check out those wings

I am stormpilot trash.  And Poe’s flightsuit as little strappy bits.

Bit of an experiment here.  Prisma markers and some pencil on toned paper.

Hey, good news!  I got myself a StorEnvy.  It’s not live just yet, but hopefully there will be prints of this in the near future.  Stay tuned!


Cover image I did in honor of my friend and colleague Nnedi Okorafor. Check out the pic of her by Doug Levere! Those wings are real btw!!

Name: Neon

Codename: Nevermore


  • Born to an ancient race of people known only as “The Tieramasu” (and, yes it’s pronounced the same as the dessert but NO IT IS NOT THE SAME THING) who have harnessed the ancient power of the Raven. Or in laymen’s terms, all members of this group have BADASS wings that can fold neatly against their back when not needed but also give them the power of FUCKING FLIGHT. They are also freakishly good with languages. Most Tieramasu speak at least ten to fifteen. Those that apply themselves can learn even more. Neon is said to know about 50 at the moment.

Current Motivations:

  • Neon began working for SASO after spending a brief stint as a vigilante. Unfortunately, she didn’t appreciate the research that went into to being a solo superhero and now is quite happy to let pesky little interns do most of the grunt work, which leaves her free to fly to new places around the world (so far, Portugal is her favorite) and kick ass.

Assorted Facts:

  • Can’t dance. Does often. The videos always go viral even though there are hundreds of them now.
  • Gets a new tattoo in every country she visits. Wouldn’t be a problem except she stops for weeks at a time to research the perfect tattoo and so she can take a great deal of vacation time after missions. Really, is on vacation more often than not at this point. SASO needs to stop sending her on international trips.
  • Notorious for making veggie burgers and trying to pass them off as real burgers to other SASO staff. NO ONE IS FOOLED, NEON, AND WE’D LIKE YOU TO STOP TRYING!!!!!