t been actively trying, but we also haven’t been preventing anything.”

“Well, if that is the case…and I believe it is,” she said. “We could bring in an ultrasound machine to confirm it that way. We could also get an estimate of how far along you are, if that is indeed the case.” After you nodded dumbly she stood up. “If you’ll give me a minute or two, I’ll be back with it.”

Once she left you leaned back against the wall and looked towards your husband.


“Hmm?” So he was aware that you were speaking. That was a good thing.

“What do you think?”


“How about the fact that I’m possibly pregnant?”

“I think that’s amazing.” You looked over at him mouth open and he chuckled a little. “Did you think I wouldn’t be absolutely ecstatic at the thought of having a baby with you? I’m so excited. I’m just trying to figure out how we were so oblivious.”

You gave a light chuckle, “We do seem pretty stupid don’t we.” He stood up and pressed a kiss to your forehead before looking into your eyes.

“I love you. Regardless of what we’re about to find out.”

The door opened again and a machine was wheeled in by Dr. Farrow.

“So, if you want to roll your shirt up, I’ll put some gel on your stomach and we’ll see what we have going on.” You complied with her directions and after slightly recoiling over the coldness of the gel she moved the wand over your stomach. “Yep. You’re pregnant.”

You looked over at Kris to see him staring at the screen with a look of awe on his face.

“If I had to take a guess, I would place you right around three months. So if you’re lucky, you should be getting over the nausea soon. Would you like pictures?”

You nodded eagerly. “When can we find out the gender?”

“In about two months.” She handed over a strip of photos and circled a bean shape with a red marker. “There’s your baby. I’ll go get you some prenatals vitamins. You’re going to want to take them everyday.” You nodded, but continued to stare at the little strip of paper that had changed your entire life.”I’ll also get you a packet of the do’s and don’ts. And may I be the first to offer congratulations.”

Dr. Farrow walked out of the room. And you just looked at Kris.

“We’re going to be parents. There’s a baby in me.” You couldn’t believe it.

“We are. I can’t wait.” Kris got on his knees so he was eye level with your stomach. “We love you little baby. We’re counting down the months.”

So I got my laptop back today. Here’s an imagine I had written previously. It has not been edited. Let me know what you think and requests are definitely open.

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Genji, Reaper, and McCree having a s/o that is self-conscious about their weight?

I enjoyed writing this! Hope you enjoy!(^.^)


-when he finds out at first he thinks your joking. This must be a joke because why on earth would someone so lovely and amazing like you think less of your self. He just does not get it at all.

-after it sinks into his now sad soul. He will sort of lecture you on how perfect you, using the right words that need to be said and the exact tone for you to actually listen to the words. While still making sure he’s not going to hard on you.

-in his head hes secretly really mad at you for not seeing yourself like he does.

-ever since he found out how you feel he started complementing you ten times more than usual and using the kindest choice of words, along with kissing and cuddling all the time.


-he first noticed when you were looking in the bathroom mirror and just had checked your weight, and as soon as he saw that he stepped in. With a surprisingly calm manner, but with his same sassy personality.

-“why at you looking at yourself like that?” “Oh, I just don’t really like.. My body.” “Well I do and last time I checked I’m not blind or stupid.” “Neither am I.” “Then stop trying to blind yourself. I love you, and you should start as well.”

-he’s a legitimate Cinnamon roll..

-will grab that freaking weight checking monster and throw it out the window and probably attempt to set in on fire. Then kiss you all over your body. His complements will have loving words but he adds a bit of dirty ones in there too. Hes just like that because you know he has to keep his edge still.


-before you guys were planning on having a date night you decided to hate how your body look in every dress you tried on. Mccree was wondering why your taking so long so he of course came to find out, only to see how many dresses you tried on were now all over the floor and you had a sad expression.

-when you tell him your insecurities. He flippin loses his cowboy self, and looks you up and down with a face of ‘what in high noons name?’

-his lecture would include “why!? Your so perfect!” And “You have an amazing body!” And “YOUR THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!” And finally “I’m always trying to sneak peeks at that precious body of yours!”

-your insecurities don’t exist anymore thanks to his constant cheesey pick up lines that make you feel special and blush like there’s no tomorrow.

BTS Reaction to You Gaining Weight and Feeling Insecure

This is actually something I have been struggling a lot with lately. After going to college, I have put on more weight than I wish, and I feel really insecure about it. But something that I remind myself, and you should remind yourself if you feel the same way, is that no matter what, you are perfectly fine the way you are. No one’s opinion matters except your own, and as long as you are healthy and happy, then everything will be fine. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He had no idea what you were talking about when you came into the room in tears. He was in the middle of cooking, listening diligently still, as you told him about your updated weight. You told him about how much your weight had increased and how ugly you must have looked now that you were getting ‘fat.’ Jin turned around, staring at you with a small smirk as he came over and tapped you on the head with his rice spoon. “Don’t be silly. You look perfectly fine. How about I try making some healthier dinners if that will help you feel better.”

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Suga: “Stop it Yoongi, you don’t understand what it feels like. You are beyond tiny and even if you put on weight, you would still be super tiny,” you complained to your boyfriend as you threw your clothes around. Yoongi sat on the bed while you claimed that all of your clothes just made you look fatter now that you put on a few extra pounds. He started pouting at the comment you made, telling you the same thing that he always told you; “Stop being stupid. You don’t look fat and there is no reason for all this.”

Originally posted by ineeduminsuga

J-Hope: His normal joyful demeanor was gone when he saw you crying in the bathroom after checking your weight. He knew that it was a touchy subject for you; already feeling insecure about your weight. He kneeled down in front of you, taking your hands in his. He took a moment before saying anything, wanting to make sure that he didn’t say anything wrong. “(Y/N), you know you have nothing to worry about, right? No matter what, you will always be beautiful to me,” he told you carefully.

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Rapmon: You decided to tell him all about your worries when the two of you were finally able to go out together and grab dinner. It was something that had been weighing on your mind for a while, and Namjoon was starting to catch on. “I don’t see the issue with putting on some more weight? It can be healthy for you, and from what I see, you are still very healthy. So just eat up?” He told you in his best attempt at sounding nonchalant about the whole thing, but on the inside, he was extremely worried for your self-esteem if you continuously worried about this.

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Jimin: He knew exactly what you felt like. When he started off in Bangtan, he was thinner and ever since he started to put on more weight, he started feeling a bit insecure about himself. He knew how much the fans loved his abs, and the thought of losing it made him feel scared that it would mean losing the fans. But despite this, he pulled you close and told you the same thing that you had told him when he was upset about it all; “who cares if you put on more weight? As long as you are healthy, that is all that matters.”

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V: “So what? If you think about it, now there is just more of you for me to love!” Taehyung told you as he shrugged his shoulders at your worries. He had told you numerous times that your weight shouldn’t matter at all to you. He knew that it was going to be hard for you to accept, but all he could do was continue to reassure you. “You know my grandma likes me better chubby. And I like you better when you are eating and you are happy. Okay?” 

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Jungkook: He really didn’t know what to say when you came into the room crying about the weight you were putting on. To him, he really couldn’t see much of a difference. You still looked like the person he fell in love with, but he figured if it was something bad enough to make you cry, then it was something that he should take seriously. He took a moment to respond, but after thinking about it, he said the only thing he could think of. “If you want, we could go work out together. You can eat anything you want, so long as we work it off until you feel more secure.”

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Bonnie, my weight changes fluctuates between 3 - 4 lbs each day and I'm just wondering... what is my actual weight?

The best time to check your weight is first morning when you wake up. Over the day we gain weight from eating, and our bodies retain water. It’s common to fluctuate a few pounds through the day.

Little Things- Magcon

Nash: “Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me, But bear this in mind, it was meant to be“

Laying on the couch with your head against Nash’s chest, everything seemed perfect. He was holding you close, both of you whispering I love you’s. His hand took yours in his, both your hands fitting together like a puzzle piece.And both of you did fit together like a puzzle, because you both were perfect for each other.  You were resistant at first in your relationship because you didn’t know if it was meant to be, you thought at 17 you couldn’t know if he was your one and only. But after a few months you knew he was the one. It was meant to be, from the beginning.

Cameron: “And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me”

You had always hated your freckles for as long as you could remember. You thought they were absolutely disgusting but Cameron thought otherwise. When he first met you he told you it was your freckles that had attracted him to you. He loved how they made you so much more beautiful.  He always complimented your freckles, with any possible chance he had. He also loved kissing your freckles. He made sure you always knew how much he loved you and your freckles and made sure you never forgot it. He loved tracing the dots, making a different pattern every time he’d trace them.He would spend hours doing so because even if it was your insecurity to him it was anything but ugly.

Taylor: “I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile

Taylor’s eyes were concentrated on your face as you smiled brightly at the camera, he was admiring the way that your eyes crinkled when you smiled, making you more beautiful if that was even possible. The cameras snapped pictures as you both walked across the red carpet, posing. “What?” you whispered to him as you guys moved away from the carpet. “You’re beautiful when you smile” he replied. “No I hate my crinkles, Tay” you muttered to him looking down. “But they make you beautiful, I love you (y/n) and I love your crinkles by your eyes when you smile” He told you before leaning down and pressing a kiss to your lips.

Hayes:”You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs“

Sighing, you stared at the outfit you had picked for the party. It just didn’t look right you’re stomach looked bulgy, your thighs looked thick and you were completely embarrassed. You didn’t want to embarrass Hayes. You tried sucking in your stomach but you knew you couldn’t do that for long. “Baby?” Hayes called out opening the bedroom door. “You look breath taking” he whispered, wrapping his arms around you. “Don’t lie to me Hayes! I look so f-fat, my stomach is huge and my thighs are t-thick” you mumbled,tears filling your eyes. He quickly turned you around making sure you were looking at him before speaking up “Don’t you ever say that about yourself (y/n) You’re not fat, you’re curvy and I fucking love it. You don’t have a thigh gap and your thighs aren’t sickeningly skinny, so what? I love your thighs, in fact because of your thighs your ass is much better too” he said smirking at the last line. “Hayes” you giggled hitting his chest and you knew it shouldn’t matter to you because Hayes loved you just the way you are.

Aaron:”I’m in love with you, and all these little things“

“Aaron, why do you love me even though I have so many imperfections?” you asked him when you both lay in bed just simply enjoying each others presence. “(y/n) baby” he whispered, cupping your cheeks. “I fell in love with you because all your imperfections are what make you imperfectly perfect to me. I love the way your nose twitches when your mad, I love your freckles, I love your chubby little finger.s (y/n) (y/l/n) I’m in love with you and all your little things because if you weren’t this way I wouldn’t love you as much baby.” he pulled your head into his chest, his chin resting upon your head as his fingers drew circles right above your hipbone. “I love you Aaron” you whispered placing a kiss on his chin. “I love you too baby girl” he whispered holding you safely as you fell asleep.

Jacob:”You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea,and maybe that’s the reason that you talk in your sleep“

It was a habit of yours, having a cup of tea before you went to bed. The hot liquid was soothing and your worries went away. It also prevented you from your embarrassing habit of sleep talking. Today though, coming home from a late night shift, you hadn’t drank a cup of tea. As soon as you made it through the door you were on the couch, fast asleep. Jacob came home later and finding you on the couch, he picked you up bridal style carrying you to your bedroom. He changed your clothes for you and was just finished changing his clothes when he heard a murmur. Your eyes were closed and you were deep asleep but you started talking “Jacob, I love you so much.” you first spoke out. With his eyebrows knitted in confusion Jacob sat beside you in bed finally realizing you were sleep talking. “Jacob I like your smile” you spoke out once more “And I like your singing.” He chuckled before shaking you awake, “(y/n) baby you’re talking in your sleep” he said chuckling once more. Your eyes widen as you covered your face “Oh shit, I’m so sorry” you muttered. He pulled your hands away and pulled you in a hug. “I think it’s super cute baby girl, and by the way thanks for all those compliments.”

Matthew: “I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape“

“Look at what I found baby” Matt came running in to your room, waving a tape in his hand. It was labeled “(y/n) singing”. “Matty!” you yelled, you did not want him to see, you hated the sound of your voice on tape. It made you feel insecure about yourself and you hid your face. Matt played the tape even past your protests. As the tape started playing, you peeked up to see that Matt had his eyes closed, his head kind of nodding as he heard you sing. Suddenly, his eyes opened and he had a huge smile on his face. “Baby, you didn’t tell me you were so good” he said, walking over to you. “I’m not good, I hate the sound of my voice on tape.” you mumbled looking down at your feet. “But I love it, you have a beautiful voice and it’s adorable, so don’t you ever think otherwise” he told your sternly before giving you a soft kiss on your lips, then he took your hands guiding you to dance with him around the room.

Jack J:“You never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans”

You hated checking your weight, you were never the skinny type but Johnson’s previous girlfriends had been skinny, it made you insecure and you never let him know of your weight. But the time had come for your doctor visit, Jack decided to tag along because he had nothing better to do. “(Y/N)” the doctor said “We need to take your weight, please follow me.” You took a nervous gulp and stood up. “Stay here JJ” you muttered to him and you followed the doctor. You stepped onto the scale, and your doctor fiddled with the top part of it before speaking out the numbers you didn’t want to hear. “150 pounds” she started and you quickly stepped of the scale, tears burning the back of your eyes.”Hey baby” Jack said from behind you. You quickly whipped around glaring at Jack. “I told you to stay, I didn’t want you to hear about my weight!” you stalked past him and back into the room. “(y/n) what’s wrong baby?” he whispered kneeling in front of you as you took a seat. “I’m fat! That’s what it is!” you screeched out and then the angry tears fell. “Baby, I don’t care if your 150 pounds, that’s a perfect weight okay? I love you very much, I couldn’t care less about those stupid numbers. It’s all about who you are, not those numbers” he pulled you close to him as you cried into his shoulder. You knew that Jack loved you for who you are and those numbers did not matter to him at all.

Jack G:”You’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you”

“Jack?” you mumbled as you snuggled into him.”Yeah baby?” he said turning slightly towards you. “Am I fat?” you whispered hating how vulnerable you sounded to your ears. “What? No of course not! Why would you think that?” he asked his voice raising higher. “The fans, they keep telling me all these things, they hate me because they think I’m going to use you like your previous girlfriend. I hate myself so much more because of them” you whispered, tears sliding down your cheeks. “Hey, hey don’t cry” he mumbled, kissing away the tears from your face. “Don’t listen to them alright? You’re absolutely perfect and they shouldn’t matter to you.” “But they do, Jack. They’re you fans and if they hate me then it hurts a lot, their words hurt me” you mumbled. “They don’t matter because I love you. My love overpowers anything the say. I know you’ll never love yourself like I do, but that’s okay. My love is enough to help you love yourself. And I’ll be here through each step of the way” he kissed the top of your forehead making sure you were safe in his arms. He was right, his love for you was so strong, it ruled out every other person’s hate. Him loving you mattered more to you and you knew he would help you love yourself too.

Shawn:”And you’ll never treat yourself right darlin’ but I want you to”

“Just one more” you whispered to yourself, as the blade pierced into your skin. Blood gushed through the cut and you tried wiping it away but it was too deep. You held the tissue to your skin and you heard a knock on the bathroom door. Shit. Shawn was not supposed to be here. You let out a weak “I’m in here” to him. “Hey baby, open the door” he said through the door. “NO! I mean hold on a second”. Minutes passed but your cuts still bled and no matter what you tried it wouldn’t stop. “(Y/N), open the door!” he said about three or four times but you did not reply to him. “That’s it I’m opening the door” he shouted at you before he busted open the door and his eyes widened in shock as he saw you sitting there with blood on multiple tissues, scattered across the floor. “Shawn I-” before you could finish the sentence, Shawn was by your side and he took the blade, throwing it down the toilet and flushing it. Turning to you he scooped you up like a baby in his arms and took you to your bedroom. He held you in his arms, cleaning up your cuts silently as you cried. “Shawn I’m sorry” “No (y/n) I’m sorry, I can’t believe I didn’t notice this.” “It’s not your fault Shawn” “But why aren’t you treating yourself right? You’re absolutely beautiful, don’t harm your body baby.” “I’m sorry Shawn” you mumbled, ashamed. He pulled you both under the covers as he held you delicately like a glass. “I want you to treat yourself right and I promise we’ll get there, together.”

Carter: “If I let you know I’m here for you,Maybe you’ll love yourself like I love you“

Your boyfriend hadn’t spoke to you in weeks, and you were absolutley broken. Carter was on tour and it hurt to know that he didn’t care. Currently, you curled up on the couch, crying as you sent him a message. “Carter, I’m so sorry I was a bad girlfriend. Please tell me what to fix and I’ll do it. I hate myself for not being good enough. I’m so sorry for whatever I did.” Still with no reply you sighed the tears streaming down your face again. Suddenly hearing a knock on the door, you went to open it. Standing there was Carter with a bunch of flowers and a huge teddy bear that had “I miss you” across its chest. “CARTER!” you screamed, throwing yourself at him, he stumbled a bit laughing and set you down after a bit. “Why didn’t you reply to any of my messages? I was so-” “My phone stopped working baby girl and I saw how upset you were on twitter and stuff, so I quickly booked a flight and came here. I just want to be here for you all the time to help you love yourself and I’m so sorry I made you hate yourself even more” he told you and you pulled him into a hug, holding tight.”I love you so much Carter. “I love you too baby girl”

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Hii. So I've been fasting for 48 hours now and I just weighed myself and I haven't lost even 250 grams and I am wondering why is it... Do you have any idea? :(

Check your weight tomorrow again. Even if you haven’t eaten anything I assume you’ve been drinking tons of water and maybe tea, and that all adds up. Also if your intestines aren’t moving around like they should (if you know what I mean) that could also be part of the reason. Don’t get unmotivated, you’ll see the results tomorrow :) 💖🍃

on being an overweight martial artist

“you don’t look like a martial artist”

I recently injured myself in taekwondo class and had to see a doctor and get X-rays. the visit was pretty routine, check your height, weight, blood pressure, and then sit in a room forever until the doc comes in so you can explain why you’re there, even though you already explained it to the receptionist, and to the nurse who checked your vitals, and to the X-ray technician

so as I was telling the story for the umpteenth time, doc interrupted me and said “you don’t look like a martial artist.” I paused and asked him what he meant. He replied, “well, you’re not all cut and muscular, how long have you been doing this?? why did you start?”

He meant it lightheartedly but those words cut deep. Because the answer was that I originally started martial arts training to lose weight, and since then I’ve continued training out of love for the art and the desire to grow in it, but it made me feel like a failure because I haven’t lost all the weight. And I’ve been training for 2 years. shouldn’t I look like a martial artist by now?

but then I started thinking, what does a martial artist even look like? no, I don’t have six pack abs or bulging biceps. I’m generally warm and inviting, even to strangers, so I’m not that intimidating. actually, I can be pretty clumsy sometimes (I’ve spilled my coffee more times than I can count) so unless I have my belt around my waist you may not know that I train, everyday.

but in the dojang my heart pounds and my face glistens with sweat. my feet bounce and my hands are up. my kihaps are loud and command the attention of the whole room. my kicks are strong with the full force of my weight behind them. not only do I know my poomsae form, but I know yours too and I’ll run it with you if you need a refresher. it ends kick/low block/punch not low block/kick/punch. I love to spar (especially full contact), even if I’m not good at it yet, and I won’t miss any opportunity to practice. yes, I’ll go another round. sure, I don’t need a break. when we’re practicing kicks or doing an exercise, I’m a dedicated partner and will make sure you finish strong too, even if that means forgoing my turn or doing extra sit-ups. I praise first (“nice kick!”) and critique second (“a little higher!”) and only if it’s requested.

I bow to the mat and greet my masters properly. I don’t speak out of turn, and I defer to the wisdom of the upper belts, even if I think my way would be better. when my grandmaster praises me, I smile wide, and when he scolds me, I listen and correct the behavior. while I may be sassy at times, I’m teachable and appreciate any correction I get because it means they’re watching me and paying attention. I study the Korean language intensively, as well as the roots of my forms and art

the other day my instructor told us to raise up our intensity since we’re all advanced belts. everyone in the room was at least a blue belt except for me. he looked me right in the eyes and said “you’re yellow for now but a black belt in heart.” I can’t describe how that made me feel!

so what if I’m still overweight? maybe it’ll take me another 2 years to lose the rest. maybe I don’t visibly look intimidating, muscular, or what others think of when they think of martial arts. that doesn’t matter.

what matters is that I am trying. the dojang is a sacred home to me, a place where I can overcome any fear or obstacle with enough determination and practice. the students are my family, we laugh and cry together. my grandmaster is like a father I never had, caring not only about my progress in his class but also in life in general. I am a martial artist, even if I don’t look like one.

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Name: Jeaneilla

Nicknames: okay, I have a bunch of weird nicknames that my family calls me, but a less weird one is Neilla, and a few friends call me Jea

Zodiac: Aquarius

Height: I recently went to the dentist and they said I was 5′ 5″ (apparently the dentist checks your height and weight now??) so woo I’ve grown an inch since I last checked!

Age: 17

Orientation: hahaha, um, I’ll get back to you on that once I know for certain myself

Ethnicity: African American

Favorite fruit: Apples, I guess…that’s such a generic answer though

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite flowers: I don’t really have a favorite

Favorite book series: Percy Jackson and Throne of Glass

Favorite scent: Lemon

Coffee, tea, or cocoa: Tea

Cat or dog person: Dog!!!

Average hours of sleep: 6ish

Favorite fictional character: hmm… Percy Jackson? I’m not too sure about this. Maybe Aelin from Throne of Glass, or Felicity from Arrow, cause they’re both smart, awesome women

OTP: oh god here goes… Percabeth, Rowaelin, Olicity, Feysand, Bellarke, Captain Swan, and many many others that I’m blanking on right now

Dream trip: Paris or Rome

Blog created: January of 2015 apparently? (I had to dig back into my archives)

Number of followers: I think an even 70 right now

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All I need to now is how to keep that motivation that I have initially?... Over the course of 1.5 years I've gained about 15lbs by eating healthy and lifting inconsistently. I just need help.

Don’t look for motivation, look for discipline instead.

The past doesn’t count, every day is a new challenge. Forget what you’ve been doing for the past few months, years, because it doesn’t matter.

Take 1 hour in the weekend and write down your goals for the next 3 months and how you will achieve it on a weekly basis. Focus on weekly goals, every Sunday check your progress; weight, visual progress …

I have been training for 3 years and every day I feel like I’m beginning fitness. Because I challenge myself! I know there is nothing worst than getting in my comfort zone. Because nothing great happens to people who stay in their comfort zone.

You’re better than you think.

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