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Girl I need a pole dancing fic asap 💕💕💕

Hmm, I wonder why I suddenly got so many requests for this fic (this isn’t even all of them jeez). Y’all are sinners. Also I’m not sure if I liked how this one turned out, it’s all a bit she did this he did that, but whatever. I hope you enjoy anyway!
Warning: there is sin ahead, honestly blame the buggies. 

“Cheryl, what the hell?” Veronica exclaimed, casting her gaze around the room with a raised eyebrow. The head bitch herself had rallied the Vixens for an emergency practice, surprising them all by turning on her heel and marching into the smaller weights room off the side of the gym. Everything had been cleared out, all equipment long gone, replaced only by an array of shiny silver poles stretching from floor to ceiling.

“I’ve been doing my research and it appears that this is the best way to turn your abs to fabs in time for the end of season pep rally,” Cheryl stated, gesturing matter-of-factly around her. Betty gulped.

“Pole dancing?” she asked, voice shaking with the rising of her nerves, brows pinching together in concern.

“Pole fitness,” Cheryl clarified, striding over to a pile of booty shorts, even shorter than their regular required uniform (and significantly tighter, Betty noted), with matching sports bras. “Suit up, my River Vixens. You’ve got a lot to learn in the way of sex appeal.”

“V, I don’t think I can…” Betty mumbled in panic, eye darting between the poles and the tiny garments resting atop her open palm. Her other hand gripped at Veronica’s arm, itching to curl into itself. Veronica glanced down at it before meeting Betty’s wide stare.

“B, it’s okay!” she reassured, bringing her hands up to rest on Betty’s shoulders as she tilted her mouth in a comforting smile. “We’re only at practice, it’s just like exercise,” she reasoned. Betty’s heart rate didn’t slow any. Veronica sighed, eyes running over the room as she tried to find the right words. “Okay, think of it this way. This is an aid to becoming stronger, right? Mind and body. It’s gonna make you feel confident and powerful. So think of something that already gets you halfway there.” Mischief glinted in her dark irises. “Maybe… when you’re with a certain dark-haired, brooding, Byron wannabe? I bet you know a few ways to help him raise the flag-”

“Veronica!” Betty screeched, tilting her head to watch the open door, cheeks flushing scarlet as she pulled her hand back from the other girl’s arm like she’d been burned. Veronica grinned devilishly, shrugging her delicate shoulders.

“I’m just saying, Betty. Channel some of that ‘in the moment’ confidence.” Her eyes softened. “It’ll help,” she threw over her shoulder as she turned to go and change. Betty took a breath, releasing the tension from her back as she stretched out her fingers. She could do this.


Betty stumbled into the girl’s locker room, muscles she didn’t even know she had aching, red bruises forming between her thighs. Pole, she had quickly learned, was exhausting. Add to that a commanding Cheryl Blossom, on the warpath for perfectly arched backs and streamlined drops, and she wasn’t sure she’d be able to walk for a week.

But Veronica had been right. It did make her feel powerful, in control, even - dare she say it - sexy. It allowed her the kind of freedom she craved when she just let go, without any of the darkness clouded the edges of her vision, pulling her into an unreachable abyss. Betty bit her lip against her smile as she opened her gym locker - she could definitely get used to this feeling. Gripping the cool metal between her fingers, her thighs, back arching as she swung gracefully.

“Want me to wait for you, B?” Veronica asked, coming up behind her. Betty startled at her close voice, ponytail whipping sharply behind her, the dark-haired girl ducking out of the way.

“Wha- Oh, no. I’m supposed to be meeting Jughead to work on the Blue and Gold,” she smiled. Veronica smirked.

“Whatever you say. Enjoy your work,” she said suggestively, flitting out of the locker room with one last coy glance at Betty’s mortified expression. She huffed out a laugh, shaking her head at her friend’s antics as she pulled her clothes out.

The surrounding din quietened down as the last of the Vixens left for the night, leaving Betty alone. She glanced round cautiously, checking there were no prying eyes still, before slipping back into the gym. She couldn’t help herself; she just wanted to lose herself in the sensation for a little bit longer. She stepped gingerly towards the centre pole, clasping it with damp palms. She hooked her right knee around the object, like she’d been taught a few hours before, and pushed her weight off her left foot, propelling herself round.

She caught glimpses of herself in the mirror lining one wall. It didn’t feel like her own reflection staring back at her. She didn’t see pink sweaters and slicked back hair. She saw lean lines, strong muscles, elegant curves. There was a way about her features, her narrowed eyes, her mouth set with firm confidence, that made her blood buzz as she continued to move. She dipped her body, leg coming up in a sharp angle as she let her eyes drift closed for a moment.

“Betty?” Her eyes flew open at the low voice coming from her right. She straightened herself quickly, fingers clutching at the pole as she took in Jughead’s form standing in the doorway. Her cheeks burned.

“Juggie…” she breathed, unable to meet his eyes. “H-how long have you been standing there?” His own cheekbones were already dusted an adorable pink, blue eyes wide. He swallowed around the thickness in his throat, adam’s apple bobbing distinctly.

“Um, not that long, really. Just a while… a f-few minutes, maybe,” he stammered, ashamed of how long he’d stood silently, knowing she hadn’t seen him, while she danced.

He was entranced the moment he’d opened the door. He’d gotten worried, Betty was never usually this late to their meetings, and ventured out find her. He’d heard the music coming from the weights room and curiously pushed open to the door only to find her, twisting her body sensually to the beat now pounding in his ears. Jughead had frozen in place, boots rooted to the spot, unable to look away - not wanting to - even though he knew he was spying. She’d just looked so beautiful he couldn’t help it. His fingers itched with the desire to touch her, a pool of warmth flooding his lower belly and sending sparks southwards. His heart thudded, so loud he was surprised she couldn’t hear it, air getting too hot against his skin.

She appraised him with her usual, wide eyes, snapping back instantly into the Betty he was familiar with. She chewed on her lower lip, fingers playing idly with the elastic on her shorts. She could see the way his pupils had blown wide with lust, with want for her, as he’d been watching. His breath was coming a degree faster than normal, the way it did whenever she’d run her fingers down his chest, her teeth across his collarbone. She was turning him on just by the way she was moving, across the room entirely. The thought simmered beneath her skin, sending a delicious warmth to the apex of her thighs.

Before Betty could stop herself she was moving to grab one of the chairs stacked against the wall, placing it a few feet away from the pole she was previously using. She grabbed Jughead’s hand, his palm reassuring in hers, and dragged him over, pushing on his shoulders to get him to sit. He gazed up at her questioningly, eyebrows knit in confusion. She simply smiled, leaning down to press a lingering kiss to his soft cheek.

“Just watch,” she murmured against his heated skin. He nodded, dumbfound, not quite sure what he was agreeing to but knowing he didn’t want to say no. In the moment confidence, Veronica had said. The fluttering nervousness in her chest was blooming into something new, a need to have Jughead’s eager eyes on her as she danced, wanting him to see her whilst she reached this new high.

Betty took a breath, feeling the beat vibrating up through her legs. Her hand came up to her ponytail, pulling the band out and tossing it away, letting her honey waves free around her shoulders. Jughead shifted in her peripheries, hands coming to rest on his knees, waiting for the performance to begin.

She walked round the pole, each step measured and calculated, one hand running delicately over the metal. Every so often she chanced a glance at Jughead from beneath her lashes, finding his eyes glued to her frame. This dance wasn’t like the others from practice. Betty swung her hips back and forth, sweeping her hair over her shoulders with a flick of her head, adding a whole new layer of sensuality to her steps. She spun, enjoying the slight breeze across her warm skin that the movement caused, pulling her lower lip between her teeth as she arched her neck. Jughead cleared his throat shuffling in his chair as his fingers clutched aimlessly at the denim covering his knees. It was so apparent what she was doing to him, his tongue coming out to wet his suddenly dry lips.

Betty turned to face him, hands clasped above her head as she slowly started to slide her back down the pole, never once taking her darkened eyes from his. She reached the ground, a surge of confidence igniting a fire throughout her body as she caught sight of the prominent bulge between his shifting thighs, parting her knees and spreading her legs in a move that definitely wasn’t a part of Cheryl’s earlier routine.

“Betts…” Her name fell, slightly strangled, from his parted lips. She stood slowly, stalking towards him with a glint in her eye, like a predator seeking its prey. Her hands braced themselves on his shoulders as she swung her leg over his thighs, settling down over his lap. There was a delicious ache forming between her overworked thighs as she fought to keep her eyes from rolling back into her head. Jughead’s eyelids fluttered as they both let out perfectly synchronised moans at the long awaited pressure, but he was determined to take in every second of this moment, of Betty free of restriction before him. She grasped his wrists, placing his desperate hands on the small of her waist. “You have no idea what you do to me,” he whispered, voice hoarse. She giggled, the sound causing his own lips to lift in a smile.

“I think I do,” she muttered, circling her hips purposefully. Jughead groaned, bucking up involuntarily at the sensation. Betty paused, lifting her weight slightly from him. “You have to stay still. This is my show,” she teased, raising a challenging eyebrow. He nodded, not trusting his voice. She dropped herself down again, continuing the torturous roll of her hips, arms locked around his neck.

She swayed gently, her scent completely overwhelming Jughead’s senses. Her firm breasts were at his eye level, heaving slightly before his face. Blue eyes followed the bead of sweat, from her earlier exertion, that rolled down her collarbone and disappeared into the valley of her cleavage, wanting to chase it with his tongue. His fingers crept up her side, cupping the underside of her breast gently. All movement ceased as she threw him a threatening look, shivers rolling down Jughead’s spine, pushing the wandering hand firmly back to her waist. Betty moved her lips to his ear, warm breath making him shudder.

“Having trouble following the rules, Jug?” she whispered, unable to stop the grin from spreading across her face as she felt his fingers flex against her skin, head tilting to allow her more access to his neck. A low groan caught in his chest as she gave a pointed swivel of her hips. He blew out an uneven breath as she trailed her lips down his flushed skin, movements unrelenting now, mouth resting over his pounding pulse point. She latched her lips over the spot and sucked, small mewl vibrating against him as she felt the responding twitch in his pants directly beneath her sensitive core.

Betty pulled back, satisfied with the purple bruise she’d left amongst the fading others already littered across his pale skin. She knew that the uncontrolled grip he had against her delicate flesh would leave lingering fingerprints for her to run her hands over affectionately later, remembering the effect she had on him.

Jughead’s breathing hitched as she dropped her forehead to his, their breaths mixing, panting into each other, as she lay her open mouth over his. Her movements were speeding up, the coil in the pit of Jughead’s stomach tightening as his vision started to blur. Betty bent closer, catching Jughead’s chapped lower lip between her teeth and pulling gently.

It didn’t take much more, every last nerve Jughead had now frayed and oversensitive because of the woman in his lap, heat of her core radiating through his pants. With one last twist of her hips he couldn’t hold back any longer, loud groan tearing itself from his chest, hips bucking upwards, stuttering, as he came, pulsing beneath her.

Betty slowed her movements, revelling in the way he twitched and grunted beneath her as she coaxed him through his release, overly stimulated and exhausted. He finally opened his eyes, fingers coming to cup her cheek, looking up at her in awe. He pulled her down, placing a sweet, gentle kiss to her bitten lips.

“I never knew I could like gym so much,” he joked against her lips, Betty dropping her head to the crook of his neck with an exuberant laugh.

“Or that you’d have a reason to thank Cheryl Blossom,” she murmured with an amused smile, tucking herself closer into his embrace.

Black and White - Chapter 1

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 2601 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Byun Baekhyun.
The man that possesses a piercing stare so dangerous, you could drown in it if you stared long enough. He’s got the looks and he knows it. 

Heck, the whole university knows it.

He’s hot and anyone can establish that just by looking at all the girls that are constantly desperate to get into his pants. He lets them, of course, because he’s a horny bastard that likes having sex with girls only to leave them before morning comes. He rarely does the same person twice.

He’s arrogant and smug most of the time but he isn’t so much of a bad boy. He may smoke a pack or two but he doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings. He doesn’t necessarily get into fights unless you mess with him or his friends.

Don’t bother him, and he won’t bother you.

He’s just a guy that is cocky as fuck and always gets what he asks for.

That was, until he met her.

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Hate To Break It To You

Pairing:  Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning:  Swearing?

A/N: Something I found in my saved files, since I’m working on a few things I figured I would post this. It’s probably crap, but enjoy it. Hahaha.

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“Oh please Steve, come with me.” You bat your eyes, poking out your bottom lip pleading with him. “Don’t make me go alone.” You smirk at him as he sighs shaking his head trying to not laugh at you. You’re leaning over the bench press watching Steve deadlift, your eyes travel over his biceps pausing momentarily taking in their glory and size, before breaking eye contact in hopes Steve didn’t catch you gawking.

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Night on the Town

Requested: “I want you.” with Jason Todd

(Y/n) smiled checking over her outfit one more time. She was wearing a pair of tight black pants and red tank top. She turned around grabbing Jay’s jacket and headed out the door. (Y/n) was meeting up with her boyfriend, his brother, and whatever girl was currently on Dick’s arm. She smiled when she heard the familiar tapping on her window and turned to open it.

“I have a perfectly good door Jay” (Y/n) commented, sitting down on the windowsill.

“Where would the fun be in that doll face?” Jay stood on the fire escape his eyes racking over (y/n)’s body. She smirked, swinging her legs over to join him.

“Besides, you know you love a bit of danger” Jay smirked down at (y/n) wrapping his strong arms around her. He leaned down connecting his lips with hers. He smelled of gun powder and smoke, a scent (y/n) now loved.

“Come on, or we’ll be the ones late” (Y/n) pulled away, smacking Jay’s arm in an attempt to get him to focus.

“Alright, alright. But we aren’t taking the stairs” Jay smirked picking up (y/n) bridal style as she squealed. He then proceeded to jump, landing the two safely on the ground.

“I will never get use to that” (Y/n) stood on semi-wobbly legs as she fixed her clothes a bit before walking to Jay’s bike.

“For you my lady” Jay handed (y/n) a helmet as she sat behind Jay on his bike. (Y/) wrapped her arms around Jason’s wide torso, leaning her head on his back. She could practically see his smirk in her mind.

“Hold on baby” Jay reeved the bike sending the two into traffic and the night.

(Y/n) and Jay walked into the club finding that Dick was already situated a dark booth in the back, sucking each other’s face off.

“God, you sure you want to go over there?” Jay grimaced at the seen, wrapping his arm around (y/n)’s shoulders.

“I think we should give them a bit of privacy” (Y/n) turned away from the scene heading to the bar.

“Two beers please” (Y/n) smiled at the bartender who sent her a wink before going to get her order. Jay was behind her in seconds his arms wrapped protectively around her waist as he rested his chin on her shoulder. The bartender came back with the beers and a napkin, but he quickly tossed the napkin seeing Jay now attached to you. You laughed, handing him the money and turning around, still in Jay’s arms. (Y/n) sipped a little from her bottle and handed Jay’s his.

“You gave the poor guy a heart attack Jay” (Y/n) laughed eyeing the corner where Dick had now noticed them and was waving them over.

“We’re being summoned Jay” (Y/n) pointed with her bottle at the corner. Jay sighed, shaking his head.

“Let’s go” Jay turned around directing you to them.

The two of spent the next two hours drinking, eating, and talking until finally Silvia, this was the girl that came with Dick, wanted to go dance. Dick smiled happily complying. (Y/n) stood up waiting for Jay.

“Baby, you know I don’t dance” Jay whined, his eyes looking over your body. He had gotten more touchy with every drink, and (y/n) had gotten more giggly.

“Just this once” (Y/n) pulled on Jay’s arm trying to get him to budge. Jay shook his head and (y/n) sighed, turning to the dance floor. There she began dancing to the pulsing music, her eyes locked with Jason the entire time. It didn’t take long though until another guy had his hands on your waist his breath in your ear.

“Hey sugar, mind if-” (Y/n) didn’t get to hear the guy’s full sentence as Jay nearly threw the guy across the room. (Y/n) smirked dancing into Jay as he finally began to dance with you.

“(Y/n)” Jay whispered in (y/n)‘a ear, his hands wrapping tighter around her waist.

“Yeah” (Y/n) closed her eyes leaning back into Jay. Her body was buzzing from the contact and alcohol.

“I want you. Now.” Jason growled in (y/n)’s ear squeezing her ass. She giggled turning around and kissing him. Jay quickly pulled away, lust filling his eyes.

“No. I need you, (y/n), now” Jason grabbed your hand pulling you out into the night. Once outside of the club his eye’s searched for his bike, but (y/n) pulled him away, insisting he was too drunk and called a cab. (Y/n) climbed in the cab first, giving the directions for her house when Jay came in cutting her off.

“My house tonight” Jay grinned telling the driver his address before capturing (y/n)’s face with his hands.

“Jay, I haven’t been to your house before” (y/n) whispered between kisses as she attempted to process things.

“I think it’s long overdue, don’t you?” Jay smirked looking down at her. She was just perfect, wearing his colors, in his- Wait.

“You’re wearing my jacket” Jay’s eyes grew darker realizing that yes, she was. (Y/n) blushed, looking away. Jay held her chin, directing her back to him.

“Everything comes off but that tonight” Jay grinned his voice dropping and octave as (y/n)’s felt a rush to her core. She connected there lips again, intertwining her fingers in his hair.

“We’re here, get out of my cab” The cab driver grumbled as Jay paid him, pulling (y/n) from the cab.

“I can walk Jay” (Y/n) squealed as she gripped onto Jay. He merely chuckled, running for the elevator.

As soon as the doors closied shut close Jason set (y/n) down, attacking your neck with his lips. He bit and sucked her sweet spot, being sure to leave his mark. (Y/n) moaned, leaning against the wall and gripping the front of his shirt. It was bliss, Jay’s lips on your neck. The rest of the night however was heaven.

A/N: I hope this was good. I’m sorry if it’s trash!

Jerome Valeska x Reader: Mine And Mine Alone

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thanks to @purityimagines for requesting. sorry if you were expecting something longer, hope you will still like it:) 

requests are open <

Bruce Wayne was supposed to be already dead. But yet, he wasn’t. Because Jerome Valeska was a showman. Nobody could deny it, even James Gordon, himself.

But [Y/N] was feeling bored. And Jerome paying attention to Bruce Wayne (so not paying attention to her) wasn’t helping.

She looked around Jerome’s cheerful circus of slaughter as the circus theme music rang in her ears.

‘There’s no slaughter without laughter!’ Jerome would say. It made her laugh everytime..

As the time passed by,  Bruce was getting his clown make-up done.

[Y/N] stared at herself in a mirror, she looked pretty tired. She wondered what time it was, so she decided to ask one of his followers. The one standing close to her seemed okay.

“Uh, excuse me.” she poked him slightly.

The guy turned around with a harsh look, his clown face immediately softened as he saw it was her. He looked around 16 years old, which was a little weird but not that weird if you think about it. Jerome had followers of all ages.

He smirked as he checked her out. “Can I help ya, Doll?”

The word “doll” caught Jerome’s attention because [Y/N] was the only girl with them. He decided to stay with the Rich Kid but he kept half of his attention on her in case somebody forgot that she was his.

She smiled at the guy trying to ignore the look he gave her. “Do you know what time is it?”

Now, as she thought, the information was useless and it wouldn’t change anything but she already asked.

“Hmm..” his gaze went to his watch slowly which seemed a little creepy. “It’s 6:17”

“Thanks.” she said feeling uneasy as he winked at her. It was so unfair, even a guy probably younger than her made her feel uncomfortable.

She was glad that Jerome caught his (and hers) attention as he stood behind Bruce looking at his clown make-up in the mirror.

“Hmm, I wanna be honest Bruce. You don’t make world’s funniest clown..” he hissed.

“But, we can fix that.” he took out a knife and held it to his neck as Bruce started to shake from fear.

Just as everyone thought he’s going to slit his throat, Jerome pushed the knife into the make-up artist as he whined in pain.

[Y/N] had no idea what was going to happen next, so she basically jumped when Jerome grabbed “the guy” from earlier by his shirt and cut it open as he pushed the weapon into his stomach.  

She was glad he killed him, she knew she wouldn’t stand this guy anymore.

Jerome took his bloody finger and drew a sad face on Bruce’s already frowned face. “Let’s turn that frown, upside down.” he laughed and shoved him to his assistants to take him away, in the direction of their next stop.

“And you..” he turned to [Y/N] “, are mine and mine alone, Gorgeous. And Daddy’s gonna kill anybody that ever bothers ya.”

[Y/N] smiled at him widely, looking at him with heart-shaped eyes.

“Thank you, Jerome. You know I will always be yours, and only yours!” She jumped into his arms and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

He chuckled darkly.  “Good.”

They went to finish the case with Bruce Wayne but with Jerome’s attention on [Y/N], she found it even more fun that she expected.

William Nylander - Part 5

I didn’t go back and revise because I’m lazy, so hopefully its readable. I’ll fix errors tomorrow

“So you edit and send them back?” Will asks, tucking his hands in his pockets and barely glancing at me in fear of someone seeing beneath his ball cap.

               “Kind of,” I nod slowly as we walk towards the only store Will came here for. “Basically I’m the person that decides if someone’s manuscript goes to the next step to get published. At least at our publishing company.”

               “Sounds a little intense,” Will responds nudging me slightly so I walk into the right store.

               “It can be. But I try not to let that get to me. I do my best to give the right kind of criticism and they get the option to revise a bit more and try again, or they can simply try another publishing company,” I say, following after Will feeling slightly out of place in a high end men’s clothing store. “Do you get all your clothes here?” I ask, flipping a price tag on a hideous sweater and almost falling over at the price.

               “No,” Will chuckles. “Some, but not all. There’s a jacket I wanted to look at is all.”

               I follow him to the rear of the store, shaking off two overly eager salesmen in the process. Will takes two jackets down from a display, one black and the other a dark blue that’s practically black. It takes him an absurdly long time debating between them.

               “Why don’t you put them on and then decide?” I ask after several minutes of listening to him talk to himself.

               “Oh,” Will says like the thought never occurred to him and he shrugs off his jacket and makes to lay it across another display but I hold out my hand for it. “Thanks,” he smiles softly at me and I nod.

               I try to ignore the thinness of his shirt that leaves little to the imagination but I can’t help myself.

               “Maybe you wouldn’t need a new coat if you actually wore clothes under it,” I mock him and he turns to look at me again.

               “What? You don’t think this is enough to keep me warm?” He smirks, looking down at his shirt. “Besides, it’s not about being warm, it’s about looking good.” He adds, winking at me and I can’t help the snort that comes out of me.

               Will raises his eyebrows and pretends to take offense, his hand over his heart. “Are you attacking my ego with a snort?”

               I make a face at him and roll my eyes. “Put the damn coat on, we’ve been in here over fifteen minutes.”

               “Whoa, a girl who takes charge. I like it,” he teases, his eyes traveling from my head to my toes. My cheeks heat but thankfully he doesn’t notice as he returns his attention to one of the coats, a smirk still resting on his face.

               I watch silently as he zips up and moves to one of the mirrors just off to the side. I would love to say that I’m bored, but I don’t think I could ever get bored watching Will. He checks himself out for much longer than necessary and strips the coat off to replace it with the other.

               “Which do you think?” He asks, back in front of the mirror and putting his hands in and out of his pockets.

               “Hmm,” I move to stand behind him and look into the mirror as well. I’m shocked that my mouth doesn’t start to water. Taking his elbow and swinging him around to face me, his face a mask of surprise, I do a once over. Sweeping the coat he first discarded over one arm, I reach out and fix a button that he missed, a little disappointed that the coat is thick and shields my hands from the thin t-shirt.                

               “I think,” I begin, bringing my hands up to the collar and adjusting it just so. “This color for sure,” I say, refusing to meet the hot gaze that I feel on my face.

               “The black? Why?” He asks quietly and only then when I feel his breath on my face do I realize how closely I’ve stepped into him.

               Hesitating for just a moment, I pretend to busy myself with the zipper of the coat, pressing it between two fingers tightly. I raise my eyes to his and bite my lip, his eyes go straight to my mouth like I wanted and take the opportunity.

               “It helps make the baby face a little less pinchable.” It works. I gently squeeze his chin in my hand, ignoring the flash of heat in my fingertips.

               “I’ll be waiting outside,” I wink at him and turn on my heel and walk back out of the store. Adrenaline courses through my body and a cocky grin takes control of my face, the weight of his eyes on my shoulders until I’m out of sight on the benches just outside the store.

               Sitting down, I’m still holding onto the jacket that he wore here. I lay it across my lap after crossing my legs and people watch. A few minutes pass by and I feel vibrating against my leg and reach for my own phone, but there aren’t any messages. Realizing Will’s phone must be in the pocket of his jacket I sit back again. The buzzing occurs every few seconds and I know it has to be a phone call, still I refuse to go through his pockets. It stops after another few seconds and I relax, an odd feeling hitting my stomach but I brush it off.

               When Will emerges from the store I watch his eyes scan the surrounding benches and tables before finally seeing me in the secluded corner. Relief shows on his face as he maneuvers towards me, bag in hand.

               “Black?” I ask when he stand in front of me.

               “Black,” he murmurs and I grin.

               “Any other stops?” I ask again, accepting his hand when I make to stand.

               “None,” he says and a little disappointment flashes across his face. I’m surprised when it flows into me as well.

               The silence stretches on a bit, both of us staring at the other. “Oh, you’re phone was going off like crazy,” I say coming to my senses. I hold the coat out to him and he takes it, brushing his hand against my arm and I throw an annoyed look at my coat sleeve.

               “Thank you,” he says and I smile. Will fishes out his phone and his face twitches in what looks like annoyance when he taps his screen.

               “So um…” I say awkwardly as he types out a heated message to someone, his thumbs hitting the phone screen harder than I would think necessary. “I’ll just be ah…” I take a step back, meaning to turn around when his head snaps back up to me.

               “No, don’t go,” he says and his cheeks turn a faint pink as he reaches out to me on an impulse. “I mean, uhh,” he raises his hat, running a hand throw his long floppy blonde hair and then replaces the hat. “You want to go out to dinner with me?”

               My jaw falls open and I look back and forth between his eyes, waiting for a laugh or a joke. I see neither. All I see is the nervousness that comes with sincerity.

               “Dinner?” I croak out, my throat suddenly the Sahara Desert.

               “With me,” Will nods and he shifts slightly on the balls of his feet.

               “I’m not really dressed for…” I trail off when I glance down at my outfit. Goddamn it, why did I dress so nicely to go to the damn mall?

               “Yes you are,” Will says before I can finish my sentence and I look back up at him. “Got another excuse?”

               I eye him a moment, pressing my lips together before answering. “If you bring me back to the food court I’m ditching you.”

               A blinding smile flashes at me and I lose all train of thought.

               “I can’t bring a girl there twice in one day!” He tries to look offended as he shrugs his coat back on.

               I narrow my eyes at him and quirk an eyebrow. “This is a friend thing right?”

               “Nope,” Will says with a jerk at his jaw, taking my hand before I can protest. He need not pull me, I would have followed him regardless.

               Being a foot behind him, my smile was hidden. Once I was even with him again I dropped the smile and leveled him with a severe stare. “You barely know me. How could you take someone you don’t know out on a date?”

               “How else do you get to know someone who refuses to text you?” Will asks, throwing a grin in my direction.

               I don’t have an answer. Remaining silent, I let him lead me through the mall. Only when we step out into the cold of the late winter air so I pull on his hand and bring him to a stop.

               “My car is over there,” I nod my head to the right and he frowns.

               “So? I’ll drive you,” he says and I shake my head.

               “How about you follow me to my apartment and then you can take me out?” I ask tilting my head and putting on the face that I know no one will argue with.

               Will eyes me a moment before rolling his eyes. “You always get what you want, don’t you?”

               “I wouldn’t say always, but most times,” I flutter my eye lashes at him and his eyes go slack. “Will?” I ask, snapping my fingers in front of his face.

               He clears his throat and shakes his head slightly, blinking rapidly. “Yeah, so I’ll just uh follow you,” he stammers and I give him a weird look.

               “Right…” I say slowly, confusion plain on my face. “That’s my car,” I nod towards the first one in the row. “I’ll see you in a few.” I wink at him and shake his hand off mine, strutting towards my car.

               Once I’m inside the tinted windows I let out a squeal and lean my head back against the headrest. Oh my God.

               I watch Will walk a little ways down the row to his own vehicle and wait until he starts it up to back out of my spot and head down to the road. I’m overly aware of his car right behind mine the entire short drive to my apartment. What the hell did I say yes for? Am I insane? The mental fight with myself takes its toll on me and by the time I pull into my designated parking spot I just want to go upstairs and take a nap.

               Instead, Will idles in the driveway and I can see him clearing the passenger seat as I walk towards him. Climbing in I take note of the surprising cleanliness of the interior. All black and chrome. Figures.

               “Ready?” Will asked, smiling over at me.

               Not even close. “Ready,” I grin back and settle back into my seat.

               Will takes off like a shot and laughs when I squeal and cling to the door handle. He slows down immediately, mostly because of the red stop light I think.

               “Are you insane? How do you even have a license?” I snap at him, pulling my seatbelt even tighter around me as he continues to laugh in the driver’s seat. “Or do you do that to impress every girl you get into your car?” That shuts him up.

               “Oh Y/N,” Will says, a playful smile still in place. “You think I bring girls into this to impress them?” He raises his eyebrows and I want to slap them off. “I think you’re the first girl that I’ve had to work at to impress.”

               “Who says I’m impressed?” I protest. “I just asked if you were insane!”

               “Which I took as a compliment,” Will says simply, his attention returning to the flowing traffic around him.

               I ignore him and look out the window, mumbling to myself.

               “Do all editors talk to themselves?” Will asks, breaking me out of my thoughts.

               “Yes,” I snap at him and the corner of his lips twitch. I hate myself for noticing.

               “Well, now you get to talk to me,” he replies, pulling into a parking spot in an unfamiliar part of town. I glance out the window as he climbs out and I don’t wait for him to open my door, much to his dismay. Will scowls at me as he offers his hand to me as I step up onto the icy sidewalk. I take his elbow instead, not giving him the satisfaction of touching my skin.

               “What is this place?” I ask my eyes still roving over the simple building in front of me.

               “Just a place I go to occasionally,” he says quietly, leading me slowly up the sidewalk to the front door.

               “Place you bring a lot of dates?” I ask, hating the distain I hear in my own voice.

               His face softens when he glances at me. “No, actually. I’ve never brought anyone but my friends here.”

               “But that’s what I am,” I counter, meeting his steely blue gaze. “A friend.”

               We stare at each other a moment, our faces closer than need be. I can see a touch of silver interweaved in his eyes.

               “For now,” he says quietly, swinging open the front door and holding am arm out for me to go first.

               The unspoken rest of his sentence hangs thick in the air around me. My cheeks heat as I brush past him and into the soft lighting of the restaurant before me. There’s original hardwood flooring, dark accents that complement the older furnishings, all looking worn from years of use. My eyes roam the room as I try to take in everything.

               “Like it?” Will asks, pressing behind me as he follows me inside.

               “I love it,” I murmur, letting him take my hand and lead me to a table in the very center of the room. He isn’t afraid of getting recognized here. A waiter nods at him and greets him by name before shaking his hand. I don’t hear their conversation, too distracted by the original wood work around the door frames and windows.

               It isn’t until Will squeezes my hand do I come to attention and notice both him and the waiter staring at me.

               “What?” I ask, blinking a few times and blushing.

               “What would you like to drink?” The waiter asks me, a friendly smile directed at me.

               “Oh, just a water. Thank you,” I say a bit breathlessly and move unconsciously into Will’s side as he chats with the waiter another moment. Will takes notice but he doesn’t shift away, instead his hand releases mine and moves to the small of my back. It’s an intimate feeling and it makes my breath halt in my lungs.

               A moment later he presses slightly and pulls out a chair for me, sitting across from me once I’m settled.

               “You come here often,” I say, it’s not a question thought Will nods.

               “I do. Not a lot of people seem to know about it. Not that I get recognized a whole lot when I’m out, but they know who I am here. It’s kind of a place where we can go and not be interrupted,” Will shrugs, resting his elbows on the table before him.

               I feel myself lean into him as well but catch myself, instead reaching for the menu.

               “Well then, tell me what’s good to eat,” I say, opening the first flap and eyeing him over the menu. He doesn’t even pick of his own.

               “Burger,” he says simply and I frown.

               “This doesn’t look much like a burger place,” I say, glancing again at the interior that seems more foreign.

               “It doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean they don’t make a mean one,” he winks at me and thanks the waiter when he returns with our drinks.

               “I’ll take your word for it,” I reply, setting the menu back down before even looking at anything else.

               Will watches me for a few moments, his eyes trailing over my faded bruise.

               “When can your stitches come out?”

               “A few days, Nathan will take them out,” I say without thinking and my stomach churns with guilt. Nathan.

               Will nods, a blank expression on his face.

               “Just because he’s studying to be a doctor,” I add, trying in vain to rid some of the awkwardness. It only adds more. So I just fold my hands in front of me and stare at my chipped nails.

               “You don’t like talking about him in front of me,” Will says and I don’t look up.

               “I don’t mind it, you just make me feel… funny about it,” I mutter, picking at one of my nails.


               “I don’t know.”

               “Well there has to be a reason.”

               “You’re right, but I don’t know what it is,” I retort. “Why are you so observant?”

               Will chuckles. “I’m not actually, you’re just easy to read. I can always tell what you’re thinking when I look at you,” he says and I finally lift my gaze to his. “It’s reassuring.”

               “Reassuring?” I ask, tilting my head to the side in confusion.

               “You haven’t once looked annoyed or like you want to leave… makes me feel like I’m doing something right,” he says and I wonder how someone can be so open and honest.

               “Or maybe I’m doing something wrong,” I grin at him and he laughs.

               “That’s very true. But for now,” he leans forward and taps my fingers with his. “I think you and I are both right.”

               I look at his long pale fingers as they move to slide back across the table and reach out to stop him. I lift his hand and flip the palm up. Will looks at me oddly and run my finger across a callous.

               “Hockey players have rough hands,” I say, eyeing the marks and scars of years of taking a beating.

               Will laughs again. “You say that now, but you’d be surprised at what I can still do with them,” he smirks at me and I know he expects me to drop his hand. I don’t. Instead, I pull it closer and wrap both my hands around his one.

               “I’m sure I will be,” I say with the same tone he used and his laugh stops short, his eyes darkening. “I’m referring to hockey of course.” I add and he gives me a skeptical look but I keep my face blank. “I don’t usually watch you, I’m more of a Matthews’ girl.”

               Will makes a noise in the back of his throat and I can’t keep the straight face anymore. Giggling, I lower his hand back to the table and grab my glass instead as he just shakes his head at me.

               “Didn’t read that, did ya?” I ask, crossing my legs and leaning back in my seat, overly pleased with myself.

Spin - Jason Todd x Reader

After an untimely but rather expected case of writer’s block, I have now returned. This is requedted by a lovely anon. I had so much fun with this one guys! Thank you so much for pushing me to do what I think I do best :3

WORDS: 1674

“Dick.” He grunted into the earpiece, sounding more like he was crying an insult more than saying an actual name, “Could you be more specific?”

“The guy probably has a hoodie on, or something that covers his face. And he looks a lot older than everyone in that room.”

“That makes the two of us,” Jason rolled his eyes. It was stupid to think he could still pull of as a high school student, let alone blend in with a bunch of toddlers running around with alcohol glued to their hands. “Tell me again why I’m doing this and not Tim?”

“He’s underage.”

“Everyone in the whole fucking block hasn’t grown into their big boy pants!”

“Jason, they’re seniors. They’re what, two? Three years younger than you?

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‘Falling’ For You

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Beaches were from hell, that much was certain. Sand caught everywhere, salty sea water spraying on your face, crabs hiding where you can’t see them : ready to snap whenever they liked.

It was a war zone, except y’know with happy people and hot shirtless dudes.

Which is why you stayed away from the crossfire, on the edges of the san, under a parasol and reading a novel.

“You can’t just hide out here forever” your friend, Emma , laughed as you jumped when a little kid ran past.  

“Watch me” you grumbled, going back to your book.

“Oh come one Y/n, it’s the summer. You are supposed to leave your house and have fun!!”

“Who said I’m not having fun?” you countered, peeking over the pages of your book.

“Me. Listen, there are pretty boys you’re a pretty girl. Flirt, court , have fun.” she whined, batting your arm.

“I don’t need a man, I need to figure out how the hell Mr Utterson knows who Mr Enfield was talking about when he mentioned Hyde was using someone else’s check” you grumbled, turning the next page.

“It’s a 100 page book, you can finish it in a day. Come one please! Stop reading and I don’t know build a sandcastle? She tutted.

“ I thought you wanted me to check out hot guys” you smirked, placing your book on top of your bag.

“I did ,but I don’t think anyone here is your..Holy mother of god , get your ass over here now” she kissed, grabbing your arm and pulling you to her side.

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anonymous asked:

Camila is not straight, because not only do we have visual proof of her checking women out, but some fans (girls) said that they always catch her checking 1 of them out or she always smirks or smiles when she catches one of them checking her out. Remember that 1 fan that tweeted about Camila telling a guy that was hitting on them that they are lesbians? Fans (girls) who've met her always said that she's VERY touchy with them, so...


MariChat May Day 14: Age-up Chat Noir

This will eventually be chapter 21 of my MariChat May fic since I’m putting the prompts out of order to make my story work.

<<Chapter 1     Chapter 20     Chapter 21     Chapter 22

Hope for the Future

Marinette stood on her balcony, staring out after where Chat had left thirty minutes ago. She sighed heavily and reduced her delighted beaming to a small happy smile instead. She desperately tried to repress the squeal that wanted to make it’s way up her throat as she definitely did not want to wake her parents. They hadn’t even know she’d left their home.

But the questions bubbled in her head now that her night had slowed down. Just how were you meant to act after your cat-like boyfriend takes you on the most amazing date of your life? One that was likely to remain up there as years went by? Especially when it had been your first real date? A picnic and dancing on the closed observation deck of the lit up Eiffel Tower. She was sure no other teenager’s first date would ever compare to that. Instead of squealing she gave a silly little wiggle dance to expel some of the excited energy she was feeling. There that was a little better.

As she was attempting to wind down her mind, she heard a scraping from behind her as if something was climbing up the side of the building. She frowned and turned to face the noise just as a deep voice spoke to her.


At first she was simply confused. He’d left ages ago, and he’d been heading in the opposite direction. Why had he come back at all? But then the figure stood up and there was no doubt that this wasn’t her kitty.

She glanced over him as her chest fluttered in fear rather than her earlier butterflies. He looked somewhat like Chat but he was much taller and broader than the boy she cared for. He had the mask right and the green sclera and slitted pupils. The ears were also the same as she remembered but the rest of the suit looked…peculiar somehow.

It was then that he flashed her that Cheshire cat smile she knew so well and all thoughts of fleeing downstairs disappeared with it’s appearance.

“Chat!?” she asked, “What happened? Why are you…? Why do you look…?”

Words completely failed her and instead she gaped openly at him as he meandered towards her. She took an unconscious step towards him and again noticed something wrong with his suit as he moved. She reached her hand out as if to touch it. It looked soft.

Fur. His suit appeared to be covered in a light layer of fur. He reached out to her as he approached and moved to place his palm against her cheek, stopping just short and letting it hover in front of her instead. Her outstretched hand came into contact with his other arm. The fur was just as soft as it appeared.

“Wow,” he said, his voice much deeper and gravelly than she was used to, “I knew you’d be young but I forgot just how cute you were back then.”

“Wha…” Marinette sputtered ineloquently.

“I don’t have long,” he told her, his hand finally ghosting across her face and thumb brushing back a strand of hair from the corner of her mouth, “there’s an…incident. In 2028, my time. I’ve been thrown back but she’ll fix it soon enough. One day you’re going to tell me and you said I wasn’t here long.”

“You’re…the future…is it an akuma!?” she asked in agitated disappointment. She had certainly hoped they would have defeated Hawkmoth long before 2028 ever came around.

He laughed at that and because it was the same full belly kind of laugh that he used now, she felt better instantly. “No. There’s not been any akuma for a long time ‘Nette. We stopped him.”

'Nette. No one had ever called her 'Nette. She kind of liked it. His thumb was still brushing against her face gently and she had a very sudden, uncalled for desire to turn and kiss it. Her face turned crimson at the thought and she internally berated herself for thinking it.

“Why Princess, are you checking me out?”

Nope. Never mind. Now she was crimson. Scarlet. They hadn’t invented a name for the deep shade of red she was wearing. She snapped her eyes away from him and instead focused on a spot over his left shoulder to avoid having to acknowledge the way he was looking at her, smugness evident in his smirk.

“Hey, don’t be embarrassed,” he said coyly, “It’s good to know my number one girl finds me attractive no matter what my age.”

He’d called her his number one girl. Was this some kind of indication that her and Chat were going to last then? She’d avoided thinking about it so far but she’d been worried it could never really work out long-term. They’d only had their first official date tonight because they couldn’t really be seen together out in public. Not as a superhero and a regular teenage girl. But this meant they could go the distance like she’d hoped.

In front of her, she noticed his body was starting to turn semi-transparent and his hand suddenly tingled where it touched her face, like a pins and needles sensation. He was leaving. Or disappearing or something. She suddenly didn’t want him to go. She wanted to ask him a thousand questions about everything he’d experienced since he’d been her adorable, silly cat boy.

Just as she was ready to cry out to him or try to grab his suit to keep him with her, he leaned down and kissed her forehead sweetly, his lips lingering while he spoke.

“Don’t worry Bugaboo,” he said, making her gasp as she realised he definitely knew who she was, “all the secrets will be over soon enough.”

And then Marinette was left alone on her balcony once again.

Who You Are (Part 3)

Originally posted by katmcnamara

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,357

Warning: swearing

Summary: You are on a mission of your own when you get caught by a certain superhero.

A/N: I’m sorry if there are any spelling errors! Thank you to everyone reading and wanting to be tagged! I’m super glad people are enjoying it! :)

Part 1 Part 2

When you wake you feel an ache run through your whole body. Groaning, you open your eyes and the white light blinds you. Your eyes begin to adjust and you look around the unfamiliar room. You glance down and you are in what looks like a hospital gown. You sit up suddenly and wince at your headache. There are wires down your body and you start to rip them off.

“Good morning Miss Y/N. I will inform Mr. Stark of your awakened state,” a female’s disembodied voice says. You jump at the sound of it until she realized she said Stark. Did she mean Tony Stark? You hurriedly take the rest of the leads off and move to get off the bed. Your knees hit the floor and you cuss. Suddenly a purple man floats through the wall.

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Classified 6

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

A/N: If you want to be tagged just let me know!! Feedback is always loved.

Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

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independent | tommy shelby

reader is the leader of a gang, she is strong and independent and after some business her gang and the peaky blinders meet, tommy is immediately smitten by her

send requests here and prompt list is here

Originally posted by ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy

Driving down the dark, smoky streets, your heart raced. After months of threats, you were finally about to meet the peaky blinders.  

It had all started after one of the blinders had beat up a member of your gang, putting them in hospital. Threats had started soon after that and both gangs decided to mutually meet at Small Heath. They promised that they would bring no guns but you wasn’t going to take the risk, you were already a man down because of Tommy’s antics.  

“We are here, boss.” Amy said, as she parked the car. You looked up the road and saw all the blinders. Some stood with guns in their hands, others stood with cigarettes.  

“You all go up first. Do not get your guns out until they start firing. Pass the message on.” You told me.

All of your members got out of the multiple cars, you could faintly hear them mumbling your instructions to each other. You heart started to race as you watched them walk up. The thrill and excitement was starting to get to you and you wasn’t going to admit it to the members of your group but something about meeting Tommy Shelby had stirred something inside of you. Something good, not bad.  

“Which one of you is the leader?” You beard Tommy shout. “All we want to do is talk.”  

“Their in the car.” Amy shouted back.  

“Well tell them that I want to see them.”  

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Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1056

Warnings: language, kissing, mild touching, light fluff.

A/N: This is a request from @abootfuckingshit1 :) DISCLAIMER: I know next to nothing about snakes. I’ve worked with them a little bit when I volunteered for a zoo in high school, but that’s about it. As some of you know, I do work for an emergency animal hospital, but we do not treat reptiles. Sad face. They are beautiful creatures. But, if anything I say is incorrect, I apologize. Enjoy!

Request-Hey im not sure if your doing requests and if you do any for lucifer in spn but i thought i could give you an idea for a one shot c: lucifer finds out about the readers love for snakes and how she has a couple she secretly takes care of from the brothers seeing as dean is terrified of them xp i would Wright it but you’re such an amazing wrighter that i thought you would do it justice! I love your work! C:”

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“Here you are, Scarlet,” you whispered into the large terrarium as you changed your sweet baby’s heat lamp. “That should be perfect.” You smiled as you stared at the little beady eyes of your newest child, a Red-Tail Boa. Then, you slid the terrarium back onto the custom-built shelf in your closet. You had designed the whole enclosure in your spare time. You pulled the other glass container out, the home of your Ball Python, Kory. “Hey there, sweetie.” You picked up a few shavings that had fallen from his perch before gently stroking his smooth scales. “Everything okay in here?”

“Y/N? Do you need anything from the store? Dean and I are going to grab a few things!” Sam shouted through your door. You quickly placed the terrarium back in its spot before rushing to the door. You cracked it open, greeting the younger Winchester.

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Summary: Calum has never been in love- ever; it’s not on his top priority of things to do either. But, when the band is on break for the holidays, and Calum wants to spend time with his mum, who is the owner of the top ballet/dance company in the country; Calum meets a girl whose eyes held more galaxies than the universe, and a smile that made his heart beat faster than ever before. This might just make him change his priorities up a bit, but sometimes there are tough decisions to make in the industry.

Word Count: 1,888

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Twist of Fate (Pt 2)

Hey guys! Part 2 is finally here after days of procrastination and exams! I quite like the direction of the plot so far. It’s something I’ve never seen before which is nice. Hope you all enjoy!

Part 1 : Here

               Betty finally spoke out, praying for the moment to finally be over. Jughead’s face flushed red as he remembered she didn’t know her way around.

               "Sorry, sorry. Um, yeah it’s right through here.“ The beanie-clad boy stumbled over his words, eventually managing to form a coherent sentence. He looked over at his new roommate and noticed her eyes shining in amusement. They were walking past the open lounge area and into a hallway that consisted of 3 doors. One, that Betty assumed held residency of Jughead, had a large poster on the outside of "A Rebel Without a Cause”. Betty stopped, entranced by the poster.

               "You like “A Rebel Without a Cause”?“ She asked, studying the poster more thoroughly. It wasn’t a promotional poster, it looked like it was made for some place called the Twilight Drive-In. Betty had heard of that place, it was in the next town over called Greendale. She often went there and put in some suggestions but soon heard it got closed down due to lack of funding.

               "Yeah, I’m a sucker for the classics. Don’t get me wrong, Nicholas Ray did a great job. But I’m more of a Tarantino guy myself. I don’t know what is it but I find something so intoxicatingly beautiful about his work. It’s always a masterpiece, you can tell this guy loves what he does. I don’t know, I guess I just respect that. True art forms.” Jughead babbles on whilst Betty listened, intrigued by the topic. He was shocked that she hadn’t even looked the least bit bored. He’d never gotten this far before without either being told to shut up or boring people half to death.

               "I fully agree! As a kid I used to love “Pulp Fiction” but lately I’ve been more about the “Kill Bill” series. And although Tarantino is possibly the best director in this generation, I’ll always have a soft spot for Ray. I wish I could’ve lived in the 50s.“ Betty responds with enthusiasm and actual knowledge. Jughead is shocked. He can’t help but crack out a goofy grin, maybe this roommate wouldn’t be so unbearable. Although, nothing could be worse than Archie Andrews. "Also, is this from the Twilight Drive-In?” Betty thought it was a long shot but she had to ask, it was all too familiar.

               "Yeah, how did you know that?“ He quipped, wondering how on earth she knew the place he’d spent his entire childhood. Jughead was very defensive over his childhood. It was filled with a lot of heartbreak, betrayal and distrust. He was born into a house that lacked solidarity. His father was a raging alcoholic; his mother was a selfish, egotistical maniac that shouldn’t have been graced with the ability to reproduce. His sister was the only stability that Jughead could grasp on to. Jellybean was the only thing that he stuck around for.

               The drive-in was an important part of his childhood. He would sneak himself and JB through the back and into the crowd, just to spend at least an hour or two away from their parents. Jellybean never got enough sleep, neither did Jughead. The arguing, the smashing of fragile objects, the crying. Sometimes it got too much. His dad would come home one night, reeking of cheap booze and cigarette smoke, and then his mother would snap.

               The drive-in offered clarity and escape for the two children. Though it was short lived when social services caught the bruises on Jughead and the burns on JB. Nothing was said but the police knew what had been happening. The Jones name had a reputation in the town of Greendale. The family with the town drunk, the selfish bitch, the outcast boy and the sweet little girl. It wasn’t longer before both kids were put into the social system and separated.

               How he got the poster was another story. One he isn’t quite proud of but it needed to happen. When his 3rd foster family had refused to shelter him any further, he ran away. Jughead went back to Greendale. He didn’t know what he was expecting, he had been gone for 6 years and as a 16 year old he didn’t exactly look the same. He tried finding his parents and instead found a sight that broke his heart.

               At the drive-in, Jughead saw his father’s old truck. He aimlessly walked over, expecting to see him passed out in the back. But instead he saw his father who looked cleaned up and sober, his mother who was smiling, cuddled next to her husband. But the sight that broke his heart the most, Jellybean wrapped up in both of their arms, looking like a completely different kid.

               Jughead didn’t bother staying to watch the movie. Not even "A Rebel Without a Cause” could make him stay. He had been cheated, rejected and most importantly, he had been broken. Even his own family can’t stand to have him around. Ripping a poster from the wall, he made his way to a destination he was uncertain of. With hot tears stinging the frozen skin of his face, he wondered why no one had the capability to love him.

               "I used to go there all of the time as a teenager. I loved it there.“ Betty gushed, not turning to look at Jughead but instead focusing her attention on the poster. It’s not like Jughead kept it up there to torture himself, it was a powerful reminder that the past is the past . And although it may be painful, it helped us to get where we are now. Betty turned around to the door opposite Jughead’s, noticing the bright yellow post-it note on the door saying "Betty Cooper’s Room”. The handwriting was messy but Betty found it charming.

               "Ah, yeah. That’s your room. The room down the hall, just there, is my office.“ Jughead pushed open Betty’s door and helped her to carry her stuff inside. The room was moderately large. It was about the size of Betty’s room back home, maybe a tad larger. The walls were neatly painted a pastel green that looked almost white. It was furnished with all the necessities; a bed, a walk in wardrobe, a desk and a tall lamp tucked away in the corner. She seemed to have her own bathroom as well. A low set window sill was parallel to her bed, it was very wide. Betty already had ideas of all the aesthetic Instagram photos she could take. The view was incredible.

               "This room is beautiful. Are you sure the rent is high enough?” Betty stared, doe-eyed. Jughead didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t tell the truth, not yet. Instead he merely shrugged, offering her a boyish smirk. “That’s not exactly an answer Mr…” Betty trailed off, suddenly realizing she didn’t even know her own roommates last name. Then again, they had only met 10 minutes ago.

               "Jones. It’s Mr. Jones.“ Jughead offered, still smirking at the blonde haired girl stood in front of him. He looked down at his watch, noticing the time. "Well, I better leave you to unpack and get settled. It around 4 now so when do you want dinner?” He asked, opening the door wider to step through. Betty nodded, quickly throwing her backpack onto the ground before beaming up to him.

               "You cook?“ She asked, amusement evident on her features. At first, Jughead wanted to reply saying that he was forced to learn due to his prior parents being a waste of space. Instead he settled with a wink.

               "I can do a lot Cooper. Eating food is a huge hobby of mine.” He threw back, chuckling slightly. Betty returned with a small giggle and unzipped her suitcase, pulling out items of clothing and packing them into the wardrobe. She seemed to have a lot of clothes, this reminded him of Veronica almost instantly.

               "I’m a good cook too. How about I start packing now and come help you at around 6? It can be a roommate bonding session.“ Betty joked, disappearing and reappearing whilst putting her stuff away in various locations. He statement make Jughead’s heart swell. He didn’t know this girl but she seemed nice enough. He truly did believe they were going to get on just fine. Maybe he could add another member to the Scooby gang. Which, at the moment, only consisted of him, Archie and Veronica.

               "Sure, Cooper.” Betty poked her tongue out playfully at his remark, watching him pace out of the room. She continued packing but at a faster rate this time. A huge part of her couldn’t wait for 6 o'clock. Jughead walked into the lounge and threw himself onto the couch next to Archie, who was playing Fallout 4 on the 65" flat screen Jughead got gifted last year.

               "How’s the new roommate? Lasting well without me and Ronnie?“ Archie’s eyes were glued to the screen but Jughead could tell he was teasing. Slapping his arm softly, he was about to reply when the front door swung open. Stood in a navy blue dress, obviously accompanied with pearls, was the raven-haired princess Jughead learned to love. She had a huge grin spread across her deep red lips, her eyebrows raised in anticipation. Speak of the Devil and she shall appear.

               "Where’s this new roommate I’ve heard so much about, Juggiekins?” She too teased, coming over to embrace him in a hug, placing a firm kiss on his cheek. Instinctively, he wiped his cheek which only making Veronica smirk. Betty heard someone come in and decided to check out who it was. Little did she know what kind of surprise would be hitting her.

               As soon as she walked into the room and saw Veronica, her heart stopped beating. God seems to have graced Betty with one of the greatest gifts she could’ve asked for. It seemed almost too good to be true at this point. When Veronica spun around the meet Betty’s gaze, her jaw fell. Her lips were parted and both girls stood in shock. Jughead and Archie sat, confused at what was happening.

               "Ronnie?“ Betty beamed hopefully. The next few seconds were a blur, The girls ran towards each other at full force, knocking them both onto the ground. They were hugging whilst loudly crying and muffling incoherent words. Jughead was beyond confused by now. How did they know each other? After what felt like forever, the girls separated. Both were crying yet smiling so happily.

               "I can’t believe you’re here. This is so crazy!” Ronnie cried out, pulled Betty into another hug. Archie was about to speak up until Ronnie pulled back again. “Boys, this is my long-time internet friend, Betty Cooper. We lost touch sometime last year but, oh god am I glad to see you.” Veronica explained. “We have so much to catch up on, come on!” In an instant both girls were at their feet, running into Betty’s room and closing the door.

               "Wait. I’m confused. So your new roommate is best friends with your sister?“ Archie whispered quietly, not wanting the girls to hear. Jughead was still in a state of shock. How had he never known about Veronica knowing Betty? At dinner he’d always heard her babble on about this friend she had but he never listened. Now he’s starting to wish he did.

               "Don’t ask me pal, we’re in the same boat.” He spoke out, still bewildered. How is it that the girl he chooses out of 50 other applicants, just happens to be his sister’s best friend? That’s not a coincidence, that’s the work of the lord above.

               Jughead didn’t want Betty to know that Veronica was his family. It’d bring up too much personal family stuff for their friendship at the moment. In time, he wants to share everything about himself. Who he really is, his job, his family, his aspirations. But right now, the story was far too complicated and Jughead was in no frame of mine to give that out.

               He reminisced about the past. The heartbreak after the drive in, the weeks alone in the cold, Hiram Lodge spotting him sleeping behind a dumpster in Brooklyn. He was on the brink of death but the Lodge’s took him in, treated him like a son. They fed him, built up his strength and gave him a warm place to sleep. Jughead was forever in their favor. It wasn’t long before the adoption occurred and Jughead was officially Forsythe Jones-Lodge. Though he preferred to go by Jones. He may hate his family but Jones is more fitting for such an obscure name.

               "Maybe it won’t be so bad. Betty doesn’t seem like the type to judge. Just tell her about the past and tell her about the Blue and Gold. Stop building up walls and refusing to knock them down.“ His red headed friend squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. Jughead couldn’t though. The sad look in Archie’s eye only proved that Arch didn’t believe he could either. It takes time to trust. Even if he feels like Betty will be different, he didn’t want her to be his reckoning.

I hope you all enjoyed this part 2! It’s slightly longer but not as long as I’d like it to be! After I get my exams out of the way I’ll be able to write more! These two weeks cannot come fast enough. As always, feedback is very much appreciated and it warmed my heart to see how many of you loved part 1! There’s gonna be a lot more!

((Subtle plug but my asks are open too if anyone wants to send in prompts for a one shot or just generally wants to talk! I don’t bite ;P))

**PART 3 : here **

#190 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “one where you’re taking a photography class in high school and you run into teenage van who insists on being the ‘model’ for your assignment, you go to the beach for the shoot and he ends up pulling you in the water ? (the camera is safe tho) and then you go back to his house to dry off and cute stuffs happens”

Note: Thanks to @you-andthebottlemen  for last week’s brainstorming session for this fic!

“Didn’t you drop out? Why are you even here?” you asked. Van laughed and nodded. “Then I’m pretty sure it’s like, illegal for you to be on school grounds,”

“You gone all goody two shoes since I ain’t been here to keep ya on your toes?”

You’d never really been proper friends with Van, so you weren’t sure why he was calling you over to behind the bike shed. There were a few classes you shared. Even then, Music was the only one you talked a lot in. In English you’d urge him to actually try the assignments because he could so clearly write. He’d always claim to have better things to use his skills for though; lyrics and melodies. And, he was right. 

Since he’d dropped out, you had listened better in class. It was easier to be a good student without his beautiful distractions. 

“Shut up. What do you want?”

“Need ya camera. And you. We wanna take some photos and stuff for the band. You’ll help, right?”

You sighed. “Can’t. I have too much homework. And I have to do this assignment for Art and Miss is letting be do photos instead of draw and I still have to find something to do it on. I don’t have time to take photos of you and your weirdo friends,”

“Oi. They ain’t weirdos. Please? I’m begging,”

“Can’t you just do them yourself?” you asked, quickly looking around in case there was a teacher on yard duty. They wore fluro vests so they could be spotted in an emergency situation, but really they just allowed kids to duck away and keep track of their whereabouts.

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Fun and Games (M)

Members: Jaebum x Reader
Type: Smut
Count: 1,640
~Admins M & R

REQUEST: Can i request a smut where you’re in the dorms with got7 playing a game or smth like that, when jaebum starts to feel horny and you both end up having sex or just giving him a head in his room but the members get it and hear your moans so when you’re done and get out of the room they tease both of you about it ? Dominant Jb and a lot of dirty talk please. Thank you so much i hope you’ll have time to do it ! I love you reactions and scenarios !

note: thank you dear anon for requesting, we hope you enjoy this one!

Originally posted by cy-pher

You and your boyfriend Jaebum had been together for a few months now. Things were going great, he always brought you over to the dorm, most times it was just you and him. Other nights the other members were there. But because you two rarely get to spend a lot of time together, your nights together were mostly spent alone. Except for this night, Jaebum called you and asked you to come hang out with him and the others at the dorm. You arrived at the dorm, knocking at the door, hearing their voices from the other side of the closed door. You roll your eyes and giggle at the loudness that these boys are creating. You were in for a long night, you thought to yourself. Jaebum opens the door for you and kisses you on your lips, snaking his arm around your waist  pulling you inside.

“Hey, Y/N.” He says, breaking away from the kiss.

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Get Up (Daveed Diggs × Reader )


(Y/N): Your name

(H/L): Hair length

(H/C): Hair color

(E/C): Eye Color

(H/S): Hairstyle

(S/T): Skin tone

(N/N): Nickname

(L/N): Last name


(Y/N) and Daveed are rival aspiring recording artist trying to make it big in the hood. But, Daveed is also a drug dealer to make money and pay his rent. (Y/N) is a dancer for music videos on the side.

AU: Inner City/ Hood Au

Warnings: Cursing, Sexual Clipping. Lyrics, Sexual humor, Sexual behavior, mentioning of drugs and alcohol, use of drugs.

Word Count:2,842 (It’s a lot lovelies)


 Beep beep! Beep beep!

  Daveed was sprawled across his bed as his alarm went off.  He groaned and rose up from his current position. He scratched his head and mindlessly turned off his alarm clock.

“Fuck….What time is it….?” He turns his head and sees that it’s already 9:30 pm. As he picked up his phone, the screen lit up with several text alerts.

Rafa- Yo, D! Are we still up for working on that song you were writing @ the studio? Groff is buying us some studio time! [8:00 am]

Ant- Daveed, do you got what I need? I’ll be there when you call. You have till 3:45 pm sharp. My boss will kill me if I don’t have it.😫[8:30 am]

Groff- You on your way? Studio opens in 15min.[9:05am]

Rafa- Also I got us a performance for an opening act at the club for some chick new to the game, but it starts at 4:30 pm! Our first gig up we gotta be there on time!![9:10]

“Shit, I’m late!”

He picks up his backpack, his pen, a little black notebook, his glasses, his phone, one bag filled with Molly, another filled with cocaine, and finally a bag filled with weed. He jumped out of his apartment window and ran five blocks to get to the studio.

As soon he got to the studio he looked across the street. Across the street, there was a rival studio that opened up. The building looked clean and modern. But in an inner city grudge way. He sees a group of girls, four girls to be exact. They all gossiped amongst themselves but one out of the four girls caught his eye. She had (H/L) (H/C) in an (H/S), her skin was a perfect (S/T) that complimented her beautiful (E/C). She was quite voluptuous and had a curvy figure. He found himself checking her out. One of her friends tapped her shoulder and pointed to Daveed.


Philippa smirked and whispered to (Y/N).

“Ya know (N/N), he’s pretty hot….” She turns around noticed that Daveed was checking her out.

“And it seems like you are his type.~” Philippa taps (Y/N). (Y/N) turns around and puts her hands on her hips. (Y/N) looks at Daveed, checking him out for a quick second. Daveed smirks and winks at her suggestively. She blushes and quickly turns away.

“H-He is pretty handsome, but he is part of Lin Star Studios. It won’t work out.” Jasmine rolls her eyes.

“You would probably bang him if he was in our studio.” Renee giggles and walks up the staircase to the door.

“C’mon girls we’re gonna be late.” Jasmine, Renee, and Philippa continue up the stairs. (Y/N) looked back at Daveed. She winks at him and blows a kiss at him. Daveed smirks and catches it. He blows a kiss back.  Jasmine looks back and shouts at (Y/N).

“(N/N), you coming?”

(Y/N) shouts back, “Yea! I’m coming!”

(Y/N) runs up the stairs and waves Daveed goodbye. Daveed checks her out as she walks off. Rafa grabs Daveed’s shoulder and pulls him to look at him. Rafa punches his shoulder.

“D, where the hell have you been!?”

Daveed smiled and punches his shoulder in return.

“Late start. Couldn’t bring myself to get up. Now let’s get to the studio. I have a finished song.“

“But what the other song?”

“That one will have to take a while.”


Daveed walks into the studio and Jonathan looked at him in pure acrimony. His face was as red as a tomato.

“D!!! What the hell is up with you and being on time!”

“I was writing a song but it’s not finished.”

Rafa rolls his eyes heavily.

“You said you have 2 songs!”

“The first one is currently being on hold! I had a burst of…”

He began to think about (Y/N). Her curves, her flawless (S/T), and her (H/L) (H/C). The more he thought about the more lustful his thoughts would become he instantly came up with a song. It may have been a bit explicit but it was his first performance. Go big or go home.


Daveed sits down at his desk and instantaneously write erotic and coarse verses in his notebook. He creates a title that gives the song justice. “Hot Fuck, No Love”.

“Ayo Rafa!!! Can you make me a beat in about a half an hour?”

Rafa’s eyes widen in horror.

“Thirty minutes!?! D, I know you can rush when you get inspiration but this is insane!”

“I’m a busy guy and we need this done quick! This is the opening act for tonight’s show.”

“Alright D, I’ll try! But no promises it’s gonna be in 30 minutes on the dot!”

Daveed smiles as he walks into the recording studio and he puts on his headphones.


 Jasmine, Philippa, and  (Y/N) Walk out the dance studio sweating and practically gasping for air. They were working on the choreography for (Y/N)’s first ever show as a recording artist. Philippa choreographed it, and Jasmine added some finishing touches to make the dance as clean and attractive as possible.

“Damn that choreo took us forever.” Philippa wiper several beads of sweat off her forehead. She takes a quick sip from her water bottle and sighs in relief.

Jasmine sat down in a seat in the break room.

“You’re telling me! Besides, you made the choreo to easy and childish. (Y/N) is now 22, Remember? She’s a grown woman! She should be able to choreo that’s a bit more complex and….Explicit~”

(Y/N) sighs in relief and giggles.

“Thanks for helping me out girls it really means a lot to me! You guys are experienced artist taking time out of your day to help me out!”

Philippa smiles and Jasmine gets up and hugs her.

“But we are also your best friends,” Jasmine stated with a smile.

“And best friends are always there for each other!”

Philippa piggybacked on what Jasmine said with a kind smile that caused her cheeks to become rosy. She checks her watch and sighs.

“Hey, Jasmine! We gotta go! We can’t be late for studio time! The song is due tomorrow!!”

Jasmine quickly gets up and runs to the studio.

“Well, what are we waiting for let’s go!! See ya (Y/N)! Your first ever session starts in 10 minutes! Don’t be late!”

“Trust me I won’t! See ya!”


   (Y/N) boils some water in a kettle on a hot plate to make herself some tea. Renee walks up to her with two mugs and honey for their tea.

“Hey (N/N), how is your performance set coming along? You’ve been working on that for weeks!”

“It’s going well…Well..I guess…I’m just really nervous!! It’s my first ever performance with the first songs I’ve ever written!!! None of them were recorded yet! I mean what if I fuck up the tempo! What if the tracks get lost! And don’t get me started on the choreo!!”

Renee giggles and puts her hand on her shoulder. She looks into her eyes and smiles.

“(Y/N), listen to me. I recommended you for a reason. You are extremely talented and pretty experienced on the mic for a fresh out of the hood artist with no training. And your singing voice is just to die for. The R&B and Hip Hop game alike need more females like you! You will do great! Now drink your tea and get in the recording studio! You gotta record your songs before you perform, honey! Also, you have to go shopping with Jazzy right after! Remember we have a schedule!”

(Y/N) smiles. Renee was always there for her when it came to her music. They were close ever since they were kids. She always knew what to say.

“Thanks, ReRe.”

She pours her piping hot water into her cup and makes her tea.

“I think I’m ready to record my first ever set, Renee!”

“That’s what I’m talking about, (N/N)! Let’s get in the studio!”


“Alright, Alright!!! What’s up party people!?”

      The club was packed and the crowd goes wild as while the MC rallies the crowd up! Young women and men are screaming for Daveed. Some were chanting his name, others were saying things that you probably shouldn’t say in public.  Talent scouts came to the club for Rising Stars night. Once a week aspiring recording artist who were trying to make it big would perform a set that contains 6 songs. They were looking for young men and women between the ages of 17-25 who can sing, and/or rap their hearts out and who age well.

  Luckily, Daveed and (Y/N) fit the criteria.

  Daveed just turned 24 about month ago but he was writing verses since he was 18 years old. He would rap along to gangsta rap songs as a kid. He looks a fairly young and had an amazing body.

   (Y/N) just turned 22 about a month and a half ago. As a birthday present, she got a top of the line laptop with music creating software and a notebook for songwriting. She has been singing since she was 4 years old and dancing since she was 6. She looks like she is still 18 and is extremely curvy.

Rafa took out his computer as he walked over to Daveed with the file for the instrumental open.

“It’s all done and edited for ya D!”

“Thanks, Rafa! How does the crowd look?”

Rafa looks at the crowd from backstage.

“Packed and ready for a show.”

“Good. I’m ready to deliver that show.”

Rafa laughs and punches his shoulder.

“Aight. You’re on man!”


“Now introducing, tonight’s opening act, Daveed Diggs!”

Daveed walks into the stage and waved at the crowd. Jasmine smirked and pointed on stage.

“Ayo, (Y/N)! Your boyfriend is the opening act. It must be a good sign!~ You better bring it tonight!”

(Y/N) blushed as Daveed walked onstage stopping at up center stage. He turned around and sees (Y/N). He winks at her and smirks.

Daveed began to think about  (Y/N ) again while he was on stage. He thought of the lustful inspiration that drove him to create his song. He breathed in and looked up at the crowd. He began to rap his first of the verse of his song.

“Finger on the button.

That Cold War threat.

Finger on the button.

Got that lover in a cold sweat.”

Some members of the audience were in awe at the fact he could rap, other were bumping and grinding up against the person next to them. Talent scouts were taking notes on Daveed. He continued to perform and he turned his head to (Y/N)’s direction. He sees her dancing, swaying her hips in a hypnotic motion. He smirks and walks off, still rapping but is staring (Y/N) dead in eyes. Like a lion looking at his mate.

“Your loving on such and such

And so what is love?

It’s just a frame of mind

And boxed in by sex,”

His hands trace (Y/N)’s curves and hold on her hips as they swayed from behind her. Her hands wrapped his neck as she swayed her hips back and grinds up against him. His lips brushed up against her ear as he continued to rap. His tone changed to seductive and flirtatious.

“It’s toxic

And the single is intoxicating

And all the waiting and masturbating

The dick is chafing

Where’s the lotion?~”

As his performance came to a close, he walked back up onto the stage. As the outro of the song, rolled in he walked off the stage winking at  (Y/N).


Jasmine and Renee are giggling and teasing (Y/N) [Who is currently red in the face] while Philippa does her makeup.

“Soo…(Y/N)….And Daveed… ~”

Renee chuckles at the thought and (Y/N) blushes and sighs.

“It was probably just for show.”

“Or it’s a good luck charm from the sex gods” Jasmine chimes in, giggling.

Philippa rolls her eyes.

“You guys are such children. Let’s just focus on the gig for now. When we get to (Y/N)’s place to chill, we can talk about Daveed, the god of rap and sex. Alright?”

Philippa had a smirk as she finished (Y/N)’s makeup and addressed the girls.


The MC began to speak again as (Y/N) walked towards the stage. Daveed passed (Y/N) whispered in her ear.

“Good luck, beautiful~”


“Introducing, (Y/N) (L/N)!!!”

She walked on stage while she received at cat calls from Daveed, other men and some women in the crowd. Several teens who snuck in the club look at her in awe. She took a deep breath and began to sing.

(The song you are singing is called Gangsta by Kehlani)

“I need a Gangsta

To love me better

Than all the others do.

To always forgive me

Ride or die with me

That’s just what gangsta’s do.”

Everyone in the audience stared at you in awe, especially Daveed. Talent scouts quickly took notes. She danced and swayed to the beat in perfect timing. She noticed Daveed’s eyes grazing over her body. She walked downstage and gets on all fours crawling across the stage towards Daveed. She gets up and bends down to be at Daveed’s eye level. (Y/N) lifted up his chin and begins to sing once again. Her voice is sweet, seductive and alluring while she sings to Daveed.

“My freakness is on the loose

And running all over you~

Please take me to places, that nobody,

Nobody knows.

You got me hooked up on the feeling!

You got me hanging from the ceiling

Got me up so high I’m barely breathing

So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me,

Don’t let me go~”

(Y/N) gets up and walks downstage and finished her first song, leaving Daveed mesmerized. Throughout (Y/N)’s set, Daveed couldn’t help but stare. He felt like he was on Molly, weed and LSD all at once ever since she looked at him and vice versa. When (Y/N) finally ended her performance, she blew a kiss at Daveed and that what got him going. His heart began to race and he felt like he was on Cloud Nine until Rafael grabbed his shoulder.

“Ayo D you did great!! The scouts look impressed.”

“Huh?! O-Oh yea! Thanks man! Wanna head back to my place? I gotta some Hennessey!”

“Sure man!”

Rafa and Daveed walked outside only to see a limo waiting for them.

A medium lengthed hair man and a dark suit walked out of the limo. The man has a kind smile.


“Lin!! What are you doin’ here?”

“I heard today was your first show from one of my people. But I’m also here for my…..Stuff.”

Lin was the most powerful and well known mafia boss in the city and Daveed was his dealer. But nobody was scared of him. He is more kind than menacing. He anonymously donates millions of dollars to orphanages and charity. He loves children and classic oldies. He was a gentle soul but if you get him pissed you better pray. He once had hired someone to kill a man since he doesn’t like blood on his hands. He owns Lin Star studios to give him a cover up.

Daveed smiles and puts his hands in his pockets.

“Yea I got your stuff but how are you gonna pay me back.”

“I’ll pay you back based on the quality and quantity. Besides I wanted to throw you a celebration for you performance. Ya know as a late birthday present from your old pal.”

“Aight, man. It’s a deal.”

Lin hands the weed to Oak and the Molly to Anthony to try. Lin rolled up a hundred dollar bill for the cocaine. The three men tried it all at once. They all nodded in approval.

“Alright…I’ll throw a party at your place, give you a ride home, unlimited studio time, and about $230 bucks.”


“Good. Now you and your friend get in the car. I may have a hella lot of money but no enough time. That unfortunately I cannot buy.”