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I love those ‘character’s instagram’ posts, because they’re always so pretty and artsy, but when it comes to OMGCP characters you know Chowder’s would just be blurry pictures of Sharks games or just pictures of normal sharks with facts, Nursey’s would be “look at this cool leaf I found”, Dex and Jack wouldn’t have one, Ransom and Holster’s would just be pictures of each other/their teammates asses with detailed analyses. Like these boys are fucking messes.


Today I went to the almost perfect used book store in Roseville Ca. They have a lot of books but I’d rate them about 8/10 on a scale of used book stores I’ve been to. But if your in the area it’s a nice place to check out.

Do not remove my original caption, otherwise you will never know where this is.

valentine’s day aratou ♥ | ू・᷄ω・᷅)ᵎᵎᵎ

I finally finished!! I hate them so much cries


i!! hope!! i!! did!! u!! good!!