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Warning about the current KKM Musical english version online

I have to point out something important about the current online version of the second maomyu (musical) with english subtitles on youtube, the one I shared in a post earlier today but now I decided to take down. This is currently the only version available online of the musical. This video is EDITED and several scenes were CUT.

Like Yuuri petting Wolfram when he feels sick while talking with Conrart…

Or the close up of Conrart dancing some lovely moves with Josak…

Or Yuuri slowly taking Wolf’s hand inside the closet and apologizing, followed by a long chat (one of the longest cuts I suppose)…

And I don’t know what else is missing because I didn’t continue watching.The cuts are noticeable and you’ll see them, the missing scenes feature certain pairings or characters.

The current subtitled musical is incomplete and since I strongly disagree the only version out there is like that, we decided to work with some translators and use our own RAWs of the DVDs to make a full version. We’ll do all of them, because I don’t know if the first musical is edited too (it’s done by the same person) and I don’t own a copy to compare it. 

We’ll start working on the second musical now because it’s the only DVD I own, but eventually we’ll release the others, as soon as I get the rest of the RAWs. 

We want to provide complete material, I’ll try to double check what I share from now on.


Oikawa Tooru’s seiyuu, Namikawa Daisuke, had his 3rd Live Tour [Hurricane] on the same day as Yoshino Hiroyuki (Iwaizumi Hajime’s VA) First Live Tour ‘Charge’. Namikawa had his concert just before Yoshino’s, and both of them came to each other’s as a surprise guest and part of their unit “Uncle Bomb”.

I love how they weren’t close before, but slowly they spend more time together (and because of Uncle Bomb too!!) and become much comfortable with each other \^_^ /

And Yochin definitely spoiled Namikawa-san rotten XD!

@trash-candies My top three Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki moment, the third place *lol* The one I told you was the second best. And my favorite story about them couldn’t be shared until I figure out how to translate them nicely (and without making me crying *again*) or screaming like the audience “YOSHINO-SAN MARRY MEEEE!!!” ^^/

Yūri Ep7 gifset process

A little process overview of the Yūri gifset I made:

1) Find the scene you wanna edit. bless this face

2) THE MOST TIME CONSUMING PART: masking out the background. After Effects has a roto tool you can use that auto generates a mask.  SAVES A TON OF TIME, but you still gotta go through each frame to make sure it caught everything (hair is a pain lemme tell you..) You can see me using the roto brush to fix up the mask (right side) in two of the frames, which translates to the actual gif (left side). You can also use Photoshop to mask manually through each frame with the lasso tools but… that’s gonna take way too long especially if the scene has a lot of movement LOL

Result with the background gone (some minor errors later effects will fix):

3) Add your effects, adjustments, and text

And now you have a precious Yūri looking for some praise:

Be sure to check out the full gifset here!


[Image description: A variety of computer-generated forms and graphs used to track a variety of symptoms.]

Hey, spoonie friends! Can’t settle on a symptom tracking method? Like having customisability with raw data and visuals? Check out this easy system we set up, using free and reliable services–Google Forms, and Google Sheets.

This method is a daily check-in, where you record your symptom levels for the day in a short, online survey. Set an alarm on your phone for bedtime, then just pop over to the site and reflect on your day. Since you’re going through Google Forms, your data will be automatically sent to a corresponding spreadsheet, where you can do whatever you want with it. Even better, you can set up a cute design and a message to display when you’re done (a simple “Good job” at the end of the day can really cheer you up).

Full write-up after the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Are there any sources you could recommend for someone doing Rammstein research?

The answer is: yes!

Obviously one has to look at various interviews and articles and try to keep up-to-date with them. There are years’ worth of those in video/audio/written form - Rammstein’s been around for two full decades, so just looking through them will help to piece a lot of things about their history together. There is not a specific one that I would recommend fullheartedly; sometimes interviews do suffer from contradictions (as things are reported or recalled wrong) or bias (given that many interviews are conducted with one or two members of R+ only), so reading just one or two won’t help too much. And some interviews are either not translated or translated poorly, which is always a drawback. But if you have a lot of time and patience - and most importantly, if your ‘research’ really is about Rammstein’s history as Rammstein/the band members’ opinions of each other and the world/logistics of tours or future plans etc., interviews and articles should serve as your primary source. 

I can also recommend the following books (which I have all read and do possess), if you are also interested in Rammstein pre-history or want a lot of context as to why sometimes they say/think/do the things that they do. They lived through a very different, and if I may say so, quite an unusual period in history. There’s a lot you can gather from wider research.
These are all primary sources, they all come directly from the band members or related parties.

The Rammstein Autobiography (ISBN: 3931126323)
This fetches a pretty high price nowadays b/c it’s out of print. It’s from 1999 and can provide no information re: the post-millennium exploits of the band, but it is beautifully illustrated, contains long and really quite insightful interviews from everyone in the band (except Olli, who only has a two-page spread of photos, and Flake, whose entire contribution basically reads like ‘this_band_has_caused_me_nothing_but_suffering_and_misery.txt’), and also contains some lyrics and Till poems from a time before either Messer or In Stillen Nachten. Some of those clearly went on to become Rammstein lyrics. Best of all, all the text here is translated side by side in German and English, which is not a common attribute to many R+ ‘primary’ texts. I’d check this one out, if you can get your hands on it. 

Mix Mir Einen Drink (ISBN: 3896029053 for the 2010 edition)
The quintessential ‘where were they before they were R+’ text. This is actually an incredibly detailed biography about Feeling B, which is still a band you ought to know quite a bit about if you are researching R+ or East German punk rock as a whole. There is no translation, but it’s still a solid 600+ pages of info; what you get out of The Rammbrick this book is a detailed picture of their younger years, and it’s also funny as hell. I think this book has literal historical value; The Rammbrick’s its appendix comes with things like Stasi files that were kept on the band, for one, and it’s a vivid firsthand sketch as to what life in East Germany actually was like. You see it through the eyes of people who were, in that state’s terms, living like outlaws - and the stuff they went through? They’ll come off as at the very least quaint and at the most horrifying, once the implications sink in. (The bit about Flake being the only one to escape arrest at Schoenhauser Allee station during the 1989 protests and later turning up to a completely empty rehearsal room comes to mind.) Highly recommended.

Rammstein Liederbuch (ISBN: 0711972206)
Can you read music? I got some good news for you, and some bad news. The good news is that R+ have had sheet music published of their Herzeleid and Sehnsucht songs, and they’re here. The bad news is that this is out of print, and it can sometimes fetch some truly insane prices (used ranges from £25-£430 what the literal fuck). There is basically nothing there except for sheet music, either, no bonus photos or anything. So if you can’t read musical notation/aren’t so much interested in the actual musical structure of R+ songs, you can give this one a miss. Otherwise, it’s stellar in quality and contains every instrumental part and solo - if you play an instrument, worth checking out.

Messer (ISBN: 382180730X for 2005 but I swear there is a later edition)
Till’s first poetry collection. I think it’s obvious why I recommend this. If you are interested in the literary merits of Till, you are going to want this, full stop. As for translations, I did a full translation project of this in my blog here, and am slowly in the process of doing secondary clean-up of the translations in messerstein. But you really need the original German texts in front of you, too, because this is poetry and it’s often impossible to preserve devices like rhyme, meter, aliteration, puns, and such that make poetry what it is, you know? I think the 2005 edition is out of print but I swear to god I have a later printed edition that isn’t asking insane prices like £99.95 jfc it was less than £20 when I got it brand new in October 2011??!?!

In Stillen Nachten (ISBN: 3462047779)
The second book of Till’s poetry. Poems in there are shorter but there are more of them, and the illustrations are… quite something. You also want this if you want to think about Till’s literary merits, and if you are a fan of Mayakovsky’s or Brecht’s or Rilke’s poetry, you are probably going to like this collection quite a lot. The Brecht is especially strong in this one. (If this is the case, I’m going to assume that you have some familiarity with Marxist critical theory and audience alienation and East German political history, though none of those things are strictly necessary to enjoy anything in Till’s repertoire.) I’m also working on translating this in messerstein and I think there is a translation coming out (don’t quote me on this) but again, same old. You need the original texts in front of you for maximum appreciation. This thing is actually affordable please for the love of god get it support Till hhhhhh

Mike Oldfield im Schaukelstuhl: Notizen eines Vaters (ISBN: 3938686618)
I’ve written about this recently. This had a reprint in… 2006, I think? If you are in Germany, you’re in luck; if you aren’t, well… yeah. I’m not sure whether to classify this as an (auto)biography of anybody, whether of Till (called Timm here) or Werner Lindemann (who wrote this book). It is a book vastly about Till at nineteen-twenty years old, and covers a relatively short timespan of maybe eight months, but it’s seen through Werner’s eyes. There is very little pretense in his writing and everything is portrayed with efficient, sometimes even superminimalistic, starkness, and I think sometimes that had led people to have false impressions about how Till and Werner treated each other. If nothing else, this is a very good sketch of life in East Germany, along with the generational difference between those two. I would recommend it more because of the East German aspect, to be honest. I’m translating this bit by bit; there are fragmented translations floating around from years ago, too, though I don’t think there is a completed version.

There are also quite a few third-party publications about Rammstein, usually in the form of unofficial biographies or actual academical texts; I would advise being far more cautious with those, obviously, but if you are willing to gamble, you can gather some original insight that you might not otherwise had. ’Outsider perspective’, in other words. I’m thinking of The Little Black Rammbook (close literary analysis of some R+ songs, discussion of their lyricism, other literary references that you might like to have, etc) and Bis das Herz brennt: Die inoffizielle Rammstein Biografie (exactly what it says on the tin). They are vastly optional. Flake also has a book out. I don’t have it, and I haven’t read it, which is why I have said nothing about it so far bUT JESUS CHRIST I NEED IT SO B A D. I shall have to add that entry in later, it should be really interesting.

Finally, as part of far broader context, I would recommend reading up in East German history, especially around 1960-1989, 20th century German poetry, WWII and the rise and fall of the Nazis (important, because R+ is frequently accused of fascism, and it is absolutely essential that every true Rammfan knows why this is an objectively wrong and horrible opinion), 19th-20th century German theatrical aesthetic theory like Gesamtkunstwerk/Verfremdungseffekt (explains the philosophy behind their stage shows), Das Nibelungenlied (Till seems to be heavily influenced by it), the structure and devices associated with poetry, and Marxism because why the hell not. But they’re the most background of background readings: in most non-academical cases, interviews, articles, their actual lyrics and music, and some knowledge of their history will do the job. Happy researching!

… Now I feel like I’m setting up textbooks for a school of Rammsteinology.


NDRV3 Character Trailer #4

Fourth and final character trailer. Cut for space purposes.

**Please do not use this translation for subbing the trailer! Check out @kaibutsushidousha for the subbed version in a little while!**

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Leaked Pages From Sasuke Shinden


The tweet itself says “There were some NaruHina parts in the Sasuke Shinden. I’m only about halfway through reading, but I wonder if SasuSaku parts will come.”

Anyway, the first leaked page has Hinata being told to check something out with her byakugan. It looks like people are caught in genjutsu or something… but no context and parts of sentences are cut off, so not going to attempt full translations of any of these.

Second leaked page says Naruto was explaining something, which I guess would have been on the previous page… And he says Hinata can go with him (and Shikamaru?) but I don’t know what for because no context… anyway, she nods and says yes.

Third page of that tweet has something mentioned about some man and stopping the movements of some people, but way too much is cut off for me to have any idea what’s going on with that. Anyway, it says that some technique is a really big burden on Hinata. And Naruto asks if she’s ok, worrying about her. She answers that she’s ok, and then she says “we’ll fight together.” He nods, and then the next sentence says something about a signal but it’s cut off…. bleh.  Anyway, then he says they’ll take out whatever it is that they’re up against (curse lack of context) in one shot. It looks like Shikamaru is also there.

But yeah, I need context and non-cutoff sentences, so I didn’t really try to translate a lot of it. More info once I get my own copy of the book next week.

[2014.12.01] Jungwoo + Taeha Twitter Conversation

Jungwoo: 이제 삼촌말고 아빠라고 하는 친구들이있다 큰일이다

Now there are friends who are starting to call me dad instead of uncle this is bad 

Taeha: 엄만뎅 … 엄마아

But you’re a mom … mom

Jungwoo: 저아세요?

Do you know me?

Taeha: 허헣…… 나 상처받음……

Huhh…… I’m hurt……

Jungwoo: 캬릉!

Kyareung! (T/N: Cat screeching sound)

Taeha: ………….. 사진보고 팬들이 떠나가능 소리가들려…. ㅠ^ㅠ

………….. I can hear the fans leaving after seeing this picture…. ㅠ^ㅠ

Jungwoo: 저정도사진가지고.. 그럼 난 팔로워가 0명이었겠지 ㅎ

With a photo like that.. then I should have 0 followers ㅎ

Taeha: 야압 정우형 떠날준비해야지 유환이형한테 갈거임 안늉

Yaahp I’m gonna go get ready to leave Jungwoo-hyung I’m gonna go to Yoohwan-hyung bai

Jungwoo: 하..패기좋다? ㅎ

Ha.. you have really good spirit? ㅎ

Taeha: 이거 받아염

Take this

Jungwoo: 태하야형춥다 인간 보일러좀~

Taeha, hyung is cold give me a human furnace~

Taeha: 이제 보니 정우향 콧구멍이 이뿌넹

Now I see that Jungwoo hyang's (T/N: hyung) nostrils are pretty

Jungwoo: 이제보니 태하씨 눈이예쁘네요? 유환아 황박사한테 전화해서 안구2개 필요한지 확인좀해봐라~

Now I see Taeha-ssi’s eyes are really pretty? Yoohwan, call Dr. Hwang and check if he needs 2 eyeballs~

Taeha: …… 눈 이뿌네…. 하아 이제 업써…자원고갈이다…. 안녕…. 전 이만…

…… my eyes are pretty…. haah I don’t have any more [photos]…my resources have depleted…. goodbye…. I’m leaving…

Jungwoo: ㅎㅎ 우리태하사랑해요 ^-^

ㅎㅎ I love you Taeha ^-^

Taeha: 나두 사랑해요 혀엉

I love you too hyuung

Jungwoo: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ결국통수냐…. 하… 사스가…

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋIs this a high command at the end…. Sigh… 사스가(?)…

Translations @ speed-boys
Please take out with full credits

anonymous asked:

i've never cared for sm artists to be completely honest and after listening to lee hi's song i honestly became so surprised by how sweet and healing the song/words are and i'm so happy it was an idol like jonghyun who wrote them? it's truly made me a fan. i've been on your blog for two days and now haha, and i'm so amazed by him, he's sooo talented. i was wondering what are some hobbies he does outside of his singing and writing? he seems like such a sweet and kind guy. ;_;

ah, this is really nice to hear! i’m glad that he’s drawing in some new fans. other than singing and writing, he doesn’t do too much with the exception of his radio show, so i’d suggest to check out the blue night radio tag to get a bit more insight on his personality, etc. he also wrote a book that released late last year. it hasn’t been translated in full but you can find snippets of it here. but yeah! hobby wise …, like said: he seems pretty focused on composing / writing lyrics, writing in general, his radio show and, well, shinee. otherwise, some of his other interests / things important to him that he’s mentioned: candles (he collects them because he’s sensitive to smell), roo (his dachshund), his mom and older sister, reading, etc. translations from the blue night tag or reading some of his interviews will probably help you get to know him the best. (it’s also fun to scroll through his sns posts: instagram + twitter, though he hasn’t been super active on either over the last few months, or even the compositions tag if you want more insight on his writing.) i’d also suggest checking out his solo songs if you haven’t because they’re really similar to the one that he wrote for lee hi; as are a lot of his songs that he’s written for shinee. hopefully this helps a little!

WicDiv Playlist: Alice

I get off the overland in a city without the underground and the WicDiv playlist on my phone turns to the Sisters of Mercy’s Alice.

I find myself thinking about a gap across time. A record old enough that it’d be highly unlikely I’d be listening to it when it came out, in an experience equally as alien to the people who experienced it first hand. A gap across time, an experience re-translating experience into new forms as we skip down the years.

Which is, shall we say, a very The Wicked & The Divine emotion.

I go home and check the dates, and see I’m full of shit. Alice is 1982. Yeah, too early for someone like yours truly to be listening to them, but the first cassette Walkmen hit in 1980. By ‘82, some middle-class kid with generous parents or working class kid with industrious fingers could have taped their Alice EP and be stepping off the overground with this buzzing in their ears as they dance around the late-night post-pub commuters.

They wouldn’t have had an oyster card though. So there’s still a difference.

Oh, the Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters. How I loved them. One of those short list of bands who were without any irony genuinely life-changing. How I walked, how I talked, how I dressed, how I thought. Bands as gateways to way of life, bands as red pill, bands if I never really outgrew, because there’d be no “I” left if I did.

I’m not alone. They’re one of the bands both my favourite critics and favourite people have more time for than the average music lovers. They’re one of the bands who I have friends who I talk to and think “almost all the problems you have your life would be solved if you loved the Sisters of Mercy when you were 16.”

The Sisters of Mercy are awful.

By which I mean, Andrew Eldritch was awful. Is awful. I hope that’s a “is”. I’d hate to think it was a “was.” I like him awful.

Awful as in an awful person, as refreshing as the first person who doesn’t smile politely just because they should.

The Sisters of Mercy were, to go with the traditionalist reading, an Iggy-loving rockist band in anti-rockist times. Of course, their rockist instincts in anti-rockist times was, by the deliberate choice herein, kinda anti-rockist if you squint. If rockism is a belief in naturalism and just being yourself maaaaaan, then the Sisters of Mercy are as anti-rockist as Plutonium.

Iggy was a fuck you.

The Sisters of Mercy are a fuck you with annotations.

This makes them less rock than Iggy, but ethically far worse. If you’re doing it by instinct, it’s understandably animalistic. If you’re doing it by considered, careful choice, you’re a fucking monster.

We’re all monsters, at least for a few seconds at a time. I don’t believe you if you’re saying otherwise. Everyone I’ve ever met have failed that particular test of being inhumanly humanistic. Especially you. Yes, you.

There’s music about how you wish you are. There’s music how you wish you aren’t. There’s music which looks the world in the eye and tells it exactly who you are, and asks if they want to make something of it.

When you could never believe that about yourself, that’s a useful thing to play with. That’s the closest to being invulnerable. Letting music cloak your skin, making your slick, gliding. The Kid-With-Knife last part of Singles-Club-ism. Especially if you’ve never felt like that. Especially if you’ve never understood you could be that untouchable.

Listening to a Sisters of Mercy record made me wish like I felt like how listening to a Sisters of Mercy record made me feel.

By my math, Alice is arguably the first Sisters record worth a damn. It’s a long way from their best work, but it’s still worth a damn. It’s a sleight thing, a selection of cruel, rejected and rejecting words at a girl who appears to be 92% broken. A drum machine, a riff, echo and a baritone from beyond the veil. It is, in the language of the web-medium I’m writing this, as problematic as hell.

How could it be otherwise? There’s nothing understanding about “Fuck you.”

The thing about art is it can do anything. The thing about art is that if it choose to do everything, it does nothing. Sisters of Mercy’s emotional range is as narrow as a stiletto. It exists for when you want to stab someone.

If you’ve lived your life without wanting to stab someone, be grateful. I wish I was you.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Wicked & The Divine character most touched by Alice isn’t the nicest of people.

He’s in good company.