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In other news, I’m still Ryan Ross trash and intend to stay that way for the time being. 

Oh my god imagine the team touching down on a planet because they picked up a distress beacon from someone who crashed and they get there and find a room with a bunch of eggs and theyre all like “what the fuck is this??” and one of them is checking out an egg, and Lance has a really bad feeling because this feels so familiar???? aND THEN THE EGG OPENS UP AND IT HITS HIM AND HE’S “OH FUCK” AND SHOVES HIS TEAMMATE OUT OF THE WAY LIKE “LOOK OUT” AND THE FACE HUGGER JUMPS OUT AND MISSES THEM AND PULLS HIS BAYARD OUT SO FAST AND SHOOTS THE DAMN THING LIKE “FUCK THIS SHIT”


the only important gf headcanon

mabel always complains abt how her shit computer never works so one night dipper decides to try and fix it for her except he has no idea how computers work either but mabel thinks hes like an Official Hacker and dipper has a reputation to keep so. after hacking into the start button he comes across like 16 gb of naruto amvs mabel has saved but theyre all named as really bad memes like “NYOOM” or random keysmashes so dipper clicks on them to see what they are. he ends up getting really invested in them and stan wakes up at like 3 in the morning bc theres some racket coming from the kids room and he opens the door and sees dipper crying and cascada’s everytime we touch blasting at full volume

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hey i've been going thru ur bookmarks on ao3 nd was just wondering if u had some more saigenos recs? or ones tht r especially Good. thx!

oh yeah i made a big rec post a long while ago! you can check that out here. most if not all of these should also be in my bookmarks, though.

there have, of course, been new fics that have come out since then - especially bc the fandom just did saigenos week a little bit ago! So here, let me find a few new recommendations:

Four-Month by TwinPliers

Short and sweet, it’s a cute anniversary fic. I actually just read it this morning, it has a lovely atmosphere and I like how they wrote the boys uvu

Boom Town / Irreplaceable / Veins of Gold by batneko 

These are just a few suggestions of bat’s recent work. Batneko has TONS of fics and they’re all pretty fuckin rad, their work is consistently solid and they do a lot of fun AU’s! If you haven’t gone through their work, I highly recommend them. 

Tulips in the Spring by @nyam

This one’s a really cute/slightly bittersweet AU where Genos is a ghost, and he and Saitama meet and become friends and work together to refine the old mansion Genos used to live in. 

Pinocchio by @criscura

It’s Cris back at it again with that Good Shit. This one’s a really interesting, creative look at Genos.

Let Him Be Soft and We’ll be Home Again by 8ball

It takes a lot to make me read most angsty fic but 8ball just… always, just, does it so well, and it’s never really angst, it’s just like… Thoughtful? and Meaningful? it’s the shit that gets me tho haha. Anyway their shit is good, def check these two out if you haven’t already.

[NSFW] Cyborgs Don’t Lay Eggs by @toastycyborg

hey hey hey I didn’t put this one on the last list bc it’s like Very NSFW but also I’ve already read this fic like 3 times and it’s too good not to rec this time tbh. even if you like… aren’t into the kink, it’s super well written and just Really Fucking Good and tbh it’ll probably get you into the kink so MAYBE TRY IT… S’REALLY GOOD///

Salvaged by Guardian 

This one wasn’t on my previous list which is like? Weird? Because it’s really good, and the most recent update was ESPECIALLY nice. It’s slow to update but every new chap is worth the wait~

Catharsis by Vinci

I’m really surprised this one wasn’t already in my bookmarks? Anyway, this is a really interesting fic; Genos turns human due to some kind of magic and the fic is about him dealing with the dysphoria of it - whether he likes it or not, whether he likes if Saitama likes it or not, his feelings about it possibly going away, etc. 

That’s enough for now…! Hopefully some of these are new to you, dear anon~ These are just a few of the slightly more recent/overlooked ones that I really like that didn’t make it onto my last list. 

Day Seventy-Three

-The holidays have ended. The store is silent, empty to an extent I had forgotten was possible. I feel a deep sense of tranquility at the presence of short lines and easy shifts.

-My ability to wear jeans to work for the holidays is gone, and with it, my zest for life.

-Today we are on the lookout due to a potential possible stalker-ish type situation. Years of hyper-attentiveness due to extreme anxiety have prepared me for this exact situation. I am ready.

-I find myself covered in an endless coat of glitter from all of the discounted Christmas decorations. I believe I have found the definition of “zen”.

-A woman became angry after having her check denied. She was certain that the stamp on her check had caused it. The stamp was, though, our system denying the check. The jury is still out on this case of Chicken v. Egg, but I hope she will find the truth soon.

-I passed a woman wearing a shirt that read, “Love Is L'Amour.” I am appreciative of such a helpful Rosetta Stone of a shirt.

-I am endlessly baffled by diapers being so expensive when they are little more than disposable poop bags. Some have Disney characters on them. These are the only ones I would be willing to pay full price for. All other lines of diapers have a great deal of explaining to do.

-A woman in her late fifties or early sixties purchased a large bottle of lube and a larger box of condoms. I respect her safety and am proud of her lifestyle.

-I handed a screaming girl a strip of stickers, instantly stopping the screams. The next guess complimented me on my knowledge of children, and how I knew exactly what to do to stop her cries. I am always willing to take compliments from any sources, but I do feel guilty for not explaining to her that the child had been screaming about how badly she wanted stickers.

-A child encountered her reflection in the lane’s mirror and immediately carried out the natural reaction: dancing wildly at herself while cackling maniacally.

-A woman came through my lane wearing a sweatshirt with the phrase, “God Is Good, Y'all” on it. Usually I am not one to pay attention to gospel given to me by strangers, but from such a casual and laid-back hoodie, I think I might give it a shot.

B A B E ? ❦  s h i r o

+ for: @crazy-kat-in-the-hat

+ words: 900+

+ genre: pregnant s/o, angst

+ summary: DO SHIRO!! (please if you don’t mind. Love you!) aka pregnant s/o and shiro reacting. 

+ key: _____ = your name, (b/n) = boy’s name, (g/n) = girl’s name

+ i’m going to try and get some asks out before i do the valentine’s day requests. : - )

+ request? + masterlist?

+ hunk + keith + lance

The thing about Shiro was that you really never knew how he would react to something of such a high caliber. Even now, when you and Shiro had been married for a year and some months and had been trying to conceive a child, your hand still shook as you held the pregnancy test to your face.

It had been months you had been awaiting this moment and you finally felt like it was here. You looked at the stick and almost let out a sob.

Keith had been over that day but you couldn’t wait to tell your husband the news, you ran into the kitchen where the two stood talking to each other with laughs. When Shiro turned to you his smile fell.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, seeing the tears falling down your face.

Keith straightened up from where he was leaning against the counter at your appearance. The two men stared at you long and hard. You held up the test with shaking hands and he took it gently from your fingers. He caressed your fingers, ‘no matter what it says, we’ll still have each other,’ he had told you before. You couldn’t get it past your mind that this was your last chance.

Shiro looked to you, his face really falling now as he looked at the negative on the small device. He was on the brink of crying but he just wrapped his arms around you and shushed your small cries.

Keith was unsure what to do, tapping his foot a few times before walking over to the couple. You looked at him walking over and quickly pulled him into your hug before the three of you fell to the kitchen floor.

“I’m sorry, Keith,” you whispered to him. He only nodded, petting your hair softly as Shiro had his hands around the both of you. “Thank you,” you muttered, kissing them both on the cheek.

You had called your mom the next day, questioning her about your dilemma. She had explained it was genetic. She was lucky to even have you, and even then it was later on in her years that she did. Her sister was not so lucky and was unable to have any children.

“Adoption is always an option, sweetheart. No one will think any less of you. It’s even more of a blessing for that child who could be going off to somewhere terrible and rather into a loving family such as your own,” she chuckled into the speaker.

“Yeah, I’ll think about it. Thanks mom,” you whispered hoarsely into the phone.

“I love you.”

“Love you, too,” you said before hanging up.

A week later, you finally managed the courage to go into the clinic to get yourself checked out. The Doctor later told you that your eggs were very minimal and there was a higher chance of never having a baby then there was to have one.

You cried in her office for an hour, and she let you. She knew it was a difficult topic to consume. Once you were finished, Shiro took you home and everyone was there for the weekly dinner. You felt like you couldn’t face them but did anyway.

“Hey! How did it go at the doctor’s?” Lance greeted at the door, his smile sincere for once.

“It went terribly,” you mumbled, pushing past him and into your room.

Lance stood behind you, shrugging his shoulders towards Shiro exasperated by you and himself, stating he was only trying to help. Shiro put his hand on his shoulder and just shook his head. The two rejoined the gang, discussing the day’s events and other hot topic news. Such as Pidge’s school project getting an award and patent. Hunk being accepted into culinary school.

You came out an hour later, the group laughing and you smiled at their excitement. Keith was the one to notice you and you smile softly at him.

“_____? Would you join us?” he asked, everyone stopping in their conversation to look at you.

“Uh, I have some news.”

“We already know about you and Shiro,” Lance called, being swiftly hit in the gut by Keith and Hunk on either side of him.

You laughed slightly, they all could see the red rims around your eyes but you were really trying to hold it together. “No, uhm,” you looked to Shiro for a moment before continuing. “Shiro and I have discussed adoption and I’ve finally come to decision that we are,” you smiled.

The gang smiled widely and quickly rushed towards you with a laugh.


“Do you what you’re going to name it?”

“You should name it Lance.”

“No, if anything it should be Keith!”

“Guys!” Shiro shouted, everyone turning their wide eyes to Shiro. “We don’t even know the gender yet, and we’re not naming them after you two,” he stated with a laugh. “We already have the names.”


Shiro gave a devilish smirk your way and you stated, “Well, if it’s a girl Katie and if it’s a boy Hunk,” you told them.

“What?! No!” the two shouted.

“What have they done for you? I’m always here! I’m like a brother to you, _____,” Lance exclaimed jumping onto you.

“I am your brother, _____,” Keith stated, crossing his arms.

You looked at Keith with a deadpanned look, “No, you’re not.”

“Well, I’m close enough to be!”

Pidge and Hunk had already in the plan to make the boys angry, you had already decided on (b/n) for a boy and (g/n) for a girl. This was all just for your enjoyment.

“Oh, do I love you kids,” you laughed to yourself, watching them. This was your family and soon another would join.

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I’ve recently been busy breeding Pokémon to join my Pokémon Moon team, I just finally managed to breed an adamant Shinx with 6 perfect IVs and Ice Fang after hours of hatching eggs!

Check out this awesome drawing of my new African Lion fursona busy playing Pokémon alongside his Shinx plushie I commissioned from @crocstew, it’s absolutely adorkable!