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Reylo fandom is literally just Zutara fandom all over again, the Master Checklist:

1. Immediate fixation on the moderately attractive tortured “bad boy” antagonist character and rush to ship him with the closest available female protagonist.  CHECK.

2. Downplaying/excusing antagonist’s misdeeds especially in regards to the way he treats female protagonist.   CHECK.

3. Ignoring/leapfrogging over said female protagonist’s much more likely actual love interest and coming up with bullshit reasons/excuses for why he’s actually the abusive/toxic one!   CHECK.

4. Cropping/editing out the more prospective love interest from photos/footage in order to create romantic moments for their ship, because as of yet none exist.   CHECK.

5. Claiming purple as their ship color.   CHECK.

6. Weird obsession with red/blue color symbolism and super-strong genetically superior offspring.  (”Steambabies”, “Stormbabies”, “Forcebabies”)   CHECK.

7. “English Literature” majors crawling out of the woodwork to spew 5000K+ words of bullshit “proving” why their ship is obviously, objectively, canon endgame, typically by over-microanalyzing literal seconds of footage or making false comparisons to tropes/relationship archetypes in other completely unrelated properties.   CHECK.

8. Somehow, in the middle of all this super-detailed analysis, completely missing the characters’ actual thoughts and feelings and the much more obvious hints towards the other much more likely romance.   CHECK.

9. Beauty and the Beast comparisons.   CHECK.

10. Romeo and Juliet comparisons.   CHECK.


12. Attempts to compare their ship to other canon ships in the same fandom despite them not actually being alike.   CHECK.

13. Mistaken belief that their rival ship is boring and has no conflict because it’s a fluffy feelgood ship stemming from friendship rather than the enemies to lovers trope.   CHECK.

14. Mistaken belief that their ship would be something “fresh” and “new”… despite points 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.   CHECK.

15.  Misunderstanding Yin/Yang symbology.   CHECK.

16. Romanticizing a plot event where the antagonist has the female protagonist captured and restrained and is plying her for information.   CHECK.

17. Romanticizing the enmity between the two parties and claiming it is “sexual tension”, instead of animosity, indifference, and hatred.   CHECK.

18. Chronic inability to remain in their own lanes/spaces by hijacking general threads and crosstagging.   CHECK.

19. Every word out of a writer/director/actor’s mouth is indisputable proof in favor of their ship, even if they are explicitly denying the ship being a thing.   CHECK.

20. Literally everything is hidden proof of their ship.  Everything.  (The freaking Porgs?!  Really?!)   CHECK.

21. Easily deceived by misleading advertising/trailers.   CHECK.

22. Nuclear bitchfit meltdown when their ship inevitably, predictably, does not happen.  PENDING.

I… I swear I’m in deja-vu world.

Yugioh - Thief King Bakura ‘eyes’ prompt sketch

“The Bird of the Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame…”

Another inktober sketch I had an idea for, this one is Hellsing inspired. I really like the manga and the OVA (Ultimate) anime, so I really wanted to make it for Thief King Bakura (but it could have worked for Yami Bakura too)…

Been listening to Magnolia by Suilen for my inspiration too - especially the Hellsing OVA VII ’ teaser / マグノリア <—- check it out on youtube!

*drawn in pencil, edited in photoshop* - blood is brush added*

GuardianLioness’s BNHA Fanfic Rec List: 2nd Edition!
This one’s gonna be shorter, folks, but hopefully that means Part 3 will be quicker in coming! I would also like to announce that I am currently taking fanfic recommendations so that I can gather materials for Part 3. I will be filtering fics and will only recommend the ones I truly enjoy, but I would absolutely love some help finding the fanbase’s gems!

[Fanfic Rec List Part 1 can be found here!]

Get Well Soon@brick-boat​ [brickboat on AO3]
This is the definitive Jirou fic, and I can’t recommend it enough. Brickboats’ portrayal of Denki is also top notch. When I think of Jirou, I think of this version of her character. Angsty and thoroughly enjoyable. One-shot with some equally good associated fics.

Playing with Fire@aizawasscarf​ [WynterTwylight on AO3]
One of my all-time favorite BNHA fics. Takes a guess as to the nature of Hisashi Midoriya’s profession and personality. Some medical descriptions, so fair warning to the squeamish, but I consider this a must-read for fans of Todoroki Shouto. One-shot.

We are the reckless@kamikazedandelion and @mean-and-serene [Maeniac and  A_ToastToTheOutcasts on AO3]
I adore this fic. Strong family feels, some character explanation for Fuyumi Todoroki, charming OCs, and a vigilante plot? YES please. Unfinished, multichapter, but there’s a lot there to love on while we wait for the next entry!

Adventures with Bakugou @satyr-syd [SatyrSyd37 on AO3]
Bakugou is a tricky character to portray like-canon. Satyr-syd NAILS it. I have a hard time reading most fanon portrayals of Bakugou, but this series of one-shots are given canon-flavor Bakugou at his absolute best. Bonding with classmates and being his usual surly self? Thank you!

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When you get this write down 3 blogs you are thankful for and why. Then pass it on.

I am thankful for:

@missjanuarylily . Jan is a kind person and has the loveliest ocs. I love them all. Go read her work and check her out.

@ocappreciation This blog is doing such a great job of promoting fanfiction and original story ocs. Go check them out.

@superpsychonatural Their Psych and Supernatural crossover edits always make me laugh


Journey au

Part 1 


eternal mood (inspired by this textpost


….People are either charming or tedious.

Wishing Josie (@josay) a very happy birthday!! (21.05)

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dan is so beautiful and anyone who disagrees is lying. like have you seen that boy? he has slight curves and a soft face and his lips jesus christ. and gorgeous long legs and he has a little bit of a chub tum. everything about him is so soft yet he can go from holy shit to aww it literally two seconds and he looks gorgeous in literally everything.

i thought this answer needed some visual representation

like this is just a random liveshow screenshot?? hOW??

WHY WHY WHY yOU knOw what this is dOIng to us bOIIIIII

phil lester: photographer extraordinaire

fOr fUCk!!!!!

my heart is soft :(((

tHE squISHieST bOYe???

the purest human :((( 7 hours of training a week looks good on him

eXCUse mE????

he deserves all the happiness in the world :(( i’m so :(((


this entire panel was a blessing for our eyes

i will nEVer be over this. eVER.

more denim jacket dan 2kforever pls :(((

fRECKles???? so good man :((((

i would die for him

gLoRiouS. stUnNinG. what is existence honestly

truly, what have we done to deserve him. i need to lie down.

someone: hey studio mir you want me to take your leaked photos down? then confirm klance is canon. that’s right. i’m not gonna do anything unless you make klance canon. it’s that or your leaked photos all over the internet. canon klance or losing your jobs, your choice.

literally everyone else who likes klance:


i really love @nellos12 ’s style and their design for connor and evan they’re super cute go check em out my dudes

the last one is my version of the boys meeting their version of the boys lol


NCT as 2017 Hogwarts freshmen✨