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Time for another book review!  Here is Yuri!!! on ICE Official Fanbook GO YURI GO!!!,  published by Shufu to Seikatsusha.  This is a new book that just came out this week, and it’s filled with oodles of pictures and information about the wonderful Yuri!!! on Ice anime and its characters.  Do you like the cover art?  There’s actually more to it… the artwork continues onto the back, showing Otabek, Chris, Phichit, and JJ.  The dust jacket is also removable, and the alternate cover art hidden underneath has lots of little pictures of Makkachin (and the Makkachin tissue case, too). Very cute!

This book is not available in English or French (although it has a few bits of English text here and there), but there are plenty of illustrations to enjoy.  Many of the pics are in full color, and there are some nifty black-and-white sketches as well.  As an example of what can be found in this book, check out this stuff about Phichit’s “Shall We Skate?” outfit: 

Keep reading for the rest of the book review, plus a few more pictures! 

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An overelaborate response to @dragonpigeons‘s question of what I’d do if everyone was Dittos. I had like four ideas but this was the best. Refer to this post.

I traced the hell out of the original CG, and eyedropped a bunch too. I won’t apologize, Cheritz, it was for a worthy cause! The rest I painstakingly rendered bit by bit, like you would a less dumb drawing. I discovered that dumb drawings are very useful, because you don’t care about mistakes as much and experiment more, and you find out neat stuff.

(Check the full picture for better quality, cause tumblr is making it blurry)

Ditto, more like Smutto, amirite? Haha… anyway, nice weather we’re having, huh?

Yoongi Scenario: Through The Fire.

Request: I want to request one for yoongi where you are his gf and you start living together and news of it goes out to the press so the sasaengs start being crazy and all that and you two keep it together and strong but then there’s a really creepy person/girl who continuously goes there to bother you so you try to ignore it but then one time she gets inside and tries to attack you and yoongi protects you? Sorry if its too much, thank you! You are great writers

Genre: Romance / Drama.

-It’s best if we just stay home for today- Yoongi said as you two checked out how the news developed online.

 You were sitting together on the sofa, with Yoongi’s laptop over his legs and your head resting on his right shoulder so you could see everything he did and read. There were several pictures of you together scattered all over the internet, with even more articles that narrated the dating scandal, too many of them with added details that weren’t true.

-They even said you gave me a car- you said not helping the little laugh that came next, it was ridiculous since you were basically always in public transport.  

-Yeah, I don’t know where that came from, maybe that what time you were driving mine- he mused still rolling down the articles.

-You are not too late to make their speculations come true though- you snickered making Yoongi stare at you with an amazed incredulous smile.

-Aren’t you kind, just to please the masses- he laughed too.

-Of course, you know I live for the greater good-

-I guess I could…-

-Yoongi!- you interrupted him. -I’m joking, God, maybe when we’re a bit more stable after all the apartment shopping, then you can help me- you said trying to get away from his poking attacks.

The laughs died down as Yoongi’s phone rang for the umpteenth time that day, he saw who it was and disregarded the call, there were way too many people calling him, including online gossip sites that wanted to get some words from him about the girl in the photos, you. You kept going through google and naver, seeing several sites so you could know to which extent was this spreading and how people was reacting.

Both of you were planning to make your relationship public soon after moving together, but someone had snapped a few shots during the moving process which added to the fact that there were previous rumors of Yoongi seeing a girl only left everyone the choice to take it as if it was proved. 

Big Hit was taking the matter professionally and not out of proportion like some companies would, you appreciated that they treated your relationship like a normal thing and not as if it was a major crime or a sin. So at first you were being positive about it, Yoongi being the one worrying that this would cause you trouble, but then Yoongi worried about every single thing, you figured it was your job to help him look at the situation without such a pessimistic sight. Big Hit was taking care of the gossip and the press, the boys were supportive about you two together, they were not young boys anymore, and Bangtan had such a strong fan base, you could take this, everything was going to be ok.
Even if the comment section of the site you were reading lead you to think that it wasn’t that simple.

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Married to Punkrock || m.c

welcome, please do stick around if you like my stuff :) request anything and ill write it xx

I M A G I N E 

“Don’t go,” Michael would groan, his arm safely strapped around your body as you attempted to leave the bed. His adorable clingy-ness present itself to you as he would snuggled up against the nape of your neck and attempt to fall asleep again. 

These were typical mornings with Michael Clifford. After 4 years of being together, he finally grew the balls to engage you, and then marry you. And it was quite the wedding, if you were being honest. He married you at one of the bands’ concerts, with a real priest and flowers practically all over the place. It wasn’t the normal wedding you imagined yourself having, but then again, you weren’t dating a normal guy. You were dating and now married to crazy Aussie, Vegemite-loving, punkrock enthusiast Michael Gordon Clifford. 

And never did you regret doing so. 

“Stop being lazy and get up,” you said quietly with a giggle. With the little energy you had, you managed to pry off Michael’s arm and stood up. Your feet met the cold floor, allowing goosebumps to crawl all over your body. With your back to the bed, you began to stretch your arms and legs. A few cracks later and you felt a little stronger. But when you turned around, you noticed Michael’s eyes completely fixed on you. 

“I like your butt,” Michael commented, giving you a goofy grin. You grabbed a pillow and hit him with it, covering his face with the silky item as you fled to the bathroom. You stood at the doorway as Michael moved the pillow and stared. 

“You coming or not?” You hummed, having Michael vigorously nod his head as he practically ripped off the blanket and ran into the bathroom. “You smell like shit.” 

“I literally passed out after last nights performance,” Michael moaned as he turned on the shower. “I literally had my energy depleted up the ass, what the hell was I gonna do? I didn’t even eat after!” 

“Dummy,” you sighed as you turned over to see Michael open his arms to you. You walk over, ignoring his pungent odor as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You were pressed against his bare torso, feeling his cute tummy against your as he leaned down to give you multiple kisses on your lips. 

“Your morning breath is so gross, by the way,” Michael said seductively, having you roll your eyes as you poked his chest with your index fingers. 

“Ditto,” you giggled before the both of you stripped and entered the shower. 

Every morning, Michael would make you guys toast with Vegemite because a) he loves it and b) he didn’t know how to cook but wanted to be a good husband. As you two waited for the coffee to brew and the bread to be toasted, Michael would sit you on the kitchen counter and kiss your minty fresh lips with adoration. On average, Michael would kiss you at least 100 times a day and you were all for it. 

“You did your eyeliner so good today, babe,” Michael gushed, his forest green eyes dimming as he held your waist. You touched his nose with yours and smiled. 

“Thanks, I tried really hard,” you admitted, having Michael give you another tender kiss for your small achievement. After the two of you ate your breakfast, you got a knock on the door from the management, indicating that the tour bus has pulled up in front of the hotel. 

“Baby, did you grab our 3DS’s?” Michael asked as he began to grab his phone and wallet. You went over to your purse and checked, seeing the two small consoles in it with the rest of your stuff. 

“Yeah,” you called as you rushed out the door behind him. As he locked the door, you shoved his arm playfully. “Prepare to get your ass hands to you, babe.”

“In your fucking dreams, Y/N,” Michael said, rolling his eyes as he wrapped his arm around your waist. Guards quickly surrounded the both of you as Michael held you close. On your way outside, the paparazzi exploded with questions and flashed millions of pictures. But, as usual, you and Michael were too caught up in conversation to actually care. 

“Hey lovebirds, what kept you two?” Calum asked, winking at you as if you’ve done something naughty. You rolled your eyes as Michael helped you into the bus. You shoved Calum out of your way as you sat down on the empty couch. 

“Sorry, I fucked Michael in the ass this morning,” you joked, having Calum explode with laughter as Michael grabbed you in his arms and rocked the both of you on the couch. It was unbelievable how comfortable you were with Michael and the rest of the band to say such things. 

“Shut up, you,” Michael mumbled, kissing your head softly before letting you go. “Alright, let me show you who’s the man now.” You quickly took out your games and passed Michael his. 

“You lost literally the last 7 games we’ve played,” you point out as you turned on your 3DS to play Mario Kart. “What thinks you could beat me now?”

“Because all you do is pick the course you’re best at!” Michael complained as he turned on his game. “If we did Rainbow Road, we’d have a better time knowing who’s better.” 

“Bring it on, Clifford,” you challenged, shaking Michael’s large hand before the two of you prepared for the race. Luke and Ashton came from their punks and patted your head, but you were too busy trying to beat Michael to really notice. 

“Such nerds, ya’ll are cute,” Luke commented as he grabbed a Naked from the mini refrigerator. 

“Honestly she’s the cute in our relationship,” Michael said without his eyes leaving the game. 

“That’s bull, he’s so adorable,” you denied as you played the game. In half an hour, you managed to beat Michael in 5 of the 6 games you guys had the time to play. 

Your afternoon was then spent going to multiple radio stations to watch the boys perform and be interviewed. You were sat on your own chair by the band, being all the way at the end beside Ashton. But as the boys sang, you and Michael could not stop staring at each other. You’d give him little funny expressions and he couldn’t help but smile the entire time he performed. 

A lot of the interviews the boys held were centered around you and Michael’s marriage. Considering that you two were still so young, people were skeptical about the decision. But as usual, Michael would tell the interviewer how much he doesn’t regret the decision. 

“It can only be Y/N, honestly,” Michael said with a shrug as he adjusted his headphones. “I can’t see myself with anybody else but her. Why should I wait to settle down later when I know my heart is set on her? Might as well ring her now when I can, right?”

His responses always made your heart bounce as you held your wedding band. He used a 25 cent ring as a holder at first, as he said he was getting the rings customized. When he proposed, he surprised you with a ring that was worth thousands. ‘The most expensive ring for a priceless girl,’ he told you as you cried from happiness. 

“Is living with him easy?” You were asked this question constantly. You were sat in Michael’s lap at a different interview, feeling his protective arms hold you tightly as you played with his beard. 

“It’s not hard, but it sure is an adventure,” you said, having the crowd giggle as you pulled a bit of Michael’s beard. He crinkled his nose and shot you a playful expression as you kissed Michael’s cheek. “It’s not bad, it’s just a lot of energy.”

“Am I a piece of work?” Michael asked, playfully frowning as you grabbed his jaw and planted a kiss on his lips. 

“Yes, but you’re my piece of work, so it’s okay.” You gave him a big hug, warming the crowds heart as he returned the love.”

As the afternoon came to an end, you and the boys were taken back to the hotel and actually did a bit of signing for the fans that waited all day in the hotel all day. Michael didn’t let you leave his side as he did a bit of signing. You did a bit of signing yourself, but sometimes got denied of that. 

“Oh, I just want Michael to sign…” a girl said rudely as she held her 5SOS photo. You felt a little hurt but you were used to it as a lot of fans didn’t except you two. Michael noticed you pout and looked at the girl who made you that way. 

“If my wife can’t sign, I can’t either,” Michael said with a shrug as he squeezed your hand. “Have a goodnight everyone!” Michael cheered before leading you away from the fans and towards the elevator. The girl who didn’t want you to sign screamed as you guys fled to your hotel room. 

“You didn’t have to break that girls heart for me, you know,” you mused as you two entered your hotel room. Michael escaped to the bedroom as you quickly threw your purse on the couch and removed your shoes. You walk over to find Michael sprawled on the newly-made bed with his eyes closed. 

“I’m tired,” Michael groaned as he let out a breath. You walked over to him and rubbed his back. “It’s been a long day.” 

“I know,” you said as you let out a yawn. “C’mon, lets get you comfortable, baby.” You got him to sit up as you removed his converse and tight skinny jeans. Leaving him in his Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt and Calvin Klein’s underwear, he chuckled and shook his head. 

“I should be doing this for you, y’know,” Michael said with laughter, having you laugh as well as you let him strip you. Left in the same position, Michael stood up and took off your bra for you, as he knew it was a pain to take off. “Here.” He removed his shirt and pulled it down on you, having it fit you like a dress. 

“You’re so large,” you mumble, smiling down as you held the hem of his shirt. Michael made you face him and held your face, cupping your cheeks in his calloused hands. You felt his wedding bands against your cheek, smiling at the cold material. 

“And you’re so beautiful,” Michael whispered as he gave you a gentle kiss on the lips. “Mrs. Clifford.” He gave you yet another loving kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck for more. 

“Wanna order some pizza, hubby?” You said under your breath as you stared into his green eyes. “I don’t wanna cook dinner.”

“God yes,” Michael gushed as he went to grab another shirt. He also threw a pair of your shorts at you, making you hold it with confusion. “The delivery dude is not going to see you pantsless. I don’t care how long my shirt is on you– that will not stop me from punching him if he even gets a glance at your panties.” 

“Calm down, Mikey,” you giggled as you pulled up the pair of shorts. 

“Not looking at my wife,” Michael muttered angrily as he led you out the room. You smiled at your husband as you trailed after him to make sure he doesn’t order so much pizza. 

You know, as he usually did. 

When You Least Expect It | 02

Warnings: angsty af. depression, anxiety cw

Word count: 10,192

A/N: This was so hard to write!! I have the whole story mapped out now but holy shit some of this was really difficult to churn out. I hope it’s not awful and you can enjoy it to some extent. ><;;

The morning rush was finally over. Tucking your cleaning cloth into the ties of your apron, you leaned back against the counter with a sigh, thankful for the brief reprieve. Granted, Hoseok’s café was one of those small, cosy hipster-type affairs, but as a result of that it was one of the most popular places to go when one wanted to lord their latest MacBook and freelance, coffee-lounge work aesthetic over others. With all of your customers contentedly sipping and nibbling away at their orders, you took a moment to re-fill the pastry display.

As you were crouched behind the countertop, you heard the tinkle of the bell above the door, and immediately sprung up to provide service. “Welcome, what can I get you—oh, Yoongi.”

You forgot that he’d probably be in for his mid-morning fuel. His sharp eyes narrowed. “A little enthusiasm would be nice.”

“Oh, my apologies,” you simpered, then put on your most saccharine voice. “Master, how may I be of service?”

Yoongi smirked, arching a brow suggestively. “I could think of a few things, but I just can’t picture you in the maid outfit.”

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FFXV Fandom Friday, Week Six

Hello folks and welcome back to another FFXV Fandom Friday where this time we’re featuring TWO suggestions from anon’s! Thanks so much for messaging and asking to see these creators, it really helps me out when picking who to include!

First up though, a personal favourite of mine! I stumbled across @0littlelight0 ‘s art a month or so back and I instantly fell in love with it. The style is so eye-catching and unique and the Noct/Luna picture above really gets me everytime. It’s so emotional and beautiful. I also really adore the Ravus art there too, his expression looks so soft ;w; There’s a selection of amazing artworks too that feature the boys with music instruments- honestly, I could babble all day. Check out the rest of their art on their tumblr!

Here’s this week’s author! Suggesed by an anon user, @ferix-writes , or Ferix79 on AO3, writes FFXV fanfiction with amazing levels of description that really do put you in the character’s mind. I’ve personally bookmarked a few of these for later! Check out their AO3 or their tumblr which is linked at the beginning of this paragraph!

Anon: @titusdravtos​ is a talented gif maker  whose works are absolutely stunning. Each of their gifsets are well-crafted, graceful, and elegant, having an emotional quality that touches the viewer with a sense of awe and wonder. I highly recommend following this user!

And that’s it for this weeks FFXV Fandom Friday! Apologies that it’s an hour late; but it was totally worth the wait right? Don’t forget to keep sending those anon requests in, and feel free to include a paragraph as to why you’ve chosen them too!

Previous weeks below the cut!

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Y/N + stuffed animal ft. Jeonghan

pairing: yoon jeonghan x reader
genre: fluffy fluff~
word count: 195
admin: jun
a/n: heyo! this was a reaction request for vocal team, so the other four will continuing coming through the week! look forward to it! requests are open, so send one in! c:

Jeonghan knew that you were not going to be able to stay up until he came back to your apartment to sleep.

He grabbed the spare key from underneath your ‘welcome’ mat and unlocked the door, returning the key to its original spot and then walking in. He dropped his bag, closed and locked the door, and then continued to your bedroom so that he too could rest for the night, but something caught his eye.

“Is that a stuffed bunny?” He asked himself, a small grin forming on his face as he sneakily slipped over to you and got on his knees to double check. “Oh my god…” he whispered while giggling. This had to be the cutest thing he had ever seen in his entire life. He pulled out his phone from his sweatshirt pocket and turned the lamp on so that he could snap a quick picture of your beautiful sleeping form and the bunny resting between your arms.

“This… is teasing worthy.” He told himself.

He quickly turned the lamp off, put his phone on the side table, and climbed into bed with you, hoping he wouldn’t disturb your deep slumber.

l i s t

anonymous asked:

Hi cutie!!! Can you please do a mtl about who are more into bootys?? Thank you!! I really like your reactions ♡

Hi, sweetie! ^^

This is based in my opinion! c:

(Btw,, I hope you’re talking about booties in general, not big ones)



  • Kino: He loves dancing to girl groups songs, which, normally, include a lot of booty shaking. Although Korean girls, in general, aren’t very curvy, that doesn’t mean you can’t love their booties believe me I can give you proof if you want. Anyways, it doesn’t matter if your butt is big or small, he’d love it. He’d teach you how to twerk if you didn’t know how to. He’d love seeing you shake that booty! And would ADORE dancing with you and seeing you dance! Believe me, one of the best things you can give this boy is a lap dance.
  • Hongseok: As I said in the boobs MTL, I think he’s very Americanized when it comes to beauty standards, so not only he prefers booties over boobs, but he also likes big ones. Like Kino, he’d love dancing and twerking with you. I think he’s the type of boy who checks out every time he can lmao so he’d probably look at that booty a lot. He’d buy you sexy underwear too. When having sex, I picture him spanking you a lot. A lot.
  • Wooseok: He’s also a little Americanized in my opinion, thus he’s into booties, and he prefers big ones, but would give as much love to small ones too. He’d love grabbing it while making out, or just touching it when you walk, or resting his hand on it when you sleep. He’s definitely into booties. He’d 100% buy you sexy underwear too and ask you to dance when you try it out. 
  • Shinwon: He has said he liked curvy girls, so hell yeah if you have a big butt he’ll like it. I don’t think he’d pay as much attention to normal/small booties, but would absolutely like them, I think he’d just find larger ones more sexy and fun to play with. He’d love grabbing it a lot, anywhere, but discreetly, though. He’d tease you and give you signals that he’s in the mood by caressing your butt. Like 2seok, he’d buy you tonnes of sexy underwears.
  • Yuto: Okay, I don’t think there’s a reason he’s here but the fact that he just likes booties. He likes them all! At first, he’d be shy and wouldn’t really look or touch it, but as he gains confidence I see him touching it a lot when cuddling or making out and spanking you while having sex. He’d love to see you in thongs! Would probably ask if you could go around your house without pants on, though or without anything really
  • Hui: PLAYFUL, A LOT OF BOOTY PLAYING. And admiring, whether it’s small or big or average he’d love it anyways. When you’d lay down, he’d sit on your back and pinch, grab, rub your butt; just a lot of playing. Would tell you if it looked good, “those jeans make your butt look rounder” and never if it looked bad because honestly, to him, you never looked bad. If you want something, just do some lap dance and you’ll get it. [Ass]ured.
  • Yeo One: He’s a lover of every type of booties. He wouldn’t really mind about physical appearance, but would appreciate what you’ve got. He’d remind you every day how beautiful and sexy you are. He’s so cheesy he’d probably tell you a good thing for every part of your body when he’d shower you with compliments, like “Your hands are so delicate” or “Your hair is super soft” and for your booty he’d say “Your butt is like a baby’s” lmao. Changgu, the type of boy who would spank you if you wore shorts when it’s cold.
  • E’Dawn: Although he doesn’t really pay attention, he likes them. He’d like when you dance sexily, lap dance, twerk, etc. He’d be so into booty grabbing while making out, or sometimes laying his hands on top of them while sleeping or cuddling.
  • Yanan: He’s so pure he doesn’t even think about looking at it. Obviously, he’d like it and think you have a nice butt, but he’s too shy to actually touch it or talking about it. Though, like Yeo One, sometimes he’d spank you a little if you were a ‘bad girl’ or didn’t dress warmly. He’d shyly touch it while having sex or making out. If he were super super comfortable with you, if he had enough confidence with you and if he weren’t shy anymore around you, he’d randomly squeeze it. 
  • Jinho: He’d be too shy, like Yanan, to even look at it! But I assure you, he’d appreciate it and think it’s beautiful, because it’s part of you and he’d love you and he’d think you’re just stunning. When he’d have more confidence with you, he’d play with it sometimes.


I hope you liked it anon! Thank you so much for your request and for your kind words! <3

Originally posted by pen1ag0n

Excuse my bad English! It isn’t my first language :’v


my pictures for the pnf fanzine! :D one for summer belongs to you, and the final page spread WOO. looking back now i kinda wish i did more (like, a lot more) but, i still love these regardless

god, it was sooo much fun to draw the gang again, i miss these kids so much ;-;

if you like these you should really check out what the rest of the book has! they managed to get some pnf crew goodies in there too~ *u*

anonymous asked:

22 and 23

22. You can’t keep doing this. + 23. I’m so sorry. I can’t even tell you how sorry I am.

It was enough for you but still kept doing it. At one point you felt, it started to affect your health as well. Being under this kind of pressure from the media was hurting like hell and felt like knifes were stabbed into every part of your body. Media kept telling that you were being such a horrible actress and all the pictures from the film scenes where you were crying and holding on and up were too triggering so you didn’t even care to check out what they did say about you, albeit your manager forced you to keep eye on every single word they said about you. Also, the media had a heart to tell that you and your fellow actor from the film, Andrew Garfield, were snogging and going out which was completely false and so untrue. You had to leave the scene place to get some rest and drown all the negative thoughts away.

Arriving home, Shawn was laying on the sofa in your living room. As if you were so knackered, you fell down on the floor in the middle of your way to get next to your loving boyfriend. Shawn promptly ran to carry you into the bedroom. He took off your shoes and all the overclothes, basically threw them into the corner far away.

“Hey-hey, honey, stay awake for a little more, I’ll bring a glass of water and something to give you energy,” he kissed your forehead to make sure you’re not overheated. As far as your memory still, also sight, stayed awake, you were laying on the bed, watching up at the white ceiling. Within no minute passing by, Shawn was carrying a glass of water and some dark chocolate. You took a sip and a bite. You thanked him, placing your head on his toned chest. He caressed your head, making some really weird rolls with your hair but you didn’t mind that. You needed Shawn’s touches, feeling, breathing, living existence next to you. He was the real life medication that helped you live through things you couldn’t do with yourself.

“What happened, love?” Shawn’s voice was absolutely without no doubt sounded so worried. It gave your chills.

“It got over the moon, I was literally starting to pass out but as you saw, I passed out at home, gladly it happened here,” you nuzzled more comfortably on Shawn’s chest, closing your eyes.

“You can’t keep doing this,” he pressed you against him, tenderly, so you were even more closer to him. “I’m so sorry. I can’t even tell you how sorry I am.”

You didn’t say anything, the tiredness had won you. You slightly fell into deep sleep, in Shawn’s protective and loving arms.

Wake Me Up (Asa x reader)

Anonymous said: Hello so this is a request, perhaps where Asa and reader have a newborn (probably a little bit into the future) and they’re having trouble finding time to be intimate? Maybe fluff, maybe smut, maybe angst, any work. Thank you petal! You and your writing skills are without a doubt amazing!

Anonymous said: An Asa imagine where you both go to his parents house and eventually the two of you fall asleep together on the sofa and his mam thinking it’s the cutest things ever and fluff please

I decided to combine these two to make something real awesome. I hope you all enjoy!

Originally posted by worldofsiminspiration

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word count: 8004

Warnings: Cursing/swearing

Summary: After kissing you, Jimin starts to avoid you which made your head and heart confused. And it seems that life has a way of bullying you too.

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

It has been more than two weeks since he kissed you. He admits that since that day, that lips of yours was the only thing that’s been going on inside his head. Whenever he tried to forget you, he was always being taken back by his thoughts on that memory.

He’s been keeping himself busy just to fight the urge of calling you by going to clubs every night. Even on a Thursday night.

He’s on his third round of shots when he saw familiar faces dancing. He saw Nayeon and Sana.

He just watched them, trying to focus on how they move. When the two became aware that they’re being watched, that’s the time that they suddenly dance in a seducing manner.

He just watched how Sana made Nayeon an instant pole.

He started to get bored. So he started scrolling through his phone.  

A message from Taehyung and Jungkook appears and he replied ‘clubbing’ then he fixed his vision again on the dance floor. He saw the girls waving at him, now sitting. He drank his last shot for that round then walked towards them.

He smirked.

“Hey Jimin..” Naeyon greeted him.

“Hey. What are you two doing here? And where are your other friends?” his look was fixed at Sana, who wears a black tight dress that didn’t cover anything anymore.

“It’s just us, you know.. bestfriend things. We go out on dates, the two of us.” Nayeon giggled and then sipped on her drink.

Then she excused herself to go to the ladies room while Sana remained. Jimin scooted closer to Sana, who starts to fidget.

He whispered something to her ear that made her face red. And When Nayeon returned, he invited Sana to go hang out with him sometime then he left the club.

As he drive back home, his thoughts still wanders around you. And that thought lingers until he dozed off to sleep.

The following morning, he was woken up by his phone. An unregistered number flashed so he answered it immediately. To his disappontment, it was Sana on the other line, inviting him for breakfast. He agreed.

That breakfast with her went okay since she didn’t speak that much. She just keeps on serving him, asking him if he likes the food. He just nodded. Right after eating, he said his thanks. When he was about to go, she suggested that they go to school together. He agreed so they went to school together.

There were several onlookers when Jimin get out of his car. Some were surprised when they saw Sana get out as well. He locked it and walked away when sana followed suit. He quickly made his way to his class with you. When he entered, his eyes immediately look for you on your usual spot. He controlled the smirked that wants to show up. He wasn’t exactly sure if you looked his way but he hoped he does.

He just changed his hair color for you.

He chose to sit with Sana’s friends. And started knowing their names one by one.

He keeps on glancing at your back. He saw how you sighed when the professor announced another project with him.

He waited for you to approach him but you didn’t even move. Instead, it seems that you started working on it on your own. He really wanted plan that project with you but Sana’s friends are all trying hard to get his attention so he just let them.

He saw you approach the professor. Shortly after that, she dismissed the class which was a signal for you to leave.

Taehyung called him and told him their location. It was near the library so he has high hopes that he’ll see you again.

He was a bit irritated when Sana suddenly cling into his arm. Then there, he saw you, dragging Jungkook towards the direction of the library. His face became serious. He looked at Taehyung, who has a serious face, glancing at Sana then back at him. They hang out for a bit then excused himself that he’ll go to the library. He was planning on leaving Sana but she insisted on going with him. His aim was to actually watch you and probably Jungkook but he spotted your bag and it seems that you’re the only one there. He started searching for books related to your topic. But he was being distracted by Sana. He wanted to make her leave. Sana did it not once but more than enough times to make him so annoyed, he dragged her to the old books section. He hovered over her with a serious face.

He was about to annoy Sana when he noticed your back quickly walking away and exiting the building.

He walked out too, leaving Sana there.

Jimin skipped lab classes due to his worse hangover. He texted his friends that he won’t make it and a proxy will be there to help you. He stayed home, searching for data on your project. He planned on handing it to either Taehyung or Jungkook then they’ll be the ones who will give it to you.

Late afternoon came and he’s bored. Timely, Sana called him and invited him to go shopping with him.

This was one of the most frustrating things he’s ever done in his life, pretending he’s interested on what Sana’s doing. She even keeps on asking for his opinion on what clothes she should by. Then he saw that picture of you looking at his usual seat. A lot of things kept playing on his head.

Are you looking for me?

Do you ask something about me?

Do you miss me too?

Right there, he ditched Sana in the most polite manner that he can. Then he dashed to his car.

He was hopeful. Thousands of thoughts came flooding into his mind. He threw the car keys to the valet then hopped into the elevator. The waiting time was so slow for him, he wished he just jog the stairs.

When he reached Taehyung’s house, he quickly punched his secuirty code then came storming in.

His excitement died down when he saw you. You were comfortably caged in Jungkook’s chest while doing whatever the fuck you’re doing on that laptop.

He felt somewhat betrayed.

When Taehyung came into the picture, it’s too late.

He looked straight into Jungkook’s eyes, as if it’s saying something and left.

He stayed at home, with a large bottle of liquor beside him.

He spent the rest of his week avoiding you, even Jungkook. He’s either working out or drinking. His hangovers were spent with Sana, who’s oblivious of his situation. He was forced to watch a movie with her, he fell asleep. He placed his phone on his lap.

That’s the time when Sana found an opportunity to check it.

She frowned when he saw his wallpaper. It was still the picture of you that he took several months ago.

She raised an eyebrow when she saw a text from you.

She was so irritated she replied a photo of of one of the benches.

Then she blocked your number. Satisfied with what she did, she  was going to return the phone but Jimin moved. She woke him up telling him his phone fell when he move.

Jimin was starting to get creeped out by the way Sana acts. She’s now acting as if she’s close to him.

Intimately close.

She keeps on clinging to his arm but he doesn’t complain.

He went home a thirty minutes before the mall closes. He didn’t even bother bringing Sana to her car.

He wanted to talk to you.

Because he miss you.

Weekend passed by quickly, then midterms come.

He was woken up by Sana’s conitinuous calls. He agreed to meet at the school. He checked the time and he knows that he’ll be late for sure.

When you arrive, her friends are with her, including Tzuyu. You just glanced at her. Then Nayeon started cracking jokes which continued until they come inside the classroom, obviously late. He spotted you seated close to the window, you were busy answering the test.

Not ten minutes has passed, you stood up, handing your paper to the professor together what he assume was your project. You left after.

He haven’t seen you since then until he forced Taehyung to  tell him some information. He mentioned that you took some of your exams in advance, and probably be free during lunch time tomorrow. Jimin planned on waiting for you.

True enough, he saw you opening your locker. He moved towards you, close enough to cast a shadow.

You quickly opened your locker and packing your books.

He tried playing with you but to his surprise, you shouted at him. Where did it came from?

Then you showed him your texts. He was lost. He didn’t remember texting you. He checked the time and date, he still didn’t remember sending such texts even the picture of the bench.

After you say something, you walked out. You even forgot to lock your locker properly so he locked it for you and left.

Evening came and he invited Jungkook to dinner. Jungkook declined because of his exams tomorrow. He called Taehyung and they agreed to meet at LATE.

“Yo hyung” he greeted him.

“I have a favor to ask, Taehyung.” He responded.

“Yeah?” Taehyung answered him.

“Y/N’s mad at me right now, would you please take her out in behalf of me?” he asked.

“Sure. Where do you want me to take her?” Taehyung agreed.

“Wherever you prefer. I just want her to relax. Have some fun.”

“Okay. Will do.” Taehyung dialled someone’s number.  He gestured Jimin to wear one of his earphones.

Upon hearing your cheerful greeting, Jimin can’t help but to smile a bit. That’s when Taehyung invited you. He threw a salute to Jimin and left.

Several hours has passed when Taehyung made that call in front of him and it made him anxious in some way. But when a message from him popped, he quickly opened it.

With a caption ‘Happy?’, a photo of you, digging through parfait was enough for him to make his day.

Damn, he miss you so much.

He just hope that when you see each other, he’ll still be able to control himself not to hug you.

After eating that delicious dinner, you and Taehyung stayed for a bit then he drove you home.

He walked you to the gates. You said your thanks and hugged him. You don’t know if it’s just your imagination but Taehyung somewhat smelled like Jimin. You took another whiff and you released him. You went straight to the tub, while thinking about why or how did Taehyung smelled like Jimin.

Maybe he was with him before the two of you went out?

You sinked in to the tub, trying to drown your thoughts of him.

When you hopped out, you changed into your pajyamas, automatically clutching the plushie on your bed.

You were in the middle of an action movie when someone called you. It’s Jungkook.

He told you to start packing. If you wanted to start the immersion for your project ASAP. You said yes. When the call ended, you went to your closet and pulled shirts, jogging pants, and and a jacket. You neatly packed them in your backpack. You’ll buy toiletries tomorrow.

You called Jungkook right after packing. He responded with a ‘Good! We’re going tomorrow.’ You were surprised so you plan on running to the convenience store. He’s a good listener so he quickly found out what you’re doing, he handed the phone to Taehyung assuring you that everything’s covered. Only your presence is missing. You agreed that you’ll meet up at five in the morning tomorrow.

You just finished that interrupted movie you’re watching  a while back then prepared yourself to sleep. You’re playing with the plushie when Jimin’s face flashed in your mind.

What was that about?

You shut down your own thoughts, only focusing on sleeping. You have to have enough energy.

Your alarm blared at three thirty, and you sat up. When you opened your eyes, there was Z, on a funny pose, she was tiptoeing towards her bed.

“Midterm’s over, why are you up this early?” she was on defense mode again.

“I have an immersion. For a project.” You confessed.

“Pack some food. You’ll never know.” She now walks normal towards her bed. She opened one of her drawers and threw a pouch that landed on your bed.

“Woman’s neccecities. Eat something before you leave. Oh and take care of yourself alright?” she said. Then she took her clothes off until she’s only wearing her underwear, now putting her sleepwear.

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

“Good morning Unnie.” Then you started to get ready.

You were waiting for Jungkook’s call but you’re getting impatient. You called him.

[Good morning. I’m at the gate.]

You told him that you’ll be there quickly, you grabbed your backpack and left.

You were greeted by a yellow hummer where he was leaning. He waved at you, gesturing to get your bag. You gave it to him and he placed it at the back.

You quickly hopped on the passenger’s side and him on the drivers.

“Ready?” he looked at you.

“Yeah.” You smiled a bit.

He started briefing you while you’re on the road. You’ll be going to one of the poorest areas in the city.

The drive was quite long for you. Maybe because of short breaks in between. When you arrived at the place, there were several children playing on the street, some women cooking on their makeshift kitchen. You were surprised when some of the older kids came running after the truck. You realized that you’ve just climbed a hill or you think you did. After parking properly, he get off the truck. He opened the door for you and extended his hand for you to go down safely. You were greeted by a nun who introduces herself as one of the care takers of the residents there. Then, she introduced you to the the leader of that area and he briefed the two of you. The leader told you that despite of the location being in the city, that area doesn’t have a power source. They can’t afford to apply for it because it’s pricey. They go down on the nearest areas where there’s available electricity to charge their phones and stuff. But the leader confessed that only those who’ve been on the ‘main city’ has phones. In short, you guys. Then he talked about your task and basically what you’re going to do is to involve yourself in the daily lives of the people around.

You agreed. And the first task for you was to cook.

By the help of the other residents, you started washing, peeling and chopping vegetables. While Jungkook started carrying stuff from the truck.

When the food is ready, it’s time for you to help in distributing equal food. You were placed in the line for mothers with young children. You’re so busy you didn’t notice how time flies. It was already afternoon and you were tasked to cleanup the outside area. You were sweeping the floor while Jungkook was on the other side, weeding the garden patch.

You were given an hour of break. You sat down by one of the chairs under the shade. He placed a bottle of cold water on your face. It feels so nice.

You smiled and he sit beside you. Despite you’re both sweaty, he leaned closer to you. You were conscious at first but it seems like he doesn’t mind. After the break, it was time to cook dinner. Because of the large quantities you need to prepare, you have to move earlier. Jungkook was tasked to chop wood. You, in the kitchYou shared a delicious curry rice with the residents.

When it’s time for bed, the leader let you occupy a small room. He handed the key to Jungkook. When you entered it, it has one large mattress in the middle. There’s an improvised table made from a wooden crate. There’s no electricity so the only source of light is the candles from different household.

He opened his bag, and pulled a solar powered lamp. He placed it on the wooden crate, illuminating the bed.

“Good thing I brought a sleeping mat.” He declared and he placed it near the door. You watched him move. While you prepared the bed. Theres’s too much dust on the bed that it made the lamplight dim.

“I brought two. Here.” He tossed the other one on your directon and you set your mat, you started feeling sleepy by the time you laid down.

You fell asleep in a short while after getting yourself comfy on the mat. Jungkook updated his hyungs specially Taehyung.

The next four days revolves in the same tasks. You were busy doing the usual tasks of the women, while Jungkook did what the male residents usually do. And during your stay, you became closer to the residents there who’s always with you. Not only that but also to Jungkook.

You were sorting your dirty clothes you planned on washing them. You approached Jungkook who’s drenched in sweat as he chops firewood. You handed him your own towel and he said his thanks then started using it.

After dinner, you told him to give you his dirty clothes. You’re not sure but you noticed that he blushed a bit. You insisted on doing the laundry. He handed you several shirts and jogging pants.

You’re busy hanging your clothes on a drying rack near your window when several vehicles entered the area.  There’s a large utlity van and two cars. One of them is so familiar, you don’t need to look who’s going to come out of the car.

The quiet night is now filled with voices. You wanted to go inside the room where you stayed but Jungkook stopped you. He’s now holding your hands firmly.

You saw that bright orange hair came out of the car. Your gaze followed him as he opened the car door of the passenger seat.

You prayed it was Taehyung.

But it bore a woman, a long haired woman. Until you recognized who she is.

It was Sana. The same Sana that wanted to get rid of you because of Jimin.

Out of impulse, you gripped Jungkook’s hands tight, holding on him for support. You hold your breath and stared at them, trying to understand what’s going on.

The leader called your attention, explaining why the members of the Fraternity and Sorority was there.

A letter came from the school telling them that they were chosen to be the recepient of the Fraternity and Sorority’s joint fund raising project.

“Y/N-nie, breathe.” Jungkook whispered.

You realized you’re still holding your breath when the leader explains. You slowly exhaled and continued breathing slowly. You’re still holding Jungkook’s hand when your eyes met Jimin’s. You looked at him for a solid second and then looked in a different direction.

You returned in hanging your clothes and you let Jungkook be with the other frat members that he knew, for him to take a break.

You were now hanging Jungkook’s shirt when someone approaches you.

That peachy scent overpowers your senses, which make your head dizzy in some way. You just feign ignorance and continued what you’re doing.

When you finished hanging everything, you were about to return to the where the wash basin was kept. You were shocked when you turn, Jimin was still there.

Was he watching you the entire time?

You pretend that you don’t see him. That he’s invisible. You don’t know what’s going on between Sana and him so you kept a safe distance.

He’s now following you. Thank goodness, Sana called him. And you make your way to return the wash basin.

Tomorrow was the last night of your immersion and the leader called you and Jungkook. He was very thankful of what you’ve done for them. He gave you your certificates as a proof of your immersion in their community.

After that meeting, you discussed to Jungkook what would be the input for the last part of your project.

He showed you several options from his phone and you both decided on a format that includes pictures of the location.

You were interrupted by a flirty shriek. You automatically turned your head to where you heard it and despite the dim lights, you saw Jimin giving Sana a piggyback ride, you want to vomit.

Jungkook saw your reaction so he convinced you to go inside and continue planning your project there.

You were drowned in your thoughts that you just sat there, staring at the slow swaying of your clothes by the window. Jungkook quickly texted Taehyung and told him what happened.

Taehyung replied with a ‘be a fucking friend right now and do what you think is right’ so he sat beside you. He slowly draped his arms around you, as if asking permission. You just let him. Then you leaned on him.

The two of you have been in that position for quite some time now, and when he checked on you, you were asleep. He gently laid you down. He moved his mat near you so he can check up on you from time to time.

You woke up feeling something warm behind you. You turned and it was Jungkook. You studied his sleeping form and you find him cute. Handsome even. You admired how peaceful he sleeps.  You added a mental note that you’ll cook for him when you come back to the dorms.

You were surprised when his eyes opened and looked directly at you.

“Are you okay?” he asked in a low voice.

“Yes, thank you.” you whispered.

He reached for your cheeks and pinched it.

“OOWWW. Kookie!” you complained.

He giggled.

You got up remembering your clothes.

“Hey, don’t go out wearing just that. It’s cold outside. Wear my jacket.” He said as he stretched while lying down.

You wore his jacket. You pulled the sleeves so you can see your hands.

As you collect your clothes a cough made you jump back.

“I see. You’re enjoying playing house with Jungkook.” Jimin remarked.

You didn’t respond. Instead you just collect all of the clothes when he grabbed one of Jungkook’s shirt.

“Were you the one who washed this?” he tries to tug it from you but your grip was firm.

You just tried pulling it from him. He’s strong so you tried putting force. When you pulled it, he let go, making you fall.

“Jerk. Idiot Jimin.” You stood up, continuing what you’re doing.

You went inside and started folding the clothes you collected. You placed Jungkook’s clothes on his sleeping mat while you packed yours. You make your way to the kitchen and greeted the others there.

You were busy chopping potatoes for mojos when someone from the sorority said something about Jungkook. You excused yourself properly to the women and went where the commotion is.

There, you saw Jungkook chopping wood in a a speed of light. You noticed he wasn’t wearing his shirt. You looked to the other side where you saw Jimin, who’s also shirtless chopping wood as well.

You asked one of the frat boys what are they doing. And he answered  that they just looked at each other and started it.

It was Jimin who finished chopping all the wood first and you have a feeling that somewhat it has something to do with you.

You wished you’re wrong this time.

You returned in the kitchen, continuing your task, from the kitchen to serving the residents. When it’s time for you to eat, you tried to look for jungkook but he wasn’t there. You ate alone.

You helped in cleaning the dishes as well, still eyeing Jungkook around but he’s not there. You’re getting annoyed right now.

You washed up, getting ready to leave when you noticed that almost half of the Fraternity’s population were not around.

Also Jungkook’s truck.

You called him several times, and you were hopeless. You called Taehyung asking if Jungkook has returned yet but he said he didn’t. You told him that it’s your time to leave before lunch.

You were running out of option so you went to the leader and he told you that he volunteered in bringing the sorority and fraternity members back.

You can’t believe what did he just said to you now you’re annoyed. You asked him how to get back to the main city from there and he was glad to do so.

You calculated your fare and it’s less than half of the total amount that you have.

You called Taehyung asking him if Jungkook returned yet. But he still said no.

That’s when Jimin approached you.

“Your playmate’s home already. You’re going back with me.” He said firmly.

You looked at him in the eye.

“No thank you.” you tried to dismiss him.

He just smirked.

“Choose. You’ll go home right now or you’ll stay here until whenever. Taehyung won’t pick you up either.”

“Is that what you earned when you chopped those firewood?”

He winked at you.

You thanked the leader and the residents properly before leaving. So when you approached the car, you opened the backseat but it’s loaded with stuff so you don’t have a choice but to sit beside him. You scooted closer to the door.

When he get in, you looked on the opposite side. That peachy scent overpowers the woody scent his car has. You heard him wearing his seatbelt and then the turned the engine on.

You’re now leaving the area.

You kept yourself busy entertaining yourself with the view. An hour has passed and you still don’t make a sound.

You slowed down when he spotted a drive thru.

“What do you wanna eat?” he sweetly asked.

“I’m not hungry.” You responded.

“You barely eaten anything there and you’re not hungry? Whatever, I’ll order for you.”

He handed you a burger, coffee, and fries. When you don’t reach for it, he placed it on the compartment between your seats.

“Eat or you’ll starve.” He tried convincing you.

You just glanced at him, then continued looking at the view outside. You were shocked when he stopped.

“Eat or I’ll kiss you.” he dared.

You automatically grabbed the paper bag and slowly munched on the fries.

Another hour and a half, you found yourself in front of the gates of your dorms. You gave him a sincere ‘thank you’ but you didn’t smile. You get out, and went straight inside, not glancing back.

When you returned, Z was there. As if she is  waiting for you.

“Unnie, hello.” You greeted her. She smiled back at you with a hint of worry obvious on her face.

“What’s wrong?” you probed.

“This came in the day you left. I don’t want you to worry so I waited for you. Here.” She handed you a paper, from the dorms addressed to you.

It was a notice, a notice that you’ve been asked to move out within two weeks time, stating that you haven’t payed in the last three months.

You were confused so you immediately called your father.

And then when you asked, he admitted what’s going on.

The building where your store is located was now being demolished. It will be transformed into a private resort.

He confessed that he pulled out your two month deposit form the dorms in the hopes that they can find a new location for the store but nothing in your area is good. And in the next town there are a lot of competition.

You can’t believe what you’re hearing. You asked them what about your school? It was your mother’s turn to speak. She told you that there are still remaining balance and that the insurance doesn’t approve  three consecutive loans within the year.

You felt your world was crushed.

You felt your dreams were shattered, falling apart one by one. But you pretend that you’re okay. You encouraged your parents to do their best. And you actually asked permission to work while studying.

Your mother was opposing it but your father talked to her and eventually said yes. You kept on encouraging them and ended the call with an ‘i love you, we can do this.’

You lie in your bed while crying silently. Z entered leaving a tray of hot tea and food. You stared at the ceiling. Then you got up, calmed yourself down. And stopped crying.

At times like this, you shouldn’t be crying. You shouldn’t be breaking down. You should be stronger.

You ate what Z made for you, took a bath, and went out.

She asked you where are you going and you told her, that you’ll going to buy something.

You went to a newsstand to buy the book of classified ads.

You went home right after and started searching.

You circled those who needs to be contacted via email. You asked Z if those locations were near the area. If it’s far, you skipped it. You ended up passing your application into four different companies including restaurants.

You remembered the food hall around the university so you checked it out immediately.

You started asking from the fried chicken place, too bad you’re a day late and they hired someone already.

Z called you, asking you to go back home  and you can search again tomorrow.

You agreed and returned home.

You arrived at a feast. There are a lot of food in the table. You checked the fridge and there are lots of food inside. Even on the cabinet.

“Don’t hesitate to grab anything that you like. This is for us. And this is me, wishing you good luck on your job hunting!”

You smiled and hugged her. You cried. She pat your head.

“Ahh, sshh, don’t cry. You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. I wish I could help you in some way.”

“This is enough unnie. You’ve done so much for me already. Thank you.”

“Stop crying and eat. I don’t want you starving.” She cheered.

You smiled and got  a slice of pizza.

The two of you started watching reruns of her favorite variety show and you both enjoyed it. You told her you’ll be calling it a night so you went to bed.

You rememembered to text Jungkook and Taehyung.

You both texted them: I’M GONNA KILL YOU BOTH.

And immediately, a video call from Taehyung followed.

Taehyung apologized as soon as you accepted his call. You chuckled. He was wearing cute glasses and asked him if you just got home and told him no.

You asked where Jungkook is.

He run quickly and get a hold of Jungkook.

He looked at you through the camera and acted cutely then apologized.

“So, tell me, who started that wood chopping competition?” you probed.

“He texted me. I said yes. We met there, we did it, he won.” Jungkook responded.


“Y/N-nie, I’m really really sorry okay?” he sincerely said.

“Yeah, I know. don’t worry.”

“Oh yeah, I have to go. Goodnight boys.” You said

They returned your goodnight and ended the call.

You dozed off quickly.

Morning came and you checked your email, several responses was sent to you. Three of them rejected your application while the other one invited you for an interview at ten o’clock that day.

Quickly you ate breakfast and wore your most presentable dress. You wore a black ballet flat shoes.

You put  a bit of makeup and perfume then you’re ready to leave. You checked the entire place and you noticed Z’s note. There’s an envelope, and it says

‘A little help. BEST OF LUCK!” you placed it inside your bag and secured the door and left.

You took two buses to reach the place. After two hours of exams, you’re hungry already but you have to wait for your final interview. When it’s your turn, they asked you several questions and you believed you’ve answered it well but in the end you were rejected.

You were disheartened, thinking you only have less than a week to  stay at the dorms. And you don’t wanna go back home. University’s the first step to reach your dream. You can’t give up.

You walked passed several buildings then you find yourself in front of a tailor shop, written outside was a wanted sign. They wanted a part timer, your eyes bulge when the qualifications they were looking for fits you. You pushed the glass door, and it ring the bell. The woman on the reception area greeted you and asked for your purpose.

You simply answered and she asked for a copy of your resume in which you gladly handed to her. She let you sit down on one of the expensive looking grey velvet couches.  A few minutes has passed and she called you.

You were guided at what you think were the owner’s office perhaps? There’s a book shelf behind the desk, full of books about fashion and related to tailoring. There were hunged framed pictures of a man measuring, cutting. Maybe this is the owner.

A strong scent of flowers greeted your nose. It’s so strong you controlled yourself from coughing.

A short, curly haired old woman appeared behind the desk.

Y/N Y/L/N? She stated as she tried to get your attention.

“Yes, Madam.” You responded.

She asked you several things starting from general to your personal life.

“I have one question to actually ask you.” she said, closing the folder which your resume is.

“Did you happened to know anything about this tailoring shop?”

You shook your head and confessed that you accidentally found the ad outside.

“Very well, you may start the day after tomorrow. All you have to do is be attractive and stay at the front desk, answer calls, confirm appointments, remind the clients of their appointments. Don’t worry, someone will assist you.”

You thanked her and she gave you her business card.

You left the shop happy.

You’re excited at your first ever job.

You happily prepare your outfit tomorrow. She allows pants as long as it would look smart for the clients. So you pulled your button up blouse. That shop is quite chilly so you prepared a complimenting cardigan just in case.

Z didn’t returned that day so you cleaned for her, in exchange of her help.

You wanted to let the boys know but you wanted your situation in secret so they wouldn’t worry too much about you so you just kept it to yourself.

Your first day of work came and you woke up earlier than your alarm. You even got an extra time preparing for your lunch. After the cooking, you ate breakfast and took a bath.

You’re satisfied with your planned ensemble so you’re proud and a bit confident about yourself.

You arrived at the shop thirty minutes earlier. The receptionist greeted you and she introduced herself as Mimi. She’s shorter than you but has a long hair, fair complexion and a small face. You noticed that she’s pregnant.

She told you where to look, and everything’s color coded. You jot everything down from the important dates, to the clients. She even taught you how to sit down properly and how to enjoy the job.

But since you’re a part timer, you’ll have a different schedule depending on your class. You’re usually free during the afternoon so you’ll be working from 2PM to 8PM.

The ‘Madam’ introduced you to your co-workers, what they’ll do, what would be your relationship with them, so on and so forth.

She let you inside her office once again and in front of you was a contract. You’ve read everything and signed it.

Your official job starts today. Since you’re on a week break from midterms, your schedule is the same with the receptionist Mimi who’s work is from 8AM-5PM.

She taught you how to greet the callers properly and how to check if their orders are ready for pick-up.

Most of the orders were being picked up during business hours. Maybe for meetings and such.

Mimi tested you and you handled several calls perfectly.

Lunch arrived and the store was closed for an hour.

You and Mimi ate together, telling you some techniques. Reminders on your calendar is one of the most helpful thing in your job.

Afternoon came and it become a lot busier than the morning. There were expensive cars stopping to drop someone, or pick up a suit.

You all greeted them with a smile.

Thirty minutes before five o’clock Mimi started to clean up. You followed her.

At two minutes before 5, she let the Madam know that you’ll be out too. She nooded. And you thanked her and left at exact time.

Your travel time back to the dorms took around an hour and a half. You’re not tired. But you felt sleepy.

You ate dinner, cleaned up, washed, and got ready for bed when you got a message from Jungkook.


Heya Y/N-nie wassup?]


Nothing much. How about you?]

From there you started discussing about the final part of the project. He video called you.

He was explained what would he proposed to do and you just have to give your recommendation and your experience during that immersion. You said yes and when that topic closed, he moved the phone closer and whispered “I miss you”.

You chuckled at him and you just responded “I miss you too, but I STILL WANT TO KILL YOU.” and you both laughed. You said goodbye and finally let your body rest.

Morning came and as you were ready to leave, the landlord told you to move out a day early. You begged him to let you stay for the night but he’s a cold hearted person.

You went to the office carrying almost all of your stuff.

Mimi helped you organize them so the Madam won’t question.

You’re worried because you don’t have a roof above your head anymore.

You focused first on your job the entire day whic made Mimi impressed. It was 5PM already and Mimi left. You didn’t move a muscle.

The madam left around 6:30PM. While the others left at 7. You remained.

You sat on the velvet couch and texted Z that you surrendered your keys to the landlord. The guard told you that it’s getting late and it’s now raining hard. You confessed to him that you don’t have anywhere else to go, he ignored it and told you that you should leave and comeback tomorrow for work. You don’t have a choice but to move. You don’t have enough money to stay at a motel so you stayed at the roofed part of the botique.

The guard noticed you and probably realized that you’re not joking so he let you in again. You slept on the velvet couch.

Monday came and it’s the start of the Finals.

You went to school earlier than you do when you’re still at the dorms. You chose to sit on the chair next to the windows so you can clear your mind somehow. The professor came in, together with some helpers placing your projects on the table. She said that there are impressive works that should be presented to many. That would exempt the group on the Pre-finals and and and would automatically have a passing grade this finals.

You were hopeful that your hard work might be included. She distributed first the ones who passed but not ‘presentation worthy’. You waited and waited until a few works were left on the table including yours.

It was down to ten, eight, five and then three. Three papers were left and the professor told you to sit with your partners.


You saw a bright orange hair approaching you and he sat casually beside you.

She called the first group that will present , followed by the next one. She declared that the last one was the most impressive and be the main presentation of the event. And the most impressive work was yours.

You heard a clap of admiration from your classmates and you smiled. You saw Jimin holding your binder. The professor called you to go down.

You’re thankful that your hard work paid off.

When you returned to your seats, you spoke to Jimin.

“I’m going to present alone.” you simply said, not looking at him.

“No, we’re partners there. We will present together.” He argued.

“You didn’t even contributed a single—Hey that’s mine!” you tried to get your paper but he opened it at a specific page.

“I added some things. When you left, I asked the professor to give it to me. Because you forgot to print something. Thats my excuse.”

You looked at the pages and you noticed there were more details and information included.

“Y/N, I want to help, believe me.” His tone sincere.

“Whatever. If you want to help, you would show up right?” you looked at him straight into his eyes.

“Of course. By the way, did you changed your number?” he questioned.

“No. Why?” you questioned back.

“Well that’s funny, I tried contacting you but your number’s not here. Wait.” He checked his phone and he frowned. Your number was included on his list of blocked contacts.

“That’s weird. Wait. I’ll call you just to confirm?” he suggested.

You nodded.

Your phone rang and you showed him the screen.

He showed a satisfied smile and he hang up.

Upon seeing that smile, your heart starts pounding faster.

“See you around.” He said and left.

You followed shortly and went to your second class.

You hurriedly rode the crammed bus so you’ll be able to go to work on time. You reached the shop in just a nick of time when you were called into the office.

The Madam was there, reading a book. You started to feel nervous.

“Darling, I have been observing you for more than a week now. And based on what I see, you’re doing a good job. But you’re not updating me on something.” She spoke in a very calm manner.

“These are your things right?” She slowly pushed your suitcase and other bag.

Your face lost all it’s color and you felt cold. You were found out.

“Do you have a place to stay?” she asked.

You looked at the floor and you felt small. You slowly shook your head.

“Oh, this girl. You should’ve told me sooner!” she exclaimed.

You looked at her and she was looking at you with a smile.

“Darling, a lady shouldn’t live in a place like this. Despite of a high end security inside and out, this is still a commercial establishment.” She started.

“Here, I want you to have this.” she pushed a jade velvet pouch towards you.

You looked at her, and she noded for you to open it.

The velvet pouch bore a key.

“It’s a key to my house. Oh dear, you are a lady. You should be kept safe always. But I want you to promise me something.” She warned.

“No boys.”

You nodded.

“No parties.”

You nodded.

“If you’re coming late, or will not come home, call everybody on that number.”

You nodded.

You can’t believe what’s happening to you and your life right now.

“Go now. Someone’s waiting for you at the back. Here’s the address, and there are the numbers of the people who will help you. I want you to settle first before anything else. And don’t worry about your pay for this day, you’ll receive a full pay.”

You cried.

You thanked her. You held her hand and you just cried there.

She moved in front of you, and pat your head.

“Go.” She smiled assuringly.

And you smiled back.

She guided you how to exit to the back and there’s really a person waiting for you at the back. He carried all of your things and placed it in the compartment. He opened the door of the passenger’s seat and he sat behind the steering wheel.

The car ride was exciting for you. You don’t know what kind of house you’ll live in from now on but you’re now very thankful. The driver stopped at a high walled property. The gate was intricately designed and painted in black. The driver honked once and someone from the inside opened it.

The car parked in front of the main entrance an it bore a large house. You placed the key and turned it, you felt like you won that house when you heard  a click which opened the door.

You called someone from the paper that the Madam gave and introduced yourself. The driver politely greeted you and left.

That person was a chubby woman who greeted you sweetly and introduced herself as Molly. She guided you to your room.

The design was just like what you saw on magazines. The walls are in stripes of pastel blue and pink.

Your sheets were in floral.

You thanked her. She told you that you’re the only  one living in the house so you really have to contact them whenever you need something. You thanked her.

You were so happy that when Molly left, you jumped.

You looked for the toilet and you found a beautiful one. It’s  modern. You thought maybe the intrerior was remodelled and the exterior of the house was preserved.

You received a call from an unknown number and when you answered it, it was the Madam.

[Did you like it?] she excitedly asked.

“Madam, I LOVE IT. Thank you!”

She chuckled.

[Ah, the bathroom’s on the furthest left from your room. Suit yourself. There are tons of woman things there.]

“But this is too much”. You tried to calm her down.

[Nonsense! Just pick a scented bubble bath whatever, my in-law loves to send me those and I don’t use them. So do whatever you please.]

“Madam, I can’t thank you enough.”

[Shush. I’ll hang up okay? Enjoy your stay.]

The call ended.

You dashed to your room and picked your toiletries and started your bath time.

You chose to use the one that smelled like flowers. You played with the bubbles and closed your eyes for a bit. When you’re done, you were so impressed for there were stack of folded towels on the built in cabinets. You wrapped yourself in one of them and it felt so fluffy. You were now headed to your room to get a good nights sleep.

You were awaken in the middle of the night when you felt something warm behind your back. Your waist felt heavy and you feel that someone’s embracing you. Fear starts to overpower your senses, you remembered locking the main door.

Or did you?

You tried to move but the arm starts pins you down. You want to scream but there might be nobody around. Your phone was quite far from you so you couldn’t ask for help through text.

When that ‘person’ moved, it was your opportunity to move back. So with force, you pushed that person, enough to make him fall. He groaned.

Then you opened your phone’s flashlight.

To your surprise, you screamed, and the other person screamed too.

Then he stood up and turn on the main light. You hid behind the covers.

“Who are you!?” he asked.

“Don’t come any closer!” you shrieked.

“Y/N?” He called your name.

You quickly removed the covers from your face and your eyes widen as the familiar orange hair of Park Jimin was in front of you.

“Jimin?” You looked at him in disbelief.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” you both asked each other in unison.

solid proof dimitri is a spectral

alright, so i know we’ve all been speculating about this for a long time, with lots of compelling evidence, but never enough to seal the deal yknow?? but while rereading i found it– two panels that prove our theories to be correct that seemingly everyone overlooks. also, forgive me if this has been pointed out, i havent been keeping up with the fanbase :’)

there are two panels i’ve noticed in the third and fourth chapter that have dimitri in them. i’m someone who likes to look at everything, find easter eggs, decipher codes and cryptography, so i always look in every panel for something good. that’s when i noticed this, in the third chapter.

look at the purple spirit on the left. see how it’s stealing limbs from the members of the activity club? look closely, right under isaac’s speech bubble. you can clearly see an arm and head with a dark skin tone– the exact skin tone of dimitri’s. if you don’t believe me, take a picture of him from the first chapter with normal lightning and put them side to side (im not sure if recent pictures of him will work, since zack has changed hues in character design before and i havent checked that.)

we see the same hand pop up again in chapter four, too– in the form of isabel telling her story to eightfold (rip)

on the right, above spender, is the same arm and same skin tone. when i saw these panels i kind of freaked out, not completely on the whole “dimitri is a spectral” thing, but now, i’ve realized it’s literally handed to us twice. all we needed to do was look closer.

and with that i rest my case. no need to search through his lines, actions, even recurring items he’s seen with that may be his tool– just two panels with small details that we overlooked.

btw i’m back yall and am working on those asks

“Hey kitten”

Hi, I’d love to request a one shot based on the “secretly dating Garcia” preference. Can you write one about the team realizing that Reader and Garcia are together please. Bonus points if you include the dirty pics during briefings part. Thank ya!

Based on this headcannon

Title : Hey Kitten

Pairing : Garcia x Reader

POV : Third person

Word Count :885

Beta reader : My bitter bi bae @lostdreamsanddeadroses

Something was wrong, Garcia could feel her spidey senses tingling. Or maybe it was just the fact that someone had decided to blast the A/C on so it felt like Antarctica. She watched you bite your lip, hunched over case files, clicking your pen rhythmically. You never clicked your pen like that unless something was wrong.

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용인 에버 벚꽃 축제

진해벚꽃축제(Jinhae cherry blossom festival)가 너무 좋아서 또 다른 벚꽃 축제에 가고 싶었어요. 남자친구랑 집과 멀지 않은 용인에버벚꽃축제에 가기로 했어요. 에버랜드라서 사람 진짜 많을 줄 알았으니까 원래 안 가려고 했지만, 토요일 아침에 일어났을 때 날씨가 아주 좋고 남친이 벚꽃축제 가본 적이 없었어서 가기로 했어요. 즐거운 날이 됐어요.

Jinhae was so good that I was desperate to go to another cherry blossom festival. So this time I went with my boyfriend to Yongin Everland cherry blossom festival(용인에버벚꽃축제), which is a lot closer to where we live. We weren’t going to go at first because we thought there would be too many people since it’s next to Everland, but when we woke up on Saturday morning the weather was fantastic, and since my boyfriend had never been to a cherry blossom festival before we decided to go. I’m glad we did.

Check out the blog to read the rest of the post and see more pictures from around the art gallery! 


OH. MY. GAD. Our first request! An anon requested a Hyuk arranged marriage smut, so I thought it was perfect timing to help Admin R in her quest to write for all the members we don’t give enough love to. I didn’t know it would get this out of hand. ELEVEN pages single spaced. Anon, I hope this is satisfactory. Because I am tattered by these Hyuk feels.


Your eyes were glued to your twiddling thumbs in your lap. You didn’t dare look up at the man staring at you. You could feel his nervousness in the way his hand trembled slightly when he gripped the stem of his wine glass. He took too large swallows of the muscato. Sure, you had dated a bit before the marriage, but you were both new to this and inexperienced. 

Your parents had first approached you with the idea of an arranged marriage a little less than a year ago. You had just returned from class and had gone into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Your parents sat at the kitchen table deep in discussion. You jokingly asked who had died and your father cut to the chase. He wanted you to get married. Soon. You almost spat out your water at that. Your father was quite ill and wanted to see his grandchildren before he passed. You understood where he as coming from though you thought the idea silly. They had to be joking. No one in this era had arranged marriages anymore. You had dated a total of two guys in your life. Neither relationship had lasted more than four months. Your virginity was still very much intact and based on your awkwardness around men, it would remain that way for a long time.

Your mother noticed your hesitancy and ushered you to take a seat. She explained that you would be able to meet all of the prospective grooms beforehand and even date them a bit before making a decision. “But you have to decide within a year.” Your father added, setting a clear deadline. You still thought the whole thing was ridiculous. You laughed it off, thinking that your father was just being dramatic. You realized the gravity of the situation a few days later when you came home to find a spread of photos covering your coffee table. Your mother sat on the couch in front of them, her chin resting on the side of her fist as she thought things through.

Your heart nearly jumped out of your chest as she took notice of you and called you over to join her. You blankly made your way over and sunk into the seat besides her. You quickly scanned the faces looking up at you from the table and turned to your mother. “These are the sons of some friends of mine.” She informed you. You were sure that the horror you felt was mirrored on your face. “You were serious?” You asked her in disbelief. “Very.” She curtly replied. She gathered the pictures and handed them to you. As you flipped through the photos, you barely registered anything. Your mind was racing as life seemed to sucker punch you. This was really happening. You heard your father violently cough from the other room and were snapped back to reality. Immediately, a sense of guilt washed over you as your mother raced to your father. You turned your attention back to the pictures.

It was very real. You were going to have an arranged marriage. You thumbed through the photos again, paying close attention to each man’s face this time. One particularly caught your attention.

It was the same man that was now watching you like a hawk as he drank his wine. You had just gotten married. It was a small ceremony with only family and close friends. One of his band members had officiated the wedding and another sang a congratulatory song. The whole thing was quiet, personal, and quick. Much like the rest of your relationship. And here you were, sitting in a five star hotel’s restaurant, having dinner. The two of you hadn’t had time to eat at the wedding, being too busy handling things and being stopped to take pictures with the guests. As soon as it had ended, you had clamored into the limo and were directly off to the hotel. Tired and hungry, you and your new husband checked in and went to your room to change. You changed out of your wedding dress in the bedroom of your honeymoon suite while he changed in the bathroom. Both of you weren’t quite ready to bare everything to each other quite yet.

You slipped into a fitted cocktail dress that highlighted your curves in just the right places. It was attention grabbing with its fire engine red color and sweetheart neckline. However, it’s floor grazing length kept things modest and classy. Your husband stepped out of the bathroom after exchanging his tux for a simple suit and tie. He smiled and complimented you as he offered you his hand. You grabbed your clutch off the dresser and took his hand with what you hoped would become practiced ease.

His name was Hyuk. You stole a glance at him from across the table. His hair was styled up off of his forehead just like in the picture that had caught your eye. The hairstyle brought attention to his chiseled cheekbones and sharp jaw line. You concentrated on his long fingers and the way they held his knife as he cut through his steak. He took a bite and followed it with a sip of wine. Your eyes fell to his strawberry lips as he licked away a drop that had gotten left behind. Hyuk leaned forward, noticing that you weren’t staring into your lap anymore. You couldn’t help but appreciate the way the movement highlighted the breadth of his shoulders. You wondered how it would feel to hold onto those shoulders as you lay beneath him writhing in pleasure. You could practically feel the heat of his bare skin against your fingertips.

He spoke and you shook the impure thoughts from your head. You gave him your full attention as he talked about all the things he would like to do when the two of you left for your Tokyo honeymoon the next day. He had heard about a huge store that sold Naruto and One Piece merchandise and he just had to check it out. You gave him a tight smile, relieved that he hadn’t noticed your strange behavior. But then again, you hadn’t known each other long enough for him to know what was strange behavior from you.

Your mother had called Hyuk’s mother the very next day after you picked his picture from the batch. Your mother had given your picture to his mother when she got his photo from her. They chatted for a bit before your mother asked if he had seen your picture yet and whether or not he had an interest in you or not. He did and a formal meeting between the two families was set up to be held within a week’s time. You were highly embarrassed by the whole situation as you walked into the traditional restaurant tailing behind your parents. The mortification seemed to vanish when you first laid eyes on Hyuk. He was even more handsome in person. Your heart pounded against your ribs so hard that it bordered on painful. You could tell he was just as affected from the way he forgot to stand up and greet your family even though his parent had already rose from their seats. His eyes followed you as you took your seat directly across from him. The rest of the evening went well and at the end of the night a date was planned for just the two of you to meet. You both agreed to it, Hyuk a little more eagerly than you.

Maybe sneakers weren’t cute enough for a first date, you thought to yourself as you waited in front of the carousel. You studied your sneakers, regretting your choice. You had dressed a little too practically for your amusement park date. You wore a white button up that tucked into your jean shorts. The first few buttons were left undone to reveal the top of your plain blue undershirt. Your hair was loose and you had added a bit of wave to it with your curling iron. You wore a watch and thin chain, but no other jewelry. Your black and white converses seemed to dress down the whole look. You weren’t nearly as pretty as the girls in cute skirts or dresses, but you knew that wearing a skirt would limit the rides you could go on.

Hyuk came running up to you, out of breath and apologizing for being late. He happened to be wearing a blue button up the same shade as your undershirt tucked into jean shorts and white sneakers. “Oh! Couple look!” He had exclaimed when he caught his breath and finally took the time to give you a good once over. All your doubts disappeared without a trace and you were suddenly glad that you had thought to wear sneakers. You smiled and teased him for stealing your fashion. He pouted and insisted that it was you who had copied him.

You smiled and pulled out your map of the park. He got closer so he could look as well. You got a whiff of his cologne and my goodness did he smell nice. He smelled like a mix of wet earth and sea salt that was refreshing and comforting. It was a scent that you could get very used to. You mentally scolded yourself as you accidentally made eye contact with him. Quickly covering up your ineptness, you said that you two should try walking the park from one end to the other, riding the rides that you wanted on the way. He hummed in agreement and you set off. The date went well. You had started with a rollercoaster and got your blood pumping. You had stopped by the arcade as you past it, battling each other at whack-a-mole and skeeball. He had won you a huge teddy bear with knocking over milk bottles but you had refused, exchanging the large bear for two smaller matching ones. One for each of you. Hyuk surprised by your thoughtfulness and smiled warmly as you both decided on names for your bears. You shared churros and instantly regretted it after riding the gyro drop. You rubbed Hyuk’s back as he sat on a bench with his head between his knees, waiting for the nausea to pass. The sun was setting by the time you made it back to the carousel. You ended the night by exchanging phone numbers and went your separate ways, each of you hugging your bear to your chest.

It was hard to make time for dates between his busy idol life and your classes. You settled on late night phone calls and texting. Once in a while you would go on dates and slowly you found yourself liking Hyuk more and more. On your second date to the movies you had held hands. Three months later you had your first kiss with Hyuk. Your relationship went on like that for six months before the idea of marriage was pressed again. While you had no qualms, you weren’t sure about Hyuk. You had only gone on a handful of dates, not really spending much physical time together though you spoke on the phone frequently. He said he was fine with it if you were and so six and a half months after meeting Hyuk, you were married to him.

You shifted in your chair, you underwear bunching uncomfortably. You mentally cursed your best friend for the bridal lingerie she had gotten you. You weren’t even sure if it was going to happen tonight. Sure, you were ready but that didn’t mean Hyuk was. Neither of you had much dating experience, let alone sexual experience. It didn’t help that the relationship had been quite rushed. If he wanted to slowly ease into things, then you wouldn’t push it. But if the way his eyes watched how your lips wrapped around the chocolate-covered strawberries you were having for dessert was any indication, you wouldn’t have to wait very long for Hyuk to be ready.

Hyuk polished off the last of his wine and paid for the bill. You thanked him and took the hand that he offered to you. You walked hand in hand as you made your way back up to your room. Once in the elevator, Hyuk give your hand a little squeeze and muttered a tentative “Mrs. Han” as you both faced forward. You immediately snapped your attention to him. He was blushing quite hard. Holding back a smile, you asked, “What was that?” He covered his face with his free hand when you leaned in closer to him. He sighed and tried again. “Mrs. Han.” He said clearly this time. You giggled at his cuteness, letting any apprehension you had slip away. Hyuk took advantage of your face tilted upwards to look at him and stole a quick kiss from you as you laughed.

You paused for a moment before laughing even harder once you recovered from the shock. He had to pull away because he was thrown into a giggle fit of his own. The nerves from earlier in the day had set both of you on edge, making you guys forget to enjoy the moment. Today was your wedding day, Hyuk was your husband, and you were happy. You smiled and kissed him on the cheek. A smile bloomed across his face in reaction before he tangled his fingers with yours, holding on to you tighter. Warmth spread across your chest at the affectionate gesture.

The elevator door opened with a “ding!” and Hyuk led you out, still holding firmly onto your hand. You swiftly made it down the hallway to your room. You carefully sidestepped the luggage leaning against the dresser and Hyuk pulled you into the room behind him. The door automatically swung closed, locking with an audible click. He made his way to the bed with you still in tow. He found purchase on the edge of the bed, his weight making the mattress dip and messing up the neat heart made of burgundy rose petals that decorated the sheets. He tugged you close, spreading his legs so you could stand snugly between them. He rested his head on your stomach and you smiled tenderly. You were glad that he seemed as content with the whole weird arrangement as you were. You ran your fingers gently through the hair on the back of his head as he turned his head and softly kissed you through the fabric of your dress.

Hyuk leaned his cheek on your abdomen and glanced up at you. The affection in his face had been replaced by something much darker. The lightheartedness of his expression had changed to an animalistic hunger. It stole the breath from your lungs. The way his hand had come to grip your hip didn’t help your breathing much either. “My wife.” Hyuk stated, a smirk playing at his lips. You didn’t know how to react. His other hand had wandered around you to rest on the small of your back. He applied the tiniest hint of pressure, making sure that you were held in place close to him. The way his lithe fingers tapped a slow rhythm against your back had you too distracted to even begin to formulate a response. He huskily chuckled at the way you were so affected by his touch. The sound had you stiffening. You could take a good guess as to where this was going. 

“Tonight is our wedding night, Mrs. Han.” Hyuk informed you as he moved the hand from your hip to meet his other hand behind you. He interlocked his fingers, making sure you couldn’t escape. You unintentionally shivered at the way his voice had gotten slightly deeper, his tone laced with a hint of lust. You bit your lip, hesitant about what he was suggesting. Were you ready? Was he ready?

Hyuk clamped his legs together with you still between them as he leaned back just far enough to loosen his tie. Your jaw dropped at the sight. He looked damn good in a suit, but you had to admit that he looked even better taking it off. He began to remove his cufflinks and you couldn’t help the tightness in your chest. He had never been so forward with you. Not that you minded. This sudden easy confidence of his was sexy. Though, you couldn’t help but think it was at least partly induced by the flutes of champagne at the wedding ceremony and the wine from dinner. 

You got even closer to him, the tops of your thighs pressed tightly against the side of the bed. You slipped your hands under the lapels of his blazer and pushed it off of his shoulders. He helped you along by shrugging it off entirely. He slipped the cufflinks into the breast pocket of the blazer before letting it slip haphazardly to the floor. Hyuk stood up without warning and you took a step backwards at the suddenness of the movement. He used the momentum of your action to spin you around by the shoulder so that he could press himself against your back. His hand immediately began exploring the curves of your body, from the indent of your waist, over your hip, and down the side of your thigh. You leaned your head back on his shoulder, an act only allowed by the added height your heels gave you. He brushed your hair to the side, placing a light kiss to your neck. You sharply inhaled and shuddered at the sensation.

His palm pressed into your lower belly as the tip of nose traced your jugular. Your skin was quickly heating up. You held onto his forearm, needing something real to grasp to let you know that you weren’t dreaming. Warm puffs of Hyuk’s breath fanned out across your collarbone and you could feel goose bumps rise on your skin. While you appreciated that he was taking it slow, giving you time to revel in the intimacy of the moment, you needed more.

You turned in his arms, rising to the tips of your toes to plant your lips firmly against his. Hyuk’s hand instantly found the middle of your back as he held you tightly. You tilted your head, gripping the collar of his white button down tightly. Trying to tone down your urgency, Hyuk sucked delicately on your bottom lip. Without missing a beat, you parted your lips, running the tip of your tongue along his top lip. His resulting groan was quiet but it was music to your ears. Before he could try to explore your mouth, you placed the flat of your hand against his shoulder, releasing his collar, and pushed firmly. He stumbled backwards, the back of his legs hitting the edge of the bed. Loosing balance, he fell on the bed, rose petals thrown in the air with his flop. Without a word, you were over him, your knee pressing into the mattress near his hip. Your lips were back on his as a hand worked on the buttons of his shirt.
Hyuk smirked into the kiss, loving how desperate you were for him. You wanted nothing more to wipe that smugness from his face. So you sunk your tongue into the seam of his lips. He sighed with surprise, allowing you entrance into his mouth. Your nails raked down the exposed skin of his chest as your tongue met with his. Hyuk’s hand smoothly cupped your cheek as your tongues swirled together, remnants of wine and strawberries flavoring the kiss. You could definitely get used to the taste of Hyuk.

His fingertips seared your skin as they ran down your bare arm. The coolness of his wedding band gave a stark contrast to the heat of his skin on yours. You arched your back so your chest was pressed tightly against his. Hyuk squirmed at the feeling of your plush breasts against him. He needed a moment to stop his head from spinning with raw desire so that he could savor you. He turned his head, breaking the kiss. His breathing was harsh as he left wet kisses down your throat. You opened your eyes when he bit down on the junction between your neck and shoulder. Your head was clouded over with a fog of Hyuk and all you could focus on was the way his skin was a milky contrast to the dark rose petals on the bed. 

A large hand came to clutch your ass firmly and all you could do was gasp at the way it had your core tingling. You pulled up higher on his body but your dress was stuck under your knees. The top of your dress slipped down a bit as a result and the line of lace on your white bustier flashed into Hyuk’s vision. A mix of embarrassment and shock washed over you before Hyuk’s mouth was nestled in your cleavage, sucking a bruise into the side of your breast. Lust consumed you and any shyness you had briefly experienced was completely wiped from your mind. 

Your hands reached down, untucking his shirt from his pants as he worked at your chest. You swallowed shakily as his hand squeezed your butt harder. You pulled back to finish unbuttoning his shirt, grateful that he wasn’t wearing an undershirt. You scoffed, not believing your eyes. The boy had abs. Cut abs so well defined that you could trace each square with your tongue. If that didn’t make you self-conscious you didn’t know what would. “Like what you see, Mrs. Han?” The little sass questioned as he sat up leaning on his elbows. You rolled your eyes as the way his muscles only became more defined with the change in position. He chuckled and pulled you down by the back of your neck. Your lips were smashed against his as he swiped his tongue across your lips.

Hyuk’s fingers searched for your dress zipper as he kept your mouth preoccupied with his. You rested a hand on the bed besides his shoulder as you led his hand to your side with the other. He tugged the zipper down as fast as he could once he found it. He freed your neck so he could gaze up at you. Your dress fell around your hips, revealing the entirety of your lacey bustier. It was Hyuk’s turn to marvel. The boning of the bustier cinched in your waist and pushed your breasts up so they looked perkier. The lace allowed small glimpses of your skin. The way the hickey he had worried into your skin was darkening set him over the edge. He spread a hand over your stomach and pushed you back. Confused, you kneeled over him. He sat up and pushed you further so you got off of the bed and stood between his legs once again. Your dress fell clean off and pooled into a puddle on the floor. Ah, so that was his aim.

You grinned at the way his jaw went slack at the sight of your see through lace panties. The captivated expression that took over his face had your confidence recharged. You stepped out of your dress and turned around so your back faced Hyuk. You swept your hair over your shoulder so he could get a full view of your backside, the bottom of your butt cheeks peeking out from the cheeky cut of your underwear. You unclasped your necklace and made a little show of swinging your hips as you walked over to the dresser to set the necklace down. You knew your stiletto heels added to the effect.

You glanced at the reflection of Hyuk in the mirror that hung over the dresser. He seemed to be mesmerized by your figure. A packet of matches sat next to the spread of candles on top of the dresser. You bent over a little and struck a match, lighting a few candles before blowing the match out. As much courage as his enchantment was giving you, you still crossed the room and flicked off the lights. The candlelight cast seductive shadows over your body as you made your way back over to Hyuk.

You stepped assuredly back between his legs, immediately reaching down to unbuckle his belt. His hands smoothed over the skin of the back of your thighs. He looked up at you with reverence as you unbuttoned and unzipped his pants as much as you could while he sat. You held his gaze evenly. You grazed over his hardening erection and his eyebrows knitted together. You gripped the waistband of his pants and pulled him up by it. Once he stood, you bent your knees to pull down his boxer-briefs along with his dress pants.
“What the fuck?!” You exclaimed at the sight of his defined v muscle. God was playing some kind of cruel joke on you. You had apparently married Adonis without knowing it. You were severely regretting that extra roll you had at dinner now. He smirked smugly and untangled his pants from his shoes. You huffed in disbelief as he sat back down and untied his black dress shoes, removing them and his socks. Once he was done, Hyuk sat back up and beckoned you with his finger. You scowled but obliged. 

He reached behind you, pinching the clasps of your bustier together in an attempt to get it off. You laughed as he struggled for a long moment. You slipped your pointer under his chin and tilted his head up to look at you. “Say please.” You ordered, your turn to be cocky. He was fully hard, his dick stretched up towards his navel and beginning to weep. His lip curled back as he glowered. You tutted and let him continue his fruitless efforts. You brushed your lips against his temple when he sighed in defeat. “Please.” He mumbled with his gaze lowered. You patted his cheek and twisted your arm behind you. You expertly squeezed the hooks and eyes until they came undone. You tightly clamped your arms to your sides to prevent the bustier from falling to the floor as your dress had done, shyness suddenly taking a hold of you again. But Hyuk was having none of that.

He slid his fingers between your breasts underneath the top of the bustier and ripped it from you. He tossed it carelessly off to the side. Your eyes were wide with stun as he drank in your bare chest. You could feel the heat filling your cheeks and hoped that the room was dark enough to hide your blush. His fingers wrapped around your biceps and forcefully pulled you to him. He leaned back on the bed, his arms around you securely, and you fell with him. Without missing a beat, he rolled you over so you rested in the cloud of rose petals as he hovered over you. 

Hyuk’s knees caged your hips and he tucked his hands under your arms to pull you up higher on the bed. Once your head rested on the pillows, he shifted so he kneeled between your thighs and used his knees to spread your legs. Satisfactorily giving him enough room to work with, Hyuk rested his pelvis on top of yours. His cock was hot and thick against you. You couldn’t help but whimper. The heel of his palm dug into your ribcage as he left a burning trail of openmouthed kisses down the side of your neck. By the time he made it to your chest, he was taking bites of your skin with his lips.

You held on to his bare shoulders as you writhed with the nerves under your skin becoming hypersensitive to his touch. His broad shoulders felt as strong as you imagined them to be. You sunk your nails into them as he ran the tip of his tongue across a breast, higher than where you really needed his mouth to be. You arched your back and breathed his name in a ragged whisper, asking him to continue. He played the piano on the side of the breast that he wasn’t teasing with his tongue. You felt like you were on fire. Hyuk’s caresses were searing.

You tentatively rolled your hips against him, feeling your wetness making the seat of your panties stick to you. He groaned low in his throat, putting more pressure on your ribs. He rewarded you by gently taking a nipple between his teeth and tugging until you moaned. You grabbed a handful of his hair in a desperate attempt to keep him at your chest. Hyuk got the message loud and clear. His free hand made its way up your middle to fondle your other breast.

Your core was aching. You thought you were losing your mind the way lust was licking at your veins. You weren’t even in the right mind to be embarrassed at the way your hips bucked against Hyuk’s erection in pitiful tries to build enough friction to give you some sort of relief. Hyuk switched his mouth over to your other breast, his tongue curling around the neglected bud. Your toes curled when he dragged his fingertips ever so slowly down your abdomen to trace shapes over the lace of the side of your underwear. You couldn’t take the light touches anymore. You needed more.

You pressed down hard on the small of Hyuk’s back as you gave a sharp thrust upwards against his dick. The moan that he choked out in response was so melodious that it had your vagina shivering. You wrapped your legs behind his thighs and pulled, driving him deeper into your damp center. Hyuk actually growled at that. He shoved your legs off of him and raised himself off of you. Scared that you had done something wrong, you hurriedly sat up on your elbows. But Hyuk had other plans. He slid his hand between your butt and the sheets to tilt your hips upwards. With his other hand, he pulled your panties off in one clean swoop. 

He let go of you and you fell ungracefully back onto the bed. Hyuk didn’t hesitate to slam his hips against yours, your wetness making it easy for him to slide his throbbing cock between your folds. Your head fell back as you enjoyed the feeling. “More.” You heard yourself beg. Hyuk couldn’t even form a conceited reply for that. He was just as frantic as you for fulfillment at this point. 

You reached down between your legs and stroked Hyuk’s length. It was his turn to throw his head back in pleasure. Your small fingers were such a stark contrast to his long ones. He didn’t realize it would feel so different, so good, to have a woman pump him. Your fingers gripped him more fully, tightening around his dick as you ran from head to base in long movements. You watched in fascination as Hyuk closed his eyes, his face wracked with satisfaction. You quickened your pace and he panted. His abs began to tense and you released him completely, realizing that he was close. It took his a moment to catch his breath and calm down enough to open his eyes and glare at you. You feigned innocence and searched for his hand. You tried to placate him by pressing a tender kiss to his knuckles when you found his it. But for Hyuk, this called for revenge.

A finger ran through through your slickness, ending on a rough rub to your clit. You jolted at the sensation. “You’re so wet.” Hyuk said as he found your entrance. You pursed your lips, slightly ashamed. He smiled at your shyness and kissed you on the mouth, reassuring you that it was okay. He kept kissing you as he dragged some of your moisture to your clit and rubbed circles into the nub. You moaned and thrashed, your hand winding into your own hair. Hyuk dipped his tongue into your mouth at the same time he pushed a finger into your dripping core. You keened, the feeling foreign and tinged with pain. Hyuk caught your tongue between his teeth and tickled the tip with his own. You appreciated him trying to distract you from the discomfort. You gasped, stealing the air from his lungs, as he dragged his finger out and pressed it back into you. He sucked his stolen breath back from you as he continued to finger you. Soon the sting subsided and was replaced by a slow building pleasure.

It still wasn’t enough though. Feeling your walls straining less against him, Hyuk added another digit. Your back bowed off of the bed at tears pricked at the corners of your eyes. He hushed your whimper by scraping his taste buds against yours. You could hear the squish of his fingers entering you, your wetness letting him slide easily in and out. You sighed, releasing some tension as the stretch had your toes pointing. It wasn’t long before you were grinding back against Hyuk’s hand. Feeling you were amply prepped, he withdrew his fingers. He pulled away from your lips, giving you a sweet peck on the cheek.

Your thighs trembled in anticipation as he took his length in his hand and lined himself up with your opening. He tenderly stroked your face with his unsoiled hand, and you nuzzled into the touch, your eyes fluttering closed. “I’ll make it quick.” He promised. You nodded, not opening your eyes. You screamed as he plunged into you, sheathing himself fully inside of you in one thrust. The tears flowed freely down the sides of your face now. He held his hips very still, afraid of hurting you more. His thumbs swiped your tears away. You gasped, trying to will yourself to calm down. He affectionately placed a kiss to your forehead and you opened your eyes.

His pupils were blown wide beneath his half-lidded stare. His dark eyes bore into your own. The pain faded away as you could feel the way his dick stretched you to the max. Your hands slid down his sides, pausing to appreciate the ridge of his v muscle, before holding determinedly onto his hips. You gave a small buck of your pelvis in a silent green light. He smiled a little in relief. You leaned up and brushed your lips against his jawline. He drew his hips back a teeny bit before sliding back home. You groaned, amazed at how good Hyuk felt. 

He hooked his chin over your shoulder, his face buried in your hair. You sang his praises and he went even deeper, causing your abdomen to buckle. You wrapped your legs around him, locking your ankles behind his back. The change in angle had him driving his length hilt deep into you. You met hit thrust for thrust, adding a little twist to your rocking so that his balls met with your skin. Your ribbed walls were so tight against his dick that he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Hyuk increased his pace, his fingers finding your clit once more. You bit down on your lip as he rubbed furiously into the nub. He added more pressure and moved in time with his thrusts. It wasn’t even a minute before you were curling in on yourself, struggling to breathe and your muscles all seemed to tense all at once. You could feel your lower belly rapidly clenching and unclenching. You were overwhelmed, terrified that it was too much. You panted, unable to take in more than short half breaths in your constricted lungs. You yelled Hyuk’s name in a pitch so high you were sure it wasn’t your voice. Then you snapped. Your muscles released all at once and your inner walls pulsed, clamping down on Hyuk’s cock.

He grunted at the added squeeze and stimulation of your orgasm. You soaked his length with your cum and he gave one last hard stroke, making sure he was fully seated in you, before reaching his own end. Warmth flooded your canal as Hyuk’s cum coated your insides. It took you both a long while to come down from your highs, struggling to catch your breath and slow your pounding hearts. Hyuk relaxed into your body, settling his entire weight on top of you, before he drew his hips back to dislodge himself from you. You were still tight around him and begged him to ease out slowly, your nails cutting crescents into his forearms. He complied, sitting back on his haunches, his cock dragging slowly from your core. You sighed once you were empty, the feeling strange after being so full. Hyuk slumped back over you and exhaustion hit you.

You were tired mentally from the long day and now tired physically from the earth shattering orgasm Hyuk had launched you head first into. You mindlessly patted Hyuk’s head as your eyes fluttered shut. “My husband.” You whispered drowsily. “My wife.” He replied affectionately.

Nothing to be sorry for

Lutteoficweek Bonus Day: Fix it fic day (Where you fix one canon scene to your liking)

I know this is horribly late but in my defense, I thought this scene deserved proper fixing and I’m extra busy and stressed lately, so… better late than never, right? Anyway,I hope you enjoy this!

Special thanks to my fave Italian muffin @sky-girls for all the help! <3

„Why did you do this?“

„What, the photos?“

„That’s not what I mean, I’m talking about the kiss!“

“Oh, that. Well, to win the competition of course. It was part of the choreography. Or do you think I kissed you for another reason?”

“What? You know very well that it was never part of the choreography!”

“I added it, I think it improved the ending.”

“Of course, congratulations, the snob had the idea for an ending like in the movies! Next time, remember this is a rink, not a movie theatre!”

“Calm down, delivery girl, or did the kiss mess that much with your head?”

“Yeah, surely not, I know exactly what I feel. And what I… don’t feel.”

“Me too. Very well.”

19, 20, 21. 21 clips holding the curtains in their place. 21 clips he counted, again and again while the guitarist wasted minute after minute away under the shower.

Matteo understood he was the only one to blame for Simón’s misery, that he was the only one to blame for Luna’s angry outburst and the look of regret in her eyes back on the rink. He was the only one to blame and yet, here he laid, not sorry at all. Could it be considered a sin to not regret screwing up?

He started counting again. Still 21 clips.

The blood continued to rush through his veins, continued to burn him from inside out. The cocktail of emotions refused to leave him just like Simón refused to get out of the bathroom. Counting the clips made no difference, why did he even bother?

Matteo switched his attention to the drapes. Two, four, six, eight. Eight. Eight, like a sequence in a choreography, like in the choreography with Luna. Luna. Kissing Luna.

With a grunt Matteo threw himself on the other side of the bed, away from the stupid curtains and the stupid drapes that inevitably led him to the moon no matter where his eyes turned to. However, it was too late, the memory flooded his brain once more.

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