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France has suffered the minor misfortune of being a central focus of not one but two world wars. As you might have guessed, this has had a few long-term consequences. World War I in particular, what with its titanic battles confined in narrow corridors, destroyed some regions so badly that they’re still more or less uninhabitable to this day. 

 "Zone Rouge" is the name given to a chain of areas throughout Northeastern France where people are strictly forbidden from entering unless they’re on official business or are looking to check “get obliterated by ancient ordinance” off of their bucket list. The environment within these areas is completely inhospitable to human life. The soil is contaminated with arsenic and chemical weapon residue. The ground is still littered with human and animal remains. And most worryingly, only a few inches into the soil, you can find unspent ammunition and grenades and unexploded artillery shells.

However, it’s not exactly safe to go digging in the ground even outside of the red zone. Agriculture is a major industry in this area of France, and farmers have no choice but to regularly Hurt Locker their way through potentially explosive fields with their tractors to earn a living. This is known locally as the “Iron Harvest,” because you’ve got to have a sense of humor about these things. When a farmer finds a shell, they can take it to a special dumping ground, where a team from the government’s munitions disposal team will pick it up. It’s estimated that 900 tons of munitions are disposed of in this way every year. And yes, people do die while doing it.

6 Disturbing Abandoned Places (Hiding Right In Plain Sight)

It’s always sad to hear from other mothers about how they wish to experience pregnancy/birth again, or wonder if they should have another child, but they feel they should be “done” because they already have 2/3 kids and/or their husbands refuse to add on anymore. On top of that, their families and friends call them selfish or idiotic for even thinking about growing their families.

I am not shaming small families, it’s just that it’s foreign to me to know that other people out there see this desire for children as selfish, or even gross. Childrearing to me is as natural as breathing, it’s just in our biology. Sure we may find that we do not get the magic number we want: after all, we are not ones to use children as check off on our bucket list.

But this urge, this desire, is not selfish. It is normal, and holy. Procreating involves raising the next generation and literally influencing the future. Whole societies are turned upside down when we have adults born into broken families!

Idk it’s just that I live in a small Catholic bubble in a way, and it gets burst a lot in these situations.

I’m almost completely positive that frank is the one who dies now
• this entire season they’ve been setting him up to kinda be “checking off his bucket list” like clearing suspicion of Wes, killing Bonnie’s rapist etc
• they seem to be tying up his character arc, filling in the holes in his past story and relationship with Sam, and having him *finally* sleep with Bonnie after knowing her for so long
• there is no way for him to come back as a character and continue on. Even if Annalise does forgive him for her baby dying, things just wouldn’t be the same and she’ll very likely bring it up again in the next conflict. Not to mention Laurel and Bonnie both got tooted and booted by him.
• Laurel is definitely pregnant with Wes’s child unless Frank returns within the next week and sleeps with her, or she’s been pregnant for months and just not showing.
• with what they’ve been doing with wes this entire series, I can’t imagine them killing him off without any sort of resolution. His life is in shambles right now and he’s starting to blame himself, his entire character would be a waste if he just died. Not to mention Annalise is closest with him, there’d almost be no coming back for her after all she’s been through and then adding Wes’s death on top of that
• they’ve purposely been making Annalise weary about actually killing frank. Getting close, or threatening it, but not actually doing it bc she clearly still cares for him
• there’s no defense for it not being Connor except that it would be similar to wes where they completely ruined him just to kill him? Plus I can’t imagine them leaving coliver like that. They clearly broke them up to bring them back together later.
• & Nate would be dumb


“Run away.”

Carl Grimes Fanfiction Series Part 6 

Pt. 6

Carl’s POV
Wait is that really what she just said. I couldn’t process thought by what’s so ever. She just said … It. The three words I have been wanting to hear since well day one.

My hands were clammy and sweating,

“I … I love you too.” I was able to finally push out of my lips. She just smiled at me, now what? Everything on my bucket list was practically checked off in the past two days. I felt like someone was watching us always though.

“What’s wrong?” She asked but I ignored her seeing a bus being pulled up. I grabbed her hand pulling her downstairs.


All these people poured out of the bus, different shapes and sizes, ethnicities, and age. They all looked shocked, and terrified. (Y/n) hand soon left mine, I asked her what was wrong.

“Well they aren’t shooting, why not help, and be a good person?” She asked running up next to the kids. A little girl already walked up to her, and held her hand. I ran up seeing the little girl starting to cry.

“It’s okay sweetie, I’ll protect you.” She said wrapping the little girl in her arms. This little girl kept asking for her mom and dad, who never got off the bus. They were most likely dead.

“Common sweetie why don’t we get you something to eat?” She asked lifting her up and putting her on her hip. I have to say, my girlfriend looked beautiful while handing kids.

She smiled at me then walked with the rest of the people. I sighed and almost got ran into by a boy my age.

“Woah sorry dude, just looking at that girl.” He said pressing his glasses back up. He was talking about (y/n), I growled.

“What about her?” I asked through my teeth.

“Well dude just look at her, brains and looks. Just the ultimate woman package.”  He laughed with a snort.

“That is my girlfriend, and if you dont want to be a snack for the walkers, you better stay away from her.” I growled holding my fist up. The boy put his hands up and continued to walk forward. I watched him with a sneer scowl on my face.

“Carl.” I heard Michonne say.

“Whats going on with you and Patrick?” She asked helping walk in.

“Nothing he just said about (y/n) looks.”  I said through my teeth seeing him in the corner of my eye.

“Oh don’t get so jealous, she likes you.” She said wrapping her arm around my shoulder while we walked to our cell block. (Y/n) was with the little girl and braiding her hair. The little girl looked less scared while my gorgeous girlfriend played with her hair. Her eyes met mine and I waved. The little girl looked at my (y/n) and pointed out my wave.

She waved and as soon as the girl wasn’t looking she mouthed,

“I love you.”

I replied, “I love you too.” I kept walking until I reached my cell lying with a happy sigh.


The little blonde girl told me her name was Emily and her stuffed teddy was named Blueberry. She showed me her small teddy bear with a big smile on her face. She was only six years old, what a shame she had to grow up in such a harsh world.

“(Y/n)?” She asked while I walked her around the gates.


“Can you teach me how to fight as good as you?” She asked with a squeeze of my hand.

“Maybe one day okay.” I said with a small smile. She shouldn’t have to learn to defend herself at this age, especially shoot a weapon.

“Dinner!” We heard a voice yell. I picked up Emily in a piggyback position. She laughed and held on tight.

We sat next to each other at the table and then Carl sat in front of me. I smiled at him.

“Who’s that (y/n)?” Emily asked me.

“My boyfriend.” I say confidentially and hold his hand under the table. He smiled and waved at her with his free hand.

We ate then decided to turn in early, tomorrow we begin to farm and plant. Emily followed me into my cell.

“Are you sleepy?” I ask lifting her up to the top bunk. She yawned and curled up with her teddy bear.

“Yes.” She said very softly. Soon after she was sound asleep.

“Hey.” I heard a whisper, it was Carl. He leaned against the cell’s door frame and smirked at me.

“Hey.” I replied with a smile. We hugged each other tightly.

“Are you sleeping in my cell?” He said shifting his hand to my lower back. I sighed in sexual frustration.

“I think I should stay with Emily. Wanna come in and cuddle?” I asked feeling bad that I couldn’t satisfy our urges. He nodded and laid on my bed.

We spooned for some time, I honestly could not fall asleep. I sighed and rolled towards him to see was wide awake too.

“Sorry I can’t sleep.” I whisper looking into his eyes.


“No, simply not tired.” I reply in a whisper. He nodded and kissed my forehead. All I wanted was him, and I do mean all of him. He made me want a lot of things I never wanted before.

“Kiss me..” I whisper with a smile. He nodded and pulled my face into a passionate kiss. Letting access into my mouth, he flicked his tongue on mine.

“Carl.” I heard outside my cell causing me to stop our kiss. He groaned softly and lifted his head to see Rick there. I felt his whole body tense and his fist tighten.

“Go ahead, I ain’t going anywhere.” I whisper getting up. He nodded getting up and walking toward the cell door. I had no real understanding why Rick was so upset with Carl’s and I relationship.

Carl’s POV

“Why are you butting in!” I whispered harshly at him. His blue eyes glaring down at me.

“Because you are both too young and we need you to take of Judith and not worry about your stupid girlfriend.” He growled.  I was shocked he would call (y/n) stupid, he was stupid for calling her that word. I slammed my fist against the wall,

“Hey shitface, you realize that I love her!”

Readers POV

I had to leave, even though it hurt, I had to stop the fighting between the two of them. I left emily a note saying how sorry I was. I wrote Carl one too saying one of my favorite quotes “ holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” then on the back I signed my name  and wrote “Forever yours.”

I walked through the catacombs and out the back way where the building was destroyed.  I borrowed a pistol and some bullets. I still had my knife in my back pocket and a frown on my face. If my happiness means that they quit fighting and learn to survive through each other, then I leave with my head held high.


I slept up in a tree last night, above ground, no walkers below me.  I jumped down and began my journey on. I forced Carl or anyone at the prison out of my mind.

I turned hearing a car then noticed it was not one of our own. I hid.

“Do you see her?” A man’s voice sounded , I clenched my fist and my jaw trying to slow my heart beat.

“Naw she must have scurried off.” He was southern, definitely a redneck, but not Daryl.


As soon as they left I continued walking again until I heard the same car, this time I was in the middle of no where, no trees or anything.

“Shit.” I mumbled turning around as the car came to a halt.

Then came out a man with one hand of skin and the other of weaponry.

“Why hello there little lady, may I ask what your doing out here?” His southern accent spoke as he spat onto the ground.

“Walking.” I said bluntly.

“All alone?”

I looked around for a couple seconds, “Seems like.”

“Well you can come with us if you like?” He asked giving me a evil smile.

“Whatever.” I said with a shrug. I walked with him and got into the large car. It wasnt with Carl, but i know I can barely survive on my own, this was my best bet. I watched out the window as we drove back, waiting to see where we were going.

“Where are we going?” I asked, the man looked at me,

“A little town called Woodbury.” He chuckled. I just nodded.

“Names Meryl.” He said looking up and down my exposed leg.

“(y/n).” I miss Carl.

Panel Shenannigans

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9, 12 and 14 with Jensen please :) and 9, 20, 23 with Jensen please?!!!

9. “You have no idea what you do to me.”

12. “Come over here and make me.”

14. “Truth or dare?”

20. He/she/they knew right then that you were the one he/she they were going to marry.

23. Oh shit, he’s really hot.

“You have no idea what you do to me.”

“Oh? I think I have a pretty good idea.”

Jensen leans his face towards yours, you returning the movement. Right before your lips touch, he moves his head over, licking your cheek.

“Dammit Jensen!”

The crowd is filled with a mix of disappointed exclamations and laughter.

“Well I’d consider that a completed dare.”

“And something I can check off my bucket list! Perform a live-action Dean x Y/C/N fanfiction. Check!”

He laughs in that adorable way where you can see it in his whole body. You wipe your cheek, squinting slightly in the bright stage lights. The audience is completely full, and you can see phones in hands about every other person. The footage will soon be up on YouTube and Tumblr, you’re sure.

“Well, I do believe it is your turn now Y/N. Truth or dare?”

“Truth. That last dare has me scared now.”

Jensen laughs again. God, how you love to make him laugh. He puts his hand into the box labeled ‘TRUTH’ and pulls out a slip of paper.

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Imagine taking a bus all the way to California to check it off your bucket list, and on one of the buses you meet a man named Castiel, who you find out has never played ‘Cats In the Cradle’, so you teach him, and you play together in calm silence for the rest of the ride.

// Anyway. Anyone want a short starter? If you’ve liked the previous starter call, which I probably posted last month lmao, I’ll still get around to those. Maybe. Like if you liked the previous and this one you’ll get at least one, promise.

What are we going to do with this girl?
She won’t get up but she can’t go down
without swinging fists and a snarl of
teeth, she’s too volatile to keep,
too sour to eat, spends all her free time
stacking stones and sharpening knives,
picking at everything from threads to
scabs, it doesn’t matters to her who
started it, only that she’ll finish it
even if she’s got to get down in the dirt.

Mother says, a lady should never–
but she runs it down like a bucket list
where she’s determined to check off
every Never Have I Ever until
her skin is stretched so thin no one
would ever consider her soft enough
to fuck with.

And what are we going to do with this girl?
Pushed her too tight to a corner and
watched her grow too big, too beastly,
too hungry to fit back inside any of the
boxes, and oh! how foolish was it to
believe she would fold like a red cloak,
instead of unfurl like a wolf with a
vengeful, growling throat.

—  am kennedy, “ClatterTrap”


Meesha Rikk (Lead Character)
Māori / New Zealander

Meesha is a fan of literary web series and by getting to act in one? We can check this one off the bucket list. From a young age Meesha has loved acting, from short theater pieces to three hour long productions of Shakespeare’s All’s Well that Ends Well and Twelfth Night from high school productions to Larping. They are very excited and scared to be a part of Bright Summer Night. You can find them on tumblr @lie-to-make-others-happy !

Since the wonderful @hypable article Meesha has had a further realisation about their gender. They are bigender: non-binary and demi-boy. 

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matte: if you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living?

i would shave my head, donate all of my unnecessary shit, tell my crush i like them and then just spend the year visiting old friends and checking stuff off my bucket list with them!

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🤘 & 👑 & ❄️ & 🎧 & 🎭 & ✅ ? :)

🤘 first concert you went to

I saw Kina Grannis, that was really cool!

👑 favorite Disney princess


❄️ favorite winter sport

Ice skating? I don’t know I don’t really have one XD

🎧 favorite band

hhhmmm this is hard…  I kind of like Hey Violet at the moment :D

🎭 favorite play

…I’m just going to cheat and say les Mis even though that’s a musical but oh well XD

✅ something you’ve checked off your bucket list

I don’t really have a bucket list.

Thank you! <3

Lexie here *waves*

Okay, if Enzo’s gonna die, then fine.


think of the bucket list.. last ever vamp sex.  

I mean if random coat check witch woman gets this kinda action imagine what Bonnie ‘to me, the whole damn world’ Bennett is getting…

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Yeeeessssss!!!!!!!!!!! This is only fair, right? And honestly as Bonnie, I’d insist on making the most of that particular set of skills before it was off the table. 

Do you know what my first ever gif was? When I started this blog around 7x07ish, it was this one

Looking back on it it was terrible but the point is, it has been over a season and we still don’t have our own version of this terribly manip’d gif. It’s actually a crime, Lexie. 

I’m vacationing in Japan and got to visit Artnia! Aerith being my most favorite character, I ordered her parfait, and then afterwards, my parents ordered Cloud’s. (I scribbled out my mom’s face in the top right corner there, and that’s my dad’s shirt on the left).

They were both delicious and just, so beautiful to see in person! As a proud and loving Clerith, this is another one of my bucket list goals checked off! :’D

               their walking with little space between their current location and andros’s place. she’s got her back against him, half leaning on him because she’s sick of walking. she hugs onto his arm, the one looped around her waist. she looks over to the stranger with an excited grin plastered over his face. she can’t believe she convinced him to do this with them. she’s never had a threesome but she always wanted one ( guess she can check this one off the sexual bucket list? ) “so which one of you is going to fuck me first?” she’s not one to admit lack of experience. she’d like to think she’s some mythological sex goddess. so she’s subtle in asking how this works; though, she suspects there’s probably several ways to go at this. 

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Recently arrived back home from a trip to Europe that I had been planning for a year… One of the highlights was this visit to the top of Notre Dame (climbing nearly 400 stairs, a narrow old stone spiral worn by so many people passing thru)

For the longest time I have wanted to see these gargoyles in person…I’ve been enthralled by them since my first exposure as a young girl and now I’ve finally made their acquaintance. 

Everything was very  much caged in and netted to keep people from damaging the statues or themselves…  which if you’re afraid of heights is a nice comfort but the netting everywhere did make photos a challenge.  Still I managed to get a few shots to memorialize the day. Check one thing off of my bucket list.