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Fic: Than A Man Swear He Loves Me (6/?, Nick/Louis)

Fic: Than A Man Swear He Loves Me (6/?, Nick/Louis) by sunsetmog

Sequel to I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow

The first time Louis had kissed Nick Grimshaw, Louis had been dressed as God, he’d never wanted anything so much in his life, and he’d never hated himself more for giving into it.

That part at least hadn’t changed.

Or: Nick and Louis like each other, but sometimes that’s not enough.

Thanks for bearing with me, guys. <3

Than A Man Swear He Loves Me

A light elf’s face is pretty hard to reach considering how tall they are, but with determination (and shapeshifting) anything is possible!

Every time I optimistically scroll down to the YouTube comments on a Critical Role video, I regret it. Wow. Just a sea of “[change in the set this week] is the worst” or “every player is awful, except for the part where [invariably a male player] can do no wrong” or “they’re planning too much/too little/just the right amount but also somehow wrong”. Yikes. This is also a lot of why I stopped checking the tag here or going on the subreddit, man.

I guess it makes sense that the format of the show lends itself to backseat-drivers, especially given the cast’s accessibility via social media, but dang, dude. It’s gotta be like playing a game of Mass Effect or something and having someone sensuously whispering in your ear the whole time, “you know, that dialogue was sort of hackneyed” or “are you sure you should be shooting right now? did you try talking first?” or “look, I know you’re going paragon, but the renegade interrupts are so much better” or “hey, why did you take that renegade interrupt? don’t you feel like a horrible person?”

I know there’s a weird line between game and show here, and I know the term “responsibility to the audience” gets bandied around a bunch, but I figure if an entertainer fails to entertain you, you move on. I figure the only real, incredibly important responsibility any entertainer has to the audience is not to hurt them

If creators fall down on that front (and of course hurt is not diminished by an absence of intention), by all means, that’s an important topic for discussion. But if the argument is that they have a responsibility to be playing Optimum D&D or to be creating the Most Streamlined TV Drama when any two audience members’ expectations are so wildly disparate, and when it is an improvised internet livestream that is not the cast’s day-job, and when it is a game where a major draw for the players is the ability to make mistakes without major real-life consequences, there’s no way you’re gonna get either perfect gameplay or perfect storytelling. But you can come pretty damn close, which I guess is why everyone’s so invested that they freak out when it teeters too far in one direction or the other, hey?

Anyway. Bottom line is that I probably worry too much about how much fun other people aren’t having with their hobbies. And hey, it is totally okay to get burned out on a show you love. But, you know, maybe less okay to do the equivalent of hanging around outside a movie theater, grabbing people by the lapels, and yelling, “Am I the only one who didn’t enjoy the movie that much?”

I really don’t understand the logic behind saying Tony’s the one who ~saw Steve’s dark side~, as though that final brutal beat-down by Steve wasn’t in fact him taking advantage of that last opening Bucky gave him in a completely desperate attempt to disable the Iron Man suit before Tony killed them all.

I’m not saying Tony would have killed Steve and Bucky, my point is: Steve thought Tony was going to kill them. And justifiably so.  

Tony’s the one who flew into a murderous rage out of love for his mother. We saw him go off the deep end to avenge what’s his. Between Steve and Tony, one of them did see the other’s dark side, but it sure as hell wasn’t Tony seeing Steve’s. Tony wasn’t ~terrified~ of Steve, no more than he justifiably could be while bracing himself for an incoming attack at his face. He wasn’t overwhelmed by Steve and Bucky’s love. At the end of the day, the movie explicitly established that Tony is the one who’s most likely to literally kill a man for someone he loves.

Tony fought because he was enraged, while Steve and Bucky fought to stay alive.

it s 3 am don t judge me this was supposed to be different ok it was supposed to have lights and shit please end me now like jack was supposed to be behing but I went full meh mode and gave up wops :3cccc

First Meetings - derek morgan x reader

@milkandcookies528 requested: Could you do one where morgan is jogging with clooney and he sees the reader and wants to talk to the reader but doesn’t know what to say the reader so clooney purposely bumps into derek so that he has a excuse to talk to her. Thanks.

I hope you like it!! sorry it’s short ):

(not my gif)

It was no secret that Derek Morgan was fit. He worked out all the time to stay in shape. One of the ways that he did so, was jogging in the park in the mornings some days with his dog, Clooney.

As he was jogging, you caught his eye. You were wearing a tank top, workout leggings, and sneakers, and your hair was in a ponytail. He stopped jogging and pretended to be catching his breath and taking a sip of water to get a better look at you as you stretched your legs, as you always did before a run.

Clooney was not happy to be stopped, once that dog was running he didn’t ever want to stop. The dog tugged on the leash, Derek tugging back to get him to stop. Clooney disobeyed, the leash slipped, the dog ran over to you and jumped up to try to say hi. You smiled, petting the dog’s head, “Hi, buddy. What are you doing? Where’s your owner?” you always loved dogs, so this was a blessing. He was a sweetheart.

As you were about to check his tag to get a name, a man rushed over, grabbing a hold of Clooney’s leash and sighing heavily. “I’m sorry, he tugged too hard on his leash and ran.” he explained briefly. You did a double take when you looked up at him. He was hot.

He held his arm out for a handshake, and you shook his hand. “I’m Derek Morgan, and you are?”

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

And that was the beginning of someone new. After this first meeting, you and Derek jogged together multiple times a week, which blossomed into more than a friendship. A few years later, you bought (another) dog together. If it weren’t for Clooney, you’d have never met the love of your life.


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#dgm hallow countdown - One day to ep 1!!

Day 06Tribulation / Sad Moments / Emotions

guess who i haven’t draw in almost a year!! aquamarine!! guest staring her SUPER gay pearl! 

also. this is a jpg. a fucking jpg. because tumblr wouldn’t let me upload the png version. i HATE this blue hell site!!!