check your pee

Just do it, Push that needle into your skin for the sixth time today. The high will subside, You will feel normal once again, life will come back into you and you will feel like yourself. Prick your finger, Wait, Read the number - Even if it hurts you to do so- Fix it. Do what you need to do, Take that sixth needle like it’s no big deal. Drink water, even if you feel like you can’t drink anymore. Go check your ketones, drink more water. Don’t let yourself wrap up in a blanket even if you’re cold, it wont help your fever. Get up, Go pee, check your ketones again, drink more water, Check your blood sugar, call your doctor, tell him nothing is working, tell him you’re tired and scared. No. Not scared, get your mind in check, don’t be scared it wont help anything. Don’t tell them you give up and just want to go to the hospital, Don’t do it. Breath, Take another shot, look past the bruises and ignore the pain, do as they say. Wait, drink more water, take a nap, get up, check your blood sugar, 496. Breath, don’t get frustrated. Just do it, Breath, Take another shot.

The exhausted diabetic who just wants a break from being high.

My Day So Far.

5 tips to lose weight!

Tip 1: drink water! I would recommend 8-12 glasses of water a day. But since all our body’s are different: check your pee. No I’m not joking! If your pee is like the color of apple juice you should drink more water. But if your pee is like a light yellow color you’re fine. Like lemon juice. This means you’re hydrated. So not like the color of apple juice, not like bright lemon lemonade and not colorless. Sometimes when you feel you’re hungry you’re not actually hungry. Maybe you’re just thirsty. Drink one or two glasses of water, wait a few minutes and see if you still feel hungry.

Tip 2: eat veggies! And with eat veggies I mean cut out the refined carbs and replace them with veggies. Refined carbs are simple carbs that get easily stored as Body fat. A few examples are white rice, white bread, sugar, honey and milk. Complex carbs on the other hand still gives you the energy you need and the fibers makes you feel full for a longer time! So yay for veggies!

Tip 3: eat your fruit before 2pm. This may sound a little weird because a lot of people tell you to eat more fruit. But fruit actually contains a lot of sugar and carbs. If you eat your fruit in the morning your body has all day to burn all of that energy. I promise you this will give you results! Butttt, don’t start eating things like cupcakes or cookies in the afternoon. Because we all know that those are just a loooot worse.

Tip 4: lift those dang weights! You know when you’re at the gym and you see all those women doing cardio for like 3 hours. Dooon’t dooo thaaaat! Yes those women look slim but where are the muscles?! If the body of your dreams is a toned and lean body you need to lift weights!! Your body will continue to burn calories after you’re done lifting weights. When you’re done with cardio, you stop burning calories.

Tip 5: write it down! Write down what you’re eating, how you’re feeling and what workout you’ve done to get a little closer to the body you’ve always wanted. Write down exactly what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks you’ve had. But also the things you won’t think about right away like the number of protein powder scoops or how much water you’ve drank. Write down how it made you feel, like maybe sleepy or energetic and happy and how you slept that night. And don’t you cheat! Don’t you dare. You’ll only be cheating on yourself.

Let’s all stick to these tips and get hot, because you’re already beautiful.

Love you guys!