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Emperor's New Clothes by Panic! at the Disco reminds me of dark.........

Yes, yes, yes. Just a few lines that I think are particularly telling of Dark’s nature:

“If it feels good, tastes good, It must be mine”

“I’m taking back the crown…I see what’s mine and take it”

“Sycophants on velvet sofas, Lavish mansions, vintage wine. I am so much more than Royal”

“Mortal kings are ruling castles. Welcome to my world of fun.”

“Heroes always get remembered, But you know legends never die.”

I love love love that last line, especially for Dark. It’s always been my favorite lyric of that song, and it really ties in with the whole the Egos must be remembered in order to survive thing. You can even see it as Mark is the hero, but Dark wants to be more than that. He wants to be a legend.

Great song. Natewantstobattle does an awesome cover of it, if you want to check that out. Thanks for dropping by, cutie pie!

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November 12, 2017💕

The swiftie of the day today is Caty @whataswift! She was nominated by @dont-blame-em because, “She was so kind yesterday and gave me a shout out. She is just always trying to help other swifties out and making funny posts making people smile! In my books I think she deserves swiftie of the day today!” Looking through her blog you can tell that her posts are super sweet yet very clever! And she is such a cutie pie herself!

Make sure to go check out Caty’s blog and share some love with her! Reblog this post with a lovely message for Caty!💗

Love you Caty! May all your swiftie dreams come true!💜

Commission for the lovely ask-the-cmb of their cutie pie ocs!
Check out their tumblr ^3^
I’m so so happy I got to make them, and I’ happy I had the chance to use my mini filly pattern again :3 SO cute and tiny..aah!  I definitely will be making a bunch of tiny fillies in the near future.