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series warnings: mature themes, violence, blood and gore, murder, emotional manipulation, bullying, mental health deterioration, eventual smut and substance abuse. this chapter contains strong language, light smut, bullying and claustrophobic themes

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Part 2- Hal Carter 

Read part 1 here

Pairing: Hal Carter x Reader
Part: 2/?
Warnings: Smut - slight angst 
Summary: Hal takes you for a ride in his pickup truck
A/N: This is the second part in a series based on this post. I’ve been writing this for a while and I’m honestly so proud of it. Thank you for @writemarvelousthings for encouraging me. Please come let me know what you think! This is the song I listened to while writing - You Belong To Me - Jo Stafford
Word count : 4,157

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The creak and slam of Hal’s red pickup truck door is unmistakable as he pulls up to your house and got out. Checking your lipstick one last time, you kiss your mother on the cheek and tell her not to wait up. She fixes you with the stare that you knew all too well. You skip out of the house, the screen door shutting behind you with a screech. Looking up you see Hal, he’s leaning against his truck a playful smirk spreading on his lips when he spots you. 

“Well don’t you look like sugar and spice and everything nice” he drawls, a cheeky chuckle following his words as he rids himself of the straw he was chewing. He takes you in his strong arms planting a sweet kiss on your cheek. “Your momma isn’t watching out of the window again is she?” he mumbles. 

You laugh and shake your head placating his fear, “she’s fixing dinner”. 

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Genre: Fluff
Words: 1,548
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of stalking, self-defense fighting
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

A/N: I’m hoping to make this a series if it gets enough of a response! Let me know what you think.

“Natasha, I don’t want to go to the gym!”

Your friend, and also your roommate, dragged you by your arm to the downtown fitness center. She had forced you to change into athletic leggings and a t-shirt, convincing you that the two of you were going to go do yoga. She lied.

She turned her head back toward you as she swung the door open. “I’m doing this for your own good.”

The training area was large, much larger than you expected, and had high ceilings with large black tubes connecting to the air conditioning vents. The rest of the area was filled with a check-in desk, doors that connected to what you guessed were locker rooms, several red mats, a black boxing area with a ring that was colored in white and red, a running track, and a large number of weight lifting machines.

You could hear the clanking of weights and grunts from somewhere behind the boxing ring, but you didn’t focus on the people. Instead, you focused on the frustration in Natasha’s tone.

You rolled your eyes, wincing as she pulled your arm harder to get you to go toward the check-in area. It didn’t look as if anyone was around. “I’m fine- I will be fine.”

Natasha whipped around, finally dropping your arm as she gave you a sharp look. “You are being stalked, (Y/N). This isn’t up for debate. You’re getting self-defense lessons.”

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Black Honey: Pt. 6 [conclusion]

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Summary: Starfire and Robin are officially an item, but what does that mean when the resident empath is stuck living between their respective bedrooms? Finding a new bunk buddy in Beast Boy was certainly not her first choice, and when she engages in a strange, night time activity, how long before the changeling notices what she’s up to?

His first instinct was to stop her.

There were so many questions running through his hazy mind, it was staggering.

Nonetheless, it was pure impulse that he acted on, knowing that he had to get to her before she vanished. He needed answers, and they needed to work through this, neither of which would happen if Raven fled the scene, like he knew should would.

“Raven, wait-” His voice was choked up and distant, even as he tried to reach out to her.

The expression on her face betrayed the horror she was no doubt experiencing, the numbing fear. She’d been caught, and so had he.

Beast Boy was shaken, but no where near as jittery and paranoid as the cowering empath. The earth beneath them seemed to come to life, the objects in his room skittering across his floor. The frame of his bed moved, his oak dresser creaked against the tiles in response to an otherworldly force, his toys and figurines clattering to the floor. A few candle jars smashed to the ground in pieces, the glass shards splaying out like dangerous, glittering gems. The candle wax would no doubt stain the wooden panels.

None of it mattered.

He couldn’t bring himself to care, not when the girl responsible for so much chaos was so violently distraught. The blood seemed to have drained from Raven’s already pale face, all the while she clutched at the sides of her skull, her fingers digging into the roots of her violet hair.

Even now, he could hear the others rushing to his room, the heavy, echoing footfalls of both Cyborg and Robin as they raced down the hall.

The lights in his room flickered on and off, until she burnt them out entirely, the bulbs bursting into an ear-splitting smattering of glass.

He tried to get to her, but some invisible force was stopping him, pushing him back.

The Titans banged on his door, their voices muffled by the whirlwind of catastrophe now contained in his bedroom.

She was spinning out of control, and the more damage she did, the worse it became. Bit by bit, she was overwhelmed with a surge of emotion and, thus, her powers raged on in an endless storm of electricity and malevolence.


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That Was Incredible 

Request: can you pls do a bucky/reader smut where reader is patching up bucky in a safe house after a mission

Summary: You and Bucky barely escape a Hydra facility and have to stay in a nearby safe house.

Warnings: Smut

A/N: I may do a part two for this one, but if I do I’m going to do it after writing a part two for Undercover.

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Tin Man

Pairing: Bucky / Reader

Warning: Fight Scene… Nothing else I don’t think. 

Request:  Hi! I LOVE your writtings, they are amazing! Can you do a Bucky x Reader imagine where she, Steve’s friend, lives with Bucky hiding him from HYDRA? She is just a common girl who works at a bookstore, but one day while she is making dinner for both of them, HYDRA attacks. Bucky protects her and after that he conforts her because its the first time she witness a fight. Sorry for my grammar, and sorry if its too long. Love from Spain, Thank uu🐱🐱

AN: @lachicadelamanzana request all wrapped up sweetie! Hope you enjoy it. Also don’t apologise your request wasn’t to long and your grammar is perfectly fine! Love from UK xx

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The day Steve turned up on your door step with a nervous expression and another man hiding behind him sticking to the shadows was the day your life got weird very quickly. You’d stood there for a moment dumbly staring at him waiting for some sort of explanation as to why your friend was covered in cuts and bruises.

You had of course gotten an explanation, although it hadn’t exactly been an explanation that made you jump for joy, instead you’d listened quietly to him explain about Russian soldiers, mind control and a bunch of other things you didn’t really understand nor care to.

All it had resulted in was that you had somehow acquired a new house guest. A very quiet, sullen and some what dangerous looking one. James Barnes or Bucky as he insisted you call him kept mostly to himself, you could hear him sometimes at night moving around your living room and knew he didn’t sleep. He ate more than enough though and your grocery bill had tripled along with your water bill from the amount of time he spent stood in the shower.

It seemed your life now revolved around the trek from the little independent bookstore you worked at to the grocery store on the corner of your apartment building and then the struggle of carting the brown paper bags up the stairs to your 6th floor apartment. If it wasn’t for the fact that you owed so much to Steve Rogers than you’d have been kicking Bucky’s meat eating ass right out of the front door.

Gasping as you finally reached your floor you once again promised yourself that you’d go back to the gym starting tomorrow. Leaning against the wall you put the grocery bag on your hip as you scrabbled for keys in your seemingly bottomless purse.

“Bucky! I’m back” you shouted closing the door with your foot as you came into your kitchen dumping the grocery bag. “You want dinner?”

That brought him out of his room, the promise of food always would. He came and perched on one of the breakfast bar stools you’d gotten from a flea market down town. None of your furniture matched in the traditional sense but you kind of enjoyed the randomness of it.


He just grunted nodding his head at your question as you pulled ingredients out of the bag and gathered pots and pans from your cupboards. “Here” you gave him a chopping board and some tomatoes and basil. “Make yourself useful tin man, chop those up for me”

His lips quirked upwards slightly at your name for him but he still didn’t speak simply taking the knife you handed him and neatly beginning to slice up the herb.

“Do anything useful today?” you asked him filling a pan up with cold water ready for the spaghetti later, you set the flame to medium and left it to boil. “manage to come out of your room for a few hours or so?”

“Fire escape” he muttered knife still moving rhythmically over the herbs.

“Well fresh air at least” you agreed happily “or as fresh as the city ever gets”

“and you?”

“Same as usual” cheerfully moving around your small kitchen you were glorying in the normal and soothing tasks of cooking recipes your gran taught you. Blissfully unaware that your normal routine was about to be completely turned upside down.

Bucky must have heard something first because his whole posture changed, you’d thought he was tense in general but it was nothing like this. Every muscle in his body seemed to be poised ready to pounce into action. His eyes flicked to the window and he was halfway off his stool when your window smashed into hundreds of tiny slivers of glass.

You didn’t even have chance to scream in fear as three men jumped in through the now open pane, guns in hand aimed at you and Bucky.

Bucky jumped the breakfast bar he had his arm up, the metal one, and was using it to deflect bullets as he put his body in front of yours and pulled you down to the ground.

“Stay down doll” he warned you. “Y/N” he shook you gently when you didn’t answer. Your eyes met his and you managed to nod.

“Alright” crawling to the far corner of your kitchen you sat huddled as Bucky went to the other end suddenly jumping out.

All you could hear was crashing and what must be silenced gunfire. These men, they were here for Bucky. They were trying to kill him and you were sat here hiding.

Risking it you managed to peek over the top of the breakfast bar. One of the men was already down on the floor not moving, Bucky had engaged another and the final was coming towards you.

Oh god, crawling quickly back across the floor you back hit the cupboards just as the man came into view.

“Well look what we have here” he was smiling as he raised up the gun. He was going to shoot you. The though filtered through your head at just about the same time that the knowledge you were right next to the over did. The oven where you had a boiling pot of water.

Grabbing the handle of the pot you flung it at him, he screamed horribly clutching at his face and stumbling backwards as Bucky appeared once more grabbing him and quickly dispatching him as well. Then looking over at you.

“Y/N?” he came over to you, crouching down in front of you. “You alright?”

“I…” you looked at your hands, little drops of the water had fallen on you and parts of your skin had gone red and burnt. “I’ve never been in a fight before”

Bucky smiled sadly. “I’ve been in too many” he noticed your hands as well pulling you back to your feet he bundled you through the living room away from the bodies and into your bedroom firmly shutting the door behind him and sitting you down on your bed.

“What about… what about them?”

“I’ll sort it” he promised checking your bedroom window, he locked the shutter and drew the curtains grabbing his phone from his pocket and quickly sending a message. “Let me see your hands”

You held them out to him allowing Bucky to turn them over inspecting the burns there and on your wrists. You were aware that from the sudden shaking all over your body that it was likely you were going into some sort of shock.

“There’s nothing deep, it’s all surface burns” he crouched down in front of you once more.

“You’re speaking” you pointed out suddenly, not sure how that was relevant right now but just aware that you had to say something.

“Yes. I do know how”

“But you never do”

He shrugged, that half smile he’d perfected tugging at the corner of his mouth. “That’s because I like listening to you talk doll”

“Oh!” he’d gotten rid of your words again and you didn’t know what to say to that admission. “I didn’t know that” you paused again the shaking seemed to be subsiding, at least a fraction anyhow. “Did I… I mean did I kill that man?”

“No doll” he put his hand on your knee squeezing. “I killed him, that’s on me”

“I threw boiling water on him”

“Sweetheart you did what you had to” he comforted as you met his eyes.

Steve had warned you that people were looking for Bucky, that bad people were looking for him. That was why he was leaving him with you, no one would think to look for Bucky somewhere as normal as a woman who worked in a bookshops apartment. Now though, they knew where you lived, they had tried to kill you as well. You had three dead bodies in your apartment. What the hell were you meant to do next.

You realised you were having a panic attack about the same time that Bucky did because he gripped your shoulders as you desperately tried to get a lungful of oxygen past your closing up throat.

“Hey, hey Y/N look at me” Bucky’s raspy voice managed to get through the anxiety driven haze around your brain and you focused on his face. “Take a deep breath with me” he order breathing in through his mouth. You copied his movements managing to breath in and out then in and out. You breathing gradually stabilised and you broke eye contact with Bucky once again.

“Thank you”

“Can’t say I blame you” he got up off the floor to sit beside you one the bed. “Had a similar attack myself the first time I hurt someone”

“You did?”

You knew he was talking now just to keep you calm, he’d obviously messaged Steve earlier and now you were just waiting until he got here.

“Yeah, got dumped into France with the rest of my unit and straight into battle. First time I pulled the trigger, well afterwards I wasn’t much use to anyone”

“You’re just trying to make me feel better, aren’t you?”

“That depends” he took your hand with his flesh one holding it tightly. “Is it working?”

“A little” you admitted staring at his hand in your own. “What’s going to happen James? My job, my home can I stay here anymore? God my whole life…”

“Hey” he let go your hand to wrap his arm around your shoulders. “No one is getting to you Y/N, NO one. I won’t let anyone hurt you doll. I swear”

You sniffed, feeling tears build up in your eyes. You couldn’t help it anymore, you turned your face into Bucky’s chest and let his arms wrap fully around you. He lifted you up to sit on his knee and simply held you as you cried silent tears of grief for a life you somehow knew you’d already lost.

Elaborate and Sweet

Title: Elaborate and Sweet

 Summary: When Dwalin and you get in a huge fight, things are said, feelings are hurt, love is questioned…until he makes an elaborate and sweet apology that sets everything right.  

 Warnings: Mild Language. Angst. Fluff.  Arguments.  

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

Originally posted by ghisborne

You loved Dwalin, you really did, with all of your heart.  He was strong, courageous, and such a sweetie.  No one who didn’t know him personally wouldn’t have guessed that, but it was true.  When he had a moment alone with you he would just pull you into his arms and lavish you with kisses and praise.  You loved the little moments like that.


But Dwalin was also stubborn, pig-headed, prideful side, and also had a short fuse.  It was a very volatile combination.  You knew this, ever since you had met him on the journey.  You learned it first hand in fact as he was stubborn and pissy about you, a human girl, joining their company to reclaim Erebor.

But all that had worked out.  You were skilled in fighting and healing, was quick to prove your worth, and around the time you all got to Beorn’s, had won over Dwalin’s heart.  That was a night you liked to re-visit when you and Dwalin had your little spats or arguments, remembering how gentle he was, how all his walls came tumbling down as he bared his heart to you, how he kissed you when you both admitted your love for each other…

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I Go Where You Go

Just a fun little nothing of a Griff x Reader fic.  This is solely inspired by/based off of the ‘Baby Driver’ trailer. The reader is a female version of ‘Baby’.  Note: I know nothing about cars so just keep that in mind lol. 

The three of them pile back into the car, bags of money in hand, and you take off like a shot.

Police sirens are in the distance but getting closer. You weave in and out of traffic at the speed of a bullet. The two in the back slink down, glancing over their shoulders, out the rear windshield, every now and then. The man next to you grips the roof as he glances at you through his sunglasses.

“They’re fucking gaining on us!” Buddy shouts at the back of your head.

You calmly glance in the rear view and push the gas pedal harder, saving the full speed for when you needed it. The car accelerates and you make a sharp left turn down a side street. 

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gif drabble || peter parker

Character: peter parker/reader

Genre: fluff

Request: Can you right something (smutty or not doesn’t matter to me) for gif #4 of the Peter Parker prompt list please?? ❤️
 - @intergalacticaroline

Authors Note: Just to let everyone know, gif dribbles are shorter than imagines and headcanon’s. Sorry this one isn’t more smutty than it could’ve been. :(

“Hi Aunt May! How are you?” you said strolling through the front door. May looked up from the lettuce she was cutting, “Oh, (y/n)! I’m fantastic, how are you?” You made your way into the kitchen and gave her a peck on the cheek, saying “I’m good. Peter and I are lab partners again for chemistry. Is he in his room?”

“He should be, Ned’s in there too.”


You and May looked at each other confused before May called out, “Everything okay back there?” Which Peter quickly yelled back, “Yes, ye- everything’s fine. Don’t come back here.” May rolled your eyes and turned back to you, “Go check on him will you.” 

You quietly turned the doorknob to his bedroom and opened the door to find Peter standing there in his boxers his surprisingly muscular back faced to you. “What the hell Pete?” you said. Peter turned around, his faced filled with shock and he quickly you in the room, shutting the door behind you. As he pulled his grey sweater over his head you picked up a bright red suit laying in the floor.

You gasped realizing the suit you held in your hands belonged to spiderman. Looking up at Peter he was staring at you while you said, “peter why do you have this.” Peter pressed his index finger and thumb to the bridge of his nose and whispered, “Shhhit.”

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breeeliss  asked:

ninette + au where nino is the cute cashier at a music store and marinette is smitten

His day had been fairly routine so far. There was a little bit of a rush after Jagged Stone’s new album came out and promptly sold out everywhere, but for the most part, Nino spent his morning like every other one. Check on the stock, make notes about what he needed to order, call a few people whose orders had come in, help customers, and so on.

That was until a new face showed up on the other side of the glass door to the shop.

“I just want to check and see if it’s here,” the girl said to the other girl beside her. “It’ll only take a sec-” She cut herself off with a soft squeak and turned nearly four shades of red before she grabbed the other girl’s arm and dragged her down so they were crouched behind a display rack and just out of Nino’s line of sight.

He raised a brow and tried to ignore the hushed voices coming from the spot where they were hidden. After all, if this was the weirdest thing that happened to him today, he was in pretty decent shape.

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Miss You More - Alex Standall x Reader (Based on ‘Miss You More’ by Katy Perry)

Originally posted by strangerwwheeler


Pairing : Alex Standall x Reader

Fandom : 13 Reasons Why

Warnings : grammar mistakes etc etc

A/N: I honestly hate Jessica and Alex’s couple lmao sorry for writing this :’) Oh and also, here’s the link to the most beautiful song ever aka Miss You More by Katy Perry

Saw your picture on accident
Your face has changed
The lines are sinking in
I pressed play, I should haven’t
Congratulations, but do you ever wonder what we could have been?
But you mind plays tricks with distance
Always makes things feel unfinished

April 3rd 2023

You were bend over in front of one of the bathroom’s mirror, holding your ribs with one hand and sobbing silently.

Years. It had been years since you and Alex had broken up, and though you’d never admit it, you still loved him. You still loved him deeply, and that hurts, but now, you were invited to his wedding : he had found someone better than you. Someone who made him feel special and loved. You’ve told everyone that you were over him and they all trusted you, even him, but that was the biggest lie you’ve ever told. You cried from behind your hand and shut your eyes tightly as the tears spilled.

I miss you more than I loved you
I do
I miss you more than I loved you
I miss you more than I loved you
Oh, I do
I miss you more than I loved you

June 10th 2016

“I just think it’s better..”, Alex whispered.

“Why? Why is it better Alex?” you said, tears streaming down your cheeks.

“We’re constantly fighting and I think a break would be better for the both of us”

“Alex, every couple has their ups and downs ! You can’t….you can’t broke up with me because we fight !” you said, a tone of both sadness and anger in your voice.

“Please Y/N, don’t make this more difficult than it already is, I..I don’t want to be with you anymore. I’m sorry…I think it would be better if we stayed friends.”

For a moment you couldn’t speak  because you were trying so hard to fight back the tears. A friend. That’s all you were to him from now. You trusted him with everything that you had, and he crushed everything in less than a minute. Everything between the two of you was gone.

Saw a balloon floating away
I thought ‘did someone let go, or did they lose it?’
So strange you know all my secrets
Please keep them safe
And darling, you know I’ll do the same
The window no longer in existent
Baby, you’ll always be in my orbit

April 3rd 2023

You quickly wiped your eyes as you heard a knock on the door.

“Y/N, you coming? Alex and Jess are almost ready !” your friend Hannah happily said, as she popped her head out of the door to check on you. She frowned and her smile faded away as she saw your red cheeks and puffy eyes.

“Y/N, are you okay ?” she asked, as she stepped inside the room, carefully closing the door behind her. As soon as she finished her sentence, you broke into tears again.

Hannah approached you and engulfed you in a tight hug, stroking your hair gently. You wrapped your arms aroud her waist and buried your face in her neck

“I love him.” you managed to say between sobs.

“What? Who are you talk-”

“Alex. I’m in love with him. I’m still in love with him and I’ve always been.”

Hannah was speechless. She opened her mouth to speak but closed it almost immediatly as if she couldn’t find the right words to use. She gently traced circles on your back.

“Y/N… I-I don’t know what to say…”

“Don’t say anything. It’s okay. I’m not good enough for him, that’s all. Jessica is beautiful, I’m not. That’s simple.” you said between hiccups.

“Don’t you dare saying something like that ever again. Do you hear me Y/N ? Don’t you dare saying you’re not beautiful, because you are. Most importantly you are your own person. Oh my god Y/N, look at you. You’re beautiful.” she said.

You wanted to laugh at her words, but instead, more tears spilled from your eyes.

I miss you more than I loved you
I do
I miss you more than I loved you
I miss you more than I loved you
Oh, I do
I miss you more than I loved you

Jessica Davis, soon to be Jessica Standall. Alex was about to spend the rest of his life with her, he was propably going to get her pregnant, and the thought of that made you feel sick. You wish you could turn back time and convince him not to break up with you. You tried to forget about him everyday, but you couldn’t. Seeing him everyday, happily smiling at his future wife made your heart ache.

“Y/N…We have to go. Everyone’s waiting for us.” Hannah said as she pulled away and wiped your tears. “I’m so sorry about it. You’re going to be okay, sweetheart” You nodded and you both got out of the room.

We were a match but not a fake
We were a dream, unrealistic
We didn’t lose, we didn’t win
Sometimes I wonder what we could have been

Alex and Jessica were both standing across from each other, with a wide smile on their faces.

“You make me undeniably happy every second of everyday, and i’m so glad we’re finally going to be together for the rest of our lives. You’re always here to make my days better, always here to make me feel safe and loved. Thank you for being there, and I hope you’ll always be.” Jessica said, as she was asked to tell her vows, and Alex did the same a few seconds later which made your heart ache even more.

“Are there any objections to this marriage?” The priest asked.

Everyone stayed silent, as you held your breath and held Hannah’s hand tightly, trying not to say anything you would regret.

“Does he remember ? Does he remember every night we spent together ? When I was his crying shoulder? When he called me to tell me ‘I love you' ?” you thought.

Sheri, who was Jessica’s bridemaid noticed the sadness on your face. She looked at you then mouthed “Are you okay ?” you nodded and fake-smiled at her.

I miss you more than I loved you 

I do

I miss you more than I loved you
I miss you more than I loved you
Oh, I do
I miss you more than I loved you

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride” the priest said as Alex leaned in and kissed Jessica. You let a tear fall as Hannah kissed your temple and held your hand tighter. Your throat hurts so much from holding back tears, you couldn’t handle this anymore. You put your hand on your mouth, trying to cover your sob, but failed. Everyone turned to you, including Alex and Jessica. You wanted to scream and let everything out in one big shout, but you couldn’t. You glanced at Alex who seemed confused and shook your head. You mustered enough strength to got up and run past everyone, letting out more sobs as you ran out of the church. You wanted him to be happy, you truly did, but the fact that you weren’t the one who made him happy broke your heart more than anything else.

You’ll always be in my orbit
You’ll always be in my orbit

No Kissing - Peter Parker x Reader x Dad!Stark

Originally posted by prettystucky

Words: 1070
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader x Father!Stark
Featuring: Rhodey
Warnings: making out,,,,,, mentions of schoooooool
Requested by anon
Hiiii! I love your work its amazing. Can I request an imagine where the reader’s dad is Tony and the reader and peter are flirting and stuff. Then they start dating and Tpny finds out. Also can you add like one make out part! Thank you so much I hope I could explain it.
Authors Note: I start school tomorrow….oh no. Also, this is set before Civil War- So Tony has not met Peter :)

Masterlist. Request List.

You ran down the steps as you texted your friend back. “Dad?” You called out, running around the main floors of the tower. “Where are you?”

“Calm down, kid,” Your father walked out from the kitchen with a cup in his hands, “What’s up?”

“My science partner is coming over soon to work on our project.” You quickly explained, hoping he would easily let this one slide. But it’s Tony Stark- your father nonetheless.

“What project? Who? Gender? Sexuality? No kissing.” He started to shoot responses at you.

You rolled your eyes; a sigh heard before you began to speak, “Dad, it’s just this guy, Peter Parker, and he’s my lab partner. Chill, he’s just my friend.” You told him, and you looked back down at your phone.

Tony sighed, “What will you two be doing?”

You shrugged and looked up, “Our project.”

Tony nodded, “Where?”

You put your phone in your pocket, “I don’t know, either my room or down here. But if you piss me off, we’re working in your lab,” You smirked, “Now, calm down and stop being such a dad!” You patted his shoulder and went to sit on the couch as you waited for Peter to text you that he was almost to your place.

You weren’t sure if Peter knew that you were a Stark. Apparently, he’s awful with names. That and, you try to stay in the shadows when it comes to your fathers’ work. You stay out of his way- especially with the cameras and conferences, it’s easier than being famous.

You flipped through the TV channels before receiving a text fromPeter.

Am I at the right place?

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cafecrmllatte  asked:

I've never done this before. But for the prompt 41 Malec ? Please and thank you x

Thanks for the ask @cafecrmllatte x

41. “I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

Blood coated Magnus’s hands, it was staining his shirt and sinking under his fingernails. He frantically pressed his hand against Alec’s stomach trying to stop the stream of blood that was leaving the shadowhunter’s body. Alec’s head was swaying to the side and his eyes were starting to dim.

“Hey! Look at me my love!” Magnus yelled, giving Alec a little shake.

Alec moaned, blood was starting to stain his lips.

“Mag…” Alec whispered, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He said tears starting to run down his cheeks. He coughed blood dribbling from his mouth, his teeth becoming red.

“You have nothing to be sorry for my love.” Magnus said, leaning forward to place his head against Alec’s “I should have been here. I should have never left you”

“I…lov…” Alec coughed, the words becoming caught in his mouth has he choked on more blood. Magnus was now frantic, pushing his hands against Alec stomach with more force, his magic pushing back against the blood flow, but it was all for nothing as Alec’s head slipped to the side and his breathing stopped.

“Alec?” Magnus asked, again shaking his love a little more harshly, “No no no..wake up! Alexander!”

Magnus gasped awake, his hands reaching out in front of him, grasping at thin air, his heart was racing and he couldn’t catch his breath. Sweat was covering his brow and sobs were forming in his throat.

“Alexander” he mumbled as his jumped out of bed, threw on his blue silk robe and opened a portal to the institute.

Jace was leaning against the op’s centre desk, flicking though a file when a portal opened in the door way and out fell Magnus, his hair unmade and his face void of any makeup. His eyes filled with terror as he looked around the empty room searching, his eyes flicking from desk to desk. Shocked Shadowhunters looked at the warlock, some rising and pulling out their weapons.

“Magnus?” Jace asked walking around the table towards to the frantic warlock, his hand were raised in defence and as he got closer he could see that there were tears in his eyes and he wasn’t wear any shoes. But Magnus didn’t answer, he was muttering about blood and Alec and after taking one more look around the room he fled towards the housing wing.

“Shit.”Jace said, “Stand down and back to work!” he yelled at as he ran after the warlock.

Magnus was panting as he made to the housing wing, his chest rising and falling in an uneven pattern. He was bumping into random shadowhunters as he ran in search for Alec. One of those people had been Izzy, who was coming back from a hunt.

“Hey Magnus, what are…” But she didn’t get to finish before she was pushed aside. She stood in shock for a moment watching the warlock rush around the corner and out of sight.

“Magnus!” She heard Jace yells as he round the other corning. “Have you seen him?” He asked her as Izzy joined him in running after the crying warlock.

“Whats going on?” She asked, running to keep up with Jace.

“I don’t know! He burst into the op centre muttering about blood and Alec. I think he might be sleep walking” Jacesaid as they slid around the last corner before Alec’s room.

Alex was sitting in bed reading when his door flew open a mass of blue silk attacked him, the body falling into his lap, it’s arms wrapping around his neck what could almost be a choke hold.

“Magnus?” He asked, throwing away his book and wrapping his arms around the shaking warlock. He looked up to see Jace and Izzy standing by the door, and silently asked what the hell was happening. Jace just shrugged his shoulders.

“No idea, he just fell out of a portal in the middle of ops and ran to here” Jace explained.

“Is he hurt?” Izzy asked, concern filling her voice. Alec shook his head.

“No his just…he had a bad dream. You guys can go, I can handle him” Alec said, running a hand though Magnus’s hair.

‘You sure that is a good idea bro?” Jace asked, absently rubbing his parabatai rune, remembering the pain he had felt when the two had broken up. Alec nodded.

“Yeah he will snap out of it soon. He just needs a minute” Alec said, his hand still running though Magnus’s head. Jace and Izzy nodded, saying they they would check on them in the morning and left closing the door behind them.

Alec was confused, he hadn’t seen Magnus in weeks, ever since Magnus left Alec standing in the hallway of the hospital wing. Moving his hand up to grab Magnus’s arms he pushed him back to look at his face. The warlocks eyes were swollen and red, tears leaking down his face. A face that Alec noticed had no make up on and had a light stubble growing.

“Magnus, whats wrong?” Alec asked, reaching up to wipe the tears away from his face. Magnus was still crying, soft sobs filling the room and he was shaking.

“Blood, there was so much blood.” He said, fresh tears falling. Panic filled Alec and he moved Magnus back further to have a good look at his love. His hand moving over his body looking for blood and wounds.

“Are you hurt?” He asked, his hands reaching around and under the blue robe. Alec remembered what happen last time, Magnus had knocked over a vase in his panic and have end up with cuts on his feet and hands. Magnus didn’t answer, he just kept muttering about blood.

“Magnus!” Alec yelled, shaking Magnus. “Are you hurt?” He said loudly, cupping the warlock’s face in his hands, blue eyes searching tear filled cat eyes. Magnus shook his head, and reached out to touch Alec’s stomach, then as if remembering something starting ripping at the hoodie he was wearing.

“Blood, there was so much blood. Couldn’t stop it. Couldn’t save….” Magnus was now in a full panic, tearing at Alec’s clothes in desperation, trying to find the wounds that didn’t exist. Alec grabbed Magnus’s hands trapping them between his own.

“Magnus take a breath and talk to me babe.” He said, staring at the frantic warlock, his eyes searching.

“There was a battle and I want there and this demon attacked you and I wasn’t there and they was so much blood and you…and you…” Magnus broke down, falling forward into Alec’s lap and crying his heart out. Alec leaned back cradling his love and pulled the blanket over them. Settling in for what would be along night of Magnus waking up in a panic and tear filled conversations.

Sunlight was warming Alec’s back when he woke, slowly opening his eyes he was met with a slight that he didn’t think he would see again. Magnus was aching away from him, snuggled down into the sheets, soft snores filling the room. Reaching out he pulled the warlock towards him, Magnus’s bare back meeting his bare chest, sometime during the night Alec had lost his shirt and Magnus’s robe had join it on the floor. Lost in his thoughts he didn’t realise that Magnus had woken up.

“I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.” Magnus said softly. “There was so much blood and I couldn’t stop it and all I could think of was getting to you!” He said fresh tears filling his eyes. Alec sighed, and rolled Magnus over so he was facing him. In the fresh morning light Alec could finally take in Magnus. He had dark circles under his eyes, no make and the beginning of a beard was showing in his face.

“Im here and I’m safe.” Alec said cupping Magnus’s face in his hands. “I’m not going any where.”

With a small sigh, Magnus lent in pressing his lips against Alec’s, warmth filling both their bodies.

The Proposition

Prompt: If you do Rafael Casal imagines can you do one where daveed matchmakes you please?

Pairing: Rafael Casal x Reader

Summary: Daveed wants to set you up on a blind date.

Word count: 2092

Warnings: None, just fluffy cotton candy.

A/N: Oh god, I loved writing this!!! I wish I could find someone as sweet as the people I write… Writing this made me blush like really hard… I wish I could tag whoever requested this but it was Anon!!! Whoever you are I hope you liked it!

@serkewen12 reeeeead it!!

You flopped into your soft velvet couch. “Uhg I dunnooo.” you groaned hiding your face in the throw pillow, you felt a foot poke into your kidneys causing you to flinch and giggle simultaneously. “You haven’t even heard what I’m going to say, I literally walked in here and told you I had a proposition for you” You rolled over to face Daveed, your roommate sitting across from you, “Propositions are haaaaard.” you whined. Daveed glared at you.

“Are you serious, you won’t even hear what I have to say.” You snorted as you pulled out your phone. “Tell you what, you tell me what you got and I’ll check my schedule.” Daveed leaned his arms on his knees and stared at you. “I have this friend, Rafael, I think you two would be perfect together. I wanna set you up on a blind date.” You hissed in a sharp breath. “Oh, sorry can’t make it.” You lied staring at your blank phone calendar. “I haven’t even told you a date.” he said deadpanned.  You froze as he spoke. “Y/N, you can’t just freeze up.” you stayed still, your eyes unblinking, unwise choice as Daveed bent forward and swiped your phone from your hands. “Dude, what the fuck.” you said moving from your spot, Daveed’s fingers flipped through your phone. “There’s literally nothing on here.” You shrugged and leaned back onto the couch. “How are blind dates even still a thing?”

Daveed snorted still playing with your phone. “How would you know anything is still a thing, you don’t leave this apartment.” You opened your mouth in defense but ended up scoffing. “I-… I  do things. Just yesterday I got a bagel.” Daveed threw your phone back at you almost smacking you right in the face. “You get a bagel everyday.” You unlocked your phone to see what he messed with. “Yeah, but I went to a different shop!” Just as you finished your sentence you opened up your contacts. “Who is Rafa?” You questioned raising an eyebrow, Daveed broke out into a huge grin. “Oh no, no no no.” You moved to delete the mystery mans number, Daveed suddenly hopped to his feet. “So help you god Y/N, you delete that number I’m moving out! Then how will you afford your precious bagels.” You glared at him clenching your jaw. “Fine.” you muttered Daveed smiled as he began backing away.

“I already texted him anyway.” Just then your phone buzzed in your hand. Daveed quickly bolted from the living room and into his bedroom. “Daveed Diggs! I swear to Christ I will murder you!”  


You looked back at your phone and got into your messages. You read the message Daveed so expertly sent.

Y/N: Hey bro, its Daveed.

Rafa: Hey Diggs, you get a new number?

You sighed at the frustrating situation, you had to let him know it wasn’t Daveed, you didn’t want him texting you some random shit meant for Daveed.

Y/N: Hey, this is actually Y/N, Daveeds roommate, hes just being an ass  

Your leg automatically began to bounce out of nervous habit waiting for his reply, your phone buzzed on your lap.

Rafa: Haha, classic. Well Hi, I’m Rafael.

Um, he wanted to actually have a conversation with you?

Y/N: Yeah, I know… you actually wanna keep talking to a stranger?

You glared back at Daveeds door, hoping he could feel your wrath.

Rafa: If you’re a friend of Daveed you’re cool in my book.

You bit at the inside of your cheek, debating on just ignoring him and risk Daveeds threat, or making a new friend. You groaned once more.

Y/N: Where’d you get that line, Cheesy Things to Say: Vol. 1?

Rafa: No.

You sighed at his lack of humor, how was he supposed to be ‘perfect’ for you exactly? Your phone buzzed once more

Rafa: It was Vol. 2

You giggled lightly as you continued to texting the evening away.

Around 6pm Daveed peaked out from his door, you were still sat on the couch bent over your phone.

He strutted out from his room. “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” You jumped at the sound of his loud voice. “Jesus, warn a person.” You  placed your hand on your heart. “Getting along with Rafa are we?” You shrugged unwilling to give him any satisfaction. “He’s nice.” Daveed chuckled. “Just nice, sure. Hey, check your calendar for me?” You squinted your eyes and tilted your head confused.

As you opened the calender you saw an event placed in your weekend., scrolling down to around 7pm in bright blue border it read. ‘Date Night With Rafael’ Your shoulders dropped as you tossed your phone on the coffee table. “Daveed, you cannot just control my love life!” You shouted standing from the couch. “I can when its a blind date.” He taunted dashing into the kitchen.

The rest of the week blew by, Saturday was there and the time ticked by quickly, soon you were finishing your makeup in your floor length mirror and zipping up your dress, struggling as your short arms couldn’t reach. “Daveed!” you called out, almost immediately he was at your door. “What, what is it!?” you pouted and pointed to your back. “You gave me heart attack.” He mumbled as he pulled at the zipper, once done up you smoothed down any wrinkles and checked yourself out in the mirror. Your dress was tight and a deep red color with lace over top, with black heels. Daveed wolf whistled from behind you. “Damn girl.” You blushed and pushed him out of your room.

You heart was banging in your chest like a drum.

You pulled up to the restaurant, as you removed the keys from the ignition you sat silently, praying that you wouldn’t make fool of yourself. You heels clicked as you entered, the interior was dim with only candle lighting the atmosphere. You gave your name to the host and he began to lead you to the two person table.

You had arrived first. Or just got stood up.

You ordered a glass of wine as you sat.

A few minutes passed, your wine arrived and as you took your first sip, in he walked. He talked to the host briefly before his eyes found your, he smiled and your heart skipped a beat.

His blond hair was slicked back, his stubble was visible even in the dim light, his crisp white dress shirt with the sleeve rolled up halfway was tucked neatly into his dark jeans. Your breath caught in your throat unfortunately causing you to choke on the sip of wine. You attempted to clear your throat and calm down before he came any closer to you. He licked at his lips as he neared you. “Y/N?” You bit your lip lightly and nodded. “Yes, yes. Hi” you laughed lightly getting up to shake his hand, but he went to hug you, the awkward moment finished when he wrapped his arms around you, his cologne was light and musky. You would’ve melted right then and there if you weren’t in public.

He released you and you both took your seats, the candle light glimmered over his face, as he smiled at you. “Its so great to finally meet you.” you giggled feeling your cheeks heat up. “Yeah, this is great.”

He ordered a bottle of wine, the same as the glass you already had, and you both ordered your food.

The two of you were in your own world as you talked about each other, although you knew some bits about him already you both agreed to save some things for the big night.

His voice was deep and low and you were so entranced by it, you could have listened to it all night.

You fingers brushed one another as you fell further into your deep conversations.

After dinner was over, you were dreading the goodbye about to come but instead he took hold of your hand. “Want to go dancing?” he asked leading you outside. “I’d love to.” you admitted as you blushed deeply. “What about my car?” You asked suddenly remembering your drove separately. “I promise I’ll bring you back.” he said unlocking his car and opening the door for you, you slid in and attempted to calm your heart.

You drove in relative silence, it was comfortable though, you felt like you could relax. His car soon came to a stop as you had arrived at the jazz club.

After opening your door once more and linking arms with you ushering you inside, his hand was almost immediately out for you to take hold of.

A few fast swing dances played,  Rafa spun you around and taught you to do the octopus, you laughed as he spun you outwards and back into his chest and lowering you backwards to the floor, your eyes glued to his. The song then merged into a slow song. He slowly pulled you up and took hold of one hand and rested the other on your waist.

You felt your heart leap into your throat as ‘You Don’t Know Me’ began to play.

He held you close to his chest, you leaned on it as the both of you swayed back and forth slowly, you could hear his heart beating in his chest, it was low pounds and almost hypnotizing. Soon you could hear Rafael humming along to the song, then singing quietly, like it was only for you. You closed your eyes and listened to his voice, it was deep and soothing.

Ooo, you’ll never know, the one who loved you so, oh you don’t know me.’ the song turned from lyrics to a soft jazz guitar riff. “This is kinda a horrible song to be slow dancing to.” you joke your eyes still closed and your head still resting on his chest. He chuckled shaking his chest. “You’re right, but then again it is perfect to dance too, its slow, and low, and got you this close to me.” You felt your face burn up as you hid it away in his chest. “Ah, don’t hide, you’ve got too beautiful of eyes to do that to me.” You bit your lip and smiled up at him.

After that slow dance you both began to leave without a word to each other, but you both knew that it would be the perfect song to end the night with.

The drive back to your car was silent once more, but his hand slid over yours and took hold of it this time, you smiled and watched him drive through the quiet night.

The night was coming to an end as he pulled up next to your lonely car in the now closed restaurants parking lot. You turned to Rafael, your eyes almost sad as you looked at him. “I guess this is goodnight.” You mumbled, Rafa tilted his head to the side. “What? I need to walk to you to your door.” he said winking at you. You laughed lightly as he exited the car and rushed to your side and once again held the door open for you.

His hand intertwined with yours as you took the two steps to your car. “Well, I guess this is goodnight.” he said mimicking your words, you laughed and pushed at his chest lightly. “I’d love to see you again Y/N” he said seriously his eyes unable to look away from your lips, you nodded, a loss for words as he moved closer to you. Your back leaned against your car as he leaned into you, his lips grazing yours for a brief second before they pressed against yours, it was tender and sweet, the scent of him fill your head as his hand rested on your cheek. He unwillingly pulled himself back form the kiss, he smiled gently, giving you goosebumps. “Goodnight Rafael” you whispered out. “Goodnight Y/N” he said pushing your hair from your face and kissing you softly once more.

As you drove home you wished you could turn back and kiss him again, or call him just to hear his voice, or even text him.

As you entered you apartment you fell against the door and sighed like a love sick puppy.

You didn’t notice Daveed in the kitchen eating Chinese food. “That good of night, eh?” He asked causing you to jump, you flipped him off. “You’re lucky you’re a good matchmaker Daveed Diggs.”

Everything Will Be Alright

Originally posted by effindivergenteric

Requested by @not2nightsatan

Request: Hey:D First of all I wanted to say that your blog is awesome and you’ve got amazing writing skills^^ If requests are still open, I’d like to ask if you could write about Eric being in a relationship with the reader who was his initiate and who barely made it through initiation & is also like really self conscious, anxious and sensitive but she hides it so Eric doesn’t know though he suspects something like that, &someday she’s just having a really bad day and kinda breaks down in front of Eric… 

A/N: Thank you so much!!!!!

Making my way down the halls of the Dauntless Compound, I thought about many things. I had so much on my mind that it was driving me insane. Ever since I had started dating Eric, I had been having doubts about myself, and after today, I was seriously a lot more was on my mind. I was having a horrible day today. 

First, I was working at one of the cafe’s and I spilled the customer’s drink all over me and himself. Even though he brushed it off as no big deal, it was still a big deal to me. Then, I remember that I have a date with Eric tonight, and I don’t get out of work until our date is supposed to start. Plus, I look horrible! Finally, as I was making my way out of the café to head home, I tripped and twisted my ankle.

Now, I was limping back to my apartment, hoping that Eric had forgotten about our date. As soon as I was inside, I hurried and locked the door. I made my way to the bathroom, and took a hot, steaming shower, and cried. All I wanted to do was sleep. When I was asleep, it was the only time that my mind wasn’t running. 

I got out of the shower, and put on my pajamas. I jumped onto my comfortable bed and snuggled into the pillows. Then, there was a knock at my door. Groaning, I got up and made my way to the door. When I opened it, I was face to face with my boyfriend, Eric.

“Hey, I just wanted to come and check on you, since you didn’t show up.” He says.

“Oh, I’m fine. You?” 

“I’m great. What’s wrong?” He asks.

“Nothing’s wrong. Why would you ask?”

“You’re eyes are red. You’ve been crying.” He stated. Without being invited in, he pushes his way through the door.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me what is wrong.” He puts his hands behind his back. 

“Eric. There’s nothing wrong. I just forgot about tonight.” I lied. 

“Okay.” Then he makes his way over to my couch and sits down. 

“What are you doing?”

“Not leaving.” 

I roll my eyes and sit down next to him. “Y/N. Tell me what’s wrong.” 

I look over at him and he cups my face in his hands. “Please.” He whispers. 

I try to hold in my tears, but I can’t. All of my emotions come out for the second time today. Eric looked horrified and pulled me into his chest. “Everything will be alright. What’s the matter.” 

I tell him everything. Tell him what happed today, tell him how I don’t know why he’s dating me since I almost failed initiation. I tell him about all of my doubts about myself. I tell him everything.

When I was finished, Eric stayed quiet for a moment, then he broke the silence. “Y/N, I love you. You are gorgeous and smart and funny and kind and amazing. That’s why I’m dating you. I love you so much. And I’m sorry that you had a bad day at work. But I’ll make it better. We can stay here and watch movies for the rest of the night. How does that sound?” 

“I love you Eric.”

“I love you too.” 

Bound By Chains - Chapter 21

Pairing: Eric/OC
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

She’s bound to a monster. And he has personality issues.

A/N: Thanks to everyone still following the story. There’s only 1 more chapter left! Can’t believe we have come so far already! Grab yourself a cuppa and get comfy for this emotional ride!

I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has helped and listened to me ramble on! You’re all stars!

Tags: @dauntlessmetalmom @equalstrashflavoredtrash @badassbaker @red-diary @pathybo @murmelinchen @insertamazingwords  @feminamortem @halefiresurvivor @suchlonelymuchsoul @elaacreditava @lauraaan182 @synnocence @jcause @glittergiirlgg @platitudinise @frecklefaceb @mimigemrose @sparklemichele @beltz2016 @ariwolff14 @queensoybean @impalalala6799 

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Pocket Mirror Walkthrough

The main Pocket Mirror Team Has already released a PM Guide, but they were cool with me releasing one too.  Mine is more detailed, and gives you some guidance on where to go (and has a few secrets you can find in the 3rd area).  I also have a post where I point out where some Pumpkin Charms are, which aren’t necessary, but give you access to extra content later in the game.

  The real credit goes to the rest of the PM team as well as the PM beta testing team for helping me through the game.  I’m not the best puzzle solver, so I want to thank them for all their help making this :)

General Tips:

  • “Keep your memories close to your heart” is code for save as often as possible.  You can go 5-7 rooms without seeing a savebox, so save as much as you can.
  • If you’re getting a “Failed to create Bitmap” Error - it means the game didn’t load the area fast enough before you got there.  The best way I found to avoid this is by walking into new maps, not running (don’t do this at a chase scene tho).  Feel free to report these errors to the PM Team @pocketmirror-ask.

Table of contents

  • Start  (Note: This is the area you played through if you played the demo)
  • Area 1 - Egliette
  • Area 2 - Fleta
  • Area 3 - Harpae
  • Area 4 - Lisette
  • Area 5 - Final

If you just want to know how to get each ending, look up “ MAIN ENDING DIVERGENCE ” with ctrl+F.

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anonymous asked:

Was thief king Bakura cat owner die in a house fire and couldn't say his owner and watched it burn down as he meowed then ran away deverstated!? I'm sorry this even was a thought ;,; or a cat family !?!

No! :D

[ ahem, I do warn those that are uncomfortable with animal death and fire to skip past this or tread with caution ]

Picture a kennel of kittens. Don’t worry, it’s a nice kennel. A bit outdated, but nice. Soft bedding, clean food and water dishes, you know, the works. Now picture that kennel has a questionable amount of kittens. Like, a lot of kittens. How do so many fit in there? We don’t know, but they’re managing. Imagine quite a few of these jam-packed kennels lining the walls of a shelter.

There’s a small cat. He’s brown, a Somali breed. Not very big at all. He could be considered rather small for his breed, but he’s still young so it’s hard to tell.

There are people milling around, checking clipboards posted on the doors of each kennel full of cats. There sure are a lot of cats. A few are yowling, obviously uncomfortable in the cramped quarters. The people continue to wander about. This small cat can see the words written on the clipboards. He can’t read them, but he can see them. The letters TBD are posted in red on each sheet - the only colour on the black and white pages. What does that mean? He doesn’t know. He’s a cat.

The people exit the room through a stiff swinging door, tugging it fully closed behind them. The lights flick out. They’re gone. The cats slowly quiet down as they realize that the people probably aren’t coming back until morning, as per the norm. 

Night drags on and many cats have tucked in, but this kitten stays awake watching the door. There’s the sound of a cat yowling and hissing on the other side of it. It’s loud, an older cat. Most cats don’t even feign a reaction, until this cat shoves through the door forcefully. It’s a larger Somali. The kitten sees the other cat has grey around his face and a red collar. A sheet of purple fabric with gold trim is attached to the collar, flailing behind the older cat as he bolts through the hall of the kennel with his tail high. How did that cat get out…?

There’s a smell now. The kitten doesn’t recognize it, but it’s the scent of heat and the tangy sting of smoke. From where the door was left open the kitten can see the smoke crawling into the room along the ceiling until it reaches a white circle with a blinking red dot.

Suddenly a shrill squeal sets all the cats on edge. The smoke detector was tripped by the smoke. What’s unfortunate about this outdated facility is that the doors that keep the cats in, are now holding them prisoner. No automatic emergency release here. Each cat is howling in distress at the noise and the encroaching smoke. In the frenzy the kitten is shoved against the bars of the cage. He feels the foot of a cat claw against his cheek. The kitten panics, and in his fright he pushes his head through the steel bars. 

The smoke is thicker now, making it hard to see the second-level kennels from the ground. The kitten can feel the heat of fire radiating from the open door and continues to wiggle his way through the bars. His head clear on the other side, he mewls in pain as his body on the other side is roughly shoved around by other cats. He shimmies forward and tucks in his arms. Finally, he pulls them through. He reaches out to claw the floor below him, but it’s slippery and he can’t grab hold of anything. The wailing alarm is deafening to his sensitive ears. This only encourages him to pull the rest of himself through - and fast. After more squirming he finally manages to break out of the cage and flees down the hall where the other cat had ran.

At the very end of the hall there’s an open window above the counter. Next to the counter, a human’s white coat hangs on a hook. There really isn’t much time to think. He leaps up and sinks his claws into the coat. Far behind him down the hall he can now see the flicker of flames through the crack of the door and the smoke is now causing him to choke and wheeze. He grips the coat like the lifeline, and climbs it. He can hear the wails of the cats left behind but knows he can do nothing. Without so much as a last glance back, he scrambles up onto the window sill and jumps.

Having fled the building, he can now see half of the facility ablaze in a tower of fire. A person wearing thick, beige and highlighter yellow clothing approaches him, but he doesn’t give the human a chance. 

He runs.