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I just got a cold snap reverse adoption, and am anxious that I won't know how the entity will manifest or be able to be communicated with... do the vessels come with information, and is there any advice you can give someone who has never done anything like this before?

They sure do come with information!!! 

As far as manifestation that is individual to the guide, but the tier tells you what level of manifestation to expect from them so that will help you a great deal to know what degree you should be looking for within different types of manifestation. Of course, you can always ask us or order a ‘Fantasy Makers - Fountain Pen’ for more information about them specifically. 

As a new keeper, we would encourage you to check out our master post and blog and other spirit keeping forums. You should work on your psychic hygeine, mediumship skills, and always have an intention to communication with your guide. You will find you get more communication when you are actively working on your practice and life to begin with!!! Also, be prepared for some big life changes!!! Spirit companionship is amazing!!! So, if you need help or advice we will be here to help make suggestions along the way!!! 

If you would like, let us know when you receive your guide, and we will see if we can’t answer some of your questions more specifically then :) 

Love and Light - Curtis

updated list of War Boy slang. These are my favorites so far. Also check out the comments of the old post, so many of you added great ideas!

@kamicrazywarboys suggested Skid Mark
Spent Shell is something I saw written on a fanart I think, can’t remember where and what. Please tell me if this was your idea
@flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy came up with Cargo and Pedestrian :D

Gimme more insuuuuults

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