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    Otherwise known as I met Billie Piper yesterday, andI’ve been sitting in bed for the past 21 hours thinking about it. I am the legitimate example of the expression “I can’t”. I keep feeling like I’m seriously f l o a t i n g on air. I’ll get back to that though, because thebadddestwolf wanted to hear about my Billie experience. Hear we go.

      I got to Boston at like two in the afternoon even though I left at noon-ish because traffic was h e l l. There was a Soxs game, so that’s probably why but still. By the time my mom and I find parking, it was like two thirty. We walked in, and I nearly passed out because the first place I see walking in is the autograph sessions. Then there, right in front of me (well behind a bunch of people), was the goddess herself. 

     I took some pictures from behind the barrier before hopping in line because I really wanted to document this moment in my life.  These are the best ones. They were all really blurry…

   She looked like an angel of sunshine and happiness, and it took all of my being to not start sobbing. I saw Hayley as well, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Billie. So my mom had to physically drag me into the line. I had my copy of her autobiography in my bag, and I was going to get that signed. 

   We get to the beginning of the line finally. I was like three people away from meeting Billie. I cannot stress enough how pretty she is in person. I don’t even know how it’s possible to be that gorgeous. We walk up to her, and this is EXACTLY how the conversation goes.

Billie: Hiiii!

Me: Hi! 

Billie: Hi Darling! How are you doing? Nice to see you! (I start trying to hold back tears) Hey!

Me: You’re such a huge inspiration to me, and I just wanted to say hi!

Billie: That’s so kind of you! (Seeing her book) Oh my God.

Me: My mom got it for a surprise once like “Look what I got you!”.

Billie: Oh my gosh! And have you read it?

Me: Yes I read it twice. It’s really great!

My mom: The first time she read it, it took her a day and a half.

Billie: Really? Aww.

Me: The second time was for school too. I ended up using it for a project.

Billie: Oh that’s so cool! Aww that makes me feel really good! That it’s been somehow useful and beneficial at school as well. 

My mom: We listened to your music the whole way in!

Billie: Oh my God, you got all revved up!

My mom: Yeah we were in traffic, so it was good to listen to music!

Billie then asked where we were from and how far away it was. I answered, and she said: “And are you going tonight? Back home?”

Me: Yeah. I’m going to the photo op too!

Billie: Then I’ll see you there! See you there darling!

   Words cannot even begin to describe how I felt. She was so sweet and genuine and really made you feel like she was interested in everything you had to say. I can’t even describe it more than that it was just so B I L L I E.

  So we walked away from the autograph tables, and fangirled briefly with the two people who had been behind us. They were a shaking mess too, so I didn’t feel quite as alone. We started to head towards the place where the photo ops were, but got slightly detracted by booths along the way. But that is for the better in the long run.

   So we finally get in line, and in this room we’re in its H O T. Behind us were this nice couple who we complained about the heat with, a couple who were dressed as Ten and Rose (DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW ON POINT THEIR COSTUMES WERE AND HOW CUTE THEY WERE BEING THE WHOLE TIME.), and someone I thought looked really familiar. She asked the cute couple if she could take a picture with them, and I leaned over to my mom and said “Oh my god I think I follow that girl on Twitter”. I had been talking to her earlier that day online about what to expect at the con and stuff, and she had been really helpful. So I go on my phone, and ask if she was behind the Tenrose cosplayers. She said yes, and after some confusion, I said hi to Sam ( peggyscarters )! It was such a huge coincidence, but it was so cool!

  We all start moving in line from one “air conditioned” (complete bull) room to another. The line was so long! But finally we got to the front! I walk into the little booth/tent thing, and go up to Billie.

Billie: Oh hello Darling! I just met you! 

  I had no idea how to respond. She recognized me oh my god. I do not have a rememorable face, like I look like a trash can. But now that she’s not sitting I can see she’s wearing a long velvet skirt. I felt so bad. She was in lights, in a hot room, on a 90 degree day. But she also had on her red heels, which looked amazing in person. 

  She pulled me in next to her, and put her arm around me, so I did the same. I barely had time to smile before the picture was taken, and I had to go. But before I did, Billie pulled me into a hug, and said “Bye Love!”.

  I cannot stress how sweet that was and how much it meant to me. I’m not even going to try to describe it. 

I waited for Sam over by the pick up area, and those cosplayers walked out. They had had Billie hold a bunch of bananas which I’m still not sure of where they had kept?? and 3D glasses. That picture is up on Twitter here as I found out :  It’s so cute.

  So Sam walked out, and we freaked out about how nice and perfect Billie was. We also took a picture together (at my mom’s request oh my god)

God I look so freaking tall. We went to grab our pictures and Sam’s was really cute! It was of her and Billie hugging which was really sweet. She wrote about her experience, and she’s going to be posting about that so go check it out!

  Then I got my picture, and oh my god. Billie looks so much taller than me ( and I’m 5′7 so she looks tall). She is also doing the tongue thing oh my god. I look fat and like shit, but whatever  because she looks great, and that’s what matters here.

 No, but honestly yesterday was the best day of my life. Ever. Period. 

  So since the car ride home I’ve been either to unstable to talk, crying, pondering if that actually happened, and sending that picture to everyone I know. I was laying in bed all day certainly not marathoing everything I have with her in it that’s for sure until I decided to type this. Thanks for reading this!