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A list of things that I have noticed in Adrien Agreste’s two-story room
1. Three large computer monitor screens
2. A large flat screen TV above the computer screens
3. A king sized bed next to the computer area
4. Two half pipe ramps and a railing???
5. Half of a basketball court???
6. A climbing wall that ends like six feet above the ground with no cushioning like Adrien pls no you’ll fall
7. A two wall library with two more screens????
8. Foosball table
9. A big sofa
10. Maybe there is ANOTHER TV in front of the sofa there probably is
11. Three arcade games
12. One of the arcade games is Dance Dance Revolution gosh what a nerd
13. Trophies (maybe from more sports)

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season 2 john murphy: a summary

-sad backstory time

-finn executed a guy in cold blood and everyone still likes him more than me…what’s a guy gotta do

-i just saved bellamy’s life…what’s this tingly feeling? oh it’s the beginning of my redemption arc

-finn don’t do anything crazy oh shit you just killed 18 people the fuck dude

-“i tried to stop him” “not hard enough” are y’all serious rn

-hey raven thanks for inviting me to hang out i finally feel like part of the squad - fuck, of course this was just a ploy to sacrifice me. i’m starting to think i’ll never be a part of the squad

-i’m feeling sad b/c finn died and he was the only person on this shitty planet who didn’t treat me like complete garbage. i’ll take out my frustrations by fighting this grounder with my mysteriously improved fighting skills

-why is jaha being so nice to me? i’m suspicious af

-jaha AND emori are being nice to me now? ha jackpot

-emori just tried to kill me, i stop being suspicious for 1 second and this happens

-“i believe that’s called having faith, john” “nah i just got nothing better to do” shut up jaha we’re not friends yet

-it sucks that a guy just got blown up but i’m lowkey happy it was the guy who tells shitty jokes

-hey that jaha is a pretty cool guy

-never mind he’s not cool at all what teh fuck also my arm hurts…why is my judgment always wrong

-this place is sick, hey mtv check out my new crib


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