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Supernatural:  10 Things I Learned From Tonight’s Episode.

Season 12, Episode 12:  “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”

*SPOILERS!  (Duh.)*

1.  Blatant Tarantino references are abound, and I love every second of it.

2.  Dean is persistently uncool with anyone hitting on his man.  

Check out them Rage Dimples. 

3.  Dean has a unique approach towards “teaching Cas to flirt.” 

I.e. unabashedly flirting with him himself.

4.  It’s been shown time and time again that keeping secrets on this show is never, ever a good idea, and it almost invariably leads to someone almost dying.  And yet, everyone inexplicably continues to do so.

Evidently, it runs in the family.

5.  Nevertheless, Mary canonically considers Cas to be part of her family, takes shit from no one, and it is beautiful.

6.  Even after all these seasons, Supernatural still knows how to make my heart stop.

And hurt like a bastard.

7.  Cas has now canonically told Dean he loves him.

Moreover, it was immediately followed up by “I love all of you,” implying that the first one was addressed specifically to Dean. 

Also, the simple act of a male-presenting character saying “I love you” on this show is a tremendous step towards emotional health for everyone involved. 

8.  Dean unarguably loves Cas back.

Dean refusing to leave Cas behind (even at the possible cost of his own life) is all I’ve ever wanted from this show yet it makes me want to rip my lungs out every time I get it.

Also, look at his face.  This is the face of a creature with zero sense of self worth realizing he means something to his family and friends.  Just, fuck me up, SPN.

9.  I was sure this ep would end in tragedy, but instead it ended with Dean tenderly escorting his recovering boyfriend home.

God bless you, Andrew Dabb.

10.  Castiel, Angel of the Lord, is one of the most dynamic, three-dimensional, and genuinely altruistic characters I have ever seen, and every time I think about him and how far he’s come I get an ache in my chest because it’s so damn beautiful.  

Nothing to add here, just my incoherent wailing. 

Rating:  11/10.  This episode is everything I hoped it would be, and more.  Excluding an explicit confirmation of gayness (which would always be ideal), it was a perfect tribute to the enduring love between Cas, Dean, and his human family.  Well done, SPN!     

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it’s about him at different points in the story and it’s like, totally legit

happy - pharrell williams/it’s tough to be a god - elton john/what are you doing in my swamp remix - cherriemycheerios22/why can’t we be friends - war/broccoli (ft. lil yachty) - d.r.a.m/world is mine - hatsune miku/count on me - bruno mars/friends never say goodbye - elton john/smile - nat king cole 

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can you recommend some of your favourite fanfics if you have any?

Oh my gosh of course! Let’s see. (Bear in mind this is purely off the top of my very sick noggin so I’m going to forget ones.) and I’m sorry I can’t link, I’m on mobile, rip.

So my fave fic of all time is RNTM. I didn’t choose it, it chose me. I also love a lot of the other classics, Pull Me Under, for example. Fading really affected me, stayed with me for weeks after I read it. (Please use some serious caution with that, okay?)

There’s Wild and Unruly, of course. A classic. Ummm…

Basically anything and everything written by @alienproof and @alivingfire. (My fave of Chelsie’s is I’ll Crash Until You Notice Me, my fave of Rachel’s is probably Anonymous Said, though I am currently in the middle of and DYING over the Angel and Demon fic.)

Also, you should check out @lululawrence, @a-writerwrites, @dimpled-halo, @fullonlarrie.

I don’t know… I’m kind of all over the place? Most of the time I just go to @nottooldforthisship’s blog and look at her recs. I have SO much on my to-read list it’s insane, like works from @lucystarkid, @phd-mama, etc. I still haven’t read Where Your Heart Is like I’ve been meaning too. I want to check out @cherrystreet’s work.

🙈🙈I’m sorry nonnie I’m really bad at this. We are so blessed in this fandom to have new content constantly barraging us and it’s all SO good, so really, it’s just point and click. Happy reading! ♥️

Flirtatious Sister // 3 - Derek Luh Fanfiction

Part 1 // Part 2




I head back down to the party after fixing my messy sex hair and grab the closest drink, immediately downing it. I find my brother and give him a drunken smile and he tips his head at me, obviously high. I shake my head and laugh as I head over towards him where he sits with he rest of his friends. Derek had eventually wandered down stairs with a pissed expression on his face. 

“Hi boys.” I giggle as I sit in between Nate and Derek. 

“Heyyyy lil mama, don’t you look fabulous tonight.” Nate says slurring the fabulous part. 

“Thank you, but unfortunately I have heard that one too many times.” I say shooting a glance at Derek whose jaw was clenched. 

“Is it bad to hear the your beautiful too many times?” Nate asks in a flirty way wrapping his arm around my shoulder, allowing me to place my head on his shoulder. 

“No, but its probably not good for my ego.” I say smirking and looking up at Nate with innocent eyes, checking out his dimpled smile and low eyes. 

He scoffs and takes another hit from is blunt, then passes it over me and to Derek who takes a long drag and holds it for as log as he can before exhaling the light smoke. 

I think I really pissed him off this time.

“Im going to grab another drink.” I say standing up and walking towards the kitchen for what seems the 100th time tonight and pour myself some Hennessy.

“That wasn’t cool what you did upstairs.” Derek grumbles from behind me. 

“It wasn’t cool of you to use girls like they are worthless, only just ‘sluts for sex’ or so I have heard you say before.” I say turning around and taking a sip. Not breaking eye contact. 

“I don’t use girls, Y/N.” Derek says through gritted teeth. 

“Oh really? Tell me about my best friend that you used and abused or the countless amount of girls I have seen on your arm. So Derek don’t lie to me because I’m not listening to any of it.” I sass flipping my hair and spinning on my heels and walking away with my head held high and his down low. 

The rest of the party was WILD. The last thing I remember before blacking out completely was stuffing dollar bills down one of the boys pants. 

It was around 3 p.m and I woke up to the sun shining through my window, blinding me momentarily. 

“Good morning.” I hear a groggy voice say from beside me.

It scared me so bad that I fell out of the bed. Naked. Great. I shot up to look at the voice that it belonged to. 

“Nate?!” I yell grabbing the covers to cover my body, but exposing him. 

“What the hell.” He says grabbing a pillow covering his manhood. 

“Did we?” I ask gesturing to me and him by shifting my finger back and forth. 

“Well since we both up naked, you were shoving dollar bills down my pants as you were hammered.” He says smiling reminiscing last night. 

I cover my face and walk around the room. “Shit.” I mumble. 

“What’s wrong?” Nate asks looking around for his boxers. 

“We slept together Nate!” I yell putting my clothes on becoming more frustrated. 

“You what?” I new voice says from the door. 

I snap my head around as I pull a pair of my sweats up to see Derek standing in my doorway. 

“Derek…” I say covering my face as he scoffs and walks away. 

I put on the rest of my clothes and follow him down the hallway. 

He shakes hushed and turns around. “I use girls? Huh? Like you just used Nate?” He says walking closer to me. 

“I didn’t use him.” I mumble. 

“So you have feeling for him?” Derek asks looking at you with strict eyes. 

“No.” I say dropping my head. I never thought of it like that and I guess I was too drunk to realize my mistake. 

“Damit Y/N.” Derek yells throwing his fist against the wall beside me scaring me, so I flinch back. 

“Why can’t you see I like you.” Derek says pacing back and forth between to the two small walls. 

I stand there with a puzzled expression. “You like me?” I question looking up at him. 

“Not anymore. You slept with my best friend.” He says brushing past me. He grabs his keys and walks out the door slamming it. 


LOL sorry I have been inactive Im going through some really rough times right now! 

I will try to post more soon. 

I love you guys and your cute messages. 

Stay Classy, 


kalabogdanxw  asked:

hi! can you please do #5 + marrish? :)

okay, third time writing this prompt, each with a different ship! I hope you like it! (BTW I AM SO PUMPED FOR MARRISH RN. LIKE CAN WE JUST WATCH THAT PROMO ON REPEAT UNTIL THE NEW EPISODE AIRS OR?)

5.   “The skirt is short on purpose.”

(Send me a # and a ship for my Fic Extravaganza)

Lydia likes to think of herself as a strong woman. She knows what she wants and she gets it. End of story.

She’s half way through her first year of college, and everything actually seems to be going well. The pack is still functioning with only minimal separation anxiety, there hasn’t been anything horrifying trying to kill them in almost a year, and she’s truly enjoying her class work. There is one problem.

The problem’s name is Jordan Fucking Parrish

She wants him okay. She’s wanted him since junior year of high school when they were dealing with the deadpool. And she knows he wants her back. It’s obvious in the way he looks at her, the way his touch lingers and his expression brightens when she steps into the room. But for some god damn reason, he hasn’t made a move yet. It’s like they’ve been circling each other for years now.

Usually when it comes to men, Lydia isn’t at all afraid to be the one to initiate things. In fact, she generally prefers it. But there is a small part of her that has been hoping to be wooed, specifically by Jordan. Apparently he’s too shy to do anything about his very, very mutual crush. And Lydia’s had enough.

Keep reading

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#007 Boys With Girlfriends II

As requested a part 2, you can read part one here.

Niall: You really didn’t like this girl. Maybe you were feeling territorial because you’d been drinking. You smell Harry before you feel him wrapping you up in a hug from behind. “Harry!” You were so relieved to see his tall figure, a break from all the mushy couple action. “Hey beautiful, glad to see you here.” He pecked you on the cheek, and said his hellos to Niall and his girlfriend. You leaned into talk to him, so they wouldn’t hear. “I’m so glad you’re here. They’ve been disgusting.” “Are you jelly, y/n?” “No. I just don’t want to watch her suck a hickey the size of the UK on his neck.” Your arms were crossed, scowl on your face. “Someone sounds a bit defensive to me.” “I’m not. Come on. You haven’t drank enough.” The four of you ended up piled in a booth, full beers surrounding you, and a waitress approaching you with a pile of food for Niall. “Niall, you ate before we left.” “Yeah, I know, but I’m a growing boy!” “I hate how skinny you stay.” “Genetics,” he mumbles through his food. “And is there anything else I can get for ya?” Harry looks over at you. “Want to split something, babe?” “Sure. Get whatever you want, I’ll pick off of it.” Harry places his order and the older waitress beams at the two of you. “You two make such a lovely couple. Those babies will be gorgeous.” Your mouth pops open a bit and Harry wraps his arm around you. “Thank you. We’re planning on having kids soon.” She smiled again and walked away to place the order. Your elbow digs it’s way into his ribs as you bust out laughing. “Why do you always have to do that?” “Whaaat? Everyone always thinks we’re together. It’s more fun to play along. Now gimme a kiss baby mamma!” His lips are puckered up and you slap his arm. “Not in a million years!” “Don’t act like you don’t want it, babe. I see you checking me out.” He’s grinning with both of his dimples and you can’t help but laugh again. “Oh of course, you know I can’t resist.” While you and Harry are engaging in your usual flirt bickering, Niall is angrily chewing his food. It was bothering him today, watching Harry fawn all over you and making you giggle. He wanted to make you smile and poke at you. “What’s wrong, baby?” He turns to look over at his girlfriend suddenly realizing everything wrong with her. She was clingy and kind of annoying. “Why are you ignoring me? Are you staring at her?” She’s whisper yelling now and Niall doesn’t want to hear it. She huffs and storms out of the restaurant. “What’s her problem?” He just rolls his eyes and get’s up to follow her. “What is your problem Niall?” “You. You’re clingy and kinda annoying and jealous.” “What are you trying to say?” “I- I don’t want this anymore. I’m done, Lily. We’re done.” “Ugh, god I knew you were fucking her!” She storms away to her car and Niall shrugs and walks back into the bar to find you by yourself without Harry. “What happened, Niall?” “I told her to take a hike. She was getting annoying.” You grin over at him and switch to his side of the booth. “Good job, Nialler. She was a horrible wench anyway, all wrong for you.” “Well it’s starting to feel like no one is right.” You grab onto his hand and give it a squeeze under the table, laying your head on his shoulder. “I think I’d be right,” you mention casually. “Yeah? Maybe. I’ll have to think it over,” he teases. You punch his arm with your free hand. “So you wanna do this then, you ass?” His hand squeezes yours back. “Yeah, more than anything." 

Liam: "Where have you been, Liam?” “It isn’t really any of your concern is it?” He brushes past Sophia, heading to the bedroom. “Well I think it is, considering you’re gone all the time and come home smelling like some other woman.” “I was hanging out with my sister.” “Don’t lie to me! I know you were with that filthy little skank. You said you were done with her!” “Don’t call her that. She’s my friend.” “You don’t fuck your friends, Liam.” “I’m not fucking her!” This was the same fight they went through all the time. Over and over. You didn’t know why Liam continued to stay with her. The next day Liam asked you to come over. And once again you ended up tangled in the sheets, too addicted to him to stop. Until a key turning through the door was heard. “Shit, she’s home.” “You mean you didn’t break up with her?” You should have known better. “Well, I was going to tonight!” You gathered up your clothes, and without thinking headed for the closet. How could he do this to you. You felt so stupid for believing this time would be any different. And even if he did break up with her, what’s to stop him from cheating on you? As she walked into the room, you made your decision. You get dressed and walk out of the closet. Sophia turns around in surprise and then shoots you a nasty look. “What the fuck is she doing here Liam?” “I’m not gonna do this anymore. I’m not continue to be the bad guy, Liam, while you play the victim. I can’t. It’s not fair to either of us to be treated like this.” “Y/n, wait!” You walk out of the apartment head held high. Liam was going to get an earful from her and you knew he deserved it. You really loved Liam, but nothing was going to change. You weren’t anybody’s side dish and it was time you started acting like it. 

Harry: “I’m sobering up,” you pout. “Me too.” “We should go back to the hotel.” “Alright then, up we go.” He pulls him self up and reaches down his hands to help you. You slide your arms through his button up and look up at him. “Piggy back ride?” He smiles. “Hop on, then.” You make it back to his room, shed all your clothes besides underwear and his shirt and climb into this bed. It was fine, you told yourself. Just friends innocently sleeping next to each other in bed. Friends that have admitted they want to be more than friends, but you didn’t want to think about that right now. You cozy up to Harry, and fall into a deep sleep. “What the fuck is this?” You wake up to the shrill yelling of a femaie. Harry is sitting up, rubbing his eyes. “We were just sleeping,” he drawls. “That’s bullshit. I hope you have fun, asshole because we’re over!” She storms out and you flinch at the slamming of the door. Harry lays back down, pulling you into him. “M'tired. Let’s go back to bed.” “Harry, your girlfriend just broke up with you.” “Don’t really care. Love you more anyway,” He mumbles falling back asleep.“ You smile at how precious he looks, hair all over the place, face smushed against the pillow. You place a light kiss on his lips and do just as he wanted. Fall asleep. When you wake back up, there’s a grinning Harry staring at you and holding a tray of food. "I ordered room service.” You stretch and prop yourself up. “You’re rather cheerful today.” “Why wouldn’t I be? It’s a beautiful morning in Miami, I’ve got my beautiful girlfriend here with me. What more could I want?” You look around the otherwise empty suite. “Girlfriend?” “You, silly.” You lean back into the pillows. “Girlfriend… that sounds nice.” “Well I’d hope so.” You climb into this lap. “It’s perfect.” “I’ve waited so long for you,” he mumbles into your hair. 

Zayn: Zayn had texted you not too long ago asking if he could come by. Of course you had said yes. It had been about 9 months since you had met him and Perrie, and your feelings for him had only gotten stronger. You had convinced yourself he was meant to be with you. If only he wasn’t dating one of your now good friends. A knock on your door shook you from your thoughts and you got up to answer it. There he stood, bag in hand. “You have another fight?” “Yeah.. could I just crash here for the night. Until things calm down.” “Of course, Zayn. You know you’re always welcome.” He set his bag down and you settled into the couch. “I hope you’re hungry, I ordered takeout.” He smiles over at you, leaving you a little dizzy. “That sounds great, babe. It’s been a rough week.” “Wanna talk about it?” “Maybe later. I just want to spend some time with my bestest mate in the whole world.” He wraps his arm around your shoulder. It still stung to hear him call you a friend. You sigh quietly. When the food gets there, you share as usual. In fact, this scenario played out way too frequently. Zayn comes over upset after a fight with her and stays with you. You share food and watch bad movies and it’s almost too much sometimes. You’re watching something boring on TV now and you poke at his stomach. “Hey, what’s that for.” “You looked like you needed a good poking.” In an instant, he’s tickling you back, pinning you underneath him on the couch. You stop a few minutes later, out of breath and stunned by how close his mouth is to yours. Before you can act, he’s sitting back up and answering his phone. You can tell by his face that it’s her. “Alright, I’ll be home in a bit.” You lean against your couch. “Well that was Perrie, she wanted to talk.” “That’s good,” you lie through your teeth. “Yeah, but thanks for everything, y/n. You really are my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He leans in for a hug and a kiss on the forehead. “Zayn, wait. Before you go there’s something I have to tell you.” “Yeah?” “Don’t go back.” “What?” “Why do you keep going back to her? You’re always fighting and she’s all wrong for you.” “Y/n… where is this coming from?” “I have feelings for you, Z. I always have. And I’ve tried to push them away, but it isn’t working and I don’t want to hold it in anymore!” He looks stunned at your confession. “Y/n…” You look down, avoiding his eyes. His hand reaches to pull your face up. “Y/n, I love her. I love Perrie. No matter how much we fight. I hope this won’t ruin our friendship, but you’re like a sister to me.” You’re fighting to stay composed while he’s still there. “No, I didn’t mean to unload all of that. I know you love her. You should go work things out with her now. I’ll be fine.” “You sure?” “Yeah, yeah. Go.” “We can talk about this tomorrow if you want?” “Yeah, sounds good, Z.” His eyes linger on your face for a second before he gives you a peck on the forehead and stands up and makes his way out the door. The door slams and all you can do is sob. It’s heavy and you feel like your throat is closing up. Zayn didn’t love you like you loved him, but at least you had told him how you felt. That didn’t make the heartbreak any less painful though. 

Louis: You both pull away, his forehead touching yours. “Lou…” You’re tearing up, too many emotions to process how you really feel. “I felt it too, y/n.” He leans in to press his mouth to yours again. His lips are soft and firm and it’s the best kiss you’ve ever had. “Why are you crying, doll?” “I should feel guilty, but I don’t. I’m being an awful friend right now, but I can’t stop thinking about how much I’ve wanted to do this.” “I’m going to break up with her as soon as I see her. I promise. I want us to have a proper go at this.” You nod up at him. “Are we bad people, Louis?” “Not at all. Don’t think that. El and I have been over for a while. It’s just been difficult to admit that.” He grabs onto your hand. “If it makes you feel better we won’t do anything else until I’ve ended things.” “Alright,” you mumble. “Come on, let’s get you into bed then.” Just as he promised, he’d broken things off with El and she wasn’t too upset, she’d been planning on doing the same. A few weeks later, you’re straddling his lap in some hotel in Spain. "Have I ever told you how sexy you look in the morning?“ You laugh. "Quit the shit, Lou.” “I’m not kidding. When you’re wearing my clothes and your hair’s all messy. I think all kinds of naughty things.” You rock yourself down on his lap. “Oh yeah? What kinds of things?” “Well they involve getting you out of those clothes and underneath me.” You grin, and pull his shirt off your body. “I like the sound of that.” He smiles and rolls you over onto your back. When you’re both laying there after, glow on your faces, he leans down to kiss you. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, y/n.” “I bet you say that all the girls.” “Just this one. She makes me want to yell that I love her to the whole world.” You gasp a little, you hadn’t said those words since the start of your relationship. Just as friends. “In fact, I’m gonna do that right now.” He leaps out of the bed and opens the balcony door. “Lou!” He’s already out there, yelling at the railing for all of Spain to hear. “I, LOUIS TOMLINSON AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH Y/F/N Y/L/N!” You’re in the doorway with your mouth dropped open. “Louis! You’re mad!” He turns around with a grin on his face. “Mad about you, my love.” You throw yourself into his arms, too crazy about him to care what the magazines and fans were going to say about his little stunt. “I love you too, Louis. You crazy, crazy boy." 

Some of it broke my heart a little, but it’s done. I spent forever rewriting and I’m sorry if you were expecting happy endings for all of them, but that’s not how real life is. :( And if anyone is treating you like a second option you need to kick em to the curb. No one deserves that, not even for a celebrity. xx Send me preference ideas!