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Face (Ashton smut) DAY 23!

Summary/Requests: riding ashton’s face, please? & oooooo can i have a smut about ashton eating you out I wouldn’t hate anything that had to do with any of them eating you out because yes

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: This is smut!

A/N: Turns out the concept of Ashton eating you out is quite a popular one ;) I can understand why though, have you seen his lips?! Check out Smutty September! 

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“So Saffron was telling me about this thing,” You begin, eyeing your boyfriend, Ashton, carefully. It’s a late Saturday afternoon and both of you are relaxing in the lounge. 

“Yes?” Ashton’s curious hazel eyes fix on your face, urging you to continue. 

You swallow, a little nervous, but continue nonetheless. “It’s like when…um,” You cut off, cheeks warming slightly. “When the girl like…sits on someone’s face?”

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Dean Winchester-I kissed a girl

Title: I kissed a girl

Pairings: Winchester brothers x reader

Word count:824

Another one of my old ones, but I’ve re-written a lot of this, not just edited it x

“So then Sammy goes an- well hello’‘Dean whistled, thick brows waggling suggestively. ’'Check out the babe’'He muttered under his breath. You and Sam both turned around, your eyes widening like saucepans when you saw who it was. 

’'Oh my god’'You whisper/yelled. Dean grinned, tongue smacking off his teeth as he nodded. 

’'I know’'He smirked, eyes widened to emphasize the 'I know’. You shook your head at Dean as your nimble fingers darted out and plucked out the menu. You shielded your face with it as you checked back and fourth to see if she was looking. 

She was waiting in line, staring at the little menu screens at the top. ”(y/n)…“Sam trailed off. ’'Do you know her?”

“Oh Dude!. You have to introduce me to her!’'Dean gawked. 

’'Dean no’'You hissed. He yelped when your foot came in contact with his shin. 

’'What’s going on, (y/n)?’'Sam questioned confused. 

’'I’ll explain later, just make sure she doesn’t see me’'You hissed, ducking down further. Sam draped his arm across the old matted seat to try and hide you from her sights. 

You sighed, flashing Sam a grateful smile when you heard the bell ring and watched her stalk past the window, completely oblivious. You tucked the menu away before looking up to see both Winchester brothers, staring at you. 

’'Well?’'The chorused, making you frown. 

’'Just an awkward meeting’'You shrugged off, lying through your teeth. Dean scoffed rolling his eyes at the Lame excuse. 


”Oh man I remember her”Dean smirked as he nodded in approval. Sam grumbled something before plucking the picture out of Dean’s hand.

”Well, she’s a witness Dean. No sleeping with her”Sam warned but Dean just looked at him with a sly smirk, and Sam knew his words fell on death ears.

”Ahh, the good old days”Dean smirked shaking his head, his dark green eyes lighting up with lust. Sam shook his head rolling his eyes at his typical brother.

”Kelly Karter. My first kiss. Damn”Dean chuckled as he leaned his elbows on the table.You watched him taking a sip out of my drink before leaning into Sam trying to capture the giant’s warmth. Sam unconsciously wrapped his arm around you and no you weren’t dating, these boys were your best friends who you hunted with and grew up with.They were like your brothers.

”Who was your first kiss (y/n)?”Sam asked

”Lily Osborn”you nodded. You jumped, flinching when Dean spat out his drink, water marks falling all over your chest and face. You glared at Dean before bringing your nimble fingers up and wiping the watermarks off. You turned to glare more at the older Winchester for spewing his drink on you when you noticed he was looking at you with wide eyes. You turned to face the younger Winchester Sam but to see he was looking at you with his mouth open.

”Lily?. As In a girl Lily?”Dean spluttered.You nodded as Sam shuffled in his seat.

’'yeah. It’s the one who I was hiding from earlier’'You confessed but shrugged it off. They both continued to stare, completely bewildered and shocked. 

”Whoa”Dean whispered


”Did you use tongues?”Dean asked out of nowhere. You frowned as you looked up at him.

’'What?’'You questioned, brows drawn in together due to confusion.

’'You know. You and… Lily’'He purred, waggling his brows, a cheeky smirk lighting up on his flawless features. You groaned, smacking your head against the table, groaning when you did it to hard. 

”Dean were supposed to be researching!”You growled as you sighed looking back down at the book, you tried to concentrate  but you could still feel the older Winchesters stare on you.You looked up groaning.

”Yes Dean, we used tongues. Yes it was all hot and steamy”You growled annoyed, just wanting to get back to you research, wishing you would have never brought it up. You groaned once more as your hunter instincts danced up and down your spine, you knew they were both still watching you.

You peered your head up and glanced out of the corner of your eye to see Sam staring at you. As soon as he saw you had caught him, he snapped his head so fastly in the other direction you were shocked that it didn’t break clean off. 

’'Can I help you, Samuel?’'You drawled, smirking as he shuffled in his chair. 

”Nothing, I just urm”He coughed into his clenched first, ruffling his brown locks as he tried to make himself appear normal before looking back down at his laptop.You smirked a little at his reaction.You shook your head going to look down at your book but could still feel your instincts tingling. You breathed in through your nose, making it clean you were getting annoyed now. You bit your lip, dragging it between your teeth before turning to Dean who was still staring at you.


”Did you feel each other up?”



Head Girl: Well, everything seems to be in shape. Nice work Y/N. Give my regards to the rest of the dorm.
You let out a sigh as she left the room, checking it thoroughly when no one was around.

Then you looked into the corner of the room as a little head popped up, a smirk on his lips as he rested his chin on the surface.

Remus: Well that was close.

Imagine arriving at a late night car race the guys were taking place in. As you parked your car and walked towards your friends with giggling smiled and opened arms you felt warmer as you were closer to the large bonfire.

As you walked with your friends ready to get a seat for the race Finn and his boys were right across the lane. They were all laughing and trying to check out girls. But as a joke was being finished Finn couldn’t help but spot you. He tried to keep laughing and focus on the guys but he was drawn to you, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

Finally he asked, “who’s that.” Pointing in your direction.

“which one?”

“the one with the (h/c) hair.” He said not blinking.

“oh that’s (y/N).”

“Why you think she’s hot?”

“You wanna get with that FInny.”

All the boys started to tease him, giving him light punches to his arm.

Finn shrugged smirking. “I mean… I wouldn’t mind tapping that ass.”

Imagine hockey-player Harry and figure skater Draco. Draco and Pansy always whine about how much the hockey players stink up the place, ‘cuz “urgh, ew. They smell like they wrestled in putrid sweat”.

Ron and Harry always whine about the figure skaters destroying the ice, making holes in it.

Harry has seen Draco in his figure skating outfits and those thighs really do… things… for Draco’s butt. Not that he was checking his butt out. And it’s not like he’s ever said his thoughts out loud.

But one time, when he and Ron are sitting on the players bench waiting for the figure skating training to finish (and he might be early very often lately, because Draco is talented and seeing him doing a triple axel always makes his heart jump a bit), Harry notices that the Pansy girl caught him staring and he shifts uncomfortably when she leans over to her very comely blond friend to whisper something. Draco glances back toward them and smirks before he crosses his arms and turns back to their coach.

When they turn and start skating towards the players bench, Harry can’t help but notice how graceful Draco looks. And how those gray eyes are on him.

“All yours.” Draco says when he climbs out of the ice.

Harry’s been staring stupidly at his legs and looks up confused.


“…The ice.”

“Yeah, uh, thanks.”

Pansy and Draco exchange glances and smiles before passing by Harry and Ron to grab their blade guards and walking out.

Not-So-Much-As-Friends-With-Benefits 《《Brett》》[Smut]

“Oh my god Y/N, will you stop it with those awful jokes?” Liam exclaimed as you, Mason and Liam exited the high school. Liam’s old school just arrived for the scrimmage. You saw Liam practically run to one of the guys. You knew how Liam got when it came to his old school. You also knew about the supernatural being a banshee and all. You saw blood drop from his hands and when you, Stiles and Scott interrupted.

“Hi, welcome to our school. Oh, thats a firm handshake you got there.Now let’s keep this clean. No rough stuff. Alright see you on the field.” Stiles said and scurried off with Scott and Liam.

“I didn’t know this school had beautiful girls like you. Maybe I should transfer.” The boy smirked, checking you out.

“Yeah, I bet your fan section is filled with fake sluts. While on the other hand, our section is filled with, well, girls like me.” You scoffed but inside you were melting at his stare.

“Oh yeah? What are they like? Sexy and innocent?” He winks.

“Sure, let’s go with that.” You said and backed away. You turned and pulled Mason with you.

“Well, well, well, for isn’t it snarky little Y/N surfacing?” He joked as you went to your last class of the day.

“Oh shut up. I’m always snarky.” You dismissed.

“Not to strangers. To Liam and I, yes of course. But with strangers your so quite and adorable.” He nudged you heading to class.

Your body was half way through history but your mind was 100% somewhere else. You got up and went to use the restroom. But you being bored and dreading to go back to class you roam the school and ended up at the locker room hallway. You hear the sound of cleats and someone appeared.

“Well, Y/N. I think you should be in class.” You understood as the only person on earth to make you shiver in delight.

“Well, Brett. I think you should be in my pants.” You turned on your heels and headed to Coach’s office. You heard him follow. You felt him press his body onto yours.

“I think I should too.” He whispered into your ear, sending a wave of electricity through your body. You turned around and connected your lips. He lifted you to sit on the desk as he ran his hand up and down your thighs.

He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it. He pulled your shirt off too. Reconnecting your lips again as he made his way to unbutton your jeans. You pulled his shorts down. You looked at his hard member.

“I don’t have much time, now Brett, be the good boy you are and do me on this desk, right here… right now.” You whispered in his ear as he pulled your jeans off forcfully and pulled off his boxers.

He attacked you with his lips once again and entered you without notice. He didn’t let you adjust, he started thrusting into you as soon as he was in. You felt pain rushing through your body as you yelped in pain. He kept trusting harder and faster. Soon your screams of pain turned into moans of pleasure. You reached behind his back, clawing at him like you were a cat and he was your toy.

“Oh, Brett.” You moaned softly as you felt a knot forming in the pit of your stomach. You bucked your hips, as he entered you even deeper making yourself moan again.

“You feel better and better every time.” He whispered against your neck as he left love bites and hickey’s all over.

“Brett..” You faintly whispered as you felt like you were going to burst and times now.

“Oh my god Y/N.” He moaned going faster and faster. With every thrust, he hit your good spot. He went harder and faster.

“Y/N..” he moaned as you both simultaneously let your liquids go. You felt the knot in your stomach disappear and felt his warm liquids coming into you as you came onto him. He kept thrusting, riding out your highs.

“Brett..” You moaned as you were both finished. You felt his presence slowly come out of you. He grabbed your panties and put them on you. You get up and grab your jeans. He grabs them and helps you put them on. And also grabs your blouse and put it on your shoulders. You gave him a confused look.

“What? I like to dress and undress my women.” He shrugged his shoulder and got dressed himself. He hugged you. You looked up and pecked his lips.

“Get to class Y/N.” He slaps your ass as you were heading out.


(Because we all love a bit of jealous Dean)

“So, y/n… You shouldn’t make deals with the devil.” Ed hinted at you not-so-subtly as you checked out an empty room with him and the others.

“What?” you brow furrowed in confusion.

“… I mean, no one’s born that beautiful” he finished, smirking like he’d won a prize afterwards.

“Oh, you wouldn’t make a deal with the devil for that, it would be a cro- never mind.” you backed out of your correction upon realising that giving any of the Ghostfacers any kind of actual information would be nothing but a terrible idea.

Ed gave you a little chuckle. “I like a girl who knows her stuff. Smart is the new sexy, huh?”

You blushed but said nothing, looking to the floor, embarrassed.

“Thanks, but…” you trailed off, a little thrown.

“Come on, y/n, you know you want a bit of this…” Ed motioned to his body, grinning.

You laughed, but appeared uncomfortable.

“Think about it” he muttered, finally walking away.

“Dude, that wasn’t cool. You leave her alone.” Dean addressed Ed angrily once you were out of earshot.

“… And you like her.” 

“What? Don’t be ridiculous” Dean spoke all too quickly, making a face as he did so.

“So, why can’t I flirt with her? She’s single, she told me. She isn’t lying. Just admit it. Come on, man to man.”

“You just can’t. I’m not gonna whine about my bullshit problems to some bullshit reality show. I’m gonna do my fucking job.” the Winchester at hand snapped.

“Alright, but it’s obvious, man. The way you look at her, like you’re in love with her or…”

“Oh my God, shut up or I’ll do it for you.” Dean growled through gritted teeth.

“So, you are in love with her…” Ed called after Dean as he stormed off.

“You’re going down like a lead balloon, asshat.”

Girly Girl and the 2 Lovebirds (Part 1)


Word Count: 1,266

Warnings: Swearing, PG-13

Notes: Prompt- “Oh my god, you’re in love!” Sam’s hair was my inspiration for this so hold on tight.

@one-shots-supernatural, also tagging @impalapossible because she’s a Dean girl and ya’ll should all go check her out, she’s great.

“You guys are hilarious!” The witch chuckled at the three of you standing in front of her, bloody and defeated. “You know what, I need a favor from you. Do it, and I’ll spare your lives. Don’t and I kill all three of you right here and now.” She smirked lustily.

“What do you want?” Dean grumbled. You clutched his hand, leaning on him for support since your left leg was in so much pain.

“I want you to find my spellbook, if you don’t already have it. I lost it after I took that little virgin girl. Here’s some info about it.” She handed Sam a thick scroll, “Come back to me with it in three days time with it and I won’t bother you or any human for the next 100 years. Fail me, and I will slowly hunt down each and every one of you, starting with precious little Sammy, then that cutie Y/N, just for calling me a bitch earlier Dean.” She looked at him accusingly. “Oh and just for more assurance, just a little hex on Sam, like so.” A flash erupted from nowhere, hitting Sam in the chest. He buckled over and passed out on the floor. “Don’t worry.” She said as you and Dean ran after him, “He’ll be perfectly fine. Return my book and I’ll fix him.” With a snap of her fingers she was gone.

“Sam!” You fell to the floor beside him, trying to shake him awake. Dean picked up the scroll he dropped and joined you at Sam’s side as he slowly came to.

“What in the hell?” He said in a… a valley girl voice?

“That’s a good question.” Dean looked concerned.

“Where are we? And why do I look like I just spent 50 year hunting bobcats on a secluded island?” He was looking at his hands like they were some kind of weird animal paws.

“Sam, why are you talking like that?” You looked nervously at Dean, exchanging thoughts through facial expression. The Hex.

“My name isn’t Sam, it’s Lonnie!” He shouted, well now she.

“Uh oh. Come look at this.” Dean said from above you, know looking at the scroll the witch gave them. Taking it from him, you read all it had to say, Sam, or Lonnie, reading over your shoulder. ‘Stop freaking out, damn humans. Sam is with me, tucked away in little Lonnie’s body.’ Below was a picture of a small asian girl in a bright pink tank top, white shorts, and silver sandals. ‘He’s going to stay with me until I get my spell book back. It’s black, with a moving serpent on the front. Funniest part, I picked that girl up at the library, so have fun finding it.’ Under the description was a timer written on the paper. The numbers were slowly going down.

“Ok, it’s 1 in the morning so we can’t go to the library now. Looks like we’ll just have to wait till morning. Maybe now we can get some shut eye.” Dean took the scroll from you and you gave Sa, dammit Lonnie a hand.

“Woah, this guy is ginormous. A haircut and some cuter clothes and he might be eligible.” She shrugged.

“Eligible?” You gave him/her a look as you walked back to the impala.

“For my dating service, duh.” She flounced around, making Sam look like a complete imbecile. You and Dean both had to stifle laughs as you left the witches lair.

“Oooooo, I know. I should catfish my friends, not that they would go for a guy like him, but just for fun.” The three of you arrived at the impala, ready to collapse.

“Have a ball, Lonnie.” Dean smirked, “Just don’t cut his hair, or I swear he’ll hunt you down.” You chuckled as you eased yourself into the car, closing the door behind you.

“I knew he was a wild mountain lion hunter!” Lonnie shrieked. This was going to be an interesting couple of days.

Back at the hotel, Lonnie was busying herself with Sam’s wardrobe as Dean finished up his shower.

“Why doesn’t he have any scarves?” She scoffed.

“Maybe because he’s a dude.” You suggested blatantly.

“I keep forgetting. Anyways, I’m starting to get hungry. Please tell me you people eat.”

“Of course we eat.” Dean came out of the bathroom, dressed and looking really good. You were probably grinning like a fool, but who cared, right? He walked over to the fridge and took out a half empty pack of hot dogs. “I’m sure you love eating hot dogs right.” Dean smirked at her, then you, then back to her.

“Wrong. They aren’t Nathan’s, so they aren’t kosher.” She crossed her arms and pursed her lips.

“Kosher?” Dean asked.

“She’s Jewish.” “I’m Jewish.” You both stated at the same time, her with a hair flip and you with a giggle.

“Well, Sam’s not Jewish. Guess you’re eating hot dogs.” Dean slammed the fridge and made his way out the door.

“Dean, c’mon now.” You got up, stopping him from leaving the motel room for the grill. “We can just go to some 24 hour fast food joint that’s hopefully kosher.” You hugged him from behind, taking in the scent of his old spice soap.

“Anything for you, sweet cheeks.” Dean smiled, moving to put away the hot dogs.

“Okay, so what kind of place do we go to?” Sam, Lonnie, He/She stood up.

“I don’t know, where can we go?” You questioned Dean.

“I have an idea.” Dean grinned.

“The grocery store was your big idea?” You asked as Dean sarcastically.

“What the hell did you expect?” Dean smiled and nudged your arm.

“I honestly don’t know.” You chuckled. Sam/Lonnie had insisted on taking a bath so now it was just you and Dean, cuddling in bed.

“Woah, I’m huge.” You heard from the bathroom. “I should totally catfish Britney!”

“I can’t wait to find that book.” You rolled your eyes.

“I can’t wait till Sam sees his new wardrobe.” Dean glanced across the room at Lonnie’s bed, which was now covered in torn up clothes and different bottles of fabric dye.

“I’m sure he’ll love wearing pastel pink t-shirts with paint splattered jeans.” You and Dean broke out laughing. Tired, you nuzzled your head into his chest, taking in the scent and feel of his toned chest in. Sometimes you worried that Dean didn’t love you, I mean he had never officially said it, but neither had you. In the year and a half that the two of you had dated, neither one of you had said those three simple word. There was the occasional ily over text, and sometimes it had slipped out jokingly. But never once was there a very serious, very true I love you. The worst part about it was his history; he had never once cheated on you, as far as you knew, but you also knew about his history very well. Never once had he ever come close to flirting with another woman when he was dating you, he even ventured to defend you when some douche was trying to get in your pants at some bar. You never doubted Dean, there was only time for trust in this kind of job; but still you felt uneasy sometimes. Throughout all of this thought, little did you notice Dean, looking at you like you were the love of his life, because you were. Both of you fell asleep together, in each other’s arms, a sense of love flowing between the two of you like a river.

Stranded // J.G.

Requested by anon.

You signed in frustration as you made the next right, looking up at the street name noticing how completely lost you where in a foreign city.

Sighing once again, you decided to confront a stranger on the street for directions. You walked to a group of boys who was staring at some girls. You rolled your eyes at their ignorance, but they were the only locals in sight.

You tapped on of the taller guys shoulder. “Excuse me,” you said politely. The guys turned around, someone of them checking you out. They might as well, you thought, it’s not like I’ll ever see them again.

“Well hello beautiful. How can I help you?” the tall one asked, a smirking turning across his face

“Do you know where the recording studio that’s in his area is? Or where it might be?” you asked, trying your hardest not to cure out the fuck boys.

“It’s straight ahead, and then two lefts. Why? Are you a new artist or something?” The guy said, stepping a bit closer towards you. “No. I just need to see someone,” you said, cutting to the chase. “Thanks for the directions,” you said as you strutted away, swaying your hips just for the boys.

You laughed as you heard one of them say “I call it.”

You walked straight ahead and then turned to the nearest left. But the boy never specified when to take a left, shrugging, you winged it and took a left, walked straight ahead, and then a left.

The sun was hitting hard, heat radiation waves could be seen by the nearby beach. Fanning yourself, you look up at the buildings hoping one of them would look familiar from the last time you visited.

You groaned to yourself realizing you had no clue where you are.

“I guess I should just call Gilinsky,” you said looking around, eyeing some guys that kept staring at you.

You removed your phone from your back pocket. You dialed the familiar number impatiently. After about three rings, he answered. “Yeah babe?” he answered, the voices of Johnson and Nate in the background.

“I’m looost,” you whined into the phone, pacing in your spot. Jack chuckled,“ babe what do you mean your lost? Just call one of your friends to get you,” Jack advised.

Oh the irony.

“What do you think I’m doing?” you countered, crossing your arms. The other side of the line was silent until you hear him scream “WAIT Y/N YOUR IN LA?” You giggled at his excitement. “Surprise!” you squeaked into the phone. You heard Jack tell Johnson that you were in town. You heard him scream as well, for you two were good friends. “ Okay, Quick baby what street on you in” Jack said, impatience thick in his voice.

“Um…the intersection of BuilderAme and Opella (fake names lol),” you said, looking up at the signs. “Oh babe your only just a block away, I’ll be there in a minute,” “ Wait Jack!,” you said before he could hang up. “Yes babe?” you heard him say. “I love you,” you said, smiling at the thought of him coming to save you from the hot sun. “Love you too baby girl,"he said before hanging up.

A bit of excitement rushed through your veins, knowing Jack was on his way. You haven’t seen him in a long time and missed your midnight cuddles. You waited anxiously in your spot until you noticed a familiar figure walk in through a corner, calling your name. "Jack!” you yelled back, running up to him. He waited for you, leaving his hand open for you, grabbing you tightly in a warm embrace.

“Oh baby you where never good at surprises,” he said chucking, kissing your forehead. “Shut up and take me away from this hot sun,"you joked into his shirt.