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1D Hiatus: Day 553

* Harry meets fans in Mallorca

* More pictures of Harry yesterday come out

* Cheryl posts a picture of Liam on Instagram

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram from his performance at the Kiss 108 Kiss Concert in Boston last night

* Niall posts a video on his Instagram story

* Niall meets fans in Toronto

* A picture of Louis at his aunt’s wedding yesterday comes out

* Liam is active on his Instagram story

It’s Jun 18th, 2017.

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Tied with a Bow - Chapter 1 - seasonofthegeek - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]
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Started a new story because I have no self control. Check it out, yo! 

Summary: I hate writing summaries because they always sound stupid. Nino and Marinette are dating as well as the superhero partner team of Ladybug and Jade Turtle. After finding their Miraculous in a pawn shop two years before, the couple has been searching to bring the rest of the Miraculous set together. When Marinette gets a new roommate in Alya and a new tutor in Adrien, things begin to get a little more complicated. To make matters worse, a new dark power is rising in Paris that will test the heroes’ ability to trust each other and themselves.

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birdsknight  asked:

Just out of curiosity, does your drug/alcohol use ever affect your synesthesia in any interesting ways?

Alcohol, pot and MDMA basically do nothing for it, but holy hell on a hockey stick do mushrooms make it go wild. I can’t even describe the colour/sensory things that were going on when I was on them, but it gave my synesthesia an entirely new dimension. A word that would normally just be purple was an infinite red-purple swirling nebula full of shimmering and swirling stars. It was so, so neat to just think of words and then realize how much deeper the colour associations went once I was high. Honestly it was really really wild. I loved it.

anonymous asked:

I don't know how bad the spill is, so I apologize if this advice is too little too late, but when I spilled a full cup of tea on my PC I managed to save it by turning it off, removing the back plate, and literally letting it air dry. (I left it tented with the back facing out.) I am really really sorry about what happened, and I hope something works out

thank u we’re gonna do that but also put it in a huge bag with rice so that it can be… near rice… idk my partner’s friend is being v unclear rn and i’m really freaked out so idk what he’s saying right now. but ty for ur knowledge