check out the astro boy dress

imagine pocket sized rocky moonbin and jinjin asking if they can sleep with you because they think a monster is hiding in the doll house they have been sleeping in so you go to check it out with the three boys using you like a giant teddy bear as you lift the doll house’  roof to look and see if you can spot this so called monster you see sanha dressed up in a ghost costume making creepy sounds. you smile at yourself but play along and say they can sleep with you. you head back to your room and right as you plop down on your bed the small boys start to curl up/ hide into your body after a while moonbin and jinjin fall asleep but rocky is kinda shaking a little bit so you ask if he’s ok and he shakes his head no so you ask if he wants to talk about it. he says “ i just want to try and protect you but every time i try to your always the one protecting me i just wish i was braver. “ you both hear the wind outside but to rocky it sounds like a ghost moaning causing him to gain tear stained cheeks out of fear so he asks “ y/n will you hold my hand until i fall asleep please? “ while giving you puppy dog eyes. of course you say yes and hold his hand but since he is so small he has to hold onto your thumb soon you fall asleep and the rest is for you to imagine :) ( im so sorry if this was bad its my first time writing something like this )

Watch: ASTRO Literally Looks Like They Stepped Out Of A High School Anime In “Confession” MV Teaser

[Soompi article]

Spring, summer, and now autumn; no matter the season, it seems like ASTRO will always be there to lift up your spirits.

On November 7 at midnight KST, the popular rookie boy group released a teaser for their latest title track, “Confession,” from their third mini album “Autumn Story.”

The song features another happy-go-lucky melody that is solidifying into ASTRO’s signature sound, as the boys run around picturesque landscapes and backgrounds. Looking amazing dressed in high school uniforms, the members seem almost too perfect with their good looks.

Watch the gorgeous teaser below and don’t forget to check out the whole album when it drops on November 10 at midnight KST!