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Yūri Ep7 gifset process

A little process overview of the Yūri gifset I made:

1) Find the scene you wanna edit. bless this face

2) THE MOST TIME CONSUMING PART: masking out the background. After Effects has a roto tool you can use that auto generates a mask.  SAVES A TON OF TIME, but you still gotta go through each frame to make sure it caught everything (hair is a pain lemme tell you..) You can see me using the roto brush to fix up the mask (right side) in two of the frames, which translates to the actual gif (left side). You can also use Photoshop to mask manually through each frame with the lasso tools but… that’s gonna take way too long especially if the scene has a lot of movement LOL

Result with the background gone (some minor errors later effects will fix):

3) Add your effects, adjustments, and text

And now you have a precious Yūri looking for some praise:

Be sure to check out the full gifset here!

Leaked Pages From Sasuke Shinden


The tweet itself says “There were some NaruHina parts in the Sasuke Shinden. I’m only about halfway through reading, but I wonder if SasuSaku parts will come.”

Anyway, the first leaked page has Hinata being told to check something out with her byakugan. It looks like people are caught in genjutsu or something… but no context and parts of sentences are cut off, so not going to attempt full translations of any of these.

Second leaked page says Naruto was explaining something, which I guess would have been on the previous page… And he says Hinata can go with him (and Shikamaru?) but I don’t know what for because no context… anyway, she nods and says yes.

Third page of that tweet has something mentioned about some man and stopping the movements of some people, but way too much is cut off for me to have any idea what’s going on with that. Anyway, it says that some technique is a really big burden on Hinata. And Naruto asks if she’s ok, worrying about her. She answers that she’s ok, and then she says “we’ll fight together.” He nods, and then the next sentence says something about a signal but it’s cut off…. bleh.  Anyway, then he says they’ll take out whatever it is that they’re up against (curse lack of context) in one shot. It looks like Shikamaru is also there.

But yeah, I need context and non-cutoff sentences, so I didn’t really try to translate a lot of it. More info once I get my own copy of the book next week.