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Night and Day Reharmonized

This is a quick chord melody arrangement that I recorded of Night and Day on my Ibanez AS2630. I changed the orginial harmony quite a bit, and I will go over the chords in the Vlog that I publish Monday.

The reharmonization is using several concepts like unusual scale soundsn harmonized bass movement to create some interesting colors under the melody.

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Dale Cooper - Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

During one of our talks for the MLMT episode of @herspecialagent​‘s Bickering Peaks podcast, we discussed the fact that Dale Cooper is definitely a Tarot sort of man. And I offered to read his! 

This is really possible, I assure you , because a television character, or a book character, is real in a certain sense, and their emotions and aura are something you can channel. For this special reading I used my general set up: My candle, and crystals etc. Two things changed in order to help me focus on Dale Cooper’s energies. I listened to the Twin Peaks theme instead of my usual atmospheric melodies (check out Adrien von Ziegler) and I chose a particular item through which to channel his energy - my Nazar from Turkey, which I thought fit quite well to his intuitive tendencies to serve as a talisman stand in for an actual person.

I started with an 8 minute meditation to really open up my intuitive senses, considering that any ‘distance’ reading is more difficult to channel.

The Deck used in the reading is the Universal Waite Tarot, a variant on the Rider Waite-Smith deck.

Below you will find a comprehensive ‘reading’ and picture of the spread. It came out scarily precise, and I’m so excited to share it with you all. 

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Locked In My Heart
  • Featuring: Kyohei Rikudoh from Scandal In The Spotlight
  • Rating: T
  • Based on: this prompt
  • Author’s Note: I continue my trend of hurting characters I love. Angst, angst, angst. 

Kyohei stared at the various lockets, wondering which one she’d like. It was a silly question. She loved everything he got her. For years now, he gave her a heart locket for their anniversary. It started about five years ago, on their third anniversary. He had been passing by a shop, and the locket caught his eye. It wasn’t anything special, but he knew she was going to love it. Of course, a locket wasn’t complete without a picture, so he put one of himself in it. He smiled as he recalled the laughter that escaped her.

“You put a naked picture of yourself in it. How romantic.”

“You just have to open this locket when you miss me. Try not to drool, though.”

“Who’s responsible for me drooling, in the first place?”

“Hopefully, me.”

She lifted her hair, baring her neck for him to put the locket on for her. Hugging her from behind, he nipped at her earlobe. “Now you get to hold me close to your heart.”

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I Never Knew The Meaning Of Christmas


girl you made me finally see that i never knew the meaning of Christmas until you came into my life

“Michael, we have to leave now if we wanna make Luke’s party.” Y/n said, waiting at the front door for me to come down the stairs. 

“I don’t wanna leave her.” I poked my head out of the room of our newborn baby, our two-week-old daughter. My daughter. I never thought I’d get to say that. “What if she yawns and I miss it?" 

Y/n rolled her eyes and climbed the stairs to stand next to me. She wrapped an arm around my back and placed her head on my shoulder, peeking in to see our daughter snoozing in her crib. "Michael, it’s gonna be okay." 

I leaned down to kiss the top of her head. "But what if?” I whispered quietly and that’s all it took for y/n to grab my arm and pull me down the stairs, away from the serenity of Melody’s room. 

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