check out that one girl's smirk


These are Matt and Lance’s reactions when they first meet Allura (and she literally falls into Lance’s arms might I add)

She’s obviously like really, really beautiful, that’s been established. And if from first glance these are regular boys’ reactions to her; you might think, hey, maybe if she fell into Keith’s arms literally romantic style he’d have an even more flustered and awe struck reaction…



Now you’re probably thinking, maybe Keith just isn’t into Allura like that because he doesn’t have romantic feelings for her. Well you’re right, but it’s also because he doesn’t have romantic feelings for girls at all LOOL.

Keith doesn’t have to be screaming into the void as a reaction to literally holding Allura in his arms like this, but he’d still atleast have some sort of reaction you know? He’d look even a little bit flustered. But he doesn’t, like, at all. 

His reaction is even literally the same when she’s not in his arms anymore

He gives 0 fucks to have just made contact with a girl even though Allura is clearly flustered/embarrassed

But then when someone like Rolo, who is obviously a male and most likely attractive (I’m guessing), comes into the picture doing literally nothing, just look at Keith subtly checking him out, his smirk and posture literally give it all away



Black and White - Chapter 1

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 2601 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Mini Masterlist

Byun Baekhyun.
The man that possesses a piercing stare so dangerous, you could drown in it if you stared long enough. He’s got the looks and he knows it. 

Heck, the whole university knows it.

He’s hot and anyone can establish that just by looking at all the girls that are constantly desperate to get into his pants. He lets them, of course, because he’s a horny bastard that likes having sex with girls only to leave them before morning comes. He rarely does the same person twice.

He’s arrogant and smug most of the time but he isn’t so much of a bad boy. He may smoke a pack or two but he doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings. He doesn’t necessarily get into fights unless you mess with him or his friends.

Don’t bother him, and he won’t bother you.

He’s just a guy that is cocky as fuck and always gets what he asks for.

That was, until he met her.

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Originally posted by chyoft

genre: fluff and second hand embarrassment; high school!au; drabble

pairing: namjoon x reader

length: 2.6k

summary: confessing to the smartest boy in the school shouldn’t be too hard, right? all goes well when you slip your letter of confession into his locker… or at least what you thought was his locker and not your arch enemy’s. since when did 151021 even slightly resemble 151020?

“you may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”

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kang daniel - fuckboi!au

Originally posted by p-eachdaniel

  • after get ugly, how can you not imagine this
  • tbh he’s more like a close friend of yours that you tolerate  
  • super super flirty you know he has multiple people on him but he calls you his “favorite”
  • “i could eat here all day with you” grins at you then back at his food 
  • someone could make a stupid dick joke and he’s smirking one of those “you know you want this” smirk
  • and it’s directed to you and only you 
  • if you were to lay your legs across his lap, he’d pull them up since they were “slipping” but he leaves his hand on your thighs ??????
  • is the type to check out girls when you hang out like i can see the both of you at a table and you guys are like chillin n drinkin some boba and someone would walk past him and he’s drinking his drink and his eye brows are raised, eyes never leaving the girl
  • or he does the nudge and nod thing while grinning 
  • waits for you after school cause he’s your ride 
  • and the daily is him leaning against car, swinging his keys on his fingers and checking his phone 
  • “why can’t u just wait in the car????” 
  • “cause i know u enjoy the view baby girl” fingers under ur chin as he does a signature squish smile to tease u and walks around the car to get in 
  • starts the engine and looks hot as he runs his fingers through your hair 
  • “where to?” 
  • you think its over 
  • but then he puts his hand on your thigh 
  • 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌
  • imagine late night dinners with him
  • like yall have a tuesday night rituals of just eating at a diner 
  • with really shitty chili cheese fries and burgers 
  • oddly enough, you both like the strawberry milkshake with an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • he loves surprises
  • and never fails to mention it constantly 
  • sitting in a car till 2 in the morning
  • having casual conversations about his hook ups 
  • “yea, she was alright but i mean i’ve had better” he shrugged 
  • and you roll your eyes every time 
  • “kang daniel, no one is ever good enough for you” 
  • “well yea cause the best has never bothered to hook up with me” he smirks over at you
  • will N E V E R stop trying honestly boy is persistent 
  • but the worst part is, he’s not annoying
  • he’s sO slick about it, like he’s so sMOOTh
  • like he’s not thirsty and beggin for entrance inside ur pants
  • he’s just playing with th e loops on the waistband 
  • figuratively and physically
  • arms around your waist as you guys walk down the street
  • blames it on the fact that you’re too slow not cause he’s thirsty or anything
  • omg imagine going to a party with you 
  • is lw protective?? but not really ?? 
  • you wore something tight and slightly revealing and he groans 
  • “did you really have to go full hoe tonight ????” 
  • when u get a little too drunk, he’s making consistent check ups
  • he doesn’t need any sleazy asshole tryin to pick you up
  • but at the same time, he’s quite distracted by the girl he’s making out with
  • then he hears ur giggle just pass him like a wind
  • he detaches his lips from whoever that is and sees that some random boy has his body slung over yours
  • seems like he’s leading you upstairs 
  • and he’s dashing over to you 
  • he yanks the guy off you 
  • “are you trying to take advantage of her?” he asks, voice deep and glare deadly
  • “nnOOooO daniel, he’s m y freind!!!” u slurred and giggled 
  • “you heard them, we’re chill” and he nods over to you with a smirk 
  • “what’s his name then?” he’d ask you, eyes rolling 
  • “i dunno !!!” u laughed
  • and that’s enough for him to punch the guy right in the nose 
  • which leads to lots of attention 
  • “heeEEeeeyYY !! nOT ok Ay!!!!” u messily tried to push him off
  • instead, daniel just pulls you behind him 
  • the guy is getting up, ears red of anger and he tries to throw punch at daniel 
  • but daniel just kicks him down might i say lookin pretty hot too like dayum 
  • “don’t even bother you idiot” he hovered over the dude before he leads you over him and out of the party 
  • of course he’s sobered up so he drives you home 
  • but goddamn can you not shut the fuck up ??? 
  • “daniel, that w AS soOoOO hOT” u groaned and leaned against the seat 
  • “mhm thats nice babe” 
  • “nO serioUsLY suP Er hOT”
  • and he’s having the time of his life just listening to u be dumb
  • when he gets you home, he tucks your whiney ass in and leaves a cup of water and some painkillers on your nightstand
  • and he’s satisfied with just you mumbling a thank you as he leaves to sleep on your couch
  • you wake him and he’s just teasing you all morning
  • honestly, you guys are pretty close 
  • like who else does he tell his hook up stories to besides seungwoo?? no one 
  • he trusts you a lot but of course he’d never say that
  • and you know he cares for you a lot so you put a lot of trust in him too
  • every time anything gets boarderline cheesy or “friendship is magic!”-y, he’ll throw a pick up line at you 
  • “you know dan, you really aint that bad” 
  • “well anything for u baby girl” and he winks 
  • but you’re both fully aware you two would never date
  • it was just weird ????? like dan and u r just friends honestly 
  • even if you do respond to sex jokes like once or twice 
  • you guys just have this weird bond ?? 
  • though he seems real chill nd cooOoooOoOOOoooL, he’s a real cutie/sweetie 
  • you’d never forget when you saw him fanboy about his cats 
  • “well, i love all different types of pussys” and cue wink 
  • overall, gr8 friendship 
  • but he’s horny 24/7 
  • there is a slight chance that you guys might hook up once just cause he’s desperate aF 
  • i see him pinning you down on the bed and he’s like 
  • “don’t you just love surprises?” he’d grin down at you 
  • but definitely prefers you straddling him
  • leaves way too many hickeys honestly he needs to chill
  • makes u wear his shirt “just this one time please oh please” 
  • boner pt2
  • always LOL’s about it to you 
  • “remember when we made ou-”
  • “yes daniel i know, i was there” 
  • ya’ll have such a weird bond but i mean its one thicc bond 

haha i know this is scenario was hecka random but i was just getting pretty bored with the demigod au. that doesn’t mean i’m gonna stop writing them LOL don’t worry. i just needed some variety. hope that it doesn’t upset anyone !!! thanks 4 reading again ya’lls 

also, probably not gonna make this into a series because there’s already a decent amount of fuckboi aus of wannaone and this was just a random thingy in my head

also had a royals au planned out but someone else is doing that so i can’t do that either lmao

and also @parkjmini 👀👀👀👀👀

The Tie (Stiles Stilinski smut)

Summary: After becoming slightly tipsy, Stiles gets creative with a tie.

Word count: 3k 

Warnings: This is smut! It includes bondage (unsurprisingly by a tie).

A/N: I’m back again with another filthy oneshot! Similar to the Dylan piece I posted a few days ago, this is pure smut. I hope you enjoy! ;)

Originally posted by itsagirlthingbae

The second you were in the room, your hands reached up to grab Stiles’ collar. Impatiently, you pushed him back so he was pressed up against the sturdy wood. Your boyfriend let out a noise of surprise, clearly taken aback by such a quick change of tempo.

“Someone’s eager, aren’t they?” he said, a cocky smirk hanging from his pink lips. Breathlessly, you reached forwards and started working on his tie, fingers making light work of the loose knot.

“‘S not my fault you’ve looked hot all evening,” you responded, pulling the red tie over his head. You tossed it to the side, moaning softly when Stiles’ fingers traced down your body, resting on your hips to give you a tight squeeze.

You leaned up to press a series of open-mouthed kisses along his neck, tracing haphazardly from a spot beneath his ear to his collarbone. As your fingers undid the buttons of his crisp shirt, you put effort into your movements, sucking harsh, crimson marks against his pale skin.

Stiles groaned, a hand snaking up your back to play with the zip of your dress. Your tongue padded over a newly-formed mark on his neck, licking in a way that had his head falling back, guttural groans ripping from his mouth.

Feeling the zip come undone, you stepped back to shrug off your dress. “Holy shit,” Stiles cursed. You glanced up to see his eyes on you - or, more specifically - your body. “You know this set drives me crazy, angel.”

You smirked in response, pressing a quick kiss to his jaw. “That’s why I put it on.”

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Saw this beauty at the train station this morning. Then this happened:

The other car pulls up on their left side, drawing alongside them, and Dean’s peripheral vision is caught by familiar headlights.

Another Impala. She’s a bit newer, a bit younger than Baby - probably ‘69 or ‘70, Dean guesses. She’s sleek and shiny in the sunshine, all done up in a bright cherry red.

Dean makes eye contact with the other driver - an older man, probably as old as Dad would be now. He gives the guy a nod, gets one in return. Camaraderie, like a secret handshake for a secret society.

He hears a throaty roar and the red Impala pulls ahead. Beside him, Sam huffs a breath of preemptive annoyance, but Dean’s not in a hurry, they’ve got nowhere to be, and he lets the other car pull away without a challenge.

From this far back, he can get a better view of her sleek flanks and rear. The glossy red is too bright, almost trashy; he’s always felt the same way about red lingerie, prefers tasteful black - or nothing at all. Still, the cherry car is a beauty and he looks his fill as she roars again and flies away down the highway.

Beneath him, Baby gives an angry shudder, pronounced enough that Sam shoots Dean a perturbed side-eye. Dean doesn’t react, keeps his face smoothly blank, but he brings his right hand up from where it had been resting on his thigh and brushes it along the dash, before stroking it over the smooth leather of the steering wheel, trying all the while to make it look like he’s just shifting positions. He doesn’t dare say anything out loud, not with Sam right there, but in his mind he’s murmuring reassurances, whispering apologies, gentling his girl like a rider soothes a flustered horse.

“Should know better than to check out other women,” Sam says, a heavy edge of teasing to his words. Dean doesn’t reply, but one corner of his mouth lifts in a wry smirk. Under his touch, Baby purrs like a kitten and he knows that his wandering eye is forgiven.


Warning: smutt!!!!

Song : bad habit by the kooks

Requested!“Hey babe.” Ethan walks up behind you in the hallway of the school with a rough grab of your ass.
“Hey handsome.” You smirked, fixing the collar of his leather jacket.
“Wanna go stir shit in third period?” Ethan laughed, leaning against the wall next to you.
“Always.” You smiled, pulling him in for a kiss. You and Ethan were that couple. Always wore black together, got in trouble together, always shared too much PDA, you name it, you’ve done it. Except for one thing.
“Lets go.” Ethan smiled down at you, wrapping a protective arm around your waist. The hallway cleared, everyone moving out of the way for you and Ethan to walk by as the bell rang through your ears. You and Ethan entered the English class as you both took a seat at the back row of the classroom. Ethan leaned back in his seat, resting his boot clad feet on his desk next to you as he lifted his arms behind his head.
“Mr.Dolan,” the teacher pushed her glasses down her nose, “last time I checked this was a classroom, not your living room.” The class laughed pathetically as Ethan scoffed,
“And last time I checked I didn’t give two shits.”
“Dolan, I give you one more chance. Take the feet down or get out of my classroom.” The teacher warned as she set down a few books on her desk. You gave Ethan a look, you wanted your turn too. Ethan smirked, taking his feet down as he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his thighs. The teacher began speaking and the class carried on, you and Ethan were getting bored.
“Does she have to talk?” You asked, pointing to the annoying preppy girl in the corner.
“Y/n, I don’t get why you and your dumb boyfriend even come to class, you’re so annoying. Some people actually want to learn” She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms in front of her chest.
“Don’t act so innocent, Samantha, I know you go to the Friday night parties and suck every guys dick you can get a hold of.” You gave her a hard look as her mouth dropped open. You smirked as the teacher quickly spoke up,
“Y/n, get out of my classroom.”
“Our pleasure.” Ethan smirked, slapping your ass as you walked by him. You both exited the class in a fit of laughter.
“That was a good one, babe.” Ethan laughed as you both walked around the empty halls. Your laughing died down as you and Ethan comfortably walked down the hallway in silence until Ethan stopped in front of a blue door.
“You know, I’ve always wanted to do one thing that we’ve never done before.” Ethan smirked, looking down at you.
“And what would that be?” You asked, stepping closer to him to play with the collar of his jacket. He licked his bottom lip as he took a peak down your black low cut shirt then back up at your eyes.
“Crash the teachers lounge.” Ethan bit his bottom lip, pulling you closer by the waist.
“What are we waiting for?” You asked, looking up at him with a small smirk.
“Fuck, I love you.” He groaned as you took your hand, leading you through the blue door and into the empty teachers lounge. He quickly turned around, slamming you back against the door. His lips found your neck as his hand slowly slid up to lock the door. His other hand roamed your body as he massaged your breast, swallowing your moan with his mouth. He slowly slid his tongue in your mouth as you impatiently started sliding his leather jacket off his broad shoulders. His jacket hit the floor with a thud as Ethan guided you over to the couch. He slowly laid you down as he quickly discarded his black shirt. He slowly grounded down on you as he lied on top of you. You felt him hardening in his tight black jeans as he slid a hand up your shirt and bra, lightly grasping your right breast. You moaned into his mouth as he rolled your nipple between his fingers. He let you sit up as he lifted your shirt over your head, revealing your red bra.
“So fucking sexy.” Ethan whispered almost to himself as he reached a hand behind you, unclasping your bra skillfully. He slowly slid the straps off your shoulders as he discarded it somewhere in the room. His mouth quickly attached itself to your breast as he sucked and bit lightly at your nipples, admiring your chest. You watched as his scruff rubbed against the soft skin of your chest. He lightly pulled on your nipple with his teeth as he looked up at you with a smirk. You shook your head, pushing him back on the other side of the couch. The thing about your guys’ relationship, you were both dominant. You just couldn’t keep your hands off each other. He laid against the arm of the couch as you kissed down his abdomen, looking up at him as he watched you, breathing deeply. You unbuttoned his jeans, slowly unzipping the zipper as you watched him as he impatiently lifted his hips for you to slip his jeans off. You threw them onto the floor as you slowly rubbed your hand across his length. The thin fabric of his boxers separated you two as he impatiently waited, wanting to feel your skin against his. You lightly gripped his cock as he let out a breath he had been holding in. You slowly leaned down as you licked a strip up his length. His cock twitched beneath your touch as he groaned impatiently.
“Take it off, baby.” He begged as he lifted his hips. You hooked your fingers beneath the elastic of his boxers, pulling them down. His cock sprung free as you took it in your hand. You slowly pumped it as he bit his lip.
“You better do something or I will.” He warned you, his eyes dark. You smirked as you slowly wrapped your lips around the head of his cock. His head flew back as you took his length into your mouth, tracing the veins with your tongue. Ethan’s large hands pulled your hair back as you bobbed your head on his cock. You looked up at him, batting your eyelashes innocently as he pulled at your hair, his mouth hung open. Low moans emitted his mouth quietly as you hollowed your cheeks around him. You raised a hand to massage his balls as he bit his lip hard, trying not to moan. You slowly took him as far as you could, trying to fit his whole length into your mouth. The tip of your noice pressed against his stomach as he moaned, holding your head there for a second before letting you off him, catching your breath.
“You get better every single time.” Ethan praised you as he breathed heavily, watching you pump his cock. You twisted your hand with your movements as Ethan’s head fell back. You admired his neck, his chest, down to his abs that clenched with every twist of your hand. You smirked as his hand gripped the couch until you slowly went down on him again. His hands immediately tangled themselves in your hair, guiding your movements on his length. You took him all the way, bobbing your head every time his cock touched the back of your throat. You gagged slightly making Ethan groan deeply. Ethan moaned your name as you hollowed your cheeks, bobbing your head faster. His abs clenched as he pulled on your hair, becoming completely surrendered to you. His hips bucked up to meet your mouth as you moaned on his length, sending vibrations through him.
“You better stop or I’m gonna cum.” Ethan groaned as you slowly took your mouth off his length with a ‘pop’. You smiled innocently as his chest heaved, feeling desperate for a release.
“All fours for me, now.” Ethan demanded, getting up, watching you turn over to put your ass in the air. He spanked your clothed ass as he groaned, slowly pulling down your black leggings and panties. He threw them across the lounge as he grabbed your ass cheeks, slowly spreading them so he could get a better view.
“Fuck, you’re gorgeous.” Ethan groaned as he landed a harsh slap on your ass cheek. You whimpered as you waited for him to do something. He slowly got up behind you, slowly rubbing his length against your heat. You moaned at the touch, feeling his cock rub against your clit. You pushed back against him, wanting more as he teased you. He collected your wetness as he slowly poked at your entrance, easing in slowly. You moaned together as he held himself there to give you time to adjust. He gripped your hips tightly as he slowly slid in and out of you.
“More, Ethan.” You moaned, hanging your head down as he teased you.
“So impatient.” Ethan smirked, snapping his hips into you abruptly. You immediately bit your lip, holding back a moan as his hips collided with your back side. Ethan’s hands trailed down your back as they landed on your hips, pulling you back onto him repeatedly along with his thrusts. Your arms gave out beneath you as you angled your ass higher for Ethan. He planted a harsh slap to your ass, reaching down to grab a fistful of your hair.
“Who makes you feel this good?” Ethan asked, pulling you up to groan in your ear.
“You, Ethan.” You moaned, forgetting about the place you were in. Ethan grunted as he thrusted faster inside you, letting go of your hair to move his hand to your neck. You moaned as his hand enclosed around you neck lightly to stop you from moaning too loud. You bit your lip as you arched your back, resting your head on his shoulder. Ethan’s other hand reached up to toy with your nipples as you whimpered helplessly. Ethan’s hands moved down to your hips as you fell forward, laying your head on the cushion of the couch.
“Fuck me harder, Ethan.” You moaned, angling your ass higher.
“My pleasure.” He groaned, digging his nails into your hips as he snapped his hips into yours roughly. The couch scraped against the floor from Ethan’s powerful thrusts, pushing himself deeper inside you. You began clenching around Ethan as a deep moan slipped out his mouth.
“I’m not gonna last too long if you keep doing that.” He moaned, guiding your hips to collide with him. Your teeth clenched as you gripped at the cushions of the couch, feeling your orgasm build up in the pit of your stomach. Ethan edged you on by rubbing your clit with his fingers, pushing you towards your climax.
“You gonna cum for me? You’re such a dirty girl.” Ethan grunted, his skin slapping against yours. You moaned in response, clenching harder around his cock.
“Come on, baby.” Ethan edged you on, angling his hips up to hit your g-spot. Your legs shook as your orgasm hit you, your nails digging into the cushions beneath you. Your thighs clenched together as Ethan moaned, his length twitching inside you. Your juices surrounded his cock as he quickly pulled out, shooting his load all over your ass. You whimpered as his fingers subtracted from your clit. You both breathed heavily as you both came down from your high. Ethan slapped your ass before getting up, beginning to search for some paper towels. He quickly wet it under the tap as he cleaned you up.
“Fuck, Ethan,” you whined, trying to get up, “I can barely feel my legs.” Ethan laughed, watching you stumble to reach for your bra.
“What can I say.” Ethan grinned cockily, sliding on his boxers. You rolled your eyes, your legs feeling like jello as you attempted to slide your underwear on.
“Ethan Dolan and y/n to the office immediately.” The speakers boomed through the room. You and Ethan both laughed as you finished getting dressed.
“There’s always a first time for anything, too bad it might be our last.” Ethan grinned, pulling you closely by the waist as you both made your way down to the principles office.


Stuck On You

Pete Dunne/Reader
Fluffy smut? Sort of?; 3200 words

This is based on a shamefully long-ago request from the ever inspiring and lovely @oreillyskyle.


You’re at the Performance Center, working out, doing some squats with a medium-weighted barbell across the back of you shoulders. You’re only warming up, and your knee’s been giving you trouble lately, so you focus on simply maintaining your technique, keeping your breath even as you lower yourself, slow and steady.

“Is that all you can squat?” you hear a voice say from behind you, and there’s no mistaking that distinctive accent and uniquely irritating tone of derision.

And oh, you think to yourself. Great. Pete’s back.

Up until you met him, you’d thought Pete’s in-ring persona, that sneering, underhanded character, was a truly brilliant creation, a beautifully despicable heel played to the absolute hilt. And then you encountered him in person, and discovered that sadly, no, that’s mostly just his actual personality.

Which is, to put it mildly, unfortunate.

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Night on the Town

Requested: “I want you.” with Jason Todd

(Y/n) smiled checking over her outfit one more time. She was wearing a pair of tight black pants and red tank top. She turned around grabbing Jay’s jacket and headed out the door. (Y/n) was meeting up with her boyfriend, his brother, and whatever girl was currently on Dick’s arm. She smiled when she heard the familiar tapping on her window and turned to open it.

“I have a perfectly good door Jay” (Y/n) commented, sitting down on the windowsill.

“Where would the fun be in that doll face?” Jay stood on the fire escape his eyes racking over (y/n)’s body. She smirked, swinging her legs over to join him.

“Besides, you know you love a bit of danger” Jay smirked down at (y/n) wrapping his strong arms around her. He leaned down connecting his lips with hers. He smelled of gun powder and smoke, a scent (y/n) now loved.

“Come on, or we’ll be the ones late” (Y/n) pulled away, smacking Jay’s arm in an attempt to get him to focus.

“Alright, alright. But we aren’t taking the stairs” Jay smirked picking up (y/n) bridal style as she squealed. He then proceeded to jump, landing the two safely on the ground.

“I will never get use to that” (Y/n) stood on semi-wobbly legs as she fixed her clothes a bit before walking to Jay’s bike.

“For you my lady” Jay handed (y/n) a helmet as she sat behind Jay on his bike. (Y/) wrapped her arms around Jason’s wide torso, leaning her head on his back. She could practically see his smirk in her mind.

“Hold on baby” Jay reeved the bike sending the two into traffic and the night.

(Y/n) and Jay walked into the club finding that Dick was already situated a dark booth in the back, sucking each other’s face off.

“God, you sure you want to go over there?” Jay grimaced at the seen, wrapping his arm around (y/n)’s shoulders.

“I think we should give them a bit of privacy” (Y/n) turned away from the scene heading to the bar.

“Two beers please” (Y/n) smiled at the bartender who sent her a wink before going to get her order. Jay was behind her in seconds his arms wrapped protectively around her waist as he rested his chin on her shoulder. The bartender came back with the beers and a napkin, but he quickly tossed the napkin seeing Jay now attached to you. You laughed, handing him the money and turning around, still in Jay’s arms. (Y/n) sipped a little from her bottle and handed Jay’s his.

“You gave the poor guy a heart attack Jay” (Y/n) laughed eyeing the corner where Dick had now noticed them and was waving them over.

“We’re being summoned Jay” (Y/n) pointed with her bottle at the corner. Jay sighed, shaking his head.

“Let’s go” Jay turned around directing you to them.

The two of spent the next two hours drinking, eating, and talking until finally Silvia, this was the girl that came with Dick, wanted to go dance. Dick smiled happily complying. (Y/n) stood up waiting for Jay.

“Baby, you know I don’t dance” Jay whined, his eyes looking over your body. He had gotten more touchy with every drink, and (y/n) had gotten more giggly.

“Just this once” (Y/n) pulled on Jay’s arm trying to get him to budge. Jay shook his head and (y/n) sighed, turning to the dance floor. There she began dancing to the pulsing music, her eyes locked with Jason the entire time. It didn’t take long though until another guy had his hands on your waist his breath in your ear.

“Hey sugar, mind if-” (Y/n) didn’t get to hear the guy’s full sentence as Jay nearly threw the guy across the room. (Y/n) smirked dancing into Jay as he finally began to dance with you.

“(Y/n)” Jay whispered in (y/n)‘a ear, his hands wrapping tighter around her waist.

“Yeah” (Y/n) closed her eyes leaning back into Jay. Her body was buzzing from the contact and alcohol.

“I want you. Now.” Jason growled in (y/n)’s ear squeezing her ass. She giggled turning around and kissing him. Jay quickly pulled away, lust filling his eyes.

“No. I need you, (y/n), now” Jason grabbed your hand pulling you out into the night. Once outside of the club his eye’s searched for his bike, but (y/n) pulled him away, insisting he was too drunk and called a cab. (Y/n) climbed in the cab first, giving the directions for her house when Jay came in cutting her off.

“My house tonight” Jay grinned telling the driver his address before capturing (y/n)’s face with his hands.

“Jay, I haven’t been to your house before” (y/n) whispered between kisses as she attempted to process things.

“I think it’s long overdue, don’t you?” Jay smirked looking down at her. She was just perfect, wearing his colors, in his- Wait.

“You’re wearing my jacket” Jay’s eyes grew darker realizing that yes, she was. (Y/n) blushed, looking away. Jay held her chin, directing her back to him.

“Everything comes off but that tonight” Jay grinned his voice dropping and octave as (y/n)’s felt a rush to her core. She connected there lips again, intertwining her fingers in his hair.

“We’re here, get out of my cab” The cab driver grumbled as Jay paid him, pulling (y/n) from the cab.

“I can walk Jay” (Y/n) squealed as she gripped onto Jay. He merely chuckled, running for the elevator.

As soon as the doors closied shut close Jason set (y/n) down, attacking your neck with his lips. He bit and sucked her sweet spot, being sure to leave his mark. (Y/n) moaned, leaning against the wall and gripping the front of his shirt. It was bliss, Jay’s lips on your neck. The rest of the night however was heaven.

A/N: I hope this was good. I’m sorry if it’s trash!

Singing into a Hairbrush

Prompt: if Damian is dating this girl thats kinda a nerd but he knows that she can be evil and while he’s on patrol with Jason or someone? he catches her and her older siblings singing along to a Disney song and having it perfect word for word and he’s just all smirking because he knows that side of her but no one else does?

AN: Hope you enjoy lovely!

Words: 274

Requested by: @too-many-fandoms666

          Damian likes to check on you occasionally when he’s out on patrol. Usually, he taps on your window and comes in for a few minutes. Other times he watches. He watches through the window as you interact with your family.

          It hits after his first time watching you; you have a real family. A normal family. Tonight is especially entertaining. He can’t help but smile as you and your sisters move around the kitchen singing out “I’ll make a man out of you” while Mulan plays in the background.

           When your oldest sister starts singing into a hair brush he takes his leave.

          The next afternoon while the two of you are debating what to do, this semi evil look takes over his face and he says “We could always put on the lion king and sing into our hairbrushes.”

          The first thing that happens is you blush. Next your face flushes in anger, and then you scream. Damian is running before you ever close your mouth. You chase him all over the school. The teachers just watch you go, too tired to bother stopping you. And as you tackle him, you start to punch.

          Instead of feeling pain he laughs, he laughs and laughs, and jokes you about your tiny fists of fury. You just yell and scream, and threaten to tell Alfred. That makes him pause, and knowing you have him you jump to your feet and make a mad dash back to your locker for your phone.

          In the end both of your parents are called into the office, and you end up in detention writing an essay about appropriate behavior.

betsforsythetrash  asked:

Girl I need a pole dancing fic asap 💕💕💕

Hmm, I wonder why I suddenly got so many requests for this fic (this isn’t even all of them jeez). Y’all are sinners. Also I’m not sure if I liked how this one turned out, it’s all a bit she did this he did that, but whatever. I hope you enjoy anyway!
Warning: there is sin ahead, honestly blame the buggies. 

“Cheryl, what the hell?” Veronica exclaimed, casting her gaze around the room with a raised eyebrow. The head bitch herself had rallied the Vixens for an emergency practice, surprising them all by turning on her heel and marching into the smaller weights room off the side of the gym. Everything had been cleared out, all equipment long gone, replaced only by an array of shiny silver poles stretching from floor to ceiling.

“I’ve been doing my research and it appears that this is the best way to turn your abs to fabs in time for the end of season pep rally,” Cheryl stated, gesturing matter-of-factly around her. Betty gulped.

“Pole dancing?” she asked, voice shaking with the rising of her nerves, brows pinching together in concern.

“Pole fitness,” Cheryl clarified, striding over to a pile of booty shorts, even shorter than their regular required uniform (and significantly tighter, Betty noted), with matching sports bras. “Suit up, my River Vixens. You’ve got a lot to learn in the way of sex appeal.”

“V, I don’t think I can…” Betty mumbled in panic, eye darting between the poles and the tiny garments resting atop her open palm. Her other hand gripped at Veronica’s arm, itching to curl into itself. Veronica glanced down at it before meeting Betty’s wide stare.

“B, it’s okay!” she reassured, bringing her hands up to rest on Betty’s shoulders as she tilted her mouth in a comforting smile. “We’re only at practice, it’s just like exercise,” she reasoned. Betty’s heart rate didn’t slow any. Veronica sighed, eyes running over the room as she tried to find the right words. “Okay, think of it this way. This is an aid to becoming stronger, right? Mind and body. It’s gonna make you feel confident and powerful. So think of something that already gets you halfway there.” Mischief glinted in her dark irises. “Maybe… when you’re with a certain dark-haired, brooding, Byron wannabe? I bet you know a few ways to help him raise the flag-”

“Veronica!” Betty screeched, tilting her head to watch the open door, cheeks flushing scarlet as she pulled her hand back from the other girl’s arm like she’d been burned. Veronica grinned devilishly, shrugging her delicate shoulders.

“I’m just saying, Betty. Channel some of that ‘in the moment’ confidence.” Her eyes softened. “It’ll help,” she threw over her shoulder as she turned to go and change. Betty took a breath, releasing the tension from her back as she stretched out her fingers. She could do this.


Betty stumbled into the girl’s locker room, muscles she didn’t even know she had aching, red bruises forming between her thighs. Pole, she had quickly learned, was exhausting. Add to that a commanding Cheryl Blossom, on the warpath for perfectly arched backs and streamlined drops, and she wasn’t sure she’d be able to walk for a week.

But Veronica had been right. It did make her feel powerful, in control, even - dare she say it - sexy. It allowed her the kind of freedom she craved when she just let go, without any of the darkness clouded the edges of her vision, pulling her into an unreachable abyss. Betty bit her lip against her smile as she opened her gym locker - she could definitely get used to this feeling. Gripping the cool metal between her fingers, her thighs, back arching as she swung gracefully.

“Want me to wait for you, B?” Veronica asked, coming up behind her. Betty startled at her close voice, ponytail whipping sharply behind her, the dark-haired girl ducking out of the way.

“Wha- Oh, no. I’m supposed to be meeting Jughead to work on the Blue and Gold,” she smiled. Veronica smirked.

“Whatever you say. Enjoy your work,” she said suggestively, flitting out of the locker room with one last coy glance at Betty’s mortified expression. She huffed out a laugh, shaking her head at her friend’s antics as she pulled her clothes out.

The surrounding din quietened down as the last of the Vixens left for the night, leaving Betty alone. She glanced round cautiously, checking there were no prying eyes still, before slipping back into the gym. She couldn’t help herself; she just wanted to lose herself in the sensation for a little bit longer. She stepped gingerly towards the centre pole, clasping it with damp palms. She hooked her right knee around the object, like she’d been taught a few hours before, and pushed her weight off her left foot, propelling herself round.

She caught glimpses of herself in the mirror lining one wall. It didn’t feel like her own reflection staring back at her. She didn’t see pink sweaters and slicked back hair. She saw lean lines, strong muscles, elegant curves. There was a way about her features, her narrowed eyes, her mouth set with firm confidence, that made her blood buzz as she continued to move. She dipped her body, leg coming up in a sharp angle as she let her eyes drift closed for a moment.

“Betty?” Her eyes flew open at the low voice coming from her right. She straightened herself quickly, fingers clutching at the pole as she took in Jughead’s form standing in the doorway. Her cheeks burned.

“Juggie…” she breathed, unable to meet his eyes. “H-how long have you been standing there?” His own cheekbones were already dusted an adorable pink, blue eyes wide. He swallowed around the thickness in his throat, adam’s apple bobbing distinctly.

“Um, not that long, really. Just a while… a f-few minutes, maybe,” he stammered, ashamed of how long he’d stood silently, knowing she hadn’t seen him, while she danced.

He was entranced the moment he’d opened the door. He’d gotten worried, Betty was never usually this late to their meetings, and ventured out find her. He’d heard the music coming from the weights room and curiously pushed open to the door only to find her, twisting her body sensually to the beat now pounding in his ears. Jughead had frozen in place, boots rooted to the spot, unable to look away - not wanting to - even though he knew he was spying. She’d just looked so beautiful he couldn’t help it. His fingers itched with the desire to touch her, a pool of warmth flooding his lower belly and sending sparks southwards. His heart thudded, so loud he was surprised she couldn’t hear it, air getting too hot against his skin.

She appraised him with her usual, wide eyes, snapping back instantly into the Betty he was familiar with. She chewed on her lower lip, fingers playing idly with the elastic on her shorts. She could see the way his pupils had blown wide with lust, with want for her, as he’d been watching. His breath was coming a degree faster than normal, the way it did whenever she’d run her fingers down his chest, her teeth across his collarbone. She was turning him on just by the way she was moving, across the room entirely. The thought simmered beneath her skin, sending a delicious warmth to the apex of her thighs.

Before Betty could stop herself she was moving to grab one of the chairs stacked against the wall, placing it a few feet away from the pole she was previously using. She grabbed Jughead’s hand, his palm reassuring in hers, and dragged him over, pushing on his shoulders to get him to sit. He gazed up at her questioningly, eyebrows knit in confusion. She simply smiled, leaning down to press a lingering kiss to his soft cheek.

“Just watch,” she murmured against his heated skin. He nodded, dumbfound, not quite sure what he was agreeing to but knowing he didn’t want to say no. In the moment confidence, Veronica had said. The fluttering nervousness in her chest was blooming into something new, a need to have Jughead’s eager eyes on her as she danced, wanting him to see her whilst she reached this new high.

Betty took a breath, feeling the beat vibrating up through her legs. Her hand came up to her ponytail, pulling the band out and tossing it away, letting her honey waves free around her shoulders. Jughead shifted in her peripheries, hands coming to rest on his knees, waiting for the performance to begin.

She walked round the pole, each step measured and calculated, one hand running delicately over the metal. Every so often she chanced a glance at Jughead from beneath her lashes, finding his eyes glued to her frame. This dance wasn’t like the others from practice. Betty swung her hips back and forth, sweeping her hair over her shoulders with a flick of her head, adding a whole new layer of sensuality to her steps. She spun, enjoying the slight breeze across her warm skin that the movement caused, pulling her lower lip between her teeth as she arched her neck. Jughead cleared his throat shuffling in his chair as his fingers clutched aimlessly at the denim covering his knees. It was so apparent what she was doing to him, his tongue coming out to wet his suddenly dry lips.

Betty turned to face him, hands clasped above her head as she slowly started to slide her back down the pole, never once taking her darkened eyes from his. She reached the ground, a surge of confidence igniting a fire throughout her body as she caught sight of the prominent bulge between his shifting thighs, parting her knees and spreading her legs in a move that definitely wasn’t a part of Cheryl’s earlier routine.

“Betts…” Her name fell, slightly strangled, from his parted lips. She stood slowly, stalking towards him with a glint in her eye, like a predator seeking its prey. Her hands braced themselves on his shoulders as she swung her leg over his thighs, settling down over his lap. There was a delicious ache forming between her overworked thighs as she fought to keep her eyes from rolling back into her head. Jughead’s eyelids fluttered as they both let out perfectly synchronised moans at the long awaited pressure, but he was determined to take in every second of this moment, of Betty free of restriction before him. She grasped his wrists, placing his desperate hands on the small of her waist. “You have no idea what you do to me,” he whispered, voice hoarse. She giggled, the sound causing his own lips to lift in a smile.

“I think I do,” she muttered, circling her hips purposefully. Jughead groaned, bucking up involuntarily at the sensation. Betty paused, lifting her weight slightly from him. “You have to stay still. This is my show,” she teased, raising a challenging eyebrow. He nodded, not trusting his voice. She dropped herself down again, continuing the torturous roll of her hips, arms locked around his neck.

She swayed gently, her scent completely overwhelming Jughead’s senses. Her firm breasts were at his eye level, heaving slightly before his face. Blue eyes followed the bead of sweat, from her earlier exertion, that rolled down her collarbone and disappeared into the valley of her cleavage, wanting to chase it with his tongue. His fingers crept up her side, cupping the underside of her breast gently. All movement ceased as she threw him a threatening look, shivers rolling down Jughead’s spine, pushing the wandering hand firmly back to her waist. Betty moved her lips to his ear, warm breath making him shudder.

“Having trouble following the rules, Jug?” she whispered, unable to stop the grin from spreading across her face as she felt his fingers flex against her skin, head tilting to allow her more access to his neck. A low groan caught in his chest as she gave a pointed swivel of her hips. He blew out an uneven breath as she trailed her lips down his flushed skin, movements unrelenting now, mouth resting over his pounding pulse point. She latched her lips over the spot and sucked, small mewl vibrating against him as she felt the responding twitch in his pants directly beneath her sensitive core.

Betty pulled back, satisfied with the purple bruise she’d left amongst the fading others already littered across his pale skin. She knew that the uncontrolled grip he had against her delicate flesh would leave lingering fingerprints for her to run her hands over affectionately later, remembering the effect she had on him.

Jughead’s breathing hitched as she dropped her forehead to his, their breaths mixing, panting into each other, as she lay her open mouth over his. Her movements were speeding up, the coil in the pit of Jughead’s stomach tightening as his vision started to blur. Betty bent closer, catching Jughead’s chapped lower lip between her teeth and pulling gently.

It didn’t take much more, every last nerve Jughead had now frayed and oversensitive because of the woman in his lap, heat of her core radiating through his pants. With one last twist of her hips he couldn’t hold back any longer, loud groan tearing itself from his chest, hips bucking upwards, stuttering, as he came, pulsing beneath her.

Betty slowed her movements, revelling in the way he twitched and grunted beneath her as she coaxed him through his release, overly stimulated and exhausted. He finally opened his eyes, fingers coming to cup her cheek, looking up at her in awe. He pulled her down, placing a sweet, gentle kiss to her bitten lips.

“I never knew I could like gym so much,” he joked against her lips, Betty dropping her head to the crook of his neck with an exuberant laugh.

“Or that you’d have a reason to thank Cheryl Blossom,” she murmured with an amused smile, tucking herself closer into his embrace.

Hate To Break It To You

Pairing:  Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning:  Swearing?

A/N: Something I found in my saved files, since I’m working on a few things I figured I would post this. It’s probably crap, but enjoy it. Hahaha.

@chrisevansthedoritobastard   @holahellohialoha  @almightyunnie @imamotherfuckingstar-lord  @iwillbeinmynest @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @goodnightwife @irepeldirt  @yourtropegirl  @bellejeunefillesansmerci  @buckyb-avengers  @winterboobaer  @mrhowardstark  @rileyloves5 @ria132love

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“Oh please Steve, come with me.” You bat your eyes, poking out your bottom lip pleading with him. “Don’t make me go alone.” You smirk at him as he sighs shaking his head trying to not laugh at you. You’re leaning over the bench press watching Steve deadlift, your eyes travel over his biceps pausing momentarily taking in their glory and size, before breaking eye contact in hopes Steve didn’t catch you gawking.

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Jerome Valeska x Reader: Mine And Mine Alone

Originally posted by dez-wade

thanks to @purityimagines for requesting. sorry if you were expecting something longer, hope you will still like it:) 

requests are open <

Bruce Wayne was supposed to be already dead. But yet, he wasn’t. Because Jerome Valeska was a showman. Nobody could deny it, even James Gordon, himself.

But [Y/N] was feeling bored. And Jerome paying attention to Bruce Wayne (so not paying attention to her) wasn’t helping.

She looked around Jerome’s cheerful circus of slaughter as the circus theme music rang in her ears.

‘There’s no slaughter without laughter!’ Jerome would say. It made her laugh everytime..

As the time passed by,  Bruce was getting his clown make-up done.

[Y/N] stared at herself in a mirror, she looked pretty tired. She wondered what time it was, so she decided to ask one of his followers. The one standing close to her seemed okay.

“Uh, excuse me.” she poked him slightly.

The guy turned around with a harsh look, his clown face immediately softened as he saw it was her. He looked around 16 years old, which was a little weird but not that weird if you think about it. Jerome had followers of all ages.

He smirked as he checked her out. “Can I help ya, Doll?”

The word “doll” caught Jerome’s attention because [Y/N] was the only girl with them. He decided to stay with the Rich Kid but he kept half of his attention on her in case somebody forgot that she was his.

She smiled at the guy trying to ignore the look he gave her. “Do you know what time is it?”

Now, as she thought, the information was useless and it wouldn’t change anything but she already asked.

“Hmm..” his gaze went to his watch slowly which seemed a little creepy. “It’s 6:17”

“Thanks.” she said feeling uneasy as he winked at her. It was so unfair, even a guy probably younger than her made her feel uncomfortable.

She was glad that Jerome caught his (and hers) attention as he stood behind Bruce looking at his clown make-up in the mirror.

“Hmm, I wanna be honest Bruce. You don’t make world’s funniest clown..” he hissed.

“But, we can fix that.” he took out a knife and held it to his neck as Bruce started to shake from fear.

Just as everyone thought he’s going to slit his throat, Jerome pushed the knife into the make-up artist as he whined in pain.

[Y/N] had no idea what was going to happen next, so she basically jumped when Jerome grabbed “the guy” from earlier by his shirt and cut it open as he pushed the weapon into his stomach.  

She was glad he killed him, she knew she wouldn’t stand this guy anymore.

Jerome took his bloody finger and drew a sad face on Bruce’s already frowned face. “Let’s turn that frown, upside down.” he laughed and shoved him to his assistants to take him away, in the direction of their next stop.

“And you..” he turned to [Y/N] “, are mine and mine alone, Gorgeous. And Daddy’s gonna kill anybody that ever bothers ya.”

[Y/N] smiled at him widely, looking at him with heart-shaped eyes.

“Thank you, Jerome. You know I will always be yours, and only yours!” She jumped into his arms and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

He chuckled darkly.  “Good.”

They went to finish the case with Bruce Wayne but with Jerome’s attention on [Y/N], she found it even more fun that she expected.

Don't Listen To Them... (Liam Dunbar imagine)

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Request: write one about Liam with a plus size Reader who’s very self conscious and they meet because he saves her from getting bullied

Warning(s): bullying, cussing, and i think that’s it also sorry if your name is Rebecca (the bully) I just thought of a random name.

DISCLAIMER: Rebecca is the bully and (Y/N) is the reader. just to clear that up

NOTE: Sorry if it’s short and i just want to say you are all amazing and beautiful in your own unique way and keep doing you and what you love to do. 

Also if you see someone getting bullied, please do something or tell someone. Be nice to them, don’t make fun of them for their weight, looks, etc. Cause the reason why I put Liam to say “You wouldn’t like it if someone said those things to you” is because it’s true, no one ever does so please just be nice to people and be careful about what you say.

I sighed as I walked up to the entrance of the school, maybe today will be a good day. I take a deep breathe in and exhaled as soon and I opened the doors to Beacon Hills High. I ignored all the looks I get from certain people and held my head up high while walking down the halls to get to my locker.

I look around before opening my locker and exchanged things from my backpack to my locker, ‘so far so good’ I think to myself while closing my locker but instantly regret what I thought.

I came face to face with Rebecca aka Beacon Hills High Queen Bitch. Even though she was a bitch she was still prettier than me and I couldn’t help but believe all things she has said to me.

“Oh hey (Y/N), I would say I didn’t see you there but that would be a total lie, you’re too big to miss” Rebecca says smirking while her kiss up minions were laughing behind her. “Leave me alone Rebecca” I say pushing past her and walked to class and found my seat.

Unfortunately, I had my first class and lunch with Rebecca and her stupid minions. Everyone was already in class and as soon as she came in the room it got quiet and awkward because no one wanted to mess with her and her friends and no one was going to address her and her friends about the way they act.

“What’s up with the elephant in the room? And I’m not talking about the tension in here, I’m talking about (Y/N)” Rebecca comments and everyone looks at me while I hide my face waiting for class to be over.

Class was quickly over and I walked out of the room but before I knew it I tripped. I hear Rebecca laugh and some other students laugh along with her. “Watch where you’re walking fatty, are you too big to even see where you’re feet are walking?” Rebecca questions.

I quickly get up and turn to her, “Fuck you Rebecca” I spat and walked away while hearing her yell, “Better watch your back (Y/N)!”. Soon lunch rolled around and I sat with my friend Taylor but she got up to go to the library. I got up to buy water from outside at the vending machine before being shoved to the ground, “God I’m surprised I’m able to push you considering you’re too heavy” the voice says as I look up to see Rebecca looking down at me. I looked around to see a few people around us laughing.

I stood up and looked at her, “I’m sick of your bullshit, leave me alone”. Rebecca laughs, “Sorry no can do” she replies. “You’re such a fucking bitch” I add. Rebecca chuckles and then suddenly my face was stinging and I grabbed the side of my face holding it from the pain and in shock.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that again (Y/N). I rather be a bitch than a fat ass because news flash no guy would ever want to date you. You’re just too ugly and you’re not skinny like me, you’re just a cow” my eyes started to water from the words that came out of her mouth.

“Hey!” someone shouted, interrupting Rebecca before she could say anything else. We both turn to see a boy our age with brown hair and blue eyes and I knew who exactly it was. Liam Dunbar. The boy I had most of my classes with and the boy who was always hanging out with Scott and the rest of his friends.

Rebecca smiles, “Hey Liam, how are you?” she asks flirtatiously. 

Liam rolled his eyes, “I’d be better if you treated (Y/N) like a human being and not make fun of her. I think she’s absolutely beautiful just the way she is. She’s kind hearted, funny, and stunning. She’s not a cow, she’s perfect the way she is, if she likes how she looks then that’s good, but she shouldn’t have to deal with people like all of you who make fun of her. Because deep down I know you all wouldn’t like it if someone said things to you like that.” Liam spoke. 

Everyone was quiet and Rebecca went to speak again, “Yeah, well-” but gets cut off by Liam. “Oh and news flash no one likes a stuck up bitch who makes fun of other girls because they think it makes them look good” Liam states smirking and everyones eyes were wide and they all whispered. 

“All go you get out of here” Liam spats and Rebecca wanted to speak again but had no words and just walked away. 

Liam walked up to me, “Hey (Y/N) are you okay?” I nod my head yes. He checked again to make sure and we were going our separate ways. 

I stopped in my tracks and turned around to face his back, “Hey Liam” he turns around to look at me, “Yeah?”.

“Why?” I ask confused, “Why what?” he questions. 

“Why did you stand up for me? We barely talk to each other.” I comment.

“Because that’s not right what she did, and I know but I’ve always thought you were beautiful” he explains.

“You don’t have to pretend like you like me” I stated. Liam looks at me and walks up to me, “I’m not pretending (Y/N), everything I said was true, especially about me thinking you’re beautiful, I’ve liked you since freshmen year but was too scared to talk to you” he confesses. “Don’t listen to them (Y/N), you’re perfect the way you are. (Y/N) I want to show you the world and show you all the things you really deserve and I want to be there for you and just protect you and I know a lot of stuff happened today but would you like to go on a date with me?”.

I quickly hug him and peck him on the cheek and he blushes, “What was that for?” he asked. “For caring and yes I’d love to go on a date with you Liam Dunbar” I answer.

Spin - Jason Todd x Reader

After an untimely but rather expected case of writer’s block, I have now returned. This is requedted by a lovely anon. I had so much fun with this one guys! Thank you so much for pushing me to do what I think I do best :3

WORDS: 1674

“Dick.” He grunted into the earpiece, sounding more like he was crying an insult more than saying an actual name, “Could you be more specific?”

“The guy probably has a hoodie on, or something that covers his face. And he looks a lot older than everyone in that room.”

“That makes the two of us,” Jason rolled his eyes. It was stupid to think he could still pull of as a high school student, let alone blend in with a bunch of toddlers running around with alcohol glued to their hands. “Tell me again why I’m doing this and not Tim?”

“He’s underage.”

“Everyone in the whole fucking block hasn’t grown into their big boy pants!”

“Jason, they’re seniors. They’re what, two? Three years younger than you?

“Four. I’m good if this was in college, but high school? No, I’m going back. Tim will take this.”

A girl screaming with her shirt gone from her body bumped into Jason and spilled her drink. She then proceeded to scream something along the lines of ‘Fuck you!’ Or was it ‘I want to fuck you!’?

“No he won’t. Besides he’s off to do something else with Bruce. You’ll do fine.”

The voices around him got even louder. Things of much value were being thrown around like a football and the floor was soaking wet with spilled drinks. There were so many people around he wasn’t surprised nobody came up to him yet and asked which school he went to.

“Jason,” he heard his earpiece. “This isn’t just any drug dealer selling to kids. He’s selling a new type of drug, one these kids don’t even know. And from the sample we took from his last victim, it’s so dangerous that it could instantly kill them after an hour of being higher than the clouds.”

“And from the looks of it, I might need one right now.”

Jason heard a loud grunt, to which formed a grin on his face, “Look just, find the guy, knock him out, and you can get the hell out of there.”

“Fine. But if they ask what a chaperone is doing here, I’m saying my name is Dick Grayson and that I got held back twice in senior year.”


He heard a loud scream, coming from the girl who bumped into him a while ago, then came a herd of even more people looking for some fun. He had to hurry, he thought, before this guy kills a house of sexually frustrated teenagers.

He scrambled through the drunk crowd, farther into the least chaotic part of the house where kids were making out and in the verge of getting laid for what he assumed would be the first time for some of them.

God, he needed to get out.

Then he saw him, a dark man hiding under a blue hoodie in the corner of the backyard. Jason could see two guys, presumably football athletes walk up to him to get some of his home made goodness. As the guys walked away from the dealer, he went up to them.

“Hey, your girl just went into one of the bedrooms with a guy named Dick. You should check that out.”

“What?!” he screamed, almost deafening the undercover Red Hood. “Where are they!?”

“Upstairs,” he smiled. Jason then patted his back before the guy ran back into the house.

He smirked, holding the small plastic packet in his hand. “Dick, wait for me outside.” He said into the earpiece. He stuffed it into his pocket and slowly walked towards the dealer.

“How much do you want?”

“About a gallon of your blood and your ass back in GCPD.”

Suddenly, Jason grabbed both his arms and swiftly twisted them all the way to his back. The man, struggled, but was far too weak against Jason’s strength.

“Fuck you.”

“You’re not really my type, but I’m flattered.”

Almost flawlessly, save for a few attempts of escaping, he managed to drag him all the way to the front of the house where Dick’s car was parked in the other sidewalk.

He knocked on the driver’s seat window after he stuffed him in the backseat. The window rolled down, revealing Dick with a sly grin on his face. “Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Jason rolled his eyes, “Charming.” He turned his head in the direction of the crowd not far from him.

“If you’re gonna ride with me back home we have to stop by GCPD to drop him off. Or we could- Jay, what are you staring at?”

He shook his head and diverted his attention back from staring at one of the girls in the crowd. They were playing spin the bottle, and she was just sitting there, smiling.

“Nah. You can go. I’ll go home on my own.”

“Are you sure? It’s 5 miles back to your apartment and you don’t have your bike.”

“I’ll be fine.”

Before Dick could say anything, Jason had gone back into the house. He shrugged and turned the engine on.

“You’d stay too if you found a girl like that.” Said the dealer restrained at the back.

“Shut up.”


He had no idea how the fuck he let himself be pulled by a bunch of teenagers into a game of spin the bottle with 6 other people. Three of which are girls, and one of them, he now remembered, was the reason why he deliberately let Dick drive off and leave him in this infernal hell hole five miles away from home.

You were much prettier up close. Your cheeks were glowing red, and you haven’t drunk that much yet, and your lips were so delicate he just wanted to press them against his own.

He wasn’t leaving without at least knowing your name.

He failed to notice she had already spun the bottle until-

Until it landed on him.

And fuck, he’s never been so nervous in his life. He’s taken out bad guys, not the kind of bad guys in movies. He’s put himself in arm’s length from death numerous times in his life. He almost fell off a building. He got shot in the stomach. He fucking died and came back to life for Christ’s sake. So why is he fucking sweating out of his skin when a young girl like you was just about to kiss for you’re a split second?

Of course, it could be because a young girl like you was about to kiss him.

He should’ve gotten drunk. Even smelling the fumes in this house was enough to make his muscles less tense.

“Here goes nothing,” he heard you say. You scooted over beside him. “Ready?”

“Sure,” he muttered, not knowing the amount of sweat pooling around his face. This is gonna be awkward.

Your lips pressed into his, gently at first that it wouldn’t be so significant, but then, you failed to notice you took more time than what was required in a harmless game of spin the bottle. You took the time to inhale his manly, musky scent that sent your heart pounding. His lips were soft, yet firm at the same time, and the way he lightly moved around in rhythm with you just felt so perfect, not awkward at all.

He took the time to take you in as well. He noticed a faint scent from what he could make out as perfume coming off you, which made it so much better, since he hated strong cologne. He also couldn’t help but run a sneaky hand through your hair he’d been eyeing since he first saw you. And your lips, they were so soft and delicate, like you could break apart if he kisses you too hard.

“Ehem,” you heard a drunk girl call out, “We’re waiting for our turn too ya know.”

You broke apart, both with cheeks flushed red and your lips feeling numb.

“You’re obviously not from here,” you broke the silence that followed after. “Are you in college?”

“Sure,” he mumbled, “You can say that.”

“What are you doing in a high school party?”

“Uhhh my mom asked my brother to tag me along?”

You were skeptical, “Right.”

“I’m outta here,” you said. “Come on. There are better things to do than kissing strangers.”

“Really, cuz there are better things than us kissing?” he winked.

You rolled your eyes and felt your cheeks flush pink again. You grabbed his hand, “Yes, there are. Such as not having other people have to watch and wait for their turn.”

He bit his lip and tightened his hand around yours, “Let’s go this way.”

You raised a brow and let him drag you all the way behind the house, between the fence that already led to the neighbor’s place.

You giggled as he pulled you into his arms and crashed his lips back onto yours, harder and more intense than just minutes ago. His lips were all over you, devouring you as you felt your stomach clench with excitement. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back, feeling his hands slither down your back.

His tongue was just as perfect, roaming around and exploring your mouth right after you granted him entrance. You bit his lip and smiled, pulling him back for another kiss that lasted for what seemed like an hour until you heard police sirens coming from outside the house.

“Shit,” you pulled away. “I gotta go.”

“What?” he asked, still in a daze and looking at your beautiful face.

“I’ll see you,” you pecked his lips.

“Wait, give me your phone,” you smiled as you did just that, heart pounding ecstatically. He put his number on your phone and kissed you one more time. “Name’s Jason by the way.”

“(Name),” you smiled. He took off before you climbed up the fence and escaped to the neighbor’s lawn. You reached the sidewalk and took out your phone.

You scanned your contacts, but there was no Jason. Instead, it read ‘The best damn kiss you’re ever gonna have.”

Attention ✘ Sebastian Smythe Smut ✘

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✘ Request by @unapologetically-insane: Omg I love your Sebastian Smythe fanfics and smuts 😏 I was wondering if you could do an angsty/smut based off of the song Attention by Charlie Puth? And basically the reader broke up with Sebastian over something but now she feels bad and wants him back.

Originally posted by pada-ackles-me

In the middle of my conversation with a remarkably attractive girl, I saw her, my not-so-lovely-but-still-lovely-ex, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

Of all the parties in every millimeter of LA, did (Y/N) have to come right to the one I was at?

A smirk appeared on my face, of course she had to. Was probably going to any party with the mere hope of meeting me.

My brain begged for my eyes to check her out, and I let it. Focusing on her to study that body completely known by my lips. Fuck, how I missed her soft skin, her lips, her ironic gaze, all of her.

A red dress framed her body. Red. This had always been her favorite color, and it had followed her in the painting of her lips, and I noticed as she ran her hand through her hair carefully on her big fingernails that had scratched my back so many times.

My future one-night-stand continued to blab about dogs, bananas, college or whatever she was talking about. I nodded as I heard a brief pause, automatically assuming she had asked something.

I could try to remember her name, go back to the conversation and get a great night. However, my attention, and excitement, was directed at someone completely different. Too late, girl with no name.

I spent 10 seconds trying to find the girl who had vanished from my sight like smoke in the overcast sky, no sucess yet. Finally, I saw (Y/N) next to me, her usual wry smile on her lips. My icy heart tended to melt just a little at the sight of her, and I let out a grunt in denial. (Y/N) had chosen to do away with it, I shouldn’t feel bad about it. I was being strong, holding my feelings as close to my throat as possible, never letting them pass and show. She didn’t deserve this, and I certainly didn’t deserve it.

“Yet without subtlety on looking at me, Sebastian.”

Dieu es une femme.” I smiled a half-moon smile, showered with shared irony, taking care of my features when reciting an old saying. “And she wears red.” Added.

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, but she was too proud to let the conversation end here and lose our little game. I knew it, and so did she.

“I bet it this red which gotcha your attention ever since I put my feet in. And not…” She gave Amber a disgusted look — oh, I did remember her name! — who was standing with arms crossed looking at the scene with a hilarious and indicative aspect of fury.

(Y/N) was right about that, the red of Amber’s overdressed dress was dull and just tightened her body to the point of letting me wonder if she really could breathe right in that. While (Y/N)’s was perfect for her.

In the past, (Y/N) considered me perfect for her. Would she throw the dress off too?

An ironic laugh floated through the air around me, making Amber think I was laughing at her and not the sadistic humor inside my head, which made her go away.

“You’re still sweet with women.”

“Says the girl who dumped me for no reason.” Ignoring the strange mixture of feelings that the person next to me was causing, I continued to converse in an ironic tone before an argument began. “By the way, how’s it you going to every LA party just to try and find me at one?”

I couldn’t decide if I hated or loved the laughter she gave.

“I think you’re deluding yourself a little too much, Smythe.” Irony had not abandoned her since the second she arrived. “I’m just having fun.”

“You throw dirt on my name so that I’d call you is a synonym for fun?” I shot (Y/N), staring at her seriously. Her light expression faltered, and I smiled. “Well, it looks like I’m not so deluded like that, món bébé.” I said her nickname in a wicked tone, but even so, those two little words rolled out of my tongue easier than I’d like to admit.

“I didn’t say bad things about you.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes, regaining a defensive posture. “I just didn’t speak good.”

I raised my eyebrow at that, about to give an answer, until I realized I didn’t have one.

(Y/N) was just standing there, staring at me after she’d said something remotely offensive. The small wrinkles on her forehead and her close eyebrows as she frowned declared that she was suprised by me still quiet waiting me to say something.

And I wanted to say.

I wanted to scream at her, wanted her to feel bad about what she did, wanted her to suffer. At the same time, I wanted to kiss her and make her mine again, remind her of how that was. I wanted (Y/N) to apologize, I wanted to love her.
And, in the last weeks, all I’ve been trying to do is not to love (Y/N). I used to think that loving someone was exhausting, but to stop loving is even worse.

Which made me sound completely stupid, like Lady Hummel. So I would never let those feelings and thoughts go into the outside world.

I was living well in my own hell, ruled by my only one.

And suppressing it all.

Because (Y/N) didn’t deserve for me to be sad, and I didn’t deserve to be bad for her. (Y/N) broke up with me because of her stupid jealous paranoia. Even if we came back, that would never change. Neither would I change my possessiveness.

We were made to go wrong.

But now, looking into her eyes, I wondered how something destined not to work could give me so many foolish feelings.

‘Cause I still didn’t answer - maybe, after all this time, I’d finally found my breaking point - and (Y/N) was watching me.

And she did the most beautiful and contradictory thing she could do; She smiled sweetly at me.

“You…” I tried to think of something to curse her, make her ill or make her quarrel with me, anything but what my tongue was begging for a chance to speak. 

“You’re the most complicated girl in the world.” I sighed in withdrawal, that was better than my subconscious wanted to do.

“And you’re the most arrogant guy in the world.” Again, (Y/N) was not going to make it cheap, of course, just like me. “But that’s why we’re good together, I guess.”

Fine, that had been like a shot and a straight ticket to paradise at the same time. Like Kurt in mute, but learning signal’s language.

“I… I’m sorry… I had a stupid crisis of jealousy. I miss you.” Before I could take it that (Y/N) had jumped her pride, my body waved goodbye to my conscious part and let my feelings pick up the reins: my lips were kissing hers hungrily.

Her thin arms curled around my neck, pulling me closer, our bodies making a dull thump as they collided.

Fuck, I’ve missed that.

I invaded (Y/N)’s mouth without asking permission, touching her tongue with mine aggressively. (Y/N) didn’t seem to care about that, about the contrary: the way her mouth contracted against my lips pointed out that she had let out a low moan, and that was what she needed to turn me on.

“What are you doing to me?” I whispered against her lips in frustration, giving up restraining myself. I raised my head, leaving us face to face. Her victory was clear, I was an addict and needed my delicious drug.

“Just what you’re doing to me.” Before (Y/N) could finish her sentence, I was already pushing her into the bathroom by the wrist. I quickly locked the door as she checked the place to make sure there was no audience.

I approached (Y/N), agilely laying her over the ceramic sink. My lips followed trail down her neck, kissing, sucking and biting the place, aware that it would leave marks on her (Y/S/C) skin later.

And I wanted those marks, so that everyone would see that she belonged to me, even if only for one night.

Her legs wrapped around my body pulled me closer, making my lower parts touch hers over our clothes. It caused me a growl and a strong bite on her neck, which made her moan loudly.

I quickly pulled myself away from her and opened the zipper of her red dress, that dress was a karma. And as I threw the piece of cloth on the floor, I realized that his whole body was my own karma.

(Y/N)’s small hands took off my shirt, and her cold fingers began the known journey on my skin, leaving a sort of electric ray through the parts she passed as my hands felt her straight curves.

“I want to prove you.” I stared (Y/N), capturing the moment her irises darkened and her pupils dilated, (Y/N)’s body language giving the confirmation I needed, but not the one I wanted. “Do you want it, babe?” I ran my fingers down her skin, noticing (Y/N)’s ragged breath. “Hmm …” I murmured as I touch (Y/N)’s intimacy over her panties. “You’re wet, why?” I kept moving my fingers over her outstretched panties, expecting her to say something, but I just got groans. I sighed in a false discontent, pushing the panties aside with one finger and shoving another inside her. “You have to tell me that, doll face. Or…” I moved my finger inside (Y/N) and she let out a moan, but I pulled it out quickly, pulling away from her then.

“Sebastian Smythe!” (Y/N) exclaimed angrily, I bet she would kill me if she found the strength to stand up.

“You have to tell me, (Y/N), why are you so wet?” I smirked, wanting to hear her words.

“I’m like this because you did it to me, Sebastian. And I need you to just come and work it out!” (Y/N) admitted in an angry tone and I laughed, approaching her again. I got to my knees as I played in her pussy with my fingers, loving how wet it felt.

“You want me to go down on you, princess?” I put one more fingers in, making her body arch. “Do you want me to prove you?” She gasped.



“What?” (Y/N) stared at me, and I smiled as I met her eyes.

“Beg.” I smirked, (Y/N) would never beg for anything, except this. What made me more excited and need for her words. “Now.” As I caressed her clit with my thumb. She let out a wailing groan, making me smirked even more.

“Please, Seb!” She cried like music to my ears. “I need you, I need you to make me cum. I need you to go down and make me yours.

“Good girl.” I smiled contentedly, then headed down into it. I placed my tongue inside one of my favorite parts on her body, delighting in the precum there. I kept licking it hungrily until (Y/N) was close. I added a finger, two inside her, which made her body tremble. I continued to delight myself there for another minute. 

Feeling my hair being pulled by (Y/N)’s hands as her legs opened and my head was pushed against my particular paradise.

Determined to end her pleasurable pain, I licked (Y/N)’s clit as I thrust four fingers into her, (Y/N) screamed and, before she came, I turned my mouth to the place it belonged, swalling every drop of her taste, the best taste in the hole world.

(Y/N) never need to warn me when she was about to come, I always knew.

“I hope you’re not tired.” I said after a few seconds of just hearing her breath catching. (Y/N),smiled at me as I licked my lower lip, which still had the taste of her.

“I’m always ready for you, love.”


Those two syllables together caused an earthquake inside me. She couldn’t call me that anymore. We were not even close to loving each other.

She wasn’t even close to loving me.

All the anger and frustration ran through my veins faster than my blood. How could (Y/N) have played so low?

I felt confused, deceived, angry, sad and yet in love. Love fucked me, and I had to discount those feelings somehow.

You’re not coming home with me tonight.” Stated the obvious to (Y/N), staring at her treacherous eyes. Her expression dropped, and a part of me felt pleasure to at least give a taste of the pain I was feeling to the girl in front of me, in counterpoint, another part just wanted to hug her and forget what had happened.
How did I get myself like this? She messed up my life, and I allowed it.

“Sebastian, I…” I started to open my jeans and take off my shoes with my feet. My boner was starting to hurt, screaming for attention.

“You what, (Y/N)? You love me?” I laughed in irony as she lowed her head. But, of course, (Y/N) continued (Y/N), which meant that she got it up the same two seconds later, ready to reply.

“It was a mistake, Sebastian, I already apologized, you know I never meant for that to happen.” I finally got off all my clothes, though (Y/N) refused to look at my body, determined to prove her point of view.

“Maybe.” I smirked, approaching her. “But, doll face…” I gripped her waist at the same time as I pushed my body forward, entering hard and fast inside her. (Y/N) screamed in a mixture of pleasure and surprise, quickly finding support on my shoulders and squeezing them. Just being inside her gave me a increditable pleasure. “You never wanted my heart, either.” I hit her once more deeply, receiving her yelling groan as my only answers. Her hand found my back in a dance known for both of us. “You just want attention.” I waited three seconds, my heart pounding in my chest for the situation and the burning desire that her smart mouth would deny my words, but she didn’t.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) didn’t deny her non-love for me.

I tightened my grip on her waist with even more strength, my hips moving accurately fast, making us both moan loudly between our lips. Her fingernails, as expected, scraped my pale back without mercy and I kissed her mouth in a continual anguished despair. One of my hands traveled to her boobs, playing with her nipple, which made (Y/N) sigh and arch her hip even more toward my cock. As I returned my kisses to (Y/N)’s neck, in a way too long for the good of the two, I felt her perfume against my nose; Regret, sweet and strong at the same instant.

Finally, I reached her breast, letting my other hand squeeze one while I used my mouth and tongue to play with the other. The groans that came from (Y/N)’s mouth were more than obscene, making me hard than I already was.

Pulling away from her boobs, I found myself in need of feel her mouth against mine again, but (Y/N)’s refused to turn from my my shoulder, giving small bites and quick kisses toward my neck.

I knew what she was doing. (Y/N) always had something for my freckles, she loved kissing each one of them, and her favorite was on my neck.

She reached her goal, making me sigh as I felt her bite followed by a suck in one of the most visible places in my body. (Y/N) has always loved marking her territory.

I had to come, now. I felt it in my particules, I needed it more than I needed oxygen, I had to release my anger and anguish somehow, before they took over my whole body like a snake venom.

Started to run my finger down her clit as I captured her lips, moving my hips in sync with hers.

“That’s what you expected, wasn’t it?” Growled angrily against her inviting lips, sucking her bottom lip before she could answer me. I increased the rhythm of my hips and rubbed (Y/N)’s clit more, looking at her contorted face of pleasure that second, and that was enough to make me come inside her.

The cry of deliverance that (Y/N) gave next reminded me of when she was mine.

And that she would never be again.

Colorful Soulmate

request: Hi anon bout Soulmate AU! So what if 1 person in the couple sees in black & white until their soulmate touches them so its up to that person (aka Shawn) to tell Y/N that theyre soulmates except Shawn cant figure out who it was & he has like 1 month to figure it out before he sees black & white, so slowly the colors get dimmer. Turns out Y/N is like a photographer or stagehand on Shawns tour so they never really interacted that much except when Y/N got caught in a crowd trying to move supplies?

Shawn laughed, finishing the beer he was drinking. “Y’all ready?” He asked, putting his hand out. The rest of the team put their hands in, chanting. Everyone screamed and let their hands back, and Shawn took a breath in as his world exploded into color.

“Shawn? You ok?” Geoff asked, seeming to be the only one who noticed his change in emotions.

“Y-yeah, it’s just so beautiful.”



Geoff wanted to ask more, but Shawn was shoved on stage, starting the concert.

Once he was backstage after the show, Geoff tugged him off to the side. “What were you talking about before the show?”

“They’re here.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

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