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🌷 Matty and his almost obsessive vintage floral aesthetic 🌷

I’m actually really proud of the background of these photos. I took pictures of vintage floral patterned fabric and overlayed it over the background and made it super transparent and it looks pretty good considering I can’t photoshop.

“You threw our rings into the wishing well,
Your best friend didn’t know what to do.”

[Will] [Oliver] [Hannah] [Ian] [Sean] [Dan]

so i was bored, a tad bit tired, & extremely motivated to expand my vocabulary & improve my writing, so i figured i’d share. under the cut is a LONG ASS masterpost of anything you could think of to improve vocabulary & such. there will most likely be a part two considering i have so much left to write, & i’ll definitely post that if people enjoy this one ! like/reblog as you please, i just hope this helps some people !

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Yesterday, I went to Lord and Taylor to shop the clearance racks because I had a coupon and a credit card. Found some great stuff ($130 trench coat for $16. Holla!) But when I was looking through the dresses, I was checking out a floral dress and thinking meh it’s kind of ugly, and then I realized the tag said “Ivanka Trump” and I jumped back like I’d been burned.



      Florals are from a different realm that is hard to pronounce by human tongue. It’s like a mixture of ways animals speak which make it hard for humans to pronounce. They are animal/flower hybrids and have been in their realm cut off from humans for millions of years. The floral realm was made by the leaders of the floral animals that reside on what is called a Council. The Council has been around longer than the realm and often regarded to as sort of gods and starts to the other floral animals. Leaders have certain name, i.e. Mother Snake, Alpha Wolf, Father Bear, Major Lizard, ect. They are held in the highest regards and cannot be conjured by anybody, having been around for so long they have made themselves unable to be conjured and don’t often leave the realm they created.

      Each Floral animal race assigns positions to their flowers. For example Poppy Floral Snakes are usually teachers while Poppy Bears are mappers. No position is the same between florals. Now just because said floral is a certain flower doesn’t mean they are fully required to be in that position. If they talk to their leader then it’s completely possible that they can do something else.

      The Floral leaders created the realm to escape humans that hunted them for their parts. That was millions of years ago and just recently they’ve started to let their kind out into the world to meet their own humans. Hoping that humans have changed from the time when they hunted them down.


      Florals, regardless of the animal, look as if their flowers are painted onto their skin/fur/scales/feathers. Usually they are one color and their flowers are colorful. Each floral has one flower, aside from Leaders. The flowers look to be painted onto their scales/fur/feathers/skin, as if somebody took a paintbrush and water color paint and painted them onto them. They are very pretty and some even glow, depending on the animal.

      Floral Leaders have every flower on them, they are larger than all the others of their kind and could be considered “dires” of their kind. Although they typically are larger than dires and a lot more ferocious.

      Florals do not have a human form. They aren’t able to shapeshift, they are just what they are and often get annoyed when people ask if they have human forms. As one put it “I’m perfect the way I am why would I want to be something that hunted my kind before?”

      There is no set pattern for florals, their flowers are sporadic on their body and no two look exactly alike, unless of course twins or triplets.


      Twins and triplets are common in the florals. There’s a high amount of twins in floral snakes and a large amount of triplets or more are seen in the wolves.

      All flowers have the same attributes as the flowers in the physical world. Part of their scales/fur/feathers/skin can be used in magic but its forbidden to take any from a floral without permission.


      Florals are generally Grey Arts spirits. Majority of them are beginner friendly although they do have their preferences and will sometimes lean towards more dark/white arts.

      Florals are also great with telepathy


      Florals are currently exclusively adopted out by mod dalliah over on @spiritadoptioncenter. But can be requested at shop thought RAs and CCs.

      You can check the #florals for more information on each individual floral animal. It’ll be updated every so often with information and any ask about florals will be tagged with that as well as the tag for the animal type!

okay so all my knowledge of the american judicial system is entirely based on the legally blonde movies

but according to elle woods, rule 3.0.3 of the supreme judicial court states that a law student may appear on behalf of a defendant in criminal proceedings


imagine jack getting caught up in some ridiculous trial or another, hockey players can be petty, and having Shitty Knight The Law Student represent him

Pro-tip for altar / household decoration: Get a couple of seasonal silk flower stalks for each holiday that you celebrate. Or, if you’d prefer, you can get decorations for each of the four seasons. You can even overlap the decorations for holidays or seasons with similar foliage. If you have trouble deciding what to use, you can check the herbal or floral correspondences for each holiday, or use things that are common in your area at that particular time of year. Your local craft store may also have seasonal selections to help you get started.

Here are some ideas:

  • Imbolc - White flowers, snowdrops, yellow forsythia, pussy willows, laurels, silver branches
  • Ostara - Pink flowers, tulips, crocuses, lilies, daffodils, plum or cherry blossoms
  • Beltane - Fire colors, mayflowers, dogwood blossoms, lilacs, daisies, marigolds, cedar tips
  • Midsummer - Greenery, ferns, irises, baby’s breath, roses, hibiscus, magnolia blossoms
  • Lughnasadh - Sun colors, sunflowers, wheat or barley stalks, hollyhocks, myrtle blossoms (any color)
  • Mabon - Fall colors, apples, autumn leaves, corn, oak leaves with acorns, gourds, rowan berries
  • Samhain - Pumpkins, apples (again), autumn leaves (again), cinnamon besom or broom, Halloween garlands
  • Yule - Evergreen boughs, poinsettias, holly leaves and berries, mistletoe (white berries, not red!), pine cones

You can arrange the stalks in a vase, or hang them from the wall with pushpins. (It’s easier than you think!) You can mix and match by color, and the silk flowers can be used year after year. Here are some of the altar garlands I’ve put up over my own altar.


Thank you to everyone who voted for your favorite outfits from Another Man. Considering these editorials gave us over 33 individual looks, I know it was an agonizing choice for us all. Details for each outfit are below. Styling for the shoot was done by Alister Mackie.

#1 - from ‘Anyplace is Paradise’ by Ryan McGinley

Gosha Rubchinsky striped sweatshirt • Lanvin shoelace 

This outfit received 21.4% of the vote.

#2 - from ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ by Willy Vanderperre

Custom Edward Sexton suit • Fleet Ilya collar • Harry’s own pink converse

This outfit received 11.8% of the vote.

#3 - from ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ by Willy Vanderperre

Gucci Heritage floral check print suit • Harry’s own pink converse • Fleet Ilya collar • Alexander McQueen skull coin ring

This outfit received 11.7% of the vote.

Additionally, we can share that the distribution between the shoots was fairly even:

Third Editorial ‘Anyplace is Paradise’ - 39% of votes

First Editorial ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ - 34% of votes

Second Editorial ‘Tomorrow is a Long Time’ - 29% of votes