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Do you struggle with eyeliner application?
If you answered ‘YES’ with desperation for some help, then check out my latest tutorial 'Easy Eyeliner Tutorial Using Eyeliner Stencils' 
Ideal for those of you who have uneven eyes, struggle with symmetry, or just have no idea when it comes to eyeliner! 

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Randomly inking eye lashes with a liquid eyeliner from @hm Check out my Snapchat to see the rest of this mermaid come together - username Torianne00

Ps. Pardon my congested singing along. I can’t breath 👃🤒😂

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Check out my tip on how to prevent your eyeliner from smudging! 

such emo much eyeliner so 2005

ok my emo friends, to be considered:

on april 28 i’ll pick 10-20 fellow emos for a promo and 5-7 botm nominees for a poll. good luck and may pete wentz the emo king be with you!!

  • TERFS: ugh trans women are so #problematic bc they reinforce artificial and shallow standards of femininity
  • TERFS: trans women perpetuate patriarchy by supporting the idea that you have to wear lipstick and a dress to be a woman
  • TERFS: anyway go check out my makeup vlog for more eyeliner tips :) :)