check this shit out

tbh i always feel like when i draw a bad picture, that suddenly negates every decent picture i ever drew. like it’s just


all the halfway decent pictures have been erased from existence.

everyone’s scoffing at me.
‘i have no idea why i ever checked out your art, it evidently all looks like shit’

their voices echo in my head

pls stop!!

im a good noodle!!



April 13th falls on a Saturday this year, and that means there’s no school day for Orange Ribbon Day. I think we should make one! School Homestucks, wear your orange ribbons to school on April 12th! That way, you can still find other Homestucks in your school but still celebrate with your own thing on the 13th.

Please spread the word!

hey guys look what i discovered today: very awesome resource for anyone learning french and writing anything: BONPATRON

you enter in your text and then check it and it tells you any grammar or spelling mistakes you have!!

and even better: it tells you whats wrong and how to fix it if you hover over the text:

theres all kinds of cool features and even tho theres a 250 word limit (unless u buy the software) its still super helpful for making sure your essays, projects, or even just emails make sense!!!! thank u for listening!


Women in comic book adaptations

I was like hey, you know what we need? A chronological visual representation of female characters in (most of) the live-action productions based on DC and Marvel comics. 

(I’ll try to get a key up soon of who all these ladies are and what they’re from, but I’ve spent the last 28 hours working on this and I need a break)


Kira'a tummy had the rumblies, that only hands could satisfy

A network for Bucky Barnes’s personal defense squad

+ applying:

  • Must be following the admin (that’s me); optionally, also check out Ross (shoutout to that meme for finding me a nice font)
  • Be Bucky Barnes af
  • Fill out this form
  • Reblog this post (likes to bookmark are ok but won’t count for entry)
  • Track the tag #buckybarnesdefensenet and follow buckybarnesdefensenet
  • This needs to reach 25+ notes or we pretend it never happened

+ looking for:

  • Pretty, clean blogs that post lots of Marvel content (heavy bias towards MCU)
  • Friendly bloggers respectful of the identities and general existences of others
  • Blogs with good tag systems
  • Willingness to follow all the other members of the network (if this is a problem contact me)
  • Bucky Barnes trash

+ benefits:

  • New friends + followers
  • Cool (optional) Skype group with equally cool people
  • People to reblog your edits, fic, etc.
  • More Marvel on your dash

I’ll be closing applications June 29th, and picking about 15 members between now and then; if enough people want in I’ll reopen the network at a later date!

Feel free to reblog this even if you aren’t entering, the signal boost will be greatly appreciated!

Reading of my High Fanfic
  • Reading of my High Fanfic


*somewhere else*

Erwen sprallled acruss the horse like a freshly backed pie

“off me” demoned the hors

“u can talk?” erwen wisperd in aw “a magic hors for a mangic man. i’ll cal u butterbowl the tiny horse”
“inot a horse” scremed jan , pussing the sex man off of him “fic u commador”
“be free butter bowl” erwhen let a simgle tier rokk down ihs chek “Be free”
He laid there 5 a minute allowing his fellins to sunk in
he relized he was hugry feelin… also… numbm

im eat my frrlings” erwin declased, rising up. he felt kike an erloswer tho

his girl friend left

and his boyfiend

and now his hose

“I’m not a horse and stop naratim uour sef commadorn” buter bowl screamed from a distance “How nuch do ya way u obese hot man” jan the hirse rubbed his butt in pan “dont sut on me”

“I can almost hr thet mafic herse now….” time for food

he heded tords the messhall, and levo hated that name cus mess is like missy and levo was OCF and a netfrak…then erwin set his i’s upon… HER

she was 10 feet of long luciruous leg, her hir mad hrr lik liike a lesbin, and she ptibly liked woman but erwon did mot gare. she was the 2.