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So i went to Animate today and picked up Super Lovers 7 and Junjou Romantica 18. If you bought both then you get something special. I tried my best to translate >_<

Abe’s message(right)

Hello! This is Abe!

This time, Nakamura Shungiku’s volume 18 of Junjou Romatica went on sale the same time as mine, so I drew Nakamura Sensei’s character. Misaki chan was quite a challenge. Yes!… Wait what? The cuteness was cut in half… Well at least I drew Suzuki San perfectly!(lol) Huh!?

Thank you for buying volume 7 of Super Lovers from the people at Animate <3

Also the new magazine [Emerald] will be up for sale on the last day of August 2014. [SUPER LOVERS] and [Hakkenden] will be included in the magazine as well.

Thank you very much!

Abe Miyuki

Nakamura’s message(Left)

Thank you for buying volume 18 of Junjou Romantica!!

This time, Abe Miyuki Sensei’s [SUPER LOVERS] went on sale the same time as mine, so I drew a picture of Abe Sensei’s Ren. Ummm, I couldn’t quite get Ren’s cute expression… errr I’m sorry… Please take a look at Abe Sensei’s comic if you want to see the real cute RenRen Kun.

Also, at the end of August 2014, the new [Emerald] will go on sale. Abe Sensei’s works will appear and so will Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. I would love it if you guys checked them out~

Nakamura Shungiku

heartofwritersgold  asked:

So I'm moving to another state where it'll be far too snowy to run outside and I won't be able to afford a gym membership yet. Any suggestions for at home cardio?

There are so many different home cardio workouts that you can do on youtube!

Here are couple of my favorite youtube workout channels!:

check them out! :) they have cardio, hiit, abs, arms, butt, legs, etc, everything that you need to workout at home w/out any equipments!