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New track: “Winds of Winter.” 


For those of you who don’t know my passion is to become a musician. lately i’ve been actually recording little things that i write down and little ideas that sort of form relaxing, ambient songs. Most of what i’m uploading lately is inspired by post-rock and film scores, but soon i hope to put up some demos of more mainstream songs i’m working on as well. Would mean a lot if you guys checked out the two pieces i’ve uploaded so far. I’m hoping to try and upload one every 2 weeks or so, so if you follow me you’ll be the first to know when a new song drops - If you follow me and have projects of your own, message me and let me know! I’d love to be able to hear them, i’m always looking for new music! Feedback is also always welcome. 

The only person who loves Kanye more than Kanye is me. Thanks to shelfies for being totally rad and sending me this amazing shirt. I was worried that because its printed all over it would be stiff and itchy, but it’s actually the nicest cotton tshirt I own. Being 5′1″, most tshirts just look like boxes on me and are super unflattering and make me look like i have no figure. However, this one falls so nicely, and is totally flattering without being a fitted babydoll shirt! You guys should all go check out the amazing prints shelfies has to offer, and its also amazing because it’s so inexpensive!! I can’t wait to add more to my collection :)

SORRY! the other one got messed up so i redid it. ^^’

So i just reached my goal of 200 followers, which is kinda cool tbh. Who would of thought 200 lovely people would like my blog. 

But honestly, thank you guys so much. I’ve met so many amazing people through this blog, and I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks for sticking up with my multifandom blog/feels and keeping my dash alive. (✿◠‿◠)  (you guys should check out everyone listed below, bc they’re gods.)

Bold = Mutuals/Friends



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leader-jbletmeseeyourseoul lovesick lue-hanluhwn luhann jackiewookjacksons-thighs jaenlyjiminparksjimins-armsjinipsjinkooksjinyoungs-panties jongdanal jongdang jongdaerivativejongdxejonginsj-u-ng-kookjwxngsjxnginkaibilitykaisuhokimjonginnskim-pabokrislaykookie-timekyunqseu kyungsooteaser lipsticksonyeondan


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vhopevmiinvroticwangjcksonwintershowerwithseokjinwonhieutwuyifanxingxiuchens xiusenpai yixingofficial y-oonqi

I was honestly going to bold or * my favourites but when i finished this, I realized that i’m in love with everyone’s blog…


(irrelevant to the post, but I love all of you at Tumblr!! Thank you so much for everything - I seriously don’t know what I’d do without you Tumblr <3 <3) :) :)

Ok, here’s the actual part to the above gif: my animation (Sequence 12, Float) is currently being projected onto the outside of Sydney Opera House.  

Above is a snippet, but you guys should totally check out the whole video on vimeo which has all kinds of cool + awesome cell animation by animators from around the world! My contribution is at 5:13-5:43. But better yet, you should go to Sydney and check it out! It plays every night 6pm to midnight from now till June 8th.

A big big bigggg thank you to the amazing Universal Everything for inviting me to be a part of this project.  <3

Follower URL gifs!

so i’ve seen kaeveeoh do this and thought it would be an interesting way to practice motion design + a nice way to thank my followers! so from today i’ll be doing url animations like this:

to request a gif :

- send me a message of the URL you want me to animate (either yours or a friends, thats fine) 

- list a few colors or an object (say egg, ice cream, circles, triangles or anything you like really) and i’ll try to make the animation revolve around that (you don’t have to do this but i’d appreciate it as im trying to push myself out of the comfort zone)

- i’d appreciate if you’d tell me the meaning of your url or if there are any misspellings in it (the example gif i attached here has an extra i at the end of shimizu for example)

- you have to be following me as this is a thank you to my followers

please keep in mind i might not do all the requests i get and it will probably take me a long time to finish each as i’m still trying to get comfortable with the program so please bear with me! 

All URL gifs will be tagged as urlgif when posted

(also the gif above is for shimizui ‘s url obviously because we’re friends or sth idk . . )


hi guys!!! i’m charlotte and i’m 16!! i live in beijing and i like music, art and writing! i’m a huge ass beatnik literature fan so hmu if u wanna talk about it!!! i wasn’t apart of this network last year so i’m so happy to be apart of it this year !! i’m a pansexual princess and i can’t wait to get to know all of u <3 <3

hmu if u wanna talk i love u all !! 

Team RWBY on Social Media

Ruby - Resident Twitter user because nothing can hold her attention for very long. Mainly ramblings about cookies and THAT AWESOME NEW RECOIL DAMPENER CHECK IT OUT GUYS. She uses at least 3 emojis in every tweet.

Weiss - Facebook all the way. She keeps up with some of her classmates, but she mainly posts SDC advertisements and thoughts on different operas. She has 10000 friend requests pending.

Blake - Tumblr blogger, no doubt. Runs a social justice blog with a side focus on book reviews. She hasn’t told her friends, but she has a second blog that is solely devoted to publishing Ninjas of Love fanfiction (her username is too lewd for Ruby’s young eyes).

Yang - Queen of Instagram, for obvious reasons. Most of her pictures are taken at the gym. Her most popular photo is her bench pressing Ruby and Weiss simultaneously, despite their protests. Blake can be seen in the background, trying to convince onlookers that she has NO idea who these people are.